Guild Business

Guild Structure and Rules

Here you can find all the documents about the Guild of Messengers, its structure and rules.

About the GoMe

The Guild of Messengers

 ("GoM" or "GoMe") is a news community of Myst Online: Uru Live. Historically, the Guild of Messengers was one of several Guild systems that formed the backbone of D'ni society. The Guild was responsible for facilitating communication and the accessibility of news in the multi-age culture of D'ni. With the collapse of D'ni, the Guild systems were lost; they, along with the cavern, are only now being restored. The Guild is a collection of modern explorers and explorer groups interested in resurrecting this ancient tradition. Members come from many countries and backgrounds, and the only requirement for membership is a desire to serve the community through messaging.


  • To continue the work of the historical Guild: news and communication for the cavern and being recognised by the Community as an important way to get informations spread in the Cavern.


  • To support a corps of volunteer journalists disseminating information within the Myst/Uru community.


  • "See a need, fill a need."

What is the structure of the GoMe?

  GoMe Logo Council of Guild Masters

The GoMe Council consists of a team of two Masters elected by all the Guild Members. The Guild Masters are considered at the same level, and they are free to organize their work among themselves, each keeping track of certain branches of the Guild.

Current Guild Masters:

  • Korov'ev
  • Doobes


The role of the Guild Master or Guild Mistress is to provide enthusiasm and direction for the Guild. The wise leader will listen to the members of the group, will keep abreast of developments within and without the guild to identify the best course for the group, and will work to mediate when disagreements arise (stay neutral whenever possible).
The most important concept behind the Guild Council is that they act only as coordinators and focal points for the Guild Members and the outsite community. All the final decisions are made by the whole Guild, discussing on the Guild Forums or during the montly Meetings, only decisions of little entity can be made by the Guild Council alone.
Guild Masters are responsible for keeping track of all the activities of the Guild, organizing the guild members when it is needed (deciding dates for the Guild Meetings, preparing the agenda for the meetings, ecc), to keep other members of the Guild aware of the work done
They also act as the "face" of the Guild to the public, representing the Guild in all the Public events or appointing other Messengers if they cannot be present.

Examples of Responsibility:

  • If the Guild Master or Mistress cannot attend a Guild meeting or will be away for a time, he or she shall delegate responsibility to another member of the Guild.
  • A Guild Master shall assist or delegate responsibilities for another member of the Guild when that member asks for assistance
  • A Guild Master shall proactively seek out any type of information sought by members of the Guild.

The council will collectively determine when to hold Guild meetings. In general, any and all community members are welcome to join in Guild of Messengers meetings and contribute.

GoMe Recruiter - Personnel Manager

Another important figure in the Guild is the Personnel Manager.
The Personnel Manager is responsible for recruiting new members for the Guild when needed and follow them in their introduction process in the Guild Projects and Affairs. The philosophy of the Guild about new members is finding them with a job already in mind (Cavern Crier, Newspaper Team, ecc), this helps their introduction into the group and is a good way for not having a Guild full of inactive members.

The personnel manager must be someone with a good experience in the Guild, who knows what's going on and already knows the other Messengers. He works closely with the Guild Council, when this job is not filled by the Guild Council itself.

Current Personnel Manager:

  • None

Election Process Rules

When one of the conditions for GMs election is met (see the document about the Structure of the Guild) the Guild prepares to elect two new Guild Masters.

The process of the election of the Guild Masters in the Guild of Messengers is divided in two steps:

  1. Nominations: during this phase there is the discovery of the candidates to the elections. Any Messenger can be a candidate, no matter how long he has been in the Guild or how many things he has done. The nominations are done publicly (usually on a thread on our public sections), and every Messenger can nominate as many Messengers as he wants (including himself). The length of the Nomination period is decided when the process starts, but usually is 1 week.
    A Messenger becomes a valid candidate for the elections when he collects at least one nomination from someone else and one nomination from himself (the order doesn't count).
  2. Vote: Once the candidates are found the voting process can begin. The exact method used for voting is not fixed by this document, but in the past the Guild of Messengers have always used emails. One trusted external Explorer is selected to be the "Vote Collector" and all the Messengers send him an email containing their vote. At the end of the vote period (one week usually) the Vote Collector gives the results.
    Each Messenger can vote for only one candidate, and the two candidates that get the higher number of votes are elected Guild Masters of the Guild of Messengers.
    In case there are only two candidates the Voting phase is useless and they are automatically elected Guild Masters.

We know that someone could think that the nomination part may be too complex, but there are clear reasons because this was proposed:

  • The requirement for the potential candidate to nominate himself is for making sure he accepts the nominations others have proposed for him. Potential candidates can nominate themselves before anyone has first nominated them to tell the Guild that they think they have the abilities to be a GM.
  • The requirement to have at least one nomination from another Messenger is for making sure the potential candidates are wanted by at least one other Messenger. This is also a loose security measure in the (not rare) case that at the end of the Nomination phase there are only two candidates.

What Services does the GoMe provide?

This page is outdated: please refer to the GoMe Coordinator Document

Service/Project Managers

“See a Need; Fill a Need” – the GoMe’s main objective is to provide support to its affiliates, and to “fill in the blanks” as needed.

Cavern Post Magazine (On Haitus)

Editor-in-Chief: Lunanne
Responsible for overseeing all aspects of the Newspaper. Final approval for all articles.

Editors: N/A
Oversees article assignments and due dates. Gives approval for articles and assignments. Edits articles as needed.

Reporters: N/A
Searches for news stories; with approval from an Editor, writes story and prepares it for publication.

Columnists: N/A
Prepares recurring articles.

Copywriter: N/A
Assists with writing articles, provides small filler pieces. Verifies facts if necessary.

Layout Artist: N/A
Determines how to arrange articles for best fit, while maintaining article priorities.

Assemblers: Polgara
Puts final copy of Newspaper together, ensuring articles and graphics fit within specifications and look professional and easy to read.

Photographer: N/A
Provides pictures for features and articles.

Graphic Artist: N/A
Provides logos, headers, etc.

Proofreader: N/A
Checks spelling, grammar.

Translates paper to various languages.

Distributor: N/A
Sends paper out via email, posts announcements on various forums

Cavern Criers

CC Leader: Nev'yn

Recently, with the new opening of the Cavern in 2010, the Guild of Messengers has taken upon its shoulders the Cavern Criers group, bringing it back to life.

The Cavern Criers are the only In Cavern branch of the GoMe. Their job is distributing informative KImails and KIpics in the public areas of the Cavern. The Cavern Criers Materials are not only composed by Guild-made KImails, on the contrary the major part of their material should be composed by KImails of KIpics coming from the groups in the Cavern that want to spread their news or thoughts or want to get more exposure in the Cavern. Directory

Moderators: Tai'lahr, Leonardo is a Project of the Guild of Messengers. It is hosted externally of the Guild of Messengers website and is maintained by a different Website Team. is a portal for the community, it aims to be a central reference website for categorizing the many Myst related websites spread all over the Internet and being a sort of URL-shortener for Myst websites.

With its easy to remember short name (for Uru players at least) it is perfect for finding a website in the big forest of the Myst Websites, which may not always have easy names or URLs to remember.

What are GoMe Affiliates?

Affiliate Organizations & Contacts


CCN LogoCavern Communications Network (CCN) - Veralun

TCT LogoThe Cavern Today (TCT) - Anthony (TCT Podcast producer)

What is the relationship between the GoMe and its Affiliates?

In some respects, the GoMe acts as a news wire service, not dissimilar to Reuters or the Associated Press on the surface. The GoMe accumulates news from a variety of sources, and is also a central contact point for anyone wishing to ‘get the word out’ about an event or newsworthy item. Affiliates, like anyone else, can use GoMe releases in their own productions. In some cases, if we receive news that we don’t, for whatever reason, publish immediately, we may still pass this on to our affiliates.

However, most importantly, we provide a central point of communication between all of our affiliates, and are also able to provide support to them. This support may include advertising and public awareness schemes enacted on their behalf and provision of contacts for various community figures. We can also provide some web space if necessary.

The GoMe exercises no creative control over its affiliates. They are still largely independent. While we do appreciate it if they indicate in some way that they are affiliates of the Guild, perhaps on their websites or on other publications, we otherwise don’t require anything else from our affiliates. The relationship between the Guild and its affiliates is therefore largely open and free, rather than authoritative.

Cavern Communications Network (CCN):       

Cavern Communications Network is a media organization that has been in operation since 2003. The program material began with the audio podcast, but quickly branched out in to video. Programs have included The Cavern Players machinema programs, the vidcast CavernCast that covers monthly episodes, documentaries, and the Spotlight on the Community - coverage of explorer- and Cavern-related events and creations.

CCN is a collaborative organization, who’s talented and versatile members specialize in teamwork. Cooperation is the key, learning is the foundation, and these elements CCN team members are proud to bring with them into their affiliation with the Guild of Messengers. CCN members see this as a mutually beneficial relationship that will strengthen each organization as well as the community as a whole.

The Cavern Today: 

The Cavern Today, known as TCT for short, was originally a simple podcast, designed to fill in the time after the original demise of Uru Live with news and variety segments.

Now, however, TCT has grown beyond simply the podcast and has become something of an umbrella name for the organization that includes The Cavern Today podcast, the TCT Extra (designed for rapid news dissemination to the cavern), and The Archiver (a web magazine, the visual medium of TCT).

These three projects all fulfill a variety of functions, such as news distribution (particularly concerning important in-cavern events), entertainment and variety - as well as interviews with explorers, story characters and Cyanists. Thanks to the large number of dedicated volunteer contributors across all 3 projects and from all over the world, TCT has been able to, and will continue to be able to, distribute audio and visual news and entertainment "Around the World and Across the Ages."

What are the Cavern Criers?

Updated: May 07th, 2013

The Cavern Criers are stationed in-cavern to call out upcoming events, news updates, and to distribute informational ki-mails to explorers. Assistance will be provided to new explorers as individual Criers have time available. Please contact Nev'yn for more information.

Current & Future Projects:

  • Deliver ki-mail "postal service" of news and events to interested explorers within the cavern.
  • Recruit more Criers to supply extra help with events, including planning and organizational help.
  • Provide assistance to new explorers without unduly duplicating services provided by other guilds and groups. 

Cavern Criers: KI Time Conversion Chart

Updated: 11/06/2015

To arrive at the times listed below, I am currently using the "World Clock Meeting Planner":

These are the cities utilized to produce this chart, so you can duplicate my results if you wish: Ki-time/(Alburquique, New Mexico), U.S. Pacific/(Seattle, Washington), U.S. Eastern/(New York City, New York), Central Europe/(Rome, Italy), Eastern Russia/(Moscow, Russia). Please contact me with any questions or concern you may have about this chart. I will attempt to keep it updated to the best of my abilities and/or my time permits. 

(Nevyn's Note: Many thanks are deserved to Alien of the Guild of Sleepers for causing me to initate this project. The original chart can be found here:


U.S. Pacific

U.S. Eastern


Central Europe

Eastern Russia


KI 00:00

11:00 PM

02:00 AM

06:00 PM

08:00 AM

11:00 AM

04:00 PM

KI 01:00


03:00 AM

07:00 AM

09:00 AM


05:00 PM

KI 02:00

01:00 AM

04:00 AM

08:00 AM

10:00 AM

01:00 P

06:00 PM

KI 03:00

02:00 AM

05:00 AM

09:00 AM

11:00 AM

02:00 PM

07:00 PM

KI 04:00

03:00 AM

06:00 AM

10:00 AM


03:00 PM

08:00 PM

KI 05:00

04:00 AM

07:00 AM

11:00 AM

01:00 PM

04:00 PM

09:00 PM

KI 06:00

05:00 AM

08:00 AM


02:00 PM

05:00 PM

10:00 PM

KI 07:00

06:00 AM

09:00 AM

01:00 PM

03:00 PM

06:00 PM

11:00 PM

KI 08:00

07:00 AM

10:00 AM

02:00 PM

04:00 PM

07:00 PM


KI 09:00

09:00 AM

11:00 AM

03:00 PM

05:00 PM

08:00 PM

01:00 AM

KI 10:00

09:00 AM


04:00 PM

06:00 PM

09:00 PM

02:00 AM

KI 11:00

10:00 AM

01:00 PM

05:00 PM

07:00 PM

10:00 PM

03:00 AM

KI 12:00

11:00 AM

02:00 PM

06:00 PM

08:00 PM

11:00 PM

04:00 AM

KI 13:00


03:00 PM

07:00 PM

09:00 PM


05:00 AM

KI 14:00

01:00 PM

04:00 PM

08:00 PM

10:00 PM

01:00 AM

06:00 AM

KI 15:00

02:00 PM

05:00 PM

09:00 PM

11:00 PM

02:00 AM

07:00 AM

KI 16:00

03:00 PM

06:00 PM

10:00 PM


03:00 AM

08:00 AM

KI 17:00

04:00 PM

07:00 PM

11:00 PM

01:00 AM

04:00 AM

09:00 AM

KI 18:00

05:00 PM

08:00 PM


02:00 AM

05:00 AM

10:00 AM

KI 19:00

06:00 PM

09:00 PM

01:00 AM

03:00 AM

06:00 AM

11:00 AM

KI 20:00

07:00 PM

10:00 PM

02:00 AM

04:00 AM

07:00 AM


KI 21:00

08:00 PM

11:00 PM

03:00 AM

05:00 AM

08:00 AM

01:00 PM

KI 22:00

09:00 PM


04:00 AM

06:00 AM

09:00 AM

02:00 PM

KI 23:00

10:00 PM

01:00 AM

05:00 AM

07:00 AM

10:00 AM

03:00 PM


Cavern Criers: KI Mails

Here you can find the KImails the Cavern Criers distribute in the Cavern. This is used as a backup archive in case any KImail gets edited.


KI Mail: Cavern Criers - Ki Mails Distributed

A. Recurring Cavern Events: A list of upcoming events happening in the cavern.

B. Special Edition: These are special "features" about events and news within the cavern.

C. Guild of Messengers Info: A short essay explaining GoMe and what it does within the URU/Myst Community, plus a listing of open jobs within the guild.
     * About the GoMe
     * Open Jobs in the Guild

D. D'ni History & Language: 2 KI pictures to learn D'ni numbers and language, plus a list of useful D'ni phrases.
     * DLF Handouts
     * Common Useful D'ni Phrases

E. Special Topics: Handy information about Cyan Worlds, the CAVCON Meter, and how to cope with problem explorers.
     * About Cyan Worlds
     * CAVCON Meter
     * Handling Problem Explorers

F. Community Projects: Group projects of interest to the entire Uru/Myst Community
     * URU Localization Project / (GULP): Tear down Language barriers!

G. KI Device: Useful information of how to use the KI, plus Emotes and other helpful commands.
     * Basic Info
     * Control Window
     * Action Commands & Emotes
     * Gestures & Other KI Commands

| ~Guild of Messengers, Serving The Community~ |

KI Mail: Cavern Criers - Ki Mails Distributed

[Click Here and press Down Arrow to scroll]

NOTE: Please, do not alter any of the Ki Mails distributed by the Cavern Criers. Deleting or replacing text changes the copy of EVERYONE. Thank you :-)

Select the letter(s) of the KI Mails that you'd like to receive and then tell it to your friendly Cavern Crier. If none are available, you can send a KI Mail to GoMe_Nevyn! (KI# 14883206) or GoMe_Leonardo (KI # 2513342).

A. Recurring Cavern Events: A list of upcoming events happening in the cavern.

B. Special Edition: These are special "features" about events and news within the cavern.

C. Guild of Messengers Info: A short essay explaining GoMe and what it does within the URU/Myst Community, plus a listing of open jobs within the guild.

     * About the GoMe

     * Open Jobs in the Guild

D. D'ni History & Language: 2 KI pictures to learn D'ni numbers and language, plus a list of useful D'ni phrases.

     * DLF Handouts

     * Common Useful D'ni Phrases

E. Special Topics: Handy information about Cyan Worlds, the CAVCON Meter, and how to cope with problem explorers.

     * About Cyan Worlds

     * CAVCON Meter

     * Handling Problem Explorers

F. Community Projects: Group projects of interest to the entire Uru/Myst Community

     * URU Localization Project / (GULP): Tear down Language barriers!

G. KI Device: Useful information of how to use the KI, plus Emotes and other helpful commands.

     * Basic Info

     * Control Window

     * Action Commands & Emotes

     * Gestures & Other KI Commands

If you would also like us to distribute your KI Mails or to submit news, please contact us on our website, or send a message to a GoMe avatar listed above. You are welcome to share any KI Mails received with your friends, but please don't edit them.

| ~Guild of Messengers, Serving The Community~ |

KI Mail: Recurring Cavern Events

Last Edited: January 12th, 2012
[Click Here and press Down Arrow to scroll] 

First Saturday of each month:
All Guilds Meeting in Kirel. Meet representatives
of the Guilds and groups there! Meeting at 13:00
General chat in Kirel at 12:00

Delin/Tsogal Run at 11:00, gather at Tokotah Alley
Heritage Night at 12:00 in the Heritage Night Hood
Meeting Place Fun Day at 13:00 in the Meeting Place

Amber Horizons gathering at 19:00 in the AH Hood

Continuous Cavern City Party at 17:30 in the City Plaza

Every other Friday:
D'ni Cocktail Party at 15:00 in Karaoke Party Bevin
"Sanctum" at 20:00 in D'ni Musicological Research Hood

Delin/Tsogal run at 11:00 - gather at Tokotah Alley
Music in the DMR at 18:00 in D'ni Musicological Research Hood (*Starts Jan 21st*)
Tsahno's Bevin Story Night at 22:00 in Tsahno's Bevin.
Karaoke Party at various times in the Karaoke Party Bevin.  (See
All events listed are in KI Time

SAVE this message. GoMe will update it as they learn about more events.

For more information on In-Cavern Events visit

Please, don't edit this KImail. If you want to add an event send a message to GoMe_Nevyn! (KI# 14883206) or GoMe_Leonardo (KI# 2513342) . You can also add it to our Calendar on the website. (No registration is required!)

| ~Guild of Messengers, Serving The Community~ |

INACTIVE EVENTS (do not include this part in KImail - for reminder only):

Guild of Healers Meditation, 12PM, Guild of Healers' Eder Delin [currently held in Second Life]

Cavern Book Club, 2PM, Cavern Book Club Bevin [suspended]

KI Mail: Special Edition (Active)

KI-Mail: Rarities & What-Ifs #3/(Radio Free D'ni Event)

Submitted by Edison Rex, Malaclypse, & AlanDJ on June 13th, 2015:
Hiya' again, cavern dwellers! Don't forget the upcoming Radio Free D'ni this Sunday! It will be Rarities & What-Ifs #3, chosen by Malaclypse with some input from both AlanD and Ed. All of this music Mal and I will present for your listening pleasure. Some old and some new stuff is on hand, including acoustic Status Quo!

They will meet in Ae'gura in the courtyard.  The concert will start at 13:00 KI time and run until 15:00 (that's 9pm CET, 3pm EST, Noon PST) with some pre-show and post-show music so you can tune in your music players into the stream.

Brought to you by Edison Rex, Malaclypse, and AlanDJ - The cavern's Radio Free D'ni team.
|~ Guild of Messengers, Serving The Community ~|

KI Mail: Guild of Messengers Info

KI Mail: About the GoMe

About the GoMe

[Click HERE and press Down arrow key to scroll]

The Guild of Messengers is a fan organization covering communication streams in the Myst Community (both in game and on the Internet) as stated in the flyer you
can find in Kirel.  The Guild, just like any other (except the Guild of Greeters), is not officially recognized by Cyan Worlds, although sometimes they use our services.

The services the Guild of Messengers (GoMe) currently provide are mostly related to News and Events: we spread news in the Cavern through the Cavern Criers and on the Internet through our website at  We also have presences on Facebook ( and Twitter ( to serve and promote the community.

You may notice the last two URLs use, an external project of the GoMe. It is a directory categorizing Myst and Uru websites on the Internet. The directory provides a short forwarding URL for every listing, so it is quite useful in cavern and on services like Twitter.  To learn more visit

The Guild of Messengers is proud to be affiliated with these groups:

The Cavern Today ( and the Cavern Communications Network ( are both groups specializing in media production like podcasts, videocasts, newspapers, etc.

The Guild of Messengers is open to everyone that wants to get involved in this wonderful Myst Community and is always looking for new members and projects. Request the Open Jobs at GoMe KImail from your friendly Cavern Crier to learn about the Positions that need to be filled in the Guild. But don't be shy if you have an idea for new Jobs or Projects!

-The Guild of Messengers, serving the community.

KI Mail: Open Jobs in the Guild of Messengers

This is a summary of the positions available in the Guild. If you are interested in one of them come to the Guild Forums:

Messaging: Writers, reporters, interviewers: we need many people writing about everything of Myst and Uru!!

Website / Forum:
* News translator: Being bilingual is necessary.
* Liaisons (Be the link between both groups and share public information both ways)
 - Guild of Archivers Liaison
 - Second Life Liaison
 - Groups Liaisons: Any non-main 5 guilds or groups.
 - Communities Liaisons: Connect the GoMe with language-specific communities    (French, Czech, German, etc) or forum communities (UruObsession for example)

Magazine staff:
The GoMe semi-regularly publishes its magazine 'The Cavern Post'. The positions needed for it are:
* Assembler: assembling the various articles in a nice layout. (we use Scribus as software)
* Proofreader: makes sure there are little to no typos or grammar errors in the articles.
-* Interviewers/Reporters: they are the ones who write the articles, the very core of the newspaper

* Cavern Criers: Distribute Ki Mails.

Satellite Communities:
* Second Life Field Reporters: Informs the GoMe of Events or News happening in Second Life.

If you would like to join us but do not see yourself in one of these positions, we'll figure out something based on your interests. ;)

~Guild of Messengers, Serving The Community~ |

KI Mail: Video Project Recruitment Campaign!

Mar 19th, 2012;  Special Project (Submited by Leonardo):

Shorah explorers! The Guild of Messengers is trying to start a new project. We would like to take our news to a video format; such as making some short News-Video talking about recent events and news.

We have never had a project that went beyond written words, so now we are looking for explorers with some experience, (Or with no experience but willing to learn things, about creating/editing videos, recording in the cavern, and everything involved with producing a Video News program. So, we need your help to create our Video News Team!

If you are curious, come join us on our website, and let us know you are interested by posting in our forums! We look forward to seeing you soon!!!

| ~Guild of Messengers, Serving The Community~ |

KI Mail: D'ni History & Language

DLF Handouts



Pictures aren't Guild made, credit for creating them goes to Ian Watson

KI Mail: Useful Common D'ni Phrases

Shorah. - Hello/Goodbye (Informal) ; Peace (Formal)

Shorah b'shemtee. - Peace be with you.

Yahr rahm. - Good day.

Thoeh kehnehm? - How are you?

Kehn ahgo. - I am well.

Kehn zihth. - I am low.

Chehv shehm. - Thank you.

Me'hoor. - You're welcome.

Source: Rechoortahn D'nee, by Domahreh

| ~Guild of Messengers, Serving The Community~ |

KI Mail: Special Topics

*DRAFT* KI Mail: Guilds & Groups of MOULa

The D'ni civilization had many Guilds supporting different activities. The Guild of Writers, creators of the linking books, are the best-known; but there were Guilds of everything from Legislators to Caterers. In the modern world, Uru players have formed guilds and groups as well. These are not "guilds" in the usual MMO sense. They are groups dedicated to helping Uru Live's players...and also helping the game itself grow. Some of these are patterned after the fictional D'ni Guilds. For example, the modern Guild of Writers are fans interested in creating their own Age models and game improvements. Others are entirely new, such as the Guild of Greeters, who meet new players in the game and offer help. However, there are currently no in-game abilities or privileges associated with these "restored" Guilds. Most of the activity aurounding the various guilds and groups occurs on the website forums mentioned below, along with occasional events held within the cavern itself. More information on the various guilds and groups is available at websites below.

Restored Historical Guilds:

*Guild of Archivists:

Guild of Cartographers:

*Guild of Messengers:

*Guild of Maintainers:

*Guild of Writers:

*Guild of Healers:

Present Day Guilds:

*Guild of Greeters:

*Guild of News Greeters:

*Guild of Sleepers:

*Guild of Slackers:

Other Groups:



KI Mail: About Cyan Worlds

    In 1987, brothers Rand Miller and Robyn Miller formed Cyan, Inc., and created several titles of a new kind of computer game. Their products took a direction unique in the gaming world: non-intimidating, whimsical worlds for children to explore. Cyan received innumerable awards, including “Best New Use of a Computer” from the Software Publishers Association in 1989.
     In 1991, Cyan began work on MYST, a project that would become a phenomenon, catapulting computer entertainment into popular culture. The goal was to bring Cyan's formula for building immersive, richly interactive worlds to the mainstream audience. They built a new vision from scratch, a world that took advantage of everything CD-ROM had to offer.
    And now the journey continues with Myst Online: Uru Live. Cyan has created a world unlike anything previously possible... a world that never has to end. No longer bound by the physical limitations of a CD or single computer, Cyan Worlds has combined an unmatched legacy of photo-realistic environments and interactive story with new, proprietary real-time 3D technology that will carry the worlds of Myst into the future.

Cyan Website:

| ~Guild of Messengers, Serving The Community~ |

KI Mail: CAVCON Meter: What is CAVCON?

[Click HERE & Press down arrow to scroll]

Shorah, explorers!

As you know, when Cyan re-opened the Cavern a year-and-a-half ago, they invited us all to contribute the money needed to keep the servers up in the form of donations through Paypal. They created a meter to let us know about the conditions of the donations, called CAVCON. The CAVCON is based on 5 levels, similar to the DEFCON meter in USA

CAVCON 5: This is the best level, the donations are covering all the expenses for the servers and there are a couple of months of expenses for MOULa in the reserve fund. Updates to the MOULa servers are possible.

CAVCON 4: The donations are covering the expenses for MOULa and thy are a bit more , so Cyan is building a reserve fund for worst times and it is possible to have some little updates to the servers, taken mainly from the development made by the fans with the Open Source project.

CAVCON 3: The donations are covering the expenses for MOULa. But they are not enough for building a reserve fund. No updates possible for MOULa at this time.

CAVCON 2: The donations are not covering the expenses for MOULa, but Cyan is keeping it alive with the Reserve Fund built previously

CAVCON 1: The donations are not covering the expenses for MOULa and the reserve fund is empty! This is a Bad Thing (tm)

~Guild of Messengers, Serving The Community~ |

KI Mail: Handling Problem Explorers/"Griefers"

What to do when I run into troublesome explorers in the Cavern?

1. Most of you know the ignore tool. By adding an explorer to the Ignore list in the KI, his/her text is blocked from view and voice chat is silenced. This may be enough to cause the troublemaker to lose interest.

2. Submit a ticket at with the nature of the offensive behavior or alternatively by email to The Cyan Support team is very much alive and active. Although they are not available 24/7 they do take care of everything that comes in to support.

3. If multiple people witness this bad behavior, they should all make a report.

4. When making reports on griefer issues for yourself or on behalf of others, please include the following information:
   * Offending avatar's name (at minimum)
   * KI # (if available)
   * Chatlogs (if available)
   * Information about the offending behavior

5. Chat logs are important! Please get one (if possible) and copy it to a safe place to attach your ticket. You can start recording a chatlog by typing /startlog and end by typing /stoplog. The log will be saved in your "Documents\Uru Live\Log" (Vista, Windows 7) or "My Documents\Uru Live\Log" (Windows XP) folder.

Note: Cyan has a Zero tolerance policy when it comes to any type of sexual harassment and associated lewd behavior - this will get a player banned on the first report. If you know of someone who has been subjected to this behavior, please encourage them submit this information directly to Cyan.

| ~Guild of Messengers, Serving The Community~ |

KI Mail: Community Projects

KI Mail: URU Localization Project / (GULP)

Our goal is to translate the content & interface of Myst Online: URU Live into as many language as possible. One day we hope to release language packs so those who don't speak English can fully enjoy the experience of being in D'ni. Language packs also be released for the offline version of URU.

Every day we see an increasing number of visitors to the cavern from other countries who speak little or no English. With each language into which URU is translated, new worlds open for new players. Not only will the URU community grow, but it will be enriched by the diverse cultures participating.

Cyan Worlds is aware of this project a representative called it "very interesting & something that is needed".

Please check out the site & use the Guest access link to look inside & see how it works.

But, we need your help! Even if translating isn't your thing - you can still help by reviewing the translations submitted by others & voting for those that meet expectations. Please join us!
(And please pass this to your bilingual friends!)

|~Guild of Messengers, Serving The Community~ |

KI Mail: KI Device

KI Mail: KI Basic Info

The KI (usually pronounced "key") is a small electronic device, worn on the hand. The ancient D'ni used these devices for communication and data storage. (Their version of a mobile phone and PDA.) In Uru Live, the KI is used for all sorts of tasks: chatting with other players, seeing who is in the same Age as you, taking photographs, managing buddy lists, choosing who can visit your private Ages, and sometimes, a flashlight.

Not all controls on the "Big Ki" control disk are functional yet. Currently, only the following buttons work:
 * Top right button: Open the full KI overlay display. Same as F2.
 * Middle right button: Mute or unmute volume.
 * Lower right button: Indicator light (not really a button) which shows whether you have one person or a group selected for chat.
 * Bottom center tiny button: On/Off button for "Big KI" control disk. (Use F2 to show again.)
 * Book button in center: Create a journal entry, and file it in the current age folder. Same as F6.
 * Eye button above book: Take a photograph, and file it in the current age folder. Same as F5.

To verify that your KI is working, press the F2 key; or move your mouse to the bottom edge of your screen, on the left, and click the "small KI" disk button. A large circular "Big KI" control disk should appear in the upper left of your screen. Hit F2 again (or click the top-right button on the control disk) and you should get a full-screen "overlay" with the KI interface. Hit F2 a third time (or press the top-right button again) to close the overlay interface.

A handy diagram of the "Big KI" control disk, plus walkthroughs, spoilers, and other information, can be found at the Guild of Greeters website:

| ~Guild of Messengers, Serving The Community~ |

KI Mail: KI Control Window/(Overlay Screen)

The KI overlay screen is divided into several panels (not counting the "Big KI" control disk, and the list of players which appears below the disk): 
 * The top right corner shows what Age you are in, and the current Ki-time within the cavern. (MST/New Mexico time.)
 * The bottom line shows your name, your KI number, and the Neighborhood which is your home Bevin.
 * The left column begins with the selection box. This holds the name of the person you have most recently clicked on.

Below this box are three icons. I will refer to these as Files (the trapezoidal grid); People (a stylized person with outstretched arms); and Controls (two gears). Depending on which icon is selected, you'll see a list of various control options, (If this list is long, you can scroll it with the arrows at the bottom.) The right is a panel which can display further information, as appropriate

1. Files icon: This brings up a list of folders, one for each Age you have visited. There is also a folder called "Incoming". Each folder can contain journal entries and photographs you have taken. The "Incoming" folder contains messages from the DRC/(Cyan) plus your fellow explorers. 

2. People icon: This brings up a list of five folders; "Age Players", "Buddies", "Neighbors", "Recent", "Ignore List". Below these are a list of visitor lists, one for each of your private Ages. Select a folder or visitor list to view its contents.
      * Age Players: All the people in the same Age (or Neighborhood) as you.
      * Buddies: Individuals you have added to your buddy list.
      * Neighbors: People who share the same home Neighborhood as you.
      * Recent: Explorers who have recently spoken to you.
      * Ignore List: Individuals you have added to your ignore list.
      Note: The visitor lists show which people have permission to visit each of your private Ages.

 3. Controls icon:This brings up an option labelled "KI Controls", followed by settings for your home Neighborhood. "KI Controls" contains a slider which controls the chat message font size. A second slider controls how long chat messages remain visible before they fade out. (Move this all the way right if you don't want them to fade out at all.) There is also a privacy control, which prevents random strangers from sending you messages or KI mail.

| ~Guild of Messengers, Serving The Community~ |

KI Mail: Gestures & Other KI Commands)

<CTRL> + 1 - Wave
<CTRL> + 2 - Laugh
<CTRL> + 3 - Clap
<CTRL> + 4 - Dance
<CTRL> + 5 - Chat Gesture
<CTRL> + 6  Sneeze
<CTRL> + 7  Sit

/buddies <message>
/neighbors <message>
/p <Username> <message>
/reply <message>
/shout <message>


/addbuddy <username> or <KI#>
/ignore <Username>  or <KI#>
/removebuddy <username> or <KI#>
/unignore <username> or <ki#>

/savecolumns <name>
/loadcolumns <name>

KI Mail: KI Action Commands & Emotes

/me <message>  /flitch                  /tapfoot
/afk         /groan                 /taunt
/amazed                   /askquestion       /kneel                
/thanks     /beckonbig    /laugh                
/thumbsdown          /beckonsmall      /leanleft             
/thumbsdown2         /blowkiss             /leanright          
/thumbsup              /bow                    /loll  
/thumbsup2             /callme                /lookaround       
/thx                         /cheer                  /no             
/wave                      /clap                    /okay            
/wavelow               /cower                  /overhere            
/winded                  /crazy                   /peer                     /yawn                     /cringe                  /point                 
/yes                        /crossarms             /rotfl                    
/cry                         /salute                /winded
/dance                    /scratchhead       /yes
/doh                       /sneeze       
/dontknow              /stop              
/dunno                    /talkhand

KI Mail: Archived (Inactive and/or Reference Only)

*DRAFT* Motions, Actions, & Emotes

@Leo: This is a "working list". I'm thinking about revamping the Actions/Emotes and Other Ki Command ki-mails. 

KI Commands

Function Keys:
F1 toggle 1st / 3rd person view
F2 toggle KI sizes
F3 relto book
F4 settings
F5 take KI picture
F6 create journal
F7 create marker game (not -yet- functional)

Generic Commands:
/me <message> (this makes you say anything but without the motions)
/afk (away from keyboard)

Ctrl+1 wave
Ctrl+2 laugh
Ctrl+3 clap
Ctrl+4 dance
Ctrl+5 chat (gesture)
Ctrl+6 sneeze


Chat Commands:
/buddies <message>
/neighbors <message>
/p <username> <message>
/reply <message>
/shout <message>

Userlist Commands:
/addbuddy <username or KI>
/ignore <username or KI>
/removebuddy <username or KI>
/unignore <username or KI>

Invitation Commands:
/accept <friendname> <passkey>
/invite <passkey>
/uninvite <passkey>

Marker Commands:
/createmarkerfolder (not -yet- functional)

Customer Care Commands:
/bug <message>
/ccr <message>
/exploit <message>
/feedback <message>
/generalhelp <message>
/harass <message>
/stuck <message>
/technical <message>

Easter Egg Commands:
/get <message>
/look <optional message>
/stick feathers on <message>
/look in pocket

KI Mail: "Music In The DMR"/(DMR Event)

January 13, 2012; Special Edition/Community Event (Submitted by Christine):

The D'ni Musicological Research Hood proudly presents:


The Cavcon Level is currently at 3. Let's help bring it back up Level 4 and beyond! Please be as generous as you can!!!

The music begins on Saturday, January 21st at 18:00 Ki-time

The Music of Myst:

All cavern dwellers are invited to drop by and enjoy the music!

D'ni Location: D'ni Musicological Research Hood
Date of the event: January 21, 2012 - 18:00
***Repeats every week.***

| ~Guild of Messengers, Serving The Community~ |

KI Mail: "Memories Of The Cavern"/(Anniversary Festival)

January 17, 2012; Special Event (Submitted by Nev'yn):
[Click HERE & press Down arrow key to scroll]
NOTE: Please, do not alter any of part of this KI-mail. Deleting or replacing text changes the copy of EVERYONE. Thank you :-)

Shorah fellow explorers and all cavern-dwellers!
I am excited to announce a special week to celebrate our return to the cavern! We are now entering our third year of MOULa!!! In honor of this achievement, any interested parties are asked to submit additional events via the MOULa forums within a special thread created by Tai'lahr. One may also sponsor an event by sending a KI Mail to GoMe_Nevyn! (KI# 14883206).

Master Schedule of Events:
[Feb. 4th-11th; All times listed in KI-time.]

Saturday, Feb 4th:
10:00 - Pre-Ceremony Broadcast on Radio KGOH begins.
11:00 - Watchers Pub: GoH Opening Ceremony, "A Fall through the Chasm." 
13:00 - Kirel: All Guilds Meeting
14:30 - Watcher's Pub: Ktahdn will broadcast "Music For & By Explorers."
18:00 - D'ni Musicological Research Hood: Concert

Sunday, Feb 5th:
14:00 - Guild of Healers' Eder Delin: Compassion & Caring Assembly
17:00 - D'ni Musicological Research Hood: Concert

Monday, Feb 6th:
14:30 - Hood: "Something"

Tuesday, Feb 7th:
 19:00 - Hood: "Music for Exploring Worlds" hosted by Marten.

Wednesday, Feb 8th:
14:00 - Heritage Night's Hood: Reopening Special

Thursday, Feb 9th:
14:00 - D'ni Musicological Research Hood: the Adi*tional Celebration Party

Friday, Feb 10th:
19:00 - Greeters Pub: Significa! The Greeters Quiz Show! Hosted by Jonathan Myer

Saturday, Feb 11th:
11:00 - Kirel: GoH Closing Ceremony, "Welcome Home!"

13:00-22:00 - D'ni Musicological Research Hood: Closing Ceremony Afterparty

Sunday, Feb 12th:
10:00 - Hood: Encore Presentation of Marten's "Music for Exploring Worlds"

Please check back often! This schedule will be updated.It is asked all "event sponsors" begin and end their events with reminder about the Cavcon level and a request for donations to Cyan. Let us give thanks for the Cavern's reopening and raise the meter back to Cavcon 4 and beyond!
D'ni Location: All around the Cavern
Date of the events: February 4th-11th
| ~Guild of Messengers, Serving The Community~ |

KI Mail: "Pod Party"/(Gehn Shard Event)

March 19th, 2012; Special Event (Submitted by Branan):

The Gehn Shard admins are happy to announce another party! the "Pod Party" will be held on Saturday, March 31st at13:00 Moula KI Time. (Noon PDT, 3pm EDT, 8pm BST, 9pm CET, 11pm MSK ) If you are a new Gehn player, you should arrive early so you have time to collect your KI. Once you log in, send a PM with your KI number to any of the shard admins. They'll link you to one of the pods. The admin KI numbers are available in a global KI mail.

The plan is to spend some time in these small groups, and give everybody a chance to talk with the shard admins and their fellow explorers. Once enough explorers are in the pods, the admins will trigger the portals, and everyone all jump through them at the same time in an attempt to crash the server. If Gehn survives the first attempt, the admins will probably take the players around to the other pods and try again. If you don't yet have an account on the Gehn Shard, there are instructions available online

D'ni Location: *Gehn Shard*/Dereno, Negilahn, and Payiferen

Date of the event: Saturday, March 31st 2012 - 12:00 Ki-time

| ~Guild of Messengers, Serving The Community~ |

KI Mail: "Sanctum"/(DMR Event)

January 12, 2012; Special Event (Submitted by SolarSoul, Christine, & MrMouski): 

The D'ni Musicological Research Hood proudly presents:


A new musical adventure, presented and hosted by: SolarSoul

Join our journey through peaceful music at:

The first journey begins:
20:00 Ki-Time on Friday January 13, 2012
All explorers are welcome to attend!

D'ni Location: D'ni Musicological Research Hood
Date of the event: Friday, January 13, 2012 at 20:00 Ki-time
***Repeats every week.***

| ~Guild of Messengers, Serving The Community~ |

KI Mail: "Wall Tournament"/(TOC Shard Event)

June 19, 2012; Special Event (Submitted by Polgara):

The Open Cave proudly presents the first Wall Tournament!

To celebrate the working Gahreesen Maintainer Wall, TOC invites you to their shard for some competitive climbing. Alone or together (depending on the number of participants), you can show off your skills, strategies...or even your best fall!  Safety gear Fluffy pillows and band-aids will be provided by the TOC. Please bring your own food. Please be aware, as this is family-friendly event, no alcohol will be allowed on the climbing grounds!

The event will be held on June 23rd.The Meetup for explorers interested in the  event will be in the Contest Hood approximately 12:30-13:00 KI-time, which can be reached via the Nexus.

Please sign up in the appropriate thread at the TOC forums if you'd like to participate. Of course, you can also just show up and decide spontaneously to join in the fun. Please note: This tournament will only take place if they have 8 or more participants! Hope to see you all on Saturday!

D'ni Location: TOC Shard/Contest Hood

Date of the event: June 23rd, 2012 - 13:00 Ki-time

| ~Guild of Messengers, Serving The Community~ |

KI Mail: 2nd Annual CAVCON Awareness Party

ovember 20, 2012; Special Event/(Submitted by Nev'yn):

Greetings again, fellow cavern-dwellers! We are proud to announce the cavern is once again hosting our yearly CAVCON Awareness party!!! The event will be held: Friday Evening and Saturday, November 24th in Ae'gura.

The Schedule

Pre-event on Friday, 16:00 to 20:00 KI time: Donahoo's Cocktail Party


08:00 to 11:00 KI time: Watashi

* Music Stream:

11:00 to 13:00 KI time: Musica

* Music St      ream:

13:00 to 17:00 KI time: Alien

* Music Stream:

17:00 to 20:00 KI time: Planetary in the DMR

* Music Stream:

20:00 to 23:00 KI time: Christine & MrMouski in the DMR

* Music Stream:

    The main courtyard of Tokotah Plaza will be used at a gathering spot for general chat and event information. Exploration teams can then depart for other Ages/Instances of sites selected by the host Dni'Js to handle overflow and reduce lag.

     Tai'lahr wrote: "We need lots of D'niJs to play music and volunteers...Please contribute your ideas for the event and/or volunteer to help out. I think we want to keep it fairly simple this year - lots of great music, dancing and chatting in the city where everyone can find the party."

     There's still to time to submit ideas or to help out for this event!

Just contact myself or Tai in cavern, via the MOULa abd/or GoMe forums. You can also send a message to: We look forward to hearing from you soon! Otherwise, we'll see you at the event!!!

D'ni Location: Ae'gura/Tokotah Courtyard

Date of the event: Nov. 23rd -@16:00 Ki-time to Nov 24th 2012 -@23:00

| ~Guild of Messengers, Serving The Community~ |`

KI Mail: All Guilds Meeeting Summary (April/2012)

April 8th, 2012: News Update (Submitted by Doobes):

[Click Here and press Down Arrow to scroll]

***Full chatlogs available online***

Hello everyone! It's Doobes again with details from our latest All Guilds Meeting in Kirel, one that could win the title for Fastest...AGM...Ever!  I bring our raw and cleansed chatlogs of the proceedings (on our website). Leonardo should be back for May's AGM. Until then, everyone enjoy your April!!! Here's the summary of what you missed:

*Guild of Sleepers: Alien and her crew were first up this month.  She turned it over to new member Rock Ardemar to talk about their anniversary party celebrating their first full year of existence on May 10th.  Details are still forthcoming, but there are plans for both a celebration and hopefully a marker game to go along with their planned event.  Keep checking back here for the latest updates.

*Guild of Writers/H'uru: Branan and Hoikas come up next to talk about the latest on their shard, Gehn.  The pod party they held recently that also served as a stress test went very well and provided them with even more ideas for improvement of the server.  They hope to have a new update for the shard in about seven to ten days.  Hoikas was even using the AGM itself, and the people there, to stress test his client, showing they are always busy with something.

*Annabelle's Marker Quests: No AGM would be complete these days without news from Annabelle.  She described her next release (her sixth) called Beyond Imagination, a series of 24 quests in Kadish Tolesa.  She promises that these quests will take you to incredible heights in the Age; in some places, as much as 230 feet (or 70.104 meters)! She hopes to have this quest released before the end of the month.

*Guild of Messengers: With our Guild Masters Leonardo and Lunanne absent, it was up to Musica and I to present for the GoMe.  I mentioned the video project in the works and our need for any help we could get on that.  I also reiterated the constant need for anyone who would like to contribute to The Cavern Post (with the latest issue still being put together) or volunteers for the Cavern Criers.

* Due to the fast-paced nature of this meeting, I nearly missed rarified in the crowd and brought him up to present for OU.  Work continues on the Minkata shard, with several fixes in the pipeline, with Christian Walther stepping up to do what he can with clearing the backlog.  They are still reviewing the data from their own stress test and would like to schedule a new one, hopefully in a few weeks.

*CAVCON: Something that has seemingly become a new tradition at the end of our meetings has been mentioning the status of CAVCON, which is currently sitting at a not-so-healthy 2.  Some suggested planning a new fundraising party (possibly during GoSleep's), so look for more details here as they come in.  We at GoMe also encourage everyone to donate to the cause (if they can) to keep things in MOULa running.

| ~Guild of Messengers, Serving The Community~ |

KI Mail: All Guilds Meeeting Summary (March/2012)

March 3rd, 2012: News Update (Submitted by Doobes):
[Click Here and press Down Arrow to scroll]
***Full summary & chatlogs available online***

* H'uru/Guild of Writers: Adam "Hoikas" Johnson and Branan updated everyone about the Gehn shard. One notable addition included in Gehn v.5 is the ability to copy/paste text directly into the KI! Their recent launch party/stress test for their server proved very successful, and were able to find/fix several issues because of it.

 * Mac and rarified were next. With successful integration of Minkata fixes to Cyan Worlds' own MOULa shard, they predicted that future updates would be accepted by Cyan much more smoothly now that the process of submitting fixes has proven to work. Like the H'uru team, they also put their server to the test, yielding some positive results. The team thanked all those that participated, continuing on work to fix more bugs. Minkata shard updates will be mentioned as they happen in a specific forum thread.

 * Annabelle's Marker Quests: No stranger to the AGM, Annabelle presented her latest quest, called "The D'ni Cavern". It encompass Kirel, the 'Hoods, Guild pubs, the Great Zero and K'veer. She will also do custom missions for explorers upon request but may take awhile to create due to her other work. She also described a story-driven game she's working on called inXistenZ, which is in French, an English version will come later.

 * Guild of Messengers: Leonardo spoke about KI mails, including one that details how to handle griefers taken from a recent forum discussion. He also introduced the newest Messengers: Ron Landry & Dagnarus, the latest additions to the translation team. Lunanne described the content in the recently-released issue #2 of The Cavern Post.

* Guild of Russian Translators: Finally, Dagnarus and Guild of Translators (the avatar) spoke about their new Guild of Russian Translators. It is hoppd the group will unite the Russian explorers of the community under one roof. They even spoke in Russian directly to those they wanted to welcome and encourage to join.

 * CAVCON: A happy ending to note was the CAVCON is sitting at 4, but GoMe encourages donations to help continue with updates/fixes to the game and keep the MOULa server up and running. See you all next month!

| ~Guild of Messengers, Serving The Community~ |

KI Mail: All Guilds Meeting & Fair Info Extravaganza!

Feb 28th, 2012; Special Event (Submitted by Nev'yn):
[Click Here and press Down Arrow to scroll] 
Shorah, fellow explorers and cavern dwellers!
On behalf of the "gophers" of the Guild of Messengers, Nev'yn will be hosting a special info session about the guild , it current projects, and also do some recruiting. This special event is reminiscent of the old "guild fair" previously held in Kirel. In honor of the occasion, music will be provided, and since GoMe has some extra funds it's budget, plans are in the works to have pizza delivered!

Currently, the main two winning pizza selections are:
Teledahn Mushroom 'n Cheese or Spicy Quab w/Extra Sauce.

Provided by the Rooftop Volunteer Group's D'niJs, here's the link to the music stream:  

Nev'yn (KI# 14883206) will be manning our guild table on Saturday, March 3rd 2012 in Kirel at the time listed below. The seminar will last about one hour, with the All Guild's Meeting being held at its regularly scheduled time after the seminar.:

11:00 KI-time Guild of Messenegers Info Seminar
13:00 Ki-time All Guilds Meeting

The following topics will be discussed:
 * GoMe/Cavern Criers: What exactly is the Guild of Messengers? Who are the Cavern Criers, what do they do, and why are they always calling out events? Various informational GoMe ki-mails will also be provided interested explorers.
 * Guild Recruitment : Want to learn more about the jobs availalbe and/or join our team? Well, now's the time to claim one of those bright yellow tees for yourself!
 * The Cavern Post & News: Have an event, news post, or an article idea to submit? Here's your chance!  

We invite everyone to join us at the seminar, bringing to us their ideas and suggestions, share some pizza, and to have some fun! Members of the various community guilds/groups also welcome to schedule their own info sessons later in the day after the AGM. Please just post the details on the MOUL forums and it will be added to the schedule here, and also promoted by the Cavern Criers within the cavern. Now's the time to come back down into Ae'gura and help out! We need explorers just like you...Can't wait to see you all there!!! 

D'ni Location: Kirel
Date of the event: March 3, 2012 - 11:00 KI-time
| ~Guild of Messengers, Serving The Community~ |

KI Mail: All Guilds Meeting Summary (Feb/2012)

Febuary 5th, 2012; Special Edition/News Update (Edited by Leonardo & Nev'yn):
****A full summary & chatlog is available online.*****

Another successful meeting in Kirel! During the meeting, the rest of the Cavern was holding the 2nd Anniversary Celebrations, with Ghaelen streaming wonderful, relaxing tunes. We passed 50 person mark in Kirel, but Chogon  raised the Population Limit awhile back, so it was no problem and everyone could attend.

* Annabelle: Working on her 5th release called "The D'ni Cavern". Featuring Quests in neighborhoods, Kirel, K'veer, the 6 Pubs, plus the Great Zero. It should be ready in 2 weeks, with 6th & 7th releases following soon after.

* Guild of Writers: The H'Uru developers have released a new Shard! Called Gehn, the Shard based on their fork of CWE and DirtSand (for the Client/Server), meaning you don't need a copy of Uru:CC, just the content from MOULa. The Shard will feature all the team's developed features/fixes/improvements so people can experience them without waiting for or MOULa to pick them up. The Shard currently contains just one Fan Age, Vothol Gallery, made by Rustee, winner of the D'ni Location Contest. If you have an account on the GoW Forum, you already have an account on Gehn Shard, needing only to download the Client. It is currently Windows only, but is quite close to having a native Linux client (and eventually Mac). For more info:

* OpenUru: A package of changes for Cyan to update MOULa, mainly bug fixes has been completed. The Minkata Shard has 220 registered testers  and a good collection of bug/improvement tickets. A stress test for Minkata on February 18th, where everyone is invited to try and deliberately crash the server.Lord Chaos will provide music, and maybe a special marker quest by Annabelle. Rarified is working to get the OpenUru Tool to automatically build Clients from the H'Uru Code repositories. This will help the H'Uru guys with their work and in porting the H'Uru changes to the OU repositories.The team also publish a document with descriptions of the jobs that are needed in OU, most likely in response to a forum post by Paradox. There have been also been recent discussion about a proposal to Cyan for getting a Licence to distribute/work on MOULa Contents. More info:

* Guild of Messengers: GoMe has been quite active recently. We are working fast in the development to produce the 2nd issue of the magazine, which should be out soon after the 2nd Anniversary Week. The Cavern Criers have also been quite busy, both writing/distributing KiMails about important news and events.

* CAVCON: Is still at Level 3.  Explorers are encouraged to donate keep the servers up and running. See you all next month!

Full story:

KI Mail: All Guilds Meeting Summary (June/2012)

May 2nd; Special Edition/News Update (Submitted by Doobes):

***Full Chatlogs Avaiable Online***

It was that time again in Kirel...the All Guilds Meeting has come and gone!  Not as many presenters, but certainly plenty of news.  As always, here's a summary of what you missed.

Annabelle: Annabelle once again updated everyone on the progress of her marker quests. Her 7th release is still being worked on and are being made "less hard", as she put it.  She expects to be finished in 2 to 3 weeks. Also, due to the recent upgrade, she believes that most of the complicated jumps in her quests will be easier due to the fact that slipping down steep slopes is considerably slower then it used to be.

Guild of Messengers: Leonardo broke from the usual "GoMe is last" tradition of the meetings as there was much to talk about. First thing was to announce that Lyrositor (who was also made assistant webmaster under Leonardo) and I had taken over as Guild Masters, after which he turned things over to us. Lyrositor spoke about our renewed effort to recruit more Messengers for our various projects in the works as well as reiterating details about our video project, URU2U. I spoke about the Cavern Criers and how Nev'yn was the one to talk to if interested.  Lunanne was last to speak more about our migration from magazine to online news articles. She also mentioned about how she will eventually pass the title of magazine editor to someone else. Special note: Leonardo, while no longer the GoMe GM, will continue to moderate the All Guilds Meetings. Mac[Fife] was the last speaker, representing He mentioned the latest upgrades to the MOULa client in detail and praised all that helped to make it happen. Also, Cyan has been in contact with them about licensing issues and getting them straightened out, so progress is (slowly) being made on that front.

CAVCON: We're still sitting pretty at 4!  Still, please donate whenever possible. See you in July!

| ~Guild of Messengers, Serving The Community~ |

KI Mail: Amber Horizons/(Opera!)

February 28, 2012; Special Event (Submitted by Nev'yn):
[Click Here and press Down Arrow to scroll] 
The Amber Horizons Hood, in association with the Rooftop Volunteer Group presents:


The opera performed will be Claudio Monteverdi's "Il Ritorno D'Ulisse in Patria".

Stream address to access the performance is Radio KTDN at:

The date of the exhibition will be March 5th, 2012 at 19:00 KI-time in the Amber Horizon's Hood, replacing the Bevin's regularly scheduled event.

Here's what our esteemed Lord of Chaos had to say about the musical piece over on the MOULa forums:
     "[The opera] was first performed in 1640. I'll be playing a version performed by the Concerto Vocale, and soloists, directed by Rene Jacobs. He's a specialist in early vocal music, and this performance is in accordance with "historically informed practice." The instruments used are those of the time and the vocal practice similar...
     There's no extant full score. Jacobs had to do quite a bit of reconstruction and interpolation, as would anyone performing this work. "L'Orfeo" is more popular, so there has been more work done on that one. Even the libretto had problems, as there are different versions. The differences aren't major, though. Any libretto you find on-line will probably be a little different from this one, which is sung in Italian."

Be aware, the opera runs almost three hours. An intermission has been planned. The RVG's signature browines, along with other light snacks and beverages, will be provided on the mezzanine.

[Special Note for Explorers in European time zones: The start date and time were are dictated by various scheduling problems. If you're interested in opera, please contact Lord Chaos on the MOULa forums. A future event could be developed for the UK/CET, and possibly other timezones, as well.]

D'ni Location: Amber Horizons Hood
Date of the event: March 5, 2012 - 19:00 KI-time
| ~Guild of Messengers, Serving The Community~ |

KI Mail: Annabelle's 5th Quest Release/(D'ni Cavern)

Mar. 9, 2012; News Update (Submitted by Lyrositor):

Annabelle has just released her 5th quest release, The D'ni Cavern, available starting on March 10th, 2012. What follows is her press release for the latest installment in her amazing series of marker quests:

*You’ll travel inside all the Cavern’s most famous public ages: D’ni-Kirel, your Neighborhood, D’ni-K’veer, The Great Zero, and all the Pubs with my 23 brand new quests.

*To the questions: “What’s behind that door?” visiting Kirel or “What’s beyond that curtain?” visiting a Pub, you’ll find the answer within my quests.

 *You want to visit the Kirel’s auditorium or light garden like you never expected you could do it? Try my quests.

 *My coverage is almost complete in all the above-mentioned ages.

 *Awesome discoveries are awaiting, take those journeys right now!


If you want my quests, ask me in PM on MOULa’s official forum or directly in-game sending a KI-mail to Annabelle (KI # 03632553) Annabelle has also simulatenously announced the release of the 17th quest of her previous release, Into Darkness, which she calls "by far, the HARDEST quest, I ever published yet!"

| ~Guild of Messengers, Serving The Community~ |

KI Mail: Cavern Post (Jan/2012) ICE

January 18th, 2012 ; In-Cavern Edition
[Click HERE & press Down arrow to scroll]
***Full story articles available online***

Jan. 18, 2012: Cyan Worlds Contributes to Open Source: Today Cyan Worlds, specifically Mark DeForest (a.k.a. Chogon), has committed some code to the CWE and MOULSCRIPT repositories. We must remind you that this is "only" a commit to the repositories where the code is kept, The MOULa client has not yet been updated so you won't see these changes in MOULa yet. More news to come when this happens, probably after the code has been tested.

Jan. 17, 2012; "Memories of the Cavern"/Anniversary Week Festival (Submitted by Nev'yn): We are entering our 2nd year of MOULa! In honor of this achievement, various groups have banded together ? to create a series of small events into a full-blown festival, running from Feb 4th-11th. Any interested "sponsors" can submit additional events via the MOULa forums within a special thread  by Tai'lahr. The Cavern Criers have a special KI-mail to those explorers interested in having copy.

Jan. 14, 2012; Guild of Messengers Meeting Summary (Edited by Leonardo & Nev'yn):
1)GM Elections: Everyone agreed that they are not needed right now. Leo & Luna are around for the next 6 months at least.
2)AGM & Kirel: This issue is resolved since Cyan has increased the Population Limit of Kirel.
3)Relayers: We have agreed they could be useful for rare occasions. When needed, we will try to organize them with available Messengers. An investigation with the GoW and creating a Relayer-bot is also underway.
4)Cavern Criers Recruitment: We need more Criers. As they are something "in-between" GoMe & GoG, we thought that we could make an agreement with the GoNG. We would be willing to do the same with the other GoG, but as it is hard to do this "officially", we will make agreements with single Greeters. To support this, we had members of both guilds online, and they like the idea.
5)CP Issue #2: The online Cavern Post already has lots of articles planned. Stay tuned for more details!
6)Event Facilitators, ect.: Nev'yn suggested that GoMe could extend its services to something similar to what Irissa envisoned, using the planned Anniversary Week Festival as an example, along other ideas to be discusssed in the future on our forums.

Jan. 14, 2012; Opening Of The Rift (Submitted by Simon): Simon has once again been asked to assemble a team of volunteers to begin a methodical search of the various Ages. This meeting will focus upon important new revelations about the investigation, along with a hunt for the four keys. Special event KI-mail is available.

Jan. 12, 2012; D'ni Musicological Reasearch Concerts (Submitted by SolarSoul, Christine, Mouski, & Musica): The DMR is pround to present several new musical concernts! All explorers are invited to attend. The Recurring Events KI-mail has been updated and specific special event KI-mails are also available.

Jan. 7, 2012; All Guild's Meeting: Doobes moderated this year's first AGM, while Leo was away! Sadly, we hit Kirel's 50 person limit in the middle of the meeting, so not everyone could attend. A summary KI-mail is avaiable.

| ~Guild of Messengers, Serving The Community~ |

KI Mail: Cavern Post (Mar/2012) ICE #2

March 15th, 2012 ; In-Cavern Edition

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***Full story articles available online***

Mar 14, 2012; Myst V: End of Ages on Steam & GOG! (Submitted by Lyrositor): Cyan Worlds, Inc. has announced that Myst V: End of Ages will be made available for download on the Steam game-distribution platform starting this Friday! Cyan has also stated that will also be distributing the game very soon. No price has been mentioned as of yet.

Mar 14th, 2012; New Greeters Meeting (Submitted by Trekluver): The Guild of New Greeters will be having a guild meeting this Friday 3/16 in their IRC channel. More info is available on the GoMe website or Moula forums under "Events".

Mar 14th, 2012: Get Cyan Into the Cavern (Submitted by Jamie Marchant): This Friday 3/16, Several players are banding together to attempt at "summoning" the Cyanists into the Cavern. A special event Ki-mail is availalble, for more info on your chance to join in!

Mar. 14th, 2012; DMR Double Concert (Submitted by Musica): On Saturday 03/17 in the D'ni Musicological Research Hood will present 2 concerts for a full night of music! A special event ki-mail will soon be available.

Mar 14, 2012; Setting up a Shard: Q&A! (Submitted by Leonardo): Lyrositor is hosting an event on setting up an Open Source shard. Each session will cover all the processes involved to get you up and running with your own personal shard, starting wiith general information for the first sessions and then moving on to tackle more technical issues. Chatlogs will be made available each time. More info available online.

Mar 12, 2012; Riven Daggers (Submitted by Lyrositor): MYSTRIVEN has announced that he has produced some exact replicas of the Moiety Daggers from Riven. Cyan has allowed the production of these daggers, so in effect all legal aspects are covered by the following disclaimer: "The Riven Dagger is a trademark of Cyan Worlds. Used with permission." Purchasing information is available on the Moula forums under "Creativity".

Mar 11, 2012; Gehn v.6 is Live! (Submitted by Lyrositor): The H'uru team at the Guild of Writers has updated their Gehn Shard, featuring their latest work in Open Source development. You will be automatically updated to version 6 when you run Gehn next time. A full list of modifications is available at the GoMe website.

Mar. 9, 2012; Stress Test Post-Conference (Submitted by Leonardo): The OpenUru team  is organizing a follow-up conference for discussing about the results of the Stress Test they had last month.The conference will be organized in two parts. The first part will be on the OpenUru IRC channel, open to everyone to contribute on this Friday 3/16.  The second part will be on WebEx, a web audio/video chat on Sat 3/17 with a limited quantity of spots reserved to people who actually understand how the servers and clients work Further info is available online.

Mar. 9, 2012; The D'ni Cavern (Submitted by Lyrositor):

Annabelle has just released her 5th quest release, The D'ni Cavern. A special event Ki-mail is available.

| ~Guild of Messengers, Serving The Community~ |

KI Mail: Cavern Post (Mar/2012) ICE

March 3rd, 2012 ; In-Cavern Edition
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***Full story articles available online***

Mar. 3rd, 2012; All Guilds Meeting (Submitted by Doobes): Another informative AGM has come and gone.  Our usual gathering in Kirel had  familiar faces, as well as some new ones.  For those that couldn't attend, special news update ki-mail is available.

Mar. 2nd, 2012; Offline KI 3.7 (Submitted by Leonardo): Diafero just announced a new release of his Offline KI! This new release contains some interesting material, most notably the Wall Fix from Sirius, that makes the Wall of Gahreesen playable. This is the complete list of fixes/features this release contains is available at the GoMe website.

Mar. 2nd, 2012; Gehn v.5 is Live! (Submitted by Lyrositor): Gehn, the Guild of Writers/H'uru shard, has been updated on both the server and the client side to bring improvements, features and bug fixes. The client update will be available through the launcher, no user action is required. [Full Story Available Online]

Mar. 1st, 2012; Cavern Post (Submitted by Leonardo): The magazine team has been hard at work, and now Issue #2 of the online newsletter ready to be enjoyed! You will learn more about shards, the four major URU servers, plus instructions on installing them.  Jonathan Myer offers insights on being a Greeter, and Allatwan interviews Heather Larkin about her Myst-related artwork on DeviantArt! Larry LeDeay writes about his wildlife photography work featuring the wildlife in the Ages of URU, while Ainia provides helpful tips from Ainia on how to take beautiful pictures of the animals yourself. Add a comic by Rhee, plus a challenging crossword from NoorMax, and it's a jam-packed issue not be missed! Pick up a copy at our website today!

Feb 29th, 2012; Cyan Prepares Remake of realMyst in the Unity Engine(Submitted by Trekluver): A Cyan Worlds developer profile has popped up on the Unity website. The post details Cyan's progress in porting realMyst to iOS using the Unity Engine. Maybe this was what Rand Miller meant when he said they were looking into new game engines in the Mysterium Interview. Here's a chunk from the article...[Full Story Available Online]

Feb 28th 2012; Amber Horizon's Hood, in association with the Rooftop Volunteer Group presents: Opera! The opera performed will be Claudio Monteverdi's "Il Ritorno D'Ulisse in Patria". The date of the exhibition will be March 5th, 2012 at 19:00 KI-time in the Amber Horizon's Hood, replacing the Bevin's regularly scheduled event. Special event ki-mail is available.

Feb 28th, 2012; Planning Event: Return Cyan to the Cavern! Over in the MOULa forums, Jamie Marchant came up with a brief thought: "How can we get Cyanists to visit the cavern? " Well, guess what??? Now it's time to make this vision into reality once again! A planning session for this event will be held in Jamie Marchant's Hood on Tuesday, March 6th at 15:15 KI-time. Help map out this future event, or drop by just to talk , have some fun, and good times! Special event ki-mail is available.

| ~Guild of Messengers, Serving The Community~ |

KI Mail: Christmas Competition 2011

SE: Christmas Competition 2011


November 27, 2011; Special Event (Submitted by Nev'yn):

The Guild of Sleepers is organizing an in Cavern Christmas Competition. Everybody can participate! All the Rules and other Details of the Competition will be published on the Guild of Sleepers Forum at latest on Friday Evening December 2nd, 12:00 KI time/19:00 GMT. Contest dates are Dec 4th-14, with possible extension to the 21st.

To register via KI-mail send your Avatar name & KI # to Snoor'Max (KI #13114425).

Sign up today!


KI Mail: Cleft Party/(Gehn Shard Event)

June 22, 2012; Special Event (Submitted by Doobes):

As summer is indeed the best time to have a party (at least in my opinion), I am pleased to announce that Tsar Adam "Hoikas" Johnson and the Guild of Writers are having one on the Gehn Shard!  The festivities are the start of a series of events that will take place throughout the Ages of URU, starting with... you guessed it... the cleft!

The fun takes place on Friday, June 29th @ 19:00 KI time on the Gehn shard.  Send a PM to KI # 16125 at the time of the party to join the group when you first link in.  Those at the party will choose the location for the next get-together in the ongoing tour. And yes, there will be music!  The link will be posted here when the URL is chosen. See the GoW forum thread for further developments.  Hope to see everyone there!

D'ni Location: *Gehn Shard* / The Cleft

Date of the event: June 29, 2012 - 19:00 KI-time

| ~Guild of Messengers, Serving The Community~ |

KI Mail: Coronation of King Kerath/(D'ni Holiday)

ovember 22, 2012; Special Event (Submitted by Leonardo) :

Today is Leevofo 27 in the D'ni Calendar, the day of the Coronation of King Kerath, the last King of D'ni.

From the yellow DRC Data Notebook formerly located next to the typewriter on the Tokotah rooftop:

     King Kerath took the throne in 6731 DE at the age of 54. Kerath is probably the most well known name of all the Kings, not because he was necessarily considered the best, but because he was the last. His name came to represent all of the Kings in the later years, including the renaming of the Arch of the Kings to the Arch of Kerath....

...The fact that Kerath, in a single reign, was able to convince his people that the way they had been ruled for thousands of years was wrong and should be changed, should be considered nothing short of miraculous. Kerath carefully crafted his arguments as a benefit for the Guilds more than anything else. After all, he argued, "D'ni is the  Guilds...let us be protected by their fortress and be ruled by their wisdom."

     ...In 6977 DE Kerath abdicated the throne and gave over the power of the Kings to the first Five Lords of D'ni History. They were Lord Taeri of the Guild of Messengers, Lord Hemelah of the Guild of Healers, Lord Moleth of the Guild of Caterers, Lord Kedri of the Guild of Writers, and Lord Korenen of the Guild of Analysts. Kerath died eight years later.

     The time of the Kings was over.


Source: Guild of Archivists (

(Historical Note: A painting of King Kerath is available for viewing in the Museum of Ae'gura.)

D'ni Location: Ae'gura & beyond

Date of the event:  Repeats every year November 22, 2010 (All day)

| ~Guild of Messengers, Serving The Community~ |

KI Mail: D'ni Language Lessons/(Guild of Instructors Event)

June 30, 2012; Special Event (Submitted by shokhootahn Rehn):

The Guild of Instructors willl begin teaching the D'ni language in-cavern at the Guild of Instructors' Hood.  shokhootahn Rehn will be teaching the first class.  There will be two sessions: 9:00AM KI time and 11:00PM KI time.  Each class wil start in the hood's classroom, but may not necessarily end there.  The first class will last about 90 minutes.  The remainder of the classes will last from 30 to 45 minutes, depending on the amount of Q & A during the lesson.

The classes will start on Monday, July 16 and run every Monday for the next 5 they wilweeks. Two classions wil be provided 9:00 & 11:00 ki-time.  The last class will be on Monday, August 20. This is a 6-week course, in which you will learn to count in D'ni and read D'ni texts.

There will be a website for explorers to reference for class materials during the class.  Hopefully the interest level from the community will be such that we con add more classes.  There are currently six instructors in the Guild: shokhootahn Rehn, shokhootahn shen, shokhootahn Svig, shokhootahn Ben, shokhootahn Misha and shokhootahn Molly.  The latter two are not currently available to teach due to RL concerns.

Take care and have a blessed day! shorah gah bigtotee (Peace and blessings.)

D'ni Location: Guild of Instructors' Hood

Date of the event: July 16th - August 20th, 2012; 9:00 & 11:00 KI-time

***Repeats every Monday***

| ~Guild of Messengers, Serving The Community~ |

KI Mail: DMR Event/"Down Memory Lane"

May 31st, 2012; Special Event (Submitted by Nev'yn & Musica):

D'ni Musicological Research Bevin proudly presents:

"Down Memory Lane"

The music begins on Saturday, June 2nd at 18:00hrs Ki-time.

This event is co-sponsored by the D'ni Museum of Art (& Sciences),
featuring a special D'niJ host: Miranna!
Please join your fellow explorers in the DMR hood or listen thru their sites:

All explorers of the cavern are welcome to attend!
The members of both DMoA and DMR hope to see you there!!!

D'ni Location: D'ni Musicological Research Hood
Date of the event: June 2nd, 2012 - 18:00 Ki-time
| ~Guild of Messengers, Serving The Community~ |

KI Mail: Eurovision 2012!

March 25th, 2012; Special Event (Submitted by Alien):

Over on the MOULa forums today, Alien has announced a last minute party!:

Eurovision Song Contest 2012

The event will be held in the Central Plazza of Ae'gura on Saturday, May 26th starting @13:00 ki-time.

Alien wrote: "I know this is a bit short notice, but I thought with Eurovision happening this Saturday, and that we have a lot of European players in MOULa, why not have a Eurovision party in the city! All you have to do is watch Eurovision and be in the city at the same time. We'll discuss the various entries, dance, and root for our favourites!"

For those outside of the EU, Eurovision is an annual contest which has been held since 1956. Utilized by the member countries of the European Broadcasting Union, each country submits a live song performance, which is then voted upon by the other member countries.

This program has become one of the most watched non-sporting events in the world, and has also served as a "launching point" for the careers of many new artists! So, let's all join our European friends in celebrating this yearly event!!!

D'ni Location: Central Plazza of Ae'gura

Date of the event: May 26, 2012 - 13:00 Ki-time

| ~Guild of Messengers, Serving The Community~ |

KI Mail: Finding of the Lost Book/(D'ni Holiday)

December 9th, 2012; Special Event (Submitted by Leonardo) :
     Today is Leevobro 12 in the D'ni Calendar, the day when the Lost Book of Birenni was found.
     The days were dark for the people of D?ni as the sickness killed so many, especially the young. Many Ages were written for the Guild of Healers, specifically in hopes of finding a cure for the disease somewhere else, but to no avail. Their King Behnashiren was even taken by the plague and finding no suitable heirs, left the throne to his uncle, Hemelin of the Guild of Healers. It was the Healers the public blamed for the sickness and at his coronation there was great sorrow and despair?
    Angered at the lack of hope and faith of his people, Hemelin was determined to not only find a cure for his people, but also to return respect to his Guild. Convinced that a cure in one of the Healer Guild Ages, he had long encouraged the Healers to search them all. Now that he was King, he gave them no choice.
    Hemelin too soon found himself ill and death was predicted. However, while on his death bed, he met the woman Lalen and a new love began to grow. This new love forged a new will to live and Hemelin eventually recovered as some were fortunate enough to do.
     It was Lalen who discovered evidence of old Books to forgotten Healer Ages, and clues to their whereabouts that led to their discovery. In particular, one of these lost Books written by Birenni had provided Hemelin with the plant that would prove to be the cure. Six years later, led by Guild Master Jaysem of the Guild of Healers, and directed by King Hemelin, the plague was officially defeated. King Hemelin wed Lalen on that day and the celebration was unmatched. From that day forward, for many years, the celebrations were grand.
     In later years, though still a day that many chose to wed, the day became known for the fire marble search. Fire marbles were hidden in homes and Ages throughout Dni and the children were sent on searches for the marbles, reminding D?ni of the search of Lalen and Hemelin to find the cure for their people.
Source: D'ni Restoration Archive (

[Historical Note: A picture of the Lalen and the Lost Book can be seen within the D'ni Museum of Ae'gura.]
D'ni Location: Ae'gura & beyond
Date of the event:  Repeats every year December 9th (All day)
| ~Guild of Messengers, Serving The Community~ |

KI Mail: Finding of the Lost Books of Birenni

SE: Finding of the Lost Books of Birenni

Dec. 10th 2011, Historical Event/Special Edition (Submitted by Ne’yn):

The days were dark for the people of D’ni as the sickness killed so many, especially the young. Many Ages were written for the Guild of Healers, specifically in hopes of finding a cure for the disease somewhere else, but to no avail. Their King Behnashiren was even taken by the plague and finding no suitable heirs, left the throne to his uncle, Hemelin of the Guild of Healers. It was the Healers the public blamed for the sickness and at his coronation there was great sorrow and despair…

Angered at the lack of hope and faith of his people, Hemelin was determined to not only find a cure for his people, but also to return respect to his Guild. Convinced that a cure in one of the Healer Guild Ages, he had long encouraged the Healers to search them all. Now that he was King, he gave them no choice.

Hemelin too soon found himself ill and death was predicted. However, while on his death bed, he met the woman Lalen and a new love began to grow. This new love forged a new will to live and Hemelin eventually recovered as some were fortunate enough to do.

It was Lalen who discovered evidence of old Books to forgotten Healer Ages, and clues to their whereabouts that led to their discovery. In particular, one of these lost Books written by Birenni had provided Hemelin with the plant that would prove to be the cure. Six years later, led by Guild Master Jaysem of the Guild of Healers, and directed by King Hemelin, the plague was officially defeated. King Hemelin wed Lalen on that day and the celebration was unmatched. From that day forward, for many years, the celebrations were grand.

In later years, though still a day that many chose to wed, the day became known for the fire marble search. Fire marbles were hidden in homes and Ages throughout D’ni and the children were sent on searches for the marbles, reminding D’ni of the search…to find the cure for their people.

-From the D’ni Restoration Archive

DRA website:

Special Note: A painting of Lalen can be seen in the Ae’gura Museum.

KI Mail: Get Cyan into the Cavern!

March 14, 2012; Special Event (Submitted by: Jamie Marchant:)

[Click HERE & press Down arrow to scroll]

In the past, I have heard that players have formed objects to attract the Bahro or other characters into the cavern. So I was thinking: what if players formed the Cyan logo and hummed the tune?  Do you think a Cyan employee would enter the cavern?  Naturally, they're busy, so this may amount to nothing but getting players in the cavern, but I think it would be a fun thing to try.

The event will take place Friday, March 16 at 6:00 PM EST in the Summoner's Hood.(this should be 3:00 PM PST for Cyan) As someone suggested, we will put gold-clothed people in the fountain and blue-clothed people around it to form a "C".

There will be a stream and an optional Mumble chat where people can actually hum the tune. This will be hosted at the Guild Of Writers( Mumble is very easy to install and set up, it can be found here.  It is open source software and free to download.  Remember, use of Mumble is optional, but use of the MOULa client for voice chat is not allowed.

Being that the event is taking place while Cyan is at work, that means people in their timezone will be at work too, so it's up to us in the east to make the event work and get Cyan to come. If you can't make it, don't worry; I will post a full chat log.

I made a thread where people can write what they want to ask Cyan and I will ask your question to any Cyan employees that enter the cavern.  That thread can be found on the Moula forums. There will be virtual pizza!  And don't worry, if you can't hold a tune, neither can I!

D'ni Location: Summoner's hood.

Date of the event: March 16, 2012

| ~Guild of Messengers, Serving The Community~ |

KI Mail: Guild of Healers News Update!

June 14, 2012; Special Edition (Submitted by Nev'yn):

The Guild of Healers, one of the more regular fixtures in the cavern, has a few pieces of news to share with the community. They are pleased to introduce a new member of the Guild, who will begin leading some of their in-cavern events. Her name is Crystal Dante, and she will begin to survey interest in many types of healing events aligned with her area of healing.

They will also be moving to the Community Nexus section of the forums while their presence in the MOUL forums for event announcements won't change as they only had been putting out small messages.

The Sunday Meditations and Compassion & Caring Assemblies will continue on Sundays. The Guild is also working on a few different storyline ideas for events as well - one of which Crystal will co-guide. Here is a listeing of new GoH events to be held this Sunday, June 24st, all time listed are Ki-time:

08:00 Reiki Healing Session

12:00 Chakra Activity

14:00 Sunday Meditation

Look for more new GoH events in the near future!

D'ni Location :Guild of Healers Hood/Eder Delin

Date of the event: June 24th, 2012 - Various times

| ~Guild of Messengers, Serving The Community~ |

KI Mail: Heritage Night Returns!

June 30, 2012; Special Event (Submitted by: DimensionTravelerCalum):

Heritage Night is back yet again! For those that have not heard of it, It is an event where new explorers can learn all about the history of what has happened in the cavern so far. We strive to make sure people know what has come before them.  These weeks are the confirmed ones that will be hosted before Mysterium. Dates for the August schedule will be added once I know for sure what's up.

HN will take place on every Sunday in July at 12:00 KI time in the Heritage Night Hood.

(Historical Note: Heritage Night was started in late 2010 by Carl Palmner for the benefit of new explorers who could not be there for the Previous Restorations.)

D'ni Location: Heritage Night Hood

Date of the event: July 1st to 29th, 2012; 12:00 KI-time

***Repeats Every Sunday***

| ~Guild of Messengers, Serving The Community~ |

KI Mail: Into Darkness/(Annabelle's 4th Quest Release)

SE: Into Darkness/(Annabelle's 4th Quest Release)

Dec. 15th, 2011 Special Event (Submitted by Nev'yn);

Greetings once again, fellow explorers!

Skydiver Annabelle has once again outdone herself with this massive new quest! Placed within forbidding confines of the abandoned Maintainer fortress, it totals a whopping 16 individual quests and 1261
markers!!! Ever wanted to explore the lost depths of Gahreesen?

Well, here's your chance!  

What will be revealed in this newest journey? To start off, each individual quest is standalone, but the important thing to know is that at times the journey will be dark...*So* very dark. Tour the link-in point, the wilds of the outdoors, plus the dank cells of the forlorn souls who met their final demise here, lost and forgotten to all. Other parts are bit trickier: You will assail the heights of Maintainer's fortress, climb the legendary training wall, tour the "Rings" of Gehreesen, plus a few other dark patches.     

You're not afraid of a bit of darkness, are you???

Annabelle has set up special distribution avatar for ease of release, but please contact Annabelle (Ki 03632553) for the quest itself. Her next quest release is set for late January, so happy holidays everyone!

See you there in 2012!!!

KI Mail: New Player's Bevin

Come to "The New Player's Bevin" to join a group of New Players of Uru and try to solve this complex world in their company!

If instead you are looking for help from more experienced Explorers you can visit the Guild of Greeters Bevin or use one of the links under "City Locations" in you Nexus. In this case remember to tell them how much help you want, or they may spoil the solution of the puzzle to you!

You can reach the Neighbohoods (Bevin) by linking to the Nexus (Yellow Book in you library, or use the light-blue book in your library at Relto and look for the Book in the center of the Linking Room), in the "Public Links" section.

KI Mail: Nexus Star Wheel Puzzle

SE: Nexus Star Wheel Puzzle

Dec. 15th, 2011 Special Event (Submitted by Nev'yn):

If you like to scratch your head trying to find logical solutions to a puzzle, then play MrMouski's newest release!

Based upon the Nexus Star shape, his latest puzzle requires observation, logic, deduction, and in-game knowledge.

The Nexus wheel is currently experiencing some very strange behavior and needs to be repaired. The markers trapped inside are preventing its normal spinning motions by slowing down the wheel unnaturally. On the other hand, those markers contain important information about a hidden message within the wheel itself. While you're busy fixing the wheel's unsteady motions, you will also gain marker clues to also help unveil the full depths of its secrets.

yewCan you mend the wheel and unveil this secret? Well, there's only one way to find out!!!

Are you up for this challenge?  MrMouski certainly hopes so!

He is well known in the Cavern for creating a wide variety of puzzles. 'Serial Gamer', 'MrBrutal' and 'Prince of Persecution' are some nicknames examples players like to give him. The 'Nexus Star Wheel', from his own words, certainly is one of his best achievement in puzzle creation.

Interested?Just send Mouski a KI-mail request (Ki2030122).

Enjoy and have fun!

KI Mail: Nick Switcher's Bevin

Nick Switcher's Bevin

  Our Bevin is for people with multiple avatars - those who like to 'switch nics', as screen-name changing was called on Usenet newsgroups years ago.  (I first used Nick Switcher as a screen-name in 1986.)  In URU, a new namemeans a new body, as well.  O.O

  One of our goals is pellet production.  We have amassed over 3 million points in only three months.  More avvies means more ovens, and more ovens means more pellets.  NSB - helping you see, one pellet at a time.  :-)

  Though 25 avatars call our Bevin home, we have only four players.  More would be nice,and allow us to develop a wider array of social activities.  I plan a weekly 'whirlwind tour of URU' for instance, as well as a possible 'Deeper look at . . .' series examining various Ages.

  If you have more than one avatar and are looking for a place to call home, consider Nick Switcher's Bevin.  We're currently public and seeking new members.

  If interested in joining or if you have questions, contact me by pm or KI mail at #06437466.

Nick Switcher (founder)
(aka Kit, with 13 avatars and counting)

KI Mail: Opening Of The Rift

SE : Opening of The Rift

December 03, 2011, Special Event (Submitted by Nev’yn):

Due to the multiple exciting announcements and amazing turnout at the All Guilds Meeting, Simon (Ki# 05495449 ) has requested an update. The orientation meeting will now be held Alexander Rush's Hood on Saturday, December 10 at 13:00 KI time (3:00pm US Eastern) for anyone interested in the project.

To sign up, send a KI message to Alexander Rush (Ki# 13924302).

Hope to see you there!!!

KI Mail: Opening Of The Rift/(Story Update #2)

January 14, 2012; Special Edition/Community Event (Submitted by Nev'yn):

Simon (Ki# 05495449 ) has once again been asked by Alexander to assemble a team of volunteers to begin a methodical search of the various Ages. This meeting will focus upon important new revelations about Inshir, along with the Investigation Team's hunt for the four keys.

The meeting will be on Saturday, Jan. 28th at 13:00 KI Time (3pm EST / 9pm CET) in Alexander Rush's Hood for anyone interested in joining the search.

If you would like to sign up for the project, (and to receive further info), send a KI message to Alexander Rush (Ki# 13924302).

Good luck, explorers!!!

D'ni Location: Alexander Rush's Hood
Date of the event: January 28, 2012 - 13:00 KI-Time

| ~Guild of Messengers, Serving The Community~ |

KI Mail: Party & Community Social

Feb. 18th, 2012; Special Event (Submitted by Gaydar):

A special party for the Cavern community is being held within the Gay Hood's Hood on the afternoon of Sat Feb 25th at ??:?? Ki-time..

We are planning to have music there for dancing, plenty of fun, many laughs, and much socializing.  We hope to see both our old friends and new cavern-dwellers alike!!!  Gay or straight, it doesn't matter. This party is for everyone and anyone! We hope to see lots of friendly faces there for the fun times and crazy antics!

So, be sure to bring your dancing shoes, favorite party food, and beverage of choice! All cavern-folk are welcome to attend!!!

We hope to see you there on the 25th!!!

D'ni Location: Gay Hood's Hood
Date of the event: February 25, 2012 - ???13:00???
| ~Guild of Messengers, Serving The Community~ |

KI Mail: Planning Event/(Return Cyan to the Cavern!)

February 28, 2012; Special Event (Submitted by Nev'yn):
[Click Here and press Down Arrow to scroll]
Over in the MOULa forums, Jamie Marchant came up with a brief thought:
"How can we get Cyanists to visit the cavern?"

This was followed by a novel idea:
"What if players formed the Cyan Logo, while humming the corporate theme song, maybe it would attract some unexpected visitors?!?"

This is something that has already been done in the past, sometimes with success (some Explorers may remember the Summoning Yeesha event in sil-oh-wet's Bevin during the GameTap Era).

Well, guess what??? Now it's time to make this vision into reality once again! The betting odds are against us, but  all we can do is try! A planning session for this event will be held in Jamie Marchant's Hood on Tuesday, March 6th at 15:15 KI-time. Help map out this future event, or drop by just to talk , have some fun, and good times!

Perhaps one our many cavern D'niJ's may even be there to provide some tunes! You'll have to stop in for a visit to find out!!!

D'ni Location: Jamie Marchant's Hood
Date of the event: March 6th, 2012 - 15:15 KI-time
| ~Guild of Messengers, Serving The Community~ |

KI Mail: Prologue & Heritage Nights Special Sundays

Prologue & Heritage Nights Special Sundays

January 2nd, 2012; Special Event (Submitted by DimensionTravelerCalum):

[Click HERE & Press down arrow to scroll]


Featured in the UruObsession Hood on TWO SPECIAL SUNDAYS, January 8th & 15th at 12:00 KI-time.

Hosted by DimensionTravelerCalum (KI# 203751)

But that's not all!!! The thing You've all been waiting for!

Heritage Nights are coming back!

As usual they will cover the history of the First Season of MystOnline: UruLive.

They will be held in the Heritage Night Hood. Hosts may vary.
If you are interested in hosting:
Contact DimensionTravelerCalum via KI (# 203751)

Heritage Night Website:

D'ni Location:
PROLOGUE NIGHTS/(January 8th & 15th): Uru Obsession Hood
ON & AFTER January 22nd: Heritage Night Hood
Date of the event: Repeats every week until Sat March 3rd, 2012

KI Mail: Sherlock Holmes:"A Study In Scarlet"

Jaruku's Bevin proudly presents:

Sherlock Holmes: "A Study in Scarlet"

Beginning Feb.20, 2012 @ 18:00 Ki time there will be the reading to take place in Jakuru's Hood and will be listed in the Nexus on Mon. & Wed. of each week. The event will run for some time, perhaps a month or longer . The actors may also have a pleasant surprise planned for those who attend!

Normally, the book readings will be about an hour long. They will be utilizing Teamspeak, although you can also hear via Uru's internal client "in game".  The instructions are posted on the MOULa forums under "Events". The installation is said to be both quick, and easy.

Hope to see you there!

D'ni Location: Jakuru's Hood
Date of the event: February 20, 2012 - 18:00
***Repeats Every Week***
| ~Guild of Messengers, Serving The Community~ |

KI Mail: The Cavern Post (Dec/2011) ICE

The Cavern Post (Dec 4th, 2011) In-Cavern Edition

[Click HERE & Press down arrow to scroll]

December 4, 2011; New Greeters Announcement! The GoG is back baby! (Submitted by Trekluver): As you might have heard by now, this January the Guild of Greeters are back! This signifies a new era of fandom in D’ni and is appealing and inviting to new players. What did Cyan say about all this? How will it all work? All former greeters are asked to return if they so desire to. All the info can be found on the MOULa forums. Now let’s make the New Greeters a prosperous guild!

December 2, 2011; Mysterium 2012 – Website & Dates! (Submitted by Leonardo):First off, Tanshin and OHB are working franticly on a new website, which will be out soon. Keep an eye out for it!  Next up, from survey results Mysterium 2012 will be held  August 3rd-5th in Seattle, WA.

November 30, 2011 ; Google Plus and Myst (Submitted by Leonardo):The Guild of Messengers is proud to announce that now there is a new GoMe page on Google Plus for spreading Myst news with even more people!

November 29, 2011; Improving the Ignore Function (Submitted by AgeExplorer): The prevailing atmosphere of URU has always been that of community. Most of the people we meet in the game are friendly and have come into cavern to meet new people and explore the wonderful Ages that we have all come to enjoy. Occasionally though…(Full Article Available Online)

November 28, 2011 UruObsession closing (Submitted by Marten):Dan'ni, site staff/admin of UruObsession, has posted an announcement that UO will be closing its doors.  UO has been one of the longest-running Uru-focused community sites. There is also a discussion at the Myst Online forums along with the suggestion that UO's forums should be archived.  

November 28, 2011; Reminder: UruBlogs is Moving (Submitted by Tweek):  As of December 7th 2011 UruBlogs will no longer be located at Instead the site has moved to:  Please update your bookmarks!

 Full story articles can be viewed out-of-cavern here:

KI-Mail: All Guilds Meeting/(February 2012)

February 2, 2013; Special Update (Submitted by Doobes): 

***Full chatlogs available online***

Many groups were in attendance this month, both new and veteran faces coming in to update everyone. Here's the scoop on this month's meeting:

Destiny Shard: Christopher and Mystler announced the public release of an URU test shard dubbed "Destiny" after the spaceship in the television show Stargate Universe.  This shard will primarily be for testing purposes, including new fan Ages for multiplayer functions.  More information can be found on their forum.

Alien: Next to present, Alien announced a future in-cavern broadcast of both The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings audioplays featured by the BBC about 30 years ago.  The broadcasts will be one hour each week for 15 weeks. Alien plans to start them around the time Heritage Night ends its current cycle in about 6 weeks. Further details soon! Mac and rarified came in to update everyone on OU's current status.  They wanted to take the time to thank Christian Walther for his help in fixing a lot of the source code that Cyan had presented.

Annabelle: Returning to the stage after her long break to update everyone on what she has in store.  She has a "magical event" planned for this Friday (Feb 8th) from 18:00 KI time to 20:00 KI time, with a second event the next night (same times) and a third event for Europeans to be announced soon. Segfault,  Stone, Mirphak and Michel will assist Annabelle in her events.

Guild of Instructors: shokhootahn Rehn updated everyone on the Guild's next batch of classes to learn D'ni.  Resumeing Monday, March 4 and running through Wednesday, April 10.  D'ni 201 classes will also be taught, with exact dates TBA.  More information can be found here.

Guild of Messengers: Doobes and Musica presented for the GoMe, with Doobes reiterating all the projects that are in the works and the need for help from anyone interested. URU2U Episode 2 is still in the works.

Guild of Writers: Hoikas was last to present for the GoW.  Gehn shard is celebrating its first birthday next Saturday. The GoW is releasing a new build (Gehn.13) just in time for the party!  Several bug fixes and new content (namely Christian Walther's winning stained glass entry) are included in this release, as well as a /party function that will link you to where the festivities are taking place during any party on the shard. There were also some graphical tweaks that look wonderful...Hoikas also teased the next release, where we will see a brand new fan Age for all to enjoy as well!

That's all for this update! See you next month!!!

KI-Mail: Fan-Fiction February!

January 14th, 2013: Special Event (Submitted by Alahmnat):

The Guild of Archivists and MYSTCommunity are teaming up to host a history-themed fanfiction challenge this February. Further details have yet to be ironed out, but there will be an ongoing discussion about the upcoming event at the thread on the Guild of Archivists' site:

If anyone is interested, both groups encourage interested parties to join in on the talks. Check back, as GoMe will provide updates as they come in.

| ~Guild of Messengers, Serving The Community~ |

KI-Mail: Gehn Shard Anniversary Party

January 25th, 2013; Special Event (Submitted by Doobes):

About a year ago, the Guild of Writers/H'uru launched their own shard, named Gehn, to great fanfare.  Now they are celebrating a full year of the shard's existence with a party there on Saturday Feb. 9th, 2012 @13:00 ki-time.

In order to join the festivites, you will need to set up the client.  The installer for the shard can be found in this thread at the GoW's forums.  All you will need to sign in is a GoW forum account.  Members of the Guild of Writers and Guild of Messengers will be on hand after February's All Guilds Meeting (Feb. 2nd) to provide extra help for those having trouble getting into the shard. Everyone is welcome to attend, so we hope to see you there!

D'ni Location: ***Gehn Shard***, Tre'bivdil
Date of the event: February 9, 2013 | 13:00 ki-time*
(*Nevyn's Note: Client set-up help is Feb 2nd. The party is Feb 9th.)
 | ~Guild of Messengers, Serving The Community~ |

KI-Mail: GoNG Anniversary Party

December 7th, 2012; Special Event (Submitted by Trekluver):

Greetings everyone! On December 1st, the New Greeters reached a special milestone: one year ago exactly, the guild came into being. Since then, we've grown, we've meet our struggles, and we've learned a lot of different things about each other and about this community.

In honor of one year of excellence, we're organizing an anniversary party to be held in the cavern. Please join us in the Guild of Greeters Hood on Saturday, December 15th at 20:00 KI Time (8:00 PM EST) and help us celebrate, GoNG style! See you all then!

D'ni Location: Guild of Greeters Hood
Date of the event: December 15, 2012 - 20:00
| ~Guild of Messengers, Serving The Community~ |

KI-Mail: MOULa Forums/(Unexpected Downtime)

December 31st, 2012; News Update (Submitted by Nev'yn):
At approximately 3pm EST the MOULa forums experienced unexpected technical difficulties. Chogan of Cyan Worlds has been informed of the issue by Mac_fife of (and also a MOULa forum moderator), who has passed along the comment below to GoMe.

Mac_fife wrote:"There's a technical issue related to the hosting service that provides the MOUL forums that is beyond Chogon's ability to deal with directly. It'll need attention from others at Cyan once they are back at work on Wednesday. Sorry, but there seems little prospect of the forums returning before then."

We here at the Guild of Messengers are asking for your patience, understanding, and continued support for Cyan Worlds while this problem is resolved.

Thank you, and safe journeys within the cavern!
| ~Guild of Messengers, Serving The Community~ |

KI-Mail: Planetary's Headbanging New Years Eve Party

December 30th, 2012; Special Event (Submitted by Planetary):

The D'ni Musicological Research Hood proudly presents:

Planetary's Headbanging New Years Eve Bash!

Drop on down to cavern to help celebrate the end of another year here on the surface. The event will feature classic heavy rock tunes, sparkling grape juice, and good times to be had for all! The party begins @19:00 ki-time in the DMR Hood, and will run until the ball drops in Times Square in New York City at midnight, better known as 22:00 ki-time. Here's the link to the music stream:

All surface dwellers, cavern folk, and friendly Bahro are invited to attend! Be seeing you, as we welcome in the end of 2012, and the start 2013 in the cavern... and beyond!!!

D'ni Location: D'ni Musicological Research Hood

Date of the event: December 30, 2012 - 19:00 - 22:00

| ~Guild of Messengers, Serving The Community~ |

KI Mail: All Guilds Meeting Summary (Dec/2011)

SE: All Guilds Meeting December 2011 

Dec 9th, 2011, News Update/Special Edition (Edited by Nev’yn):

Shorah, GoMe faithful!  With such an awesome group at the Dec. 2011 AGM, some may have still missed it, so here’s an updated scoop:

New Greeters:  The “New Greeters” are now setting up within the cavern, while their external website is up and running! Trekluver is also seeking to recruit members to his team, both newer explorers and more experienced Greeters alike! New Greeters website:

Annabelle's Marker Quests: Veteran skydiver Annabelle’s 3rd & 4th quest releases where made available in the last two weeks. They were dubbed "The Grandiose Journey" and "Into Darkness".  Ask your local Cavern Crier for the Special Event Ki-mails!

Age Building: J'Kla and Lunanne went into detail about Age building, in order to remove the mystery and stigma surrounding it.  J'Kla related his own experiences in designing his Ages using Blender 2.49b, while Luna explained about the programming issues involved.

/Ignore Function: Gahlen (& Luna for technical questions)  shared the possible upgrades to /ignore function in URU. It is hoped different “levels” will be added…Not only would the offender’s chat disappear, but their avatar would become invisible and the offender also would not be able to see the player ignoring them, thus eliminating griefing significantly.  Adam/Hoikas of the Guild of Writers now has a “working” version being tested for possible inclusion into the game at a later date. JWPlatt, Mac and rarified from had a Q& A with explorers. Items discussed were their upcoming shard, plus game additions /fixes under development (including the upgraded ignore function). Applications for testers of their new shard to be taken soon.

Guild of Messengers: Lastly, Leonardo & crew discussed GoMe business.  The 1st edition of the new magazine The Cavern Post will hopefully be out this month. GoMe is also recruiting to reactivate the Cavern Criers within Ae’gura.

Full story:

KI Mail: All Guilds Meeting Summary (Jan/2012)

January 7, 2012; Special Edition/News Update (Submitted by Doobes):
****A full summary & chatlog is available online.*****

[Click HERE & Press Down Arrow To Scroll]

* Guild of New Greeters: Making their second appearance at the AGM, the GoNG announced their first full fledged members: Trekluver, TomVal, Adamyst and Doobes. Also mentioned was the new website/wiki ( and they are still accepting new members if anyone is interested.

* The Open Cave: Making their first showing at the AGM was the TOC team.  The Open Cave is the name of their new shard that works much like the current MOULa shard, only with custom additions, such as pets that follow you around the Ages, and a new version of the city called the "City of Dimensions". They encouraged visitors to their site ( to sign up. Their installer will copy your current MOULa files into a new directory to modify them for TOC.

* Also making an appearance was JWPlatt, Mac, and rarified from OpenUru.  They took the opportunity to bring everyone up to speed on their own new shard, Minkata. JW also took some time to personally thank everyone who had helped to test the server so far, including Adam "Hoikas" Johnson.  rarified was keen on getting as many people into the shard for a proper "stress test" at some point in the near future.

* Guild of Messengers: GoMe finished out the meeting, led by Lunanne this month while Leonardo was away. The first online issue of The Cavern Post has been finished, so Luna took time to describe what was in this particular issue.  The team is looking forward to getting to work on the next one, with a target of releasing a new magazine every month. The CP will take any/all content that is submitted.

* CAVCON: Over the course of the meeting, it was mentioned the CAVCON meter had fallen back to 3. Many presenters/explorers in the audience encouraged others to donate to the fund, going so far as to suggest another Cavcon Party.

Full story:

Cavern Criers: Tools

Tutorial: How To Be A Cavern Crier

Dress to Impress

Messengers are asked to wear the yellow GoMe shirt while "on-duty" as a Cavern Crier. To get our yellow guild shirt, have the avatar your going to use for Guild business link to Kirel, and then go to the Guild of Messengers table. Click the yellow shirt on the table. Due to local health code, wearing a yellow Cavern Crier ball cap is requested, but not required. A pith helmet with the appropriate guild color or other hat, is also acceptable. Many individuals in the guild find it it convienent to create a GoMe avatar strictly for Guild use, and dress said avatar in the above clothing.

Please also see the "Cavern Criers: Other Equipment" tab below.

KI Mails We Distribute

We currently distribute many Ki Mails. Below is a URL where these Ki Mails reside on the website. If you are new and do not have any of these materials, please ask an exisiting GoMe member to send them to your Guild avatar.

Ki Mails on the website are HERE:

Ki Mail Discussion Thread is HERE:


Communicating with Players (heavily plagerised from Andros' excellent thread, found here: )

Standard Communication

Not sure of what to say when on Cavern Crier duty? Below is a sample spiel that works great!

1. Head to a populated area. Could be the Guild of Greeters Bevin, the City, or just a busy Bevin in general. Type /autoshout.

2. Say hello! Try this: "Shorah everyone! I'm Kalypso from the Guild of Messengers. I'm on cavern Crier duty so I'm distributing Ki Mails. Is anyone interested?"

3. Usually, a person will reply yes. Cllick on the players name and contine in private chat.  Send them the Distribution list and then say: "Sent! Just tell me what you want. I recommend keeping it because it will be updated."

4. Wait for replies from players whom you have sent the Distribution list. The players will respond with something like  "B please". Send whichever material players have requested, then reply with a simple "Sent!".

5. When you are finished sending the requested material, type this to public chat: "Is anyone else interested in Ki Mails before I leave?"

6. Wait 30 seconds and then continue in public chat with: "In that case, I'm heading to the next post. Have a good day and great evening!"

7. Head to the next area and repeat.

Player Questions and Requests

If players have questions about GoMe, Open Jobs, or other GoMe business, answer as best you can. If you are unable to answer, take down the players Ki number, and let them know you will get back to them.

If a player says they want to apply for a job, direct them to the forums, and tell them to introduce themselves with a post.


Cavern Criers: Other Equipment

 There are four other items to carry with you while performing Cavern Crier duties: The Ki-device, GoMe Ki-mails, PB&J sandwiches, and bottled water.

The Ki-device is an essential tool for any explorer, serving as an all-purpose communications device, PDA, and sometimes, a flashlight.

Ki-mails are stored within the Ki-device for distribution to explorers. These items are news updates, event announcements, and information packets about the guild and our affiliated projects. GoMe Ki-mails are produced by the Guild Masters, Cavern Criers Coordinator, or other designated guild representative. We also collect and deliver Ki-mails for other guilds and groups, as may be requested. More info is provided on various other pages.

It is recommended Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwiches be carried as a peace offering in the event of a Bahro attack, or even as a handy snack.* GoMe is currently unable to provide PB&J's or bottled water to the Cavern Criers. This is due to the Guild of Caterers currently being inactive, while the DRC cafeteria in Tokota I is inaccessible due to renovations. Therefore, individual Criers must provide their own PB&J sandwiches and water. Please be aware, the lake water is not safely drinkable, and should not be consumed.

(*Nevyn's Note: At current, there is no conclusive proof Bahro like peanut butter. It has been theorized Bahro may actually have an allergy to peanut butter by ResEng A. Biegalski. Should such an allergy prove to be less than fatal, the offending explorer is likely to be devoured. In this eventuality, GoMe apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause. The Guild of Healers has been enlisted to provide any needed counseling or necessary assistance. GoMe will also dispatch a Messenger to notify your nearest next of kin. Thank you.)

About: WhoM (Create/Import+Download KI Mails)

Leonardo wrote:

Btw, for exporting KiMails and KIpictures out of Uru you could find WhoM very useful.

About: BabelBot (Translator/Copy+Paste Within MOULa)

BabelBot is a tool developed by OHB for allowing chat translation in Uru.

But for the Cavern Criers it is useful because it makes possible to use copy and paste functions in Uru. This can be useful when you need to copy a whole KiMail you have on your computer to Uru. This is possible because Babelbot is not able to distinguish where it is typing, so if you put the writing cursor in the KI Interface for creating KiMails, Babelbot will type there, and not in the AgePlayers Chat.

So how to use it:

  • Install Babelbot
  • Open Uru in windowed mode and open Babelbot
  • When you are ready with your avatar, go to File->Connect in Babelbot to make it connect to Uru.
  • Open a KiMail (use the Book Symbol in the Ki to open a new one, or open an existing one from your KI archive), write the title of the KIMail and then move the writing cursor in the body of the KIMail (this is the mosti important thing to do)
  • Copy the text of the KiMail from your outside source
  • Paste it in Babelbot's textbox and press the Send button.
  • Babelbot will type the entire KIMail in your KI

About: Texter by Lifehacker Code

Info and Download

Can be used to type your message and assign an abbreviation for easier entry in MOUL. Be careful because having it running is known to cause strange happenings with your avatar, so it's recommended to only have on for messaging.

About: Drizzle

Info and Download

Althought this tool is famous as being the most used Tool for installing FanAges in Uru:CC, it now includes also a special section for downloading KImails and KIpics from your KI in MOULa, underground shards and Uru:CC.

This can be useful for keeping updated our Website Copies of the Cavern Criers KImails.

Text Lengths for KImails and Imagers

KiMails (Used 0/2970 characters)

Imagers (Used 0/704 characters)

Cavern Criers: Event Planning Info & Help

How to Organize An Event in the Cavern

(Nevyn's Note: Tai's original thread on the MOULa forums can be found here):

First, read Lord Chaos' Tips, below. Then, you might want to gauge interest by starting a thread with your idea or even just asking your friends in the cavern.  You can also solicit opinions to help you decide on the details such as:

Theme: What is the purpose of the event?  Music & dancing?  A meeting to share information or organize something?  Be clear about the purpose so that you attract people with an interest in it and not mislead anyone.  To get the most out of a meeting (and this is applicable to chatroom meetings out of the cavern), it is useful to create and post an agenda in advance so that everyone can come prepared - whether that's with their opinion or information they have to share.

Title: The title should convey the purpose of the event in a few simple words.  If it's an entertainment event and you want the maximum number of people to attend, then make the title exciting!  But, if it's a meeting or discussion type event, you want to grab the attention of only those with an interest in the topic.

Date: Check this section as well as some of the community calendars (Guild of Messengers, Guild of Greeters, New Greeters) to avoid a conflict with other events.

Time: Probably the hardest thing to decide on in light of the fact that our community spans the time zones.  Consider who your target audience is and what time would allow the majority of them to attend.  If you're organizing an event with multiple staff (not just yourself), or if you are planning a meeting, check out as a way to poll participants for the best time.

Location:  there are a lot to choose from, each with their own good and bad points.  Hopefully, others will post about their experiences and list the pros & cons of various locations.

Other: Will you and your guests need to access outside programs such as Shoutcast for music or a voice chat program?  Include access information/directions in your post.

Publicizing the event.

Post it here in this section of the forums (if you've already started a thread to gauge interest, you can simply change the title and edit your original post to include the details) and submit it to the Guild of Messengers Calendar.  You can also submit it to the New Greeters' calender of events.
Be sure to include all of the pertinent details mentioned above as well as any additional information that might make it easier for explorers to participate such as:

* A link to the Event Time Announcer (formerly Fixed Time World Clock): Example. Christian Walther notes "that way, everyone can see unambiguously what the time is in their own time zone. Without this helper, time zones can be tricky, and it’s easy to make confusing mistakes like saying EST when one really means EDT. Daylight saving time complicates things, in particular because it starts and ends on different dates in different parts of the world, and on again different dates on the KI."

* A link to the broadcast url (if any) and a link to directions on setting up the media player such as in the Getting Shoutcast to Work thread.

* If the event will be held in a private age, then give specific instructions on how to request an invitation.  It's best to allow multiple options such as posting their Cavern Avatar Name & KI # to your thread, sending it to you through a forum PM, or sending a KI mail request to your avatar (if you're using a special avatar to host the event, be sure to post that KI number).

Write up a KI mail message to post on your hood imager and hand out in the cavern.  If it includes information about how to access an outside program for music or voice chatting, then it will come in handy for giving the information to drop ins who didn't get the information beforehand. Tip: to keep someone else from altering your KI message, post it on the imager and then take a KI shot of it by looking at it in first person (F1) and then hitting F5 to take the shot.  Now, title your KI shot with the event name and hand that out.

Hosting the Event

If it’s in a neighborhood, get there early to toggle the hood on the nexus so everyone can easily find it.
If it's in a private age, be prepared to send out last minute invites during the party.

Be prepared to greet your guests.  Whether it’s a party or a discussion, you might want to recruit a friend or two to help greet and provide the attendees with pertinent information such as the url to a music station.  If it’s a discussion, then it’s very handy to have a designated person greet late arrivals in PM so they don’t disturb the meeting.

Additional Information
A few years ago, I started the Uru Parties: A Beginner's Guide thread which is aimed at the attendees.  Still, event organizers might find some useful information there.

Examples of successful events in the cavern:
GoH 2012 Sunday Events
Christmas Eve in the Cavern
CAVCON awareness party
Celebrate Music: Radio KTDN 6th Anniversary
Guild of Messengers Meeting
Heritage Night
OHB bomb - unannounced, but well organized
Surprise Meeting - actually required very little planning because it was a resurrection of a previously regular weekly event.

*DRAFT* Lord Chaos' Tips On Events

As you might expect, I have some recommendations. Smile This all might look daunting and discouraging, but plenty of events have succeeded with minimal planning. There are times to just wing it.

1. Courtesy
I believe that any event needs to be founded on respect for people. People who are attending should be treated well, which includes having the host on hand and prepared to help them understand what's going on. Courtesy also includes choosing a date and time that don't conflict with another event, especially an established regular event. There's plenty of time out there to accommodate events.

2. Venues
Choosing a location is something of a challenge, especially in MOULa because so many places are instanced. The simplest place to host an event is a location that's listed in anyone's Nexus. Ages are lovely places but require extra planning because you need the Age's owner to send invitations to all the attendees. The problems can be dealt with, with good enough planning.

3. Problem People
If you stand still long enough in one place, you're going to be a target. No matter how courteous you are, someone will take exception and start heckling. Don't get into a fight with these people. It's like wrestling with a pig: you'll both get muddy, but the pig will enjoy it. Just put them on /ignore and go on.

4. Showmanship
Anyone who wants to organize an event is necessarily an impresario. You're going to get some attention. Be prepared for it. You can even enjoy this and play with it. Especially if you get a few friends together to help with support, such as bumping threads and helping host. Even if your event is a one-off, put some zing into it. Let others add to it.

5. Comprehensibility
I've had some trouble with this one. Few people understood the purpose of some events I did back in the Tapestry days. So, if your event wants some explanation, explain it. You don't have to be completely comprehensible. Mystery helps, so long as it's not too mysterious. There's a fine line here that experience will help you figure out.

6. Fun
It needs to be fun. If you have to have organizational meetings with your staff, turn the meetings into parties. This is, after all, a game so there's no rule that things have to be serious (despite what Ghaelen saysSmile).

7. International Intent
People from all over the world play Uru. Europeans love parties, but 8PM US time is 0-dark-30 for most of them. I recommend gaining a working familiarity with time zones. We all rotate at 15 degrees per hour. West coast US is about 120 degrees west, so that's 8 hours earlier than Zulu (Greenwich) time. Most of Europe is about 15 degrees east. South Africa is 30 degrees east. When I'm eating breakfast at 0600, Veralun is thinking about a nap at 1400. (LC's Note:  All in favor of making Earth flat, and therefore in one time zone, please raise your hand. Until then, though, we need to think well-rounded thoughts of time. Round like a ball, not a plate.Smile)

8. Experiment
None of this is cast in concrete. Play around and try things. Try wild ideas. Few people thought the PhotoQuest Gallery Tour would actually work, but it turned out to be a beautiful event.

9. Testing
If you're doing something you've not done before, such as reading a poem through voice chat or performing a play, test the system you're using beforehand. Get some friends together to tell you how it's working. The smoothness with which most established events run in the Cavern came about through testing and troubleshooting.

*DRAFT* Cavern Criers: New Explorer Info & Orientation Tour

@Leo: I'm placing this here because it's an idea for monthly "event" I've been considering for a while now. i've been trying to find a Greeter/NG to help with it, because I feel a "team"approach to this event would be best. (Such as they each ""trade off"" sections of the tour to give the other person a short will also make passing out ki-mail, easier if needed.) I'm also placing the ResEng chatlogs here to get them off my desktop.



Pre-Tour Greeting:

Shorah b'shemtee! I'm a Cavern Crier from the Guild of Messengers and I will be conducting the New Explorer Info and Orientation Tour. We will be departing for the City shortly. The tour is open to everyone, so feel free to join us!

Upon arrival, we ask that everyone please gather upstairs at the tent overlooking the Arch of Kings and the Ferry Terminal itself. Please send a PM if you'd like to attend the tour. Thank you for your patience. Again, we will depart for the City in a few more minutes.

I. Introduction (Location: Ferry DRC Tent)

Welcome to the cavern and the city of Ae'gura, the heart of the D'ni civilization!

So, how many of you are new explorers?

Great to meet all of you!

With the approval of the DRC, I have the privilege of being your tour guide today. Before we start, I'm going to cover a few quick things. This tour will take about an hour, with several stops throughout the city.

Please hold your questions until the end of each section, as time has been allotted before we move to the next segment of the city, and also for a short Q&A session after the tour. So, many new explorers wonder what they should see and do first?

The easy answer: Explore! Visit the unique sights of cavern: the city, the neighborhoods, and the various Linking Books. You'll find things everywhere; some are modern, some are ancient.

Don't be afraid to interact with the things you find. Just remember that the items in D'ni don't always work like you would expect, and so you will have figure out their way of thinking.

You may also encounter other people here in the city and while exploring the various hoods, with events going on in this massive place.  Sometimes you just have to find where they are. Hopefully by meeting them, you can help with the Restoration, such as the DRC calibration of the Great Zero.

There are places the DRC has put up protective barriers however, and it could be dangerous to venture past them. After all, that's the DRC motto and watchwords to live by: Safety first!

This moves us along to next portion of the tour, which concerns the creation D'ni Restoration Council itself and the recent history of the cavern. Our next stop will be the tent in front of the DRC headquarters in the courtyard at the very top of the Great Stairs.

For those you who would like to stay, great! If you'd rather start exploring, we understand. Now, before we move upstairs, are there any questions?

Okay then, if there are no more questions, let us proceed to the next stop! Please watch your step, and use the hand rails, if needed.

II. D'ni Restoration Council (Location: Courtyard DRC Tent)

Let's wait a moment for everyone to catch up.

Everyone here?

Okay, good. In that case, I'll continue.

As previously mentioned, DRC stands for D'ni Restoration Council, an independent group of individuals whose main purpose is to oversee the exploration and restoration of the D'ni civilization.

The Council officially started restoration work in 1997, almost ten years after the modern rediscovery of the cavern by Elias Zandi, along with his associate John Loftin

The cavern itself is located 8 miles below the surface of the New Mexico desert, beneath a long dormant volcano on the Zandi property. Of interest, there are also nearby ruins which bear signs of previous habitation.

You may wish to explore them yourself should you ever find yourself at the site. They are likely what lead to uncovering of this vast place.

Eventually, Mr. Zandi contacted a number of scientist he hoped would help him with the restoration effort. The initial DRC council was lead by Dr. Richard Watson, along with Dr. Marie Sutherland, Dr. Ikuro Kodama, Victor Laxman, and Michael Enberg.

Jeff Zandi, whose father Elias died earlier in the previous year, was offered a place on the council, but ultimately refused. Under this group, the DRC was staffed by a group of experts in various fields, and employed a variety of engineering teams, along with administrative support.

At the beginning of 2003, explorers somehow began arriving in the cavern without the permission of the DRC. Grudgingly becoming more accepting of these individuals, the DRC unofficially opened the cavern to the public.

Unfortunately, due to a lack of funding, the DRC was forced to shut down and abandon it's restoration efforts later that same year.

Victor Laxman returned again in late 2005, gathering his former colleagues on the DRC council (except for Dr. Watson, who refused to participate) and begin tentative work to resume the restoration work of Ae'gura.

Larger numbers of explorers were invited to visit the cavern, and over the next year, the DRC held several community meetings with explorers to discuss what the future might hold.

Eventually, the DRC acquired a new source of funding from a venture capitalist named Cate Alexander. Ms. Alexander was not a terribly popular figure during her tenure here.

The DRC took issue with her interest in results over safety, while explorers took issue with her no-nonsense attitude, and her generally dismissive behavior when it came to community concerns. No one can argue, however, that Ms. Alexander was ineffective in achieving the results she sought.

The debate over the priority of safety in the restoration came to a head in May of 2007. Michael Engberg's daughter Willow, or Wheely as she was better known in the cavern, was killed  following a series of earthquakes in Ae'gura. This incident also claimed the life of the friend she was exploring with at the time, Rose Taylor.

Michael Engberg quit the DRC over the incident, and the remainder of the DRC Council was left severely shaken. By the end of 2007, Ms. Alexander announced that she would no longer fund the restoration effort.

Although Victor Laxman and Dr. Sutherland have desperately tried to secure funding, it was in vain, and the DRC once again abandoned their efforts.

Currently, most sections of Ae'gura are open to explorers on an at your own risk basis, such as the harbor, the public square, palace areas, library courtyard, plus some neighborhoods, and the pubs.

The Nexus terminals are still functional, such as the one in the alley to my right, serving as subway stations to move quickly throughout the city.

There are also a small number of Restoration Engineers and volunteers who have remained behind to serve in a variety of support roles. They mainly oversee major safety concerns or provide rescue and first aid to lost explorers.

There is a tremendous amount of work still to be done here. Unfortunately, the funding and manpower for such projects is scarce. In should be noted, the DRC is still accepting donations throught he Cyan World website to help with Restoration funding. Now, before we move on to learn more about the D'ni civilization itself, does anyone have any questions?

If there are no more questions, let's head to the City Museum located at the rear of the alley to my left!

III. D'ni Civilization (Location: City Museum)

Whew! Those steps always take everything out of you!!! Let's take a moment to catch our breath until the rest of the group joins us.

If everyone in the group is here, I'll get started.

Okay, the first thing you all need to know is I'm not an expert in the history of D'ni. Everything I'm about to impart is the merest outlines and broadest brush strokes of their history.

There are other people and groups for you to learn from for that, along with DRC notebooks scattered throughout the city.

We'll be visiting one of theses sites as a rest stop on our way to the city's library here in a bit. So, with all that being said, you may be asking yourself about the D'ni as you look about the cavern. Who exactly were they? Where did they come from?

According to current estimates, the D'ni arrived here over 10,000 years ago. They are an offshoot of a race called the Ronay. Some researchers believe the sun in their system was slowly growing cold and dark, eventually becoming unable to support any life at all.

Led by the future king Ri'neref, the man who Wrote the Book that would take them to their new home, a small group of these refugees came here to begin again.

The cornerstone of the D'ni civilization is the main cavern itself; a massive underground cave over 6 miles wide, 10 miles long, and 2 to 3 miles high.

This cavern is lit from beneath by a huge underground lake, containing a special bioluminescent algae that provides this lighting. When the cavern was first re-discovered, the algae was dormant, giving almost no light at all.

The DRC has been attempting to revitalize the algae so it will provide more illumination, raising the light level slightly, but they are still working on it with volunteer explorer support.

Historical accounts tell us that the algae once dimmed and brightened on a regular, thirty-hour cycle, providing a day and night. Currently, the level of light given by the algae is constant.

It is believed that once the algae is back to full health, that this cycle will return. However, there is no way to be certain of that at this time.

The greater D'ni Empire, however, expands to include the smaller chambers and passageways extending out from the the island capital city of Ae'gura, all the way to the surface gate. It should be noted there were numerous settlements and communities in these outlying areas of the Empire.

There is also what is called the City Proper situated on the cavern wall. It contains a multitude of various neighborhoods of all classes, including Bevin, Kirel and Seret.

We don't have specific population numbers of the D'ni as they were fairly scattered, but estimates put them at about one million at the time of the Fall.

We can tell you, however, the D'ni averaged about a 300-year life span, but thier fertility rates were very low. It was unusual for the D'ni to have more than one or two children even in their extended lifetimes.

With a few exceptions, the D'ni lived peacefully in this cavern for over ten thousand years. However, over two hundred fifty years ago their civilization suffered a series of catastrophic earthquakes, and a virulent plague was also released by a pair of disgruntled renegade citizens.

This plague spread throughout the cavern and into as many Ages as the renegades could find, nearly wiping out the D'ni as a race. This event is known as the Great Fall of the D'ni.

For many years, the DRC has been slowly working towards the restoration of major portions of the D'ni cave system. Much progress has been made in making the cavern habitable again, but it is unlikely that city will ever be completely restored to the condition it was in prior to the cataclysmic events I just described.

Regardless, one of the most important characteristic of the D'ni, and one of the biggest reasons most people are interested in their civilization, was their ability to Link to fantastic worlds through Books. More of this will be covered in the next portion of the tour at the Great Library.

Any questions?

Very well then, let's head down-stairs, straight across the courtyard, and up another long flight of stairs. Our first rest stop at a large circular room called the Hall of Kings to learn more on D'ni society.

Please watch your footing on the narrow stairs and minor debris while walking through the courtyard.

IV. D'ni Society & Art of Linking (Location: Library DRC Tent)

Ugh! I always forget what a hike the library is from the courtyard. Let's take a rest here for a moment, to help keep the group together. Everyone make it okay?

Good then. As everyone can see, although Re'neref was the first King of the D'ni, he was definitely not the last. There were many others, such his successor Ailesh, who opened the Great Library we'll be visiting shortly.

Each of these pedestals contains a brief history of one of the kings of D'ni written by the DRC.  Sadly, some still have to be typed up and formatted, so there are a few missing.

One king of note was Ahlsendar, also known as the Great King, whose coming was prophesied long before his birth.

Hemelin, and his wife Lalen, were healers of the Pento plague. There was also the corrupt and deceptive Tejara, and the more popular Kedri.

Finally, King Kerath declared the end of the succession, having accomplished all he had set out to do as King, giving the rule of D'ni over to the Council of Elders.

For his leadership, wisdom, and greatness, the great Arch of Kings, under which Kings had passed for millennium, was renamed the Arch of Kerath.

This brings us to the next major topic of D'ni society: the Guilds.

Anyone have a question or two before we move to the next rest stop?

Very well, then. If everyone could move out of the door behind me, down the stairs to their right, and then straight out to overlook of the Concert Hall and Canyon Mall. As always, watch your footing, and please don't climb on the railing for your own safety!

So, not as bad a walk as the last few, right? Unfortunately, after this, the Great Library is a major hike from this point. If anyone wishes to head back to the main courtyard after this next section, I understand.

So, who and what were the Guilds? To paraphrase the DRC's note in Kirel, the Guilds were the backbone of the D'ni civilization: the source of their cultural foundation, decision making, and legacy.

This structure insured skills and traditions were consistently passed down from each generation, a primary factor that allowed the D'ni culture to exist, largely unchanged, for many thousands of years in the Cavern.

The Guild of Writers was the most prestigious of all the D'ni Guilds. The Writers' ability to create links to Ages was an enormous privilege with equally enormous responsibilities.

The Guild structure helped to ensure that all the Writers received proper training in all the rules the D'ni felt were necessary to produce Ages that were stable and safe.

At the beginning, after the D'ni had settled into the cavern after breaking away from the Ronay, setting up the Guild of Writers was one of their first priorities.

Completed in the eighth year, and the opening of the Guild's buildings was accompanied by a great celebration. Of note, in the Canyon Mall behind me across the way, is the Gallery of Guild Master Kadish of that Guild.

If you have time, one should visit this location. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, we won't be able to go to the site during this tour. For the less faint of heart, there is a route to the Mall from the main courtyard, to the right of the top of the Great Stairs, instead having to utilize the rope bridge.

Safety cones have been placed along the canyon's edge, as the footing in that area requires a light and lively step. Moving back on-topic, the Council of Elders was the second form of D'ni's ruling body, succeeding the monarchy when King Kerath abdicated the throne.

Its members were made up of the Five Great Lords: Lord Kedri of the Guild of Writers, Lord Taeri of the Guild of Messengers, Lord Hemelah of the Guild of Healers, Lord Moleth of the Guild of Caterers, and Lord Korenen of the Guild of Analysts were the first.

There were also the other eighteen Grand Masters, along with nineteen representatives from each of the major Guilds, who met in a large chamber inside the Guild Hall. You may have seen it in the courtyard; its entrance is next to the stairs to the Hall of Kings, tented and barricaded off for saftety.

At the time of the Fall, there were 18 major and many minor guilds. In July of 2007, the DRC opened the neighborhood of Kirel to explorers to celebrate this part of the heritage endowed from their studies into the D'ni civilization.

The neighborhood itself was at one time the DRC's base of operations in D'ni, but now serves as a gathering place for all explorers interested in the Guild system, along with a town hall meeting held there each month.

The DRC has outlined several Guilds which they believe are the most important to be resurrected in this new D'ni being Restored today. Four of these are Guilds existed at the time of the Fall: Cartographers, Maintainers, Messengers, and Writers.

The fifth, the Guild of Greeters, was created by explorers in 2003 to work with and guide new explorers through their initial explorations of D'ni. In addition to these, there are many other guilds and groups created by explorers and active in the cavern today, such Guild of Archivists.

None of these were created by the DRC, per se, but they all bring something to the community. Before we move to the DRC tent in front of the Great Library itself, are there any last minute questions?

If there are no more questions, as we need to stay on schedule, it's time for us to continue.

Follow the stairs up behnd you, and follow the path straight on until you reach Library. Be aware, the railing is broken in some locations, so the safest course is to stay towards the center of the path.

Whew! Thought we'd never make it! Is everyone still here? Just in case, we'll halt the tour for a minute.

Everyone rested and ready to continue?

Very well, time for us to discuss the Art and Linking. As with the history of D'ni, this will not be an in-depth discussion, as there are many other sources on this topic.

To tell the full story of the D'ni, it is necessary to begin by going back in time to before their arrival here from another world. As we mentioned earlier, the D'ni were splintered from a race called the Ronay, who lived on a world they called Garternay.

Due to a number of factors, including the destruction most of the records from this early time, our knowledge of this period of D'ni history is sketchy at best. What is clearly known is that the Ronay knew their homeworld was headed for destruction.

They were fortunate enough to have a means of escape, something they called the Art. Details of how they originally came to possess their knowledge of the Art were unfortunately lost, though there are several theories, the most common of which among the D'ni was the Art was given to their ancestors by Yahvo, the Creater, also known as the Great Maker.

Books relating to the Art are highly regarded in D'ni culture. The Books themselves are special creations, using paper and ink with very unique properties, and the process for their construction is mostly unknown at this time. It is known that there were specific Guilds for both the creation of the Books and the Ink used to Write the Books.

The important thing to know about The Art is that it allowed them to create bridges or Links to other Ages.  This was done by using a Descriptive Book, a larger Book used to describe all the details of the Age. Writing this Book took great care and precision, as any mistake would cause an Age to become unstable.

Additions could be added to a Descriptive Book with the same consideration or this could also destablize the Age. Within limits, an Age of almost any description could be Written. It is what the Ronay called the Terokh Jaruth, the Great Tree of Possibilities.

Let's move into the Great Library itself, where we can discuss this futher. Take care, as you walk down the stairway, please.

So, historical manuscripts state that the D'ni believed that when the Writer describes the Age, the world is not actually created, but a Link is established to a preexisting place in time and space that most closely represents what has been Written.

Another Book of note is a Linking Book. They are usually smaller, with more generic text, and are used to Link to an Age that has already been Written into a Descriptive Book. To create a Linking Book, a D'ni Writer simply had to be in the Age, in the location they preferred, and Write the phrases into the Book.

The new Linking Book would then only Link to that exact location. If a Linking Book is destroyed, the Age is still accessible if there are other Linking Books or at least the Descriptive Book still survives.

Books were always written in the D'ni language, and always have been. It is not at all clear whether or not other languages could be used. There is some question as to whether there is enough room in a single Book for other languages to describe worlds that the complex D'ni characters handle routinely.

Checking these new Ages and caring for them was the job of the Guild of Maintainers, whose duties also included insuring the safety and stability of each Age. It should be noted that, even if the Descriptive Book is well-Written, the Age can, and often does, evolve beyond what was Written into the pages.

Linking was the pride of the D'ni and ironically, considered by some, what lead their downfall. Many of the conflicts of D'ni were related to their Ages, which included whether or not Outsiders were worthy of being a part of D'ni society. Outsiders were any of those who were not full-blooded D'ni.  Of note in D'ni history were Ti'ana a surface-dweller also known as Anna, and Gehn, the son of Ti'ana and Aitrus, a full D'ni citizen.

The most common form of Linking is by touching the Linking Panel of a Descriptive or Linking Book. Other forms include utilizing a Bahro Stone in a manner similar to using a standard Book.

They are creations of a D'ni's servant race called the Bahro, who possess an innate Linking ability.  There is also the mythical Grower's ability of Linking anywhere in space or time at will.

The DRC has uncovered a number of Books left behind in D'ni. However, the process of Linking, as well as the Ages themselves, are a major safety concern.

Each Book and Age must be thoroughly examined before being made available to authorized explorers. It is their intent to eventually allow linking to every safe Age that is found.

There are many mysteries to D'ni, much of them centered around Yeesha, daughter of Atrus, and great-granddaughter of Ti'ana. Yeesha is not a member of the DRC nor is she affiliated with the Council in any way, shape, or form.

However, they do not attempt to stop her or her efforts as some members of the DRC have used the Books that she has supplied. The DRC does not endorse Yeesha or her activities, but at this time, do not deny her the ability to provide Books to explorers.

Of special mention is Relto. Relto is a unique Age in the history of the Art. Yeesha grants a unique instance of the Age to each explorer, and the Book is capable of following them through any Link, even into itself.

According to Dr. Watson, Yeesha's abilities also seem to enable her to specify an exact instance of the Age using the Books she hands out, effectively accessing Relto across innumerable dimensions without having to rewrite the Descriptive Book each time. No other D'ni writer has ever been able to accomplish these feats.

For this reason, your Relto book should be kept close at hand to use as a means of escape of last resort. The Age is also your private place, slowly changing if you chose to complete Yeesha's Journey, and able to be accessed by others only if you share the Relto book with them.

For those who are interested, a more detailed personal history of Yeesha's father Atrus, an in-depth characterization of the D'ni civilization, along with expanded knowledge of the Art and Linking can be found in the Book of Ti'ana detailing the Great Fall, the Book of Atrus, and the Book of D'ni. There are also various documents here in the cavern and within the Ages you may uncover during your explorations.

Let's move back outside to the DRC tent, shall we?

V. Closing Remarks & Q/A Session

On that note, we're about done, with just a few reminders for you:

On the first Saturday of each month, the All Guilds Meeting is held in Kirel at 13:00 KI-time. That's 9:00pm CET, 3:00pm EST, and Noon PST, while the KI itself is calibrated to utlize MST for those still a bit confused. From this monthly gathering, you can meet other explorers, or find out what's going on in the community and the various groups.

At least once every few months, the New Explorer Orientation Tour will hopefully be repeated for the foreseeable future. Exact times will posted, along with other information on special events, in the Guild of Messenger's pub.

This tour was made possible through special authorization of the DRC, with the support of Cyan Worlds, along with contributions from the Rooftop Volunteer Group, a grant from the D'ni Museum of Art, logistical backing from the Guild of Messengers, the dedication of individual Cavern Criers, research materials from the Guild of Greeters, and continued charitable financial donations towards the Cavcon from Explorers just like you!

On behalf of the DRC, I welcome you to D'ni, and hope your time here is a pleasant one. Are their any last minute questions? Or, do any of you need the KI-mail distribution list, before heading off to explore on your own?

Thank you for taking the time to join our tour. Yahr rahm, and safe journeys to you all!

1) DRC New Explorer Orientation Notes for Restoration Engineers

ResEng B.Drechsel

The DRC is now putting on short tours (30 min) from 5PM-11PM (cavarn time) in the Beginner's Hood. Tonight ResEng B.Drechsel, an engineer with the DRC, was conducting the tours. Here is the Chat log of the tour around 6PM cavarn time.
(12/23 20:00:23) : Chat.log started...
(12/23 20:00:34) : djlumberjack thanks you very much!
(12/23 20:01:31) : Nobilis waves
(12/23 20:01:47) ResEng B.Drechsel: Shorah everyone! ResEng B.Drechsel here, I'll be starting the next tour upstairs near the linking room.
(12/23 20:03:31) : ResEng B.Drechsel waves
(12/23 20:04:04) : Nobilis waves
(12/23 20:04:09) : UUMickey waves
(12/23 20:04:21) : Renfield waves
(12/23 20:04:29) : Marck sneezes
(12/23 20:04:47) Nihvash: How do I wave?
(12/23 20:04:54) : Claies waves
(12/23 20:05:04) borg1985: type /wave
(12/23 20:05:11) : mag claps his hands
(12/23 20:05:11) : Nihvash waves
(12/23 20:05:16) Nihvash: Thanks ^ ^
(12/23 20:05:19) : Amrita waves
(12/23 20:05:29) borg1985: you're welcome
(12/23 20:05:31) : Renfield yawns
(12/23 20:05:32) ResEng B.Drechsel: Shorah all!
(12/23 20:05:37) : mag does a dance
(12/23 20:05:45) : Nobilis laughs
(12/23 20:05:48) Renfield: Back at ya
(12/23 20:05:49) ResEng B.Drechsel: How many of you would say your are new explorers?
(12/23 20:05:56) : Nobilis waves
(12/23 20:06:00) : Ducky waves
(12/23 20:06:05) Bodom: Hi - I have been getting locked up when using the Nexis Linking Book in the Linking ROOM. It has happened about 5 times.
(12/23 20:06:06) mag: I am brand new here.
(12/23 20:06:09) Renfield: Relatively new
(12/23 20:06:14) Nihvash: I'm new, my brother just showed me this and now I'm really excited!
(12/23 20:06:44) Denise: fairly new
(12/23 20:06:52) Marck: not new ;)
(12/23 20:06:59) Nobilis: second day here
(12/23 20:07:00) ResEng B.Drechsel: Just so everyone knows... if you experience a technical problem, the best way to get help is use the contact link in the menue.
(12/23 20:07:01) UUMickey: I played the original URU, but haven't got far in the beta.
(12/23 20:07:30) ResEng B.Drechsel: Great! Lots of new explorers!
(12/23 20:07:37) : Renfield cheers
(12/23 20:07:48) ResEng B.Drechsel: I'm going to get started then...
(12/23 20:07:53) mag: What's on the agenda for today?
(12/23 20:08:39) : UUMickey does a dance
(12/23 20:08:47) : Ducky does a dance
(12/23 20:08:55) ResEng B.Drechsel: I'm a DRC Restoration Engineer, and I'm going to cover a few things quickly, and I'll leave time for everyone to ask questions afterwards.
(12/23 20:08:58) ResEng B.Drechsel: good?
(12/23 20:09:10) mag: Sounds fine.
(12/23 20:09:10) : djlumberjack nods his head
(12/23 20:09:12) Renfield: affirmative
(12/23 20:09:12) Natak: This tour takes how much time ?
(12/23 20:09:17) Nihvash: Sounds good
(12/23 20:09:19) : Nobilis nods his head
(12/23 20:09:25) ResEng B.Drechsel: A lot of new explorers might be wonder what to do or see first?
(12/23 20:09:35) ResEng B.Drechsel: Around 30 min
(12/23 20:09:37) : mag nods his head
(12/23 20:09:54) ResEng B.Drechsel: Here are our suggestions:
(12/23 20:09:57) ResEng B.Drechsel: Explore!
(12/23 20:10:28) ResEng B.Drechsel: Explore this cavern, the city, the neighborhoods, and the books.
(12/23 20:10:48) ResEng B.Drechsel: ...take a look around, you will often find something new!
(12/23 20:11:16) ResEng B.Drechsel: Some of the things you will find will be modern, but most will be ancient.
(12/23 20:11:32) ResEng B.Drechsel: Don't be afraid to interact with the things you find!
(12/23 20:12:14) ResEng B.Drechsel: In case you were wondering, the place you all started; the island in the clouds...
(12/23 20:12:31) ResEng B.Drechsel: called Relto. This is your personal Age.
(12/23 20:13:09) ResEng B.Drechsel: No one else can come there, unless you invite them.
(12/23 20:13:33) ResEng B.Drechsel: ...either by using your KI or by sharing your book with another player.
(12/23 20:14:27) ResEng B.Drechsel: But there are plebnty of people in the City and neighborhoods.
(12/23 20:14:56) ResEng B.Drechsel: Hopefully by meeting them, you can relp with the restoration effort!
(12/23 20:15:16) ResEng B.Drechsel: The DRC will try to communicate with you sometimes...
(12/23 20:15:40) ResEng B.Drechsel: ...via your KI, their public website (, and here in person.
(12/23 20:16:02) ResEng B.Drechsel: There will be a lot going on in this massive space...
(12/23 20:16:14) ResEng B.Drechsel: ...sometime you just have to find it.
(12/23 20:16:26) ResEng B.Drechsel: Whew.. any questions?
(12/23 20:16:34) : Marck raises hand
(12/23 20:16:56) Marck: Is it really possible to ibnvite someone to your Relto by using the KI?
(12/23 20:17:48) : the Monk raises hand
(12/23 20:17:56) Marck: I thought it would only possible by sharing your Relto book
(12/23 20:18:47) ResEng B.Drechsel: you are correct, Marck
(12/23 20:18:54) Marck: Okay, thank you
(12/23 20:18:58) Nihvash: I have a question about a game setting if this is the right place to ask it?
(12/23 20:19:51) ResEng B.Drechsel: sorry, a better place for these questions is the "contact support" button in your menu.
(12/23 20:19:52) the Monk: What is the DRC's current position on those explorers we've seen venturing past the barricades -- such as near the tent?
(12/23 20:20:23) Marck: We're just good students...
(12/23 20:20:24) Nihvash: Oh ok thank you :)
(12/23 20:20:30) ResEng B.Drechsel: Well, the DRC puts these barriers up for your safety...
(12/23 20:20:50) Dominic White: Aha! People! And festively adorned at that!
(12/23 20:20:54) ResEng B.Drechsel: It could be dangerous to venture past them.
(12/23 20:21:06) the Monk: so its not recommended, but if we do, its at our own risk basically?
(12/23 20:21:11) Natak: even with our safety net...the relto book ?
(12/23 20:21:18) ResEng B.Drechsel: Yes.
(12/23 20:21:22) the Monk: thank you
(12/23 20:21:24) mag: What is your offical position?
(12/23 20:21:46) Natak: do you have any idear when some of the cavern will be reopened ?
(12/23 20:21:48) Dominic White: Let's face it. If we were afraid of danger, we wouldn't have gone climbing around in the ruins of an ancient super-civilization.
(12/23 20:22:49) Marck: Even if you're not afraid of danger, you can nevertheless get hurt... ;-)
(12/23 20:23:19) Marck: It's christmas time --.
(12/23 20:23:21) Dominic White: Rome wasn't built in a day - or without a few scuffed knees.
(12/23 20:23:57) ResEng B.Drechsel: I can't make any official statements... right now I'm basically just your tour guide :)
(12/23 20:24:12) Dominic White: And I don't know about you, but when I see a pile of rubble with a high ledge above it, my instinct is to climb. Guess we're not so far above monkeys, eh?
(12/23 20:24:16) ResEng B.Drechsel: Speaking of which, I should keep going on said tour...
(12/23 20:24:37) Natak: does the tour stay here ? in this hood
(12/23 20:24:45) ResEng B.Drechsel: Yes, it does.
(12/23 20:24:50) Natak: ok
(12/23 20:25:30) ResEng B.Drechsel: The next part of the tour covers a little of the history of this place... feel free to being exploring now if you wish.
(12/23 20:25:42) Dominic White: (Oops - easily to accidentally message the wrong person)
(12/23 20:26:04) ResEng B.Drechsel: Most everything you see here is a result of a civilization called the D'ni
(12/23 20:26:41) ResEng B.Drechsel: The D'ni lived in this cavern for over ten-thousand years...
(12/23 20:27:35) ResEng B.Drechsel: About two-hundered years ago, a disgruntled citizen tragically destroyed his people using a lethal gas.
(12/23 20:28:15) ResEng B.Drechsel: since the gassing, the cavern, the Ages, and the rest of the D'ni's creations have been practically empty...
(12/23 20:28:25) ResEng B.Drechsel: for a few lonely explorers.
(12/23 20:28:41) : Marck cheers
(12/23 20:28:47) ResEng B.Drechsel: The room to your right is the linking room...
(12/23 20:29:02) ResEng B.Drechsel: let's head in there for the next part of the tour...
(12/23 20:29:43) Dominic White: Civilization.. so fleeting - the actions of so few can destroy the lives of so many
(12/23 20:30:00) ResEng B.Drechsel: If there's one thing that sets the D'ni apart from all other civilizations, it is linking.
(12/23 20:30:08) HEVYNN: What happen
(12/23 20:30:21) HEVYNN: 10 seconds ago i qwas alone
(12/23 20:30:35) Liandra: i think it's lag
(12/23 20:30:35) Dominic White: Oh.. now this is where someone tries to explain dimension-crafting without causing the laymans head to explode.
(12/23 20:30:43) Hanon: wow, time just folded
(12/23 20:31:04) HEVYNN: Lag? it was at least for 15 min
(12/23 20:31:06) ResEng B.Drechsel: The D'ni called linking "the Art".
(12/23 20:32:00) ResEng B.Drechsel: The art enabled them to connect with new worlds, new Ages written in special books.
(12/23 20:32:36) ResEng B.Drechsel: The D'ni didn't believe that they were actually creating there worlds, but actually linking to an aldready-existing place.
(12/23 20:33:01) Dominic White: There's a Shroedingers Cat question to be asked there.
(12/23 20:33:55) ResEng B.Drechsel: Because of this, many times unexpected things were discovered in
(12/23 20:34:29) ResEng B.Drechsel: age that were not specifically written into them.
(12/23 20:35:26) ResEng B.Drechsel: As you might expect, much of the D'ni's culture was centered around linking:
(12/23 20:36:06) ResEng B.Drechsel: The Guild of Writers, Guild of Ink-Makers, Book-Makers, and the Guild of Maintainers.
(12/23 20:36:30) ResEng B.Drechsel: The Maintainers tested every Age the was written.
(12/23 20:37:02) ResEng B.Drechsel: Linking was the pride of the D'ni, and ironically, might have also been their downfall.
(12/23 20:37:48) ResEng B.Drechsel: The DRC was formed in 1997 by Mr. Elias Zandi, ten years after the discovery of the D'ni.
(12/23 20:38:32) ResEng B.Drechsel: Mr. Zandi contacted a number of archaeolgists...
(12/23 20:38:54) ResEng B.Drechsel: ...he hoped they would help him with the restoration effort.
(12/23 20:39:31) ResEng B.Drechsel: Eventually, there were five leadres:
(12/23 20:40:41) ResEng B.Drechsel: Dr. Watson led the council, and Dr. Marie Sutherland, Dr. Ikuro kodama, Victor Laxman, and Michael Engberg were under him.
(12/23 20:41:40) ResEng B.Drechsel: In 2004, Dr. Watson left the DRC after the caverns restoration was shut down due to lack of funding.
(12/23 20:42:06) Dominic White: I remember that.. A dark time for all.
(12/23 20:42:11) ResEng B.Drechsel: In 2006, a new source of funding was found.
(12/23 20:42:28) ResEng B.Drechsel: The DRC is very happy to be back at the restoration effort!
(12/23 20:42:57) ResEng B.Drechsel: Thanks for listening to the DRC's tour...
(12/23 20:43:03) ResEng B.Drechsel: Any questions?
(12/23 20:43:29) To Dominic White: indeed dominic
(12/23 20:43:33) GAThrawn: Do you know why the imager in the Bevins doesn't work, even though they are activated and KI-ready?
(12/23 20:43:49) Dominic White: Not much.. any top-super-secret linking books you guys have been hoarding away from us curious little chimps?
(12/23 20:44:03) Dominic White: Hey, a guy can hope.
(12/23 20:44:05) Amrita: Can you tell us what some of the other buildings in this neighborhood were for?
(12/23 20:44:37) ResEng B.Drechsel: I know they are being worked on, keep your eyes open.
(12/23 20:45:05) Dominic White: Good to know.
(12/23 20:45:14) ResEng B.Drechsel: We havn't uncovered enough information on this specific 'hood to say for sure...
(12/23 20:45:20) the Monk: An idea where Dr Watson has been since 2004?
(12/23 20:45:32) ResEng B.Drechsel: ... and a few doors are still locked tight
(12/23 20:45:46) ResEng B.Drechsel: I havn't spoken with Dr. Watson since he left...
(12/23 20:46:03) Dominic White: Aah, a GOOD question this time - will major events - gatherings, disturbances and the like be announced via our Ki's or other in-cave method?
(12/23 20:46:13) Dominic White: I'd hate to miss out on interesting things.
(12/23 20:46:53) ResEng B.Drechsel: Probably... like the "scream" incident and KI message that followed, the DRC will keep explorers updated.
(12/23 20:47:23) Marck: On the surface, do you always get an announcment before earthquakes or traffic accidents happen?
(12/23 20:47:23) the Monk: Speaking of which, any word on the "downloading" message in our KIs?
(12/23 20:47:38) Dominic White: 'Scream' incident? Okay, I'm behind the curve on that one.
(12/23 20:48:01) Marten: The event on December 19, Dominic.
(12/23 20:48:04) ResEng B.Drechsel: For those of you who would like a hand getting your exploration started, head over to the guild of greeters neighborhood...
(12/23 20:48:07) Dominic White: Oh, I don't hope to get notification of things BEFORE they happen - but at least a chance to see the aftermath.
(12/23 20:48:26) Marck: Ah, I see :)
(12/23 20:49:02) ResEng B.Drechsel: The "downloading" message seems to be a malfunction with the KI system at this point
(12/23 20:49:16) the Monk: thank you
(12/23 20:49:23) GAThrawn: Are there any special plans for Christmas Eve or Christmas? A special present, perhaps?
(12/23 20:49:26) GAThrawn: ;)
(12/23 20:49:41) Dominic White: Bet that has the engineers wishing that the ancient D'ni used C++. Or at least commented their code.
(12/23 20:49:42) To Marten: dont believe it for a minute
(12/23 20:49:45) ResEng B.Drechsel: Most of the DRC will be home for Christmas :)
(12/23 20:50:24) ResEng B.Drechsel: Well, I need to take care of some things before the next tour...
(12/23 20:50:33) From Marten: Don't believe what....? :)
(12/23 20:50:35) mag: We should head there now mr. drechsel?
(12/23 20:50:36) the Monk: Thank you for the tour
(12/23 20:50:39) Nobilis: Patriot playoffs?
(12/23 20:50:39) Liandra: So does that mean the DRC won't start working full swing until after the new year?
(12/23 20:50:39) : the Monk claps his hands
(12/23 20:50:47) Grogyan: How come some of the hoods look different, eg imager or no imager
(12/23 20:50:47) mag: Yes, thanks you.
(12/23 20:50:48) : GAThrawn waves
(12/23 20:50:48) Renfield: Thank you, RegEng B!
(12/23 20:50:50) The Psion: it sounds like you are in the two versions of the vault. There should be a linking book inside to take you back and forth between the two
(12/23 20:50:53) The Psion: whoops, sorry all
(12/23 20:50:58) Nihvash: Thank you very much Drechsel! Looks like I have a lot to learn
(12/23 20:51:01) Amrita: thank you Merry Christmas
(12/23 20:51:08) : Amrita waves
(12/23 20:51:09) : Nobilis thanks you very much!
(12/23 20:51:13) Dominic White: So, on to the Guild of Greeters to bug them, eh?
(12/23 20:51:13) : Renfield waves
(12/23 20:51:17) ResEng B.Drechsel: Thanks for listening everyone, Shorah!
(12/23 20:51:18) Marten: Good luck, ResEng B.Dreschsel. I am glad to see the concerted effort to help introduce explorers this time around. :)
(12/23 20:51:20) : ResEng B.Drechsel waves

Cavern Criers: 250X Bus Schedule




Route 250X
Carlsbad Connector

Express Service
*Limited Stops Only*

Eastbound - El Paso, TX to Carlsbad, NM     A     B     C
Eastside Transfer Center/(El Paso)  8:00a 1:00p  6:00p
(Intermodal Transit Checkpoint*)  8:45a 1:45p  6:45p
Gaudaloupe Mountains/(Pine Springs)  9:30a 2:30p  7:30p
Carlsbad Canyons/(Whites City) 10:00a 3:00p  8:00p
(Lost Oasis Campground*) 10:15a 3:15p  8:15p
Municipal Services Building/(Carlsbad) 10:30a 3:30p  8:30p
Westbound - Carlsbad, NM to El Paso, TX      
Municipal Services Building/(Carlsbad) 10:30a 3:30p  8:30p
(Lost Oasis Campground*) 10:45a 3:45p  8:45p
Carlsbad Canyons/(Whites City) 11:00a 4:00p  9:00p
Gaudaloupe Mountains/(Pine Springs) 11:30a 4:30p  9:30p
(Intermodal Transit Checkpoint*) 12:15p 5:15p 10:15p
Eastside Transfer Center/(El Paso)  1:00p 6:00p 11:00p
*Denotes on-demand stop, upon request only.      


Route operates only on:
-No Holiday Service-

$5.00 Cash Fare*
Exact Change Required

*$2.50 Reduced Fare
on Same-day return trip

There are no Metro passes or discount
cards sold and/or accepted for this route.
Transfers provided upon request.

Wheelchair Service Provided On All Trips
Effective: 08/08/2016

Cavern Criers: Guild of Greeters Backup Pages

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Wall of Honor

Historical Guild - D'ni

Restored Guild - Cavern Explorers

Members that have given much to the benefit of the Cavern's new inhabitants. 


Historical Guild Information found at


Here you can find all the Guild of Messengers' Interviews

GoMe Questions for Rand

In this document Messengers can add their questions to Rand, to be asked during the Mysterium 2011 interview.

  1. Are you aware of the licencing issues that prevent GoW and OpenUru developers from publishing compiled CWE clients?
  2. What are Cyan's thoughts behind the recent MystOnline:UruLive Forum restructuring? Seems like you are pushing people to visit other websites to see what is really happening in the OpenSource and Guilds "world".
  3. Have you ever read our new Go! Magazine or our old Newspaper?

Interview with Jahmen


Jahmen: Around early Oct 2006 I started playing MOUL Beta. The top of the great staircase in Ae’Gura was as far as we could go, although a few of us were able to jump off the roof of the Tokotah building into the city.  Ah the memories, the fun!  My initial Marker Quest and Jalak Dador games started out as individual games until I got the idea to incorporate the use of both into a single game. 

GoMe_Irissa:  What is your experience with other stand alone Myst related titles?

Jahmen: I can proudly say I have played through every Myst Game without a single cheat! Each game took about 2 weeks, playing 10 to 14 hours a day. When I got stuck on an Age I would go to another. I began map making, drawing out the Ages and puzzles to help me work them out, starting back with Myst.  Exile & Path of the Shell were the most fun to play.  Riven, though, is a classic with the graphic videos that were part of the main story arc.

GoMe_Irissa: You built the Marker Games Bevin in late March, 2010. What kind of success has that had in drawing explorers together, to enjoy these kinds of games?

Jahmen: I think anyone who has ever built up a Bevin knows that it takes a strong commitment and a lot of hard work.  We need to attract players who have leadership and organizational skills. It will take time to create these world-class Marker quest games and a system that Explorers can submit and receive Marker quest games.

GoMe_Irissa: You posted a somewhat controversial post in the official URU forums recently. 

Jahmen: I did and I also posted an apology for my lack of tact. I always learn something useful from those who post a reply. I respect their rights to views and interests that lie apart from my own.  I don't think I'm alone in believing the In-Game Guilds should be better organized and create their own websites and In-Cavern Bevins. The Guild of Greeters and the Guild of Messengers have done a terrific job in that regard.

GoMe_Irissa:  How would you like to see Events being handled by the various In-Cavern guilds and communities?

Jahmen: MOUL again is in its infancy right now.  The community is trying to heal itself from the pain suffered from the shut down of MOUL.  Having a presence and basic agenda would greatly benefit the community at large. Case in point being the Guild of Greeters who have quickly managed to organize themselves, while being knowledgeable and helpful.

GoMe_Irissa: Would you like to say anything in particular to our reader audience?

Jahmen: When Game content runs out, new games and other event content is needed to fill the void.  A production machine that handles new Marker Quest and Jalak Dador games would be good.  It was never my intention for the MARKER GAME's Bevin to be anything more than a final depository of Marker Quest and Jalak Dador games.

I formed the MARKER GAME's Bevin to organize and use the Marker Quest and Jalak Dador games to create something that the URU community In-Cavern Guilds can get behind in purpose.

The idea of the In-Cavern Guilds organizing themselves around these Games to create, develop and refine a system to create new content is a win win, no matter how things go in the future. Any new Game can just be added into the system.  This way there is something for every explorer, because it generates a wider range of choices.

It is my hope that the In-Cavern Guilds will become the creative source and force for the Marker Quest and Jalak Dador Games. I strongly believe these Games were created by Cyan for the In-Cavern Guilds to organize themselves in developing them for the URU community of explorers as a common shared bond of interest.

Special Issues

For all the special issues that aren't part of the magazine.

Behind the open source news

I'm open to ideas about a better title >.>


Anyway as I said in the forum post, this is an issue about the recent Open Source news, containing both interviews and articles from the GoW as OpenUru. 

Branan Interview Article


A Dedicated Few

Interviewer: Brad “AgeExplorer” Christensen

Article Writer: Patrick “Doobes” Dulebohn


Long before open source was even considered by Cyan Worlds, fans have worked to unlock the secrets and make URU customizable.  Playing through all the “official” Ages, while fun, can also get repetitive.  After URU Live’s cancellation by Ubisoft and the release of “Path of the Shell”, the game was in danger of becoming stagnant with no new content.  Talented programmers, artists, and builders were anxious for the chance to add their own flair into the game and see how their version of The Art would stack up to Cyan’s (or the D’ni’s, if you’re in-character) work.  Many groups sprang up to do exactly that, reworking aspects of the game to allow for fan expansion.

            One group of note that has done considerably well with such re-engineering of URU and have done amazing things to get new content into, at the very least, the offline version of the game, is the Guild of Writers.  Named after the D’ni establishment that, in Myst canon, wrote the fantastic Ages we have seen primarily in Myst V and URU/MOUL, their incredible work, such as PyPRP, has helped to keep the story going, so to speak…and the community interested.

            With the recent release of open source, it was only natural that many would turn to the Guild to see what their opinion was and what they now planned to do with the code.  AgeExplorer interviewed Branan, a Guild councilor for the GoW and creator of PlasmaClient, which was an open-ended, fan-made alternative to Cyan’s official Myst Online: URU Live again client. Plasma Client is not supported at this time.

            Perhaps the first question on the minds of fans is: what did Branan think of how did with their release of the source code?  “My big issue with the way Open URU handled things was not having planned for contributors from day one,” he said.  “The most important part of running an open source project is being able to attract developers and get contributions.  So if you don’t have a plan for developers so you can say ‘here is how you get your code in,’ then you are not going to get code from developers.”  In his eyes, the GoW would have had such a plan in place from the beginning, even if it was only a temporary, but modifiable, outline.

            To the best of his knowledge, the Guild was not asked if they wanted to bring people on board for OpenURU’s team.  “If they did I wasn’t informed.”  Branan did not become a Guild councilor until just after the release.  That, plus his busy schedule, did little to help him keep up with the latest news, although he remained in the loop about most Guild business.

            And as for Cyan, their decision to use was, reportedly, due to the business ties they already had with a few members of the site, particularly Creative Kingdoms’ JWPlatt, but some expected that they would have also utilized the Guild, as its members had been studying the game’s inner workings for years.  “[…] that is kind of what several people in the GoW suspected,” Branan said.  “I agree from a business perspective.  That does make the most amount of [business] sense but I’m not sure it was the best decision from an open source project perspective.”  As Branan mentions, OpenURU did not approach him to utilize anything from his work, but he is hoping that things will be sorted out “so we can be sharing code back and forth at some point.”

            Despite all that, the Guild is ready to get down to business on its own projects and on its own terms.  Plans are in the works for an official Guild of Writers shard, a client to compliment it, updated 3DS Max plugin binaries that will work with more current version of the program, and of course, their highly anticipated release of PyPRP 2.  For those unfamiliar, PyPRP is the open source plugin that allows Ages created in Blender, a free 3D modeling program, to be converted for use in the offline version of URU.  While arguably not as “perfect” as Cyan’s conversion techniques, it has made great strides over the years to bring fan Age creation and functionality as close as possible to such standards.  “[…] we have been hard at work basically since we got the source, getting the code to run with updated tools and technology.  This is going to be our big release.”

            Fan Ages will no doubt be a major contributor to the success of open source and MOULa as a whole.  Which ones will eventually be included on the official Cyan server is always up for debate.  “I think the good ones will definitely be accepted by fans,” Branan said.  “I think there are a lot of fan ages done by people who are learners and obviously they don’t have quite the professional quality and polish.  Many of them are still fun to play, but, you know, issues like colliders not being quite right and lighting being off is fairly common with fan Ages. […] I think Cyan will very likely take a conservative approach to fan Ages because they’re still trying to market a product and they need to keep just the best of the best in there.  So I think there will be plenty of opportunity for people interested in the whole selection of fan Ages to run things.”  He notes that, with new shards coming into place in the future, there will be no shortage of assortments of different content.

            Some have said that fan Ages, even the most polished ones, don’t have that “otherworldly” feel to them, like Cyan’s Ages of Teledahn or Kadish Tolesa.  Branan has noticed this as well.  “There has been a few Ages that have been pretty out there,” he said.  “I think most of the better quality fan Ages have been things that either set up to either to be locations in D’ni or garden Ages.  The garden Ages, by their nature, tend to be a little more tranquil and Earthy than otherworldly.  I think there is potential, there is a lot of imagination in the Guild of Writers.”

            PlasmaClient was one of Branan’s notable creations, and the talk of many of the All-Guilds Meetings held in Kirel and on various forums.  When open source was released, many immediately wondered what would become of it.  “I think I was always pretty clear with PlasmaClient that it was a project to keep me occupied and entertained until such time as Cyan got the source out.  Now I have basically turned all my energies on Cyan’s code.”  With that, PlasmaClient work has ceased, but Branan hopes that some of the features he implemented in his client version work their way into an “artist’s build” utilizing Cyan’s code, such as physics draw to see colliders.

            One of the biggest goals of the Guild is to get working native builds of the game for both Mac and Linux users, who have, up until now, been forced to either wait or find elaborate ways of getting the current version to work on their systems, with mixed results.  As Branan explained, this conversion will not be an easy task, but the Guild is committed to it, and pieces of his PlasmaClient may be able to help.  “As we move towards porting CWE to Mac and Linux (and that is one of our goals because it’s clear there is a good segment of the population that uses those systems and it will be nice to have a native build for them), we’re going to have to replace PhysX and DirectX, and PlasmaClient is already based on Bullet and OpenGL.  Although the core game logic isn’t great, the physics and rendering in PlasmaClient are something I can use as a base when working on porting Cyan’s code.”

            During the Gametap era of MOUL, Cyan had to replace the Havok physics engine due to their license for it having expired and a renewal being prohibitively expensive.  PhysX was the alternative they used, and the effects of the change have varied from good to frustrating, to say the least.  “PhysX is great if you want to create a world where you stack up a bunch of boxes and throw a baseball at them,” Branan explained.  “PhysX will do that perfectly.  PhysX has issues when you want the character to be able to interact with things.”  Cyan’s implementation of the engine is partly to blame, according to him, but that may be due to the fact that Gametap didn’t give them enough time before the launch of MOUL to properly implement, and adding character interaction is tricky at best, to say nothing of any of the other physics in the game.  Another reason, he says, was the company probably didn’t want a large increase in system requirements, “so they decided on the easy, less performing but also less system intensive solution.”

            Similar to the’s position on the game, Branan is more worried about getting fully working versions of the game out, particularly to Mac and Linux users, before implementing new features.  Once that is complete, however, “I’d like to see updated graphics so that there can be more than just a couple of real time lights at a time, better cube map rendering, you know, just a few basic graphical improvements for bringing the engine into the 21st century.  When you look at certain aspects, especially the way the avatar is lit in the game, it is starting to show its age.”  And while he agrees that most of the static environments in the game still hold up visually to this day, there are still many improvements that can be made.

            Because of this, Branan believes that, while it’s wonderful that URU can still run on rather old graphics cards, it’s time to upgrade the game as some artists will undoubtedly add features that older cards may not support.  “There is now way around that,” he says, “but I know that some people in the URU community have very old computers and they might not like me saying this, but there’s a point where the developers and the artists just can’t target really old hardware.  It’s just a matter of practicality.”  He would like to be able to find some way to implement “graceful degradation” for older graphics cards to work, but in the end, the GoW primarily wants to add more options for the artists.

            URU has gone through many changes over the years, as has the staff at Cyan, so as such, the state of the code released is of interest.  When asked if he has seen anything unusual in the code he’s looked at, Branan had to laugh.  “Oh, lots of things.  The code has been built by many people over the better part of 15 years.   It has got some eccentricities, let’s say.  There is definitely some really good code and there is some really bad code.”  Replacing said “bad code” has been another priority for the Guild, with a vast majority of the networking code in particular being looked over by Adam “Hoikas” Johnson, also of the GoW.  His fixes, primarily solutions to a lot of lag issues having to do with communication between client and server (think of that 2 second delay when sending an invite through the KI, the delay when linking to Ages, and other minor yet annoying pauses like those), will end up in the main branch of their work very soon.

            Branan, along with others in the Guild of Writers such as Hoikas, Zrax and Paradox (and many others not mentioned but equally important, of course), have all done their part to keep the spirit of URU alive despite many setbacks over the years.  While he is not exactly happy with the current state of how open source is being handled, Branan is more than willing to work with when they get “a plan in place to integrate code and also having some public declaration of what they want to do.  Our focus at the GoW has been and will continue to be on what the artists want.”  He makes clear that he respects both them and Cyan Worlds, despite some past bad blood between them and the Guild, and would like to keep working with them.  Expect exciting new projects from Branan and all the members of the Guild of Writers in the coming months.  They never disappoint. ***


(Big thanks to Branan for taking the time to do this interview!)


CWE = Engine, also known as Plasma, it can refer to both the game engine and the client used to connect to the game. 

Bullet = Open Source, multi platform physics engine. It was used in Plasmaclient and might be used to replace Physx. 

DirectX = handles multimedia tasks like video and makes the game visible on your screen

Havok = Physics engine that was used in Uru:ABM, Uru:PoTS, Uru:CC, Prologue and UU

MOSS = Myst Online Server Software, has been developped by a'moaca' and cjkelly1

OpenGL = Open source, multi platform replacement for DirectX

Open Source = In this particular case, it means that the code for the client/CWE and the MOSS server have been released. 

Physx = A physics engine from Nvidia implemented before Gametap but after Until Uru etc. A physics engine takes care (among other things) of the kickables like the cones. 

Plasmaclient = Multi platform(Windows, OSx, Linux) Open Source client,  developed by Branan. After open source the project was abandoned.

Pyprp (2) = Blender plugin to build ages. Pyrprp 2 is the version for the newest Blender(still in Beta) and is still in development. 



Interview with Branan


AgeExplorer: So, the first question I’m going to ask you is just going to be a general question on how you thought Open URU handled the Open Source release and what you would have done differently.

Branan: My big issue with the way Open URU handled things was not having planned for contributors from day one. The most important part of running an open source project is being able to attract developers and get contributions. So if you don’t have a plan for developers so you can say “here is how you get your code in,” then you are not going to get code from developers. That’s the big one difference and what we would have done was to have a plan even if it was a temporary plan, have a plan in place and have it documented.

AgeExplorer: They also mentioned here that they had kind of developed the team for OpenURU as things had gone on. Did they talk to anybody in the GoW about this?

Branan: If they did I wasn’t informed. I didn’t become officially a guild councilor until just before or just after the Open Source release. I’m not sure of the exact dates anymore; I’ve been so busy. I’ve been in the loop, so if anyone had asked I am pretty sure I would have been told; as far as I know we were not approached.

AgeExplorer: Chogon said in the other interview that the joint project they (Cyan and OpenUru) had done with Magiquest Online was one of the reasons why Cyan decided to give open source to them because they already had that working relationship. Is there anyone in Cyan that you knew that disagreed with this decision?

Branan: Not that I know of. Hoikas might know. He is in touch with some people that know some Cyantists specifically. As far as the decision from Chogon, that is kind of what several people in the GoW suspected; I agree from a business perspective. That does make the most amount of [business] sense but I’m not sure it was the best decision from an open source project perspective.

AgeExplorer: So now that OpenURU has released all the material for Open Source, how do you plan on moving forward with the materials they have come out with? Have you made other modifications? Because I know you have released the same tools differently and have modified several things on those tools.

Branan: Yeah at this point we are prepping for releasing an official GoW shard, an official GoW client, 3D Max plugin binaries that work with modern versions of 3D S Max, and the first release of PyPRP 2 which will be a Blender 2.5 plugin and will work with the CWE version of the engine. That’s next week; we have been hard at work basically since we got the source, getting the code to run with updated tools and technology. This is going to be our big release.

AgeExplorer: So you’ve seen a lot of the fan ages that have been created. How do you envision those new elements being added in? Do you think they will be accepted by fans?

Branan: I think the good ones will definitely be accepted by fans. I think there are a lot of fan ages done by people who are learners and obviously they don’t have quite the professional quality and polish. Many of them are still very fun Ages to play, but, you know, issues like colliders not being quite right and lighting being off is fairly common with fan Ages.

AgeExplorer: It is very common to see test Ages too.

Branan: Test Ages as well. I think because this is Open Source there will certainly be shards that have every fan Age because there are people who like to play fan Ages regardless of things. I think Cyan will very likely take a conservative approach to fan Ages because they’re still trying to market a product and they need to keep just the best of the best in there. So I think there will be plenty of opportunity for people interested in the whole selection of fan Ages to run things. There will probably be some people who don’t like fan Ages and will set up their own shards that just has the pure Cyan content. That’s fine too.

AgeExplorer: One of the things I’d like to see though: I see people making lots of test Ages, but one of the biggest complaints I have about certain Ages is that the end result is too Earthy. You don’t get that otherworldliness that you get in Cyan’s Ages. Have you seen anybody working to kind of remedy that?

Branan: There has been a few Ages that have been pretty out there. I think most of the better quality fan Ages have been things that are either set up to either to be locations in D’ni or garden Ages. The garden Ages, by their nature, tend to be a little more tranquil and Earthy than otherworldly. I think there is potential, there is a lot of imagination in the Guild of Writers. It’s just a matter of teaching people how to use the tools and how to use the technologies to make things look good. Educating Writers is something we want to focus on for moving forward.

AgeExplorer: There is a group that is working on restoring several of the passages down into D’ni. I just blanked out as to the name of this group.

Branan: Subterranean Restorations?

AgeExplorer: Yeah that’s the group I was thinking of.

Branan: I know GPNMilano especially has been very interested in working on Descent and working on that aspect of things. She is very good at what she does when it comes to integrating bits of Cyan’s content and creating expanded Cyan areas.

AgeExplorer: I was also going to ask you about PlasmaClient and changes that have been made to that.

Branan: I think I was always pretty clear with PlasmaClient that it was a project to keep me occupied and entertained until such time as Cyan got the source out. Now I have basically turned all my energies on Cyan’s code. I know some people were using the bug stuff in PlasmaClient. I know some of the Skydivers turned on the physics draw so they could see colliders and figure out how to bounce off them and stuff. That’s all stuff that is in Cyan’s code and their artist’s builds. We’re going to work on getting a build out that enables some of those features without really letting people hack the servers and get that build available for people who enjoyed that sort of thing.

AgeExplorer: Has the OpenURU team utilized some of the developments you made during your work on PlasmaClient?

Branan: As far as I know most of what they have done has been accomplished their own way. I haven’t been approached about anything. If I might be honest about the PlasmaClient code, it is truly awful. Definitely some things that I did in PlasmaClient are going to see some place in at least the GoW code, and I hope the OpenURU code. I hope we can get things sorted out so we can be sharing code back and forth at some point. As we move towards porting CWE to Mac and Linux (and that is one of our goals because it’s clear there is good segment of the population that uses those systems and it will be nice to have a native build for them), we’re going to have to replace PhysX and DirectX, and PlasmaClient is already based on Bullet and OpenGL. Although the core game logic isn’t great, the physics and rendering in PlasmaClient are something I can use as a base when working on porting Cyan’s code.

AgeExplorer: There have been a lot of people complaining about PhysX. Skydivers like it because it’s buggy but I notice that most writers think it is horrible.

Branan: PhysX is great if you want to create a world where you stack up a bunch of boxes and throw a baseball at them. PhysX will do that perfectly. PhysX has issues when you want the character to be able to interact with things. So if you want the character to bump into the boxes instead of a baseball then it’s going to have some issues. Part of the character issues are Cyan’s implementation. Having looked at PhysX myself, it looks like it’s really hard to do a character correctly in PhysX. That’s one of those tradeoffs, performance versus accuracy versus implementation time. Presumably in the lead up to the Gametap era Cyan didn’t have a lot of time and they weren’t sure of just how much they could bump system requirements, so they decided on the easy, less performing but also less system intensive solution.

AgeExplorer: So from a practical standpoint, now that we are on physics engines, what would you like to see be added to the engine? We previously talked about having the ability to pick things up, so you do not have to play football with every single thing that you need to move.

Branan: The direction that we go with new features is going to largely depend on what the players and what the artists want to see. My interest is simply in getting it ported rather than adding lots of new features. I’d like to see updated graphics so that there can be more than just a couple of real time lights at a time, better cube map rendering, you know, just a few basic graphical improvements for bringing the engine into the 21st century. When you look at certain aspects, especially the way the avatar is lit in the game, it is starting to show its age.

AgeExplorer: Still, it is definitely one of the most beautiful games as far as realism goes.

Branan: Absolutely; the static environments are absolutely gorgeous. When things are moving around is when it starts to have a little trouble. Some artists have expressed interest in shader effects so you can add things like the bubbles in Myst V that kind of distorted things around their edges. Adding effects like that into URU.

AgeExplorer: All of that stuff is done in real time though, so you don’t get that level of detail that you get in prerendered graphics.

Branan: Right, obviously the more you want to do in real time you either need to drop detail or increase system requirements. Right now URU will easily run on 13 year old graphics cards. Adding those extra features may mean that Ages built with those features won’t run on those old graphics cards. If the artists create shaders and you want to visit their age, your graphics card is going to have to support shaders. There is no way around that, but I know that some people in the URU community have very old computers and they might not like me for saying this, but there’s a point where the developers and the artists just can’t target really old hardware. It’s just a matter of practicality. Hopefully we can get those effects and have some sort of graceful degradation for older hardware. We’ve barely started planning how we want to handle graphical improvements, ‘cause like I said, for now just porting PhysX to Bullet, and Direct X to Open GL is the main goal and then we’ll look at improving things later. For now the hardware requirements should remain roughly the same, but in the future at least on the GoW branch things will change as we add new feature for the artists to be able to do what they want.

AgeExplorer: The next question I wanted to ask you: I know you been looking through Cyan’s code—Was there anything significant that you saw in there, such as bugs or anything like that?

Branan: (laughs) Oh lots of things. The code has been built by many people over the better part of 15 years. It has got some eccentricities, let’s say. There is definitely some really good code in there and there is some really bad code. We’ve been working on replacing some of the bad code. The networking code especially needed a lot of love and Hoikas took the time to do a lot of that work. Hopefully we’ll get that integrated into our main branch of everything soon, but his work at this point fixes… You know when you send an age invite you get that 2 second lag before you can do anything.

AgeExplorer: Oh yeah, yep.

Branan: Yeah, we fixed that.               

AgeExplorer: Yeah that’s always horrible. If you have a bad computer you can crash URU that way.

Branan: We fixed several little laggy parts like that where the client was waiting for the server to say “okay, I’m done” even though the client really doesn’t care what the server does. ‘Cause when you’re sending an age invite do you really want to sit around and wait until the other person gets it? No you want to send it and move on, just like sending an email. You don’t want your email client to sit and spin until your email ends up on the other side. We changed it so that the client really doesn’t care anymore, it just sends the invite and moves on.

AgeExplorer: So would you say that most of the problems that you’ve fixed have been created from attempts to fix other problems? Like, were they there unintentionally or did they have them in there for a reason and eventually it became unneeded.

Branan: Network code has never been Cyan’s strong point. They rewrote all the network code for the Gametap era and they fixed some problems but introduced other problems. That’s what tends to happen when you rewrite things completely. Now that we see the code we can see why they did it things a certain way. Artists wanted things done a certain way but then that would mess up other parts of the game.

AgeExplorer: So you have discrepancy between artists and coders.

Branan: There are a couple spots where the coders are complaining that the artists made them do this. You can definitely tell that in the late 90’s to early 2000’s the artists ran Cyan, not the coders.

AgeExplorer: So you got certain things in there that prevent the game from running smoothly and the artists say they need things that way.

Branan: Some of them are things that the artists think make things faster but they don’t actually. There is one in particular that I continue to get a chuckle out of. You know how some objects fade in and out in the distance?

AgeExplorer: Oh yeah you do see that.

Branan: That could be faster. The only way to guarantee that it is faster is if every object does that at the same distance, ‘cause then you can actually predict when things are going to fade. You can create an optimized data structure in memory and be able to do it quickly. The problem with that in URU is that they actually don’t. Every object has its own distance settings for fading. This means that for a lot of systems it actually is a form of performance degradation. There is quite a bit of commenting to that effect on that part of the code. A lot of developer ramblings about not wanting to keep this in there but the artists keep insisting.

AgeExplorer: Actually now I think I’ve asked all the questions I wanted to ask. Is there anything you want to talk about that I didn’t touch on?

Branan: I think we covered most of the important points. You know my big concern with the Open Source URU community right now is that OpenURU being nominally the official place to do work is still not ready. They still don’t have all their tools done and they still don’t have all of their processes done. I read through some of the old discussions in their forums and things like hosting the source locally instead of someplace else, that is something that Chogon had asked them to do. So I realize on some of these things, their hands were tied by Cyan. On other things though, I don’t know if it’s a lack of knowledge on running an open source project or if it’s simply lack of time. They knew for a couple months before the release that they were going to be getting the source and they had the source for almost a month before the release. I really would have expected to see more things ready and more things fixed before they made the [release] announcement. Certainly if you look at what the GoW team has done in 3 weeks…

AgeExplorer: Yeah but isn’t the GoW team bigger?

Branan: Well, actually we’re not that much bigger. It’s only four of us doing the core coding; really only Zrax and Hoikas have been doing serious code work. Paradox and I have been adding things when we can. I’ve been spending a lot of time doing my GoW human relations job. Real life does get in the way and the GoW team is mostly college students, so we’ve got a little more free time than people who are doing the corporate grind. Chogon said he chose OpenURU because of their existing business relationship, and from a business perspective it doesn’t make a lot of sense to put your code into the hands of a bunch of college students. I think we have more technical background working with the Plasma engine. We’ve been reverse engineering it since… Well, some of the people in the GoW have been reverse engineering it since the very beginning. People first started tearing into the code after prologue closed. We have a pretty strong pool of knowledge about how Plasma works already. There are some things where we’ve been able to look at the actual source code and go, “oh yeah, I’ve read that in the executable when I looked at it, I know exactly what that’s doing.” I think not having that knowledge in the official team is perhaps going to cause issues.

AgeExplorer: Does GoW team plan on remedying the differences in point of view and opinion in order to work with OpenURU?

Branan: I don’t want to be teaching OpenURU how to run an open source project. I’d rather be doing my own thing. I think that eventually if OpenURU doesn’t get their act together the developers are going to migrate to us anyway because we’ve got a process in place. Our management team is actively working on the code. As far as I know, Chogon’s plan is still for people to email him patches directly. He is not pulling directly from OpenURU. So as long as that’s still the case, people can email patches to Chogon and they’ll be integrated into URU. So that’s the case until he institutes some other policy for pulling patches from a repository.

AgeExplorer: Do you think that OpenURU will take issue with that because they will kind of feel like they have been put in charge?

Branan: That’s something that I noticed. They kept on telling me to join their conversation. Then when I did join the conversation whenever I disagreed with their plans they kind of shot me down. It kind of felt like, “join the conversation if you’re going to agree with us after a little while.” This is why I stopped discussing things with them. It’s kind of frustrating ‘cause I know some people in the GoW are pretty frustrated or fed up with Cyan at this point. Historically if you look at how Cyan has treated the GoW then you kind of understand. The GoW was originally supposed to get the source and being in charge of that development. We were not aware of the change of plans until OpenURU got the code. That’s when we found out we weren’t getting it anymore. I still want to see Cyan succeed. I still wanna work with them and get fixes to them when possible. I think in the long run that is going to mean working with OpenURU. It will depend on OpenURU getting their acts together and getting a plan in place to get code merged and handle developers and get developers on their team that are going to do things. I mean, if they came to me tomorrow and said “alright, we’re not going to handle this, we want you to be the code maintainer” then I would agree under the condition that I would get to do things my way. I would have no problem working with them if it came to that but they haven’t really expressed any interest in doing so. They also need to be interacting with people more. That’s something that the GoW has tried to be good at. We are always in our IRC channel, we answer questions on the forum, and we have a very public and very easy to use issue system. We try to keep as much in the open as possible and that has always been our preferred method. Obviously with some of the Greyhat stuff Cyan asked us to not share tools capable of hacking the server. For the most part though our policy has always been to release as much information as possible and that has gone back to the old days of the original HURU team. They had a public wiki and they had all this other stuff on what they had learned from reverse engineering code and working on creating new Ages. Of course the HURU team became the Age builders, which became the GoW. It really is the same people that have been doing this for years. For open source GoW looked at the options and decided to put source on git hub. When it comes to procedure on handling the code, someone just needs to come up with a rule, otherwise the discussion is not going to stop. For GoW, the IRC helps us be more rapid in our decision making. People who post on the forum in OpenURU we get two or three posts in a day.

AgeExplorer: Absolutely yeah the IRC provides an easy and effective way for instant communication so you can decide things quicker, whereas if you go and use the forum for every single decision then things would get too tedious.

Branan: Yeah if we had tried to discuss all this on the GoW forum it would have taken weeks probably. Well, we can see how long it would have taken because OpenURU is still working on it.

AgeExplorer: Yeah, in my opinion forums are great for updates on progress and stuff like that, however when it comes right down to discussing things though the IRC is much more effective.

Branan: We always keep IRC logs so if someone wants to know the discussion that went into doing a git hub then we’ll be more then happy to dig out our logs.

AgeExplorer: Oh yeah, it is important to keep logs of everything.

Branan: To go back to OpenURU team: they have been corporate managers for maybe a little longer than they should have been. They need to be managing this like an open source project which means developer interaction and developer engagement need to be the primary concerns.

AgeExplorer: That pretty much wraps up this interview. Are there any final comments that you wish to make?

Branan: I just want to be clear that I do respect the OpenURU team. I do think that they have the best intentions. I respect the business reasons that Cyan had for choosing them over the GoW. I do want to keep working with Cyan and Open URU. That’s all going depend on OpenURU having a plan in place to integrate code and also having some public declaration of what they want to do. Our focus at the GoW has been and will continue to be on what the artists want.

AgeExplorer: Yeah, I mean that’s what the GoW is all about. It’s all about catering to the artists—you know, the people with the ideas.

Branan: It’s going to be all on OpenURU to get a plan in place and to prove that they can handle running a project and integrating changes. If they told me how to push changes I would go through our repository and do that. Obviously we have some very big changes and that’s going to take a lot of collaboration before those can be integrated.

AgeExplorer: Branan, it has been a wonderful interview and I am sure explorers are going to find this very interesting.

Branan: Thank you.



Ever since Cyan Worlds announced their intention to move MOUL to open source there has been eager anticipation from fans for the change.  On April 7th Cyan released the engine along with development tools through There were many surprised reactions from fans due to the fact that very few people knew the exact date things would be ready. However the announcement from is just the beginning. Cyan still needs to release the MOULa server code. The completion of the Myst Online Server Software (MOSS), which is a replacement for the MOULa server has been released as an open source project as well. There are still many people working on improvements and other important additions which will be needed to create a successful open source project. Many in the GoW have been frantically coding ever since the source was released just to bring things up to speed. Several fan made changes have already been incorporated directly into the current MOULa client. It is very likely that more fan made changes will be incorporated into the current MOULa client. Eventually there will be entirely separate shards being run by fans. This issue is dedicated to the open source release and will reflect on the future possibilities for development.


Okay I played a bit around, you're welcome to comment on the font(size) and all. Especially the columns vs no columns.The blacklines around the text will be removed.


Apart from that I would like to point out how much pages both interviews will use , the OU part I used is /only/ the first question >.>


When did Cyan decide to begin working with on Open Source?

Mac_Fife: Chogon first presented the decision to release the Open Source code through during a conversation in mid-December last year, but there was no timescale set - it was the usual "Cyan soon"! As it was, it wasn't until late February that the sources actually became available.

Chogon: We have been thinking about open source for a long time and there was always something in the way. Legal issues, new projects, too few people, etc. But last fall I was talking to JW about MagiQuest Online stuff when the conversation turned to open source (again). I really wanted to get the ball rolling even if it was just the client and the plugins. But there were miscellaneous sticking points... Then independently a'moaca' approached JW about hosting the MOSS server software which turned out to be the key piece that brought everything together. And then wham-bam, things just started falling into place.

JWPlatt: I remained in contact with Mark (Chogon) fairly consistently after MagiQuest Online Chapter One was completed and the topic of open source would come up occasionally.  Mac_Fife was even more consistently (and perhaps persistently) in contact with Mark in his role as moderator and spam investigator on the MOUL forms.  Cyan was hard at work on their iPhone apps.  After Riven was completed, Mark suggested they better get to it now if it were to ever happen.  So after some internal Cyan discussion, he sent an email on December 17, 2010 to Rand, Tony and us at laying out their plan to open source.

Rarified: I was a late arrival on the train.  I found right after the initial mention of open source for MOUL, and I'd corresponded with JW about ideas for things a community project would need, but I only heard it actually was going to happen in the first half of March.  In hindsight, I probably could have speculated something was afoot because activity around websites had increased since December.

How involved was in helping Cyan to achieve Open Source?

Chogon: What really helped Cyan was the working relationship that we already had with JW and Mac_Fife. With JW it was in conjunction with Creative Kingdoms and the MagiQuest Online project - there is definitely a difference when your livelihoods are so closely linked together. And of course, for *many* months I was talking to Mac every morning about what spam disruptor hit the forum the night before but we have worked with Mac on other things as well. So, because the "heads" of Cyan already had worked with these two before, it was much easier to move forward.

Mac_Fife: It's really Cyan's achievement - they did all the hard work to prepare the source files in the first place. We did provide some suggestions on the licensing models and acted as a "sounding board" during that decision process, but there was no real need for intense discussion between and Cyan. 

JWPlatt: Mark laid out three basic steps: 1) Release the sources to, 2) Select the license, 3) Make the announcement.  The rest was in the details of implementing it.  Mark prepared the sources and discussed licensing with Tony Fryman, President, Cyan Worlds.  Once that was done, and we received the sources, there was a bunch of back and forth on details.  For example, Mark wanted to make sure the raw, original sources were kept available.  Then MOSS came into the big picture a little later with a'moaca' and cjkelly1.  Cyan gave us all the time to align our respective schedules, considering Mac_Fife and I had a lot of website and wiki work to get done, Rarified had to get Foundry ready and a'moaca' and cjkelly1 were completing MOSS and its impressive documentation.  Rarified's work on the Foundry is amazing, by the way.  I'd also like to add that since was founded in 2008, Mac_Fife and Rarified have gone along on this open source train ride simply out sheer generosity of spirit and enthusiasm with no promise whatsoever of any success.  They have professional and personal lives just like anyone else, yet found the time to volunteer their efforts - "above and beyond," as Rand wrote.

Rarified: Your question is posed in the past tense, so I must answer that I don't know much about interactions with Cyan as they were actually preparing the source release.  What I was able to do during the wait was work on building an environment with a common set of hosted tools to make it easier for the community to collaborate on development.  We eventually called this the Foundry. I worked on equipping the Foundry with the ability to automatically build the open source version of MOULa as soon as changes were pushed to the OpenUru repository. I had hoped that this shared set of tools and processes would be attractive both to the MOULa community, making it easier for non-technical people to have access to current versions of the game, as well as to Cyan by having a well known place for collaboration and sharing new (and fixed) elements of the open source game.  Whether this had any influence on Cyan's progress toward open source only Cyan can say.

Cyan has put the focus on by trusting the site with the open source release. How do you plan on moving forward with the materials you have been given?

Mac_Fife: Turn that round - How do YOU plan on moving forward with the materials? Cyan have given them to the community as a whole, not just We're the conduit for delivery, but now up it's up to everyone to contribute. 

JWPlatt: Our plan has always has been to provide the resources for everyone to develop their own projects and contribute to open source.  Our mission is to support the effort to continue development of the Engine and anything related to it on the path to MOULa.  We are hosting Cyan's open source project, but it is up to everyone to pitch in to realize its potential.  This could be original art, music, content or whatever new innovations come about.  But even those who do not do those things and just like to play know what they enjoy.  So there's plenty of room for everyone to get involved, for example, by contributing to discussion, reporting bugs, or suggesting new features.

Rarified: I'll echo Mac_Fife and JW's responses, but add that I see my role as a steward of the open source components.  The Foundry is a server that is a work in progress.  We were able to get the repositories, the bugtracking software, and source code browsing and review tools in place prior to the announcement.  The infrastructure to build the source code into programs you can run on your computers exists, but still needs to be configured to monitor the repositories and perform the build tasks.  We're trying different processes for accepting contributions from individuals or groups which use experienced members of the community to review those contributions and look for obvious mistakes or unexpected behavior.  Looking at a longer timeframe, I'd like to see if we can build a set of automated tests to apply to newly built versions of the games.  We also could use the Foundry to make tools available that people may not have access to themselves.  We might be able to acquire rights to use rendering tools such as 3d Max in a shared environment were people can submit their models and pick their finished models up later from the Foundry.  As you can see, a lot of this is "behind the curtain" work that aren't necessarily changes to MOULa sources, but are needed to build the game and ages that the game can use.

Tell us about MOSS and the challenges of that project.

a'moaca': MOSS started out as a smaller project both to let me "keep" the MOUL ages, and to see what the interesting parts really are in a server project. It was personal, and for fun. MOSS's goals changed a bit over time, eventually becoming a serious multiplayer server project.

a'moaca': I'd say the two main challenges were the reverse engineering, and testing. For the reverse engineering, I started the project with a great deal of knowledge from past Uru work, but there's always some data you forgot or didn't know you needed to collect, or some data you just can't collect. Sometimes we had to just write something and see what happened when you put it all together and tried to play the game. We got stuck for months on a bug where avatars would be invisible to others, but in a very asymmetric way. Even so, testing also sometimes proved to be a big challenge. It's not very glamorous, but it's the honest truth that even figuring out what to test, and then how, and then doing it, isn't always easy.

a'moaca': I suppose a final challenge, and maybe the biggest one of all, isn't a technical one -- it's sticking with a big project for a long time, and doing the less interesting parts instead of stopping, especially when there is always something else you can spend time on.

Chogon: The first time I met a'moaca' (I know this was supposed to be about MOSS servers but...) was at one of the first Mysteriums in Spokane. I had to pry her and cjkelly away from a wayward printer at Cyan that they were going to set right. Not that I didn't think they couldn't fix it, it just didn't seem right that fans on vacation should be working on such stuff. But of course, digging deep into the internals of things is the way of a'moaca' and cjkelly. They have helped me and Cyan numerous times including that dodgy network problem with the GameTap MOUL service (and of course, Mac was involved as well, heh). So, it shouldn't be so surprising that they created the MOSS server but it is still amazing to me, especially a'moaca's talents.

JWPlatt: MOSS was an incredible gift.  The original plan just had us releasing the Engine with the client and plugin.  Cyan needs to do more work on the server sources, so they were not available.  And we did not even plan to make the client buildable so it could actually be used out of the gate.  But a'moaca' independently contacted us about hosting MOSS not long after we started our open source release plans.  So now We had a working MOUL server and both a'moaca' and cjkelly1 aboard to make the client work.  We suddenly had the capacity to offer a complete MOUL shard.  It was an amazing achievement for them and a real treat for the community compared to our more modest, original plan.  And it took the pressure off Cyan to release their server sources.  It's great when you can do something to make things easier for someone else.

Are there any bugs or pieces of code that need to be worked on with the current release of the engine?

Chogon: Bugs! What bugs? Oooooooh. Those bugs.

Mac_Fife: Of course there are. In stripping out the code that Cyan couldn't redistribute and substituting alternative libraries, some "emergent properties" have arisen, not least several oddities with PhysX. That's on top of things that might already have been in Cyan's build of the software. We feel that the first thing that needs to be done is to try to get back to as near as possible a functional match to Cyan's build, so we've got a comparable baseline to work on. Rushing to try to add new features before getting the fundamentals working properly would just create more debug work in the future. 

a'moaca': "Yes." I keep hoping someone will come along and make it so public keys aren't compiled in, and shards can be accessed using the same client, just with different keys stored in files or something. But this is just the tip of what could be done, and obviously coming from my server-centric view. I just mention it because I think reducing barriers to people using the CWE client will make it easier to do more interesting things later.

JWPlatt: There's a lot to do.  The third party SDKs Cyan had to remove for open source release need to be replaced.  The 3ds Max plugin needs to be able to get built with the version 7 SDK somehow.  The client that you run on your computer is only the external release.  The internal builds used for testing still need work.  People have been reporting bugs for years.  Many of them still exist - probably a lot of your "favorites" like broken JPGs or not being able to sit and chat at the same time.  Wouldn't they be nice to fix?  But we would prefer to concentrate on restoring functionality before getting to the pesky bugs people love to hate.  That's not to say some of the little things can't be fixed on the way.  They just shouldn't become a distraction from higher priorities.

Rarified: I would like to add that we set up the bugtracking tools for this purpose.  I hope that people who have encountered bugs will visit the OpenUru bugtracker (called JIRA), and enter descriptions of the problems they've seen.  Unless it's recorded somewhere you can't be sure if you were the only person to encounter a bug, or see if others have seen it.  And it is a lot easier for developers to browse the bug database and see if what they're working on has already fixed a bug, or could lead to a fix.  Again the effectiveness of this depends on getting people involved: submitting bugs, looking for bugs to fix, looking to test fixes.

Will pursue a working relationship with the GoW?

Mac_Fife: It's more the case that provides tools that we hope will assist developers, age builders, artists, etc., whatever allegiances they may or may not have. We hope that as many people as possible will make use of these facilities - it was what was originally created for.

JWPlatt: This really is a question that deserves a larger scope.  There's a world of people out there who might want to be involved.  We will pursue or invite working relationships with any group of developers or any individual developer.  Any venture like this is going to work better and reap more rewards when everyone shares what they do.  That's open source.  Open source is a big world and we hope to attract lots of people, many of whom we've probably never heard of yet.  If you'd like to read what we have been reading during our preparations, take a look at Karl Fogel's free book, "Producing Open Source Software" by downloading it from

Rarified: To some degree I believe we already are in a working relationship with GoW.  A key tenet of open source is the sharing of contributions.  I hope that the GoW will be happy to let us incorporate changes and improvements that they have spent a long time thinking about and now are able to realize.  There are some differences in our thinking about how to perform software development, but that doesn't preclude each benefitting from the strengths of the other (and there are more parties to the MOULa community than just GoW and OpenUru).  And I expect that over time OpenUru will have some assets and resources that other groups and individuals will consider valuable and we'd be pleased in that case to contribute back.

cjkelly: I wish them the best of luck in achieving their goals (ripping out and replacing PhysX is a big task - although PhysX runs on Linux, so maybe not strictly needed).  I hope that if they have a need for resources can provide, that they will consider stopping by.

Does OpenURU feel that it has achieved a successful open source project that can receive positive contribution from community?

Mac_Fife: "Success" suggests project completion and we're only at the beginning of this project, not the end. You could say that yes, we feel we successfully helped Cyan to launch the Open Source project and get the Engine out to the public. As for receiving positive contributions, we're already starting to see some community efforts coming back in through the repositories.

JWPlatt: We have successfully helped Cyan Worlds to launch their code with support for a fully operable shard and the resources and tools to develop that further.  Positive contributions are essential to its ultimate success.  To that end, we want to provide a friendly, but professional atmosphere.  When I say "we," I mean anyone who wants to contribute and eventually gain a place of merit among the community.  Those of us who launched the effort will enjoy seeing the community run the project.

Rarified: Agreement -- your question implies we've arrived at some end state.  I think we have helped with the launch of the open source project.  We've tried to anticipate the future needs of a growing community and put in place initial solutions to those needs.  But the real success will be determined by keeping the project going, growing, and exploring.  Nothing OpenUru has offered so far should be considered a final word on how to progress.  Progress and planning will come from involvement of passionate community members who are willing to contribute to and help define goals to work toward.  And when those goals are met, I'm sure there will be no shortage of new ones to start addressing.  It doesn't sound like an ending has been written, yet.

Has the OpenURU team thought about new features that can be added to improve engine?

Mac_Fife: During the two or three years that has been running there have been many interesting suggestions made, but possibly the most recurring question we see is "Where is the native Mac/Linux version?". That's a relatively big task, because cross platform support means removing dependencies on things like PhysX and DirectX. PhysX is a particular issue because replacing that could result in the need to make adjustments in the PRP files for ages. That's maybe not such a big issue for fan ages but as there is no license that permits modifying Cyan's ages then that could break compatibility with MOULa.

JWPlatt: We've all played the game countless times, know what we like, and know some of the things we want to see happen.  Personally, my pet peeves are corrupt JPGs, a too-grabby windowed mode, num lock beyond my control, not being able to sit down and chat at the same time for goodness sake, and the lack of a fully automated Lake Project for the pellets.  "Bevin" was one of those pet peeves, but congrats to vidkid7 on his success there already!  But it really does not matter what the original team's fondest wishes are.  We're hoping that everyone can join in to determine the things that most people want.

Rarified: I'd like to take some serious time to wander the cavern again (I haven't had the time to visit "countless times" I'm afraid :)).  I don't have something specific in-character right now I really need fixed.  But I am a bit of a networking geek.  I think I'd enjoy participating in efforts to explore alternative communication topologies between clients and servers to increase the scale of the game (meaning you could have more than 50 people in an instance and not see much lag).  But I'm talking about changes that would be incompatible with MOULa as it exists today, and it's a little premature to talk about how or when to work on large scale changes to the "official" game.  That's not our decision, in any case.  We can only offer ideas or examples and see if they are compelling.

There seem to be a lot of viable suggestions in the "Getting the Ball Rolling" thread on your forums. What suggestions did you like? What suggestions did you not like? How do you plan on implementing the suggestions you found favorable?

Mac_Fife: There has been a lot of discussion there about "keeping the barriers low" for any developers making contributions: That's fair comment and we possibly have our barriers set a little high right now. But we're all people with long standing experience of software development in professional environments and recognize the value and need for "process" to maintain integrity. It's about getting the balance right and we're not there yet. We need to get people in place to man the barriers and ensure that they're set right, but it's bit of a chicken and egg situation while we get started. We would have loved to have got some people on board for this prior to the Open Source release, but we had to keep things on a "need to know" basis until Cyan were ready to announce. 

JWPlatt: We like the suggestions about reviews.  We're a believer.  We liked the suggestions on the MOUL forums, most memorably by Denis, but also by others when open source was originally announced in 2008 that we should use a Mercurial repository to consider this very distributed community.  We're a believer.  We like the suggestion about hosting a mirror repository.  That was actually on my original ToDo list before release.  We like the criticism that we weren't keeping the barriers low enough at the start.  If you'll read the book by Karl Fogel I mentioned earlier, you'll see we take that seriously.  We will address all these things now and in the future as the come up.  Any criticisms that also come with solutions and offers of participation are even better.

Are there any restrictions that will be placed on the development repository?

Mac_Fife: Simply for the sake of sanity, there needs to be some restriction on who has commit access to the repository, and we're in the process of trying to fast track people into position for that.

JWPlatt: There was originally a requirement to have an account on's Foundry to pull (download) the software.  We could not predict interest in a project as large in scope as one by Cyan Worlds, so it was prudent to prepare for significant demand.  Remember what happened when MOULa first came up?  Since then, we have been moving toward anonymous access as things settle and we are able to make those adjustments.  At the moment, anonymous access is provided with guest access (user guest, password guest).  There will be a review process by peers for peers before changes make it into the main trunk.  All qualified (by peers and the community) developers have access to the repository to commit their own changesets and branches for review.  Or we will sync up to their work (being open source and all) and pull it in.  Commit access, meaning those who can make changes, to the main trunk will be earned from the community of developers by the merits of their work, probably some participation in constructive reviews of their peers, and overall community participation.  How smaller, intimate development groups manage their own projects before it gets to the main trunk - the stable software to be used for your own shards or MOULa - is left completely up to them until their work is reviewed and ready for the main trunk.  The Foundry at can point its tools to any remote repository, so all our resources and tools are available to anyone, anywhere.

Rarified: Don't break it!  How we manage to accomplish that will be a matter of experimenting with different processes.  I expect that there will be a drop-box repository branch that will be very open for developers to push a change to so it can be shared, whenever they choose.  But based on the last few decades of experience in software engineering, we would benefit from some form of review for those changes to make their way toward being in the "current offering" state.  By the way, reviewing changes is not something only for "experienced developers", whatever that means.  It's a real opportunity to learn by reading why a change was needed, where in the source code the change had to be applied, and how the change works.  The review pages are available for anyone to browse, so you can see comments by others on source changes, think about the reasoning behind them.  Even question them if you disagree with a conclusion or implementation.  Take advantage of the opportunity.

Chogon: The only one restriction that I want is to have a branch (default) to be what is on (or completely compatible with) MOULa. Other branches can go as wild as the wind but I want one branch where people can go and get something that will be compatible with the MOULa service - new fan created content and code changes created from this branch will have a far better chance of getting into MOULa, which is something I dearly want to see!

How will Cyan’s eventual release of the MOULa server code impact the work that has already been done to create MOSS? Will there be any advancements made as a result? How will the MOSS project work to successfully use Cyan’s server code?

a'moaca': The release of the MOULa server code would mean there is another open source server implementation. I'm not sure how that could impact what was done in the past. Certainly the server code would reveal new things about how MOSS ought to work. For example, I'd love to know what algorithm is used to filter kickable messages (e.g., cones). Everyone in the age tells the server what *they* think that cone should do, and the server has to in turn pick something to tell everyone else is the final answer. MOSS does it, but not as well as Cyan's server. So MOSS could definitely learn a thing or two.

a'moaca': What I don't think is likely to be worth the effort is trying to merge the two in a single shard. Because we can't see what goes on server-side, there's no way MOSS handles clustering servers in a shard the same way the MOUL server does. And for bigger ideas of being able to run some kind of multi-shard system where you can move between shards... well, I rather doubt the MOUL server has any support for an inter-shard system either. Why would Cyan write that when the plan was for one Uru? So if people wanted that, we'd have to invent a way to make that happen, and implement it in both, and then shards running on either server would be able to work together in that way.

Chogon: That is such a long ways off it is hard to think about. Actually, I can imagine things being released that would tie the MOSS servers and the MOULa service together. Such as a way for the MOSS server to authenticate users against the MOULa accounts. That way everyone just needs to maintain one account across many servers. Or be able to link from one age instance running in a game server on MOULa to an age instance that is running in a game server on a MOSS server - so it would be less about shards and more like clouds of age instances running all over the world. Maybe a little far fetched but with a bit of work it could be doable with the right cooperation between the two server types.

Mac_Fife: Cyan have indicated that there are complications in getting their server code ready for release, and that it'll take some time, so a'moaca's MOSS came along at a very opportune moment. MOSS and the MOULa server code are two completely separate implementations of the same application, and each runs in a different environment: MOULa needs Windows Server 2003 and an Oracle database, MOSS runs on Linux with a PostgreSQL database, so the codebases aren't really comparable except in overall function.

cjkelly: PostgreSQL was chosen for MOSS because seemed that it had better support for stored procedures and LISTEN/NOTIFY (even though we currently do not use LISTEN/NOTIFY).  The pl/pgsql language is very close to Oracle.  When Cyan server sources are available, it should be a simple matter to adapt their stored procedures for MOSS, if it is determined that such a thing is desired.  I believe there are even guides about such a thing floating around on the internet.

JWPlatt: We don't expect the MOULa server code to be released any time soon.  With MOSS, there is also less pressure for Cyan to release their server sources.  MOSS will certainly advance with participation, but perhaps only within its own infrastructure at first.  Maybe things like Mark's description of subshards in the past (he called them front-end shards, but, well, I like subshards better - heh) are needed.  Or support of additional databases like MySQL and Oracle.  Some advancements may involve the protocol.  The protocol between your client and the server is what MOULa and MOSS have in common.  It's what makes them compatible even though the actual programming languages and platforms are different.  Advancement to that will require compatibility on both ends.  How that would work remains to be seen.

What benefits are there to these new tools and how will they impact the age creation process?

a'moaca': The big answer is that people will now be able to test and play their new ages in the newer (MOUL-era) client, and in a multiplayer setting. This is a natural effect of the primarily single-player Path of the Shell-based testing done earlier, but there tend to be multiplayer problems in new ages. Even Cyan has multiplayer problems in some of their ages! Some of the work I did on the Alcugs server years ago was aimed at improving multiplayer support so that new ages could be made to work correctly multiplayer. So MOSS will hopefully help with that goal too.

a'moaca': MOSS also tries to help out with age testing. For example, to change an age's SDL file in Alcugs, you had to shut the server down and I hated that, so with MOSS, you don't have to shut down the server. Another thing MOSS lets you do is give different Python to different account holders. In theory, this way you can restrict who has the code or even access to new ages while they're being tested. But I think we will see a move away from getting precompiled Python from the server (which I think is a good move overall) -- but when I wrote the feature for MOSS I had no idea we would be able to do that so easily. :)

a'moaca': The nice thing about the open source is if we need either the client or server to change to ease age creation, in ways not already present... we can do it!

Mac_Fife: Probably the greatest benefit is the relative ease of testing your ages against a MOUL compatible server.

JWPlatt: The benefits are clear: New content now has a path to MOULa for all the acclaim, notoriety, oohs and ahhs inherent in getting your work seen on Cyan Worlds' shard.  Or you can build your own shards to publicly showcase your own work and that of friends.  This "reconstruction" is what everyone has been waiting for since... forever.

Rarified: I'd like to mention once more that the Foundry exists so you don't have to be an expert in every aspect of building the whole game.  If you're an age developer, we hope we can offer a server and client already built that you can use to test your age.  If you want to explore age building, maybe all you want to change is a small script describing how something looks or acts.  We might be able to set up a process at the Foundry to build a game with just that one small change, and then that version of the game would be made available for you to download.   Likewise for small changes to the game source code.  Such things may be a ways off in time (or never happen if we don't hear that such things would be useful), but they're possible.

How does OpenURU as a whole plan to adapt to the needs of the community? Do you feel that you have done that already?

Mac_Fife: It's a process of continual improvement. Right from the start we've sought to find out what tools people needed from, and tried to provide them, often putting up alternatives for evaluation. We set up the Mercurial repository for CWE because it's what people were telling us was best tool for a project that might have many forks and branches. We're seeing people starting to ask for a "server in a box" type of solution to setting up a shard. It's something we had in mind a long time ago, but now we're looking at that more seriously as something we could provide.

JWPlatt: We provide the community with resources and tools it needs to have a voice that everyone can hear to achieve the long-awaited dream of creating their own content on Cyan's platform.  I'd like to emphasize that we are all Open Uru. can be anyone who participates and contributes, not just "they."  What we've done is a start.  It needs your (the collective 'your') participation.  If past demand is any indication, there will be a lot of people who want to participate and we'll make every effort to give them that chance.  Most of the changes made to are derived from public suggestions.  For example, I remember a particular post from Sophia in 2008 who plainly said our site lacked coherence and was difficult to navigate.  We built those improvements into our open source release schedule, providing much better coherence and navigation.  We don't assume anything is "done."  We'll continue to take criticism and suggestions and try to channel that into something that works for as many people as possible.  

Rarified: The same things can be said about processes.  We're just trying our first best guess on how to steer things.  Tell us if you see icebergs in our path and we'll try to maneuver around them.  We need to hear from the active members of the community, and we need those members to listen as we accumulate sometimes conflicting needs and make a choice.

So now that all the work has been accomplished it is up to the community to move forward with this new expanse of opportunity. Has there been any comments made by members of the community that have really impressed you as far as ambition goes?

Mac_Fife: There are a couple of people who've been enthusiastically getting to grips with the 3ds Max plugin, which is something we didn't have time to look at too much before the official release. Taking a slightly different view on "ambition", it's been good to see some relatively inexperienced people taking the MOSS sources and managing to build their own server. So, as well as getting open source out to the masses this might be drawing more people into an active interest in the development side of things.

JWPlatt: I know what you're asking, but I'd leave out so many people.  I'll mention just one: Mark DeForest (Chogon).  He has been all along a champion of making fan content a reality and getting open source done and out there.  Rand has also wanted to be "chugging down that open source track," but it was up to Mark to implement it and deal with all of us crazy-mad Uru zealots with amazing tolerance and grace.  I admire and aspire to his generosity and kindness not only in this community but in other completely unrelated things as well.  I don't know how he finds the time.  If there's anyone to thank for their ambition to see all this realized and for things to come, it's Mark DeForest.

Rarified: I also will mention Mark.  Although I still have very limited contact directly with him, I'm starting to learn how he approaches problems and balances the incredibly demanding position of a CTO at a company with the needs of a passionate user base which can never be completely satisfied.  I'm not sure how he does it.  But since you mentioned ambition, I'll have to bite and acknowledge the extraordinary energy and ambitions of the GoW development group.  They've spent a lot of time learning how the game works from inside out, and in the course of that learning have discovered things that can be fixed, improved, or added outright.  They have a vision they want to realize for the future of MOULa.  But it is only one of perhaps many different visions.  I look forward to seeing their work become a part of what the community as a whole wants and can make happen.

OpenURU Interview Article


Open About Open Source


Interview by: Brad “AgeExplorer” Christensen


Article by: Patrick “Doobes” Dulebohn


The Beginning


On April 6th, Mark “Chogon” DeForest posted an announcement in the Myst Online: URU Live forums.  It was a letter from Myst co-creator and Cyan Worlds CEO Rand Miller to all of us in the community.  Thanks to the work of Cyan and a handful of dedicated individuals, open source URU Live was now a reality.  To say this announcement sent shockwaves throughout the community would be an understatement.  This is something most die-hard fans had been waiting for since the closing of the Gametap servers, the subsequent regaining of the rights to Myst Online by Cyan, their first announcement of plans for open source, and the reopening of the cavern in February of last year. 

Their “cautious optimism” had been rewarded once more.

How exactly did open source finally come about?  Of course, we all have questions, as this had come quite out of the blue for most of us not already in the loop. For this, was sent questions by AgeExplorer of the Guild of Messengers, with many of the key individuals involved responding.

Work for open source began on or around December of 2008.  Despite their great desire to get the material out to their fans as soon as they could, Cyan had to focus first and foremost on paying projects.  One such project was “MagiQuest Online”, which brought JWPlatt of Creative Kingdoms into a business relationship with Cyan, and frequent discussions with Chogon.

“I remained in contact with Mark (Chogon) fairly consistently after MagiQuest Online Chapter One was completed”, said JWPlatt, “and the topic of open source would come up occasionally.”  He, along with Mac_Fife from the MOUL forums, kept open source on Cyan’s presumably long list of things to do.  After the release of the “Riven” port for iOS on December 15, Chogon felt it was the right time to push to get open source out.  And so, about two days later, he sent an e-mail to Rand, Tony Fryman (President of Cyan Worlds), and the team detailing the latest plan for open source.

Crutial Component Replacement

One problem was the fact that there was no server code to be included with the rest of the open source tools.  While the release of just the client and plugin sources would have been a large step in and of itself, source code for server software was needed to turn that step into a giant leap.  And Cyan was still far from ready with any offering of their code.  Enter a’moaca’ and cjkelly, developers of MOSS (Myst Online Server Software), which was built by inspecting the network traffic between the client and Cyan servers. There was never any access to the original server code for the development of MOSS. In a case of excellent timing, soon after this new push for open source began, they introduced MOSS to the team.

“MOSS was an incredible gift,” JWPlatt said of their work. “The original plan just had us releasing the Engine with the client and plugin. […] But a’moaca’ independently contacted us about hosting MOSS not long after we started our open source release plans.  So now we had a working MOUL server and both a’moaca’ and cjkelly aboard to make the client work.  We suddenly had the capacity to offer a complete MOUL shard.”

“They have helped me and Cyan numerous times,” added Chogon, “including that dodgy network problem with Gametap MOUL service (and of course, Mac[-Fife] was involved as well, heh).”  The fact they were able to create such a project was no surprise to the Cyan employee, as he had met them previously during Mysterium, an annual gathering of fans, at Cyan Worlds’ offices in Spokane, WA.  “I had to pry her and cjkelly away from a wayward printer at Cyan they were going to set right.  Not that I didn’t think they couldn’t fix it, it just didn’t seem right that fans on vacation should be working on such stuff.  But of course, digging deep into the internals of things is the way of a’moaca and cjkelly.”

For a’moaca’, MOSS work began simply for fun.  “MOSS started out as a smaller project both to let me ‘keep’ the MOUL ages, and to see what the interesting parts really are in a server project.”  Over time, her pastime grew into a full-fledged multiplayer server project. 

As would be expected, it was not easy work.  There were many roadblocks in the development process.  “Sometimes we had to just write something and see what happened when you put it all together and tried to play the game”, a’moaca’ said of the troubles.  “We got stuck for months on a bug where avatars would be invisible to others, but in a very asymmetric way.”  Despite this, the sometimes tedious work continued and progressed until they had something to present to Cyan, and as a result, created a way to alleviate the pressure on the company to release its own server source code.

Putting It Together

            Another concern raised by the OpenUru team was how exactly to organize the distribution and building process.  Surely, a centralized collection of tools would be needed for a bit of consistency in the course of development.  Rarified, a later addition to the team, spent the time that Cyan and the others were working through the legal details to create the framework for just such a collection called “the Foundry”.  Said Rarified, “I had hoped that this shared set of tools and processes would be attractive both to the MOULa community, making it easier for non-technical people to have access to current versions of the game, as well as to Cyan by having a well known place for collaboration and sharing new (and fixed) elements of the open source game.”

            Despite having the repositories, bug-tracking, and source code browsing and review tools at launch, Rarified mentioned there is still more that can be done with the Foundry.  “The infrastructure to build the source code into programs you can run on your computers exists,” he said, “but still needs to be configured to monitor the repositories and perform the build tasks.”  There are many other options being considered for his part of the project, including creating automated tests of new builds and to even make available, through a shared environment, tools most don’t readily have access to, such as 3DS Max.

Much to Be Done

            So what happens now that open source has been unleashed upon the public?  Everyone from Cyan and OpenUru makes it clear that, despite the release, the real work is far from over.  Debatably, the most important issue is properly replacing the code that Cyan needed to take out due to rights issues.  “In stripping out the code that Cyan couldn’t redistribute and substituting alternative libraries,” said Mac_Fife, “some ‘emergent properties’ have arisen, not least several oddities with PhysX.  That’s on top of things that might already have been in Cyan’s build of the software.”  He goes on to say, “We feel that the first thing that needs to be done is to try to get back to as near as possible a functional match to Cyan’s build, so we’ve got a comparable baseline to work on.  Rushing to try to add new features before getting the fundamentals working properly would just create more debug work in the future.”

            JWPlatt was in agreement on this as well.  “[…] we would prefer to concentrate on restoring functionality before getting to the pesky bugs people love to hate.”  In the meantime, Rarified’s aforementioned bug-tracker, dubbed “JIRA”, can gather any and all submitted descriptions of bugs and glitches into one central database for future fixing, testing, and status updates.  It would be the place for programmers to check which bugs were still a problem or not, and how widespread said problem was.

            As for collaborating with others who have already been working diligently on opening up and modifying various aspects of the game for years - most notably the Guild of Writers - the OpenUru team says it is willing to start professional relationships with anyone wanting to help.  As JWPlatt puts it: “We will pursue or invite working relationships with any group of developers or any individual developer.  Any venture like this is going to work better and reap more rewards when everyone shares what they do.  That’s open source.”  Mac_Fife insists that is merely a place that “provides tools that we hope will assist developers, age builders, artists, etc., whatever allegiances they may or may not have.”

            One of the key points that Cyan, OpenUru, and indeed most fans, have been stressing is that access to all the materials should be as open as possible.  However, some restrictions will need to be required in order to prevent breaking of crucial systems.  However, they say the process will be open to other qualified people in due time.  “[…] we’re in the process of trying to fast track people into position for that,” said Mac_Fife.  It should be noted that, while at first an original account was needed to acquire the source files, since then, a guest account has been set up to make the process a bit easier (username: guest, password: guest).  “We could not predict interest in a project as large in scope as one by Cyan Worlds,” said JWPlatt, “so it was prudent to prepare for significant demand.”  Chogon would only request one particular restriction: that one main branch of development be set aside “to be what is on (or completely compatable with) MOULa.”

            The most important thing the team wanted to stress was that, while the tools were released and were available initially on their site, this project belongs to everyone in the  community.  As such, it will take the effort of everyone and anyone willing to help to keep the project afloat.  “I'd like to emphasize that we are all Open Uru,” explained JWPlatt.  “ can be anyone who participates and contributes, not just 'they.' What we've done is a start. It needs your (the collective 'your') participation.  If past demand is any indication, there will be a lot of people who want to participate and we'll make every effort to give them that chance.”

Looking Forward

            Someday in the future, Cyan does plan to release the actual MOULa server code, and one might wonder if this will conflict with the current MOSS server code in any way.  The release of their code could only help MOSS, says a’moaca’.  “Certainly the server code would reveal new things about how MOSS ought to work.  For example, I’d love to know what algorithm is used to filter kickable messages (e.g. cones). […] MOSS does it, but not as well as Cyan’s server.  So MOSS could definitely learn a thing or two.”  cjkelly added, “When Cyan server sources are available, it should be a simple matter to adapt their stored procedures for MOSS, if it is determined that such a thing is desired.”

            Perhaps the most important thing in the casual player’s mind is new content.  The tools provided will make it easier for such creations to be tested on the more current MOUL client, as before the release, it was regulated to slightly more outdated “Path of the Shell” and “Complete Chronicles” versions of the game.  Testing new Ages in-game will also be easier.  a’moaca’ explains, “[…] to change an age’s SDL file in Alcugs [server software], you had to shut the server down and I hated that, so with MOSS, you don’t have to shut down the server. […] The nice thing about the open source is if we need either the client or server to change to ease age creation, in ways not already present…we can do it!”

            Open source MOUL is the culmination of countless hours of work on the part of Cyan Worlds, Inc. and its dedicated employees that have created some of our favorite video games, and have also supported the Myst/URU community for so many years, above and far beyond what most video game companies would allow these days.  Also to be thanked are not only the individuals in the team, but all those who have taken up the cause of helping one of our most cherished games continue to thrive and evolve.  With the advent of open source, the possibilities will be near endless due in no small part to all their tireless efforts. 

“The ending has not yet been written”…and so it is the same for Myst Online: URU Live. ***


(Special thanks goes to, in no particular order: Mark DeForest (Chogon) of Cyan Worlds, JWPlatt, Mac_Fife, Rarified, a’moaca’, and cjkelly for their participation in this interview.)

How to create Game Videos

A tutorial on making video game videos, updated in April 2010 from the original articles published in the September and December 2009 Guild of Messengers "Where R U Uru?" Newspaper.

Tutorial by Marten
Imagery by Szark

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2007, August 20th Chatlog: Pre-GoMe/All Guilds Meeting #1

Original threads can be found here:

(08/20 20:00:03) CAGrayWolf: Shorah Montgomery
(08/20 20:00:03) Whilyam: ...
(08/20 20:00:14) Kato: Yes shorah Montgomery.
(08/20 20:00:21) Ghaelen D'Lareh: shorah Montgomery, thanks for organizing this
(08/20 20:00:22) Montgomery: OK ... who's got the boom box?
(08/20 20:00:22) Thend: Seriously, stop that so they can get on with the meeting or I warn you I'll dance!
(08/20 20:00:22) CAGrayWolf: Please turn the musib OFF.
(08/20 20:00:31) kyashii: Turn the music OFF, it makes people crash in big numbers
(08/20 20:00:45) Paradox: !shorah Montgomery
(08/20 20:01:01) kyashii: To the meeting room!!!!!
(08/20 20:01:08) J'anim Paedet: Hello there Montgomery!
(08/20 20:01:18) From Ravenclaw in Ercana: howdy boss... anything going on lately
(08/20 20:01:26) TCT Stellaflora puts an invisable water cooler in the Auditaurim corridor.
(08/20 20:01:41) Kato gets a cup of water...thanks, Stella.
(08/20 20:01:47) To Ravenclaw in Ercana: -- just the All-Guild Meeting in Kirel right now. Come on by.
(08/20 20:01:53) Whilyam puts an invisible bathtub full of chicken wings next to it
(08/20 20:02:04) J'anim Paedet invisably helps himself
(08/20 20:02:14) Kato picks up a wing
(08/20 20:02:16) Ghaelen D'Lareh laughs and says "yay, food and water!"
(08/20 20:02:35) From Ravenclaw in Ercana: oh ya forgot aout that was toing tonight bue might be busy so I will
(08/20 20:02:36) Thend considers getting some water but, knowing him, would probably end up soaking himself somehow, so just grabs a chicken wing and thanks everybody
(08/20 20:02:37) Whilyam: Speech, speech!
(08/20 20:02:38) TCT Stellaflora puts a vegitarian option on the other side of the chicken wings
(08/20 20:02:42) Montgomery: OK, are we ready to start?
(08/20 20:02:45) MustardJeep places "Food Station" sign over the food written in invisable ink.
(08/20 20:02:47) kyashii cheers
(08/20 20:02:49) Kato: I think so.
(08/20 20:02:52) Animate Rain takes all the wings
(08/20 20:03:04) AtionSong: Where is everyone?
(08/20 20:03:07) CAGrayWolf: Yeah ... let's get this party ... ummm ... meeting started right.
(08/20 20:03:08) Anthony: lets go please
(08/20 20:03:12) Thend looks around for a bit
(08/20 20:03:12) DaytonaKit: auditorium
(08/20 20:03:15) Montgomery: I need a second to scroll through my laggy Age List to see who's here. Stand by.
(08/20 20:03:19) TCT Stellaflora thinks AR will be sick eating a bathtub full of invisable wings
(08/20 20:03:26) Whilyam: You have 57 minutes... Begin!
(08/20 20:03:33) Dalken Starbyne: XD
(08/20 20:03:36) kyashii: do not type /look
(08/20 20:03:39) Paradox: Monty > click on someone near you, it should scroll the list up to the top
(08/20 20:03:43) Thend: Help Montgomery out. Everyone who is here, say 'Squee!'
(08/20 20:03:59) Dalken Starbyne: Squee!
(08/20 20:03:59) kyashii: SQUEE!
(08/20 20:04:00) TCT Stellaflora: Before this meeting starts, is it OK if I walk about occasionaly to take picture for The Archiver?
(08/20 20:04:00) Whilyam: All events at this meeting occur in real time...
(08/20 20:04:02) DaytonaKit: squee
(08/20 20:04:02) MustardJeep: Squee!
(08/20 20:04:02) CAGrayWolf: Squee!
(08/20 20:04:05) melodilynn: and if you're not here, what should you say?
(08/20 20:04:06) Kato: ...I tend to say "Squee!" regardless of who I'm helping :D
(08/20 20:04:07) Animate Rain: Squee!
(08/20 20:04:08) From moirajane: when will q"s be?
(08/20 20:04:14) TCT Stellaflora: Squee!
(08/20 20:04:17) DaytonaKit: Quees!
(08/20 20:04:19) Montgomery: Lynnutte?
(08/20 20:04:25) Ian A. Pertwee: Squee!
(08/20 20:04:26) Garymuc: me ghost
(08/20 20:04:26) Thend: SQUEE!
(08/20 20:04:27) Whilyam: 56:44 ... 56: 43 ... 56:42
(08/20 20:04:27) Andros: Squee!
(08/20 20:04:27) Javier: Squee!
(08/20 20:04:30) J'anim Paedet: squee!
(08/20 20:04:32) kyashii: SQUEE!!!!
(08/20 20:04:40) To moirajane: did you get the KI-mail I just sent?
(08/20 20:04:43) Sparrowhawk: squee
(08/20 20:04:44) From moirajane: yes
(08/20 20:04:51) [Relayer] Kerryth: Squee?
(08/20 20:04:58) Anthony: the news waits for no man so let get going
(08/20 20:04:58) Thend: Suqee.
(08/20 20:05:02) From TCT Stellaflora: Is it OK if I occasionaly wander about taking pictures for "The Archiver"?
(08/20 20:05:17) Montgomery: OK! Welcome. Thank you all for coming. 'll appologize in advance for the shortness of this meeting -- my lunch hour.
(08/20 20:05:21) Aura: Squee
(08/20 20:05:25) DaytonaKit scrolls through the list of age players and chuckles at some of the names
(08/20 20:05:26) To TCT Stellaflora: sure!
(08/20 20:05:33) From TCT Stellaflora: Thanks :)
(08/20 20:05:39) Thend takes offense
(08/20 20:05:47) Uli: Hi Lalune, lange nicht mehr gesehen
(08/20 20:05:52) Garymuc feels guildy
(08/20 20:05:54) Montgomery: I'd like to introduce moirajane, our Moderator.
(08/20 20:06:00) Hordath: hi altyd
(08/20 20:06:00) TCT Stellaflora wonders what Thend would want with a fence in D'ni
(08/20 20:06:00) kyashii claps his hands
(08/20 20:06:03) Thend claps his hands
(08/20 20:06:07) kyashii claps his hands
(08/20 20:06:10) [Relayer] Kerryth claps her hands
(08/20 20:06:13) Ghaelen D'Lareh waves at moirajane
(08/20 20:06:17) Aura claps her hands
(08/20 20:06:17) Sparrowhawk claps her hands
(08/20 20:06:17) Leonardo claps his hands
(08/20 20:06:19) J'anim Paedet claps his hands
(08/20 20:06:21) Dalken Starbyne claps his hands
(08/20 20:06:22) Kato claps his hands
(08/20 20:06:22) Animate Rain claps his hands
(08/20 20:06:23) Javier claps his hands
(08/20 20:06:26) Stephen C. claps his hands
(08/20 20:06:27) Ian A. Pertwee claps his hands
(08/20 20:06:29) Zirrus claps his hands
(08/20 20:06:30) moirajane: hello everyone
(08/20 20:06:31) Altydwarber: shorah all
(08/20 20:06:32) Garymuc bows
(08/20 20:06:34) Montgomery: In a bit I'll start discussions, so she will be a huge help in making that flow smoothly.
(08/20 20:06:34) TCT Stellaflora claps his hands
(08/20 20:06:37) DaytonaKit wabes.
(08/20 20:06:38) melodilynn apologizes in advance for stepping on people due to lag
(08/20 20:06:41) IBnetweasel gives a thumbs up to moira
(08/20 20:06:59) Montgomery: Thanks to all of the reps who came to represent their guilds/groups. I won't waste time singling them out.
(08/20 20:07:03) From Zedra: MJ and I will be sharing the moderating duties, and we are coordinating on skype.
(08/20 20:07:14) Montgomery: Is Pryftan here?
(08/20 20:07:26) From Zedra: do you want MJ to announce how to ask questions?
(08/20 20:07:37) Thend: Dunno. Ask the guy in charge ;)
(08/20 20:07:40) Montgomery: Oh -- Zedra is allso Moderating. So thank you both.
(08/20 20:07:50) Zedra bows
(08/20 20:07:55) Montgomery: Would the Mods please explain how you would like us to do this?
(08/20 20:08:00) MustardJeep: Doesn't "look" like it.....
(08/20 20:08:08) Garymuc claps his hands
(08/20 20:08:08) Whilyam: Pryftan is not here
(08/20 20:08:24) melodilynn takes a stroll through her age players list
(08/20 20:08:26) moirajane: Would everyone please pm Zedra with the word question
(08/20 20:08:45) moirajane: she will put you on a first come /first served list
(08/20 20:08:55) Whilyam: I will when I have a question ;)
(08/20 20:09:01) Swimmery4: Now, even if we dont have a question?
(08/20 20:09:01) moirajane: also please have your questions pre-typed
(08/20 20:09:37) Garymuc doesn't know what his question will be, yet
(08/20 20:09:50) Montgomery: OK. COol. I think this will work.
(08/20 20:10:01) From Anthony: what are we group reps going to end up doing
(08/20 20:10:03) moirajane: (remember to put /shout before your question)
(08/20 20:10:10) Montgomery: Does anyone have any questions about why we are here? Did you all read the topic?
(08/20 20:10:24) AtionSong: a brief summary would be nice
(08/20 20:10:31) CAGrayWolf: It helps to have all attending move closer to the stage.
(08/20 20:10:34) To Anthony: asnwer questions if any, and make suggestions if you have any.
(08/20 20:10:45) Swimmery4: What AtionSong said
(08/20 20:11:06) Swimmery4: OW OW OW lol
(08/20 20:11:12) Relayer Corps: Lol
(08/20 20:11:21) Ghaelen D'Lareh nudges Thend
(08/20 20:11:22) Montgomery: OK, basically I had a conversation with Reteltee about finding a way to promote cooperation between and among all guilds and groups. He agreed.
(08/20 20:11:22) From TCT Stellaflora: Should Zebda satand next to you to make clinking on Zebda easyer?
(08/20 20:11:26) melodilynn obediently takes a front row seat
(08/20 20:11:31) Thend nudges back lol
(08/20 20:12:08) Montgomery: I also have some ideas about leadership and the future of the guilds.
(08/20 20:12:08) Swimmery4: Getting cozy in here :)
(08/20 20:12:26) Montgomery: OK, I'l just sart.
(08/20 20:12:50) moirajane: (When you HAVE a question, please PM Zedra with the word Question)
(08/20 20:12:50) Ghaelen D'Lareh: can everyone sit, please?
(08/20 20:13:07) Montgomery: Sonce the main 5 guilds don't really exist (except the Greeters), I was thinking we could form what I'm calling "pre-guilds"
(08/20 20:13:08) WeebaccaJr kneels down...
(08/20 20:13:30) Montgomery: It would be the same as wearing the t-shirt -- a way to show support
(08/20 20:13:34) melodilynn: someone is playing with their mic
(08/20 20:13:46) Veralun: brockmaster bitte setz Dich
(08/20 20:13:46) Thend: It's the cones melodi
(08/20 20:13:48) Swimmery4: No, i think thats a cone
(08/20 20:13:55) melodilynn: oh
(08/20 20:13:56) melodilynn: sorry
(08/20 20:14:08) TCT Stellaflora: The Bahro agrees
(08/20 20:14:09) Swimmery4: Dont apologize :)
(08/20 20:14:11) Montgomery: Also a wayto communicate to the group -- a list of interested members and ther KIs
(08/20 20:14:23) Ghaelen D'Lareh: it's a conelody
(08/20 20:14:26) Garymuc: cones should be better educated
(08/20 20:14:35) AtionSong: are you going to collect KI number just here now, or in a forum
(08/20 20:14:53) NadeMinogue: forum hopefully
(08/20 20:15:03) Montgomery: There is no actual Guild to join, and no responsibilities or requirements. But we could all join these pre-guilds and feel like we're a part of something. And participate in the formation of the guilds.
(08/20 20:15:03) Thend: (Please PM Zedra with the word QUESTION if you have a question, thx)
(08/20 20:15:58) Montgomery: I'll leave collecting KIs and names to the guilds themselves. I'm nobody special, just a guy with a lot of ideas. MustardJeep came up with this idea, and is doing it for the Maintainers.
(08/20 20:16:41) Montgomery: I also have some ideas about leadership.
(08/20 20:16:58) Montgomery: Let me give a quick historical background. If I may.
(08/20 20:17:26) Whilyam: Whew... windy here...
(08/20 20:17:27) Swimmery4: Ok, thats a mic :)
(08/20 20:17:33) TCT Stellaflora covers hi ears
(08/20 20:17:34) melodilynn: yes, that's a mic!
(08/20 20:17:44) Whilyam: that's a cone
(08/20 20:17:45) Sti 'in: Oww my ears
(08/20 20:17:50) mookiethefourth: Owchie
(08/20 20:17:56) Swimmery4: The sky is up and the floor is down
(08/20 20:17:59) Montgomery: As I understand it (correct me if I'm wrong) the D'ni had a King and the Guilds. Andpower was balanced between them. Then when there was no King, the Guilds formed "The 5" and that's when things fell apart.
(08/20 20:18:07) Jishin: Can we get this show on the road? (:
(08/20 20:18:14) melodilynn: we are trying to
(08/20 20:18:35) Whilyam: Things fell apart even with the Kings when they became too prideful.
(08/20 20:18:45) Anthony: y
(08/20 20:18:54) Whilyam: The Guilds were only the last form of pride that killed D'ni.
(08/20 20:19:00) Ian A. Pertwee: (I think things went quite well with the five, but then I don't think of the D'ni as so terrible and wicked as most)
(08/20 20:19:01) Montgomery: True, Whilyam. BUt the power vacuum excellerated it.
(08/20 20:19:01) From Dalken Starbyne: King Kerath formed the basis of "The 5" system when he stepped down as King.
(08/20 20:19:01) Anthony: ya but never quit as bad
(08/20 20:19:19) melodilynn: too many bosses
(08/20 20:19:25) Whilyam: Perhaps, but that doesn't mean it couldn't have happened with a king.
(08/20 20:19:33) From Dalken Starbyne: :)
(08/20 20:19:35) Whilyam: See Jolatha.
(08/20 20:19:39) Whilyam: And Me'erta.
(08/20 20:19:46) Whilyam: Shomat, etc.
(08/20 20:20:00) Montgomery: Here's my point. A lot of signs point to Ahlsendar returning. And Cate has made a power grab of the DRC, and said she wants the guilds to run the affairs of the cavern.
(08/20 20:20:08) Anthony: the guilds countered Jolatha
(08/20 20:20:14) Anthony: and Me'etra
(08/20 20:20:14) Whilyam nods his head
(08/20 20:20:30) Veralun: sorry guys but is this a meeting to talk about the pro's or contra's from a Guild or are we here for soemthing else?
(08/20 20:20:44) From Relayer Corps: Do you want people to hold their comments till you are done?
(08/20 20:20:50) Altydwarber: let just go on and no discussion between
(08/20 20:20:52) NadeMinogue: but i thought that was the point of the guilds
(08/20 20:21:08) NadeMinogue: so the majority could be heard
(08/20 20:21:09) Montgomery: There will be a 3-way power struggle. The guilds lead by us would balance the King. But do you think Cate will simply step aside? I fear she may try to grab Guild power.
(08/20 20:21:19) melodilynn: just let montgomery finish
(08/20 20:21:21) Swimmery4: lets let montgomery say what he has to say w/o interruption, pardoning this one
(08/20 20:21:43) Montgomery: Thank you.
(08/20 20:21:45) From moirajane: Should I ask people to hold Q's until the end?
(08/20 20:22:15) Montgomery: SO, I suggest we don't let individuals run any of the "official " guilds. We use commitees instead. The way the Greeters already do.
(08/20 20:22:16) Paradox: I don't think taht we can say for sure that there will be a struggle, and I think it's needless at this point to presume
(08/20 20:22:28) To moirajane: yes, p-lease
(08/20 20:22:40) Whilyam: I agree.
(08/20 20:22:49) melodilynn agrees with the committee leadership idea
(08/20 20:22:52) From moirajane: You have 40 minutes
(08/20 20:22:54) J'anim Paedet agrees
(08/20 20:23:09) Whilyam: Ultimately the DRC will make a decision on how and who will run the guilds.
(08/20 20:23:15) Montgomery: perhaps, Paradox. But committee leadership is better for many reasons. ANd if we dn't prepare for what seems obvious to me, what will happen when it is too late?
(08/20 20:23:22) Whilyam: They will likely do this based on the work they have done.
(08/20 20:23:26) moirajane: (please hold all questions until the end--thanks)
(08/20 20:23:34) Swimmery4: The best cure is prevention
(08/20 20:23:42) Paradox: I'm not speaking against committee leadership. I agree on the points there :)
(08/20 20:24:29) KL/\RREN: Wenn ja, versuch mal auf 800 mal 600 zu stellen und dann nach kirel zu kommen.
(08/20 20:24:33) KL/\RREN: sorry
(08/20 20:24:35) NadeMinogue: yes so do most of us that way the majority will be represented
(08/20 20:24:37) Relayer Corps: lol
(08/20 20:24:47) Montgomery: My idea in a nutshell: an elected council of 5 or a larger odd number, nominated and elected by the memberships of each guild. ANY member can call for a vote of no confidence at any time.
(08/20 20:25:22) Montgomery: All 5 are equal.
(08/20 20:25:22) From Relayer Corps: Star Wars all over again. lol
(08/20 20:25:44) Whilyam: I like that. No one really has absolute power.
(08/20 20:25:51) From Relayer Corps: Sorry. i had to say it.
(08/20 20:25:52) AtionSong: Would elections occur on a regular basis, or would members be elected until they choose to step down?
(08/20 20:25:54) Kato: Yes, good idea.
(08/20 20:26:04) Montgomery: Details can be worked out later. There has been a lot of discussion on this in the Maintainers thread on the MOUL forum, if you want to read them.
(08/20 20:26:05) J'anim Paedet nods
(08/20 20:26:17) moirajane: (Please hold your questions until the end)
(08/20 20:26:23) Whilyam: Now to begin the voting on voting jokes...
(08/20 20:26:29) Montgomery: Details, AtionSong. Up to the members.
(08/20 20:26:35) Montgomery: I'll take questions, now.
(08/20 20:26:41) adox: No offense intended, but I don't think other guilds will take kindly to you "enforcing" a structure on them
(08/20 20:26:50) moirajane: Starvogen is first
(08/20 20:26:54) melodilynn was thinking the same thing
(08/20 20:26:58) Whilyam: Yes, let's form these groups and then work out the details.. it will avoid the issues with the liaisions.
(08/20 20:27:00) Swimmery4: It's just a suggested structure, paradox
(08/20 20:27:04) Relayer Corps: What would be the purpose of having pre-guilds if they don't do anything?
(08/20 20:27:05) moirajane: Kato is after Star
(08/20 20:27:09) Relayer Corps: sorry
(08/20 20:27:18) Relayer Corps: habit
(08/20 20:27:23) Montgomery: Starvogen?
(08/20 20:27:26) moirajane: Kato you're up
(08/20 20:27:35) Kato: Thanks.
(08/20 20:27:53) Kato: Sorry, I don't have mine typed, I didn't think it would go to me so fast, give me a second please.
(08/20 20:27:54) moirajane: Kato is next
(08/20 20:28:31) Montgomery: NP -- After I leave, please feel free to continue the discussions. I'll go AFK and continue to log.
(08/20 20:28:57) moirajane: (Relayer Corps is up after Kato)
(08/20 20:29:02) Swimmery4: in the future, for everyone who wants to ask something, have it pre-typed for when you're called
(08/20 20:29:24) moirajane: thanks Swimmery :)
(08/20 20:29:25) Kato: A lot of us I'm sure (I know me and my group have) have been wanting to start guilds and may or may not be far into this process--but we're confused about if we'll be accepted by the community, or by the DRC. We fear being rejected. Personaly, I think whoever claims to start the Guild first should be in charge of it.
(08/20 20:29:54) Whilyam: Pre-guild.
(08/20 20:30:12) Whilyam: The DRC will start the genuine guilds.
(08/20 20:30:13) Montgomery: Good point, Kato. THe problem, is, it isn't a race, and just being first hardly makes you the best.
(08/20 20:30:25) moirajane: RElayer Corps you're up
(08/20 20:30:26) Katee: click your mouse Mookie the button is stuck down
(08/20 20:30:29) Relayer Corps: What would be the purpose of having pre-guilds if they don't do anything?
(08/20 20:30:35) mookiethefourth: Oh thx
(08/20 20:31:02) mookiethefourth does a dance
(08/20 20:31:16) Kato: Obviously, Montgomery. But-did the DRC start the Greeters? It was my understanding that they were first founded by explorers, then supported byt the DRC, and are now the only official guild. Is this assumption wrong?
(08/20 20:31:26) Stephen C.: No
(08/20 20:31:28) Montgomery: 1) so they can communicate with each other outside the cavern. 2) a group from which to nominate leaders. 3) a group to do the voting. 4) a group to discuss ideas/make decisions.
(08/20 20:31:38) moirajane: (Please PM Zedra with your questions and then heve them Pre typed)
(08/20 20:31:48) mookiethefourth: Is cate here
(08/20 20:32:00) Swimmery4: No, no DRC members are here
(08/20 20:32:08) Relayer Corps: does that mean the groups making up the guild would loose thier independance?
(08/20 20:32:18) Montgomery: Kato -- my understanding is that the Greeters were not consulted when the DRC chose to make then one of the 5. THey are still unsure if they want to be "official."
(08/20 20:32:42) Kato: Exactly. So why shouldn't we be able to start Guilds without the DRC's approval?
(08/20 20:32:50) CAGrayWolf: Mont ... not true. GoG was consulted and accepted.
(08/20 20:33:02) From Zedra: Please say Next when you're finished answering the question, please?
(08/20 20:33:11) Whilyam: Because the DRC is the one making the Guilds. Whatever anyone else makes will not be the DRC's guilds.
(08/20 20:33:13) Stevecrox: The GoG isn't worried about being offical but that the DRC may try to force them to work differently
(08/20 20:33:16) CAGrayWolf: That is ... we were consulted by Vyan ... not DRC
(08/20 20:33:29) Kato: I hope someone is logging this BTW?
(08/20 20:33:33) CAGrayWolf: Correct Steve
(08/20 20:33:34) moirajane: (did you ask your question?
(08/20 20:33:36) Montgomery: According to graydragon -- there is no guarantee that what we come up with will be accepted in the end. But Cyan would like us to creae the groundwork.
(08/20 20:33:41) Swimmery4: I think mont is logging
(08/20 20:33:59) CAGrayWolf: I'm also logging
(08/20 20:34:05) Relayer Corps: Would the groups making up the pre-guilds loose their independance?
(08/20 20:34:17) Kato: Good. Exactly, Montgomery. So, why whouldn't we start the Guilds now and then be accepted by the DRC later?
(08/20 20:34:27) LucyCat: Has the DRC imposed any requirements on the GOG so far?
(08/20 20:34:28) Kato: Will Reteltee be at the 7PM meeting?
(08/20 20:34:38) Montgomery: No way to know. Perhaps Reteltee can say -- he'll be at the 7pm meetng.
(08/20 20:34:42) melodilynn: what happened to being moderated?
(08/20 20:34:49) melodilynn: and sending questions to Zedra?
(08/20 20:34:51) Kato: Well, I've already consulted Reteltee on this issue.
(08/20 20:34:55) mookiethefourth: Yikes
(08/20 20:35:01) Montgomery: LucyCat -- not that I know of. But I think the DRC changed their official guild color without consulting them.
(08/20 20:35:12) moirajane: Ation Song is up
(08/20 20:35:13) CAGrayWolf: The DRC have never contacted the GoG to my knowledge.
(08/20 20:35:18) Swimmery4: We're still on a question i believe, i think we're open discussing each question
(08/20 20:35:27) mookiethefourth needs a moment to breathe!
(08/20 20:35:29) From Relayer Corps: You will need to support the moderation process if it is to work here.
(08/20 20:35:31) From moirajane: please say next when you are ready for the questions
(08/20 20:35:33) AtionSong: Okay, this is less a question and mroe of a new topic, but here goes
(08/20 20:35:41) Whilyam: ...
(08/20 20:35:43) [Relayer] Kerryth: Please answer Relayer Corps' question.
(08/20 20:35:50) To moirajane: sorry guys!
(08/20 20:35:51) Whilyam: Have your question Pre-Typed.
(08/20 20:35:54) Montgomery: Next question.
(08/20 20:36:01) Relayer Corps: I typed it twice!
(08/20 20:36:04) melodilynn: yes, RC's question got passed over.
(08/20 20:36:05) Zedra: (PLease just pm me the word "Question" and I will put your name in a queue that MoiraJane will then call.)
(08/20 20:36:07) Montgomery: I'm new at this -- sorry if I'm not helping the Mods.
(08/20 20:36:16) moirajane: OK RC is up
(08/20 20:36:28) moirajane: we are new at this too
(08/20 20:36:35) NadeMinogue: it will be both its really up to the guilds i suppose
(08/20 20:36:35) Relayer Corps: Will the groups making up the pre-guilds loose their independance?
(08/20 20:37:11) moirajane: RC could you ask again?
(08/20 20:37:13) Stevecrox: sure;ly thats up to the groups
(08/20 20:37:15) Montgomery: RC, no way of knowing what Cyan will decide. I feel and Reteltee agrees that if there is strng explorer agreement, Cyan will adopt it.
(08/20 20:37:24) Relayer Corps: ty
(08/20 20:37:52) Swimmery4: Next question was asking if membership will be open or closed
(08/20 20:38:12) lor: wow
(08/20 20:38:13) Montgomery: So, if we all strongly agree, for example, that a 5-person council should lead each guild, Cyan is more likely to not iimpose something else.
(08/20 20:38:13) AtionSong: Do people feel that/shout whether people think it should be or not
(08/20 20:38:23) Kato: What did he ask? I can't hear him for some reason. PM it to me please.
(08/20 20:38:24) Reeka: Jo ich glaub mir fallen auch die Augen zu ...N8
(08/20 20:38:41) moirajane: (Kyashii is up next)
(08/20 20:38:46) Montgomery: Membership would be open, I presume.
(08/20 20:39:06) Montgomery: Kyashii?
(08/20 20:39:11) AtionSong: Well, it makes sense for groups like GoG, but what about guilds that involve some sort of skill?
(08/20 20:39:14) Whilyam: Open with more experienced members teaching less experienced. I hope.
(08/20 20:39:19) mookiethefourth salutes
(08/20 20:39:23) mookiethefourth salutes
(08/20 20:39:27) NadeMinogue: 7 or 9 commity members would be an optio n too but more than 9 might be pushing it
(08/20 20:39:35) Whilyam grabs mookie and throws him off the balcony
(08/20 20:39:44) Swimmery4 thanks Whilyam
(08/20 20:39:44) Relayer Corps helps
(08/20 20:39:52) mookiethefourth: Thank you
(08/20 20:40:11) Montgomery: Next question? Or should I go to the next topic?
(08/20 20:40:19) moirajane: (Paradox is up next)
(08/20 20:40:20) Swimmery4 is being constantly reminded this is a game
(08/20 20:40:21) Paradox: "being the first doesn't make you the best"... I don't know... I'm actively working to establish a Guild of Writers, Kato can agree that I've been working with existing groups to try to get the best outcome possible. Now you come here and tell me that I'm doing it wrong and that I should be following your view and waiting for the DRC. The Greeters were all explorer organized; I imagine that other groups can handle that as well.
(08/20 20:40:38) Paradox: Are you saying that our efforts are in vain?
(08/20 20:40:52) moirajane: (THend you are after Paradox)
(08/20 20:40:54) Katee: hear hear!
(08/20 20:41:01) Kato: Yes, Paradox and I and several others have both been working hard on that front.
(08/20 20:41:07) Whilyam: I think that we should form groups, but not call them guilds. The DRC is creating the guilds.
(08/20 20:41:11) Montgomery: Paradox. Absolutely not. Not at all. I'm just here to offer suggestions to as many people as will listen.
(08/20 20:41:11) Kato: *have all been working...
(08/20 20:41:15) NadeMinogue: no the guild of writers would be an exception to that
(08/20 20:41:39) melodilynn: I would think that people would join the guilds where their talents are most suited
(08/20 20:41:45) Montgomery: But should I just assume dictatorial leadership of the Maintainers, because I tried to start that guild back in March?
(08/20 20:41:49) NadeMinogue: gow needs to be all are equil
(08/20 20:41:49) melodilynn: I can't program, so therefor I don't go to the guild of writers
(08/20 20:41:49) AtionSong: Well, I feel like if Cyan already had a system in place, they would have said SOMETHING about it. From their point of view, if we've already come up with a system, it's easier to implement than to create a new one.
(08/20 20:42:01) Whilyam: If we go starting up guilds that appear official we'll have needless confusion when official ones arise.
(08/20 20:42:06) Swimmery4: Mont has said he's giving suggestions, not forcing policy down guilds' throats
(08/20 20:42:14) moirajane: Thend your turn
(08/20 20:42:16) Thend: So, does this leave out anyone not interested in joining the specific 5 Guilds that have been announced by the DRC? Only those can participate? (Btw, isn't a King elected (I personally wouldn't observe the authority of a self-appointed King) - we institute the Guilds as per 'Lexie's instruction to recreate D'ni, we should have to elect a King of D'ni eventually, too, huh? lol)
(08/20 20:42:45) melodilynn refuses to consider electing a king of D'ni
(08/20 20:42:54) Montgomery: Thend, I hope not. That's one of the questions being asked of Reteltee to pass to Cyan.
(08/20 20:42:55) Dani: Oh, won't Lexie be King?
(08/20 20:42:56) moirajane: (TCT Stellaflora is up next)
(08/20 20:42:57) Kato: Agreed, melo.
(08/20 20:43:00) Whilyam: Everyone knows Vort is the Emperor of all D'ni.
(08/20 20:43:00) Relayer Corps refuses to elect Cate anything
(08/20 20:43:01) NadeMinogue: same no king
(08/20 20:43:12) TCT Stellaflora: Not sure if this has been answered already, but will the pre-guilds be including the various existing organisations that fit into the Guild catagory whilst maintainaing their indeviduality? Such as The Cavern Today and the Age Builder forums?
(08/20 20:43:24) Swimmery4: Unless Lexie's had an operation, i dont think she can be king :D
(08/20 20:43:33) Thend: She'd find a way lol
(08/20 20:43:37) Relayer Corps: lol
(08/20 20:43:37) Paradox: lol
(08/20 20:43:43) Whilyam: King Lexie! .. Ai!
(08/20 20:43:46) NadeMinogue: ok were getting off topic
(08/20 20:43:51) Relayer Corps: way off topic
(08/20 20:43:53) Whilyam: Badly..
(08/20 20:43:55) Ghaelen D'Lareh would like people with so many comments to hold just a few of them so more questions can be answered
(08/20 20:44:42) Montgomery: I don't suggest anyone looses anything in joining a pre-guild. It's like putting on a blue t-shirt. But who belongs under which umbrella needs to be decided, and I'm suggesting a pre-guild would be the group to make those decisions.
(08/20 20:44:52) moirajane: (Lucy Cat is up next
(08/20 20:45:06) LucyCat: Is there one place we can go to see what these new guilds are doing? or the people trying to form the new guilds are doing?
(08/20 20:45:17) From moirajane: that is the last person on the list
(08/20 20:45:21) NadeMinogue: the forums are a start
(08/20 20:45:37) LucyCat: which forums though - there are so many
(08/20 20:45:42) From moirajane: also you have 15 minutes
(08/20 20:45:45) Jishin: The MOUL forums.
(08/20 20:45:48) NadeMinogue: 2 in particular come to mind
(08/20 20:45:50) Swimmery4: I would say start with the MOUL ones
(08/20 20:46:01) NadeMinogue: MOUL and AOG
(08/20 20:46:09) CAGrayWolf: Shouldn't Monty be answering these questions?
(08/20 20:46:11) Montgomery: LC - yes! There is a Guilds sub-forum on the MO:UL forums. Also there is a subfrum for each of the "big 5" on the Assembly of Guilds.
(08/20 20:46:14) Relayer Corps: yes
(08/20 20:46:20) TCT Stellaflora: AOG?
(08/20 20:46:30) Montgomery: Yes, TCT
(08/20 20:46:40) Montgomery: OK, before I run out of time.....
(08/20 20:46:41) George (I'm on the surface, be back in a minute):
(08/20 20:47:35) Montgomery: I'm announcing a call for nominations for the Maintainer Council (pre-guild) on te AoG forum. No hurry -- we won't vote for awhile. Just getting the call rolling.
(08/20 20:47:48) Montgomery: *ball.
(08/20 20:48:10) NadeMinogue: 3 i can think of
(08/20 20:48:22) NadeMinogue: u montgumry
(08/20 20:48:23) From Stephen C.: jus letting you know that greydragon approached us to ask us for a diffrent color for the support shirt do to the fact cyan blue was already taken
(08/20 20:48:28) NadeMinogue: Warren
(08/20 20:48:32) NadeMinogue: and MJ
(08/20 20:48:39) Montgomery: Also, there was some talk about the Messengers forming a council to decide on the possible use of the site offered by TCT
(08/20 20:48:44) Leonardo: i would add Jishin Nade :)
(08/20 20:48:51) Jishin grins wryly.
(08/20 20:49:02) NadeMinogue: yes i guess jisin too
(08/20 20:49:07) NadeMinogue: lol
(08/20 20:49:12) Jishin: I totally missed the question, only heard Nade's answer. I'm not getting much here.
(08/20 20:49:16) Montgomery: Please -- let's nominate later -- not here.
(08/20 20:49:29) CAGrayWolf: Why were those names listed and for what was being answered?
(08/20 20:49:42) Jishin: I have no idea, CA.
(08/20 20:49:43) Montgomery: Is there anyone here from the Messengers that wants to take the floor and discuss this?
(08/20 20:49:48) Stevecrox: one group didn't want the domain activated yet so I haven't done so
(08/20 20:49:53) Jishin: I'm missing a lot/ /:
(08/20 20:49:55) melodilynn: RC is here
(08/20 20:50:01) Relayer Corps: Discuss using the website?
(08/20 20:50:08) Anthony: I'm here from TCT too
(08/20 20:50:10) melodilynn: if you want messengers, she should be the one
(08/20 20:50:20) Thend nods his head
(08/20 20:50:27) Montgomery: I'll yield the floor, then. Thank you all!
(08/20 20:50:38) Thend thanks you very much!
(08/20 20:50:41) Relayer Corps: ok
(08/20 20:50:42) Zirrus claps his hands
(08/20 20:50:48) LucyCat: Thanks Montgomery
(08/20 20:50:48) moirajane: thank you Montgomery
(08/20 20:50:49) Relayer Corps: Thanks Montgomery
(08/20 20:50:50) Dani claps her hands
(08/20 20:50:52) Leonardo claps his hands
(08/20 20:50:53) Kato: clap
(08/20 20:50:53) J'anim Paedet claps his hands
(08/20 20:50:55) karandara thanks you
(08/20 20:50:55) Kato claps his hands
(08/20 20:50:57) Dalken Starbyne claps his hands
(08/20 20:50:59) Aura claps her hands
(08/20 20:51:00) Zedra claps her hands
(08/20 20:51:01) Animate Rain claps his hands
(08/20 20:51:03) AtionSong: /clap
(08/20 20:51:09) IBnetweasel: yes...thank you Montgomery
(08/20 20:51:14) cwjunior claps his hands
(08/20 20:51:14) From Jishin: I didn't hear you talk at all. ):
(08/20 20:51:19) Kato: Can I have everyone's attention for a moment or does someone else want to speak?
(08/20 20:51:21) Relayer Corps: Ok.
(08/20 20:51:29) From Jishin: were you not shouting?
(08/20 20:51:30) To Jishin: are you outside?
(08/20 20:51:33) Dakro: I think DRC is up now Kato
(08/20 20:51:36) Relayer Corps: This will be for those interested int the Guild of Messengers
(08/20 20:51:37) Dakro: I mean RC
(08/20 20:51:45) Relayer Corps: lol
(08/20 20:51:53) To Jishin: I didn;t know I had too. Sorry!
(08/20 20:51:55) NadeMinogue: lol
(08/20 20:51:58) Kato: Sorry then. Please let me know when I can have the floor. :)
(08/20 20:52:00) Relayer Corps: There was an offer to start up a website for the GOM.
(08/20 20:52:18) moirajane: (Please pm Zedra if you have any questions for RC)
(08/20 20:52:20) NadeMinogue: umm
(08/20 20:52:23) Kato: And er...I apparently can't hear RC, so someone PM me when I can come up please.
(08/20 20:52:24) Relayer Corps: I would like to have a vote on whether we should start this up now, or wait
(08/20 20:52:26) Swimmery4: Dont think thers voice going on
(08/20 20:52:28) Swimmery4: Oops
(08/20 20:52:32) Relayer Corps: I'll come closer
(08/20 20:52:34) Kato: Start what?
(08/20 20:52:35) NadeMinogue: GOMESS
(08/20 20:52:46) Anthony: the GoM website
(08/20 20:52:50) Relayer Corps: Start up a GOM website
(08/20 20:52:52) NadeMinogue: not to confuse with GOMAIN
(08/20 20:52:52) Stevecrox: yes its not happening yet, I control the domain and was offering the server I am not willing to do it unless all the interested groups in Gom are ok with it one is not
(08/20 20:53:09) Relayer Corps: Can you hear me now?
(08/20 20:53:16) Andros: I vote for yes. The sooner we'll have something semi-official the better
(08/20 20:53:31) Relayer Corps: Voting for a GOM website to be started up asap
(08/20 20:53:43) Stevecrox: It was felt if a few people from TCT like myself had control of the forum we would abuse the power so we're stuck in the MOUL forums
(08/20 20:53:55) To Zedra: Question for RC
(08/20 20:54:12) Relayer Corps: I think it's a good idea as long as all news groups have access to it
(08/20 20:54:27) Swimmery4: I dont think you would be abusing power unless you deleted posts only for alternate points of view
(08/20 20:54:28) Relayer Corps: possibly having their own sections
(08/20 20:54:45) From Zedra: gotcha
(08/20 20:54:51) Relayer Corps: any votes against starting the web site?
(08/20 20:54:58) Stevecrox: well Ghaelen is the CCN representative if shes ok with it I'll set it up tonight
(08/20 20:54:58) Stevecrox: if not I won't
(08/20 20:55:07) CAGrayWolf: Personally, I would like to see all this either stay on Moul or on AOG ... keeps it all certral ... without "yet one more forum to read"
(08/20 20:55:13) Relayer Corps: ty for asking her
(08/20 20:55:15) melodilynn agrees with the idea of each news source having their own section
(08/20 20:55:34) Anthony: TCT approves of course
(08/20 20:55:47) Swimmery4: I agree, I think pre-guild talk should stay on the MOUL or AOG forums, then move over to individual ones
(08/20 20:55:54) Relayer Corps: oops
(08/20 20:55:58) Swimmery4: When we have guilds
(08/20 20:56:00) Relayer Corps: sorry thend
(08/20 20:56:02) Ghaelen D'Lareh: sorry, my key was stuck
(08/20 20:56:21) Stephen C.: Bye all
(08/20 20:56:23) Thend: lol np
(08/20 20:56:24) Montgomery: Perhaps instead of making a decision here, it would be better to form a committee to discuss it? Or announce a discussion on the forum?
(08/20 20:56:32) NadeMinogue wants to ask a question...
(08/20 20:56:34) Relayer Corps: If anyone can convince MOUL to create a section for each individual guild, then I'm all for it
(08/20 20:56:47) Relayer Corps: Good point Mont
(08/20 20:57:00) Swimmery4: Great idea Relayer
(08/20 20:57:02) CAGrayWolf: RC ... Alahmnat has already stated the the Moul forums can't handle that.
(08/20 20:57:13) Sti 'in: hoi, ik zit naast je :P
(08/20 20:57:18) Sti 'in: oops
(08/20 20:57:19) Montgomery: RC - they won't. The other issue is goving Mod priveliges to guild leaders. MOUL won't. So AoG is a better choice for that reason/
(08/20 20:57:26) Relayer Corps: then, we're stuck as to having on the MOUL site
(08/20 20:57:26) Thend: (If you have a question, PM Zedra with the word QUESTION, thanks)
(08/20 20:58:03) moirajane: Nade is up next
(08/20 20:58:05) Relayer Corps: we have no choice but to keep our individual sites, or creat a new one for all of us
(08/20 20:58:08) CAGrayWolf: Why not use AoG ... it's is already set up and ready to go ... and supplies the requested needs.
(08/20 20:58:27) Swimmery4: In that case, AOG looks like the best solution
(08/20 20:58:32) Relayer Corps: I like using AOG personally.
(08/20 20:58:44) Relayer Corps: i think we shopuld create a council to discuss this
(08/20 20:59:26) NadeMinogue: ok Relayer Corps question
(08/20 20:59:32) Relayer Corps: I would like to see nominations posted on the AOG site
(08/20 20:59:57) moirajane: (Please PM Zedra with the word Question and you will put on a first come first served list-thx)
(08/20 21:00:12) moirajane: Kerryth is up next
(08/20 21:00:14) [Relayer] Kerryth: Why not let the discussion be open to any one who wants to participate?
(08/20 21:00:16) Relayer Corps: I would also like to see the same number of reps from each group interested in joining
(08/20 21:00:25) Montgomery: Sorry to interrupt. I need to go AFK now. Thank you all again for your coments and for coming. Please continue. ALso, if you can, please come to the 7pm meeting, which will be longer. Reteltee will also be there.
(08/20 21:00:33) Relayer Corps: Thanks Montgomery
(08/20 21:00:40) NadeMinogue: is your group gonna be the base for the guild of messengers
(08/20 21:00:48) From MustardJeep: Check your AoG PM's later ok.....
(08/20 21:00:57) Relayer Corps: What do you mean base?
(08/20 21:01:00) Anthony: Yes I think that should be a requirement only one vote pergroup
(08/20 21:01:26) NadeMinogue: are u the base meaning are u gonna start the messengers
(08/20 21:01:37) Ghaelen D'Lareh: Sorry this reply is so late in coming. Thank you Steve, and RC, but I think any vote here is premature. We don't know what the GOM will be, and figuring that out is what the MOUL Guild Forum is for.
(08/20 21:01:43) Relayer Corps: I will help, but I won't be the only one
(08/20 21:01:44) Anthony: infact I think each media group should get one spot on the council
(08/20 21:01:47) NadeMinogue: or has someone else started it already
(08/20 21:02:03) Relayer Corps: I agree Anthony
(08/20 21:02:09) [Relayer] Kerryth: Why not let the discussion be open to anyone who is interested?
(08/20 21:02:09) CAGrayWolf: Agreed Anthony
(08/20 21:02:20) Ghaelen D'Lareh agrees with Kerryth
(08/20 21:02:23) melodilynn: yes, and a representative of each group should help form the guild
(08/20 21:02:30) Relayer Corps: I think the discussion should be open, but...
(08/20 21:02:44) Relayer Corps: if you get too many people involved, nothing gets done
(08/20 21:03:00) [Relayer] Kerryth: I don't think that will be a problem. Honestly.
(08/20 21:03:03) Ghaelen D'Lareh: let's not start excluding groups that haven't formed yet. We do have time to let things take shape in their own time.
(08/20 21:03:11) moirajane: (DeAn is up next)
(08/20 21:03:17) [Relayer] DeAn: would each group have an "internal discussion" section on AoG or would the whole forum be open for any registered forum member.
(08/20 21:03:31) CAGrayWolf: I would say ... let each group that is interested appoint their own rep ... who would in turn become a member of the GoM (etc) committee.
(08/20 21:03:45) Relayer Corps: Ghaelen, I don't want to excluse anyone
(08/20 21:03:52) Ghaelen D'Lareh: I know
(08/20 21:03:58) NadeMinogue: hmm i like that idea
(08/20 21:04:00) moirajane: (Please pm Zedra with the word question if you would like to be put in the line)
(08/20 21:04:13) Relayer Corps: please pm the Moderator
(08/20 21:04:17) Stevecrox: thats what TCT wants
(08/20 21:04:19) Relayer Corps: I can't follow all the questions
(08/20 21:04:37) moirajane: Kato is up next
(08/20 21:04:39) Relayer Corps: What question was I on?
(08/20 21:04:54) [Relayer] DeAn: was my question answered?
(08/20 21:04:54) NadeMinogue: mine
(08/20 21:04:58) Relayer Corps: Kato?
(08/20 21:04:59) NadeMinogue: hmm
(08/20 21:05:02) Relayer Corps: Sorry nade
(08/20 21:05:09) Relayer Corps: what was the question?
(08/20 21:05:16) [Relayer] DeAn: whose?
(08/20 21:05:21) Relayer Corps: Nade's
(08/20 21:05:25) Relayer Corps: then Kato
(08/20 21:05:35) NadeMinogue: are u the one who will start the guild or is there already a start in place
(08/20 21:06:01) [Relayer] DeAn: will each guild have an "internal discussion" area on the
(08/20 21:06:03) [Relayer] DeAn: sorry
(08/20 21:06:05) Stevecrox: we need to set up a Guild of Messengers
(08/20 21:06:11) Relayer Corps: We, meaning the news groups that are already formed are in the process of it.
(08/20 21:06:35) NadeMinogue: ok thx
(08/20 21:06:40) Relayer Corps: np.
(08/20 21:06:41) Relayer Corps: Kato
(08/20 21:06:45) Kato: My announcement will only take about 30 seconds--I don't want to steal your limelight but I have to leave soon, and it's superquick--do you mind?
(08/20 21:06:55) Relayer Corps: Please DO!
(08/20 21:07:03) Kato: Thank you very much.
(08/20 21:08:13) Kato: Okay everybody--one week from now, Monday the 27th, there will be a meeting in this place regarding the Guild of Writers, hosted by Paradox and I. Further details will be posted tomorrow on UO and the MOUL forums. That's all. :)
(08/20 21:08:30) Thend thanks you very much!
(08/20 21:08:38) Ghaelen D'Lareh says thank you for the info
(08/20 21:08:42) Kato: I hope to have Reteltee attend. I hope to have it on Monday, but I will have a definite date tomorrow.
(08/20 21:08:50) J'anim Paedet: Thanks, Kato
(08/20 21:09:14) Kato: Thank you all for your time and thank you Relayer for giving me the stage for a moment :)
(08/20 21:09:15) Relayer Corps: Ty kato
(08/20 21:09:28) Dalken Starbyne thanks you
(08/20 21:09:36) Relayer Corps: DeAn had a question I had not gotten to
(08/20 21:09:36) Kato: Shorah everybody :)
(08/20 21:09:38) Kato waves goodbye
(08/20 21:09:43) Relayer Corps: could you please ask it again?
(08/20 21:09:49) Relayer Corps: Bye Kato
(08/20 21:09:51) [Relayer] DeAn: ok. coming
(08/20 21:09:55) Relayer Corps: ty
(08/20 21:09:58) [Relayer] DeAn: on the AoG forum......
(08/20 21:10:15) [Relayer] DeAn: will each guild have an "internal discussion" section or will the forum be open to any forum member
(08/20 21:10:38) Relayer Corps: Is TCT running that site?
(08/20 21:10:56) moirajane: (Please PM Zedra if you would like ti be added to the list)
(08/20 21:10:59) Relayer Corps: or CCN?
(08/20 21:11:00) Stevecrox: which site?
(08/20 21:11:04) Relayer Corps: AOG
(08/20 21:11:15) Stevecrox: neighter
(08/20 21:11:26) Stevecrox: its run by a third party
(08/20 21:11:31) Relayer Corps: ok, who is running that site? This would be a question for them
(08/20 21:11:39) Relayer Corps: I have no idea DeAn
(08/20 21:11:50) Ghaelen D'Lareh: CCN has CCN
(08/20 21:11:56) [Relayer] DeAn: k
(08/20 21:11:58) Relayer Corps: I need to find out who is running the site and ask them.
(08/20 21:12:06) Ghaelen D'Lareh: I don't know who manages the AOG
(08/20 21:12:06) Anthony: the AoG?
(08/20 21:12:14) Relayer Corps: Does anyone else have any questions?
(08/20 21:12:22) Stevecrox: I';m guessing the AoG is run by Calam
(08/20 21:12:23) Relayer Corps: Assembly of guilds
(08/20 21:12:23) Leonardo: as far as I know Calam runs that site
(08/20 21:12:25) moirajane: no one is on the list
(08/20 21:12:26) Andros: Isn't it Montgomery? Who is running the AOG
(08/20 21:12:41) Relayer Corps: I will find out and ask.
(08/20 21:12:47) [Relayer] DeAn: ok
(08/20 21:12:50) Relayer Corps: Ok. Anyone else want the floor?
(08/20 21:13:08) Dakro wants to ask a question...
(08/20 21:13:08) Thend: I kinda have a question
(08/20 21:13:14) Relayer Corps: Yes Thend?
(08/20 21:13:23) Relayer Corps: I kinda have an answer
(08/20 21:13:41) Ghaelen D'Lareh: yes, I think it is Montgomery who runs the AOG
(08/20 21:13:52) Relayer Corps: ty Ghaelen
(08/20 21:14:04) moirajane: Dakro had a question RC
(08/20 21:14:07) Thend: Relayer Corps, and any other Messengery Guildish groups, what do you see yourselves 'getting' out of being 'officially' Guilded? What is the benefit? You all already work well on your own
(08/20 21:14:59) Relayer Corps: I see as possibly getting a better understand of what each of us do, how we work, and how we all might help one another out.
(08/20 21:15:05) TCT Stellaflora is hoping for a Guild Cloak
(08/20 21:15:09) Relayer Corps: More contact with each other
(08/20 21:15:14) Stevecrox: easy recognition TCT has a constantly following but it didn't grow with the cavern growth
(08/20 21:15:36) Thend: Interesting, thanks
(08/20 21:15:38) moirajane: (Dakro is up next)
(08/20 21:15:39) Stevecrox: mostly because people haven't heard of it, by becoming offical we hope to increase awareness
(08/20 21:15:49) Relayer Corps: Dakro?
(08/20 21:15:55) Ghaelen D'Lareh: oh boy, Thend, you said a mouthful there. Learning how better to help the community
(08/20 21:15:58) Relayer Corps: Exactly Stave
(08/20 21:16:00) Dakro: Would you ever consider merging the relayers and the GOM?
(08/20 21:16:01) Anthony: I see it as possible way to get info easier out of the cavern and into the cavern more deeply
(08/20 21:16:02) Relayer Corps: Steve
(08/20 21:16:14) From R'nway in R'nway's Teledahn: does anyone have any good marker quests for teledahn?
(08/20 21:16:15) Relayer Corps: That depends.
(08/20 21:16:25) Dakro: on what?
(08/20 21:16:45) Montgomery: Popping in for one comment -- I don't run AoG, I only support it. It is run by Calam and Whilyam (I think equally). It was started by Earthwizard who is no longer involved. Carry on.
(08/20 21:16:48) Ghaelen D'Lareh: exchanging resources and avie-power so as not to duplicate work
(08/20 21:16:50) Relayer Corps: We, as relayers, want to see which direction the GOM is headed and if that is the direction we want to go
(08/20 21:17:07) moirajane: Saavadro is up next
(08/20 21:17:12) Relayer Corps: This is still in the infancy stage
(08/20 21:17:13) Ghaelen D'Lareh: showing the community itself and what things it is doing, etc
(08/20 21:17:25) Relayer Corps: Saavadro?
(08/20 21:18:22) moirajane: (Please have your question pre-typed)
(08/20 21:18:32) 5TheStranger5: tnx Kat
(08/20 21:18:54) Relayer Corps: in age players chat please
(08/20 21:20:02) Relayer Corps: Saavadro whants to know what officail "guilding" would entail
(08/20 21:20:13) moirajane: (If there are anymore questions, please PM Zedra with thw word Question)
(08/20 21:20:22) Relayer Corps: That is something the council would have to discuss and vote on
(08/20 21:20:39) Relayer Corps: any more?
(08/20 21:20:48) moirajane: thats it RC
(08/20 21:20:56) Relayer Corps: YEY!!!
(08/20 21:21:02) Dalken Starbyne: XD
(08/20 21:21:05) Relayer Corps: Thank you everyone. the floor is open
(08/20 21:21:05) [Relayer] Kerryth cheers
(08/20 21:21:06) TCT Stellaflora claps his hands
(08/20 21:21:06) Zedra roars with laughter
(08/20 21:21:09) peni claps her hands
(08/20 21:21:12) Thend claps his hands
(08/20 21:21:12) moirajane claps her hands
(08/20 21:21:12) Zedra claps her hands
(08/20 21:21:12) Sparrowhawk claps her hands
(08/20 21:21:13) Dakro claps his hands
(08/20 21:21:14) Ghaelen D'Lareh: thank you RC
(08/20 21:21:15) Dalken Starbyne: Thanks, RC
(08/20 21:21:16) J'anim Paedet claps his hands
(08/20 21:21:17) cwjunior claps his hands
(08/20 21:21:19) Ian A. Pertwee claps his hands
(08/20 21:21:24) Stevecrox: ty RC
(08/20 21:21:24) Dalken Starbyne claps his hands
(08/20 21:21:25) Relayer Corps bows
(08/20 21:21:28) Andros: Just to be sure, anyone who would like to be part of the GOM has to go to the AOG?
(08/20 21:21:46) Ghaelen D'Lareh: I don't think that is what was said here Andros
(08/20 21:22:03) NadeMinogue says stop!
(08/20 21:22:39) CAGrayWolf: I believe we are still trying to determine the best place that would be easiily assecible and central ... if this is even what the majority would like.
(08/20 21:23:00) Ghaelen D'Lareh: agreed, since there isn't a GOM yet, only still discussions
(08/20 21:23:14) Relayer Corps: Some day, I'm gonna get mel back for that. lol
(08/20 21:23:18) Relayer Corps: oops
(08/20 21:23:21) melodilynn: LOL
(08/20 21:23:27) Relayer Corps: Yes.
(08/20 21:23:29) moirajane: Would anyone else like to take the stage?
(08/20 21:23:30) NadeMinogue: lol
(08/20 21:23:33) melodilynn whistles and looks around innocently
(08/20 21:23:37) TCT Stellaflora: Are there more speakers or is it just discussion now?
(08/20 21:23:43) Relayer Corps: I think AOG is perfect for that because they have a section just for GOM
(08/20 21:23:54) Relayer Corps: I think it's discussion time
(08/20 21:24:01) CAGrayWolf: Does anyone have questions for the GoG?
(08/20 21:24:01) NadeMinogue: there will be a longer meating at 7pm
(08/20 21:24:20) TCT Stellaflora: that one's a bit late for me
(08/20 21:24:31) Relayer Corps: And thank you for putting up with me everyone. i was not expecting to get dragged up on stage.
(08/20 21:24:36) NadeMinogue: it will be on the forums
(08/20 21:24:36) J'anim Paedet: A 'meating?' Oh dear...
(08/20 21:24:43) moirajane: Thanks everone for coming
(08/20 21:24:45) NadeMinogue: lol
(08/20 21:24:47) TCT Stellaflora: You did very wellRC
(08/20 21:24:49) Ghaelen D'Lareh: really RC? well, you did wonderfuly
(08/20 21:24:54) Ghaelen D'Lareh: +l
(08/20 21:24:54) melodilynn thinks RC did a great job!
(08/20 21:24:55) Andros claps his hands
(08/20 21:24:55) Thend: Thanks to the Mods for modding :)
(08/20 21:24:55) Relayer Corps: ty Ghaelen
(08/20 21:25:00) NadeMinogue claps his hands
(08/20 21:25:01) Relayer Corps: rofl
(08/20 21:25:01) J'anim Paedet: Yes, bravo!
(08/20 21:25:03) Relayer Corps: Modeling
(08/20 21:25:04) moirajane bows
(08/20 21:25:05) Zedra bows
(08/20 21:25:07) Relayer Corps: woo hoo
(08/20 21:25:15) melodilynn: yes, great moderating!
(08/20 21:25:17) Thend claps his hands
(08/20 21:25:18) TCT Stellaflora: Who wants to discuss over a game of Heek?
(08/20 21:25:22) NadeMinogue: lol
(08/20 21:25:27) Relayer Corps: I like heek
(08/20 21:25:28) NadeMinogue: no heek here
(08/20 21:25:34) TCT Stellaflora: Bother, I fogot
(08/20 21:26:02) TCT Stellaflora is sorta bummed...
(08/20 21:26:19) Ghaelen D'Lareh pats Stellaflora on the back
(08/20 21:26:29) TCT Stellaflora thanks Gahelen
(08/20 21:26:31) NadeMinogue: any of the other guilds being formed
(08/20 21:26:37) peni gives hima cookie
(08/20 21:26:40) NadeMinogue: of the big 5
(08/20 21:26:53) TCT Stellaflora: Hmmm, nice cookie :D
(08/20 21:26:58) NadeMinogue: lol
(08/20 21:26:59) TCT Stellaflora grins
(08/20 21:27:02) Dakro: Yikes the cones were spying on us the whole time
(08/20 21:27:03) Dakro cringes
(08/20 21:27:10) NadeMinogue: guess not
(08/20 21:27:17) Ghaelen D'Lareh: oh, get those Kirel Baked Treats on the tables while they are still there!
(08/20 21:27:17) TCT Stellaflora: Just this one bothersome cone
(08/20 21:27:18) Dakro: With their evil plans, they probally wanted a guild of cones
(08/20 21:27:26) NadeMinogue: haha
(08/20 21:27:32) NadeMinogue: the farce guild
(08/20 21:27:37) Dakro starts to laugh
(08/20 21:27:40) NadeMinogue: GOC
(08/20 21:27:59) NadeMinogue: GOC : The Farce Guild
(08/20 21:28:23) NadeMinogue: just for fun
(08/20 21:28:37) Dakro: I'm sure the DRC would approve that in a hurry
(08/20 21:28:41) TCT Stellaflora fills a glass of water at the invisable water cooler
(08/20 21:28:45) Dakro: Nick White being the guildmaster
(08/20 21:28:57) NadeMinogue: making art and comics about the lives of URU Dwellers
(08/20 21:29:31) TCT Stellaflora takes a slice of brocoli quiche from the Vegitarian snack table
(08/20 21:29:42) NadeMinogue: and the OBBESSIVE WAITING FOR AGES!!!!
(08/20 21:29:43) Ghaelen D'Lareh: oooh, yummy
(08/20 21:30:12) Dakro: Hopefully they will replace our pink shirts with fasionable metal suits :D
(08/20 21:30:17) NadeMinogue: OBESSIVE WAITING FOR AGES FOR AGES!!!
(08/20 21:30:35) NadeMinogue: hahaha
(08/20 21:30:36) peni: a long time!
(08/20 21:30:55) TCT Stellaflora: I think the Support shirts are meant to be lighter versions of the Guild colours
(08/20 21:30:55) NadeMinogue: yes join the Guild of CONES TODAY!!!
(08/20 21:31:10) Dakro: That sounds like something slider would be promoting
(08/20 21:31:16) TCT Stellaflora: Would the Guild of Cones support shirt be orange?
(08/20 21:31:17) NadeMinogue: haha
(08/20 21:31:22) Ghaelen D'Lareh: may the Farce of the Cones be with you, always
(08/20 21:31:25) NadeMinogue: ???
(08/20 21:31:27) NadeMinogue: haha
(08/20 21:31:31) J'anim Paedet: Try moving the slider
(08/20 21:31:33) NadeMinogue: id join
(08/20 21:32:13) NadeMinogue: our purpouse is to mess with people and randomly launch cones
(08/20 21:32:34) TCT Stellaflora: Would the Guild get a ballistic cone launcher?
(08/20 21:32:42) NadeMinogue: sometimes firemarbles all the way accross an age
(08/20 21:32:44) Ghaelen D'Lareh: first task of the guild, to build a cone launcher
(08/20 21:32:48) ...Chat.log stopped. hideBBCode.close();

2007, August 20th Chatlog: Pre-GoMe/All Guilds Meeting #2

Original forum thread:

 (08/21 00:57:09) Chat.log started...
(08/21 00:57:18) R'nway: it already is all the way down
(08/21 00:57:24) Whilyam: Actually most lag is client lag.
(08/21 00:57:30) R'nway: where are bahro
(08/21 00:57:35) Whilyam: only the times when the game freezes are server lag
(08/21 00:57:39) R'nway: oh, just sounds
(08/21 00:57:45) White Rose: Havent been aroudn for awhile
(08/21 00:57:48) Sorceress: R'nway, do you know how much memory you have in your comp?
(08/21 00:57:52) R'nway: my RAM is pegged
(08/21 00:58:00) R'nway: 1 gig, but its pegged
(08/21 00:58:03) --=V4iLiN=--: \mmm
(08/21 00:58:13) NadeMinogue: they need to put more of the network traffic traffic to the client not as much to the server
(08/21 00:58:22) Sorceress: welp, there goes my idea of you buying more RAM
(08/21 00:58:30) Marein.: The server hardly causes any lag anymore
(08/21 00:58:35) Andy Legate: i only have 512mb.....I'm okay......wait! What's that smoke ?
(08/21 00:58:36) Whilyam: I have a gig too nd I'm fine.
(08/21 00:58:36) Marein.: Virtually all lag is clientside
(08/21 00:58:39) Explorer1: Shorah Reteltee!
(08/21 00:58:44) Shimmerillion: anelise, wht are you doing?
(08/21 00:58:45) Reteltee: Shorah :)
(08/21 00:58:48) Sorceress wootles
(08/21 00:58:48) Marein.: Even though you cant call it lag then
(08/21 00:58:49) NadeMinogue: ok people sit or we will all crash
(08/21 00:58:55) IBnetweasel: Welcome Reteltee and Montgomery
(08/21 00:59:03) Xavius hums "Where's Your Head At?"
(08/21 00:59:09) Explorer1: Shorah Montgomery!
(08/21 00:59:16) NadeMinogue: o new guild the guild of cones
(08/21 00:59:34) NadeMinogue: the CONES want REVENGE
(08/21 00:59:43) R'nway: revenge for what?
(08/21 00:59:50) Whilyam: Let's get this started.
(08/21 00:59:52) NadeMinogue: everything
(08/21 00:59:55) ZeroG: for being kicked repeatedly - what else?
(08/21 00:59:56) ABguy: 3 mins till meeting
(08/21 00:59:57) Reteltee: Is someone chatlogging?
(08/21 00:59:59) NadeMinogue: haha
(08/21 01:00:05) Frisky Badger: I am
(08/21 01:00:07) R'nway: i am now
(08/21 01:00:09) Andy Legate: i am for my little guild.
(08/21 01:00:10) Xavius: FAME_HOG!
(08/21 01:00:11) Sorceress: I am
(08/21 01:00:13) lfus: zedra is
(08/21 01:00:14) ZeroG: fortunately, Eddie is less vengeful
(08/21 01:00:16) Dakro: Yikes no need for a chatlog from me than
(08/21 01:00:21) Reteltee: Xcellent
(08/21 01:00:24) Ja'de: Yes
(08/21 01:00:28) R'nway: yes, but beware the killer tomatoes!
(08/21 01:00:28) Xavius gets up on the rooftops and snipes out Montgomery and Reteltee
(08/21 01:00:35) Frisky Badger: does eddie's cousin have a name yet?
(08/21 01:00:35) Anthony: Episode V: The Cones Strike Back!
(08/21 01:00:40) ~~meadow~~: reteltee, using the keyboard, i see...great!
(08/21 01:00:40) Xavius: My Father died in a Guid! >.<
(08/21 01:00:43) groath: so that means every thing i say will be in a chat log?
(08/21 01:00:44) NadeMinogue: im gonna start the Guild of Cones : the farce guild
(08/21 01:00:53) Xavius: Eddie's coisuin is Dusty!
(08/21 01:00:53) groath: HI MOM!
(08/21 01:00:54) Andy Legate Andy waves at Monty from the back
(08/21 01:00:58) groath: jk
(08/21 01:00:58) R'nway used his nija skills to knock out xavius before he could snipe them
(08/21 01:00:59) ZeroG: I'm logging, so yes
(08/21 01:00:59) Andy Legate waves hello
(08/21 01:01:00) From lfus: i am here
(08/21 01:01:06) Frisky Badger edits out groath's message
(08/21 01:01:14) Frisky Badger: :)
(08/21 01:01:14) NadeMinogue: haha
(08/21 01:01:16) Montgomery: HELLO KIREL!!!!!
(08/21 01:01:18) groath: shorah montgomery
(08/21 01:01:19) Xavius is addicted to morphine so R'nway has no effect..
(08/21 01:01:22) Dakro: Zedra is moderating too
(08/21 01:01:27) NadeMinogue: foot ball
(08/21 01:01:28) From Zedra: Lfus will be speaking the moderation and I will be taking the queue. Please remember to use Next when you're ready for the next question, ok?
(08/21 01:01:31) Mystchief: there will be a rising of the cones - it is written.....
(08/21 01:01:32) R'nway: what did that have to do with anything?
(08/21 01:01:39) Sorceress: reteltee you are very blue tonight
(08/21 01:01:43) To Zedra: got it
(08/21 01:01:45) Xavius hugs Monty
(08/21 01:01:48) From MustardJeep: Pre-guild leadership I think needs to stress that it should not be decided tonight....
(08/21 01:01:51) NadeMinogue: yes we will all make the cones levitate
(08/21 01:01:54) Reteltee: It's my favourite color
(08/21 01:01:59) To MustardJeep: agreed
(08/21 01:02:00) R'nway: i'm only here for about 10 minutes
(08/21 01:02:02) groath: ok people i think its time we start to stop chating as much
(08/21 01:02:03) Mystchief: onto our heads
(08/21 01:02:04) From Zedra: Can you tell Reteltee, please.
(08/21 01:02:06) Warren Weisstieg: Hey everyone
(08/21 01:02:14) Xavius woul hug Reteltee too but now it feels awkward
(08/21 01:02:21) NadeMinogue: lol
(08/21 01:02:24) To Zedra: will tell everyone during intros
(08/21 01:02:24) Reteltee: Lol, thx anyway xavious
(08/21 01:02:27) R'nway starts to stop
(08/21 01:02:31) Xavius: :P
(08/21 01:02:40) --=V4iLiN=--: ...
(08/21 01:02:42) Montgomery: Did I just get hugged?
(08/21 01:02:49) Scarlette: let me guess Red... Optimus Prime?? :D
(08/21 01:02:49) Xavius: Yesh.
(08/21 01:02:50) IBnetweasel: Lol
(08/21 01:02:50) Stephen C.: Yes
(08/21 01:02:51) Ghaelen D'Lareh: lol
(08/21 01:02:54) Frisky Badger: aaaaaand, Go!
(08/21 01:02:55) groath: lol
(08/21 01:02:55) Mystchief: lucky
(08/21 01:02:56) ~~meadow~~: got lag??
(08/21 01:02:58) Montgomery: Thanks.
(08/21 01:02:59) R'nway stops starting to stop and actually stops
(08/21 01:03:04) ABguy: 1 min
(08/21 01:03:10) Scarlette: *Ret
(08/21 01:03:16) Montgomery: OK first thing -- if everyone will sit, the lag will be reduced.
(08/21 01:03:19) groath: woooooootttt montgomery!
(08/21 01:03:19) Frisky Badger: those lag mustaches are so hard to clean off
(08/21 01:03:20) Reteltee: reply Thx for moderating
(08/21 01:03:30) Reteltee: Oops
(08/21 01:03:40) Reteltee grins sheepishly
(08/21 01:03:41) From Relayer Corps: Do you run the AOG website?
(08/21 01:03:45) Andy Legate: Sit people sit
(08/21 01:03:56) To Relayer Corps: nope. Calam and Whilyam.
(08/21 01:03:57) Saavadro: Alt 7
(08/21 01:04:06) Andy Legate: cntl 7
(08/21 01:04:08) Whilyam: Alt F4!
(08/21 01:04:11) ZeroG: /sit
(08/21 01:04:15) --=V4iLiN=--: LOL
(08/21 01:04:16) Saavadro: right sry
(08/21 01:04:18) groath: montgomery wont say hi to me......
(08/21 01:04:19) Montgomery: A bit of business. Welcome everyone! Thanks for coming!
(08/21 01:04:20) NadeMinogue: no altF$ lol (dont really do it)
(08/21 01:04:20) Frisky Badger: ctrl-alt-delete
(08/21 01:04:22) Sonseeharay: looks at her watch
(08/21 01:04:30) Montgomery: Hi everyone -- including Groath.
(08/21 01:04:37) groath: yeah!
(08/21 01:04:39) NadeMinogue: haha
(08/21 01:04:52) R'nway: if my CPu temps goes over 60 C i'll be leaving with no warning
(08/21 01:04:55) Montgomery: This is my second one of these, so now I'm an expert. Heh.
(08/21 01:05:09) groath: ok........
(08/21 01:05:11) Montgomery: We have 2 moderators -- Ifus and Zedra.
(08/21 01:05:27) Zedra bows
(08/21 01:05:29) lfus bows
(08/21 01:05:32) Thend claps his hands
(08/21 01:05:32) groath claps his hands
(08/21 01:05:36) Kalypso claps her hands
(08/21 01:05:36) ABguy claps his hands
(08/21 01:05:39) J'anim Paedet claps his hands
(08/21 01:05:43) Sorceress claps her hands
(08/21 01:05:43) Reteltee: And we're quite grateful for their services
(08/21 01:05:43) IBnetweasel nods in lfus and zedra's direction
(08/21 01:05:43) Ghaelen D'Lareh: thanks for moderating
(08/21 01:05:47) AnElise cheers
(08/21 01:05:50) Eedrah: Back
(08/21 01:05:52) R'nway nods
(08/21 01:05:54) groath: you guys rock!
(08/21 01:06:06) Eedrah: What hace I missed?
(08/21 01:06:12) Montgomery: Here's the process: Please PM Zedra the word "Question" and she will then announce who's turn it is to ask. Please have your question typed so when you are called you can just hit enter.
(08/21 01:06:13) R'nway: nothing yet
(08/21 01:06:21) Montgomery: Is that right, Zedra?
(08/21 01:06:43) Zedra: that is correct!
(08/21 01:06:59) Montgomery: And Ifus's job is?
(08/21 01:07:05) IBnetweasel pokes Woflie...wakeup!
(08/21 01:07:16) lfus: i will call the people names out
(08/21 01:07:27) lfus: when it is their turn
(08/21 01:07:55) Montgomery: Got it. Sitting reduces lag. ALso, please try to keep off-the-cuff coments to a minimum.
(08/21 01:08:00) Thend: (Please use /shout at all times for questions asked out loud, thanks)
(08/21 01:08:11) Montgomery: And forgive my rushed typing.
(08/21 01:08:19) NadeMinogue: please everyone sit
(08/21 01:08:26) Montgomery: OK -- Let's get started!
(08/21 01:08:57) Abjab: Question please Zedra
(08/21 01:09:15) Montgomery: I'm Montgomery -- obviously. I'm nobody special but I saw a need to get the ball rolling, and was delighted to discover that my ideas were met with approval by Reteltee. So here we are.
(08/21 01:09:16) lfus: Runway has the first question
(08/21 01:09:21) R'nway: Will the Guild of Maintainers be working mainly with the DRC to verify ages beign restored, or with the Guild of Writers to verify the explorer written ages?
(08/21 01:09:48) NadeMinogue: hopefully both
(08/21 01:09:49) Reteltee: Slight correction to Monty's statement; he is DEFINITELY special ;)
(08/21 01:10:00) Montgomery: R'nway, nobody knows that, yet. Let's hold questions for the moment and let me get the intros out of the way. Thank you.
(08/21 01:10:12) Montgomery blushes.
(08/21 01:10:14) R'nway: okay go ahead
(08/21 01:10:27) Reteltee gives Monty a big thumbs up
(08/21 01:11:04) From Relayer Corps: If you need me to represent the GOM again, i am willing since I did it earlier.
(08/21 01:11:05) Montgomery: OK, I asked for reps from all of the guilds and groups to be here -- you guys don't really have jobs here tonight, but I wanted eveyone to have a voice and a chance to hear what is discussed. So thanks for coming.
(08/21 01:11:16) To Relayer Corps: cool. thnaks
(08/21 01:11:27) From Relayer Corps: np
(08/21 01:11:38) Montgomery: Does anyone need me to explain why we're here?
(08/21 01:11:58) Shimmerillion: i'd like to hear what your goals for the evening are
(08/21 01:12:02) Rocky: please
(08/21 01:12:22) R'nway: I have just been informed taht it is time for me to go eat dinner, sorry i can't be here for the meeting, but thanks for putting it together
(08/21 01:12:42) Relayer Corps: bye R'nwat
(08/21 01:12:49) Stephen C.: Bye
(08/21 01:12:53) --=V4iLiN=--: yes tell us Why
(08/21 01:13:07) ZeroG: I would also like an explanation please :)
(08/21 01:13:33) Montgomery: OK -- quick and dirty. Before all of you very enthusiastic people run off in opposite directions, I thought it would be a good idea to try to establish some common goals and a common foundation for our structure. Thse are just my suggestions. I have no power to influence anybody.
(08/21 01:14:22) Montgomery: There is great opportunity for cooperation between and among the guilds and groups, and I want to make sure there is some structure that fosters that.
(08/21 01:14:28) Reteltee: Again, slight correction
(08/21 01:14:40) Reteltee: Monty has the power to influence ALL of us
(08/21 01:14:46) Relayer Corps: lol
(08/21 01:14:50) Reteltee: With his sound ideas
(08/21 01:14:57) NadeMinogue: haha
(08/21 01:14:59) IBnetweasel: lol
(08/21 01:15:07) Stephen C.: lol
(08/21 01:15:20) Andy Legate: he influenced me. that's for sure
(08/21 01:15:38) Reteltee: :) Sorry Monty, please continue
(08/21 01:15:46) Error: Don't know how to '/shout, Reteltee, thank you! That means a lot. But please be away I have no designs on Supreme Guild Poohba, or anything.'
(08/21 01:15:49) NadeMinogue: maby we should elect him king
(08/21 01:15:53) Montgomery: THank you!
(08/21 01:15:56) Warren Weisstieg: Stop, let him talk
(08/21 01:16:09) White Rose: if you let him talk we can get on with it
(08/21 01:16:20) ZeroG nods his head
(08/21 01:16:21) Relayer Corps nods her head
(08/21 01:16:29) Montgomery: That means a lot, Reteltee. But I have no designs on Great Poohp, or anything.
(08/21 01:16:37) --=V4iLiN=-- nods off
(08/21 01:16:38) Montgomery: *Poohpa.
(08/21 01:16:38) Reteltee: Lol
(08/21 01:16:45) Relayer Corps: poohba
(08/21 01:16:46) Reteltee: Poobah
(08/21 01:16:53) chuxter06: Poop
(08/21 01:16:55) Montgomery: Yeah, that.
(08/21 01:17:01) Relayer Corps: lol
(08/21 01:17:04) Barbarra: I like Poohp better
(08/21 01:17:06) Stephen C.: lol
(08/21 01:17:16) Montgomery: OK, then on to our Esteemed Guest of Honor -- Reteltee, the DRC Guild Advisor
(08/21 01:17:19) Robert The Rebuilder: Hey - let's keep this family friendly! ;-)
(08/21 01:17:27) --=V4iLiN=--: the grand pooba
(08/21 01:17:29) Whilyam: The Great Poohp..
(08/21 01:17:30) Warren Weisstieg: Yay!
(08/21 01:17:31) Relayer Corps claps her hands
(08/21 01:17:35) Sorceress claps her hands
(08/21 01:17:39) NadeMinogue: back to topic
(08/21 01:17:42) [Relayer] Kerryth claps her hands
(08/21 01:17:43) Dakro: Shhh
(08/21 01:17:47) Reteltee: Lol, please, you all are far too kind
(08/21 01:17:47) White Rose: will every please just stop interrupting
(08/21 01:17:47) chuxter06 laughs
(08/21 01:17:50) Whilyam claps her hands
(08/21 01:17:53) White Rose: Everyone
(08/21 01:17:59) Montgomery: Reteltee, as you know, I have compiled a list of questions many of the explorers have given me, to ask you to ask the DRC/Cyan.
(08/21 01:18:35) Reteltee: And I willingly take them to the DRC, and bring back word of their plans...insamuch as they are revealed to me
(08/21 01:18:43) Montgomery: I PMed them to you earlier today, on UO. But for everyone who wants to read them, they are in the Guild subforum on the MO:UL forums.
(08/21 01:19:08) Montgomery: With that, I hand the floor to Reteltee
(08/21 01:19:09) lfus: (please hold your comments until the end and also don't forget to pm Zedra with the word QUESTION)
(08/21 01:19:28) Reteltee: Well, thank you Monty, and thank you fellow Explorers for this amazing turnout
(08/21 01:20:23) Montgomery: Oh. This is meant to be a Q&A, so now's the time for quetions.
(08/21 01:20:27) Reteltee: In truth, after reading the questions which were relayed to me by Monty, I fear I've not many particularly satisfying answers
(08/21 01:20:39) Reteltee: But, that which I can answer, I will
(08/21 01:20:51) lfus: GMRgur has the first question
(08/21 01:20:57) GMRguru: Has the DRC had any further communication with Yeesha?
(08/21 01:21:13) lfus: (Groath will be next)
(08/21 01:21:26) Reteltee: Not that they have indicated to me; however the DRC may not be in a position to reveal that information at this time
(08/21 01:21:35) lfus: (Please have your questions pretyed in)
(08/21 01:21:58) groath: ok so do you think that if we get the guilds going agin that it will cause the drc to gain to much power over us?or the drc having to much power over the guilds?
(08/21 01:22:20) To Zedra: Question
(08/21 01:22:20) lfus: (Abjab will be next)
(08/21 01:22:41) Reteltee: Quite the opposite, I hope; I believe the Guilds will offer the Explorers the ability to counterpoint the DRC
(08/21 01:22:42) ZeroG: I'm sorry - did Reteltee respond? I'm not hearing him
(08/21 01:22:57) Abjab: We need more "Buddies"- like KI groups Lists for communications purposes , listed by Guilds please..can that be done ?
(08/21 01:22:58) Reteltee: Sorry, bear with me in my responses, I'm lagging up a storm
(08/21 01:23:00) Barbarra: nor me
(08/21 01:23:09) lfus: (pm Zedra with the word QUESTION to get your nane on the list)
(08/21 01:23:13) moirajane:
(08/21 01:23:33) lfus: (Sonsee is next)
(08/21 01:23:38) Thend: (Please use /shout for public talky talk)
(08/21 01:23:47) Reteltee: Sorry, the answer to the Guild/power question was No; the Guilds will hopefully serve as a check on the DRC's power
(08/21 01:24:12) Sonseeharay: didn't the elitism of the guilds lead to the downfall of Dni and how do you plan to keep that from happening again
(08/21 01:24:18) groath: thanks
(08/21 01:24:21) Reteltee: As for the Guild Buddy Lists or something of that kind; I believe it's possible, however I o not know iff it's likely
(08/21 01:24:41) lfus: (Mustard Jeep will be next)
(08/21 01:24:48) Reteltee: The Guilds of Uru will not function if we allow them to become elitist
(08/21 01:25:00) Reteltee: Please, understand this;
(08/21 01:25:07) Reteltee: WE are the Guilds
(08/21 01:25:20) Reteltee: WE will ultimately have to determine what form they take
(08/21 01:25:48) MustardJeep: Reteltee; Has the DRC told you anything that they don't want the newish guild/groups to be doing?
(08/21 01:25:58) Reteltee: and WE will bear the responsibility of making sure those who wish to be included are, while not impeding those who wish to remain apart from the Guilds
(08/21 01:26:21) lfus: (Thend will be next after Mustard jeep)
(08/21 01:27:01) Reteltee: Yes MJ; and the first thing they don't want us to do is to become a power-mad cabal of elitist consipirers who attempt to rule the Cavern ;)
(08/21 01:27:19) MustardJeep: well of course that.....:lol:
(08/21 01:27:52) Reteltee: The DRC's suggestion is that we remain flexible and loose, at this point
(08/21 01:28:03) Whilyam does a dance
(08/21 01:28:03) Reteltee: Next?
(08/21 01:28:06) Thend: So, since the Guilds are not 'elitist', then one will not be excluded from joining one, or, say, join all 5 (or more) at the same time?
(08/21 01:28:07) lfus:
(08/21 01:28:33) lfus: ( after Thend Kalypso)
(08/21 01:28:46) From MustardJeep: It's going rather better then the afternoon meeting did.
(08/21 01:28:49) Reteltee: To my knowledge there will be nothing that prevents anyone from joining any Guild at any time; however, that does not necessarily mean one could belong to all five (or Eighteen for that matter) at once
(08/21 01:29:03) Thend nods his head
(08/21 01:29:06) Reteltee: Next?
(08/21 01:29:08) Kalypso: Given that news distribution in the cavern is very limited, is the DRC willing to give the Guild of Messengers new tools (special place to post information[more than 5 slots in the imager] in the cavern) or ameliorations to the existing tools (Ki system... to reach to largest number of explorers as possible))
(08/21 01:29:41) lfus: (Ghaelen D'Lareh is next after Kalypson)
(08/21 01:29:50) Reteltee: Great question, and one I shall relay to the DRC. At this point, I do not know :(
(08/21 01:29:56) Reteltee: Next?
(08/21 01:29:59) Ghaelen D'Lareh: I see quite a push by some explorers to move pre/proto- guild discussions off the MOUL forum, nearly to the point of "strongarming" others who think the MOUL forum is fine for right now. Since the guilds (other than GOG aren't in existence yet, do you have a suggestion for those of us concerned with the issues of "yet another forum" or neutrality?
(08/21 01:30:20) lfus: (Robert the Rebuilder is after Ghaelen)
(08/21 01:31:44) Reteltee: Not entirely sure I understand the question Ghaelen (sorry), but I THINK what you're getting at is something Marie has described as reinventing the wheel
(08/21 01:32:05) Ghaelen D'Lareh: yes, would you suggest we not reinvent it?
(08/21 01:32:26) NadeMinogue: i beleve the drc and cyan said there forums couldent handle what we require for forums and want us to have seprate forums
(08/21 01:32:34) Reteltee: The upshot is that the DRC has encouraged Guilders to use the resources currently available; however, that shouldn't precluude the developement of more should they be deemed by the Explorers as necessary and beneficial
(08/21 01:33:04) Reteltee: I would reccomend the Assembly of Guilds site as a start
(08/21 01:33:11) Thumbs up from Whilyam
(08/21 01:33:15) Whilyam: :P
(08/21 01:33:19) Ghaelen D'Lareh: thanks!
(08/21 01:33:29) Robert The Rebuilder: Good to see you again, Reteltee! If we happen to get the unofficial guilds up and running quite well, will the DRC simply make our system official, or are they still intent on presenting their own system?
(08/21 01:33:32) Reteltee: it's a currently existing resource, it's flexible, useful, and will keep the load off the dRC
(08/21 01:34:22) Reteltee: Good to see you too 'Bob' ;) I believe the DRC is willing to look closely at any system of management we Explorers develope
(08/21 01:34:43) lfus: (Montgomery is up next after Robert)
(08/21 01:34:49) Montgomery: Reteltee, is your job to advise the DRC, or to advise the explorers?
(08/21 01:34:54) Reteltee: And if we come up with something that works, I'm sure they'd have no problem, adapting it to their purposes
(08/21 01:35:05) Robert The Rebuilder starts to laugh
(08/21 01:35:17) Reteltee: Good question Monty; in truth, both
(08/21 01:35:29) Montgomery nods his head
(08/21 01:35:39) lfus: (Frishky Badger is next )
(08/21 01:35:42) Montgomery: Good to know.
(08/21 01:35:42) Reteltee: My responsibility (read: loyalty) is always, and vehemently to the Explorers
(08/21 01:36:02) Frisky Badger: along the lines of previous questions, will be getting any guidance from Cyan/DRC anytime soon?
(08/21 01:36:23) Reteltee: However, since the DRC is willing to listen, I feel the best way for me to serve the Explorers is by offering what advice I can to their cadre
(08/21 01:36:43) Reteltee: Will who be getting advice FB?
(08/21 01:36:54) Frisky Badger: the explorers
(08/21 01:37:02) lfus: (Dakro is next)
(08/21 01:37:13) Dakro: When the guilds start to take a more active role with the DRC and the restoration where will we find out about our current tasks and objectives? Also will there be a sign-up sheet for explorers to join guilds instead of just wearing a t-shirt, along with maybe Guild added to Ageplayers, buddies, and neighbors?
(08/21 01:37:22) Frisky Badger: with regards to how they envision the guilds working
(08/21 01:37:25) Reteltee: Depends on what you mean. In general...probably not that much
(08/21 01:38:00) Captainmack: kirel
(08/21 01:38:02) Reteltee: That was for FB
(08/21 01:38:26) Montgomery: Dakro, I have suggestions that answer your second question. Sorry, Reteltee.
(08/21 01:38:27) Reteltee: Dak; that information is forthcoming, but I don't know exactly when :(
(08/21 01:38:38) Reteltee: No prob Monty, please, go ahead
(08/21 01:39:06) Montgomery: After the Q&A is finished. It is actually a major topic for this meeting.
(08/21 01:39:12) lfus: ( Paradox is after Dakro)
(08/21 01:39:31) Reteltee: Great :); next?
(08/21 01:39:42) lfus: Paradox
(08/21 01:39:51) Paradox: I've been working recently with others to set up the Guild of Writers formed of various existing Age Creation groups. What do you say on this, is it a good initiative to take despite what Cyan has stated; or should we be waiting to hear from Cyan before we form Guilds and structures for those guilds? Also, as a note: The Guild of Writers will _not_ be using the Assembly of Guilds site. All GoW discussion is happening on MOUL's Guilds forum (until we have an official GoW forum)
(08/21 01:40:04) lfus: (Please have your questions pretyped)
(08/21 01:40:31) lfus: (White Rose is afrter Pardox)
(08/21 01:40:35) Barbarra: PM Zedra Question
(08/21 01:41:22) Reteltee: Ok; to your first point, I think it's a fine task to start working on developing ideas for what form the Guilds will take; however, as I've said, it's important to remeber we need to be flexible
(08/21 01:42:22) White Rose: Will the lag ever get fixed and what would happen to a guild that tried to rule the cavern and how would the DRC know about it
(08/21 01:42:24) Reteltee: To your second point; I think it's fine to use whatever forum you prefer for collating your discussion; my point about the AoG is that it's dedicated to the subject of the Guilds. But the MOUL site is fine too
(08/21 01:42:45) IBnetweasel: pop
(08/21 01:42:47) lfus: (Shimmermillion is after White Rose)
(08/21 01:42:47) Dalken Starbyne gasps
(08/21 01:42:58) Sorceress: uh-oh, pop
(08/21 01:43:06) Andy Legate: Reteltee; Will explore
(08/21 01:43:07) Relayer Corps: the bahro got him!
(08/21 01:43:19) Montgomery: Um.
(08/21 01:43:20) Andy Legate: monty, what did you do? : )
(08/21 01:43:21) Dragonia: poof
(08/21 01:43:31) Whilyam gasps
(08/21 01:43:31) Sorceress: Intermission?
(08/21 01:43:33) J'min: Q&A over?
(08/21 01:43:34) Relayer Corps: lol
(08/21 01:43:42) DaytonaKit: s/it
(08/21 01:43:42) Andy Legate: let's all ask MOnty the questions.
(08/21 01:43:42) [Relayer] Kerryth: He'll be back.
(08/21 01:43:44) Montgomery: I assume he will be back.
(08/21 01:43:46) Relayer Corps: I like intermission
(08/21 01:43:50) Whilyam: It was Biegalski! Reteltee shrunk in his awesomeness! :P
(08/21 01:43:55) Robert The Rebuilder: He revealed too much! Laxman linked him to a prison age!
(08/21 01:43:56) Sorceress: Hi Beigalski
(08/21 01:43:57) Relayer Corps: rofl
(08/21 01:44:05) d'ni everything passes popcorn and Twizzlers
(08/21 01:44:09) Explorer1: Can go the the bathroom now!
(08/21 01:44:12) NadeMinogue: lol
(08/21 01:44:17) IBnetweasel opens his mouth, closes his mouth, opens his mouth again...closes it again...and then snorts quizzically
(08/21 01:44:19) Relayer Corps: If you have to, nows the time
(08/21 01:44:20) Robert The Rebuilder: MOnty: what were the other agenda items?
(08/21 01:44:21) Sorceress eats a Cosmic Brownie
(08/21 01:44:24) Montgomery: After the Q&A I was planning to discuss some ideas about both pre-guild memberships, and leadership models.
(08/21 01:44:39) Stephen C.: Lol ib
(08/21 01:44:43) Warren Weisstieg: Ok, what kind of formalNice, Montgomery
(08/21 01:44:49) peni: pop. was 80 when i came back in
(08/21 01:44:49) Warren Weisstieg: Oops
(08/21 01:44:53) Relayer Corps: well, we have nothing better to do right now
(08/21 01:44:54) Montgomery: Also, ways to foster cooperation, and IC vOOC
(08/21 01:45:20) BrandyWynne Fluffs her feathers
(08/21 01:45:23) Relayer Corps: Hi peni!
(08/21 01:45:26) Montgomery: Is Pryftan here, tonight?
(08/21 01:45:26) NadeMinogue: guild counsil leaders
(08/21 01:45:27) Paradox: I'd like to take a moment while we're waiting to announce that the Guild of Writers will be hosting a meeting in the coming week. Look for an announcement on the MOUL Forums if you are interested.
(08/21 01:45:31) peni: hiya :)
(08/21 01:45:34) Andy Legate: hey, is there a PM command? Takes forever to PM Zedra and then try and click on Age chat.
(08/21 01:45:53) Nadnerb: yes, type /p name message
(08/21 01:45:55) Whilyam: It's /p
(08/21 01:45:56) Paradox: /p
(08/21 01:45:59) IBnetweasel: yes.../p Zedra question
(08/21 01:46:12) Andy Legate: Silly me, I was trying to type /pm DUH
(08/21 01:46:14) Ghaelen D'Lareh: now that we all have that one down pat
(08/21 01:46:17) IBnetweasel: the name is case sensitive...
(08/21 01:46:22) Ghaelen D'Lareh laughs
(08/21 01:46:23) Whilyam: Also, to revert to age players, click and drag on any name until your cursor leaves the list.
(08/21 01:46:35) Montgomery: Cool! Thanks for the new command. I didn't know that.
(08/21 01:46:49) Zedra: thanks IB
(08/21 01:46:53) From Reteltee in Reteltee's Relto: Sorry, crashed out
(08/21 01:46:54) Zedra: =:
(08/21 01:46:57) From Reteltee in Reteltee's Relto: On my way back
(08/21 01:46:58) ZeroG: Whilyam: I love you - I totally didn't know that
(08/21 01:47:06) Montgomery: Reteltee is in his Relto, on the way back.
(08/21 01:47:06) Relayer Corps: Let's discuss what you had in mind Montgomery. Until Reteltee gets back
(08/21 01:47:08) Whilyam blushes
(08/21 01:47:12) Relayer Corps: nvmd
(08/21 01:47:13) To Reteltee in Reteltee's Relto: NP
(08/21 01:47:15) Andy Legate: yah, you got 50 poeple in the room, linking in and out and the KI get's unbareable.
(08/21 01:47:28) Whilyam: Please, it's only a KI command! :P
(08/21 01:47:48) From MustardJeep: yes please, next topic
(08/21 01:47:59) Ghaelen D'Lareh watches everyone rush to group hug Whilyam
(08/21 01:48:06) Whilyam: Gah!
(08/21 01:48:07) Relayer Corps: lol
(08/21 01:48:20) Montgomery: Whilyam, can the AoG grant moderator priveliges to individuals on the AoG forums? And will they?
(08/21 01:48:23) Relayer Corps: Don't tempt me Ghaelen
(08/21 01:48:23) Whilyam is squished
(08/21 01:48:26) Andy Legate: just don't start calling Whilyam Muffincakes.
(08/21 01:48:27) From MustardJeep: "You can also reply to a pm by typing "/reply "
(08/21 01:48:33) [Relayer] Boomer takes a deep breath
(08/21 01:48:39) Whilyam: Andy, that's gondar's real name.
(08/21 01:48:45) NadeMinogue: nominated Maintainer Guild Counsil members: Montgemry , Warren , Jishin , Mustard Jeep
(08/21 01:48:46) Relayer Corps: how about pumpkincakes?
(08/21 01:48:46) Whilyam: Mont, what do you mean?
(08/21 01:48:48) Andy Legate: i know : )
(08/21 01:48:52) Reteltee: Sorry everyone; major crash
(08/21 01:48:53) Ghaelen D'Lareh falls over laughing
(08/21 01:48:58) Relayer Corps: lol
(08/21 01:49:03) Andy Legate: Wb Reteltee
(08/21 01:49:08) Stephen C.: Wb
(08/21 01:49:18) J'anim Paedet: And he's back!
(08/21 01:49:24) Reteltee: Forgive my rudeness, but I'm going to stay away from the auditorium and just shout my answers
(08/21 01:49:25) MustardJeep: Welcome Back reteltee.
(08/21 01:49:26) Rocky salutes
(08/21 01:49:26) Montgomery: So eventual leaders can grant memberships, edit posts, etc. in their own sub-forums.
(08/21 01:49:30) IBnetweasel: WB Reteltee
(08/21 01:49:46) Montgomery: Any more questions ofr Reteltee?
(08/21 01:49:51) DaytonaKit: and hungry!!!
(08/21 01:49:52) Reteltee: And hopefully that will solve the problem; if I suddenly disappear again, please accept my apologies
(08/21 01:49:59) Reteltee: I didn't get to answer White Rose
(08/21 01:50:04) White Rose: Will the lag ever get fixed and what would happen to a guild should they try to rule the cavern
(08/21 01:50:05) Nadnerb: shimmer was next, if I recall..
(08/21 01:50:09) Reteltee: You asked about lag and something else?
(08/21 01:50:15) lfus: Shimmermillion is after White Rose)
(08/21 01:50:30) R'nway: um, how would a guild rule the cavern?
(08/21 01:50:44) Reteltee: Please remember to /shout everything you want me to hear
(08/21 01:50:48) R'nway: i don't think that's even possible
(08/21 01:50:56) R'nway: PLEASE STOP KCIKING THE CONE
(08/21 01:50:59) Montgomery: Please stop messing with the cone!
(08/21 01:51:10) R'nway: cones cause major lag
(08/21 01:51:11) Sorceress has a cone-shaped bruise on her back
(08/21 01:51:15) Dakro: Yes please that was rude
(08/21 01:51:34) Swimmery4: what on earth is going on? where is everyone?
(08/21 01:51:36) White Rose: Can my question please get answered
(08/21 01:51:51) Reteltee: Sorry White Rose, please ask again
(08/21 01:52:03) Frisky Badger: be sure to use shout rose
(08/21 01:52:10) Reteltee: I don't know about lag; that's a Cyan tech issue, and I've no insight there
(08/21 01:52:12) IBnetweasel: Swimmery,,,you are experience the ghost bug...please relink or relog
(08/21 01:52:16) lfus: (Please rememeber to type /shout before your question)
(08/21 01:52:20) Swimmery4: thanks, brb
(08/21 01:52:23) Whilyam: In this period of mass hysteria, I'm going to have to leave. Shorah! And may Biegalski's awesomeness protect you!
(08/21 01:52:33) Swimmery4: sorry about the cone, thought i was alone
(08/21 01:52:44) R'nway: no, there are 77 people here
(08/21 01:52:51) Thend nods his head
(08/21 01:52:55) Swimmery4: youre all ghosts to me then
(08/21 01:52:55) R'nway: s'okay
(08/21 01:52:59) From StuartGrist: mister mongomery how guilds will there be?
(08/21 01:53:00) R'nway: sry 'bout my yelling
(08/21 01:53:00) Swimmery4: brb
(08/21 01:53:04) White Rose: will the lag ever get fixed and what would happen to a guild should it think it could be powerful enough to rule the cavenr
(08/21 01:53:21) Reteltee: The Guild would fail
(08/21 01:53:24) NadeMinogue: ???
(08/21 01:53:24) To StuartGrist: 5 official, as many others as people wnt
(08/21 01:53:36) lfus: Shimmermillion is next
(08/21 01:53:38) Reteltee: It would fail miserably
(08/21 01:53:38) Shimmerillion: You mentioned that we will ultimately have to determine what form the guilds take. What has the drc/cyan learned from the liason affair regarding the necessary cooperation between explorers influencing story/content and the "key holders" (drc/cyan)?
(08/21 01:53:59) lfus: (Andy Legate is after shimmermilion)
(08/21 01:54:04) White Rose: Will the lag ever get fixed sorry shimmer
(08/21 01:54:09) Reteltee: I have sincere assurances from the DRC that this will be NOTHING like the Liason fiasco
(08/21 01:54:52) Shimmerillion: yes but what are they concretely doing differently
(08/21 01:55:13) To Zedra: How many more questions? Should we wrap this up and move on?
(08/21 01:55:17) Shimmerillion: yes but what are they concretely doing differently
(08/21 01:55:20) Shimmerillion: (forgot shout)
(08/21 01:55:22) White Rose: Missed that with all the interruptions thanks
(08/21 01:55:43) Jacet Cyber: Is the lag happening because there are so many here
(08/21 01:55:45) From Zedra: we have possible 7 more in the queue
(08/21 01:55:50) From Zedra: shall we continue?
(08/21 01:56:00) Paradox: Lag is all client-side and caused by RAM, video cards, and CPU
(08/21 01:56:09) NadeMinogue: lol
(08/21 01:56:14) NadeMinogue: i wish
(08/21 01:56:14) Reteltee: Well, for one, giving the Explorers a much greater voice in how they impact the structure of the Cavern
(08/21 01:56:16) Paradox: Thus, it is not technically lag, but rather hardware limitations
(08/21 01:56:21) Error: (Can't find 'I'll' in any of the player lists.)
(08/21 01:56:36) To Zedra: I'll ask for 3 last questions
(08/21 01:56:42) Swimmery4: again, my apologies, thought i was by myself in some odd instance
(08/21 01:56:58) Reteltee: Next?
(08/21 01:57:02) Andy Legate: Reteltee; Cate Alexander was quoted as saying to bring back the Guilds "just like the D'ni". Does this mean that the DRC plans to impliment the Guild system just as the D'ni ran it? Or will they allow us to correct mistakes that the D'ni made with the Guilds?
(08/21 01:57:07) From Zedra: okay we got the last three then
(08/21 01:57:19) Montgomery: 3more questions ofr Reteltee, plus thos already in the que. Let's not wear him out!
(08/21 01:57:27) Reteltee: Just like the D'ni should be taken in the context of "just like Ri'neref intended it"
(08/21 01:57:35) lfus: ((graoaht is after Andy Legate)
(08/21 01:57:40) Reteltee: Lol, thx Monty
(08/21 01:57:50) Frisky Badger: ooo that was a really good answer
(08/21 01:57:57) Anthony: Good
(08/21 01:58:04) Andy Legate: Thanks.
(08/21 01:58:05) --=V4iLiN=--: I would like to know if the DRC are going to open up the Guild Hall in the city, and provide the guilds some tools etc. I really think Cyan would want to keep everything within the game. so we gotta have in game Objects and tools we can use. Could this please be mentioned to 'The Powers that Be' for me ty
(08/21 01:58:06) Nadnerb: and could you please announce who will be asking next?
(08/21 01:58:06) Anthony: I like that answer
(08/21 01:58:20) Reteltee: Yes
(08/21 01:58:36) Reteltee: To both
(08/21 01:58:42) Sorceress: WoW!
(08/21 01:58:42) Reteltee: :)
(08/21 01:58:53) Reteltee: Next?
(08/21 01:58:57) lfus: groath
(08/21 01:59:26) lfus: (Please have your questions pretyped in)
(08/21 01:59:49) lfus: (RElayer Corp is next afrter graoth)
(08/21 01:59:54) groath: do you now if in the near future if the guild area of the city will be re opened for the guilds?or if the maintaniers will have suits ready for them any time soon or will grenesh pardon my spelling be the HQ for the maintaniers?
(08/21 02:00:10) groath: sorry was cleaning houes
(08/21 02:00:22) Reteltee: The answer to all of the above is I do not know, sorry :(
(08/21 02:00:36) groath: ok ty
(08/21 02:00:38) Reteltee: Next?
(08/21 02:00:42) Relayer Corps: Will any group joining a Guild retain it's autonomy and individuality? Or will they be completely absorbed into the guild?
(08/21 02:00:43) From Andy Legate: At least this is going better than Episode interviews.
(08/21 02:00:57) Reteltee: That depends entirely upon the desire of the group
(08/21 02:01:03) Relayer Corps: ty
(08/21 02:01:08) lfus: (Saavedro is after Relayer Corp)
(08/21 02:01:14) Saavadro: With all of this focus being put on the guild formations by the DRC, will it continue to work on restoring further areas of THIS cavern and translating more ancient D'ni texts? If not, will a seperate guild or guilds have to be formed to speed these areas up?
(08/21 02:01:14) Reteltee: And the Guild
(08/21 02:01:19) To Andy Legate: Yes. I am very pleased. Will make this chatlog very easy to read.
(08/21 02:01:54) Reteltee: The DRC will continue to restore as much of the Cavern as possible, while maintaining safety and security for all of the Explorers
(08/21 02:02:11) R'nway: wow, now thats a typical DRC answer
(08/21 02:02:23) Stephen C.: Lol
(08/21 02:02:27) Dragonia starts to laugh
(08/21 02:02:29) --=V4iLiN=--: gesh
(08/21 02:02:32) Reteltee: As to Guild involvement in that process I cannot say (in actuality, I am not allowed to say)
(08/21 02:02:33) NadeMinogue: haha
(08/21 02:02:34) Andy Legate laughs
(08/21 02:02:35) [Relayer] Kerryth: oooh
(08/21 02:02:37) Saavadro: i guess will see when that time comes
(08/21 02:02:40) lfus: (WarrenWeisstieg is after Saavedro)
(08/21 02:02:41) Saavadro: thx
(08/21 02:02:41) R'nway: now that's even more DRC
(08/21 02:02:46) Swimmery4 cant help but agree
(08/21 02:02:50) Reteltee: A good and fair question though
(08/21 02:02:55) Reteltee: Next?
(08/21 02:02:56) R'nway: and well fielded
(08/21 02:03:10) lfus: WarrenWeistieg
(08/21 02:03:35) Warren Weisstieg: what kind of guild structure does the DRc have planned as far as Guild masters, all-guild council, ewtc. I know this will be broought up later, but just a question
(08/21 02:03:49) Scarlette: nope not much
(08/21 02:04:04) lfus: (V4iLin is after warren)
(08/21 02:04:54) lfus: (Barbarra is after Warren)
(08/21 02:05:07) Reteltee: ?
(08/21 02:05:11) R'nway: could the people who are walking around please have a seat, to minimisze lag?
(08/21 02:05:12) Reteltee: Next?
(08/21 02:05:14) lfus: barbarra
(08/21 02:05:24) Andy Legate: warren, use /shout
(08/21 02:05:26) Warren Weisstieg: Oh sorry, I forgot to shout it
(08/21 02:05:29) IBnetweasel: did Reteltee hear warren's question? Warren...please /shout your question
(08/21 02:05:40) Reteltee: Ah
(08/21 02:05:49) Warren Weisstieg: what kind of guild structure is plannedalong the lines of Guild masters, councils, etc?
(08/21 02:05:56) Reteltee: Yes
(08/21 02:05:56) Warren Weisstieg: Sorry guys
(08/21 02:06:01) Reteltee: ;)
(08/21 02:06:07) lfus: (AB Guy is after Barbarra)
(08/21 02:06:35) Reteltee: There is a structure planned, and it will be in line with the original vision of Master Ri'neref
(08/21 02:06:50) Reteltee: Next?
(08/21 02:06:54) R'nway makes a not to reseach taht
(08/21 02:06:57) R'nway: note
(08/21 02:07:01) lfus: Barbarra is next
(08/21 02:07:07) NadeMinogue: im sorry i have to go ill catch the rest of it on the forums
(08/21 02:07:11) --=V4iLiN=-- same here
(08/21 02:07:11) NadeMinogue: l8r
(08/21 02:07:14) R'nway: bye
(08/21 02:07:17) Yali: Now we're gettin' somewhere! Kudos Reteltee!
(08/21 02:07:19) R'nway: to both
(08/21 02:07:27) Reteltee: Why thank you :)
(08/21 02:07:50) Reteltee: Barb?
(08/21 02:07:56) Reteltee: Did you /shout?
(08/21 02:08:02) lfus: (AB Guy is next)
(08/21 02:08:31) IBnetweasel: shall we move on with Abguy?
(08/21 02:08:32) lfus: go ahead with your question AB
(08/21 02:08:35) ABguy: Reteltee: Where do new ideas and guilds fit into your vision for the way guilds will interact?
(08/21 02:08:51) lfus: (our last question will be from Thend)
(08/21 02:09:01) Reteltee: They're essential
(08/21 02:09:49) Reteltee: As I hope I've made clear (if not by eloquence, then at least by repition), my vision of the Guilds is US. The Explorers, the ones with the greatest stake in what happens here in our world
(08/21 02:10:11) Reteltee: So new ideas and lots of people are integral to that concept
(08/21 02:10:26) Reteltee: As for the interaction....well, that will become clearer in time
(08/21 02:10:31) R'nway: along taht note, what are the DRC's plans to incorporate explorer written ages?
(08/21 02:10:46) Reteltee: I don't know
(08/21 02:10:59) R'nway: thanks anyway
(08/21 02:11:06) Reteltee: No prob
(08/21 02:11:09) Reteltee: Thend?
(08/21 02:11:10) lfus: Thend
(08/21 02:11:11) Thend: D'ni structure according to Rineref - So, there WILL be an elected King of D'ni sometime 'in the future', eh?
(08/21 02:11:20) --=V4iLiN=--: that is where My request comes into play R'nway
(08/21 02:11:22) --=V4iLiN=--: lol
(08/21 02:11:32) Yali: I vote for Thend as King
(08/21 02:11:34) groath: a king!?
(08/21 02:11:39) Reteltee: Nope, at least, not that I know of. I am referring soley to the Guild structure
(08/21 02:11:41) groath: i say i want to be king
(08/21 02:11:43) Relayer Corps: I second that vote!
(08/21 02:11:43) Thend starts to laugh
(08/21 02:11:48) Montgomery: Sorry -- Host's Privelige! On last question: Reteltee, where is the best place for people to ask you these kinds of questions after this meeting?
(08/21 02:11:48) Andy Legate: Montgomery for King.
(08/21 02:12:04) Swimmery4 chants "Thend! Thend! Thend!"
(08/21 02:12:16) Reteltee: Well, you can always PM me on the Uru Obsession forums, or the Assembly of Guilds forums
(08/21 02:12:21) Scarlette starts to laugh
(08/21 02:12:22) From MustardJeep: Nice :)
(08/21 02:12:31) Nadnerb: wasn't Thend going to ask?
(08/21 02:12:33) groath says he wants to be king plzzzzzzz
(08/21 02:12:35) Reteltee: Also feel free to email me:
(08/21 02:12:54) Reteltee: And always feel free to ping me in the Cavern
(08/21 02:12:54) Anthony: Oy, if we can't get behind one guy there won't be a king
(08/21 02:13:05) Montgomery: On behalf of everyone here and those reading this log, thank you Reteltee!
(08/21 02:13:09) groath: me......
(08/21 02:13:10) Relayer Corps: YEY!! No KING!
(08/21 02:13:12) Sorceress claps her hands
(08/21 02:13:15) LostOwl claps his hands
(08/21 02:13:15) Andy Legate: we'll never see Reteltee again, he'll be toobusy answering questions!
(08/21 02:13:15) Swimmery4 claps his hands
(08/21 02:13:16) Relayer Corps claps her hands
(08/21 02:13:17) Dakro claps his hands
(08/21 02:13:19) Kalypso claps her hands
(08/21 02:13:21) groath: THANK YOU!
(08/21 02:13:21) Sparrowhawk claps her hands
(08/21 02:13:21) gwynhwyvar claps her hands
(08/21 02:13:21) Mar'ith claps his hands
(08/21 02:13:23) J'anim Paedet claps his hands
(08/21 02:13:24) d'ni everything claps
(08/21 02:13:24) Mary26 claps her hands
(08/21 02:13:27) Andy Legate claps hands
(08/21 02:13:27) [Relayer] Kerryth claps her hands
(08/21 02:13:28) groath: you rock!
(08/21 02:13:29) BrandyWynne claps her hands
(08/21 02:13:29) Thend claps his hands
(08/21 02:13:30) Swimmery4 claps his hands
(08/21 02:13:30) cwjunior claps his hands
(08/21 02:13:30) Paradox: !chehv shehm Rehteltee
(08/21 02:13:30) Dragonia claps her hands
(08/21 02:13:30) Zedra claps her hands
(08/21 02:13:30) ABguy claps his hands
(08/21 02:13:31) groath claps his hands
(08/21 02:13:32) lfus claps her hands
(08/21 02:13:32) Stephen C. claps his hands
(08/21 02:13:35) MustardJeep cheers
(08/21 02:13:35) ~~meadow~~ claps her hands
(08/21 02:13:35) Resolute Guardian claps his hands
(08/21 02:13:36) R'nway claps his hands
(08/21 02:13:37) --=V4iLiN=-- claps his hands
(08/21 02:13:38) Saavadro: cev Sem, Reteltee!
(08/21 02:13:38) Dalken Starbyne claps his hands
(08/21 02:13:39) Dichromus claps his hands
(08/21 02:13:39) Frisky Badger: thanks for the time Reteltee
(08/21 02:13:40) Reteltee: I consider it my privelage to speak with and listen to my fellow Explorers
(08/21 02:13:41) SuperGram frowns at the idea of a king.....
(08/21 02:13:46) IBnetweasel: THank you Mont and Reteltee!
(08/21 02:13:48) Reteltee: Lol, thanks for having me everyone
(08/21 02:13:51) R'nway thanks you
(08/21 02:13:51) Swimmery4 is lost on the flooding purple text!
(08/21 02:13:59) Warren Weisstieg: Take care Reteltee
(08/21 02:14:02) d'ni everything agrees with SuperGram
(08/21 02:14:05) R'nway emotes
(08/21 02:14:08) Montgomery: don't leave yet, everyone. Ther is more.
(08/21 02:14:08) Reteltee: And thanks for your kindness and support
(08/21 02:14:08) Reteltee: I bid the fondest Shorah to you all
(08/21 02:14:09) groath: thanks to every one who helped
(08/21 02:14:20) ABguy: Thank you Zedra and Ifus!
(08/21 02:14:26) IBnetweasel: ooo more...yea!
(08/21 02:14:29) groath: thank you
(08/21 02:14:36) R'nway: yes indeed z and lfus
(08/21 02:14:36) Andy Legate: oh good! Refreashments?
(08/21 02:14:38) lfus: Yw AB
(08/21 02:14:39) d'ni everything: Tiki stop kissing the wall
(08/21 02:14:42) Relayer Corps: Bahro cookies
(08/21 02:14:48) Dalken Starbyne: Thank you EVERYONE, for hosting, moderating, and attending this meeting!
(08/21 02:14:58) Frisky Badger: we aren't done yet!
(08/21 02:15:02) Thend: A cartoon, a newsreel, then back to the show
(08/21 02:15:04) Swimmery4 passes refreshments out
(08/21 02:15:16) Montgomery: Reteltee was just the first item on the agenda!
(08/21 02:15:18) Relayer Corps: what's next on the agenda?
(08/21 02:15:19) --=V4iLiN=--: I Want to Make a few new Guild hoods , one hood for each of the shirts, I suggest
(08/21 02:15:21) Dalken Starbyne: Maybe not, Frisky, but I gotta go :P
(08/21 02:15:26) Paradox: Again, just a quick announcement, the GoW will be hosting a meeting in the coming week, look on the MOUL Guilds forum for more information :)
(08/21 02:15:28) Shimmerillion gets up to stretch
(08/21 02:15:36) Frisky Badger: those already exist Relayer
(08/21 02:15:50) Montgomery: 5 minute break for "personal business."
(08/21 02:15:53) groath is sad to say but the refreshments did not get pass him and every one beyownd him are wondering were they are....
(08/21 02:16:02) Relayer Corps: what already exist? I didn't say anything
(08/21 02:16:07) J'anim Paedet eyes the invisible cooler
(08/21 02:16:10) From Reteltee in Reteltee's Relto: If anyone didn't get my contact info and wants it, please feel free to give it out
(08/21 02:16:17) From Reteltee in Reteltee's Relto: Thanks again for having me
(08/21 02:16:19) R'nway asks groath to kindly take only one and save some for the others
(08/21 02:16:23) Relayer Corps: Except bahro cookies
(08/21 02:16:24) Frisky Badger: sorry that should have been directed at V4iLiN
(08/21 02:16:28) To Reteltee in Reteltee's Relto: will do! Thanks again. great job.
(08/21 02:16:30) Relayer Corps: Lol ok
(08/21 02:16:35) Saavadro: there is no Writers 'hood
(08/21 02:16:37) From Dalken Starbyne: I gotta go. WHere can I find a copy of the log once after the meeting is done?
(08/21 02:16:39) From Reteltee in Reteltee's Relto: Oh thank you! Always a pleasure
(08/21 02:16:39) Warren Weisstieg: Hey, I got to go, I'm represnting the Maintainers, but I think Montgomery can do that just as well
(08/21 02:16:45) Warren Weisstieg: good day everyone
(08/21 02:16:46) Swimmery4 links to the store to buy more stuff
(08/21 02:16:50) R'nway: farewell
(08/21 02:16:51) Relayer Corps: just want to make sure I wasn't being blamed for anything I didn't do again
(08/21 02:16:52) Montgomery: Well, Reteltee promised free beer. Anybody see where he put it?
(08/21 02:16:52) Frisky Badger: I'm pretty sure there is
(08/21 02:17:02) Shimmerillion: lol monty
(08/21 02:17:04) R'nway: where is the link to the store?
(08/21 02:17:05) MustardJeep burps
(08/21 02:17:09) --=V4iLiN=--: just so we can get orginised better in game , this forum stuff (out of game) IMO personly dislike
(08/21 02:17:11) R'nway: book or stone?
(08/21 02:17:26) d'ni everything passes popcorn and Twizzlers again
(08/21 02:17:37) Relayer Corps: what is with people and kissing the walls today?
(08/21 02:17:39) Shimmerillion: ooh popcorn
(08/21 02:17:41) groath: weres the free link to go to a rock concert at.......
(08/21 02:17:48) From Dalken Starbyne: Hello?
(08/21 02:17:48) Swimmery4 starts up a dozen coffee makers
(08/21 02:17:51) IBnetweasel: is the beer next tot he tub of wings from last meeting?
(08/21 02:17:52) --=V4iLiN=--: lol
(08/21 02:17:56) To Dalken Starbyne: Hi
(08/21 02:17:57) Sorceress sips her iced tea
(08/21 02:18:00) d'ni everything: I think they are looking for the link to the store
(08/21 02:18:02) --=V4iLiN=--: we need Mr Cloak
(08/21 02:18:05) Andy Legate: that Deem has been going in circles kissing the walls several times now.
(08/21 02:18:08) R'nway: lag makes it hard for people to turn, and hard for us to see i immediately when they do
(08/21 02:18:11) --=V4iLiN=--: lol
(08/21 02:18:17) From Dalken Starbyne: I gotta go, d'you know where I'll be able to find the log of this?
(08/21 02:18:22) Swimmery4: im sure the books in the nexus somewhere :)
(08/21 02:18:29) To Dalken Starbyne: on MOUL for sure.
(08/21 02:18:32) R'nway suspects deem has a slow connection, or a slow computer
(08/21 02:18:33) groath: so party at my jalak after this
(08/21 02:18:37) From Dalken Starbyne: Alright. Thanks
(08/21 02:18:37) J'min: It's a bug... The game thinks a key is being pressed or the mouse button
(08/21 02:18:46) peni: lol
(08/21 02:18:48) Mary26: Hurricane Deem is over I guess
(08/21 02:18:52) [Relayer] Kerryth: lol
(08/21 02:18:54) Thend: Hey! There's a lot of people here! I can announce something!
(08/21 02:18:58) Montgomery: OK, shall we continue?
(08/21 02:19:01) groath: montgomery want to come to my jalak after this and play some games?
(08/21 02:19:02) Saavadro: well its bedtime in NY so nice seein' yall!
(08/21 02:19:04) Deem: lollol
(08/21 02:19:05) R'nway shudders at the thought of what jalak would do with 70+ people in it
(08/21 02:19:08) d'ni everything squishes bug crawling by with heel of foot
(08/21 02:19:09) --=V4iLiN=--: lotta rubber banding goin on
(08/21 02:19:13) IBnetweasel: sounds good Monty...lets
(08/21 02:19:17) Kalypso: Reteltee talked earlier about Ri'neref vision of the Guilds. I check Mystlore but did not find what exactly was hisvision aside that he wasN,t grand Master on Gaternay...
(08/21 02:19:25) Montgomery: Sure, Groath.
(08/21 02:19:29) Swimmery4 adds raid to the shopping list, and makes sure to keep it away from the food
(08/21 02:19:33) groath: sweet
(08/21 02:19:38) Thend: Day of Dancing - September 3rd, 24 hours long, every DJ we can gather playing in the Cavern one after another, everywhere - Be there! ;D
(08/21 02:19:47) Kalypso: so anyone knows what was his vision?
(08/21 02:19:49) d'ni everything sprays Deet
(08/21 02:19:57) Frisky Badger: in short his vision for the Guilds was that they serve the community and not the other way around
(08/21 02:20:01) --=V4iLiN=--: ty for the nfo
(08/21 02:20:06) Kalypso: Thank you Frisky
(08/21 02:20:07) Thend nods his head
(08/21 02:20:08) R'nway: makes sense to me
(08/21 02:20:09) Montgomery: SOmeone will post a topic on MOUL about Ri'neref's vision, I'm sure.
(08/21 02:20:10) From Relayer Corps: are we continuing the meeting soon?
(08/21 02:20:22) To Relayer Corps: yes. now!
(08/21 02:20:24) SuperGram: I would agree with that concept
(08/21 02:20:27) From Relayer Corps: kk
(08/21 02:20:29) Sorceress: Ri'neref was very humble. he even refused to have a palace for him built until teh Guild Hall was finished being constructed.
(08/21 02:20:39) Montgomery: OK! Next topic.
(08/21 02:20:39) Relayer Corps: Let's get on with the meeting please
(08/21 02:20:50) Montgomery: Settle, people! Settle!
(08/21 02:20:55) R'nway: i think we were on a five minute break if i'm not mistaken
(08/21 02:20:57) peni nods her head
(08/21 02:21:03) d'ni everything: ehem
(08/21 02:21:09) Swimmery4 hands montgomery a whip to keep them in line
(08/21 02:21:10) R'nway: but i take it the break is over now
(08/21 02:21:12) BrandyWynne taps her foot
(08/21 02:21:14) Dichromus waves hello
(08/21 02:21:14) Nadnerb: and I think it's been 5 minutes..
(08/21 02:21:42) groath: ok
(08/21 02:21:47) Anthony: He held out even after the hall and the temple to Yahvo was built
(08/21 02:22:00) Scarlette: hey dak :)
(08/21 02:22:00) Montgomery: OK, I wanted to address the issue of what to du until the Guilds become official and there is something to actually join.
(08/21 02:22:08) Anthony: he prefered a simple house
(08/21 02:22:09) d'ni everything: oh dear-Almas - someone turn her this way
(08/21 02:22:18) R'nway: hey, it's deem again
(08/21 02:22:32) R'nway: ah, that's what i was wondering about
(08/21 02:22:33) --=V4iLiN=--: the Tomb of the great king lays benieth the guild Hall
(08/21 02:22:41) Montgomery: I think Deem is the Kirel house ghost ....
(08/21 02:22:44) Relayer Corps: what do you propose Montgomery?
(08/21 02:22:58) Deem: :) It feels like molasses.
(08/21 02:23:01) Anthony: yes a sign of the pride of the d'ni government over time
(08/21 02:23:41) Montgomery: I propose we establish 5 "pre-guilds" Basicall, just like wearing the shirts, but it is a way to collect names, KI#s and for people to communicate with fellow members.
(08/21 02:24:17) Montgomery: MustardJeep is already collecting names and s of people interested in the Maintainers.
(08/21 02:24:28) R'nway: could we establish official sites for each
(08/21 02:24:31) From groath: you get my invite?
(08/21 02:24:45) R'nway: i have seen that many guilds have had several people make redundant sites
(08/21 02:24:52) Sorceress: Are the 5 "pre-guilds" the same as the five announced by the DRC?
(08/21 02:24:54) Mary26: Cartographers have one at
(08/21 02:25:03) Error: Don't know how to '/shout, then if and when we decide to establish some leadership for making decisions, we can recruit or nominate from those pols, and those members would vote.'
(08/21 02:25:05) From Relayer Corps: The GOM has a thread up on AOG. Asking for council nominations
(08/21 02:25:06) moirajane: will you be taking questions after?
(08/21 02:25:11) R'nway: it would be good if we could standardized the guild sites on one pre guil
(08/21 02:25:11) R'nway: d
(08/21 02:25:18) Shimmerillion: i think it would help for each to have a site, because there is one location for information (rather than forum hopping)
(08/21 02:25:25) From groath: i will just have you use my relto book
(08/21 02:25:34) R'nway: yes, not all of us are members at all of the forums
(08/21 02:25:34) Montgomery: Sorry, my long coment was errored.
(08/21 02:25:44) [Relayer] Kerryth: Several news organizations have sites.
(08/21 02:25:52) From moirajane: will you be taking Q's?
(08/21 02:25:56) Swimmery4: Individual sites should be put off until after the pre-guild stages, imo
(08/21 02:26:11) R'nway: how will we communicate in teh mean-time, swimmery?
(08/21 02:26:11) Kalypso: That is the problem Kerryth
(08/21 02:26:12) [Relayer] Kerryth: What about existing ones?
(08/21 02:26:15) Montgomery: The ideas would be to join a pre-guild for one or more of the 5, just like wearing the shirt -- a way to show support.
(08/21 02:26:21) groath: mustard i am intrested in maitaniers ALOT!
(08/21 02:26:21) Montgomery: I'll take Qs.
(08/21 02:26:23) Shimmerillion: existing ones would stay in use
(08/21 02:26:26) tikibear (I'm on the surface, be back in a minute):
(08/21 02:26:26) tikibear (I'm on the surface, be back in a minute):
(08/21 02:26:27) Relayer Corps: We are also trying to get GOM council nominations on the AOG site
(08/21 02:26:37) Swimmery4: use the AoG forums for preguild
(08/21 02:26:48) From moirajane: now or after?
(08/21 02:26:48) R'nway: are you sure we should be forming councils already?
(08/21 02:26:51) Montgomery: It's a way to collect names and #s and comunicate with fellow members.
(08/21 02:27:00) R'nway: what are the maintainers maintaining at the moment?
(08/21 02:27:03) groath: hey mustared?
(08/21 02:27:05) Shimmerillion: i don't know ... forums are not user-friendly to everyone. you have to be a Forumite to be able to find information ... :P
(08/21 02:27:08) Stephen C.: Poor deem
(08/21 02:27:12) Montgomery: And the pre-guilds would be pols from which to nominate leaders.
(08/21 02:27:22) lfus: (PM Zedra with the work QUESTION to get in the que)
(08/21 02:27:29) Montgomery: *pools
(08/21 02:27:49) Montgomery: I'll take Qs in a second.
(08/21 02:27:51) groath: muastred?
(08/21 02:28:32) Shimmerillion: is there discussion allowed for each topic/question? or do you have to pm to speak?
(08/21 02:28:33) lfus: ( Please have your question pretyped)
(08/21 02:28:44) Relayer Corps: pm shimmer
(08/21 02:28:48) Shimmerillion: k
(08/21 02:28:49) Montgomery: As for leadership, I'm proposing a model of 5 elected members of equal status to be a council for each guild. No single GuildMasters!
(08/21 02:29:13) groath: mustardjeep can you put me down on that list for maintaners
(08/21 02:29:18) Swimmery4 agrees
(08/21 02:29:27) Relayer Corps nods her head
(08/21 02:29:33) groath: oh i want to be on the council!
(08/21 02:29:38) --=V4iLiN=--: yea I feel that there should be one central website that houses all the guilds forums or links to them
(08/21 02:29:39) groath: plz!
(08/21 02:29:42) Montgomery: /Shout I'd suggest each person use the Mods to ask questions, but I won't go on to the next person until discussion is over for that question.
(08/21 02:29:48) R'nway: shimmer, from what i understand, we pm lfus with the word question, then we keep our question pre-typed until we are callled on so taht we can ask quickly
(08/21 02:30:21) Montgomery: OK. Who's first?
(08/21 02:30:21) R'nway: however, for discussion, i beleive we just speak up when we have something to say about the current topic, is that correct?
(08/21 02:30:21) Ghaelen D'Lareh (I'm on the surface, be back in a minute):
(08/21 02:30:22) Godschild (I'm on the surface, be back in a minute):
(08/21 02:30:32) BrandyWynne: and use '/shout'
(08/21 02:30:36) lfus: ( Please hold your comments until the end and don't forget to pm zedra with the word Question)
(08/21 02:30:42) R'nway: yes, the /shout is important
(08/21 02:30:50) IBnetweasel: pm Zedra with question...then have your ? pretyped (with /shout) and lfus will call on you when it is your turn
(08/21 02:30:56) Montgomery: We can try that R'nway, and see if it stays under control.
(08/21 02:30:56) lfus: Andy Legate
(08/21 02:31:01) Andy Legate: So Montgomery; you are suggesting that we set up a place simply as a place for people to go sign up just so they can show their interest in joining that guild? And you're recommending the Assembly of Guilds web site as a good starting point since it already houses a lot of guilds there?
(08/21 02:31:04) groath: edra can you move towards the fron so we can see you insted of scrolling the list of names
(08/21 02:31:17) lfus: ( Dichromus is after Andy)
(08/21 02:31:25) Montgomery: Andy -- exactly right.
(08/21 02:31:31) groath: my z does not want to works osme times
(08/21 02:31:42) R'nway: just type "/p Zedra question"
(08/21 02:31:44) Kalypso: Reteltee agreed that AOG was a good place to start
(08/21 02:31:54) groath: ok ty
(08/21 02:31:55) Andy Legate: ty
(08/21 02:31:58) IBnetweasel: to PM zedra with question just type "/p Zedra question"
(08/21 02:31:59) groath: sorry montgomery
(08/21 02:32:13) Montgomery: NP!
(08/21 02:32:23) MustardJeep: That is part of what I have been doing collecting KI numbers, next is tagging up with people wearing the shirts.
(08/21 02:32:44) Montgomery: Everyone did a fantastic job keeping order while Reteltee was here. Let's keep it up.
(08/21 02:32:55) From moirajane: Please say NEXT when you are ready for the next Q
(08/21 02:32:59) Montgomery: First questin?
(08/21 02:33:13) lfus: Dichromus is next
(08/21 02:33:13) Montgomery: NEXT
(08/21 02:33:17) Dichromus: In my experience, ruling by committee doesn't work. You need a leader even if it only the committee chairperson. What do you think?
(08/21 02:33:35) R'nway: that's an ecellent point
(08/21 02:33:36) lfus: (R'nway is after Dichromus)
(08/21 02:33:38) Montgomery: OK ... long answer.
(08/21 02:33:41) Shimmerillion: or an odd number (for vote)
(08/21 02:34:16) Montgomery: I'm afraid Cate will try to take over the guilds. So I want power decentralized in case she singles out leaders to sway to her side.
(08/21 02:34:32) Relayer Corps agrees
(08/21 02:34:46) SuperGram agrees
(08/21 02:34:51) Montgomery: It may be an irrational fear, but many signs point to it.
(08/21 02:35:00) Dichromus: that sounds like the road to confrontation
(08/21 02:35:03) Andy Legate nodds in agreement.
(08/21 02:35:10) Swimmery4: normally that would be paranoid, but in the case of Cate, i agree
(08/21 02:35:20) Mary26 agrees
(08/21 02:35:22) Montgomery: I just want to be prepared. And the pre-guilds is a way to test this model before the official guilds arrive.
(08/21 02:35:34) Shimmerillion: lol swim
(08/21 02:35:34) Dichromus: I see thanks
(08/21 02:35:36) lfus: ( Please hold all comments until the end...)
(08/21 02:35:50) Montgomery: Does that answer your question?
(08/21 02:36:01) Dichromus: ?shout yes thanks
(08/21 02:36:02) ComputerSage: Reteltee can always break ties or provide advice on any disagreements
(08/21 02:36:02) lfus: R'nway is up
(08/21 02:36:08) Dichromus: oops
(08/21 02:36:08) R'nway: Will the DRC be releasing documentation and age writing tools to the guild of writers anytime soon, or are we fairly useless right now?
(08/21 02:36:28) lfus: (V4iLin is after R'nway)
(08/21 02:36:48) Montgomery: I have no idea. Reteltee might be able to answer that, and I believe he has been asked to relay that question to Cyan.
(08/21 02:36:57) Shimmerillion: r'nway, you could also start planning ages - mapping out the land, concept art, creating jpuzzles, etc
(08/21 02:37:02) groath: also games mabye a question here or there but mostly games
(08/21 02:37:09) Montgomery: Next.
(08/21 02:37:11) Frisky Badger: it is possible to create Ages now, you just can't get them into Uru
(08/21 02:37:13) groath: ops rong chat sorry!
(08/21 02:37:21) lfus: V4iLin is up
(08/21 02:37:57) R'nway: taht's an excellent point, we can do teh initial planning for ages even thoughwe cannotbegin writing ages yet
(08/21 02:38:07) lfus: (please have you questions pretyped in)
(08/21 02:38:10) Montgomery: V4iLin?
(08/21 02:38:34) --=V4iLiN=--: I think making some new hoods, one for each shirt of the guilds would be the best way, of coarse you will have to join your guild hood. then it will be alot easer knowing who is all in your guild and who. alot easer later on in the game, if Cyan ever adds some tools etc for us to use. // and agrees with the assembly of guilds be alot easer to find your guild forum.
(08/21 02:38:39) R'nway: but we may make the whole thing and find out taht it is incompatible with whatevercyan ever gives us to work with
(08/21 02:38:55) lfus: AB Guy is after V4iLin)
(08/21 02:39:04) Frisky Badger: those hoods already exist
(08/21 02:39:12) R'nway: however, we may want to be in a 'hood with people from many guilds
(08/21 02:39:27) R'nway: surely in the days of the D'ni the maintainers did not all live in one hood
(08/21 02:39:45) R'nway: just as not all of our engineers on teh surface live in teh same area
(08/21 02:39:52) Montgomery: Actually, V, graydragon has mentioned that the word "guild" is being made a forbidden word for making hoods. There were about 5 Maintainers Guild hhods at one point. The Guild Pubs are coming in a couple f weeks.
(08/21 02:39:56) Mark_AF: mostly they did
(08/21 02:39:57) lfus: (Please hold all comments until the end... thanks)
(08/21 02:40:02) --=V4iLiN=--: Thats the catch to show you are serious about that guild
(08/21 02:40:09) R'nway: oh, there are guild pubs coming?
(08/21 02:40:14) Sorceress: As in the upcoming new episode?
(08/21 02:40:16) Shimmerillion: or there could be a weekly meeting for each guild in a regular hood. that way you catch all the non-OOCers
(08/21 02:40:24) Frisky Badger: actually Ifus, Montgomery said we could discuss questions
(08/21 02:40:50) Shimmerillion: (non forum hoppers) :P
(08/21 02:40:52) Swimmery4: we just have to stop discussing when we move to the next one
(08/21 02:40:52) --=V4iLiN=--: ahh good to know
(08/21 02:40:55) Montgomery: we can discuss if we stay on topic.
(08/21 02:41:04) Thend: Cate announced the Guild Pubs at the end of last DRC busy 'week'
(08/21 02:41:07) Montgomery: Anything else on hoods
(08/21 02:41:16) R'nway: oh, i didn't know that, thanks thend
(08/21 02:41:21) Thend: No further details
(08/21 02:41:24) Thend nods his head
(08/21 02:41:30) Montgomery: NEXT!
(08/21 02:41:33) ABguy: Montgomery: If it is true that we are to be the guilds, its not possible to conform to a ridgid stucture especially since the guilds will perform different functions. Don't you think to be truely flexible that all the guilds will need to discover their own structures instead of handing out a cookie cutter type style of leadership?
(08/21 02:41:40) groath: np
(08/21 02:42:09) lfus: (Andy Legate is after AB Guy)
(08/21 02:42:56) Montgomery: Excellent point, AB! I agree. I'm merely making a suggstion. And it is based on the way the Greeters are already doing things. But it is just a suggestion. If we do choose to share the same model, it will make many things easier for everyone.
(08/21 02:42:58) R'nway: for example, Writers make wish to organize more according to the software dev pipeline the eventually settle on
(08/21 02:43:07) cgreen:
(08/21 02:43:57) Montgomery: I agree the individual guilds and groups may need to do things their own way, and I don't mean to suggest otherwise.
(08/21 02:43:57) MustardJeep: none of the structure "stuff" is going to get decided tonight, it's just suggestions to get people thinking.
(08/21 02:44:01) Shimmerillion: in most organizations, the leaders are not the doers. they help facilitate the success of their doers. it seems like that would be the same, regardless
(08/21 02:44:32) [Relayer] Kerryth: That is not true of any organization I have Iver belonged to.
(08/21 02:44:41) From Zedra: There are only 2 more questions in the queue, fyi.
(08/21 02:44:43) Montgomery: Bottom line -- I just feel more comfortable with decentralized power in the Big 5.
(08/21 02:44:47) Shimmerillion: im thinking more of real world organizations
(08/21 02:44:51) R'nway: unfortunately, the leaders often mistake the purpose of the doers and theink the doerws are meant to help teh leader achieve success
(08/21 02:44:56) SuperGram: I disagree with Shimmerillin also
(08/21 02:45:02) To Zedra: TY!
(08/21 02:45:10) [Relayer] Kerryth: The real world is where we all live.
(08/21 02:45:11) IBnetweasel: I would like to talk a bit about the GoG as an example for other guilds if there is a chance...
(08/21 02:45:19) Shimmerillion: i'm not suggesting the leaders never did any of the doing
(08/21 02:45:19) d'ni everything: im just wondering how many guilds, corps and bevins one needs before we implode with organizations having seperate agendas
(08/21 02:45:36) R'nway: yes, that is a good point
(08/21 02:45:44) Montgomery: Sure, IB -- go ahead. You have the floor.
(08/21 02:45:47) --=V4iLiN=--: True
(08/21 02:45:51) Deem claps her hands
(08/21 02:45:58) ResEng A. Biegalski: Defiant Association of Hairstylists.
(08/21 02:45:59) IBnetweasel: is this OK with everyone if I talk a bit?
(08/21 02:46:03) ResEng A. Biegalski: Doh, sorry.
(08/21 02:46:07) Stephen C.: sure
(08/21 02:46:09) Sorceress starts to laugh
(08/21 02:46:11) MustardJeep: If it works right the "Big 5" can spearhead for smaller groups.
(08/21 02:46:11) Deem: Yes.
(08/21 02:46:14) R'nway: well, Mr. Beigalski
(08/21 02:46:16) Rocky: Yep
(08/21 02:46:17) Swimmery4: go ahead!
(08/21 02:46:19) R'nway: welcome rath3er
(08/21 02:46:28) ResEng A. Biegalski feels VERY silly now...
(08/21 02:46:37) Montgomery: Andy you're next after IB
(08/21 02:46:47) --=V4iLiN=--: shorah ResEng AB
(08/21 02:46:55) ~~meadow~~: hey weasel...:)
(08/21 02:46:58) From groath: still want to go to my jalak after this ?
(08/21 02:47:12) To groath: sure.
(08/21 02:47:30) Montgomery: IBnet?
(08/21 02:47:36) From groath: sounds good:)
(08/21 02:47:39) R'nway: ... ?
(08/21 02:47:46) IBnetweasel: I was just going to say that the GOG has been working at developing its structure and vision for a long time, setting up key principles, but leaving room for flexibility so that we can grow and adjust but still maintain a clear goal - helping explorers in the cavern
(08/21 02:48:28) Swimmery4: that is key
(08/21 02:48:36) Montgomery: And what has worked for the Greeters?
(08/21 02:48:48) IBnetweasel: we have a section up on our forum that talks about the GoG history our website is and on the home page there is a button at the left "about GoG" - here you can find out about the history of the guild and our vision
(08/21 02:49:19) Ja'de: Democracy--One vote per member
(08/21 02:49:30) Montgomery: Please stop running around
(08/21 02:49:45) StuartGrist: are special privliages to joining the guilds?
(08/21 02:49:47) From J'min: It a bug.. they can't help it
(08/21 02:49:53) Swimmery4: they cant help it, the games getting buggy under laggy conditions
(08/21 02:49:55) IBnetweasel: we have a structure that is fairly decentralized...we have a grandmaster, some moderators, and many members...but we all hold equal voice in dealing with issues and coming up with new ways to help our as they arise
(08/21 02:50:38) Montgomery: What unique power does the Grand Master hold?
(08/21 02:51:12) Nadnerb: none, I would hope.. they'd just be the most respected member
(08/21 02:51:16) SuperGram: To add to Montgomery's question the Grand Master position a lifetime one?
(08/21 02:51:20) J'min: Knowledge
(08/21 02:51:35) R'nway: i woudl certainly hope not
(08/21 02:51:59) R'nway: we should always keep in mind the sotry of guild master kadish
(08/21 02:52:08) Nadnerb: indeed. positions like grandmaster would hvae to be more sybolic than practical
(08/21 02:52:16) --=V4iLiN=--: it is he who makes the final desision
(08/21 02:52:17) Thend: Thanks. I just do it out of necessity now, frankly though
(08/21 02:52:23) IBnetweasel: Our grandmaster is Tijara and to tell you the truth I am not sure on what all she is responsible for, but I believe it is focused on keeping our website up and running
(08/21 02:52:23) Thend: oops lol
(08/21 02:52:38) Ja'de: In our case, the Grand Master owns and maintains the web site but does not have any special privleges.
(08/21 02:52:46) R'nway: aha
(08/21 02:52:50) Ja'de: Other than root
(08/21 02:52:51) Swimmery4: take that out of context thend, rofl
(08/21 02:52:57) R'nway roars with laughter
(08/21 02:52:59) --=V4iLiN=--: lol
(08/21 02:53:00) Error: (Can't find 'Hi' in any of the player lists.)
(08/21 02:53:06) pennylongstocking starts to laugh
(08/21 02:53:12) IBnetweasel: I would recommend everyone interested in helping structure the other guilds take a look at our history to help give you an idea of setting up a vision for the guild and also setting up a structure
(08/21 02:53:13) Thend looks around for a bit
(08/21 02:53:16) R'nway: i think i'd cal that a special priviledge
(08/21 02:53:32) Relayer Corps: IB, not to be rude, but I have to go. Bye everyone.
(08/21 02:53:34) R'nway: tahnks for the tip IB, i'll look into that
(08/21 02:53:36) Montgomery: Great suggestion IB, and thanks for the info.
(08/21 02:53:36) R'nway waves goodbye
(08/21 02:53:38) groath: waht is the web site for maintaners?
(08/21 02:53:53) Thend: Seeya RC
(08/21 02:53:57) peni: bye /relayer Corp
(08/21 02:53:57) Montgomery:
(08/21 02:54:10) d'ni everything claps for IB
(08/21 02:54:13) Montgomery: Andy, your question?
(08/21 02:54:13) groath: ty!
(08/21 02:54:15) IBnetweasel: I would like to stress that the guilds should be able to work together...there needs to be much collaboration between the guilds as we work to accomplish things...and I thin the GoG has a good structure set up to inspire collaboration
(08/21 02:54:17) Andy Legate: Monty; I"ve seen a lot of examples of people demanding "tools" and pretty much wanting to have the Guilds over night. Do you agree that this is something that should take time to form? That in the mean time everyone should be working towards figuring out who wants to be in a guild, how the guild should be structured, what they'd like to see in the guilds? That way, people don't feel "Worthless" or like it is not moving forward.
(08/21 02:54:26) --=V4iLiN=--: ok we got 2 website now
(08/21 02:54:27) Mark_AF: What about discipline? How do you manage guild members who will not conform?
(08/21 02:54:27) Deem claps her hands
(08/21 02:54:33) Nadnerb: yes, indeed. According to our history, group leaders are usually the people who get bashed by everyone who is not a leader, or in a simlar position.
(08/21 02:54:49) IBnetweasel: thank you...I'll let Monty have the floor now for more questions from people :)
(08/21 02:54:58) lfus: (cwjuinior is after Andy)
(08/21 02:55:02) R'nway: that is one of the inherent difficulties of government
(08/21 02:55:05) Swimmery4: As unideal as it is, there always has to be someone or some method to make the final decision or nothing gets done
(08/21 02:55:07) MustardJeep: Andy It is going to take time
(08/21 02:55:24) Montgomery: Thanks IB. Andy -- excellent comment. Yes! This is not a race, people. THe first one to form a guild doesn't win.
(08/21 02:55:31) R'nway laughs
(08/21 02:56:02) Swimmery4: I disagree, Greeters win hands down. :D
(08/21 02:56:19) R'nway: true, but didn't the DRC organize them?
(08/21 02:56:24) Stephen C.: lol swimmery
(08/21 02:56:31) Stephen C.: no
(08/21 02:56:32) groath points
(08/21 02:56:33) groath: OBJECTION!
(08/21 02:56:35) Li'al: absolutely not
(08/21 02:56:35) Montgomery: There is no reason to rush. This isn't a competition. And that's another reason for the councils -- to nt have people try too hard to be Supremem Leader
(08/21 02:56:36) Rocky: nO !!
(08/21 02:56:36) Mark_AF: I have the greatest respect for GoG.
(08/21 02:56:41) Swimmery4: Just joking lol
(08/21 02:56:42) R'nway roars with laughter
(08/21 02:56:42) MustardJeep: The DRC did not organize the Greeters
(08/21 02:56:47) R'nway: @ groath
(08/21 02:56:48) Andy Legate: there is also a waiting list to become a Greeter. Go look.
(08/21 02:56:54) IBnetweasel: the DRC did not organise the GoG...please check out our history on the website
(08/21 02:56:59) Mark_AF: I would like to hear how they deal with malcontents.
(08/21 02:57:08) Thend: I think the possible difference between this whol shebang and the Greeters, in my uninformed opinion, is that this setup of Guild structure is being imposed from outside, not generated naturally and internally like Greeters started as. Hence, things may develop differently here now
(08/21 02:57:08) R'nway: yes, i second that
(08/21 02:57:36) Thend: Myst 5 is pretty interesting, if nothing else, lotta Uru content and context
(08/21 02:57:40) Montgomery: Is there another question in the que for me? If so let's hear it, then we can go back to IB and the Greeters.
(08/21 02:57:40) Thend: oops lol
(08/21 02:57:41) Ja'de: No waiting list just an application
(08/21 02:57:46) groath: does any guild hold power over another ?
(08/21 02:57:51) Thend shuts up completely now
(08/21 02:57:58) Frisky Badger: no
(08/21 02:58:00) Swimmery4 is concerned about thend
(08/21 02:58:09) Thend is concerned about Thend
(08/21 02:58:14) Swimmery4: Lol
(08/21 02:58:14) lfus: cw junior is next
(08/21 02:58:19) cwjunior: If individuals are allawed to join multiple guild, what oversight or safegaurds could be in place to insure we don't end up with a small handfull of people controlling all the guilds?
(08/21 02:58:23) Montgomery: Shall we turn the floor back over to IB?
(08/21 02:58:33) R'nway: romer: jus tuse the stairs and walk up, you'll get there much quicker
(08/21 02:59:00) From lfus: I have one more person to ask a question first
(08/21 02:59:02) d'ni everything: a guild MOB?
(08/21 02:59:04) From lfus: After cw
(08/21 02:59:19) R'nway: i would suggest that people be allowed membership in multiple guilds, bu tleadership in only 1
(08/21 02:59:21) Montgomery: cwjunior -- Well, a nominating and voting processlike I suggested would help.
(08/21 02:59:21) Shimmerillion: i doubt any one explorer will be able to contribute enough to multiple guilds that each guild will elect him/her leader
(08/21 02:59:50) Montgomery: Agreed, Shimmerillion.
(08/21 02:59:56) Montgomery: Last question?
(08/21 03:00:03) Swimmery4: agreed Rnway
(08/21 03:00:06) lfus: (Shimmermillion has the last question after cw)
(08/21 03:00:19) d'ni everything shudders at the thought of conspiracy issues
(08/21 03:00:24) DaytonaKit: fun fun fun
(08/21 03:00:43) R'nway: okay, now remember, don't tell d'ni everything
(08/21 03:00:50) Shimmerillion: sorry, got caught off guard - just a sec
(08/21 03:00:51) d'ni everything: hee hee
(08/21 03:00:59) Montgomery: NP
(08/21 03:01:01) JulyForToday (I'm on the surface, be back in a minute):
(08/21 03:01:12) --=V4iLiN=--: I just feel that as much as possible, is to try and keep this all with in the game, we gotta come up with some basic rules for ALL guilds to follow, so here is where the fun starts LOL
(08/21 03:01:18) d'ni everything pulls out my secret avie
(08/21 03:01:30) R'nway already knew about that one
(08/21 03:01:39) d'ni everything: doubt it
(08/21 03:01:46) R'nway has ears everywhere
(08/21 03:01:47) pennylongstocking me too
(08/21 03:02:00) d'ni everything: serious denial
(08/21 03:02:05) Swimmery4 covers d'ni everything's ears and goes "la la la la la la la la, you cant hear, la la la"
(08/21 03:02:07) Shimmerillion: i just wonder if we're all looking at this from the standpoint of the community. for example, why are guild masters in charge of websites? people who know how to organize content should be doing that work, while the leaders tell them what to write?
(08/21 03:02:08) R'nway: anway, sry, i'll stop with the side chat, sry
(08/21 03:02:20) Shimmerillion: does that make any sense?
(08/21 03:02:27) R'nway: yes it does
(08/21 03:02:30) Thend nods his head
(08/21 03:02:35) MustardJeep: sort of?
(08/21 03:02:43) Error: Don't know how to '/shoutThat sounds like a question for IB and the Greeters.'
(08/21 03:02:51) Shimmerillion: it goes back to what i said before, which i think was misunderstood ...
(08/21 03:02:57) Montgomery: That sounds like a question for IB and the Greeters
(08/21 03:02:57) Swimmery4: makes sense to me
(08/21 03:03:02) R'nway: the people who run the websites, should not necessarily be those generating the content to put on them
(08/21 03:03:06) Shimmerillion: that leaders should be able to see what the goal of the organization is and help make it happen
(08/21 03:03:10) groath: np
(08/21 03:03:13) Frisky Badger: leaders don't need to be rulers, they should be guides
(08/21 03:03:16) Shimmerillion: not have to do all the web updating themselves
(08/21 03:03:20) groath: ops rong chat..
(08/21 03:03:31) Frisky Badger: what if they like doing that stuff?
(08/21 03:03:39) R'nway: well, tehn they could do both
(08/21 03:03:41) Shimmerillion: if they are the best at it, then that's fine
(08/21 03:03:43) Montgomery: I think it has more to do with moderating the forums than webmastering the site
(08/21 03:03:54) Thend: Leaders don't get to DO what they 'like' lol
(08/21 03:03:55) Shimmerillion: but if there is someone esle who can organize the content better, code better, design better ...
(08/21 03:04:02) Shimmerillion: do you see what i'm getting at?
(08/21 03:04:09) R'nway: the admins and the mods often don't have a whole lot of overlap
(08/21 03:04:09) Shimmerillion: exactly, thend
(08/21 03:04:13) Andy Legate: Many times the reason the leaders are the website owners is because it may hae been their idea in the first place. That's why a lot are in Forum mode becasue then your memebers DO contribute.
(08/21 03:04:37) ABguy: The idea behind my guild is that it will work from the bottom up, in that the leaders work for their members.
(08/21 03:04:40) R'nway: excelletn point andy
(08/21 03:04:41) groath: ok my head hurts from to much info can we call this good ?
(08/21 03:04:42) Shimmerillion: point taken andy - but as long as we're dealing in "how it should be"
(08/21 03:04:44) SuperGram: I don't really relish the idea of exploration being carried out oon forums or websites
(08/21 03:04:53) R'nway: wait, which guild AB?
(08/21 03:05:09) SuperGram: I think it should be done in cavern with an active presence of the so called leaders.
(08/21 03:05:10) Andy Legate: i've got a great example of this.
(08/21 03:05:15) Swimmery4: I think it's perfectly fine for masters to be webmasters if they are skilled at it
(08/21 03:05:17) Frisky Badger: how is exploration being carried out on the forums?
(08/21 03:05:25) Shimmerillion: but a responsible leader should know when to keep power and when to delegate
(08/21 03:05:28) Montgomery: I only had one more topic. If anyone is interested. Or we can call it a night. Does anyone want to talk about IC v OOC and finding IC purposes for our guilds?
(08/21 03:05:30) Shimmerillion: even if it's something they like
(08/21 03:05:31) Frisky Badger: the forums are for discussion
(08/21 03:05:52) Swimmery4: good idea mont, lets go on
(08/21 03:06:03) Kalypso: Forums may be the best way to start the Guild.
(08/21 03:06:03) MustardJeep: the IC purpose is a simple one, trying to get Explorer's Exploring.....
(08/21 03:06:07) groath: call it a ngiht!
(08/21 03:06:09) R'nway: um, IC purposes of writers is to provide new ages and perhaps fulfill requests by the explorers, right?
(08/21 03:06:14) SuperGram nods her head
(08/21 03:06:19) Andy Legate: I just started up a small guild myself, the Guild of Astronomy, right now I lead it, but if I get enough people who are more knowledge able than me about Astonomy, they'll be the leaders in most of the ways.
(08/21 03:06:24) groath: actully that would be fun
(08/21 03:06:29) --=V4iLiN=--: I then suggest that anyone who wants to join a guild be able to , but it is only tempory until they can show their worthness, skill etc. // the guild leader is like the head teacher, they who know the most.
(08/21 03:06:40) R'nway: you spen a lot of time in minkata, andy?
(08/21 03:06:42) Thend: I am concerned that forums will be the focus, and as happens, much activity In-Cavern will be minimised because of it, which not to mention leaves out those who are not so forum-inclined and just like Uru, the genuine place and face-to-face, dynamic environment
(08/21 03:06:53) Shimmerillion: agreed, thend
(08/21 03:07:07) R'nway agrees with Thend
(08/21 03:07:09) Scarlette nods her head
(08/21 03:07:12) SuperGram: My idea exactly Thend
(08/21 03:07:13) Sorceress: agreed
(08/21 03:07:15) pennylongstocking nods her head
(08/21 03:07:19) Shimmerillion: but we still need a resource other than word of mouth, which is unfortunately all we have in cavern
(08/21 03:07:28) Andy Legate: I don't agree.
(08/21 03:07:36) Kalypso: The "weekly" meetings in the cavern(and not in the forums) is a good idea to incorporate Non-forums people
(08/21 03:07:37) Frisky Badger: but not everyone can be in cavern at the same time, the forums give EVERYONE a chance to voice their opinion
(08/21 03:07:41) groath: we have pictures in cavern
(08/21 03:07:41) Montgomery: OK, seems like people are getting bored and antsy. So I'l wrap up my part, and the discussion can continue as long as people want to discuss. Thank you all for coming and your ideas. And thank you Ifus and Zedra!
(08/21 03:07:41) Andy Legate: that limits things a bit. It should be both.
(08/21 03:07:48) IBnetweasel: I think that may be one potential difference between GoG and future guilds...the GoG is IC neutral and wishes to maintain that. We cannot work effectively to help explorers with some of the logistics of the game if we try to be IC.
(08/21 03:08:00) lfus: Your welcome Montgomery
(08/21 03:08:05) groath: thank you!
(08/21 03:08:07) Sorceress claps her hands
(08/21 03:08:09) Swimmery4: moul is already taking place too much outside the cavern, something needs to be done to get people back in the cavern
(08/21 03:08:11) Thend: Understood. Just something to be wary of
(08/21 03:08:11) d'ni everything claps her hands
(08/21 03:08:12) Mary26 claps her hands
(08/21 03:08:13) Mar'ith claps his hands
(08/21 03:08:17) R'nway: yes, many thanks to everyone who organized this meeting, it was very well-done
(08/21 03:08:17) Shimmerillion: thanks to all 3
(08/21 03:08:17) Scarlette claps her hands
(08/21 03:08:21) groath claps his hands
(08/21 03:08:22) d'ni everything pulls cotton out of ears
(08/21 03:08:22) ABguy: Thanks Monty, Zedra and Ifus for you hardwork!!!
(08/21 03:08:23) Thend claps his hands
(08/21 03:08:24) Swimmery4 claps his hands
(08/21 03:08:28) Zedra bows
(08/21 03:08:29) Stephen C. claps his hands
(08/21 03:08:30) groath claps his hands
(08/21 03:08:30) R'nway: i agree with swimmery
(08/21 03:08:30) lfus bows
(08/21 03:08:33) Kalypso claps her hands
(08/21 03:08:33) Sparrowhawk claps her hands
(08/21 03:08:35) peni claps her hands
(08/21 03:08:36) groath: wooooooooooootttt!
(08/21 03:08:37) cwjunior claps his hands
(08/21 03:08:44) R'nway cheers
(08/21 03:08:49) groath: hura!
(08/21 03:08:50) J'anim Paedet: Bravo!
(08/21 03:08:52) groath: hura!
(08/21 03:08:55) groath: hura!
(08/21 03:08:58) --=V4iLiN=--: YES Thend and thats why Cyan is trying very hard to provide us with some things like the Guild pubs.. we just gotta wait
(08/21 03:09:00) Swimmery4: thanks for organizing this!
(08/21 03:09:01) groath: hip hip!
(08/21 03:09:05) Thend nods his head
(08/21 03:09:20) J'anim Paedet: Yes indeed, thanks!
(08/21 03:09:20) Montgomery: I'm ging to wrap up the chatlog, now. So anyone who wants to continue discussing, please log it if you want to.
(08/21 03:09:22) groath: three cheers for all
(08/21 03:09:24) d'ni everything: Speach! oh wait we did that right?
(08/21 03:09:25) groath: hip hip!
(08/21 03:09:28) SuperGram: Yes Thank you Montgomery and those who helped organize this meeting
(08/21 03:09:30) Sorceress: Forums are a great supplement to the game. Many people read up on episode events whiel they're at work. But when I get home, I want to be in-game expereicing the excitement, not in the forums
(08/21 03:09:32) SuperGram claps her hands
(08/21 03:09:38) groath: hip hip!
(08/21 03:09:54) Romer Openfield: I just came back after 5 months. Action, please.
(08/21 03:10:02) IBnetweasel has been logging for
(08/21 03:10:08) Romer Openfield: Good meet
(08/21 03:10:14) IBnetweasel: welcome Rex
(08/21 03:10:16) ...Chat.log stopped.

2007, December 1st Chatlog: GoMe Meeting

The meeting was held in the GoMe pub @17:00 ki-time, Dec. 1st, 2007.

Original thread can be found here:

Lynnutte wrote:
Seems to me that it's been 2 months since our last meeting. (If this is wrong, someone please correct me on it.) Cyan is on hiatus and we have been given the task of making the Guild of Messengers a reality. We have been given all the information Cyan is going to give us for awhile. We need to see how close we can get to making the GOM a cohesive force/group/group of affiliates/whatever you want to call it, before Cyan starts season 2. I am asking for a meeting Saturday Dec. 1st at 17:00 KI time to be help in the GOMe pub. Bring all your ideas, questions, and concerns. Let's get this party started!

(12/02 01:10:59) Chat.log started...
(12/02 01:11:02) Cavern Crier: and getting guild newsletters
(12/02 01:11:27) Cavern Crier: and that we had several groups become affiliated with the GOMe website
(12/02 01:11:29) Shimmerillion: wb marten
(12/02 01:11:36) Ghaelen D'Lareh: wb marten
(12/02 01:11:37) Cavern Crier: Shorah Marten
(12/02 01:11:3 Crier for all: wb
(12/02 01:11:45) Cavern Crier: is someone logging this?
(12/02 01:11:51) Crier for all: yes
(12/02 01:11:52) Marten: Thanks. I crashed, didn't even get a Net6 error.
(12/02 01:11:54) Cavern Crier: I always forget
(12/02 01:11:56) Cavern Crier: ty
(12/02 01:12:05) Veralun: free crash
(12/02 01:12:11) Ghaelen D'Lareh: lol
(12/02 01:12:1 Cavern Crier: Guild of Greeters said they were working on getting us a guild newsletter
(12/02 01:12:36) Cavern Crier: and the GO maintainers have already given us one
(12/02 01:13:0 Cavern Crier: That's all the news I have, what is everyone else working on?
(12/02 01:13:25) Shimmerillion: the new custom ki upload works now, and i had an archiver flyer approved
(12/02 01:13:34) Shimmerillion: which means that we can now pass graphical kimail
(12/02 01:13:39) Crier for all: to add that the goW were discussing the newsletter
(12/02 01:14:16) Shimmerillion: im passing a copy around for your perusal
(12/02 01:14:1 Cavern Crier: was that the GOW? I thought it was the GOG
(12/02 01:14:23) Cavern Crier: Ty Shimmer
(12/02 01:14:35) Veralun: ty
(12/02 01:15:00) Marten: I had a question.
(12/02 01:15:04) Shimmerillion: you'll note that part of the image was cut off around the edges
(12/02 01:15:05) Cavern Crier: yes?
(12/02 01:15:14) Shimmerillion: and 12 point font seems the smallest readable font size
(12/02 01:15:19) Shimmerillion: sorry, go ahead marten
(12/02 01:15:49) Marten: A few days ago I got an e-mail about being added to the "Affiliates" group on the GoMe forum. What does that mean?
(12/02 01:15:55) Ghaelen D'Lareh: shim, can you send it to me again?
(12/02 01:16:12) Crier for all: scroll down ghaelen
(12/02 01:16:20) Cavern Crier: Shimmer, you want to handle that question?
(12/02 01:16:21) Crier for all: dated 01 07
(12/02 01:16:31) Shimmerillion: marten, there is a private forum section on the gom forum site. i had to create a group to keep it private
(12/02 01:17:02) Marten: OK. I'll have to log in and look at it. I've been a bit busy.
(12/02 01:17:25) Shimmerillion: did you find it ghaelen?
(12/02 01:17:41) Ghaelen D'Lareh: yes, thank you.
(12/02 01:18:07) Ghaelen D'Lareh: I have been so busy, I hate to ask how to do a graphical KI letter
(12/02 01:18:15) Ghaelen D'Lareh: but how do you do one?
(12/02 01:18:19) Shimmerillion: lol
(12/02 01:18:22) Cavern Crier: lol
(12/02 01:18:39) Ghaelen D'Lareh: I expect there are instructions somewhere that I've missed
(12/02 01:18:41) Shimmerillion: basically just create an 800x600 jpg image, using photoshop or paint or your preferred image editing program
(12/02 01:18:53) Shimmerillion: no, not yet - but that is a good idea. i'll put up a tutorial
(12/02 01:18:55) Ghaelen D'Lareh: ah ha
(12/02 01:19:01) Cavern Crier: ty shimmer
(12/02 01:19:05) Ghaelen D'Lareh: and put that image in a folder?
(12/02 01:19:0 Cavern Crier: I've been wanting to know too
(12/02 01:19:24) Veralun: send it to Cyan
(12/02 01:19:35) Veralun: there is a form made
(12/02 01:19:42) Shimmerillion: no, you have to upload the image to the cyan website. they approve it. you mark one of your ki images as "custom" and they replace that image with your approved uploaded image
(12/02 01:19:54) Ghaelen D'Lareh: ah, cool
(12/02 01:19:54) Shimmerillion: the cyan link is in the messenger news feed
(12/02 01:19:59) Ghaelen D'Lareh: k
(12/02 01:20:01) Ghaelen D'Lareh: thanks
(12/02 01:20:12) Shimmerillion: np, i will put up a tutorial today hopefully
(12/02 01:20:49) Cavern Crier: are there any other projects being worked on?
(12/02 01:21:0 Shimmerillion: well, i was working on some behind-the-scenes stuff for the website
(12/02 01:21:20) Cavern Crier: how is it going?
(12/02 01:21:34) Shimmerillion: such as using the forum user/pass authentication to post news to the feed, and an in-site user/post management thing
(12/02 01:21:54) Shimmerillion: i got the post management going, so everyone who has a website login (to post news) can edit their posts
(12/02 01:22:05) Crier for all: shorah Dudemom
(12/02 01:22:09) Dudemom_2000: shorah
(12/02 01:22:10) Cavern Crier: good. ty
(12/02 01:22:15) Veralun: hi
(12/02 01:22:15) Cavern Crier: Shorah DMom
(12/02 01:22:22) Shimmerillion: but what is the higher priority? i can switch over to work on the calendar if that's more important
(12/02 01:22:31) Ghaelen D'Lareh: thanks for doing all this, shim and Lynnutte
(12/02 01:22:46) Marten: I might want to subscribe to that for Prologue bulletins if those are accepted.
(12/02 01:22:53) Shimmerillion: just glad it's getting done!
(12/02 01:23:04) Shimmerillion: ok, marten, i'll set you up a login
(12/02 01:23:06) Ghaelen D'Lareh: yes
(12/02 01:23:22) Marten: I should submit a request through the website, right?
(12/02 01:23:29) Cavern Crier: I would like to see a calender up soon, but whichever you feel is more important
(12/02 01:23:42) Shimmerillion: no, it's ok, i'll write it down now
(12/02 01:23:53) Shimmerillion: after the meeting today, i think you are right and a calendar is more important
(12/02 01:24:07) Cavern Crier nods her head
(12/02 01:24:27) Marten: I thought maybe I needed to submit an icon
(12/02 01:24:35) Shimmerillion: oh, yes
(12/02 01:24:3 Shimmerillion: lol
(12/02 01:24:47) Shimmerillion: or at least a logo that i can make an icon out of
(12/02 01:24:49) Veralun: need also one
(12/02 01:24:53) Cavern Crier: ?YES
(12/02 01:24:57) Cavern Crier: LOL OOPS
(12/02 01:25:02) Cavern Crier: ?YES
(12/02 01:25:07) Cavern Crier: wHAT THE
(12/02 01:25:11) Shimmerillion: veralun, do you mean a logo or a login
(12/02 01:25:11) Veralun: lol
(12/02 01:25:11) Dudemom_2000: lol
(12/02 01:25:12) Crier for all: hahahha
(12/02 01:25:19) Veralun: both
(12/02 01:25:22) Shimmerillion: ok
(12/02 01:25:30) Cavern Crier: OK< MY KEYBOARD IS BORKED BIG TIME
(12/02 01:25:32) Veralun: will send tomorrow text and links
(12/02 01:25:34) Shimmerillion: lol
(12/02 01:25:41) Shimmerillion: ok thx veralun sounds good
(12/02 01:25:42) Ghaelen D'Lareh: oh no!
(12/02 01:25:43) Dudemom_2000: poor CC
(12/02 01:25:47) Shimmerillion:
(12/02 01:25:51) Cavern Crier: MY CAPS LOCK IS OFF AND i can't type things right. lol
(12/02 01:25:56) Veralun: oki
(12/02 01:26:02) Shimmerillion: hahah cc
(12/02 01:26:04) Cavern Crier: ok, I think it's all better now.
(12/02 01:26:06) Marten: Logo icons are 65x65 images and should be only two colors, I see.
(12/02 01:26:07) Ghaelen D'Lareh: lolol
(12/02 01:26:07) Crier for all: lol
(12/02 01:26:21) Marten: But you say you can make them from another image if it isn't too complex?
(12/02 01:26:29) Shimmerillion: yes, that's fine
(12/02 01:26:3 Ghaelen D'Lareh: rebel keyboards
(12/02 01:26:50) Cavern Crier: lol
(12/02 01:27:05) Dudemom_2000: thats REBEL keyboards!
(12/02 01:27:13) Cavern Crier roars with laughter
(12/02 01:27:14) Shimmerillion: lol right
(12/02 01:27:17) Crier for all: lol
(12/02 01:27:23) Ghaelen D'Lareh: lol
(12/02 01:27:32) Cavern Crier: has anyone had any new project ideas?
(12/02 01:27:51) Shimmerillion: well, as far as the site goes ...
(12/02 01:27:5 Cavern Crier: yes?
(12/02 01:28:09) Shimmerillion: i think we're going to need to expand pretty soon
(12/02 01:28:27) Cavern Crier: ok. That's your area of expertise. lol
(12/02 01:28:36) Shimmerillion: to incorporate affiliate- and topic-specific news
(12/02 01:28:42) Cavern Crier: my idea of expanding it is to get a bigger computer. lol
(12/02 01:28:43) Shimmerillion: as well as the calendar and chat logs
(12/02 01:28:45) Shimmerillion: lol
(12/02 01:28:59) Shimmerillion: so anyway, if you have any suggestions or opinions, please let me know on the forums
(12/02 01:29:05) Shimmerillion: or i will probably just make something up
(12/02 01:29:20) Crier for all: :
(12/02 01:29:21) Cavern Crier: you are good at making stuff up
(12/02 01:29:23) Crier for all:
(12/02 01:29:27) Dudemom_2000: lol
(12/02 01:29:55) Shimmerillion: how are the cavern criers going? have you gotten any more volunteers?
(12/02 01:30:21) Cavern Crier: we have gotten a few interested, but RL interveened
(12/02 01:30:50) Ghaelen D'Lareh: it is a good idea, but yes, RL got in the way
(12/02 01:30:56) Crier for all: yes I'm working on some explorers but no result yet
(12/02 01:30:56) Dudemom_2000: I might eventually volunteer but between several assorted projects and RL projects right now, it might have to wait until next year some time
(12/02 01:30:57) Shimmerillion: i think it would be great if we could work out a good process for creating newsletters or even just the abbreviated ki images and then distributing them
(12/02 01:30:59) Cavern Crier: I think we might want to do a membership drive soon
(12/02 01:31:12) Ghaelen D'Lareh: lol
(12/02 01:31:17) Dudemom_2000: another job fair would be fun....something after the first of the year
(12/02 01:31:23) Shimmerillion: yeah
(12/02 01:31:23) Cavern Crier: that's ok DMom, thanks
(12/02 01:31:30) Cavern Crier: yeah it would
(12/02 01:31:35) Cavern Crier: now would be a BAD time
(12/02 01:31:39) Dudemom_2000: lol
(12/02 01:31:46) Dudemom_2000: after the holidays..
(12/02 01:31:49) Shimmerillion: yes, i can help out every now and then ... probably not on a regular basis tho
(12/02 01:31:49) Ghaelen D'Lareh: I would like to invite "members" to work on a collaborative vidcast project
(12/02 01:32:04) Dudemom_2000: January will be slow so people will be looking for something as the season starts ramping up
(12/02 01:32:06) Cavern Crier: Nice idea
(12/02 01:32:15) Cavern Crier: ty Shimmer
(12/02 01:32:17) Ghaelen D'Lareh: but have to figure out when I have time to get it going
(12/02 01:32:25) Cavern Crier: let us know
(12/02 01:32:2 Crier for all: lol next week
(12/02 01:32:35) Cavern Crier: next week?
(12/02 01:32:37) Shimmerillion: yes, let us know
(12/02 01:32:3 Dudemom_2000 is interested in Ghaelen's project
(12/02 01:32:39) Ghaelen D'Lareh: something like a commercial several people can work on
(12/02 01:32:40) Crier for all: no uru
(12/02 01:32:47) Shimmerillion: lol
(12/02 01:32:49) Cavern Crier: I like that idea
(12/02 01:32:57) Dudemom_2000: me too
(12/02 01:32:5 Cavern Crier: right, I forgot. No uru
(12/02 01:33:01) Cavern Crier is sorta bummed...
(12/02 01:33:07) Ghaelen D'Lareh: no uru?
(12/02 01:33:12) Crier for all: no
(12/02 01:33:16) Cavern Crier: servers will be down
(12/02 01:33:1 Ghaelen D'Lareh: oh, no uru next week
(12/02 01:33:24) Dudemom_2000: well, remember when they moved to the GameTap servers...that was what - 2 weeks or so?
(12/02 01:33:25) Cavern Crier nods her head
(12/02 01:33:29) Dudemom_2000: talk about withdrawal.....
(12/02 01:33:33) Cavern Crier nods her head
(12/02 01:33:34) Ghaelen D'Lareh: so no, no commercial next week
(12/02 01:33:39) Cavern Crier: but we will survie
(12/02 01:33:42) Cavern Crier: survive
(12/02 01:33:5 Dudemom_2000: hopefully this will be much shorter..
(12/02 01:34:00) Cavern Crier: I hope
(12/02 01:34:01) Veralun: preparations can be done next week Ghaelen
(12/02 01:34:06) Dudemom_2000 crosses her fingers
(12/02 01:34:09) Shimmerillion: there's always something to do on the gom forums!  PLUG
(12/02 01:34:15) Ghaelen D'Lareh: lol
(12/02 01:34:17) Cavern Crier nods her head
(12/02 01:34:1 Dudemom_2000: yes. preparations.
(12/02 01:34:25) Cavern Crier: we can still plan and scheme
(12/02 01:34:27) Ghaelen D'Lareh: preparations for what?
(12/02 01:34:31) Cavern Crier: I mean we can plan
(12/02 01:34:35) Ghaelen D'Lareh: yeah
(12/02 01:34:41) Dudemom_2000: I think more people will be watching the forums while uru is down
(12/02 01:34:49) Cavern Crier nods her head
(12/02 01:34:49) Ghaelen D'Lareh: we could write a script....
(12/02 01:34:53) Dudemom_2000: so anything you want to get out there.....then is the time
(12/02 01:34:57) Crier for all: yes and caverncasts
(12/02 01:35:00) Cavern Crier: yep
(12/02 01:35:03) Ghaelen D'Lareh: and split it into "scenes"
(12/02 01:35:07) Dudemom_2000: neat
(12/02 01:35:12) Cavern Crier: I like it
(12/02 01:35:16) Dudemom_2000: me too
(12/02 01:35:20) Ghaelen D'Lareh: and ask people to think about how they would put a "scene" together
(12/02 01:35:33) Dudemom_2000: lol I am picturing a day in the life of a Relayer....
(12/02 01:35:37) Ghaelen D'Lareh: lol
(12/02 01:35:41) Ghaelen D'Lareh: ah ha ha
(12/02 01:35:42) Cavern Crier: Oh wow
(12/02 01:35:43) Dudemom_2000: pictures of linking, linking, linking
(12/02 01:35:44) Dudemom_2000: lol
(12/02 01:35:44) Shimmerillion: lol
(12/02 01:35:45) Crier for all: hehe
(12/02 01:35:4 Cavern Crier: That would be eventful
(12/02 01:35:52) Ghaelen D'Lareh: we'll need to find out how many filmers we have
(12/02 01:35:5 Cavern Crier nods her head
(12/02 01:36:00) Ghaelen D'Lareh: and how many vocal artists
(12/02 01:36:06) Dudemom_2000: need a bunch of shots of
(12/02 01:36:15) Ghaelen D'Lareh: then get the filmers to do, say, one minute vieo
(12/02 01:36:17) Ghaelen D'Lareh: video
(12/02 01:36:24) Cavern Crier: can you get the shots of the nexus in an offline version?
(12/02 01:36:41) Dudemom_2000: hmm would that work?
(12/02 01:36:47) Ghaelen D'Lareh: then put voices to the video (humorous, of course)
(12/02 01:36:54) Dudemom_2000: would you want to get pics of the hoods and such?
(12/02 01:36:55) Cavern Crier: could maybe do those during downtime
(12/02 01:36:59) Veralun: there is a video already from the Great Zero
(12/02 01:37:00) Ghaelen D'Lareh: and we tell a little URU story
(12/02 01:37:29) Dudemom_2000: with Kirel treats in between
(12/02 01:37:30) Dudemom_2000: lol
(12/02 01:37:34) Cavern Crier: lol
(12/02 01:37:35) Crier for all: yeah
(12/02 01:37:41) Ghaelen D'Lareh: oh yeah, Treats
(12/02 01:37:46) Crier for all: no veralun not for you
(12/02 01:37:47) Veralun: no Kirel treats anymore for me
(12/02 01:37:4 Cavern Crier: treats are good
(12/02 01:37:51) Ghaelen D'Lareh: we could look for the culprit
(12/02 01:37:52) Shimmerillion: lol
(12/02 01:37:54) Dudemom_2000: you need a D'ni cooking show as well, Ghaelen!
(12/02 01:37:55) Marten: No treats baked in Er'cana, please.
(12/02 01:38:00) Ghaelen D'Lareh: who put exploding pellets in them
(12/02 01:38:00) Shimmerillion: eww
(12/02 01:38:01) Cavern Crier: I didn't do it!
(12/02 01:38:03) Ghaelen D'Lareh: lol, cooking show
(12/02 01:38:05) Ghaelen D'Lareh: ah ha ha
(12/02 01:38:06) Shimmerillion: brb
(12/02 01:38:09) Marten: We all have our own ovens in our Reltos now, cook them THERE.
(12/02 01:38:10) Cavern Crier: hb
(12/02 01:38:15) Dudemom_2000: lol
(12/02 01:38:1 Crier for all: yes
(12/02 01:38:19) Cavern Crier nods her head
(12/02 01:38:24) Ghaelen D'Lareh: or a fashion show at Lady Chaos' Living Large Fashion Design studio
(12/02 01:38:26) Veralun: would not advice that
(12/02 01:38:33) Cavern Crier: lol
(12/02 01:38:33) Dudemom_2000: well, I have a Weber grill hidden behind the hut
(12/02 01:38:37) Ghaelen D'Lareh: lol
(12/02 01:38:3 Veralun: it is funny stuff
(12/02 01:38:3 Crier for all: and live interviews in the city
(12/02 01:38:53) Crier for all: to ask the explorers some questions live
(12/02 01:38:55) Cavern Crier: live interviews would be good
(12/02 01:39:02) Ghaelen D'Lareh: well, each "scene" could be any one of those things
(12/02 01:39:06) Dudemom_2000: and a smoker....did some smoked salmon on Relto the other day....delish
(12/02 01:39:1 Crier for all: yummie
(12/02 01:39:2 Ghaelen D'Lareh: have about a dozen "scenes" and then put them all together in a crazy order that actually makes sense
(12/02 01:39:33) Dudemom_2000: lol sort of Explorer on the street interviews
(12/02 01:39:35) Cavern Crier: not salmon, shroomie
(12/02 01:39:36) Ghaelen D'Lareh: we do that every month, lol
(12/02 01:39:37) Veralun: now I know where that chicken is
(12/02 01:39:44) Crier for all: yes Dmom
(12/02 01:39:47) Dudemom_2000: no no NOT Shroomie!!!!
(12/02 01:39:54) Cavern Crier roars with laughter
(12/02 01:39:5 Ghaelen D'Lareh: anyway, the purpose of this would be to get people involved in the guild
(12/02 01:40:00) Crier for all starts to laugh
(12/02 01:40:03) Ghaelen D'Lareh: as individuals
(12/02 01:40:03) Cavern Crier: sorry typo
(12/02 01:40:04) Dudemom_2000: yes
(12/02 01:40:07) Cavern Crier: I meant mushrooms
(12/02 01:40:14) Dudemom_2000: people would love that, Ghaelen
(12/02 01:40:19) Cavern Crier: I think it's a great idea
(12/02 01:40:22) Shimmerillion: back
(12/02 01:40:22) Ghaelen D'Lareh: Teledahn kiche
(12/02 01:40:25) Cavern Crier: wb
(12/02 01:40:27) Ghaelen D'Lareh: sp?
(12/02 01:40:30) Dudemom_2000: especially if there was filming in the city and newcomers got involved
(12/02 01:40:31) Crier for all: wb
(12/02 01:40:36) Cavern Crier nods her head
(12/02 01:40:37) Ghaelen D'Lareh: yeah, that's the idea
(12/02 01:40:46) Ghaelen D'Lareh: I think we have a lot of videographers
(12/02 01:40:50) Ghaelen D'Lareh: and a lot of interest
(12/02 01:40:56) Dudemom_2000 nods her head
(12/02 01:40:56) Crier for all: no mushrooms then we can't kep phil from them
(12/02 01:40:56) Ghaelen D'Lareh: and a good number of voices
(12/02 01:41:00) Dudemom_2000: lol
(12/02 01:41:01) Ghaelen D'Lareh: just need a plan...
(12/02 01:41:03) Cavern Crier: lol
(12/02 01:41:04) Crier for all: keep*
(12/02 01:41:05) Ghaelen D'Lareh: and a script
(12/02 01:41:13) Cavern Crier: sounds like you got the start of a plan
(12/02 01:41:15) Ghaelen D'Lareh: lol@phil
(12/02 01:41:25) Ghaelen D'Lareh: "Into the Mushrooms"
(12/02 01:41:30) Cavern Crier roars with laughter
(12/02 01:41:34) Crier for all starts to laugh
(12/02 01:41:46) Dudemom_2000: omg I love that
(12/02 01:41:51) Dudemom_2000: so Alice in Wonderland
(12/02 01:41:55) Ghaelen D'Lareh: lol
(12/02 01:41:5 Dudemom_2000: or Alice in Teledahn
(12/02 01:42:01) Cavern Crier: lol
(12/02 01:42:29) Ghaelen D'Lareh: Down the Quab Hole
(12/02 01:42:34) Cavern Crier: lol
(12/02 01:42:36) Veralun: Alice in Wonderland is already all filmed
(12/02 01:42:37) Dudemom_2000 roars with laughter
(12/02 01:42:49) Veralun: but we can add things with new ppl
(12/02 01:42:55) Ghaelen D'Lareh: yes
(12/02 01:42:56) Dudemom_2000: I have seen that - really great
(12/02 01:42:57) Cavern Crier nods her head
(12/02 01:43:03) Dudemom_2000: but new twist....sick....
(12/02 01:43:04) Dudemom_2000: lol
(12/02 01:43:07) Ghaelen D'Lareh: lol
(12/02 01:43:07) Veralun: Part one is out
(12/02 01:43:13) Veralun: but it needs to redone
(12/02 01:43:1 Ghaelen D'Lareh: ooh, no hospital scenes....
(12/02 01:43:20) Veralun: it will be in 5 parts
(12/02 01:43:22) Cavern Crier: brb
(12/02 01:43:26) Dudemom_2000: hey, about time the Cavern had a remake.....
(12/02 01:43:35) Dudemom_2000: lol or a Bollywood production
(12/02 01:43:40) Shimmerillion: LOL
(12/02 01:43:42) Veralun: hehe
(12/02 01:43:45) Shimmerillion: id love that
(12/02 01:43:47) Cavern Crier: sorry, my dog was climbing on my lap
(12/02 01:43:5 Dudemom_2000: oh a Bollywood production would be da bomb!
(12/02 01:43:59) Crier for all: hehe invite the goma for that
(12/02 01:43:59) Dudemom_2000: lol
(12/02 01:44:05) Ghaelen D'Lareh: well, maybe I'll start a project thread on the MOUL forum and see if anyone is interested
(12/02 01:44:05) Cavern Crier nods her head
(12/02 01:44:11) Ghaelen D'Lareh: D'niWood
(12/02 01:44:11) Veralun: what I like to see is a promo video plus audio from the Guild of Messengers...
(12/02 01:44:1 Dudemom_2000: or oohh great thought.....adapt a Jane Austen novel to the cavern......
(12/02 01:44:20) Cavern Crier: audio?
(12/02 01:44:21) Dudemom_2000: always good....
(12/02 01:44:2 Cavern Crier cringes
(12/02 01:44:32) Crier for all: yes
(12/02 01:44:36) Veralun: so everyone tells something why he/she want to work with the GOM
(12/02 01:44:43) Veralun: voices
(12/02 01:44:50) Dudemom_2000: yes
(12/02 01:44:55) Shimmerillion: yeah, like a promo for gom
(12/02 01:45:01) Dudemom_2000: neat
(12/02 01:45:01) Cavern Crier: lol DMom knows my feelings on voicing. lol
(12/02 01:45:01) Veralun: short interview
(12/02 01:45:10) Shimmerillion: have any of you seen that skydiving video?
(12/02 01:45:10) Dudemom_2000: oh CC sounds just fine....
(12/02 01:45:12) Dudemom_2000: lol
(12/02 01:45:13) Cavern Crier: just for me, not everyone else
(12/02 01:45:14) Shimmerillion: that was done very well
(12/02 01:45:23) Ghaelen D'Lareh: cool
(12/02 01:45:25) Dudemom_2000: actually she sounds really nice
(12/02 01:45:2 Cavern Crier: Did you hear, I recorded a song?
(12/02 01:45:34) Dudemom_2000: no where is the skydiving video?
(12/02 01:45:46) Shimmerillion: hmm i found it om youtube
(12/02 01:45:50) Dudemom_2000: ooh great CC are you going to be on Karaoke?
(12/02 01:46:01) Cavern Crier: yes?
(12/02 01:46:01) Shimmerillion: ooh iskaraoke tonight?
(12/02 01:46:05) Dudemom_2000: yup
(12/02 01:46:07) Shimmerillion: i always miss it
(12/02 01:46:09) Dudemom_2000: soon if not now
(12/02 01:46:12) Cavern Crier: I still can't believe it
(12/02 01:46:17) Cavern Crier: I hope so anyway
(12/02 01:46:2 Veralun: which brings me to the next thing
(12/02 01:46:29) Cavern Crier: Swifthawk hasn't gotten back to me
(12/02 01:46:37) Cavern Crier: sorry. yes?
(12/02 01:46:40) Shimmerillion: yes, let's get back on topic
(12/02 01:46:41) Shimmerillion:
(12/02 01:46:45) Marten: *works on icon*
(12/02 01:46:51) Veralun: possible filming the Cavern Choir during their performance
(12/02 01:47:01) Cavern Crier: That's a great idea
(12/02 01:47:03) Shimmerillion: great!
(12/02 01:47:06) Crier for all: oh yes
(12/02 01:47:23) Ghaelen D'Lareh: yes, that is a great idea
(12/02 01:47:30) Marten: Let's see when that is.
(12/02 01:47:34) Ghaelen D'Lareh: although last time Fraps wouldn't even work for me...
(12/02 01:47:3 Crier for all: december 16
(12/02 01:47:41) Ghaelen D'Lareh: to much lag
(12/02 01:47:41) Veralun: will be video plus the music
(12/02 01:47:47) Cavern Crier nods her head
(12/02 01:47:59) Veralun: only 25 ppl are allowed by invite
(12/02 01:48:03) Shimmerillion: yes, though music could be dubbed in later if neccessary
(12/02 01:48:09) Veralun: you have to subsribe for that
(12/02 01:48:26) Cavern Crier: Filming it is a great idea. Then everyone can see it
(12/02 01:48:33) Veralun: yes
(12/02 01:49:34) Shimmerillion: great idea, veralun!
(12/02 01:49:37) Marten: With 4 performances it seems one could assemble the best captures of each performance.
(12/02 01:49:39) Cavern Crier nods her head
(12/02 01:49:43) Shimmerillion: good call
(12/02 01:49:4 Veralun: yeah
(12/02 01:50:06) Veralun: already polished my Fraps
(12/02 01:50:11) Ghaelen D'Lareh: lol
(12/02 01:50:14) Crier for all: hehe
(12/02 01:50:14) Marten: And it's on a Sunday. I suppose I should try to get a ticket. Should we request different performance times?
(12/02 01:50:15) Shimmerillion: or have a couple of "cameras" at a single shoot, and cut back and forth
(12/02 01:50:25) Crier for all: oh yes
(12/02 01:50:30) Veralun: good idea Marten
(12/02 01:50:41) Veralun: lemme check what my ticket says
(12/02 01:50:44) Cavern Crier: we need a place on the GOMe website for links to these projects if they aren't posted on the site.
(12/02 01:50:54) Shimmerillion: ok
(12/02 01:52:1 Veralun: first choice is 4:15 EST
(12/02 01:52:40) Veralun: second is 3:30 EST
(12/02 01:52:50) Dudemom_2000: or could you ask to come in and film outside of the 25 tickets?
(12/02 01:52:59) Dudemom_2000: if they are sold out
(12/02 01:53:07) Cavern Crier: It's worth a shot
(12/02 01:53:0 Marten: For lag I don't think they'll want to do that.
(12/02 01:53:13) Cavern Crier: never hurts to ask
(12/02 01:53:15) Dudemom_2000: I know I requested mine the day they posted it
(12/02 01:53:26) Veralun: they possible want not to do that because the lag
(12/02 01:53:2 Dudemom_2000: well how many more to film?
(12/02 01:53:41) Dudemom_2000: if it is just one or two, it shouldnt matter
(12/02 01:53:55) Dudemom_2000: and in fact might be better with the new servers...hopefully
(12/02 01:54:03) Cavern Crier: hopefully
(12/02 01:54:51) Marten: The URL for the ticket request isn't working for me
(12/02 01:55:01) Cavern Crier: hmmm....
(12/02 01:55:05) Dudemom_2000: well, if it ends up the tickets are sold, if I get one, then I will give it to whomever wants to film
(12/02 01:55:15) Marten: ?
(12/02 01:55:17) Cavern Crier: anyone know who is doing it?
(12/02 01:55:20) Dudemom_2000: they are going to let us know before the show
(12/02 01:55:21) Marten: I am reading from the KI message here.
(12/02 01:55:56) Dudemom_2000: I put mine in very early so I probably should get one
(12/02 01:56:00) Marten: Ah, found the issue. tickets.php, not ticket.php
(12/02 01:56:06) Cavern Crier: lol
(12/02 01:56:0 Veralun: ah
(12/02 01:56:09) Dudemom_2000: lol
(12/02 01:56:09) Crier for all: lol
(12/02 01:56:14) Marten: I know it says "do not edit your copy of this message" but I am going to fix that.
(12/02 01:58:13) Cavern Crier: Are we going to ask if we can get cameras into the event, or make due with what we get?
(12/02 01:58:29) Veralun: jsut what we get
(12/02 01:58:33) Cavern Crier: ok
(12/02 01:58:36) Dudemom_2000: well, if I get a ticket I will volunteer it so filming can be done
(12/02 01:58:42) Marten: I think it's reasonable to inform them we'll be filming.
(12/02 01:58:49) Cavern Crier: yes. I agree
(12/02 01:58:54) Crier for all: sure
(12/02 01:58:55) Veralun: I will contact Dom
(12/02 01:58:56) Dudemom_2000: so if one isnt gotten for filming you still have a backup
(12/02 01:59:04) Cavern Crier nods her head
(12/02 01:59:35) Ghaelen D'Lareh: good
(12/02 02:00:07) Shimmerillion: they might even be willing to do one number for the cameras in private
(12/02 02:00:2 Veralun: hehe
(12/02 02:00:37) Shimmerillion shrugs
(12/02 02:00:40) Veralun: if we laugh nice maybe
(12/02 02:00:44) Kalypso: Yay!/wave
(12/02 02:00:45) Kalypso waves hello
(12/02 02:00:57) Veralun: hi
(12/02 02:01:02) Cavern Crier: Shorah Kalypso
(12/02 02:01:07) Shimmerillion: shorah kalypso
(12/02 02:01:20) Crier for all: hi kalypso
(12/02 02:01:21) Kalypso: I hope to be here for longer than 5 minutes(internet problems)
(12/02 02:01:26) Shimmerillion: lol
(12/02 02:01:31) Cavern Crier: I hope so too. lol
(12/02 02:01:31) Shimmerillion: we hope so too
(12/02 02:01:32) Marten: Aww.
(12/02 02:01:36) Dudemom_2000: aw. sorry to hear that Kalypso
(12/02 02:01:40) Marten: I'm trying for performances 1 or 2, Veralun.
(12/02 02:01:40) Cavern Crier: any more about the Choir concert?
(12/02 02:01:41) Ghaelen D'Lareh: hi Kalypso
(12/02 02:01:55) Kalypso: I'm used to missing completely guild meetings
(12/02 02:02:15) Cavern Crier: well, you got in at the tail end of this one
(12/02 02:02:31) Shimmerillion: yup, better than nothing!
(12/02 02:02:35) Cavern Crier nods her head
(12/02 02:02:50) Cavern Crier: Kalypso, do you have any projects you are working on?
(12/02 02:03:10) Kalypso: Personal projects? no, why?
(12/02 02:03:25) Shimmerillion: no, just updates on gom projects
(12/02 02:03:26) Kalypso: Only the website and Cavern Crier
(12/02 02:03:2 Cavern Crier: lo guild projects. We are sharing what we are all f=doing
(12/02 02:04:01) Cavern Crier: I know you are working on getting the Relayers as affiliates
(12/02 02:04:06) Kalypso: I could help with other projects though
(12/02 02:04:39) Crier for all: brb
(12/02 02:04:47) Kalypso: I posted something on the Relayer forum yesterday.. I,m waiting for someone to reply to my post
(12/02 02:04:55) Cavern Crier: ah.
(12/02 02:04:55) Dudemom_2000: ooh got to go look
(12/02 02:05:17) Kalypso: I'm very thankful that you all made it to the meeting though
(12/02 02:05:54) Cavern Crier: Any other projects or project ideas we haven't covered?
(12/02 02:06:34) Kalypso: I'm gonna read the chatlog of the meeting but is there anything I could do during this meeting? A question for me or something for me to help you with?
(12/02 02:07:16) Marten: I just sent a logo file to GoMe @ gmail. It's 2 color but needs shrinking down.
(12/02 02:07:16) Shimmerillion: i think new projects are going to be posted on the forum .. correct?
(12/02 02:07:33) Marten: That seemed to be the agreement.
(12/02 02:07:35) Shimmerillion: very nice, got it
(12/02 02:07:42) Cavern Crier: I would like them to be.
(12/02 02:07:55) Kalypso: I hope so. It would be the perfect way to communicate without too much delay.
(12/02 02:07:57) Ghaelen D'Lareh: mine will be, sometime this month. Maybe we can put out the promotion before the beginning of the new season
(12/02 02:08:06) Shimmerillion: i think that's doable
(12/02 02:08:11) Cavern Crier: that would be good
(12/02 02:08:24) Kalypso: What kind of promotion?
(12/02 02:08:39) Crier for all: back
(12/02 02:08:49) Ghaelen D'Lareh: a project for guild members to get involved in, making a video
(12/02 02:08:51) Cavern Crier: wb
(12/02 02:09:14) Ghaelen D'Lareh: something fun
(12/02 02:09:19) Cavern Crier nods her head
(12/02 02:09:26) Kalypso: Interesting. What kind of video? One promoting the Gome? If that is true I love it!
(12/02 02:09:34) Cavern Crier: lol
(12/02 02:09:45) Cavern Crier: with voice
(12/02 02:09:50) Shimmerillion: does anyone have copies of the guild logos that i could create icons from?
(12/02 02:09:52) Veralun: we will do that Kalypso
(12/02 02:10:05) Marten: Just check every guild site
(12/02 02:10:06) Ghaelen D'Lareh: yes, kalypso, and it's in the chat log, too
(12/02 02:10:16) Cavern Crier nods her head
(12/02 02:10:19) Veralun: I like to have one with some interviews from the members why they are in the Guild
(12/02 02:10:30) Cavern Crier: ok, if there is no more new business.....
(12/02 02:10:34) Shimmerillion: yeah, i just wondered if there was a "pure" version anywhere, or if everyone is sort of creating their own
(12/02 02:10:3 Marten: On to old business?
(12/02 02:10:51) Cavern Crier: If anyone has any old business
(12/02 02:11:02) Cavern Crier: please share it
(12/02 02:11:49) Cavern Crier: anything?
(12/02 02:11:55) Shimmerillion has nothing
(12/02 02:12:00) Crier for all shakes her head
(12/02 02:12:01) Kalypso: Old business such as...?
(12/02 02:12:09) Cavern Crier: whatever
(12/02 02:12:10) Marten: Old business.... um... the design for is forming slowly. The site that's up now isn't how it'll be in the end, I have big plans, but I'm busy.
(12/02 02:12:12) Shimmerillion: any exes you want to out
(12/02 02:12:25) Cavern Crier: lol
(12/02 02:12:29) Marten: Sorry to be a letdown!
(12/02 02:12:33) Cavern Crier: any random comments?
(12/02 02:12:36) Dudemom_2000: lol did you see Cyan is issuing another game?
(12/02 02:12:42) Cavern Crier: Marten, that was not a let down
(12/02 02:12:45) Dudemom_2000: busy lil beavers they are
(12/02 02:12:52) Kalypso: Marten, I noticed that Uru Radio isn't on Could you addit please. I'm sure samsbase would appreciateit
(12/02 02:12:56) Marten: Yes, Rivenchan was bubbling about it on CyanChat the other day. Apparently she helped make quite a bit of it.
(12/02 02:13:00) Marten: Ururadio! Yes, I can add that.
(12/02 02:13:10) Cavern Crier: cool
(12/02 02:13:37) Kalypso: I really appreciate marten BTW. I always use it
(12/02 02:14:00) Shimmerillion: oh - if there is anybody on the gom forum that needs to be added to the affiliates usergroup (so they can see the private section) please let me know
(12/02 02:14:03) Cavern Crier: any other random comments?
(12/02 02:14:11) Shimmerillion: i love gom
(12/02 02:14:1 Shimmerillion cheers
(12/02 02:14:21) Ghaelen D'Lareh: oh, I need to do that, shim
(12/02 02:14:27) Marten: right?
(12/02 02:14:3 Veralun: send the mail tomorrow
(12/02 02:14:46) Shimmerillion: the website is on our affiliates page
(12/02 02:15:25) Kalypso: I may have a "project or something" I could be nice if the several messaging organizations could have links to the GoMe Website. One of the new step for the website is the promotional push and being such a big family it would be nice to send people both ways
(12/02 02:15:42) Cavern Crier nods her head
(12/02 02:15:44) Cavern Crier: yes it would
(12/02 02:15:4 Shimmerillion: good idea. i'll create banners people can use if they choose
(12/02 02:16:0 Cavern Crier: ty Shimmer
(12/02 02:16:11) Marten: *adds the redirect and puts a few links on the page that weren't mentioned befoer*
(12/02 02:16:19) Veralun: send them a nice Christmascard with some promotion
(12/02 02:16:23) Cavern Crier: ty Marten
(12/02 02:16:45) Shimmerillion: christmas cards - that's actually a good idea
(12/02 02:17:02) Cavern Crier: yes it is
(12/02 02:17:04) Veralun: you need only a few made
(12/02 02:17:06) Shimmerillion: should we create some christmas (or "holiday") cards, saying happy holidays from gom? just as a promotional sort of thing?
(12/02 02:17:16) Veralun: upload them and spraid them out
(12/02 02:17:17) Cavern Crier: I would do holiday cards
(12/02 02:17:24) Ghaelen D'Lareh: lol, Cryeing Cards?
(12/02 02:17:29) Cavern Crier roars with laughter
(12/02 02:17:32) Crier for all: lol
(12/02 02:17:34) Shimmerillion starts to laugh
(12/02 02:17:35) Ghaelen D'Lareh: sorry, couldn't resist
(12/02 02:17:36) Veralun: singing cards
(12/02 02:17:37) Marten: *opens card* BOOHOOHOO! *AIIIIE!*
(12/02 02:17:45) Kalypso: A banner is a very good idea. Eventually I would love to have on the website a place for people interested in joining the Guild but who are confused as to which organization to join. A guide for which organization is the most appropriate based on their talents and interests would be a good thing.
(12/02 02:17:47) Shimmerillion: LOL
(12/02 02:17:47) Crier for all: haha
(12/02 02:17:4 Ghaelen D'Lareh can see video cryer cards
(12/02 02:17:57) Ghaelen D'Lareh: all the messengers swaying and caroling
(12/02 02:18:06) Shimmerillion: ok
(12/02 02:18:07) Ghaelen D'Lareh rolls her eyes at herself
(12/02 02:18:49) Cavern Crier: An introduction to the GOMe section?
(12/02 02:18:56) Shimmerillion: we could take a picture in winter delin (delin - right? i get them confused)
(12/02 02:19:06) Cavern Crier shrugs
(12/02 02:19:07) Kalypso: yesshimmer
(12/02 02:19:0 Shimmerillion: more like a better organized affiliates page
(12/02 02:19:52) Cavern Crier: I think I'm confused
(12/02 02:20:01) Kalypso: Yes but making the main page more explorer friendly. I still believe that most people don't know they can contribute news as explorers
(12/02 02:20:05) Cavern Crier: what is it's purpose?
(12/02 02:20:06) Shimmerillion: oh ok
(12/02 02:20:13) Cavern Crier: oh
(12/02 02:20:16) Cavern Crier: I see
(12/02 02:20:26) Shimmerillion: yeah, like i said ... i'm going to have to reorganize the whole thing pretty soon
(12/02 02:20:27) Cavern Crier: Have the introduction on the main page?
(12/02 02:20:30) Shimmerillion:
(12/02 02:20:36) Shimmerillion: well ... no
(12/02 02:20:43) Cavern Crier: and links the the news feed and forums?
(12/02 02:20:43) Shimmerillion: i'll post one of my famous drawings on the forum
(12/02 02:20:4 Kalypso: So I guess an introduction page would be the appropriate thing to have
(12/02 02:21:02) Kalypso: yay! Shimmer drawing!
(12/02 02:21:0 Shimmerillion: lol
(12/02 02:21:12) Cavern Crier: Can't wait to see it
(12/02 02:21:52) Cavern Crier: Kalypso, can you work on what to put on the introduction? Just to get an idea of what you had in mind
(12/02 02:21:52) Kalypso: CCN, you'll post the video project soon on the forum?
(12/02 02:21:53) Shimmerillion: ok, i know this is a dumb question .. but why can't i upload to the guild imager? i was trying to put the flyer up
(12/02 02:22:09) Cavern Crier shrugs
(12/02 02:22:3 Veralun: there are several project we like to do
(12/02 02:22:39) Ghaelen D'Lareh: I'll post it kalypso, but not right away
(12/02 02:22:50) Ghaelen D'Lareh: and this will be only one of many people can do
(12/02 02:23:03) Veralun: I will register myself and post something on the forum
(12/02 02:23:0 Marten: Is the image not appearing after you copy it to the imager, or are you not getting the option to copy it?
(12/02 02:23:12) Ghaelen D'Lareh: For this one, I have to get some RL things done first
(12/02 02:23:15) Kalypso: Ok Cavern crier, I'll post on the forum what I think would be appropriate for the introduction page. Then we could work all on it to have the best page we can give to the explorers
(12/02 02:23:15) Shimmerillion: the image isn't appearing
(12/02 02:23:20) Shimmerillion: i posted it before the meeting
(12/02 02:23:25) Cavern Crier: brb
(12/02 02:23:2 Marten: Hm. No idea then, except it might appear after leaving and returning.
(12/02 02:23:40) Shimmerillion: oh ok
(12/02 02:23:45) Marten: If not, file a ticket.
(12/02 02:23:51) Crier for all:
(12/02 02:23:53) Shimmerillion: aha!
(12/02 02:23:59) Shimmerillion grins gleefully
(12/02 02:24:10) Marten: I'm going to need to depart for dinner. See you all around!
(12/02 02:24:17) Marten waves goodbye
(12/02 02:24:1 Shimmerillion: ok thanks for coming marten
(12/02 02:24:1 Veralun: bye
(12/02 02:24:21) Crier for all: bye marten
(12/02 02:24:27) Kalypso: Thank you for coming Marten
(12/02 02:24:29) Dudemom_2000: nite marten
(12/02 02:24:59) Cavern Crier: back
(12/02 02:25:02) Ghaelen D'Lareh: ok, bye Marten
(12/02 02:25:03) Kalypso is happy to still be in the game! lol
(12/02 02:25:05) Crier for all: wb
(12/02 02:25:06) Ghaelen D'Lareh: see you later!
(12/02 02:25:0 Shimmerillion: lol
(12/02 02:25:09) Cavern Crier: lol
(12/02 02:25:13) Cavern Crier: ty
(12/02 02:25:23) Cavern Crier: Any other guild business?
(12/02 02:25:33) Crier for all shakes her head
(12/02 02:25:47) Cavern Crier: then let's adjorn this meeting and go have fun
(12/02 02:25:54) Ghaelen D'Lareh: lol
(12/02 02:25:55) Dudemom_2000: Karaoke!
(12/02 02:25:55) Crier for all cheers
(12/02 02:25:59) Ghaelen D'Lareh claps her hands
(12/02 02:26:04) Crier for all claps her hands
(12/02 02:26:05) Ghaelen D'Lareh: very good meeting
(12/02 02:26:09) Cavern Crier: DMom, do you have swifthawk on your buddies?
(12/02 02:26:10) Shimmerillion: Yay!
(12/02 02:26:14) Veralun: ok than I can have some sleep
(12/02 02:26:15) Kalypso: Should we schedule an other meeting in one month?
(12/02 02:26:16) Cavern Crier: See everyone later
(12/02 02:26:16) Veralun: lol
(12/02 02:26:20) Cavern Crier: Yes
(12/02 02:26:24) Ghaelen D'Lareh: aww, poor Veralun
(12/02 02:26:24) Cavern Crier: good idea
(12/02 02:26:34) Cavern Crier: Do we want to do it Jan 5th?
(12/02 02:26:36) Crier for all: yes 5 weeks is better
(12/02 02:26:37) Shimmerillion: aw, thanks for coming veralun!
(12/02 02:26:43) Cavern Crier: Same day as the guild systems meeting>
(12/02 02:26:45) Ghaelen D'Lareh: that's fine with me
(12/02 02:26:49) Kalypso: I have swifthawk in my buddy list if that can help you
(12/02 02:26:49) Shimmerillion: yes the more meetings in one day, the more likely i am to remember
(12/02 02:26:51) Shimmerillion:
(12/02 02:27:07) Cavern Crier: Could you ask him if he got my email?
(12/02 02:27:10) Kalypso: same thing for me;)
(12/02 02:27:15) Crier for all: lol we can send the newspaper with the date in it
(12/02 02:27:19) Cavern Crier: ok. Jan 5th. what time is good?
(12/02 02:27:30) Shimmerillion: same time same place? or move it up an hour?
(12/02 02:27:36) Cavern Crier: Guild systems is at 14:00
(12/02 02:27:37) Crier for all: earlier
(12/02 02:27:46) Cavern Crier: ok, 16:00?
(12/02 02:27:51) Shimmerillion: yeah that sounds good
(12/02 02:27:52) Veralun: this time was ok
(12/02 02:27:54) Cavern Crier: give time for both meetings
(12/02 02:27:59) Veralun: but please not later
(12/02 02:28:04) Cavern Crier: ok, no later
(12/02 02:28:06) Crier for all: no please
(12/02 02:28:10) Cavern Crier: 16:00 on Jan 5th
(12/02 02:28:19) Cavern Crier: See everyone then
(12/02 02:28:20) Veralun: 2:30 here
(12/02 02:28:23) Crier for all: okidoki
(12/02 02:28:24) Dudemom_2000: k
(12/02 02:28:27) Shimmerillion: wow
(12/02 02:28:30) Veralun: lol
(12/02 02:28:34) Cavern Crier: 2:30 am or pm?
(12/02 02:28:35) Ghaelen D'Lareh: aww
(12/02 02:28:39) Crier for all: am
(12/02 02:28:40) Veralun: night
(12/02 02:28:42) Shimmerillion: ok bye everyone! where is karaoke?
(12/02 02:28:45) Cavern Crier: EEEEK!
(12/02 02:28:4 Shimmerillion: night veralun sweet dreams
(12/02 02:28:49) Shimmerillion:
(12/02 02:28:49) Cavern Crier: Bye shimmer
(12/02 02:28:53) Veralun: thanks
(12/02 02:28:54) Crier for all: bye bye all
(12/02 02:28:56) Cavern Crier: Sleep well Veralun
(12/02 02:28:57) Dudemom_2000: Karaoke bevin
(12/02 02:28:5 Ghaelen D'Lareh: bye all
(12/02 02:29:02) Ghaelen D'Lareh: bye Veralun
(12/02 02:29:03) Veralun: will send tomorrow my things
(12/02 02:29:04) Kalypso: bravcavern crier, hawk did not receive it. he ask when you sent it.
(12/02 02:29:04) Dudemom_2000: night Veralun
(12/02 02:29:07) ...Chat.log stopped.

2007, October 13th Chatlog: GoMe "See a need, Fill need Meeting"

Planning and strategy meeting concerning the future of the Guild of Messengers. The meeting was held in the GoMe pub @10:00 ki-time, Oct. 13th, 2007.

Original thread can be found here:



(10/13 11:06:06) Chat.log started...
(10/13 11:06:30) Lynnutte: we still have a few minutes before we start
(10/13 11:06:55) Shimmerillion: is there a 5 guild meeting after this one?
(10/13 11:07:02) Boogihn f'toogo: wow i expected this place to be full
(10/13 11:07:11) Lynnutte: I haven't heard of any
(10/13 11:07:23) Lynnutte: There is the Job Fair I think
(10/13 11:07:25) Shimmerillion: ok good. i thought i remembered something about one, but i can't stay
(10/13 11:07:35) Shimmerillion: job fair is nov 3
(10/13 11:11:16) Lynnutte: Thank you all for coming
(10/13 11:12:15) Lynnutte: I asked to have this meeting to discuss what coomunication areas we still need to work on
(10/13 11:12:2 Lynnutte: which areas are not covered
(10/13 11:12:56) Ghaelen D'Lareh: and thank you Lynnutte for stepping up to try and get this going
(10/13 11:13:07) Boogihn f'toogo: yes, thanks
(10/13 11:13:10) Lynnutte: Sure Ghealen.
(10/13 11:13:31) Lynnutte: It looked like people were starting to forget, or get complacent
(10/13 11:13:42) Lynnutte: I feel this is really important
(10/13 11:13:47) Ghaelen D'Lareh: or, as in my case, very very busy on the surface
(10/13 11:13:52) Lynnutte: that too
(10/13 11:14:03) Lynnutte: I can understand that
(10/13 11:14:35) Ghaelen D'Lareh: a gathering, on a regular basis, just to talk and re-aquaint ourselves is always good
(10/13 11:14:39) Lynnutte: There were some people asking for a way to get explorer events known
(10/13 11:15:03) Ghaelen D'Lareh: in cavern mostly, yes?
(10/13 11:15:0 Lynnutte: I started a news letter and Lial is now helping me with that
(10/13 11:15:13) Boogihn f'toogo: i hope so
(10/13 11:15:14) Lynnutte: Yes, in the cavern
(10/13 11:15:19) Boogihn f'toogo:
(10/13 11:15:2 Ghaelen D'Lareh: a KInews Letter?
(10/13 11:15:39) Lynnutte: Yes.
(10/13 11:16:06) Shimmerillion: with the kinews letter, it might be a good idea to enlist gog and the resengs
(10/13 11:16:06) Lynnutte: If you look on the imager, you'll see 2 cavern events newsletters by Ly'net
(10/13 11:16:09) Lynnutte: that's me too
(10/13 11:16:12) Ghaelen D'Lareh: very nice. I see the listings on the imager.
(10/13 11:16:25) Lynnutte: Lial does the GOG calendar
(10/13 11:16:30) Shimmerillion: for example, when a new explorer comes for help, they ask if they would like to subscribe to the kinewsletter
(10/13 11:16:33) Veralun: you can also point them to In Game Events on the MO:UL site
(10/13 11:16:44) Lynnutte: we are both working on the news letter now
(10/13 11:16:46) Boogihn f'toogo: i read on the forums that Jenine was looking into that as well
(10/13 11:16:57) Ghaelen D'Lareh: so one question is: How to get those listings in the hands of explorers?
(10/13 11:17:16) Boogihn f'toogo: is that separate?
(10/13 11:17:17) Lynnutte: I have been relying on explorers passing them to friend
(10/13 11:17:23) Lynnutte: Yes it is
(10/13 11:17:34) Lynnutte: I thought Jenine was working on a Guilds newsletter
(10/13 11:17:52) Boogihn f'toogo: i am not sure what is what actually....
(10/13 11:17:56) Ghaelen D'Lareh: yes, the guild support letter
(10/13 11:18:00) Boogihn f'toogo: :/
(10/13 11:18:03) Ghaelen D'Lareh: it is a different one
(10/13 11:18:07) Boogihn f'toogo: ok
(10/13 11:18:11) Ghaelen D'Lareh: unless there is yet another one
(10/13 11:18:11) Lynnutte: I am open to any suggestions on how to get the letter into more explorers hands
(10/13 11:18:39) Lynnutte: I have given it to budgie in GOG
(10/13 11:18:42) Shimmerillion: make it part of Orientation
(10/13 11:18:49) Lynnutte: that's a good idea
(10/13 11:18:50) Ghaelen D'Lareh: have you included a sentence in it that asks them to pass it on during each event also?
(10/13 11:18:55) Boogihn f'toogo: are you talking about a general newsletter ongoing or once a week?
(10/13 11:18:56) Lynnutte: yes
(10/13 11:19:03) Lynnutte: ongoing
(10/13 11:19:10) Lynnutte: I have one for recurring events
(10/13 11:19:20) Lynnutte: and one for current events
(10/13 11:19:25) Boogihn f'toogo: ahhh ok
(10/13 11:19:30) Lynnutte: I update them as I find out about the events
(10/13 11:19:41) Lynnutte: I don't keep sending it to people
(10/13 11:19:49) Lynnutte: I just udate the 2 I have
(10/13 11:19:53) Ghaelen D'Lareh: what would be really nice is if people could download KImail from the imagers as well as upload it
(10/13 11:20:02) Shimmerillion: i think we do need to keep thinking, though, because i've never received the newsletter or any kimail for that matter ... i don't say this to ask someone to send it to me, because that's easy - but as a reminder that there are still a lot of people left to reach
(10/13 11:20:02) Lynnutte nods her head
(10/13 11:20:03) Veralun: be carefull not to spam ppl too much
(10/13 11:20:23) Ghaelen D'Lareh: yes, spamming is always the issue
(10/13 11:20:2 Veralun: it might work against us
(10/13 11:20:37) Ghaelen D'Lareh: when is it helpful and when spamming?
(10/13 11:20:44) Lynnutte: I don't want to spam. That is why I just update the 2 letters
(10/13 11:21:04) Lynnutte: That way, if they have the newsletter, they get the update on the letter
(10/13 11:21:04) Veralun: I know
(10/13 11:21:04) Shimmerillion: lynnutte, how often do you send it out? if explorers knew when to expect a kimail, they would not consider it unsolicited spam
(10/13 11:21:0 Boogihn f'toogo: somewhere in the newsletter you need to let ppl know to continue to check it
(10/13 11:21:27) Veralun: but that is the difficult thing who to send
(10/13 11:21:27) Lynnutte: ok, I think there is some confusion on how I distribute it
(10/13 11:21:33) Boogihn f'toogo: because as you update it, it changes in everyone's KI, right?
(10/13 11:21:33) Ghaelen D'Lareh: so what would be really helpful for you, Lynnutte, would be to know if people are getting it
(10/13 11:21:41) Lynnutte: Yes Boo
(10/13 11:21:56) Lynnutte: yes it would Ghaelen
(10/13 11:22:12) Boogihn f'toogo: so if someone gets it, then they dont need to receive it all the time, right?
(10/13 11:22:15) Lynnutte: so far, the people I have asked have gotten the updated version
(10/13 11:22:15) Ghaelen D'Lareh: let's put that on our GoMe wish list
(10/13 11:22:26) Lynnutte: yes Boo
(10/13 11:22:45) Lynnutte: I update my version, and it automatically updates their version
(10/13 11:23:01) Ghaelen D'Lareh: a statement that says "Don't delete this mail as it is updated regularly"
(10/13 11:23:11) Ghaelen D'Lareh: or something like that
(10/13 11:23:14) Lynnutte: that way they don't get lots of messages from me
(10/13 11:23:16) Boogihn f'toogo: right
(10/13 11:23:27) Lynnutte: That's a good idea Ghaelen
(10/13 11:23:34) Shimmerillion: yes it is
(10/13 11:23:39) Elatine: I had no idea it was being updated until yesterday when I was cleaning out my KI
(10/13 11:23:43) Lynnutte: I don't think I put that on the letter
(10/13 11:23:50) Lynnutte: lol
(10/13 11:23:5 Lynnutte: I will put that on it
(10/13 11:24:0 Boogihn f'toogo: so it really wouldnt be spam would it?
(10/13 11:24:15) Lynnutte: no, it's not
(10/13 11:24:19) Elatine: Not at all
(10/13 11:24:21) Ghaelen D'Lareh: I do think people pass on mail they consider helpful to others, too
(10/13 11:24:25) Lynnutte: If they don't want it any more, they delete it
(10/13 11:24:37) Lynnutte: and won't get a new3 one
(10/13 11:24:41) Ghaelen D'Lareh: and it is better received if it comes from a friend
(10/13 11:24:4 Lynnutte nods her head
(10/13 11:24:51) Boogihn f'toogo:
(10/13 11:25:11) Ghaelen D'Lareh: we pass around mail all the time at the roof parties, er, Root parties
(10/13 11:25:17) Lynnutte: lol
(10/13 11:25:27) Lynnutte: what is everyone else working on?
(10/13 11:25:47) Shimmerillion: well, kalypso and i were hoping to talk about the website, but her internet connection keeps timing out
(10/13 11:25:56) Lynnutte: darn
(10/13 11:25:57) Ghaelen D'Lareh: awww
(10/13 11:26:02) Lynnutte: I would like to hear about it
(10/13 11:26:07) Ghaelen D'Lareh: me too
(10/13 11:26:16) Lynnutte: what is the web addy?
(10/13 11:26:54) Ghaelen D'Lareh: oh, and I forgot to post that I think pointing the sites to the one you suggested Shim, is a good idea. You suggested
(10/13 11:27:03) Shimmerillion: the plan is to have stevecrox host the site at veralun will contribute and someone also has guilmessengers.nete
(10/13 11:27:13) Shimmerillion: net
(10/13 11:27:17) Ghaelen D'Lareh: yeah, I do
(10/13 11:27:1 Lynnutte: nice
(10/13 11:27:23) Shimmerillion: yes, thats the plan, ghaelen
(10/13 11:27:2 Ghaelen D'Lareh: ok
(10/13 11:27:3 Boogihn f'toogo: so there are three sites?
(10/13 11:27:39) Lynnutte: so, 3 websites?
(10/13 11:27:42) Shimmerillion: unfortunately, i wasnt able to access steve's ftp with the info he gave me, and i havent heard back from him
(10/13 11:27:44) Boogihn f'toogo: lol
(10/13 11:27:45) Shimmerillion: no no no
(10/13 11:27:4 Shimmerillion: not 3 websites
(10/13 11:27:50) Ghaelen D'Lareh: no, one site
(10/13 11:27:53) Lynnutte: oh
(10/13 11:27:56) Shimmerillion: just 3 addresses to point to 1 website
(10/13 11:27:57) Boogihn f'toogo: ?
(10/13 11:28:01) Boogihn f'toogo: oh
(10/13 11:28:01) Lynnutte: OH!
(10/13 11:28:04) Lynnutte: Good idea
(10/13 11:28:09) Ghaelen D'Lareh: just like other sites do
(10/13 11:28:09) Veralun: the advantage of using com might be that you can also handle some commercial things like a donation etc
(10/13 11:28:20) Lynnutte nods her head
(10/13 11:28:21) Shimmerillion: yes
(10/13 11:28:22) Ghaelen D'Lareh: right, veralun, I was just thinking that
(10/13 11:28:33) Shimmerillion: that will probably be the primary
(10/13 11:28:39) Veralun: as example I mention the GOG site
(10/13 11:29:11) Ghaelen D'Lareh: maybe the folks at GOG could help us with set-up
(10/13 11:29:23) Shimmerillion: anyway, i was hoping to test the rss since thats the main technical thing to work out, but i haven't been able to get into steve's server
(10/13 11:29:24) Lynnutte: wouldn't hurt to ask
(10/13 11:29:27) Ghaelen D'Lareh: since we know things will probably change
(10/13 11:29:29) Veralun: they can ask for donation and sell some things because they have .com
(10/13 11:29:45) Ghaelen D'Lareh: do we need some server space to work with?
(10/13 11:29:54) Shimmerillion: it depends on what steve replies
(10/13 11:29:57) Veralun: and a site will need donation in future for hosting etc
(10/13 11:30:30) Shimmerillion: yes, we can definitely put up a donation thing
(10/13 11:30:3 Ghaelen D'Lareh: ok, well, shim, if you don't hear from Steve, I have something that might work
(10/13 11:30:43) Ghaelen D'Lareh: an idea, I mean
(10/13 11:30:43) Shimmerillion: ok great
(10/13 11:30:4 Veralun: and I recommand to ask advice for sitebuilding to Tweek and Amonre
(10/13 11:30:59) Shimmerillion: ok i'll see if we can get them onboard
(10/13 11:31:00) Ghaelen D'Lareh: can we ask them?
(10/13 11:31:0 Veralun: sure Ghaelen
(10/13 11:31:13) Ghaelen D'Lareh: I mean, they aren't too busy?
(10/13 11:31:20) Lynnutte: never hurts to ask
(10/13 11:31:23) Ghaelen D'Lareh: true
(10/13 11:31:34) Veralun: giving advise will not be the problem
(10/13 11:31:42) Ghaelen D'Lareh: lol
(10/13 11:31:47) Lynnutte: lol
(10/13 11:31:55) Shimmerillion: yeah, if anyone wants to help, i have a whole list of jobs
(10/13 11:32:01) Veralun: they might not do the job but their advice is very valuable
(10/13 11:32:12) Ghaelen D'Lareh: and our list of people is growing, too
(10/13 11:32:12) Lynnutte nods her head
(10/13 11:32:14) Boogihn f'toogo: what kind of jobs shim?
(10/13 11:32:22) Lynnutte: very quickly too
(10/13 11:32:26) Lynnutte: I'm sure
(10/13 11:32:26) Ghaelen D'Lareh: so one of these days we'll match people to tasks, maybe
(10/13 11:32:33) Lynnutte: I hope so
(10/13 11:32:43) Veralun: that is what I hope too
(10/13 11:33:20) Shimmerillion: designers, blog master, forum master, mods, rss, database, newsbin, tutorial writers, calendar programmer, link collector, translator
(10/13 11:33:33) Veralun: doing the job together and not a single person will give the impression that it is a Cavern thing and not an induvidual thing
(10/13 11:33:40) Lynnutte: all stuff I have no idea how to do. lol
(10/13 11:33:50) Boogihn f'toogo: ah.... jobs for smart ppl....
(10/13 11:33:5 Shimmerillion: lol well hopefully we'll get some volunteers
(10/13 11:33:59) Lynnutte: Thanks Boo
(10/13 11:34:03) Lynnutte: lol
(10/13 11:34:07) Veralun: there are lots of smart ppl in the Cavern
(10/13 11:34:0 Boogihn f'toogo: lol
(10/13 11:34:12) Shimmerillion: i can do all of it except the translating, but as veralun said .. i'd rather have help
(10/13 11:34:1 Shimmerillion:
(10/13 11:34:20) Lynnutte: I'm not smart, just determined
(10/13 11:34:20) Ghaelen D'Lareh: well, I've done most of those in one form or another, and it's not so much "hard" as a learning process and time consuming
(10/13 11:34:22) Boogihn f'toogo: that is good to hear
(10/13 11:34:25) Veralun: giving them a change will only profit the GOM
(10/13 11:34:34) Ghaelen D'Lareh: yes, veralun
(10/13 11:34:56) Ghaelen D'Lareh: and if we start small.... it won't look so big...
(10/13 11:34:57) Ghaelen D'Lareh: lol
(10/13 11:35:04) Shimmerillion: the website conversation is at the myst online forums, so if you're interested in helping out, please pop over there
(10/13 11:35:15) Lynnutte: Has anyone heard of things other explorers would like to have in the cavern that GOM might be able to do?
(10/13 11:35:33) Ghaelen D'Lareh: I have an idea
(10/13 11:35:36) Boogihn f'toogo: i am not in any loop about what is happening....
(10/13 11:35:37) Lynnutte: What?
(10/13 11:35:4 Veralun: see the discussions on the forums about the Archivists
(10/13 11:35:49) Ghaelen D'Lareh: it might serve a dual purpose
(10/13 11:35:56) Lynnutte: me neither Boo, that's why I ask
(10/13 11:35:59) Veralun: lots of good ideas
(10/13 11:36:09) Lynnutte: I will take a look
(10/13 11:36:13) Ghaelen D'Lareh: I'll do that too
(10/13 11:36:20) Lynnutte: What is your idea Ghaelen?
(10/13 11:36:33) Boogihn f'toogo: i was wondering about the thing that Thend was doing and Jenine was interested in .... also the archivist thing
(10/13 11:36:4 Boogihn f'toogo: are they all different?
(10/13 11:37:09) Veralun: no they are all similar what the GOM actually want to do
(10/13 11:37:33) Lynnutte: What is Thend doing?
(10/13 11:37:40) Boogihn f'toogo: last episode
(10/13 11:37:5 Lynnutte: I probably missed it, or forgot
(10/13 11:38:06) Ghaelen D'Lareh: ok, the daily updates
(10/13 11:38:10) Boogihn f'toogo: he was writing a summary of each days event s and passing them around to anyone that wanted them
(10/13 11:38:11) Lynnutte: Oh, yeah
(10/13 11:38:11) Ghaelen D'Lareh: yes, that was very nice
(10/13 11:38:24) Lynnutte: i think he is going to do that again
(10/13 11:38:31) Boogihn f'toogo: yes, it was a good way incavern to keep ppl uptodate
(10/13 11:38:32) Veralun: yes he will
(10/13 11:38:35) Lynnutte: i will ask him next time I see him
(10/13 11:38:44) Lynnutte: Yes it was
(10/13 11:39:16) Shimmerillion: but how can we get his summary to everyone? i guess this goes back to the newsletter question
(10/13 11:39:21) Ghaelen D'Lareh: anyway, I have in mind for us to gather, casually to talk, on a regular basis. One meeting here, to discuss work issues; one gathering in kirel, just to talk and pass around info to new/interested explorers
(10/13 11:39:40) Ghaelen D'Lareh: they can both be on the same day, one after the other, or on different days
(10/13 11:39:42) Lynnutte: good idea Ghaelen
(10/13 11:39:49) Boogihn f'toogo: yes,
(10/13 11:39:5 Ghaelen D'Lareh: since we don't have ways to use the imagers, we will have to be the imagers, lol
(10/13 11:39:5 Lynnutte: that would give us as a group time to talk
(10/13 11:40:02) Ghaelen D'Lareh: yes
(10/13 11:40:0 Lynnutte: And then we can talk to the other Guilds
(10/13 11:40:16) Ghaelen D'Lareh: yes, if they want to talk
(10/13 11:40:22) Lynnutte: See how we all can help each other
(10/13 11:40:29) Boogihn f'toogo: and the only public imager is in watchers pub right?
(10/13 11:40:41) Elatine: It might also be nice to have people stationed in the caven that are labeled "messenger" to help spread news and information
(10/13 11:40:46) Ghaelen D'Lareh: here for messenger specific discussions, and out there for general, since the population shows for Kirel in the nexus
(10/13 11:40:52) Shimmerillion: thats a wonderful idea, elatine
(10/13 11:40:56) Lynnutte: That's an idea
(10/13 11:41:04) Elatine: similar to relayers
(10/13 11:41:06) Boogihn f'toogo: the town crier idea?
(10/13 11:41:07) Lynnutte nods her head
(10/13 11:41:09) Shimmerillion: yes
(10/13 11:41:11) Elatine: esactly
(10/13 11:41:15) Ghaelen D'Lareh: yes, the town crier idea
(10/13 11:41:16) Boogihn f'toogo: that is cool
(10/13 11:41:27) Marten: Apologies for benig late. Forgot this moved up an hour
(10/13 11:41:27) Lynnutte: hi Marten
(10/13 11:41:2 Veralun: good to see you here
(10/13 11:41:31) Ghaelen D'Lareh: maybe set times, like GOG
(10/13 11:41:39) Shimmerillion: shorah, ireen
(10/13 11:41:4 ireenquench: shorah, sorry for being late
(10/13 11:41:55) Ghaelen D'Lareh: we each would have a time to be in Kirel or the city with all the KI messages
(10/13 11:42:04) Ghaelen D'Lareh: for an hour or two
(10/13 11:42:09) Shimmerillion: yeah
(10/13 11:42:13) Ghaelen D'Lareh: I could do that (I think)
(10/13 11:42:22) Boogihn f'toogo: that is even better than trying to send to friends
(10/13 11:42:23) Shimmerillion: wearing a messenger shirt of course
(10/13 11:42:3 Ghaelen D'Lareh: of course (you notice I got used to the yellow....)
(10/13 11:42:3 Boogihn f'toogo: ppl wanting to know things go to Kirel and ask for newsletter
(10/13 11:42:40) Veralun: visit public hoods and ask them to put the message on their imager
(10/13 11:42:49) Shimmerillion: and it would only need to be one person per shift, so we wouldn't have to spread ourselves quite as thin
(10/13 11:42:5 Ghaelen D'Lareh: yes
(10/13 11:43:04) Boogihn f'toogo: i could volunteer for that....
(10/13 11:43:06) Boogihn f'toogo:
(10/13 11:43:13) Ghaelen D'Lareh: me too
(10/13 11:43:23) Shimmerillion: yes, as long as it was a regular time each week, people could plan their schedules accordingly
(10/13 11:43:26) Lynnutte: i just asked Elatine if I could add that job to the relayers. She said yes. Would anyone else have a problem with me doing that?
(10/13 11:43:36) Shimmerillion: no, i think that's great
(10/13 11:43:3 Veralun: np
(10/13 11:43:41) Boogihn f'toogo: np
(10/13 11:43:43) Ghaelen D'Lareh: and we meet here once a month or so to make sure we have all the updates and messages
(10/13 11:43:46) Lynnutte: Ok
(10/13 11:43:53) Ghaelen D'Lareh: and more often during episodes
(10/13 11:44:07) Lynnutte nods her head
(10/13 11:44:12) Shimmerillion: well, once we get the website up and going, people can do their updates through the site; then lynnutte can decide which get put on the list
(10/13 11:44:16) Boogihn f'toogo: maybe add that to the gog/beg bevin orientation?
(10/13 11:44:26) Shimmerillion: yes, boo
(10/13 11:44:31) Lynnutte: k
(10/13 11:44:35) Ghaelen D'Lareh: that way I won't feel overwhelmed by being in the cavern and trying to put together the vidcast on the surface at the same time
(10/13 11:44:44) Ghaelen D'Lareh: I go bonky trying to do that
(10/13 11:44:44) Lynnutte nods her head
(10/13 11:45:02) Lynnutte: i prefer to work in the cavern
(10/13 11:45:07) Boogihn f'toogo: me too
(10/13 11:45:14) ireenquench: sorry for interrupting, are you talking about KI mails? ABOUT GoMe or a news mail?
(10/13 11:45:15) Ghaelen D'Lareh: and people who like to be in the cavern a lot could take longer shifts if they wanted to
(10/13 11:45:33) Lynnutte nods her head
(10/13 11:45:35) Ghaelen D'Lareh: Ki mails and how to make them easily accessible
(10/13 11:45:41) Shimmerillion: ireen, we're talking about stationing 1 messenger in kirel or the cavern, to be the "public imager"
(10/13 11:45:43) Boogihn f'toogo: yes.... a newsletter
(10/13 11:45:52) Ghaelen D'Lareh: lol@ public imager
(10/13 11:46:02) Boogihn f'toogo: i like that
(10/13 11:46:03) Shimmerillion: we would go in shifts, and explorers would approach us for the latest news
(10/13 11:46:03) Ghaelen D'Lareh: the cavern crier
(10/13 11:46:0 Shimmerillion: exactly!
(10/13 11:46:17) Ghaelen D'Lareh: oh, that sounds like a newsletter title, lol
(10/13 11:46:27) Elatine: great idea! lol
(10/13 11:46:29) ireenquench: the content would have to do with GoMe or with News (busy week stuff, events, community stuff) ?
(10/13 11:46:29) Boogihn f'toogo: great!
(10/13 11:46:37) Ghaelen D'Lareh: news
(10/13 11:46:39) Shimmerillion: and actually, if we were in the cavern, we could designate a specific spot to stand in, so that explorers always know where to go, regardless of who is being the crier for that day
(10/13 11:46:49) Ghaelen D'Lareh: good idea
(10/13 11:46:51) Lynnutte: Good idea
(10/13 11:46:57) Ghaelen D'Lareh: I could stand in one spot
(10/13 11:47:05) Ghaelen D'Lareh starts to laugh
(10/13 11:47:07) Boogihn f'toogo: me too
(10/13 11:47:09) Lynnutte: so Boo, you want to volunteer for the messengers job?
(10/13 11:47:12) Shimmerillion: lol or dance in one spot
(10/13 11:47:15) Shimmerillion:
(10/13 11:47:17) Ghaelen D'Lareh: yeah
(10/13 11:47:1 Boogihn f'toogo: the town crier?
(10/13 11:47:1 Lynnutte: Or sit
(10/13 11:47:21) Boogihn f'toogo: sure!
(10/13 11:47:24) Lynnutte: Yes
(10/13 11:47:26) Lynnutte: Ok
(10/13 11:47:2 Lynnutte: Thanks
(10/13 11:47:46) Ghaelen D'Lareh: even with just a few of us at the beginning, we could make it regular so people wil know where to come for news
(10/13 11:47:52) Shimmerillion: yes
(10/13 11:48:06) Lynnutte: i will try to get with Thend to make sure he sends the episode week updates and I will give you copies of my newsletters
(10/13 11:48:06) Ghaelen D'Lareh: we could pass on Thends news mails, too
(10/13 11:48:13) Ghaelen D'Lareh: lol, like minds...
(10/13 11:48:15) Shimmerillion: and we could do public announcements at first, like / shout come to the (location) for news
(10/13 11:48:16) Boogihn f'toogo: can anyone contribute to the newsletter?
(10/13 11:48:20) Lynnutte: Lol
(10/13 11:48:26) Lynnutte nods her head
(10/13 11:48:34) Lynnutte: yes. anyone can
(10/13 11:48:37) Ghaelen D'Lareh: I don't know how Thend handles his
(10/13 11:48:47) Lynnutte: for mine anyway
(10/13 11:48:51) ireenquench: I could share experiences about Thends KI chain experiment from last busy week.
(10/13 11:48:56) Lynnutte: But I'm only doing explorer events
(10/13 11:48:59) Elatine: Any upcoming events and information should be accepted, I think
(10/13 11:49:1 Shimmerillion: yes, i say events and news (whether explorer or DRC)
(10/13 11:49:19) Boogihn f'toogo: what were your experiences Ireen?
(10/13 11:49:41) Marten: My experience with the KI chain was that I only got some of them... people didn't forward on the new ones for each day :/
(10/13 11:49:54) Boogihn f'toogo: that was mine....
(10/13 11:49:56) Boogihn f'toogo:
(10/13 11:50:00) ireenquench: Dont have too many editors... due to KI bugs with editing, its best a max of 2 people to actually write in the thing
(10/13 11:50:01) Lynnutte: this would elminate that
(10/13 11:50:14) Lynnutte: Ok. I'll keep that in mind
(10/13 11:50:17) Ghaelen D'Lareh: yes, and it sounds like we have three kinds of kimail chains so far. Episode News (mainly Thend), explorer events (Lynnutte) and guild support (Jenine)
(10/13 11:50:25) Marten: Ireen, are the KI editing bugs ticketed?
(10/13 11:50:25) Boogihn f'toogo: and Thend would only need to send it to the Crier....
(10/13 11:50:33) Ghaelen D'Lareh: right, boo
(10/13 11:50:36) Lynnutte nods her head
(10/13 11:50:44) Shimmerillion: right and the Crier would pass it on to the next shift's Crier
(10/13 11:50:50) Ghaelen D'Lareh: and maybe the relayers could relay it to their lists, too
(10/13 11:50:50) Boogihn f'toogo: great!
(10/13 11:51:03) ireenquench: lesson 2: everytime you spread it... tell folks to pass it on, its important that the passing on idea gets across, add that to the text of the mail
(10/13 11:51:07) Lynnutte: Oops
(10/13 11:51:17) Lynnutte: Relayers are only for relaying
(10/13 11:51:23) Ghaelen D'Lareh: ah
(10/13 11:51:25) Boogihn f'toogo: i agree...
(10/13 11:51:27) Boogihn f'toogo: whew
(10/13 11:51:29) Marten: (Relayers are people too!)
(10/13 11:51:34) Ghaelen D'Lareh: lol
(10/13 11:51:34) Lynnutte: They get upset if I give them more work
(10/13 11:51:37) Shimmerillion: yes, and conversely the Crier should not be asked to Relay while on shift
(10/13 11:51:45) Boogihn f'toogo: agreed
(10/13 11:51:47) Lynnutte: Exactly
(10/13 11:51:56) Lynnutte: i job for each title
(10/13 11:51:59) Lynnutte: 1
(10/13 11:52:15) ireenquench: lesson 3: try to network with active other folks, "key people", of whom you know they have a whole bubble of folks to share with
(10/13 11:52:19) Marten: Right... people should know what they're signing up for. If they want to take on multiple jobs, that's their choice.
(10/13 11:52:27) Lynnutte nods her head
(10/13 11:52:31) Marten listens to Ireen
(10/13 11:52:34) Shimmerillion: Should we timestamp the newsletters for the latest update? since we're not sure if they do it automatically yet?
(10/13 11:52:3 Lynnutte: Exactly marten
(10/13 11:52:50) Ghaelen D'Lareh: oh that's a good idea Shim
(10/13 11:53:09) Lynnutte: they do update if you update the master copy
(10/13 11:53:31) Lynnutte: But time stamping is a good idea
(10/13 11:53:35) ireenquench: lesson 4: ask greeters if they want to take a small part in the sharing aspect, if they want to receive it and take part in passing on, if the greeters agree on that you have a group of helpers in this
(10/13 11:53:59) ireenquench: since they already have volunteers permanently in cavern
(10/13 11:54:01) Lynnutte: i already have budgie helping
(10/13 11:54:15) Ghaelen D'Lareh wants to ask a question...
(10/13 11:54:1 Lynnutte: i gave her my events letters
(10/13 11:54:24) Lynnutte: what Ghaelen?
(10/13 11:54:37) Ghaelen D'Lareh: I should probably know this, but... do kimails take up room like images in the ki?
(10/13 11:54:49) Boogihn f'toogo: no
(10/13 11:54:49) Lynnutte shrugs
(10/13 11:54:53) Ghaelen D'Lareh: do we have to delete them after so many?
(10/13 11:54:5 Boogihn f'toogo: no
(10/13 11:55:04) Ghaelen D'Lareh: ok, thanks
(10/13 11:55:23) Lynnutte: Good thing with all the DRC messages
(10/13 11:55:29) Boogihn f'toogo:
(10/13 11:55:30) ireenquench: another lesson: if you want to make sure the mail is not messed with, (vandalism ) there is a trick: once the final version is done put it on an imager, take a KI pic and send the KI pic as the newsletter: downside: not updateable anymore
(10/13 11:55:39) Shimmerillion: ok, so ... will the criers be passing out copies of a single KIMail, called "Latest Events," that Lynnutte updates the Master copy of?
(10/13 11:55:56) Shimmerillion: good tip, ireen
(10/13 11:55:57) Veralun: that is a good one Ireen
(10/13 11:56:13) Shimmerillion: ... or will they be new KIMails?
(10/13 11:56:14) Lynnutte: They might be passing out 4 KI messages
(10/13 11:56:19) Boogihn f'toogo: well, there are three master copies
(10/13 11:56:23) Ghaelen D'Lareh: is vandalism a big problem
(10/13 11:56:23) Boogihn f'toogo: or 4
(10/13 11:56:26) Lynnutte: one from Thend
(10/13 11:56:30) Lynnutte: One from Jenine
(10/13 11:56:3 Lynnutte: And maybe 2 for me
(10/13 11:56:41) Shimmerillion: ok
(10/13 11:56:5 Lynnutte: Depends on if I keep recurring events separate from current events
(10/13 11:57:00) Veralun: is it not possible to combine them?
(10/13 11:57:11) Boogihn f'toogo: Lynnutte, will you be talking to Thed and Jenine?
(10/13 11:57:1 Lynnutte: i can combine my letters
(10/13 11:57:19) Ghaelen D'Lareh: If I got an events mail, I'd like both in one
(10/13 11:57:22) ireenquench: You'd have to ask Thend, but I am not sure if he will do the KIchain for the next busy week, might need to find another volunteer for that
(10/13 11:57:23) Lynnutte: yes I will
(10/13 11:57:31) Lynnutte: Kk
(10/13 11:57:31) Ghaelen D'Lareh: and I'd just see the recurring events over and over, lol
(10/13 11:57:35) Lynnutte: i will ask thend
(10/13 11:57:47) Shimmerillion: it seems like the two main newsletters should be: Events and News
(10/13 11:57:54) Ghaelen D'Lareh: yes
(10/13 11:57:59) Ghaelen D'Lareh: that's good
(10/13 11:58:01) Boogihn f'toogo: that sounds good shim
(10/13 11:58:05) Shimmerillion: events can be recurring or current, and news should include episode updates but also other news
(10/13 11:58:11) Lynnutte: It will make less work too
(10/13 11:58:16) Marten: the biggest reason not to cram too much into the KI messages is that sometimes things get cut off.
(10/13 11:58:29) Boogihn f'toogo: that is true marten.
(10/13 11:58:36) Lynnutte: And they won't fit on imagers
(10/13 11:58:36) Shimmerillion: well, we can keep an archive somewhere on the surface if people really need to access old material
(10/13 11:58:45) Lynnutte nods her head
(10/13 11:58:55) Lynnutte: Good thing to have on the website
(10/13 11:58:5 Shimmerillion: yep
(10/13 11:58:5 Ghaelen D'Lareh: yes
(10/13 11:59:19) Ghaelen D'Lareh: and I do think the guild support mail is a nice one to pass out
(10/13 11:59:2 Lynnutte: me too
(10/13 11:59:37) Shimmerillion: if other people have newsletters to pass out, i don't see why we can't help them out
(10/13 11:59:43) Shimmerillion: including guild support
(10/13 12:00:06) Shimmerillion: or if some of the other guilds want to create a newsletter
(10/13 12:00:27) Shimmerillion: after all, that's still Messenging, isn't it?
(10/13 12:00:43) Boogihn f'toogo: the crier could actually function as a newspaper stand....
(10/13 12:00:50) Veralun: yes offering them to bring out such a letter would be good
(10/13 12:00:50) Shimmerillion: yeah
(10/13 12:00:5 Lynnutte: passing out newsletters from the other guilds would fall under our "domain". lol
(10/13 12:01:04) Elatine: will the crier also gather information from explorers in cavenr on upcoming events that can be added to KI mail?
(10/13 12:01:14) Shimmerillion: thats a good idea
(10/13 12:01:22) Lynnutte: we can bring that up in the all guilds meeting
(10/13 12:01:36) Lynnutte: i think they should
(10/13 12:01:44) Shimmerillion: actually, i'm hoping the website can function as a repository of all events and news - so the kimail would be generated from the master list on the website
(10/13 12:01:45) Elatine: I agree
(10/13 12:01:46) Lynnutte: It would make it easier
(10/13 12:02:10) Ghaelen D'Lareh: we could have an internal kimail that we add to with information as we get it. That way I could update all of you even if I had to leave for the day
(10/13 12:02:14) Shimmerillion: in which case, the crier would be the IC/OOC liason to get it submitted
(10/13 12:02:23) Lynnutte nods her head
(10/13 12:02:30) Ghaelen D'Lareh: and the information would still get to the person doing that KImessage
(10/13 12:02:35) Marten: (Sorry to interrupt, has the topic touched on specific features we might like to ask Cyan for, yet?)
(10/13 12:02:57) Boogihn f'toogo: no
(10/13 12:02:5 Ghaelen D'Lareh: well, downloadable imager mail
(10/13 12:03:03) Ghaelen D'Lareh: otherwise, no
(10/13 12:03:07) Shimmerillion: actually i think we could implement it fine without any requests
(10/13 12:03:24) Marten: Yes... though I'd like to see the ability to move KI mail in _and_ out of the game.
(10/13 12:03:34) Boogihn f'toogo: that would be nice
(10/13 12:03:37) Shimmerillion: i would second that, marten
(10/13 12:03:47) Marten: And I don't know of any reason that should be forbidden. It isn't like pictures where I can understand why those are blocked for uploading.
(10/13 12:03:49) Boogihn f'toogo: there are several KI issues that i would like to address
(10/13 12:03:55) Ghaelen D'Lareh: and a copy/paste feature
(10/13 12:04:01) Elatine: yes
(10/13 12:04:05) Boogihn f'toogo: yes. and folders....
(10/13 12:04:09) Ghaelen D'Lareh: yes!
(10/13 12:04:24) Boogihn f'toogo: and more room for storage...
(10/13 12:04:30) Veralun: I think that is something for the future when the Guilds are officially exepted
(10/13 12:04:44) Veralun: accepted
(10/13 12:04:55) Boogihn f'toogo: what is?
(10/13 12:05:05) Marten: Perhaps Veralun; I don't think we should be too ambitious in what we ask for now, but there are some basic and simple ideas I think that are worth requesting.
(10/13 12:05:20) Lial: I think eventually you should be able to send KImail that cannot be edited by everyone
(10/13 12:05:21) ireenquench: yes, and the technical aspect should be similarly hack prrof like the jalka game editing, def worth a feature request, same for marker games which can be used as well, in total a marker game can take more text than a KI mail, it could beutilized as well as a workround for longer texts
(10/13 12:05:29) Lial: but that an individual can delete
(10/13 12:06:27) Shimmerillion: well, i think we've made a major breakthrough today with the Crier/newsstand idea
(10/13 12:06:29) Ghaelen D'Lareh: I agree Lial
(10/13 12:06:36) Boogihn f'toogo: me too!
(10/13 12:06:46) Ghaelen D'Lareh: I do too, and it seems quite manageable
(10/13 12:06:53) Shimmerillion: i have to leave, though. have fun at the 5 guild and I will see you all later!
(everyone says good bye to Shimmerillion)
(10/13 12:07:16) Ghaelen D'Lareh: ok, we can start a schedule kimail, maybe...
(10/13 12:07:17) Marten: What is the 5 guild thing? It was mentioend as the reason this meeting was moved up...
(10/13 12:07:32) Marten: But... I never saw anything else posted about it at MOUL.
(10/13 12:07:33) ireenquench: The crier newsstand idea has been around for a while, by diff folks and groups, manpower and consistency has always been the tricky part
(10/13 12:07:33) Lial: I think the Guild System meeting that is later today
(10/13 12:08:16) Boogihn f'toogo: there is supposed to be one at 1pm in Kirel right?
(10/13 12:08:25) Ghaelen D'Lareh: Ireen, we thought that even with a small number of criers, the important aspect would be location and schedule
(10/13 12:08:2 Marten: that's my point. "What" Guild system meeting today? It wasn't posted under 'The Guilds' area at MOUL was it?
(10/13 12:08:42) Boogihn f'toogo: thats where i got it i think
(10/13 12:08:50) Ghaelen D'Lareh: be in the same place at regular times for people to come and get news from the crier
(10/13 12:08:51) Boogihn f'toogo: im not sure though
(10/13 12:09:04) Ghaelen D'Lareh: like the greeters' schedules
(10/13 12:09:14) Lial: Guild System meeting is at 2 pm today KI Time
(10/13 12:09:1 Ghaelen D'Lareh: and more often during episodes
(10/13 12:09:21) Boogihn f'toogo: ok
(10/13 12:09:24) ireenquench: Ok, schedule sign up could be a simple thread for now?
(10/13 12:09:25) Lynnutte: We need to recruit people from many different time zones
(10/13 12:09:25) Boogihn f'toogo: sorry
(10/13 12:09:2 Marten: Lial: Was there a MOUL announcement?
(10/13 12:09:33) Lynnutte: hi Lial
(10/13 12:09:36) Lial: Marten, it is the second meeting called by explorer JulyFT
(10/13 12:09:37) Ghaelen D'Lareh: yes, very simple, I hope!
(10/13 12:09:56) Lial: yes, in the Guilds part of the forum
(10/13 12:10:06) Ghaelen D'Lareh: even if it is a couple hours a week per person, and twice during episodes
(10/13 12:10:06) Marten: I see 'Guild System Meeting' under The Guilds, it was last posted in on September 30....
(10/13 12:10:19) Ghaelen D'Lareh: that I could do, even if I am very busy on the surface
(10/13 12:10:31) Lynnutte: after this meeting, anyone interested in being a town crier, please talk to me
(10/13 12:10:36) Boogihn f'toogo: i have a lot of free time in the evening and later....
(10/13 12:10:37) Marten: And 2nd Guild system Meeting, also last posted Sept 30! OK.
(10/13 12:10:40) Boogihn f'toogo: ok
(10/13 12:10:41) Ghaelen D'Lareh: ok
(10/13 12:10:51) Marten: OK, it's there, that explains why I mised it.
(10/13 12:11:31) Lynnutte: Maybe we should ask for another all guilds meeting for next week sometime
(10/13 12:11:42) Marten posts in the thread to bump it up.
(10/13 12:12:01) Veralun: hehe
(10/13 12:12:02) Lynnutte: Is there one for today then?
(10/13 12:12:16) Boogihn f'toogo: yes, at 2pm

(10/13 12:12:19) Ghaelen D'Lareh: now, what do you all think about a gathering in Kirel? The "public" gathering of messengers? today at the all guilds meeting would also be good just to be present.
(10/13 12:12:21) Marten: Yes, apparently there is. Just not very well publicized.
(10/13 12:12:22) Veralun: hi Thend
(everyone says hello to Thend)
(10/13 12:12:43) Marten: I'll attend, while I'm doing other work on the side here.
(10/13 12:12:47) Thend: Thought it started at 12 lol Hupsa
(10/13 12:13:07) Lynnutte: are you doing the content update newsletter this next episode?
(10/13 12:13:1 Thend: KI Chain? Yes
(10/13 12:13:22) Lynnutte: Good.
(10/13 12:13:31) ireenquench: I am semi-hosting LCs Minkata party later today, cant go to the all guild meeting
(10/13 12:13:37) Lynnutte: We are starting town criers to hand out newsletters to explorers
(10/13 12:13:50) Marten: Note: I suspect the poor publicity for the Guild meeting contributed to Lord Chaos dropping that dance over the top of it.
(10/13 12:13:57) Marten: Heh, Ireen, I was typing that as you said that.
(10/13 12:14:01) Lynnutte: Could you give us the updates during the episode?
(10/13 12:14:12) Ghaelen D'Lareh: ah, lol. now I have to decide
(10/13 12:14:14) ireenquench: Oh shoot, I hadnt even noticed that conflicted :S
(10/13 12:14:21) Thend: Who?
(10/13 12:14:26) Lynnutte: I am
(10/13 12:14:2 Marten: Fortunately, I have two PCs... I can attend both. MUAHAH!
(10/13 12:14:36) Boogihn f'toogo:
(10/13 12:14:37) Lynnutte: wish I could Marten
(10/13 12:14:3 Thend starts to laugh
(10/13 12:14:3 ireenquench laughs
(10/13 12:14:44) Ghaelen D'Lareh: lol
(10/13 12:14:56) Lynnutte: it was Elatine's idea, but she said I could do it. lol
(10/13 12:15:57) Ghaelen D'Lareh: Should I add a section in the people resource list on MOUL for people interested in being Cavern Criers?
(10/13 12:16:05) Lynnutte: yes please
(10/13 12:16:12) Elatine: I think so
(10/13 12:16:12) Veralun: good idea
(10/13 12:16:14) ireenquench: Lynnute, not sure if you had discussed this... but did you see Jenine's KI newsletter idea? Might want to ask her if she wants to join in the pool?
(10/13 12:16:34) Lynnutte: no, but I was planning on talking with her
(10/13 12:16:41) Ghaelen D'Lareh: ok, I'll do that, so when we talk afterward I'll note everyone's name
(10/13 12:16:50) Lynnutte: i thought she was doing a guild newsletter
(10/13 12:17:01) Lynnutte: Ty Ghaelen
(10/13 12:17:06) Ghaelen D'Lareh: she is, is she doing another one?
(10/13 12:17:11) Lynnutte: We would want to pass that along too
(10/13 12:17:1 Lynnutte: Ok, I will talk to her
(10/13 12:17:22) Lynnutte: Ty\
(10/13 12:17:34) ireenquench: I am not quite sure what the core focus of her kimailes content would be
(10/13 12:18:42) Ghaelen D'Lareh: I have one other item I'd like to discuss, and see how you all feel about whether it could/should be somewhere in any KImail
(10/13 12:18:49) Lynnutte: Ok
(10/13 12:19:04) Ghaelen D'Lareh: The audio/video surface newsy/explorer programs
(10/13 12:19:3 Lynnutte: What about them?
(10/13 12:20:0 Ghaelen D'Lareh: not sure, but to let people know if the event has been recorded and is available on the surface
(10/13 12:20:31) Ghaelen D'Lareh: so they can see themselves or parts of the episode, or hear about it in a podcast
(10/13 12:20:39) Thend: How about the audio broadcasts as 'shows' down here for those that wish to immerse themselves?
(10/13 12:20:40) Lynnutte: There has been a lot of controversy lately about video recording in the cavern
(10/13 12:20:56) Ghaelen D'Lareh: I wish we could show them in cavern, thend
(10/13 12:21:02) Lynnutte: That's an interesting idea Thend
(10/13 12:21:12) Lynnutte: Adio you can
(10/13 12:21:13) Ghaelen D'Lareh: really Lynnutte? I hadn't heard that
(10/13 12:21:17) Lynnutte: Yes
(10/13 12:21:24) Lynnutte: Go to GOG and ask them
(10/13 12:21:29) Lial: I think the controversy is about candid camera style recording
(10/13 12:21:3 Lynnutte: They had someone recording and sending it to a website]
(10/13 12:21:43) Ghaelen D'Lareh: oh, sure. audio how? the relto player?
(10/13 12:21:43) Lial: not about recording at events
(10/13 12:21:52) Thend: Not the vodeo, of course, ghaelen, but the audio. vid has done that sort of In-Cavern thing for a year-and-a-half with SWN Tab-Speak. The technology is there, and it's easy
(10/13 12:21:54) Lynnutte: voice chat
(10/13 12:21:54) ireenquench: You could broadcast audio either through voice or shoutcast; i think that would be really nice, even get a wider audience for the audio stuff
(10/13 12:22:06) Lynnutte: i like that idea
(10/13 12:22:11) Thend: Not shoutcast
(10/13 12:22:17) ireenquench: and it would make for another thing that catually happens in the cavern
(10/13 12:22:20) Lynnutte: But, you can't would need voice actors
(10/13 12:22:44) Lynnutte: Someone who can do radio plays
(10/13 12:22:5 Thend: Not necessarily on voice actors, though could be good. Just the broadcast of half hour formatted blocks of interesting pieces
(10/13 12:23:0 Lynnutte: True
(10/13 12:23:12) Ghaelen D'Lareh: neat
(10/13 12:23:1 Thend: for an audience in attendance
(10/13 12:23:23) Lynnutte: i like the idea of having that in cavern
(10/13 12:23:42) Thend: Everything is usually already recorded, just schedule 2 shows a week with the content
(10/13 12:23:45) Boogihn f'toogo: announce it prior to.... so ppl could plan to attend?
(10/13 12:23:46) Ghaelen D'Lareh: after mid-November, thend, I'd like to talk to you about that. It sounds like part of what I have in mind
(10/13 12:23:51) Thend nods his head
(10/13 12:23:57) Lynnutte: You could have it playing in a continuous loopin a bevin
(10/13 12:24:04) Ghaelen D'Lareh: oh cool
(10/13 12:24:15) Thend: every Surface based organizartion could do that, within reason
(10/13 12:24:21) ireenquench: ghaelen, on your original question... I think there is has to be made a sensitive case by case decision... I was not even aware until recently so many people feel awkward about being filmed or logged
(10/13 12:24:23) Lynnutte: That way anyone can drop in and listen
(10/13 12:24:29) Ghaelen D'Lareh: ok. now... how to get that as video also on the hood/relto/classroom imagers....when it's ok
(10/13 12:24:44) Lynnutte: Lol
(10/13 12:24:45) Ghaelen D'Lareh 's ears start smoking
(10/13 12:24:5 Boogihn f'toogo: another request for our wish list
(10/13 12:25:02) Lynnutte nods her head
(10/13 12:25:04) Ghaelen D'Lareh: audio/radio plays are a lot of fun
(10/13 12:25:06) Veralun: future things Ghaelen
(10/13 12:25:09) Thend: Maybe Lynette, the thing is the time, plus making it something special, and if anyone wants to hear more, they will have an addy in a KImail
(10/13 12:25:11) Veralun: not possible yet
(10/13 12:25:11) Lynnutte: who is keeping track of the wish list?
(10/13 12:25:12) Ghaelen D'Lareh: lol
(10/13 12:25:49) Boogihn f'toogo: i thought marten was....
(10/13 12:26:01) Boogihn f'toogo: is there more than what was in this meeting?
(10/13 12:26:04) Ghaelen D'Lareh: I have piped in music via voice chat, so I suppose the radio plays would be the same thing
(10/13 12:26:10) Thend nods his head
(10/13 12:26:17) Lynnutte: We need to add being able to pipe music or radio plays into a bevin without having to have an avie present all the time
(10/13 12:26:19) Boogihn f'toogo: i can go back through the chatlog later and make a list
(10/13 12:26:35) Ghaelen D'Lareh: oh good, Boo
(10/13 12:26:42) Lynnutte: Ty Boo
(10/13 12:26:43) Boogihn f'toogo: ok i will do that
(10/13 12:27:13) Lynnutte: i love these brainstorming sessions
(10/13 12:27:52) Thend: Lynnutte, need to start with what wwe got. Tab-Speak, something folks wanna attend special, like the SWN's, and that they don't need to have a music player/web addy to listen to. Your idea has merit too, not sure if possible yet though
(10/13 12:28:15) Lynnutte: Not possible yet, but I can dream. lol
(10/13 12:28:23) Lynnutte: i agree. Start with what we have
(10/13 12:28:26) Boogihn f'toogo: wb
(10/13 12:28:44) Thend: Attendance for events creates more attendance, like folks tuning in to and discussing TV show broaadcasts
(10/13 12:28:49) Thend nods his head
(10/13 12:28:55) Lynnutte: True. i never thought of that
(10/13 12:29:03) Marten: Sorry, I'm not managing the wish list  Someone has a log, yes?
(10/13 12:29:06) Ghaelen D'Lareh: lol. the auditorium will need cushy seats
(10/13 12:29:0 Lynnutte: boo is
(10/13 12:29:15) Lynnutte: Recliners
(10/13 12:29:1 Boogihn f'toogo: lol
(10/13 12:29:19) Lial: it is a small group, but Tab-Chat can't be done using the Mac client
(10/13 12:29:22) Lynnutte: And a popcorn machine
(10/13 12:29:2 Lynnutte: Consession stand
(10/13 12:29:33) Ghaelen D'Lareh: lolol
(10/13 12:29:34) Lial: so Mac people can't participate
(10/13 12:29:39) Lynnutte: Awww
(10/13 12:29:50) Ghaelen D'Lareh misses essjay's catering services
(10/13 12:29:54) Lynnutte: Can they still listen?
(10/13 12:29:57) Lial: yes
(10/13 12:29:5 Thend: Lial, that is unfortunate in so many ways
(10/13 12:30:00) Ghaelen D'Lareh: not as listeners?
(10/13 12:30:00) Lynnutte: Ok
(10/13 12:30:03) Ghaelen D'Lareh: ok
(10/13 12:30:07) Thend: Oh, listen still? Alright then
(10/13 12:30:15) Lial: we can listen, but can't speak via voice chat
(10/13 12:30:24) Ghaelen D'Lareh: they could send the file to another person to pipe in
(10/13 12:30:30) Ghaelen D'Lareh: darn, Lial
(10/13 12:30:35) Thend nods his head
(10/13 12:30:49) Lynnutte: you can still type though
(10/13 12:31:00) Lial: yes
(10/13 12:31:0 Lynnutte: i have to do that because my laptop hates cheap microphones
(10/13 12:31:17) Lial: but probably not fast or accurately enough
(10/13 12:31:21) Lynnutte: Lol
(10/13 12:31:31) Thend: Practice, practice, practice lol
(10/13 12:31:42) Ghaelen D'Lareh: The Guild of Messengers Presents! "Cavern Radio Theater"
(10/13 12:31:50) Lynnutte: i like that!
(10/13 12:31:50) Thend 's still working on the accuracy part
(10/13 12:32:03) Thend: Exactly ghaelen
(10/13 12:32:22) Ghaelen D'Lareh: too bad it is so close to Halloween
(10/13 12:32:25) Lynnutte: maybe we could get people to create radio plays too
(10/13 12:32:36) Veralun: lol
(10/13 12:32:36) Ghaelen D'Lareh: we could have a haunted hood radio program
(10/13 12:32:41) Lynnutte: Lol
(10/13 12:32:49) Lynnutte: i would love a haunted hood
(10/13 12:33:02) Elatine: radio plays of DRC visits would be great for those who don't like to read logs...
(10/13 12:33:02) Thend: Yes. It is all possible. Start small though. Anything that gets too big too fast will burn out and never get done
(10/13 12:33:11) Ghaelen D'Lareh: oh yeah, I agree thend
(10/13 12:33:12) Boogihn f'toogo: agreed
(10/13 12:33:15) Lynnutte: Agreed
(10/13 12:33:20) Ghaelen D'Lareh: and it all takes work and follow-up
(10/13 12:33:23) Lynnutte: But planning ahead is good too
(10/13 12:33:2 Thend nods his head
(10/13 12:33:41) Thend: And imagination
(10/13 12:33:42) Lynnutte reminds herself to take things one at a time
(10/13 12:33:50) Lynnutte nods her head
(10/13 12:34:15) Ghaelen D'Lareh: I think there's no shortage of imagination here, lol. Time maybe
(10/13 12:34:21) Lynnutte: Lol
(10/13 12:34:30) Boogihn f'toogo: and in my case ability
(10/13 12:34:32) Boogihn f'toogo: lol
(10/13 12:34:43) Lynnutte: You do what you can with what you have
(10/13 12:34:45) Thend: With everything discussed here, it has to be fun, for both those doing it and the audience, and useful, something folks need/want, oh, and free, folks love free stuff
(10/13 12:34:46) Lynnutte: We all do
(10/13 12:34:5 Lynnutte: Lol
(10/13 12:35:09) Boogihn f'toogo:
(10/13 12:35:11) Ghaelen D'Lareh: just a matter of learning, Boo. There seem to me a lot of teachers here, too
(10/13 12:35:12) Lynnutte: Yes it does
(10/13 12:35:40) Boogihn f'toogo: that donation you mentioned earlier
(10/13 12:35:42) Marten: Ghaelen had a nice thread at MOUL for people to offer what they can do/teach.
(10/13 12:35:4 Veralun: imagination enough here
(10/13 12:35:52) Lynnutte: Lol
(10/13 12:35:5 Lynnutte: And that's freee
(10/13 12:36:04) Boogihn f'toogo: i will look at that marten. tanks
(10/13 12:36:06) Boogihn f'toogo: thanks
(10/13 12:36:29) Thend: ghaelen, I wish there were more classes here. So many knowledgey folks with such interesting information, and so many that might not even realize it's out there
(10/13 12:36:50) Ghaelen D'Lareh: I think there will be Thend
(10/13 12:36:50) Boogihn f'toogo: i agree thend!!!
(10/13 12:36:51) Thend: D'ni History, Language, Numbers, etc, etc, etc
(10/13 12:36:57) Elatine: a learning annex/neighborhood would be great!
(10/13 12:37:02) Ghaelen D'Lareh: yes!
(10/13 12:37:03) Lynnutte: i would love a language class
(10/13 12:37:0 Lynnutte: And history
(10/13 12:37:1 Boogihn f'toogo: wasnt there a bevin like that once?
(10/13 12:37:19) Thend: Ian Watson had an awesome class once
(10/13 12:37:22) Marten: Yeah... so many ideas.
(10/13 12:37:24) Veralun: and filming and acting and writing etc
(10/13 12:37:27) Thend: Or twice lol
(10/13 12:37:2 Lynnutte nods her head
(10/13 12:37:2 Elatine: Guild of Teachers
(10/13 12:37:34) Boogihn f'toogo: yes!
(10/13 12:37:34) Lynnutte: Good ideas
(10/13 12:37:45) Ghaelen D'Lareh: I think I posted about my dream for learning alcoves in the guild pubs
(10/13 12:37:50) Marten: I had some history class ideas planned too ... the writeups are available FREE!!! to anyone who wants a starting ponit
(10/13 12:37:52) Marten: point
(10/13 12:37:53) ireenquench: I can just tell from my personal experience it tends to drain you if you are not a bigger group supporting each other
(10/13 12:37:59) Lynnutte: Lol
(10/13 12:38:01) Boogihn f'toogo: yay
(10/13 12:38:02) Thend: Nice ghaelen
(10/13 12:38:0 Ghaelen D'Lareh: each alcove a place to learn something different
(10/13 12:38:14) Lynnutte: Agreed ireen
(10/13 12:38:16) ireenquench: so network network network
(10/13 12:38:16) Thend: Lol Marten
(10/13 12:38:22) Veralun: agree Ireen
(10/13 12:38:23) Ghaelen D'Lareh: lol@Marten
(10/13 12:38:25) Boogihn f'toogo: very good advice ireen
(10/13 12:38:3 Thend nods to ireen
(10/13 12:38:55) Ghaelen D'Lareh: I've also learned that if we do something continuously and not more than the size of the group can handle on that day it does grow, even if slowly
(10/13 12:39:06) Lynnutte nods her head
(10/13 12:39:25) Marten: A big challenge for me is the things I feel most comfortable offering are all positioned outside of the Cavern.
(10/13 12:39:3 Thend: Continually is a good point. Whatever is done should be on a regular schedule, or the momentum is hard to keep going
(10/13 12:39:43) Lynnutte: then you are perfect for sstuff outside the cavern
(10/13 12:39:50) Ghaelen D'Lareh: well, coming to gatherings/meetings count, Marten. Ideas count!
(10/13 12:39:55) Thend: Marten, I'm shocked! O.o
(10/13 12:40:01) Lynnutte: Some people like getting info outside the cavern
(10/13 12:40:15) Ghaelen D'Lareh: yes, like me. I like both
(10/13 12:40:21) Lynnutte: i have no skills to offer outside the cavern
(10/13 12:40:23) Boogihn f'toogo: or eventually marten, you could be the link for getting the outside inside
(10/13 12:40:31) Lynnutte nods her head
(10/13 12:40:42) Lynnutte: Everyone has something to contribute
(10/13 12:40:50) ireenquench: I understand Marten, Cavern work is harder, mostly due to technical limitations in the Cavern and a bit more time consuming and scheduling oriented, takes more effort
(10/13 12:40:51) Ghaelen D'Lareh: to me the immersion continues on the forums, in the podcasts, vidcasts, chats, emails, etc
(10/13 12:40:55) Thend: Thing is, subscription-wise, forums are only a smaller piece, In-Cavern is what matters and what is being looked at. A chance in perception of folks is very crucial
(10/13 12:41:01) Veralun: that makes the GOM so unique
(10/13 12:41:05) Marten: I do have an idea for an external resource.
(10/13 12:41:17) Thend: change*
(10/13 12:41:17) Lynnutte: What is it?
(10/13 12:41:23) Ghaelen D'Lareh: do tell!
(10/13 12:41:3 Boogihn f'toogo: i so agree with you thend!
(10/13 12:41:45) Lynnutte nods her head
(10/13 12:42:13) Lynnutte: but outside sources will keep people involved who can not get in the cavern. Like if they are at work. lol
(10/13 12:42:15) Thend: We need new folks, and to keep the 'old' ones, can't avoid it
(10/13 12:42:27) Marten: Does anyone remember the "" "" "" type service? It allowed a person to create a website name, like '" and it worked as a shorthand to link you to a website, such as
(10/13 12:42:40) Thend: Understood, Lynnutte
(10/13 12:42:49) Lynnutte: i've never heard of it.
(10/13 12:42:53) Thend shakes his head
(10/13 12:42:54) Boogihn f'toogo: me either.
(10/13 12:43:00) Veralun: yes I know Marten
(10/13 12:43:57) Marten: My idea was to create a service like that for Uru, and combine it with a directory.
(10/13 12:43:57) ireenquench: not sure what you mean
(10/13 12:44:06) Lynnutte: i like that idea
(10/13 12:44:1 Lynnutte: That would give everyone one place to see what is available
(10/13 12:44:24) Lial: how would it work? I am not familiar with it
(10/13 12:44:35) Veralun: so you mean to make your own "site " and link to whatever?
(10/13 12:44:37) Marten: If you went to the "root" website, you'd get a directory. Something like mystembassy's nexus but organized a little more nicely.
(10/13 12:45:00) Marten: But if you appended a name, it might act as a forwarding system to another website.
(10/13 12:45:01) Thend: Lynnutte and Marten, one place with a lot of links to everything, yes
(10/13 12:45:1 Marten: I've had a specific domain name under my eye for a while. It's still available.
(10/13 12:45:25) Marten:
(10/13 12:45:34) ireenquench laughs
(10/13 12:45:34) Lynnutte: lol I like it!
(10/13 12:45:36) Lial: lol
(10/13 12:45:40) Boogihn f'toogo: i love it!
(10/13 12:45:41) Ghaelen D'Lareh: lol you should register that
(10/13 12:45:41) Elatine nods her head
(10/13 12:45:47) Marten: So a person could go to and it would take them to
(10/13 12:46:05) Marten: Or, or, and either would link to the messengers website
(10/13 12:46:06) Lynnutte: i say go for it Marten. It's a good idea
(10/13 12:46:22) ireenquench: sounds cool
(10/13 12:46:29) Marten: to the writers website... to the drc site...
(10/13 12:46:41) Boogihn f'toogo thinks it is great....nice and simple.....
(10/13 12:46:44) Thend: Marten, how does this differ from just clicking on a shiny colorful link on a central database website?
(10/13 12:47:02) Marten: It would also provide that. If you just go to, you'd get a directory.
(10/13 12:47:13) Lynnutte: we could add it to one of the news letters to get the word out about it.
(10/13 12:47:23) Boogihn f'toogo: it means you only have to remember one address
(10/13 12:47:24) Lynnutte: After you have it ready of course
(10/13 12:47:26) ireenquench: I gotta go, starting the party stuff and I need to relog and focus on buggy KI, ride the KI like a bull etc
(10/13 12:47:27) Marten: The benefit for others is if they want a short URL for their site, this is about as short as you need.
(10/13 12:47:34) Lynnutte: bye Ireen
(10/13 12:47:37) Thend is confused by the addy tech-speak, but he gets confused easily
(10/13 12:47:41) ireenquench waves goodbye
(10/13 12:47:46) Boogihn f'toogo: bye ireen
(10/13 12:47:46) Thend: Seeya ireen
(10/13 12:47:47) Veralun: bye
(10/13 12:47:47) Marten: KI messages directing people to the guild of greeters could say '' for example.
(10/13 12:47:4 Ghaelen D'Lareh: bye Ireen!
(10/13 12:47:50) Elatine: bye ireen
(10/13 12:47:50) Boogihn f'toogo: thanks
(10/13 12:48:12) Ghaelen D'Lareh: that is a great idea Marten
(10/13 12:49:07) Marten: OK. I will talk to some people about pulling together the resources to make this happen then.
(10/13 12:49:24) Lynnutte: let me know when you have it up.
(10/13 12:49:25) Lial: what are the costs associated with running a service like that?
(10/13 12:49:30) Lynnutte: then we can advertise it
(10/13 12:49:35) Ghaelen D'Lareh: we can make the addys part of the KI mails the criers send
(10/13 12:49:41) Lial: are they nominal - would you have to ask for contributions?
(10/13 12:49:49) Lynnutte: Good idea Ghaelen
(10/13 12:50:00) Marten: If I find the right people, FREE!!!  ... forwarding is very little bandwidth. It wouldn't be hosting videos or anything.
(10/13 12:50:05) Lynnutte: Lol
(10/13 12:50:13) Ghaelen D'Lareh: lol
(10/13 12:50:13) Veralun: subdomains is free
(10/13 12:50:17) Lynnutte: We like Free
(10/13 12:50:26) Marten: The top level domain is $50 per year.
(10/13 12:50:43) Ghaelen D'Lareh: for the name or the hosting?
(10/13 12:50:4 Veralun:
(10/13 12:50:49) Marten: Just for the name, ""
(10/13 12:50:57) Thend: Unless we use a Central database as the only addy in the KImails for simplicity's sake, then folks would click on GoG's or whatever link when they got there, I'd say Marten's idea has merit
(10/13 12:51:09) Ghaelen D'Lareh: ok, because of the way it works, Marten?
(10/13 12:51:11) Lynnutte: i do too
(10/13 12:51:14) Marten: Veralun: is the registrar.
(10/13 12:51:23) Lynnutte: that would give them access to everything
(10/13 12:51:27) Veralun: ok
(10/13 12:51:33) Boogihn f'toogo: i think it is a great idea ....
(10/13 12:51:47) Marten: Ghaelen, just as '' the name has to be registered and paid, so do .to domains... but .to charges a bit more than .com.
(10/13 12:51:49) Boogihn f'toogo: i would contribute to the shipping costs lol
(10/13 12:52:02) Lynnutte: Lol
(10/13 12:52:03) Ghaelen D'Lareh: ok, I get it Marten
(10/13 12:52:30) Marten: But I can handle the domain registration. I'll need to pick someone as a secondary in case something ever happened to me.
(10/13 12:52:40) Lynnutte nods her head
(10/13 12:52:40) Thend gasps
(10/13 12:52:42) Lynnutte: But not me
(10/13 12:52:49) Boogihn f'toogo backs out of the room really fast
(10/13 12:52:53) Marten: I'll probably talk to Tweek.
(10/13 12:52:5 Ghaelen D'Lareh: lol
(10/13 12:52:5 Lynnutte: K
(10/13 12:53:24) Ghaelen D'Lareh: and I can help if you need, Marten.
(10/13 12:53:52) Marten: Noted.
(10/13 12:54:06) Ghaelen D'Lareh: shall I post a pic of our gathering on the imager?
(10/13 12:54:10) Lynnutte: Sure
(10/13 12:55:24) Lynnutte: is there anything else we need to discuss?
(10/13 12:55:25) Thend: Btw, ireen had this notion she talked to alahmat & Tweek, a database of all chatlogs eva, searchable in every way possible, timed and dated, etc. Some mentions of it maybe being possible to add to existing sites, but nothing conclusive, so re-mentioning here as I think it's a top idea to at least think about
(10/13 12:56:31) Boogihn f'toogo: is that separate from the archivists or part of it?
(10/13 12:56:52) Veralun: I think part of it
(10/13 12:57:1 Marten: I know Tweek is working on a chat log archive.
(10/13 12:57:34) Thend: It can be whatever, Googihn, just I think with that sort of information, communication of ideas would be far easier, etc
(10/13 12:57:35) Lynnutte: That is a great idea
(10/13 12:57:59) Boogihn f'toogo: oh i agree
(10/13 12:58:16) Boogihn f'toogo: i just hate duplication of efforts.... lol
(10/13 12:58:21) Lynnutte: me too
(10/13 12:58:30) Thend: Yes Marten, not sure how exactly his or alahmats things fit the bill, this would be pretty all-encompassingly focused, but if it gets dione, whatever is fine
(10/13 12:58:30) Lynnutte: waste of energy and time
(10/13 12:58:30) Boogihn f'toogo: thought if it was different...maybe they could work together....
(10/13 12:58:31) Ghaelen D'Lareh: right
(10/13 12:58:33) Veralun: yes a lot of info is already existing
(10/13 12:58:57) Thend: ireen has been in discussion with them
(10/13 12:59:03) Veralun: just need to combine all those info and skills
(10/13 12:59:11) Thend nods his head
(10/13 13:00:2 Lynnutte: Hi Kalypso
(10/13 13:00:29) Kalypso: Hello
(Everyone says hi to kalypso)
(10/13 13:05:15) Ghaelen D'Lareh: so we just need to sign up for the crier role and maybe start a schedule
(10/13 13:05:22) Ghaelen D'Lareh: I can do a shift
(10/13 13:05:36) Kalypso: So do I
(10/13 13:05:49) Boogihn f'toogo: mme too
(10/13 13:05:59) Elatine: I can take one, as well
(10/13 13:06:00) Thend cries freelance
(10/13 13:06:07) Boogihn f'toogo:
(10/13 13:06:13) Kalypso: And maybe try to recruit other peopel while on crier mode?
(10/13 13:06:15) Boogihn f'toogo: you are one of the main contributors
(10/13 13:06:17) Veralun: can do too
(10/13 13:06:39) Veralun: will be half Dutch/English
(10/13 13:06:40) Veralun: lol
(10/13 13:07:24) Veralun: which brings me to the idea to do one in German and maybe another language
(10/13 13:07:32) Thend nods his head
(10/13 13:07:3 Boogihn f'toogo: that is a great idea!
(10/13 13:07:40) Ghaelen D'Lareh: great idea Veralun
(10/13 13:08:09) Veralun: translaters enough to find on the forum
(10/13 13:08:37) Marten: [Domain name registered]
(10/13 13:08:44) Veralun: wow
(10/13 13:08:44) Boogihn f'toogo: yippee!!!
(10/13 13:08:45) Elatine: yay!
(10/13 13:08:59) Thend smiles at Marten
(10/13 13:09:00) Ghaelen D'Lareh: we'll start a thread on the MOUL forum too, but for now, who would like to sign up? Names and KI#'s OK?
(10/13 13:09:0 Ghaelen D'Lareh: yay, Marten!
(10/13 13:11:37) Boogihn f'toogo: i believe everyone but Marten and Thend volunteered that are here right now
(10/13 13:11:47) Elatine: I'd like to be added, please!
(10/13 13:11:51) Ghaelen D'Lareh: ok
(10/13 13:12:07) Marten: Alas, I don't think I'll have time for this particular item.
(10/13 13:12:09) Boogihn f'toogo: and they volunteered for a ton of other stuff
(10/13 13:12:12) Veralun: yes
(10/13 13:12:55) Boogihn f'toogo: actually Marten and Thend, if you did this too, then i wouldnt have anything to do
(10/13 13:12:57) Boogihn f'toogo: lol
(10/13 13:12:59) Ghaelen D'Lareh: lol, Kalypso?
(10/13 13:13:10) Thend: Wb Lynutte. Thank Yahvo. It was sheer chaos while you were gone
(10/13 13:13:1 Ghaelen D'Lareh: lolol
(10/13 13:13:1 Boogihn f'toogo: lol
(10/13 13:13:20) Elatine giggles
(10/13 13:13:23) Thend: Lol Boogihn
(10/13 13:13:27) Lynnutte: lol
(10/13 13:13:41) Lynnutte: I want the Cavern Crier list please
(10/13 13:14:13) Boogihn f'toogo: Elatine, Veralun, Ghaelen, Boo
(10/13 13:14:27) Ghaelen D'Lareh: Marten, Thend, do you want the list?

(10/13 13:14:29) Thend: Lynutte, Marten established a domain, the Crier list is being distributed, uhm, and other stuff
(10/13 13:14:50) Thend: Sure Ghaelen, for reference, etc
(10/13 13:15:20) Lynnutte: I will create a new avie for cavern crier
(10/13 13:15:26) Ghaelen D'Lareh: ok
(10/13 13:15:27) Thend: Thanks
(10/13 13:15:27) Boogihn f'toogo: me too
(10/13 13:15:37) Lynnutte: should we make a cavern crier bevin?
(10/13 13:15:52) Lynnutte: and put all news letters on the imager?
(10/13 13:16:15) Thend thinks one cannot have too many avvies *goes into Relto Closet* - 'Who shall I be today?'
(10/13 13:16:23) Lynnutte: lol
(10/13 13:16:24) Ghaelen D'Lareh: I actually have a criar avie I could use and she could join a new hood...
(10/13 13:16:2 Lynnutte: That's how I feel thend
(10/13 13:16:31) Boogihn f'toogo: rofl @Thend
(10/13 13:16:31) From Veralun: same here Thend
(10/13 13:16:36) From Veralun: oops
(10/13 13:16:43) Lynnutte: ok. I'll creat the hood after this meeting
(10/13 13:16:46) Veralun: same here Thend
(10/13 13:16:47) Elatine: will we be called criers or messengers?
(10/13 13:17:01) Lynnutte: Cavern messengers?
(10/13 13:17:03) Boogihn f'toogo: ohhhhhh
(10/13 13:17:05) Thend: Criers, I'd imagine, like Relayers, and Moderators
(10/13 13:17:14) Lynnutte: Cavern Messengers? or Cavern Criers
(10/13 13:17:23) Boogihn f'toogo: i like Cavern Criers
(10/13 13:17:24) Lynnutte: Criers looks better to me
(10/13 13:17:31) Elatine: we just want the role to be obvious from the name
(10/13 13:17:39) Thend: And simple to type, I mean say
(10/13 13:17:39) Lynnutte: Since we are all messengers in some way
(10/13 13:17:50) Lynnutte: lol
(10/13 13:17:54) Boogihn f'toogo: and because of that
(10/13 13:18:01) Boogihn f'toogo: we might cause confusion....
(10/13 13:18:05) Lynnutte: Cavern News Criers?
(10/13 13:18:06) Boogihn f'toogo: too many messengers...
(10/13 13:18:23) Lynnutte: Cavern Paperboys?
(10/13 13:18:27) Thend: Just Criers, or Cavern Criers if one is being uber-technical lol
(10/13 13:18:27) Boogihn f'toogo: haha
(10/13 13:18:29) Lynnutte: I mean people
(10/13 13:18:37) Thend: Lol Lynnutte
(10/13 13:18:44) Boogihn f'toogo: i like Cavern Criers..... simple and to the point
(10/13 13:18:4 Thend: Cavern Paperpeoples
(10/13 13:18:51) Boogihn f'toogo: haha
(10/13 13:18:56) Ghaelen D'Lareh: I like Cavern Criers
(10/13 13:19:10) Lynnutte: I like Cavern Criers. Can put [Crier] infront of the avie name if you want
(10/13 13:19:21) Boogihn f'toogo: yes, that sounds good
(10/13 13:19:39) Boogihn f'toogo: i have a dumb question
(10/13 13:19:46) Lynnutte: no such thing Boo
(10/13 13:19:47) Veralun: I think I will need an extra account for Uru Live
(10/13 13:19:52) Lynnutte: lol
(10/13 13:19:55) Lynnutte: What Boo
(10/13 13:20:06) Thend: Folks will probably expect a Crier to be able to fill them in on the news, or other information, too, maybe not just what they are currently crying about, btw
(10/13 13:20:07) Boogihn f'toogo: when i make this avi....does it need to have Boogihn as the name or can i have another name
(10/13 13:20:11) Ghaelen D'Lareh: with more sub-accounts
(10/13 13:20:24) Lynnutte: Yolu can use whatever name you want
(10/13 13:20:29) Boogihn f'toogo:
(10/13 13:20:31) Ghaelen D'Lareh: it can be any name
(10/13 13:20:33) Veralun: we do not have subaccounts official Ghaelen
(10/13 13:20:34) Lynnutte: ust let me know it's you please
(10/13 13:20:35) Thend: Except Thend, that's taken
(10/13 13:20:37) Lynnutte: i get confused
(10/13 13:20:39) Ghaelen D'Lareh: awwww
(10/13 13:20:46) Boogihn f'toogo: lol np
(10/13 13:20:49) Marten chuckles
(10/13 13:20:50) Ghaelen D'Lareh: protest, veralun!
(10/13 13:20:57) Veralun: yes
(10/13 13:21:12) Ghaelen D'Lareh: lol@Thend
(10/13 13:22:46) Boogihn f'toogo: to get back to Thend's point, what do you suggest, Thend.... maybe we should read up on the news forums or ....?
(10/13 13:23:0 Boogihn f'toogo: to make sure we are up to speed?
(10/13 13:23:09) Lynnutte: Well, if Thend is giving us the updates in his newsletter....
(10/13 13:23:33) Thend: Well, stay informed Boogihn, maintain a good network, the stuff we wanna encourage EVERYone to do along with any information we can provide folks
(10/13 13:23:34) Lynnutte: he could keep us up to date
(10/13 13:23:45) Lynnutte nods her head
(10/13 13:23:4 Ghaelen D'Lareh: wow, I hope I don't have to know all the Cavern news as well as all the surface news, both virtual and in real life... ack
(10/13 13:24:02) Lynnutte: that would be a bit much
(10/13 13:24:06) Boogihn f'toogo: oh... like be able to answer questions about happenings or the cavern itself...
(10/13 13:24:0 Ghaelen D'Lareh falls over
(10/13 13:24:30) Veralun helps Ghaelen
(10/13 13:24:36) Thend: Uhm, you can leave out Surface news (except Uru stuff, of course) thank you very much lol
(10/13 13:24:41) Lynnutte nods her head
(10/13 13:24:53) Lynnutte: Cavern news only. I like that
(10/13 13:24:5 Ghaelen D'Lareh: ok, good
(10/13 13:25:01) Lynnutte: makes less work. lol
(10/13 13:25:19) Thend: Remember we can direct folks to Greeters, Beginners, the Notebooks found in the Cavern, etc, too
(10/13 13:25:31) Lynnutte nods her head
(10/13 13:25:35) Boogihn f'toogo: excellent point!
(10/13 13:25:40) Thend: It will strengthen everyone's networks/organizations
(10/13 13:25:43) Boogihn f'toogo: yes
(10/13 13:25:47) Ghaelen D'Lareh: ok, I think we should start a thread on the MOUL forum for people to sign up for the Criers, and I'll add them to the people resources list.
(10/13 13:26:05) Ghaelen D'Lareh: We can do a thread for the schedule that is editable, maybe?
(10/13 13:26:05) Lynnutte: If people want help with puzzles, we should also steer them to the helping bevins
(10/13 13:26:10) Boogihn f'toogo: one more question.....
(10/13 13:26:1 Ghaelen D'Lareh: k
(10/13 13:26:24) Thend nods his head
(10/13 13:26:2 Lynnutte: Ghalen, do you want to handle that?
(10/13 13:26:33) Boogihn f'toogo: are the Criers only for the episode week?
(10/13 13:26:36) Ghaelen D'Lareh: the schedule thread?
(10/13 13:26:37) Lynnutte: The thread?
(10/13 13:26:41) Lynnutte: yes
(10/13 13:26:41) Ghaelen D'Lareh: ok
(10/13 13:26:53) Boogihn f'toogo: or ongoing?
(10/13 13:27:00) Ghaelen D'Lareh: then I can compile the KImail with names and ki numbers, too
(10/13 13:27:04) Lynnutte: on going
(10/13 13:27:10) Thend: Awesome
(10/13 13:27:10) Ghaelen D'Lareh: on going in my mind
(10/13 13:27:11) Lynnutte nods her head
(10/13 13:27:11) Boogihn f'toogo: cool!
(10/13 13:27:40) Boogihn f'toogo: so we could have a set schedule eventually....
(10/13 13:27:44) Ghaelen D'Lareh: for example, I can be in the cavern, in a spot for two hours every Monday from I don't know noon to 2pm KItime
(10/13 13:27:4 Lynnutte: eventually
(10/13 13:27:55) Boogihn f'toogo: very good
(10/13 13:28:03) Ghaelen D'Lareh: something like that
(10/13 13:28:15) Ghaelen D'Lareh: and I'll stand there, wave, chat, and send KImails out
(10/13 13:28:19) Lynnutte: yes
(10/13 13:28:42) Boogihn f'toogo: i am really excited about this
(10/13 13:28:45) Lynnutte: We do need to get dedicated people for this
(10/13 13:28:45) Ghaelen D'Lareh: does someone want to make a Cavern Crier Hood?
(10/13 13:28:47) Thend will wave back and smile and stuff
(10/13 13:28:53) Boogihn f'toogo: i will
(10/13 13:28:56) Lynnutte: I will after the meeting
(10/13 13:28:56) Ghaelen D'Lareh roars with laughter
(10/13 13:29:00) Ghaelen D'Lareh: ok
(10/13 13:29:02) Boogihn f'toogo: ok....lynn can
(10/13 13:29:02) Veralun: do we dress ourselves special as crier?
(10/13 13:29:12) Ghaelen D'Lareh: messenger shirts?
(10/13 13:29:12) Lynnutte: Wear messengers shirts
(10/13 13:29:17) Veralun: sure
(10/13 13:29:1 Elatine: yes
(10/13 13:29:21) Boogihn f'toogo: hmmm
(10/13 13:29:23) Veralun: and high hats?
(10/13 13:29:25) Lynnutte: that will help i think
(10/13 13:29:2 Lynnutte: lol
(10/13 13:29:2 Ghaelen D'Lareh: lol
(10/13 13:29:29) Thend: And St Patricks Hats
(10/13 13:29:30) Lynnutte: no hats
(10/13 13:29:31) Ghaelen D'Lareh: and wings
(10/13 13:29:34) Veralun: yeah
(10/13 13:29:35) Ghaelen D'Lareh: oh
(10/13 13:29:37) Thend: And wings, yes
(10/13 13:29:37) Lynnutte: I look awful in hats
(10/13 13:29:39) Ghaelen D'Lareh: no hats?
(10/13 13:29:41) Ghaelen D'Lareh: lol
(10/13 13:29:41) Marten: /facepalm

(10/13 13:29:44) Boogihn f'toogo: we need something to set us apart....
(10/13 13:29:44) Lynnutte: I like the wings though
(10/13 13:29:55) Marten: What's wrong with the messenger shirts?
(10/13 13:29:56) Thend: Wait, our closet has wings?
(10/13 13:29:56) Boogihn f'toogo: there will be lots of people with messenger tees on
(10/13 13:30:01) Lynnutte: we could wear hats if everyone wants too
(10/13 13:30:07) Ghaelen D'Lareh: I thought I saw wings one time
(10/13 13:30:11) Boogihn f'toogo: just something to set us apart....
(10/13 13:30:11) Lynnutte: with messengers shirts
(10/13 13:30:19) Ghaelen D'Lareh: I like the hats idea
(10/13 13:30:22) Boogihn f'toogo: good
(10/13 13:30:24) Ghaelen D'Lareh: now... which hat?
(10/13 13:30:26) Marten: I'm keeping my Yeesha shirt for now.
(10/13 13:30:30) Lynnutte: messengers shirts with yellow hats?
(10/13 13:30:35) Ghaelen D'Lareh: are you signing up, Marten?
(10/13 13:30:40) Marten: Nope.
(10/13 13:30:41) Boogihn f'toogo: sure!
(10/13 13:30:44) Veralun: yellow st Patricks hats
(10/13 13:30:49) Lynnutte: that's fine Marent. This is for Cavern criers
(10/13 13:30:50) Ghaelen D'Lareh: well then... lol
(10/13 13:30:51) Boogihn f'toogo: i dont have a ptty hat
(10/13 13:31:01) Elatine: no do I
(10/13 13:31:01) Marten: Oh. Thought you were getting ready to hit the other meeting!
(10/13 13:31:03) Thend notes he was seriously kidding about St Patrick's Hats
(10/13 13:31:13) Veralun: or Christmas hats
(10/13 13:31:14) Lynnutte: Yellow ball hat?
(10/13 13:31:17) Thend nods his head
(10/13 13:31:19) Boogihn f'toogo: i dont want to wear that kind....
(10/13 13:31:20) Ghaelen D'Lareh: oh, no the work costume is for "crying"
(10/13 13:31:20) Lynnutte: baseball het
(10/13 13:31:30) Boogihn f'toogo: ugh
(10/13 13:31:34) Lynnutte: everyone has the baseball hat
(10/13 13:31:43) Ghaelen D'Lareh: hmmm
(10/13 13:31:44) Elatine: messenger shirt and yellow ball cap?
(10/13 13:31:4 Lynnutte nods her head
(10/13 13:31:53) Elatine: okei dokie
(10/13 13:31:56) Thend: Sounds fashionavle
(10/13 13:31:59) Boogihn f'toogo passes out the chaw
(10/13 13:32:01) Lynnutte: lol
(10/13 13:32:04) Ghaelen D'Lareh: lol
(10/13 13:32:04) Thend: Lol
(10/13 13:32:09) Ghaelen D'Lareh: we need to request wings
(10/13 13:32:14) Ghaelen D'Lareh: or a hat with wings
(10/13 13:32:20) Boogihn f'toogo: that is cool
(10/13 13:32:23) Thend: Or boots with wings
(10/13 13:32:23) Lynnutte: winged hats
(10/13 13:32:2 Lynnutte: and boots
(10/13 13:32:30) Ghaelen D'Lareh: oh! boots!
(10/13 13:32:33) Thend: Heck, we need a whole Flash costume
(10/13 13:32:33) Ghaelen D'Lareh: yeah that
(10/13 13:32:35) Lynnutte: I like that idea
(10/13 13:32:36) Boogihn f'toogo: yes.... boots
(10/13 13:32:42) Ghaelen D'Lareh: not flash, tho
(10/13 13:32:43) Lynnutte roars with laughter
(10/13 13:32:44) Veralun: pink?
(10/13 13:32:4 Boogihn f'toogo: dont go overboard!!!
(10/13 13:32:50) Thend cringes
(10/13 13:32:51) Ghaelen D'Lareh: pink, lol
(10/13 13:33:05) Ghaelen D'Lareh: yeah, why not pink? Looks better on me than yellow
(10/13 13:33:15) Boogihn f'toogo: shall i go get dressed and comeback for approval?
(10/13 13:33:23) Ghaelen D'Lareh: lol
(10/13 13:33:24) Ghaelen D'Lareh: ok
(10/13 13:33:26) Boogihn f'toogo: pink conflicts with the maintainers.
(10/13 13:33:29) Lynnutte: lol we can meet in the bevin
(10/13 13:33:32) Thend: Let's say the Maintainers have the monopoly on opink and leave it at that
(10/13 13:33:34) Lynnutte: I'll go make it now
(10/13 13:33:34) Veralun: yellow shirts and pink boots... fantastic combination
(10/13 13:33:41) Ghaelen D'Lareh: who is making the bevin?
(10/13 13:33:45) Lynnutte: I am
(10/13 13:33:4 Thend: Lol Veralun
(10/13 13:33:50) Lynnutte: Cavern Crier
(10/13 13:33:51) Ghaelen D'Lareh: lol@Veralun
(10/13 13:33:55) Ghaelen D'Lareh: ok
(10/13 13:34:00) Boogihn f'toogo: ok i will meet yall in the bevin....
(10/13 13:34:00) Lynnutte: brb
(10/13 13:34:01) Thend: Well, you'd stand out alright
(10/13 13:34:03) Lynnutte: kk
(10/13 13:34:06) Thend nods his head
(10/13 13:34:10) Boogihn f'toogo: does this mean the meeting is over?
(10/13 13:34:15) Boogihn f'toogo: or moving to the bevin?
(10/13 13:34:16) Ghaelen D'Lareh: then I'll come back with my Crier avie and join that hood. Back here?
(10/13 13:34:25) Thend: Lynnutte has left the building!
(10/13 13:34:30) Ghaelen D'Lareh: oh no!
(10/13 13:34:31) Boogihn f'toogo: i saw that!
(10/13 13:34:35) Marten: OK. I have to swap which avie is on which computer. I can't do Minkata on my laptop with peeps there.
(10/13 13:34:3 Marten: *ta*
(10/13 13:34:43) Ghaelen D'Lareh: I'll be back right quick
(10/13 13:34:4 Boogihn f'toogo: here?
(10/13 13:34:49) Ghaelen D'Lareh: I'll come back here
(10/13 13:34:51) Boogihn f'toogo: ok
(10/13 13:34:52) Thend: Gotcha Marten, I'm swinging y there later too
(10/13 13:34:54) Veralun: k
(10/13 13:35:01) Boogihn f'toogo: cya in a minute
(10/13 13:35:31) Thend jockies for a better point-of-view position while everyone's changing
(10/13 13:36:46) ...Chat.log stopped.




2007, September 16th Chatlog: 2nd Pre-GoMe Meeting

Origional forum thread can be found here:

(09/16 01:06:00) Relayer Corps: I hope after this meeting, we will all have a better understanding as where we each stand on the Guild of Messengers issue.
(09/16 01:06:46) Relayer Corps: First, I need to know who is moderating tonight?
(09/16 01:06:51) [Moderator]moirajane: I am
(09/16 01:06:56) Relayer Corps: ok. Ty MJ
(09/16 01:06:56) [Moderator]moirajane: and Lfus
(09/16 01:07:16) Relayer Corps: Who do we send "question" to?
(09/16 01:07:17) [Moderator]Zedra: I'm just a backup, he he
(09/16 01:07:23) Relayer Corps: lol thanks Z
(09/16 01:08:06) Old Watashi Thinks GoM should hire Relayers as consultants
(09/16 01:08:13) Relayer Corps: rofl
(09/16 01:08:26) Lady Chaos thought that was understood.
(09/16 01:08:27) Relayer Corps: MJ? Are you keeping the question list?
(09/16 01:08:32) [Moderator] Lfus: Moirajane will be taking the pm with the word question and I will be announcing that bad when your turn is
(09/16 01:08:38) Relayer Corps: At this point, nothing is understood
(09/16 01:08:45) Relayer Corps: kk ty
(09/16 01:09:22) Relayer Corps: I want to start this meeting out by giving everyone a chance to voice what they would like to see the GOM become
(09/16 01:09:43) [Moderator] Lfus: If you have a question, plese pm moirajane with the word question, and this will get you in the que
(09/16 01:09:47) Relayer Corps: I want everyone to have a chance to explain without interuption.
(09/16 01:10:09) Ruby O'Degee: Oops
(09/16 01:10:09) Relayer Corps: After they are done explaining, we will open for questions or comments.
(09/16 01:10:28) Sam Byard: not really a question.. who will speak ? :S
(09/16 01:10:34) Sam Byard: in what order..
(09/16 01:10:49) Relayer Corps: I will start at the top of my list.
(09/16 01:10:57) Relayer Corps: That means, Ruby is up first.
(09/16 01:11:01) [Relayer] Kerryth: How do we get a turn to give our vision of the GoM? Same way?
(09/16 01:11:13) Relayer Corps: I will call everyone in turn
(09/16 01:11:25) Ruby O'Degee: why me?
(09/16 01:11:31) Thend: lol
(09/16 01:11:41) Relayer Corps: You are at the top of my list.
(09/16 01:11:43) Ruby O'Degee: r is after a
(09/16 01:11:47) Relayer Corps: Age playwers chat list. lol
(09/16 01:11:48) d'ni everything: eep
(09/16 01:11:51) Ruby O'Degee: Oh, ok then
(09/16 01:12:02) Relayer Corps: lol sorry I didn't explain that very well
(09/16 01:12:24) Ruby O'Degee: i would like to suggest that everyone who is interested be allowed to join the GOM, we will need everyone we can get to get out the news
(09/16 01:13:37) [KrYaXx]: Guild of Maintaners right?
(09/16 01:13:52) Sam Byard: this meeting is for the guild of messengers
(09/16 01:14:00) [KrYaXx]: ooo
(09/16 01:14:02) [KrYaXx]: ty
(09/16 01:14:16) d'ni everything: O-o
(09/16 01:14:59) Relayer Corps: Ruby, if you could let us know when your done please.
(09/16 01:15:11) Relayer Corps: Then we will know when to open for questions
(09/16 01:15:38) Ruby O'Degee: oh gosh, right now that is all I have to say. It is a lot along with I don't think we need a council
(09/16 01:15:52) [Moderator] Lfus: Lady Chaos is up
(09/16 01:15:58) Sonseeharay: i think you should turn your relayer corps into the messenger guild as you already habve many members and that could be jsut one part of the guild
(09/16 01:16:02) d'ni everything claps her hands
(09/16 01:16:12) [Moderator] Lfus: (Please have your questions pretyed in)
(09/16 01:16:26) [KrYaXx]: have alist of all guild abrivations so one will learn the guild abrivations faster
(09/16 01:16:56) Relayer Corps: ok, can we keep the questions limited to what Ruby had to say for now please.
(09/16 01:17:09) ireenquench is confused as to why we should do the question thing yet, arent we still collecting?
(09/16 01:17:35) [Moderator] Lfus: Who has a question for Ruby, plese pm moirajane with the word question
(09/16 01:17:39) Relayer Corps: I would like questions and comments on what the current speaker has to say. There will be time at the end of the meeting for any last comments.
(09/16 01:18:10) Relayer Corps: MJ, if you get none, please let me know and I will call the next speaker
(09/16 01:18:17) [Moderator] Lfus: Sorry about the confusion...
(09/16 01:18:39) [Moderator]moirajane: No one has questions for Ruby
(09/16 01:18:41) [Moderator] Lfus: If you have a question for Ruby please PM Moirajane with the word Question...
(09/16 01:18:50) Sam Byard: Ok Ruby, you are saying that all the exploreres will take part in delivering news as part of the Guild of messengers ? where does that leave all the organisations that are already giving out news ? if the guild of messengers has anyone and everyone giving out their own news as an "official guild of messengers" then I forsee all organisations getting the boot, how do you counter this ?
(09/16 01:19:45) Ruby O'Degee: the orgs won't get any boot. They will do what theu always do
(09/16 01:20:25) Ruby O'Degee: They good reporters will report, and the not so good will find something else to do
(09/16 01:20:37) [Moderator] Lfus: Sam Byard you may have a follow up question
(09/16 01:20:50) Ruby O'Degee: But the gom will need every able bodied explorer
(09/16 01:21:06) Sam Byard: Ok, but if they dont have that "guild of messengers " official stamp on, how will they ever retain any official capacity, they will not have the newer explorers listening and reading their reports as they will go to the "official" source
(09/16 01:21:14) [Moderator] Lfus: Please have your questions pretyped in
(09/16 01:21:20) Ruby O'Degee: Why does ruby keep standing up? I don't wnat her to stand
(09/16 01:21:41) [Moderator]Zedra: rofl
(09/16 01:22:27) [Moderator] Lfus: D-Mom its your turn
(09/16 01:22:35) [Relayer]DMom_2000: Ruby, how do you envision what the Guild will be or should I say, do you see any structure at all to it? How will the various explorers or organizations be able to work together successfully - do you have a model for that?
(09/16 01:22:36) Sam Byard: ruby didn't answer
(09/16 01:23:00) Sam Byard: can i have my answer first :S :)
(09/16 01:23:12) [Relayer]DMom_2000: sorry....
(09/16 01:23:25) [Moderator] Lfus: yes... Sam.. D-Mom's question will be answered after yours
(09/16 01:23:47) Sam Byard: confusing :) i'll trust you
(09/16 01:24:12) Ruby O'Degee: i would give you a long answer but I am having lag issues when I try to type my pontifications
(09/16 01:24:31) Sam Byard: maybe the game is telling you something....
(09/16 01:24:32) Relayer Corps: DMom? Your question please?
(09/16 01:24:45) Lady Chaos: That was uncalled for, Sam.
(09/16 01:24:46) [Relayer]DMom_2000: I have to retype that?
(09/16 01:24:54) Old Watashi: lol
(09/16 01:25:02) Sam Byard: I'll hold my tongue
(09/16 01:25:04) Ruby O'Degee: i thought it was kind of funny, but yes silly
(09/16 01:25:08) [Relayer]DMom_2000: well, also no one is required to answer either.......
(09/16 01:25:12) Ruby O'Degee: Now back to decorum
(09/16 01:25:23) Ruby O'Degee: gavel down
(09/16 01:25:27) d'ni everything clears throat
(09/16 01:25:49) Relayer Corps: DMom? What was your question?
(09/16 01:25:53) [Relayer]DMom_2000: Ruby, how do you envision what the Guild will be or should I say, do you see any structure at all to it?
(09/16 01:26:21) [Moderator] Lfus: [KrYaXx] you are up after D-Mom
(09/16 01:26:23) Ruby O'Degee: yes, I do see structure,once there is membership
(09/16 01:26:35) Ruby O'Degee: But now there is no members to speak of
(09/16 01:26:40) Ruby O'Degee: Only supporters
(09/16 01:26:47) [Relayer]DMom_2000: How will the various explorers or organizations be able to work together successfully - do you have a model for that?
(09/16 01:26:51) Ruby O'Degee: And even the supporters could start
(09/16 01:27:08) Ruby O'Degee: But every interested supporter should be allowed to participatge
(09/16 01:27:40) Ruby O'Degee: No, I have no chart. I will wait to see leadership. The leaderswill decided
(09/16 01:28:00) Ruby O'Degee: I want to support good leadership when the time is right
(09/16 01:28:04) [Relayer]DMom_2000: Oh, I am not looking at a chart! I mean how will leadership be decided in your mind?
(09/16 01:28:47) Ruby O'Degee: after the membership is determined the members will know who is doing the work and guiding
(09/16 01:29:04) [Relayer]DMom_2000 thanks you very much!
(09/16 01:29:07) [Moderator]Zedra: Please say 'Next" when you are finished answering a question. Thank you.
(09/16 01:29:10) Ruby O'Degee: I just want to be a member, and may others do too
(09/16 01:29:13) Ruby O'Degee: oops
(09/16 01:29:16) Ruby O'Degee: sorry
(09/16 01:29:19) [Relayer]DMom_2000: lol
(09/16 01:29:36) [Relayer]DMom_2000: I am done if Ruby is...
(09/16 01:29:44) [Moderator] Lfus: [XryaXx] your question please.
(09/16 01:29:50) [KrYaXx]: have the guild of relayers do what they are doing going to each bevin etc, and the guild of messangers are the scouts and reporters of not only news but personal messages taken back a forth, both operating as one. OR have DRC somehow put in like a RSS feed for guild announcments and news from the messangers guild, this could be turned on or off . there is going to have to be a special KI made or a New face plate for it, that will enable your guilds tools and personal chat with only other
(09/16 01:29:53) [KrYaXx]: guild members
(09/16 01:30:29) Sam Byard: isn't that more of an open question to everyone LS
(09/16 01:30:32) Relayer Corps: Kr, do you have a question for Ruby?
(09/16 01:30:34) Sam Byard: :S
(09/16 01:30:38) [Moderator] Lfus: (Relayer Corps your next after [KrYaXx]
(09/16 01:31:46) Relayer Corps: What you said implies that there would only be reporters. What would happen to those of us that do not report traditionally?
(09/16 01:31:59) [KrYaXx]: oganisation is key to structor
(09/16 01:32:09) [Moderator] Lfus: (Sonseeharay you are next after Relayer Corps)
(09/16 01:32:16) [Relayer]DMom_2000: I think poor Ruby is having some problem there.......
(09/16 01:32:17) Relayer Corps: I think Ruby is experiencing technical difficulties
(09/16 01:32:32) Relayer Corps: Let's go to the next speaker
(09/16 01:32:35) [Relayer]DMom_2000: I think she got the mouse is moving her on its own
(09/16 01:32:36) Relayer Corps: DMom?
(09/16 01:32:38) Ruby O'Degee: ruby keeps taking off from the lag. I want her to sit down
(09/16 01:32:47) Relayer Corps: oh, Sorry Ruby
(09/16 01:32:49) [Relayer]DMom_2000: oh I just had a question for Ruby that is all
(09/16 01:33:05) [Relayer]DMom_2000: CTL 7 Ruby
(09/16 01:33:11) Sam Byard: ruby if you wanna relto out i'm sure someone could relay back and forth :S
(09/16 01:33:12) Relayer Corps: Do you have an answer for my questuion?
(09/16 01:33:25) Sam Byard: might work :S
(09/16 01:34:21) Ruby O'Degee: ok, can you all come back to me later, so I can do some switching
(09/16 01:34:22) Relayer Corps: Ruby, What would happen to those of us that don't report traditionally?
(09/16 01:34:29) Relayer Corps: kk. can do
(09/16 01:34:33) Ruby O'Degee: thanks
(09/16 01:34:38) Relayer Corps: DMom, what is your vision for the GOM?
(09/16 01:34:39) Ruby O'Degee: how do I get back in?
(09/16 01:34:43) Ruby O'Degee: is it locked?
(09/16 01:34:48) Anthony: LINK
(09/16 01:34:51) Relayer Corps: I think It is still public
(09/16 01:35:02) Relayer Corps: If not, pm me
(09/16 01:35:08) Romer Openfield: It's public
(09/16 01:35:11) Ruby O'Degee: ok thank you relayer, and of course anthony
(09/16 01:35:15) Relayer Corps: kk ty Romer
(09/16 01:35:17) [Relayer]DMom_2000: oh my vision?
(09/16 01:35:21) [KrYaXx]: wow have alot here
(09/16 01:35:22) Relayer Corps: anytime Ruby
(09/16 01:35:27) Anthony: No Problem ;)
(09/16 01:35:35) Relayer Corps: DMom, what is your vision for the GOM?
(09/16 01:35:56) [Relayer]DMom_2000: Well, I can see the organized groups doing what they do now
(09/16 01:36:10) [Relayer]DMom_2000: but I can also see the independents doing what they do
(09/16 01:36:36) [Relayer]DMom_2000: but somehow, and whether the DRC have a structure in mind or not, we have to find a way to come together
(09/16 01:36:41) [Relayer]DMom_2000: to work with each other
(09/16 01:37:01) [Relayer]DMom_2000: Seeing who is doing the work is one way of picking leadership
(09/16 01:37:21) [Relayer]DMom_2000: letting those who are interested put themselves up for a vote from everyone is another
(09/16 01:37:30) [Moderator] Lfus: (if you have a question for D-Mom, please PM Moirajane with the word question. Thank You)
(09/16 01:37:57) [Relayer]DMom_2000: seems like no matter which way we go someone is going to scream foul....or someone is out for a power play
(09/16 01:38:42) [Relayer]DMom_2000: I think for now we need to continue these type of dicussions and as we do, we will gradually formulate the direction we want to go in
(09/16 01:38:54) [KrYaXx]: we nee to have more particapation so with that a new KI face plate would be something new and entice others to join the guilds to get it lol add that to what i said
(09/16 01:39:05) [Relayer]DMom_2000: then when the DRC tell us how the Guilds will be then we will be better prepared
(09/16 01:39:10) [Relayer]DMom_2000: ok. I am done.
(09/16 01:39:15) Whilyam: Might I suggest something?
(09/16 01:39:33) [Moderator] Lfus: Sam Byard your question please
(09/16 01:39:41) Whilyam: Ah, nevermind. Sorry.
(09/16 01:40:20) [Relayer]DMom_2000 is getting nervous, as Sam types long questions....
(09/16 01:40:36) Sam Byard: Sam just Pmed it by accident
(09/16 01:40:37) Relayer Corps: lol
(09/16 01:40:40) Relayer Corps: He sure does
(09/16 01:40:44) [Relayer]DMom_2000: awwww
(09/16 01:40:48) [Relayer]DMom_2000: poor Sam
(09/16 01:41:18) Sam Byard: Ok, how do you counter the possibility of the more popular explorers simply getting voted for no matter how much work they do ? and also how do you differentiate between and independant and an organisation I dont know any independants
(09/16 01:42:37) Relayer Corps: Just to let those who came in later, I have everyone's... I think everyone's.. name on a list. I will call your name to give your views on the GOM as soon as I get to your name.
(09/16 01:43:01) Sam Byard: I am independant as is Thend, but we both are considered organisations
(09/16 01:43:38) [Moderator] Lfus: No more questions for D-Mom
(09/16 01:43:47) Thend raises his hand as both independent and organized
(09/16 01:43:48) Relayer Corps: Please have you questions pre-typed and PM Moderator Moirajane with the word"question" if you have somwething to say about what the latest speaker has said. ty
(09/16 01:43:53) [KrYaXx] shorah Ae'gura bahro
(09/16 01:44:07) Relayer Corps: Kerryth, You views please?
(09/16 01:44:12) [Relayer] Kerryth: So many people here are already doing wonderful things - without a Guild. My feeling is the Guild needs to ADD opportunity, collaboration, creativity. Not build walls. New people will come and they will have much to contribute. There should be no barriers imposed by any group or Guild. Structures can be fluid and temporary. In fact, they must be, because everyone here has complete freedom. Leadership will not be static: it will come from whoever is doing the hard work and showing up
(09/16 01:44:17) [Relayer] Kerryth: at any given time.
(09/16 01:44:39) [Relayer] Kerryth: That's all I have to say at this time.
(09/16 01:45:04) Relayer Corps: Any questions?
(09/16 01:45:10) [Moderator] Lfus: (If you have a question for Kerryth, please PM Moirajane with the word question
(09/16 01:45:17) [Moderator] Lfus: Thank you
(09/16 01:45:17) [Relayer]Dichromus agrees with Kerryth
(09/16 01:45:28) Reteltee agrees
(09/16 01:45:28) [KrYaXx] claps his hands
(09/16 01:45:42) Relayer Corps: No questions?
(09/16 01:45:46) [Moderator]moirajane: No questions for Kerryth, next speaker
(09/16 01:45:50) [Relayer] Kerryth: Thank you.
(09/16 01:45:53) Relayer Corps: Lady Chaos is next.
(09/16 01:45:53) Sam Byard: i have one !
(09/16 01:45:59) Sam Byard: ok next
(09/16 01:46:00) [Moderator]moirajane: sorry I missed Sam
(09/16 01:46:06) Lady Chaos: Go ahead, Sam.
(09/16 01:46:33) Sam Byard: how do you envisiage an open system letting current organisations not get supserceded by an official guild of messengers using your plan...
(09/16 01:46:34) [Relayer] Kerryth: :)
(09/16 01:47:02) [Relayer] Kerryth: I have no plan. As far as existing organizations, they are free to go on doing what they are doing.
(09/16 01:47:11) [Relayer] Kerryth: How would you stop them??
(09/16 01:47:23) Sam Byard: but if the guild of messengers puts out its own content, the other organisations would lose viewers completely
(09/16 01:47:25) [Relayer] Kerryth: And there is no "Official" guild at this time.
(09/16 01:47:29) [Relayer] Kerryth: Why?
(09/16 01:47:44) Sam Byard: because explorers go to the "official" source
(09/16 01:47:49) [Relayer] Kerryth: The good work will succeed. "Official" does not equal good, necessarily.
(09/16 01:48:01) [KrYaXx]: GOG
(09/16 01:48:02) [Relayer] Kerryth: Exploreres are free to go wherever they choose.
(09/16 01:48:06) Sam Byard: however official often comes from more reliable sources
(09/16 01:48:22) [Relayer] Kerryth: Surface. I rest my case.
(09/16 01:48:27) Sam Byard: and is more accesibly to the newer explorers
(09/16 01:48:44) Relayer Corps: Lady Choas please
(09/16 01:48:45) [Relayer] Kerryth: How so?
(09/16 01:49:00) Sam Byard: if the newer explorers come in, where are they gonna go ? official ? or wherever else happens to be doing a take on the news
(09/16 01:49:12) [Relayer] Kerryth: Wherever they want, Sam.
(09/16 01:49:25) [KrYaXx]: they all goto GoG now
(09/16 01:49:32) [Relayer] Kerryth: Not all.
(09/16 01:49:34) Sam Byard: but i'm implying that they will go official, as they DO go official when they can
(09/16 01:49:45) [Relayer] Kerryth: How do you know?
(09/16 01:50:07) Sam Byard: look at the difference between speculation given by a normal explorer and when reteltee speaks
(09/16 01:50:23) [Relayer] Kerryth: Anyone can listen to Reteltee and pass along what he said.
(09/16 01:50:33) [Relayer] Kerryth: Or listen for themselves.
(09/16 01:50:36) Sam Byard: If i stand and speculate, I might get listened to to a few pple
(09/16 01:50:37) Reteltee: I'm not normal?
(09/16 01:50:42) Reteltee: Why didn't you TELL me this
(09/16 01:50:43) [Relayer] Kerryth: :)
(09/16 01:50:46) Thend starts to laugh
(09/16 01:50:48) Lady Chaos starts to laugh
(09/16 01:50:50) [KrYaXx]: lol
(09/16 01:50:56) Relayer Corps: lol
(09/16 01:50:58) d'ni everything giggles
(09/16 01:51:07) Sam Byard: as reteltee is the most official explorer we have he gets mobbed the minute he breathers
(09/16 01:51:13) Anthony: Releltee you stoped the min the drc talked to you
(09/16 01:51:17) [Relayer] Kerryth: I won't mention any names, but some are doing that, and doing it well..
(09/16 01:51:29) Relayer Corps: Sam, we need to move on, otherwise we will not have time for everyone.
(09/16 01:51:34) [Relayer] Kerryth: OK.
(09/16 01:51:37) Sam Byard: ok :)
(09/16 01:51:38) Relayer Corps: Lady Choas please.
(09/16 01:51:41) Lady Chaos: OK.
(09/16 01:51:42) Relayer Corps: ty
(09/16 01:51:53) Lady Chaos: What I'd like to see the Messengers become is a service organization.
(09/16 01:52:03) Lady Chaos: They'd provide central point of contact for news.
(09/16 01:52:14) Lady Chaos: Set up a Web site or some such, collect videos and events.
(09/16 01:52:26) Lady Chaos: Provide links and be open to letting others help.
(09/16 01:52:28) [Moderator] Lfus: (If you have a question for Lady Chaos, please PM Moirajane with the word question... Thank You)
(09/16 01:52:49) Lady Chaos: I'd also like to see the Messengers provide a training and education service for newcomers, so they could learn how it's done.
(09/16 01:52:49) Sam Byard: As i'm going next I wont ask a question here but I do have them ....
(09/16 01:52:55) Relayer Corps: Are you suggesting the the GOM be purely and out of cavern organization?
(09/16 01:52:57) Relayer Corps: oops
(09/16 01:53:00) Relayer Corps: sorry
(09/16 01:53:15) Relayer Corps: relayers habit
(09/16 01:53:18) Lady Chaos: And finally I'd like them to be a central point for event news.
(09/16 01:53:25) Lady Chaos: Done.
(09/16 01:53:54) [Moderator] Lfus: Relayer Corps you may ask your question
(09/16 01:54:02) Relayer Corps: lol ty
(09/16 01:54:17) Relayer Corps: Do you see the GOM as being a purely out of cavern organization?
(09/16 01:54:24) [Moderator] Lfus: (D-Mom you will be next after Relayer Corps)
(09/16 01:54:38) Lady Chaos: No. They'd have a strong in-cavern presence: distributing news and events info through KI mail.
(09/16 01:54:48) Lady Chaos: Also just going around and talking with people, sharing what they know.
(09/16 01:54:53) Relayer Corps: so, in cavern as well as out of cavern
(09/16 01:54:57) Lady Chaos: Yes.
(09/16 01:55:08) Relayer Corps: kk ty
(09/16 01:55:14) Lady Chaos: Because some things work better out of the cavern, such as news videos.
(09/16 01:55:20) Relayer Corps nods her head
(09/16 01:55:28) jumpingjackflash nods his head
(09/16 01:55:35) Relayer Corps: DMom? your question?
(09/16 01:55:43) [Relayer]DMom_2000: if there is going to be a central collection point, then who is going to organize that?
(09/16 01:56:10) Lady Chaos: The GoM people. Perhaps as part of an extant Web site, or just providing a page of links to the various sources.
(09/16 01:56:20) Sam Byard: The way I see the Guild of messengers workin/reply nah
(09/16 01:56:24) Lady Chaos: We have all these great videos out there that no one can find unless they've been around forever.
(09/16 01:56:38) Lady Chaos: Done.
(09/16 01:56:49) [Moderator] Lfus: There are no more questions for Lady Chaos.
(09/16 01:56:51) Relayer Corps: Sam Byard, your up.
(09/16 01:56:57) Sam Byard: bear with me i had to delete my statement
(09/16 01:57:02) [Relayer]DMom_2000: lol
(09/16 01:57:05) jumpingjackflash claps for Lady Chaos
(09/16 01:57:07) Lady Chaos: OK, folks.. I have to take off... I have a gig to launch.
(09/16 01:57:10) Lady Chaos: Thank you all.
(09/16 01:57:15) Thend: Seeya LC, and thanks
(09/16 01:57:19) [Relayer]DMom_2000 is just hoping I dont crash again....
(09/16 01:57:19) Lady Chaos waves goodbye
(09/16 01:57:21) Relayer Corps: Bye LC.
(09/16 01:57:24) Relayer Corps: Thanks for coming\
(09/16 01:57:29) Lady Chaos: YOu're welcome.
(09/16 01:57:29) [Relayer]DMom_2000: Night LC
(09/16 01:57:31) Lady Chaos bows
(09/16 01:57:31) [Relayer]DMom_2000: Thanks

(09/16 01:57:46) Sam Byard: The way I see the guild of messengers working is this. The guild of messengers will be set up as a conduit for the flow of information from the source to the news organisations that will give the information to the explorers
(09/16 01:57:51) Sam Byard: ...
(09/16 01:58:26) [Moderator] Lfus: (If you have a question for Sam, please PM Moirajane with the word question)
(09/16 01:58:35) Sam Byard: The information will be divided into that from three sources, DRC/Cyan info, other guild info (guild of writers info etc.) and public domain info (from explorers)
(09/16 01:59:03) Sam Byard: this info will be checked by three levels of guild...
(09/16 01:59:13) Sam Byard: the bottom level will check for accuracy
(09/16 01:59:24) Sam Byard: the top two will joint check for legibility
(09/16 01:59:54) Sam Byard: and then the info will be put to a bit info pot (forum etc.) where all member organisations can retrieve the info...
(09/16 02:00:26) Sam Byard: the three levels of guild are as follows
(09/16 02:00:54) Sam Byard: lvl 2, (bottom) any individuals who are accepted into the guilds membership (note the difference from my original model)
(09/16 02:01:18) Sam Byard: lvl 1 and the guild master check for legibility (ease of reading)
(09/16 02:01:53) Sam Byard: the 3 levels of info is given to the three different levels, as follows.
(09/16 02:02:14) Sam Byard: public domain info goes to level 2 where it is checked and given to lvl 1
(09/16 02:02:22) Sam Byard: other guild info is given to level 1
(09/16 02:02:42) Sam Byard: and official DRC/cyan info goes straight to the guild master and out withought much checking
(09/16 02:03:17) Sam Byard: any info that directly affects the guild of messengers is put into a member forum and is discussed and given out as a Guild of messengers announcement..
(09/16 02:03:33) Sam Byard: NOTE: this is the only form of broadcasting the guild of messengers as an organisation will do
(09/16 02:04:27) Sam Byard: this system means that anyone who wants to report news should register as a member organisation to gain the benefit of the information, once accepted they can broadcast
(09/16 02:04:51) Sam Byard: this means ALL explorers have equal officiality in the cavern whilst broadcasting news
(09/16 02:05:36) [KrYaXx]: I was under the assumtion that the messangers who not only delevered messages to anyone, or group also held the News, the reporters, and media as well.
(09/16 02:05:37) Sam Byard: also if they register, they can feed info they collect straight into the guild at level 1 after they have proven they can give accurate information
(09/16 02:06:00) Sam Byard: I think Thats enough from me for now, questions please
(09/16 02:06:15) [Moderator] Lfus: Relayer Corps your question please
(09/16 02:06:17) Relayer Corps: How would you incorperate the individual explorer, into the GOM, who want to be a part of GOM, but not any particualr group in the GOM? And why have 2 levels check for legibility. This sounds like it would take forever just to get the news out, and opens put the chance for censorship. This seems more complicated then it needs to be. Ruby and Tyon, please pm Moirajane.
(09/16 02:06:33) [Moderator] Lfus: (Kerryth you are after Relayer Corps)
(09/16 02:07:00) Relayer Corps: Sorry Ruby and Tyon. I didn't want to loose my train of thought
(09/16 02:07:26) Sam Byard: all levels of information will be accessible to the guild council at level 1 meaning censorship can be prevented by checking the differences between the info at each level.
(09/16 02:07:35) Sam Byard: individual explorers have 2 means of membership
(09/16 02:07:48) [Moderator] Lfus: (Please have your questions pretyped... Thank You)
(09/16 02:07:50) Sam Byard: do you mean reporting explorers or explorers who jsut wanna help
(09/16 02:08:01) Sam Byard: (both are accomadated)
(09/16 02:08:22) Sam Byard: ?
(09/16 02:08:52) Relayer Corps: Explorers who want to help, but aren't sure where or how
(09/16 02:09:18) [KrYaXx]:
(09/16 02:09:29) Sam Byard: explorers that want to post news, register to the guild as an organisation and merely say how they want to report it. this is enough for acceptance
(09/16 02:09:32) Sam Byard: for example
(09/16 02:09:52) Sam Byard: I would register as URU RAdio, a service giving live broadcasting of information
(09/16 02:10:00) Sam Byard: NOTE: I am an individual epxlorer
(09/16 02:10:10) Sam Byard: e.g.2
(09/16 02:10:33) Sam Byard: Thend would register as KI Toons, a service giving comics of cavern events
(09/16 02:10:39) Sam Byard: another individual epxlorer
(09/16 02:10:55) Sam Byard: if an explorer didn't want to report news, they can be accepted into lvl 2 of the guild
(09/16 02:10:58) Sam Byard: next
(09/16 02:11:08) Sam Byard: unless you wanna ask more
(09/16 02:11:10) [Relayer] Kerryth: What mechanism do you propose to compel people to comply with this system and not simply go around it? What would you offer to induce people to comply voluntarily?
(09/16 02:11:31) [Moderator] Lfus: (ireenquench your up after Keryth)
(09/16 02:12:22) [Moderator]moirajane: k :)
(09/16 02:12:23) Sam Byard: no one is forced to join the guild. however if you comply with the guild and its rules you gain the advantage of accurate and official news from all possible cavern sources and having your organisation labelled as "official Guild of messengers "
(09/16 02:12:35) Sam Byard: the rules are not many
(09/16 02:12:37) Sam Byard: :S
(09/16 02:12:57) Sam Byard: its literally, join the guild, you will be given a job, do it :)
(09/16 02:13:05) Sam Byard: dont wanna do the job, dont join
(09/16 02:13:11) Sam Byard: theres nothing to break
(09/16 02:13:16) Sam Byard: hwoever
(09/16 02:13:34) [Relayer] Kerryth: Or do the job AND don't join.
(09/16 02:13:45) [Relayer] Kerryth: I'm just saying people have free choice here.
(09/16 02:13:49) Sam Byard: members putting out info before its got to the info pot is not alowed
(09/16 02:13:59) Sam Byard: yer you can do the job and not join
(09/16 02:14:03) [Relayer] Kerryth: How do you stop them?
(09/16 02:14:15) Sam Byard: stop them putitng out info ?
(09/16 02:14:17) Sam Byard: in that way ?
(09/16 02:14:27) [Relayer] Kerryth: I'm not trying to be contrary. I want to know what mechanism imposes this on people.
(09/16 02:15:04) Sam Byard: well diciplinaries would be decided on a case by case basis as in any guild for instance a Guild of writers member could put secret porn images into a texture, they would be diciplined
(09/16 02:15:25) Sam Byard: a guild of messengers member who put out info before it is verified could face losing access to the info for a a few days etc.
(09/16 02:15:41) [Relayer] Kerryth: How?
(09/16 02:15:53) Sam Byard: suspension from the info forum :)
(09/16 02:15:56) Sam Byard: remember
(09/16 02:16:23) Sam Byard: I doubt this would ever need to be done
(09/16 02:16:28) Relayer Corps: kk ty
(09/16 02:16:44) Sam Byard: but anything listing itself as official needs to make sure the info it is giving out is verified
(09/16 02:16:50) Sam Byard: next
(09/16 02:16:53) [Moderator] Lfus: Ireenquench your question please.
(09/16 02:16:55) ireenquench: Speaking from the perspective of the explorer interested in fresh and pure news, but not wanting to wait for processed and or creative formats, and interested in the original feed so to speak, just wanting to go where the news is, may I peek in the raw info pot?
(09/16 02:17:21) Relayer Corps nods her head
(09/16 02:17:39) Sam Byard: the info pot at the end is a RAW info pot thats all it is however it has been verified as accurate and spellings have been corrected :) thats it
(09/16 02:17:46) Sam Byard: all the porcess does
(09/16 02:18:09) [Moderator] Lfus: (Tyion your question will be next)
(09/16 02:18:10) Sam Byard: is takes the info from the sources and makes sure that you yourself ireen can read it and that your not being given something false
(09/16 02:18:19) Sam Byard: thats all the channels do
(09/16 02:18:57) Sam Byard: (this entire system could work on a platform as simple as a forum)
(09/16 02:19:01) Sam Byard: next
(09/16 02:19:07) [Moderator] Lfus: Tyion your question please.
(09/16 02:19:07) ireenquench: But I can't read the possibly innaccurate versions with typos?
(09/16 02:19:19) Sam Byard: as a member you will have acces to that
(09/16 02:19:28) Sam Byard: however you cant list it as official
(09/16 02:19:37) Sam Byard: it is your own info at that point
(09/16 02:19:42) [Moderator] Lfus: (Abathyr your question will be next)
(09/16 02:19:43) Sam Byard: not guild of messengers info
(09/16 02:19:49) Abathyr: nm
(09/16 02:19:54) ireenquench: I was speaking from the perspective of the consumer
(09/16 02:20:05) Sam Byard: so was i ?
(09/16 02:20:11) Sam Byard: :S
(09/16 02:20:21) Whilyam: A consumer cannot be a member, Sam
(09/16 02:20:27) Sam Byard: oh sorry i understand
(09/16 02:20:34) Sam Byard: wait a mo i'll write my answer
(09/16 02:20:47) Relayer Corps sighs
(09/16 02:20:50) [KrYaXx]: the security , the Modding abilities , the law enforcment etc. what ever you want to call it, will have to be delt with for all guilds but it ties into what sam just said
(09/16 02:21:01) Whilyam: Indeed.
(09/16 02:21:26) Sam Byard: the point of my system is that the info recieved through the guild of messengers by a consumer comes from the organisations member to the guild...
(09/16 02:21:32) [Moderator] Lfus: (Tyion your question is next)
(09/16 02:21:44) Sam Byard: raw info is waht they get but in a verified form
(09/16 02:21:58) Sam Byard: consumers do not get access to anything in the process except what is given out
(09/16 02:22:08) Sam Byard: however what is given out is up to the organisation
(09/16 02:22:09) Whilyam: ireen wants to see the raw info. Will there be a way or not?
(09/16 02:22:31) Sam Byard: not withought compromising the member organisations
(09/16 02:22:46) Sam Byard: for the reason which I stress...
(09/16 02:22:59) Anthony: Well if a group choose to release it in that manyner though they could are sam
(09/16 02:23:00) Whilyam: Right. But that was the answer, no?
(09/16 02:23:12) Sam Byard: the size of your audience is directly proportional to how official the consumer thinks you are
(09/16 02:23:25) Whilyam: raw info will not be given out by the Guild. It is up to the member orgs.
(09/16 02:23:27) Thend shakes his head
(09/16 02:23:41) Sam Byard: they can release it in that manner but it is not official guild of messengers info however that info is already avaliable outside the guild
(09/16 02:23:42) Whilyam: That's correct, right, Sam?
(09/16 02:23:51) [KrYaXx]: Itsn't that what Guild Stamps are used for to officaly state they are officail ? DRC has stamps on alot of the books etc you see around thew cavern why not adobt that
(09/16 02:23:57) Sam Byard: the guild only gives info to member orgs
(09/16 02:24:07) Sam Byard: please line your questions in the queue so i can answer them all
(09/16 02:24:14) ireenquench: Ok,maybe that is a discussion for some other time, maybe specifically that point on a forum. Otherwise this takes too long.
(09/16 02:24:22) Abathyr: agree
(09/16 02:24:27) Whilyam nods his head
(09/16 02:24:30) [Moderator] Lfus: Tyion your question please.
(09/16 02:24:31) Sam Byard: ireen respectfully, isn't this waht we are here to discuss ?
(09/16 02:24:42) Whilyam: Not all night...
(09/16 02:24:43) Sam Byard: ok next
(09/16 02:24:51) [Moderator] Lfus: tyion
(09/16 02:24:57) Sam Byard: i'll talk outside the meeting about anythign i say here whenever you want :)
(09/16 02:25:38) [Moderator] Lfus: (Jumpingjackflash your question is next)
(09/16 02:25:55) jumpingjackflash: you mentioned that explorers join and follow the rules or they dont join... how would members who wont follow rules be dealt with... voted out? will there be a no tolerance rule?
(09/16 02:25:59) [Moderator] Lfus: (please have your questions pretyped in)
(09/16 02:26:13) [Moderator] Lfus: (D-Mom your question is next)
(09/16 02:27:33) [Moderator] Lfus: Sam.. did you get jumping jacks question?
(09/16 02:27:39) Sam Byard: jjf basically there will be diciplinaries in place like in other guilds such as suspension to access of info
(09/16 02:27:52) Sam Byard: all guilds will have diciplinaries
(09/16 02:28:00) jumpingjackflash: how would that be enforced though
(09/16 02:28:17) [KrYaXx]: ...
(09/16 02:28:21) Sam Byard: by the guild master, who I can talk about in more detail if anyone asks :)
(09/16 02:28:35) Sam Byard: and by the voting guild council (lvl 1)
(09/16 02:28:43) jumpingjackflash: ok thx
(09/16 02:28:48) Sam Byard: guild master will only be there for deciding votes
(09/16 02:29:11) Sam Byard: there is a system for having a guild master I think you will all like :)
(09/16 02:29:14) Sam Byard: next
(09/16 02:29:15) [KrYaXx]: reteltee guild master?
(09/16 02:29:21) [Moderator] Lfus: D-Mom
(09/16 02:29:22) [Relayer]DMom_2000: what makes you think "average" joe/jane explorer will buy into your idea of a guild system? Also for someone new, things are confusing enough. Wouldn't this turn a lot of new folk off on the entire idea of a guild?
(09/16 02:29:37) [Moderator] Lfus: (Relayer Corps your question is next)
(09/16 02:30:29) [Relayer]DMom_2000: and what if ultimately the DRC says that is not the way it is to go?
(09/16 02:30:31) Sam Byard: I think not Dmom, looking at guild systems from other games we see complex levels of hierarchy present in low age games (e.g WoW) my guild system guarantees that anythign listen as "official guild of messengers info" can be 100% relied upon
(09/16 02:31:00) Sam Byard: in practise with simply 3 forums each with levels of access I think the guild coul operate very simply
(09/16 02:31:24) Sam Byard: the top forum wit heveryone accessing it would be for the verification process
(09/16 02:31:46) Sam Byard: the middle with lvl 1 and guild master accessing it would be for the legibility process
(09/16 02:32:11) Sam Byard: the bottom being the channeled info avaliable to all members and also anyone in a member organisation too not just people who channel info
(09/16 02:32:27) [Relayer]DMom_2000: But if I were a brand new person today, I think I would say that was too hard.....and again, what if the DRC ultimately say that that is not the way they want to go?
(09/16 02:32:29) Sam Byard: (there could be a seperate forum section for diciplinaries)
(09/16 02:33:27) Sam Byard: whatever the DRC says i will go with, the SYSTEM I put forward is just an example of achieving reliable official info withought it coming from cyan
(09/16 02:33:38) [Relayer]DMom_2000: K. thanks
(09/16 02:33:41) [Moderator] Lfus: Relayer Corps your question please..
(09/16 02:33:51) Sam Byard: initiation into the guild may require a short training process (reading a document etc.) that would simplify things
(09/16 02:34:05) Relayer Corps: Crap!
(09/16 02:34:05) Sam Byard: next
(09/16 02:34:09) Relayer Corps: I pmed it. sorry
(09/16 02:34:16) Sam Byard: yer i did that earlier :)
(09/16 02:34:17) ireenquench laughs
(09/16 02:34:22) [Moderator]moirajane: lol
(09/16 02:34:30) Sam Byard: wanna move on to the next while corps retypes
(09/16 02:34:31) [Moderator] Lfus: (Ruby your question is next)
(09/16 02:34:40) Relayer Corps: I have a problem with the average explorer not being allowed to see the raw info....
(09/16 02:34:57) Sam Byard: before you go on
(09/16 02:35:13) Sam Byard: the raw info is what they get before the info is processed by the guild
(09/16 02:35:19) Sam Byard: that info is already public domain
(09/16 02:35:27) [Moderator] Lfus: (please have your questions pretyed in)
(09/16 02:35:37) Sam Byard: the problem with the processed raw info being given out
(09/16 02:35:46) Sam Byard: is that it skips the organisations who want to give it out
(09/16 02:35:58) Sam Byard: meaninging the average explorer can also skip those organisations
(09/16 02:36:08) Sam Byard: making the organisations lose audience
(09/16 02:36:17) Relayer Corps: I also haveThey could do that now, but choose not to,.
(09/16 02:36:17) Sam Byard: if you wanna question anything there feel free
(09/16 02:36:32) Sam Byard: do what now ?
(09/16 02:36:39) Sam Byard: skip the organisations
(09/16 02:36:41) Sam Byard: ?
(09/16 02:36:49) Relayer Corps: They have access to the raw info now, but choose to go to the news groups
(09/16 02:37:10) Relayer Corps: why would they stop doing that if the guild makes the raw info available to them?
(09/16 02:37:26) Sam Byard: well yes, but if you go to the organisations its a lot more fun :) also the organisations would have access to info from the other guilds and from maybe Cyan and the drc that the public domain doesn't
(09/16 02:38:09) Sam Byard: the info from organisations as opposed to raw info is a lot more reliable as well
(09/16 02:38:09) Relayer Corps: I aslo have a problem with your belief that your customer base is proportioal to how "officail" you are percieved.
(09/16 02:38:13) Sam Byard: if this system is used
(09/16 02:38:25) Sam Byard: yer i diddn't finish writing thatbit :)
(09/16 02:38:26) Sam Byard: ok
(09/16 02:38:38) Relayer Corps: The relayers are not "officail" in any way, yet our customer base keeps growing. How do you account for that?
(09/16 02:39:47) Thend nods his head
(09/16 02:40:08) Sam Byard: I believe that your audience IS directly proportional to how official you are percieved. Reteltee has a lot more backing than you or I as he is percieved by the average explorer as official(ish) your organisation is realaying official info and is unique in that aspect which is where you have found your niche however I am talkign to the type of reporting that I do or TCT for instance...
(09/16 02:40:52) Relayer Corps nods her head
(09/16 02:40:54) Sam Byard: If i was to have Rand on my show, I would have my servers bleeding, however when I speculate myself, I get under 10 people a show. the same with TCT they get a lot more listeners if they have a cyantist interview because that is percieved as official
(09/16 02:41:10) Sam Byard: however I do congratulate you on the niche you have found :)
(09/16 02:41:24) Relayer Corps: Lol thanks, But I wasn't looking for a pat on the back.
(09/16 02:41:30) Whilyam: We are talking more than niches here, though
(09/16 02:41:34) Reteltee: Hmm
(09/16 02:41:36) [KrYaXx]: be alot easer if all the objects and machines and gadjets to do all this Guild stuff were present so that everything will operate 'In Game' as much as possible. set up the guilds as actual levels with a garseen like mechinisem that will let you pass if you have the right clearance. sigh talking like a maintainer again.
(09/16 02:41:38) Sam Byard: but as you can see from what I have said your case doesn't quite equate in what I am trying to say :)
(09/16 02:41:48) Sam Byard: next (please wait your turn kryaxx)
(09/16 02:41:57) [Moderator] Lfus: Ruby has the last question.
(09/16 02:42:03) Sam Byard: I would be interested in a question on that whily if you put it in the queue
(09/16 02:42:09) Sam Byard: yes ruby ?
(09/16 02:42:12) Ruby O'Degee: I am a member of a cavern news group. I am not a representative of that group. I am my own rep. Will I be allowed to join level g 1? Will any explorer be allowed to join at that level? I am sure i am not there no, but is it possible for an independent producer to vote at any point? Will we always be in level 2 or 3 or wherever? Why only orgs? I still don't get it. Good shows will cause ppl to watch no matter where those shows come from:)
(09/16 02:42:40) Sam Byard: now I knew this would come up :)
(09/16 02:43:05) Sam Byard: the point of lvl 1 is it is a management level with an everyday function too (multitasking !)
(09/16 02:43:15) Sam Byard: however
(09/16 02:43:20) Sam Byard: it is a VOTING council
(09/16 02:43:43) Sam Byard: if average explorers could join that, public opinion instead of logical decision could sway the vote, e.g.
(09/16 02:43:58) Ruby O'Degee: yes, and lots of us have mutli tasking experience
(09/16 02:44:22) Reteltee: Pardon the interruption; very interesting discussion tonight, thanks for inviting me. Afraid I've something else to attend to. Shorah everyone
(09/16 02:44:33) Anthony: Bye Rel
(09/16 02:44:37) Sam Byard: say for instance joe bloggs is a really funny guy, and he took some info from the lvl 2 of the guild and just posted it out through his radio broadcast with a silly comical twist on it
(09/16 02:44:37) Relayer Corps: bye Reteltee. Thanks for comibng
(09/16 02:44:43) [Relayer]DMom_2000: Night Rel, thanks for coming
(09/16 02:44:51) Sam Byard: however this info was deemed to be inaccurate
(09/16 02:44:56) Sam Byard: and he posted it as official
(09/16 02:45:05) Sam Byard: this would require a diciplinary
(09/16 02:45:17) Sam Byard: probably a small suspension on vote from lvl 1 and guild master
(09/16 02:45:23) Sam Byard: maybe 2 or 3 days
(09/16 02:45:36) Ruby O'Degee: do you not trust us pretty ordinary explorers sam? to know what to do or how to handle content?
(09/16 02:45:43) Sam Byard: however as he is a popular guy, and the coun cil has average epxlorers on the council
(09/16 02:45:59) Sam Byard: public opinion says, "give him another chance"
(09/16 02:46:03) Sam Byard: this is just one example
(09/16 02:46:19) Sam Byard: another one is that explorers within one organisation are rather likeminded in nature
(09/16 02:46:42) Ruby O'Degee: yeah, well plenty of ppl have been given lots of chances, and this is a forgiving cavern, so I think we can all be ordinary explorers and still do a good job
(09/16 02:46:44) Sam Byard: if multiple explorers from one organisation have lvl 1 positions, they may end up swaying the vote
(09/16 02:46:58) Relayer Corps agrees with Ruby
(09/16 02:47:08) Sam Byard: i'm not saying you wont be
(09/16 02:47:15) Sam Byard: but it must be a logical decision
(09/16 02:47:29) Ruby O'Degee: we are not logical? us orindary types?
(09/16 02:47:34) Sam Byard: he has broken a rule and must be diciplined out of rules otherwise the system breaks down
(09/16 02:47:49) Sam Byard: ruby please carefully read what i'm saying
(09/16 02:47:49) Ruby O'Degee: cross the bridge when you get to it?
(09/16 02:48:15) Sam Byard: if you have 1 rep from the organisation
(09/16 02:48:32) Sam Byard: they will make a decision purely on whatever they decide is right
(09/16 02:48:47) Ruby O'Degee: I am reading sam. very carefully. I have a little cav ern publishing experience myself. but I consider myself an ordinary person
(09/16 02:49:03) Sam Byard: the council members are ordinary people
(09/16 02:49:16) [KrYaXx]: we do need basic unbiased ground rules
(09/16 02:49:17) Sam Byard: I just consider it a bad idea for one organisation to have multiple votes
(09/16 02:49:29) Whilyam: 1 rep = 1 org = 1 vote vs. org members = 1 vote X number of members
(09/16 02:49:40) Ruby O'Degee: ok sam, why are they an upper level council? Why not on the cavern floor with the rest of us?
(09/16 02:49:50) Sam Byard: ...
(09/16 02:50:00) Relayer Corps: If anyone would like to forego their chance to voice their views on the GOM please just say pass when I call your name. Also, please limit your questions. This meeting is going to run REALLY long.
(09/16 02:50:00) Sam Byard: thats what I just explained ?
(09/16 02:50:21) Relayer Corps: sorry to cut this short, but we really do need to move along.
(09/16 02:50:27) Ruby O'Degee: then you are right , I am too ordinary to get it
(09/16 02:50:29) Sam Byard: they are a 1 org 1 vote council with a deciding vote for the guild master
(09/16 02:50:36) Sam Byard: ruby, your are CCN yes ?
(09/16 02:50:53) Relayer Corps: if you 2 would like to use this bevin to discuss this further after the meeting, you are welcome to.
(09/16 02:50:54) Sam Byard: wait just 2 secs corps this is a big issue in the conflict here
(09/16 02:50:56) Ruby O'Degee: I am a ccn member yes, but I am independet too
(09/16 02:51:09) Ruby O'Degee: I do not speak for CCN
(09/16 02:51:15) Sam Byard: now I know from experience that CCN is made up of like minded individuals yes ?
(09/16 02:51:23) Ruby O'Degee: I speak for my documentaries
(09/16 02:51:24) Abathyr: yes but you have both already had turns expressing your views here, maybe others have other ideas about how they see the guild
(09/16 02:51:29) Relayer Corps: yes, I realize that it is a big issue, one that will have to wait for another meeting.
(09/16 02:51:32) ireenquench wants to move on
(09/16 02:51:34) Ruby O'Degee: no, we are not liked minded
(09/16 02:51:34) Sam Byard: ok corps
(09/16 02:51:35) Relayer Corps: others are waiting to be heard.
(09/16 02:51:35) Anthony: Yes please
(09/16 02:51:40) Sam Byard: next
(09/16 02:51:40) Relayer Corps: Ty
(09/16 02:51:43) [Relayer]DMom_2000: i second that.
(09/16 02:51:47) Relayer Corps: kansi? your up!
(09/16 02:51:48) Ruby O'Degee: we are very unlike minded in fact
(09/16 02:51:54) [Moderator] Lfus: no more questions for you Sam
(09/16 02:51:58) Ruby O'Degee: lol
(09/16 02:52:00) Sam Byard: phew
(09/16 02:52:02) Relayer Corps: Lol
(09/16 02:52:05) Sam Byard: my fingers hurt
(09/16 02:52:06) Anthony: [Ruby] let us move on we have heard this all before
(09/16 02:52:18) [Relayer]DMom_2000: Welcome to our world, Sam.....
(09/16 02:52:24) [Moderator]moirajane: lol
(09/16 02:52:31) Relayer Corps: kansi?
(09/16 02:52:51) Relayer Corps: please let me know if you are busy typing.
(09/16 02:53:00) Whilyam: Peace, CCN. Peace, TCT.
(09/16 02:53:11) Sam Byard: TCT wasn't saying anything... yes
(09/16 02:53:12) Ruby O'Degee: it is a violation of my privacy to use my real name in the cavern
(09/16 02:53:14) Sam Byard: yet
(09/16 02:53:20) Relayer Corps: dakro?
(09/16 02:53:26) Ruby O'Degee: I have never been [deleted] in the cavern
(09/16 02:53:39) Ruby O'Degee: please do not use it on the forums or in the cavern !
(09/16 02:53:43) Ruby O'Degee: thank you!
(09/16 02:53:47) Whilyam: It's hard to concentrate whilst I hear spitballs flying behind my head.
(09/16 02:53:53) Relayer Corps: Dakro? Any ideas?
(09/16 02:54:03) [Moderator]moirajane: Please everyone lets stay with the format
(09/16 02:54:08) Sam Byard: Ruby I'm afraid i'm going to have to say that CCN has made threats to TCT a lot worse that just giving a real name or two remember that
(09/16 02:54:20) Sam Byard: and this isn't the place
(09/16 02:54:24) Relayer Corps: ok. That's enough!
(09/16 02:54:26) Ruby O'Degee: You really don't want to gothere sam
(09/16 02:54:32) Abathyr: please
(09/16 02:54:33) Anthony: Sorry Ruby didn't know thats just what I always saw you called at TCT when you were there
(09/16 02:54:34) Sam Byard: believe me I wont
(09/16 02:54:35) [Relayer]DMom_2000: Please....
(09/16 02:54:36) Ruby O'Degee: I am talking about myu name
(09/16 02:54:38) [Moderator] Lfus: Dakro is not present
(09/16 02:54:41) Relayer Corps: please, both of you stop so we can hear from others!
(09/16 02:54:42) ireenquench: quit the bickering please everybody, not constructive not interesting
(09/16 02:54:45) Ruby O'Degee: my birthname
(09/16 02:54:49) Relayer Corps: ireen, your next
(09/16 02:55:00) Anthony: I wont do it again here
(09/16 02:55:00) ireenquench: ok
(09/16 02:55:05) Ruby O'Degee: I will post a complaint
(09/16 02:55:05) Relayer Corps: Ty
(09/16 02:55:10) Sam Byard: feel free
(09/16 02:55:15) Ruby O'Degee: I will!
(09/16 02:55:20) Whilyam: "Stop bickering among yourselves."
(09/16 02:55:23) [Relayer]DMom_2000: May we move on, please......
(09/16 02:55:25) Anthony: please lets just stop this
(09/16 02:55:28) Sam Byard: you have no grounds
(09/16 02:55:30) [Moderator]moirajane: If you two could pm each other
(09/16 02:55:30) ireenquench: I have a diff approach
(09/16 02:55:32) Relayer Corps: that is enough, or I will post a complaint against you both!
(09/16 02:55:34) Ruby O'Degee: How would you feel whily?
(09/16 02:55:53) Ruby O'Degee: I did not use anyone's namein here
(09/16 02:55:54) [Relayer]DMom_2000: we know how both of you feel.
(09/16 02:55:56) Ruby O'Degee: I have been polite
(09/16 02:56:04) Sam Byard: I'm prepared to stop this corps
(09/16 02:56:06) [Relayer]DMom_2000: But now the meeting has stopped
(09/16 02:56:10) Sam Byard: if you could continue
(09/16 02:56:13) Relayer Corps: you are comtinuing an argument. Both of you are.

(09/16 02:56:24) Relayer Corps: ireen has the floor
(09/16 02:56:50) ireenquench: My approach is currently the following: How can the explorer be in the loop?
(09/16 02:57:04) ireenquench: explorers want different things
(09/16 02:57:19) ireenquench: some want raw info some processed
(09/16 02:57:28) [Moderator] Lfus: (If you have a question for ireenquench, please PM Moirajane with the word question... Thank you)
(09/16 02:57:44) ireenquench: some want it in the cavern others elsewhere
(09/16 02:58:14) ireenquench: how can different types of formats be dvelopped that accomodate different types of explorers
(09/16 02:58:29) ireenquench: first of all, much more has to be available in the cavern
(09/16 02:58:54) ireenquench: many explorers come here and want to catch up
(09/16 02:59:01) Relayer Corps nods her head
(09/16 02:59:02) ireenquench: relaying is good
(09/16 02:59:07) ireenquench: but we need more
(09/16 02:59:11) Relayer Corps: But limited
(09/16 02:59:31) ireenquench: we need for people who link down a little later to be able to catch up
(09/16 02:59:59) ireenquench: without them having to know all the folks that are in the loop, just nay explorer even the quietest one
(09/16 03:00:10) [Relayer]DMom_2000 nods her head
(09/16 03:00:13) ireenquench: needs to know where to go to get his news
(09/16 03:00:22) Finn Dove nods his head
(09/16 03:00:44) ireenquench: aside from surface formats, i think the cavern formats need most work currently
(09/16 03:00:54) Relayer Corps nods her head
(09/16 03:00:55) ireenquench: unfprtunately the KI is limited
(09/16 03:01:14) ireenquench: but it works allright for now
(09/16 03:01:27) ireenquench: imagers work too, mostly
(09/16 03:02:07) ireenquench: I dont want to make this any longer now... but I belive a key is to get together in grops and develop those cavern formats
(09/16 03:02:37) ireenquench: on organizing and structure
(09/16 03:03:03) ireenquench: I am not good at thinking up big plans
(09/16 03:03:12) ireenquench: I cant see that far ahead
(09/16 03:03:19) Relayer Corps: Lol
(09/16 03:03:22) [Relayer]DMom_2000 claps her hands
(09/16 03:03:29) Anthony: I agree that that end needs the most work
(09/16 03:03:41) Anthony: Its a tough area to get right
(09/16 03:03:41) ireenquench: and i think its currently not even necessary to come up with these meta structures
(09/16 03:03:52) [Relayer]DMom_2000 nods her head
(09/16 03:04:04) ireenquench: I think structures can evolve aroud the formats for now
(09/16 03:04:26) From Relayer Corps: let us know when you are finished please
(09/16 03:04:54) ireenquench: formats work certain ways, becuase of technicalities , the needs of the consumers, and the abilities and ideas of the messanging folks
(09/16 03:05:24) ireenquench: these formats shout be the base of which structures evolve for now... let the people develop them
(09/16 03:05:55) ireenquench: so I think the next step would be to have a brainstorm about formats
(09/16 03:06:10) ireenquench: both from the messengers and the consumers perspective
(09/16 03:06:23) Relayer Corps nods her head
(09/16 03:06:28) [Relayer]DMom_2000 nods her head
(09/16 03:06:34) ireenquench: and then start working on them, even if some things may be an experiment
(09/16 03:06:42) ireenquench: and it will go from there
(09/16 03:06:45) ireenquench: done
(09/16 03:06:49) [Moderator] Lfus: Sam Byard your question please...
(09/16 03:06:53) Sam Byard: I was wondering if your idea of having a means of new explorers seeing where to get the info would be by goign to the guild of messengers, and then having a list of links to the "official" members. This could not just be encorporated into my plan but many plans. Do you see this working ? also, I think meta structure is needed to show the need for the council. (but thats not a question :) )
(09/16 03:06:54) [Relayer]DMom_2000 claps her hands
(09/16 03:07:44) ireenquench: yes... links would be good as well... but I dont want them to have to go to a website
(09/16 03:08:04) Sam Byard: hood imager or KI to all explorers could work...
(09/16 03:08:14) Sam Byard: i didn't specify website ;)
(09/16 03:08:31) ireenquench: yes... just a place for news
(09/16 03:08:49) Relayer Corps: thend? Your up!
(09/16 03:08:57) Thend: Okay...
(09/16 03:09:01) ireenquench: it could also have live people in there , who pass on ki mail, answer news related questions, point to other news sorces
(09/16 03:09:11) ireenquench: next
(09/16 03:09:22) [Moderator] Lfus: no more questions ireen
(09/16 03:09:32) ireenquench wipes her forehead
(09/16 03:09:37) Sam Byard: of course, :) maybe somewhere saying though that the highest quality reporting would come from the websites of the members tho :)
(09/16 03:09:43) [Moderator]moirajane: lol
(09/16 03:09:54) Relayer Corps: thend?
(09/16 03:09:55) Thend: I think many of the services avaialbe through organizations here could have a Cavern equivalent...
(09/16 03:10:03) Sam Byard: just something alluding to the fact that there is more content avaliable outside of the cavern too
(09/16 03:10:12) Relayer Corps: sam, It's Thends turn
(09/16 03:10:26) Sam Byard: sorry :)
(09/16 03:10:34) [Moderator] Lfus: (If you have a question for Thend, please PM Moirajane with the word question... thanks)
(09/16 03:10:36) Sam Byard: trying to sneak that in but he talked :)
(09/16 03:11:00) Thend: The whole point of what is done on web is certered around the Cavern anyway, and as ireen said, many, many folks just come down here to be filled in, not to just be pointed back to where they came from, a weblink...
(09/16 03:11:28) Relayer Corps: Lol
(09/16 03:12:36) Thend: I can see podcasts, radio stuff, newsletters, interviews, etc, being produced down here as a show, events, drawing more people in. Much of the services are 'preaching to the converted', we need new explorers in the Cavern, and when they get here, to find info and that it's an interesting place....
(09/16 03:13:16) Thend: At best, folks will like these In-Cavern shows' content and check out the larger amount of stuff in their leisure on the Surface
(09/16 03:13:36) Thend: I wanna mention some stuff from my own experience...
(09/16 03:14:35) Thend: KI Chain, started on the fly, filled a need las t episode, was not complicated, had to be over=talked - just got ireen in the loop and did the thing, and folks, from what I hear, responded favorably...
(09/16 03:14:59) Thend: See a need, fill it...
(09/16 03:15:00) Relayer Corps nods her head
(09/16 03:15:28) Thend: Another thing. It wasn't ONLY to keep explorers in the loop down here, but to empower each and every one...
(09/16 03:15:53) [Relayer]DMom_2000 nods her head
(09/16 03:15:55) jumpingjackflash claps for KI toons
(09/16 03:16:10) Thend: I've heard alotta talk about how 'regular' explorers are just that, somehow seperate from the 'organization'...
(09/16 03:16:21) [Relayer]DMom_2000 thinks we need a way to get KI toons on KI mail
(09/16 03:16:27) Relayer Corps nods her head
(09/16 03:16:45) Thend: Thing is, I think that those same explorers have the same views as the organizations sometimes do of them, too...
(09/16 03:17:31) Thend: With KI Cahain, EVERy expolorer participated, who wished to. To my mind, and I say officially under the Explorers Appreciation Society (EASY, aka Slipcrackers...
(09/16 03:18:10) Thend: That they are NOW and 'organization' as well, and thus deserve equal representation, if one chooses to look at explorers as seperate in any way...
(09/16 03:18:46) Relayer Corps nods her head
(09/16 03:19:09) Thend: This hierchy thing - the DRC will impose that. We need, as ireen said again, to see how we can SERVE the Cavern,IN-Cavern. Nothing more...
(09/16 03:19:20) [Relayer] Kerryth claps her hands
(09/16 03:19:24) [Relayer]DMom_2000 claps her hands
(09/16 03:19:31) Relayer Corps claps her hands
(09/16 03:19:55) [Moderator]moirajane: (If you have a question or comment for Thend, please PM me with the word "Qeustion")
(09/16 03:20:00) Thend: Popularity, and one thing becoming the norm over another? Hah. I started out with nothing there way back, but my method hasn't chanegd at all...
(09/16 03:20:43) Thend: I saw stuff that I wanted to see, and talked to enough folks In-Cavern and saw that it might be something THEY wanted to see as well, and so just did it...
(09/16 03:21:09) Thend: You can't forcefeed anything here. It's a mistake to think otherwise...
(09/16 03:21:15) Relayer Corps nods her head
(09/16 03:21:47) Thend: People gravitate to what they wish, that's choice, free-market, Non-monopoly...
(09/16 03:22:37) Thend: This is not to say that you don't need to put in a lot of effort to get things done, like a newsboy on a street corner yelling 'EXTREE EXTREE!'
(09/16 03:23:05) Thend: But if it's not something folks want, then you can't become a nuisance either...
(09/16 03:24:39) Thend: That's about it. Everything I've experienced has gone this way, for the most part. See what is missing, fill it, if it's as needed as you think, it'll be picked up...
(09/16 03:24:56) [Moderator]moirajane: Sam has the first question
(09/16 03:25:11) Thend: Just bring it back to the Cavern. I'm all talked out now lol Next?
(09/16 03:25:16) Sam Byard: for reliable and sustainable in-cavern news cyan would have to implement a quick dilevery system so a chain or other sorts could be activated queickly withought too much effort (otherwise losing sustainability) what sort of implimentations do you see working on a quick timescale ?
(09/16 03:25:25) Sam Byard: that is what I call short too
(09/16 03:26:10) Sam Byard: i refer to sustainability as the process in which explorers running the system dont have to put so much effort in that its unfeasible and not sustainable
(09/16 03:26:17) Thend: Sam, what news do you refer to? KI Chain was a test-run, but at best, it was updated in real-time, by me or ireen
(09/16 03:26:47) Sam Byard: maybe videos in cavern or a quick KI messege dispersal system
(09/16 03:27:38) [Moderator]moirajane: Anthony has the next question
(09/16 03:27:41) Anthony: How would you deal with things like production level of TCT or the Archiver? The production quality of the both TCT and the Archiver rely on some specialised tools that would not translate in to the cavern very well so what would you do there?
(09/16 03:27:57) Thend: I, and any organization out there, can NOT do it without EVERYone in the Cavern watching their back and being empowered
(09/16 03:28:43) Thend: (mistyped Sam' response-) Nothing is quicker than the explorers themselves with something they like and wish to promote
(09/16 03:28:55) Thend: Anthony...
(09/16 03:29:36) [Moderator]moirajane: DMom you are up
(09/16 03:29:39) [Relayer]DMom_2000: do you think your KI Chain this episode helped empower a lot of explorers? They got it from someone and it was something they could do for others by passing it on....they in turn empowered others don't you think?
(09/16 03:29:43) [Moderator]moirajane: sorry
(09/16 03:30:35) Thend: I'd say news blips, text and/or shows that are held in the Cavern, recitations, etc. KI Chain, and especially any Imager-based KI Chain, by necessity, have to be pared down to the bare bones. Do the same, get the most important, succinct, content together, broadcast that one way or anotheer directly down here
(09/16 03:30:36) [Moderator]moirajane: I am sorry Thend
(09/16 03:31:25) Thend: If folks wanna follow it up on the web, well, they are now informed, and have the choice to ask around In-Cavern, AND go to the sites
(09/16 03:33:05) Thend: Dudemom, I watched carefully the KI Chain progression from a lot of perspectives, knowing the discussions that go on here, and for my own research and In-Cavern focus. Yes, I think it empowered many, I got many, many positive responses and thanks. I could have even done more, and will next Busy Week, but the test-run was a success
(09/16 03:33:48) Relayer Corps: Linville, your up.
(09/16 03:33:55) [Relayer]DMom_2000: Do you think your KI Chain this episode helped eI sent out that KI Chain and got many positive responses and even though I didnt originate it, I felt good about doing it
(09/16 03:33:55) Linville: I tend to agree with Ruby's, Thend's and Ireen's views. I think we need to step back and remember we are talking MESSENGERS, not controllers of information....
(09/16 03:34:08) Relayer Corps: sorry, Looks like I jumped the gun
(09/16 03:34:28) Relayer Corps: Maybe not.
(09/16 03:34:32) [Relayer]DMom_2000: Sorry didnt delete all the previous....
(09/16 03:34:38) Relayer Corps: Lol
(09/16 03:34:47) [Relayer]DMom_2000: Just commenting about how the KI Chain worked well...ok I am done..
(09/16 03:34:53) Relayer Corps: Ok
(09/16 03:35:12) jumpingjackflash: news letter vs newspaper
(09/16 03:35:12) Relayer Corps: linville, do you have anything more to add to your statwement?
(09/16 03:35:28) Linville: The GoM by it name in the scantioned "new source."
(09/16 03:36:00) Linville: Independents should be viewed as resources.
(09/16 03:36:22) [Moderator]moirajane: (If you have a question or comment for Linville please pm me with the word "question")
(09/16 03:36:34) Thend: Personally, if I don't see something getting done that benefits explorers and the Cavern, especially In-Cavern, I will do it regardless of any Guild, etc
(09/16 03:37:30) Thend: But if the Guilds move in that direction, involving everyone, keeping everyone in the loop, bringing people in and interest up - then cool all around :)
(09/16 03:37:35) Linville: The vehicles of compling, collecting and distributing info will be a big task alone without trying to control other sources.
(09/16 03:37:39) Thend: Next
(09/16 03:37:58) Thend: How so Linville?
(09/16 03:38:47) Linville: How so to what?
(09/16 03:39:04) Thend: The control other resources thing
(09/16 03:39:44) Abathyr is confused
(09/16 03:39:44) Linville: Oh, I don't agree with controlling other sources.
(09/16 03:39:50) Thend: (Oh shoot, I was taking that as a question, missed a block of chat - sorry, sorry!)
(09/16 03:40:05) Anthony: lol
(09/16 03:40:47) Linville: How we do this is what this group is for. it's a beginning step.
(09/16 03:40:52) Linville: Next
(09/16 03:41:10) [Moderator]moirajane: are there any more comments for Linville?
(09/16 03:41:21) [Moderator]moirajane: Next speaker then

(09/16 03:41:40) Relayer Corps: krYaXx
(09/16 03:41:43) Relayer Corps: Your up
(09/16 03:41:49) Veralun: I like to see a GOM inwhere as much as possible talents in the Cavern have the oppertunity to work in the Gom.That starts already with the start. Now the start is with a small group coming from organisations. I think that was a wrong start because you will miss a lot of good and qualified ppl to form a Guild. Better was to call those ppl who are interested in founding a GOM and not inviting organisations. So I like to see a start with all possible interested ppl. Voting etc should........
(09/16 03:41:58) Veralun: oops sorry
(09/16 03:42:04) Relayer Corps: Lol
(09/16 03:42:06) Veralun: to early
(09/16 03:42:09) Sam Byard: i feel your pain in that one Veralun
(09/16 03:42:16) [Moderator]moirajane: ooh me too
(09/16 03:42:50) Whilyam: I'll have to pass voicing my idea here as it's late. Goodnight, all.
(09/16 03:42:54) Relayer Corps: krYaXx, your up
(09/16 03:43:04) Relayer Corps: sorry, they left
(09/16 03:43:11) [Moderator]moirajane: I think he is gone
(09/16 03:43:13) Relayer Corps: whilyam
(09/16 03:43:17) Relayer Corps: Your up
(09/16 03:43:27) [Relayer]DMom_2000: he is gone
(09/16 03:43:36) Sam Byard: whily passed
(09/16 03:43:46) Whilyam: My turn
(09/16 03:43:50) [Moderator]moirajane: i told him to come back1
(09/16 03:43:50) Whilyam: ?
(09/16 03:43:51) jumpingjackflash: lol
(09/16 03:43:52) [Relayer]DMom_2000: oh he is back!
(09/16 03:43:58) [Relayer]DMom_2000: thought you left Whily!
(09/16 03:44:02) [Relayer]DMom_2000: wb!
(09/16 03:44:03) [Relayer]DMom_2000: lol
(09/16 03:44:04) [Moderator]moirajane: Yes your turn to speak
(09/16 03:44:07) Veralun: sorry ppl I have to go
(09/16 03:44:10) Relayer Corps: whilyam, what is your idea for the GOM?
(09/16 03:44:15) Whilyam: Alright...
(09/16 03:44:23) Relayer Corps: we'll see you later Veralun.
(09/16 03:44:24) Veralun: I waited long enough, but I need some sleep
(09/16 03:44:24) [Relayer]DMom_2000: night Veralun, thanks for coming
(09/16 03:44:26) Relayer Corps: thanks for coming
(09/16 03:44:42) Relayer Corps: sorry Veralun
(09/16 03:44:47) Veralun: forget my opinion
(09/16 03:44:47) Whilyam: Keep in mind this is from someone who neither belongs to the messengers nor the member orgs.
(09/16 03:45:26) Whilyam: When I first weighed in on this pre-guild, I believed that reps from each group forming essential rules they had learned over the years would be best.
(09/16 03:45:49) Whilyam: However, I saw a remarkable thing in the Writers preguild that I think could help here.
(09/16 03:46:23) Whilyam: It would be painful, but it would also forge a tigher community and give this pre-guild a more powerful voice.
(09/16 03:46:50) Whilyam: Quite simply, I saw that the various age-building orgs were going to freely and without discussion, dissolve.
(09/16 03:47:15) Whilyam: To destroy all bonds they had to their old organizations and become the one Guild of Writers.
(09/16 03:47:21) Relayer Corps cringes
(09/16 03:47:24) Relayer Corps: Lol
(09/16 03:47:48) Whilyam: Obviously this isn't as simple for the messengers.
(09/16 03:48:34) Whilyam: However, if it could be done many issues of finding info would be gone.
(09/16 03:48:39) [Relayer]DMom_2000: (please pm [Relayer]DMom_2000 with your word question to get on the list)
(09/16 03:49:10) Whilyam: No thousand and one forums to find info at for one.
(09/16 03:50:02) Whilyam: It would also unite those who supported the guild in a single group that had as many opinions in it as it could. Open to all with no reps, liaisons, or organizations.
(09/16 03:50:48) Whilyam: That is all.
(09/16 03:50:54) [Relayer]DMom_2000: Sam you are up
(09/16 03:50:54) Whilyam: And now I really do have to go...
(09/16 03:51:07) Thend says hey
(09/16 03:51:10) Relayer Corps: Do you have time for questions Whilyam?
(09/16 03:51:16) Sam Byard: I'd like to use as a point of reference that hte age building community comes from alcugs where they were all as one body, they then split of to form seperate organisations however each organisation contained mostly the same membership as the original one. Taking that into account WHY do you push on the guild of messengers organisations destroying everything they have worked so hard to build, licenses, legal permission EVERYTHING !
(09/16 03:51:25) Sam Byard: 5 lines !!
(09/16 03:51:55) Sam Byard cringes
(09/16 03:51:57) Whilyam: Sam, whatever it may be ... Watson told me you're wrong... you're destroying the spirit of Uru... evil evil evil... that sums it up. (kidding... :P)
(09/16 03:51:57) Relayer Corps: sam, he is not pushing
(09/16 03:52:02) Relayer Corps: he is explaining his ideas
(09/16 03:52:24) Whilyam: I agree it's not the most efficient Sam
(09/16 03:52:33) Whilyam: But I don't think we should look for efficient.
(09/16 03:52:39) jumpingjackflash offers sam some chamomile tea
(09/16 03:52:39) Sam Byard: I use pushing as a term because its not the first time whily said it thats all, there is no enforcing involved
(09/16 03:53:04) Relayer Corps: Et tu Sam
(09/16 03:53:06) Whilyam: I think we should look to what would include new people the best... and this is what I came up with..
(09/16 03:53:14) Whilyam bows
(09/16 03:53:19) Whilyam: Time to go.
(09/16 03:53:22) Relayer Corps: any other questions?
(09/16 03:53:23) [Relayer]DMom_2000: thank you Whily nicely said.
(09/16 03:53:23) Sam Byard: bye
(09/16 03:53:29) Relayer Corps: bye Whilyam
(09/16 03:53:30) Anthony: bye Whil
(09/16 03:53:32) Whilyam snaps his fingers and bursts into flames
(09/16 03:53:35) [Relayer]DMom_2000: night Whily
(09/16 03:53:39) Relayer Corps: asobe, your next.
(09/16 03:53:42) Asobe: I dont have as much as i would like to spend i have a stuctural sugestion. a job list.... Field eye , listener, relayer ,guild joint.a field eye would report when they see to their desgnated listener, is something any mes can do which would give you many eyes. for the more dedicated the lister listens to the field eyes and filters the news to give to relayers for broadcast...And guild joints to keep info flowin between guilds. space limited i have more thoughts-;realtime simple fast
(09/16 03:54:03) Anthony: lol
(09/16 03:54:19) Relayer Corps: Lol
(09/16 03:54:26) [Relayer]DMom_2000: (pls pm me with the word question)
(09/16 03:54:31) Sam Byard: concise and to the point
(09/16 03:54:46) Relayer Corps: Nice. Any questions?
(09/16 03:54:51) Asobe: You could even have levels of eyes
(09/16 03:55:04) Asobe: like casual eyes and trusted eyes
(09/16 03:55:39) Asobe: trusteds get through the listeners faster
(09/16 03:56:16) Relayer Corps: any questions?
(09/16 03:56:26) Relayer Corps: jumpingjack, your next
(09/16 03:56:53) Anthony: not here?
(09/16 03:56:59) Relayer Corps: Sorry
(09/16 03:57:02) Relayer Corps: Petfam
(09/16 03:57:15) Relayer Corps: Your up
(09/16 03:58:00) Relayer Corps: please let me know if you are typing.
(09/16 03:58:06) Relayer Corps: Lol
(09/16 03:58:12) Sam Byard: I'm typing but its not to you :)
(09/16 03:58:17) Relayer Corps: Rotfl
(09/16 03:58:21) Relayer Corps: i meant petfam
(09/16 03:58:28) Anthony: lol
(09/16 03:58:29) Sam Byard: all i can say to that
(09/16 03:58:29) Thend starts to laugh
(09/16 03:58:33) Sam Byard: O'RLY
(09/16 03:58:49) Anthony: good to let things lighten up a bit
(09/16 03:58:54) Relayer Corps: anthony. Your up
(09/16 03:58:58) Anthony: ok
(09/16 03:59:49) Anthony: Alright every one you know me pretty well I've been working on this stuff for a while and before that and now TCT
(09/16 04:00:07) Anthony: My plan is from the rep one
(09/16 04:00:43) Anthony: I'm going to give a general idea but paint in a few of the detail so that you have a clearer view
(09/16 04:00:47) [Relayer]DMom_2000: (pls pm me with the word question if you want to ask a question)
(09/16 04:00:56) Anthony: OK
(09/16 04:01:04) [Relayer]DMom_2000: not you anthony you are up
(09/16 04:01:05) [Relayer]DMom_2000: lol
(09/16 04:01:14) Anthony: I know lol
(09/16 04:01:27) Relayer Corps: Brb
(09/16 04:01:47) Relayer Corps: (Finn Dove is up after the questions for Anthony)
(09/16 04:01:59) Anthony: The system would have a administerative council I stress administerative not any real power
(09/16 04:02:24) Anthony: handles day to day stuff to keep it running
(09/16 04:03:04) Relayer Corps: Back
(09/16 04:03:24) Anthony: groups would get to pick an equal number of reps so that there is equallity in the guild I do not wish to see any body
09/16 04:03:58) Anthony: trying to get more power just because there group has more members that would be a disaster in the end
(09/16 04:04:08) Anthony: now as for the indies
(09/16 04:04:18) Anthony: and nongroupers
(09/16 04:04:50) Anthony: they would still get there ablity to be in the guild
(09/16 04:05:11) Anthony: I propose a system where they are in a way treated as a group
(09/16 04:05:26) Anthony: they get to have a rep and put it on the council too
(09/16 04:06:18) Anthony: now you might say how can this work they are indy and don't want to be grouped or the rep will be unfair as there will be so many
(09/16 04:07:15) Anthony: but they will not be forced to be a group only to have a rep they can freely keep going on there independant ways
(09/16 04:08:13) Anthony: and we can add reps for them or devide them up based on there focus and have a rep for each focus.
(09/16 04:09:20) Anthony: the guild could also have direct reporters to get the news if it wish
(09/16 04:10:13) Anthony: The point of this all is I desire a system that will encourage diversity in the cavern one that says hey you want to do that we can help you get there
(09/16 04:11:23) Anthony: not hey we are the guild and the beginning and ending of news or we wish to keep you out so we can maintain our control
(09/16 04:12:17) Anthony: the plan of the council system is to avoid such thing it keeps power diffuse and equal so that noone can try and collect it up
(09/16 04:13:16) Anthony: its a system to be inclusive the guild has nochoice if someone or a group joins if they are doing info
(09/16 04:14:40) Anthony: Its a system that tries to take the best the cavern has to offer and collect and put together in a way to helps the community rather then the silos the info is in now
(09/16 04:14:57) Anthony: its there to try and do the best for the community
(09/16 04:15:03) Anthony: ok I'm done
(09/16 04:15:09) Relayer Corps: any questions?
(09/16 04:15:18) [Moderator]moirajane: no
(09/16 04:15:20) Relayer Corps: finn Dove? Your up.
(09/16 04:15:23) Finn Dove: speaking as someone without any ties to any existing news organizations, as just an average explorer who wants to help - I would like to see the guild pull together all the disparate news sources and make them easily accessible to the explorers, and I would like to see especially an in-cavern newstand, or primitive equivelent (Kichain) until such a newstand could be made to exist. I don't need a guild to accumulate the news and offer a central dissemination point.
(09/16 04:15:52) Finn Dove: THere's a lot of amazing work being done out there now and I would not want the guild to discourage or interfere with any of it.
(09/16 04:15:54) Relayer Corps: Any questions?
(09/16 04:16:16) [Moderator]moirajane: no
(09/16 04:16:17) Relayer Corps: Tyion. You finally get your turn.
(09/16 04:16:20) Finn Dove: I'd hope the guild would act more like a registry for all of that, and focus on in-cavern news which is the piece missing.
(09/16 04:16:37) Relayer Corps: Sorry Finn. I thought you were done
(09/16 04:16:46) Finn Dove: :-) ok, now I am.
(09/16 04:16:58) Relayer Corps: lol ok. Tyion, now it's your turn
(09/16 04:17:19) Relayer Corps: Tyion? You awake?
(09/16 04:17:33) Relayer Corps: Do the moderators what to put their 2 cents worth in?
(09/16 04:17:54) [Moderator]moirajane: no
(09/16 04:17:56) Relayer Corps: lol
(09/16 04:17:59) [Moderator]moirajane: lol
(09/16 04:18:09) Relayer Corps: I want to thank everyone for coming and giving their input
(09/16 04:18:17) Sam Byard: its been a long one :)
(09/16 04:18:18) Relayer Corps: This will give us all a lot to think about.
(09/16 04:18:23) [Relayer]DMom_2000 nods her head
(09/16 04:18:26) [Moderator]moirajane cheers
(09/16 04:18:33) ireenquench yawns
(09/16 04:18:36) Thend: Can I mention one last thing?
(09/16 04:18:36) [Relayer] Kerryth claps her hands
(09/16 04:18:42) Relayer Corps: Hopefully, this meeting will help bring us all together.
(09/16 04:18:54) Sam Byard: i've got a full log, anyone else planing on posting so i dont have to stay up another 3 hours editing
(09/16 04:19:08) Relayer Corps: Thank you all for coming and I thank those that were able to stay for the whole meeting.
(09/16 04:19:11) [Moderator]moirajane: thanks everyone for being such a great group
(09/16 04:19:20) Relayer Corps nods her head
(09/16 04:19:41) Relayer Corps: Does anyone have any final comments to make?
(09/16 04:19:42) Sam Byard: everyone want me to edit this ?
(09/16 04:19:51) Sam Byard: and post it up on MOUL guild forums
(09/16 04:19:57) Relayer Corps: not necessarily
(09/16 04:19:59) ireenquench: Relayer Corps, you posting the log ?
(09/16 04:20:11) Relayer Corps: I will post it Ireen
(09/16 04:20:15) Sam Byard: phew
(09/16 04:20:17) Sam Byard: relief
(09/16 04:20:19) Relayer Corps: as soon as we are done
(09/16 04:20:20) Anthony: lol
(09/16 04:20:25) Sam Byard: can you leave the whole thing in please...
(09/16 04:20:31) Sam Byard: just take out hood and PM ?
(09/16 04:20:38) [Moderator]moirajane: We told several who asked it would be on
(09/16 04:20:39) ireenquench: could you edit out Ahvrees name ? she feels strongly about this
(09/16 04:20:43) Relayer Corps: I will only edit the relayer chatter
(09/16 04:20:51) Relayer Corps: I will
(09/16 04:20:52) Thend: I just wanted to echo Lord Chaos' thing about a central website, all links to all oiur web things in little banner ads on homepage. In-Cavern productions tagged at end with the address. I tjhink anything we do int Caver, first, will only help folks know there's also our stuff out there oin the web, more than they do now, and they might check it out - so it helps all areas, that's it :)
(09/16 04:20:56) ireenquench: ty
(09/16 04:21:00) Relayer Corps: I will try to catch it all for her
(09/16 04:21:00) Sam Byard: ireen she posts that on forums...
(09/16 04:21:17) Sam Byard: but w/e
(09/16 04:21:24) Thend: And I wanna thanks the Relayers and everyone for being so cool tonight, and thanks fro the interesting discussions :)
(09/16 04:21:35) ireenquench: no her real real name, ahvree or ruby is fine as I understand
(09/16 04:21:47) Sam Byard: i'm talking about her real name...
(09/16 04:21:54) Relayer Corps: I'm glad we had such a great turn ouyt
(09/16 04:21:57) Thend nods his head
(09/16 04:21:58) ireenquench: sam no, that is private
(09/16 04:22:03) Anthony: I still find that weird she used it at TCT
(09/16 04:22:21) Relayer Corps: Doesn't matter. I will respect her wishes
(09/16 04:22:21) Thend: Very productive, IMO
(09/16 04:22:26) ireenquench: that was back when under different circumstances
(09/16 04:22:26) [Relayer]DMom_2000: well, who wants to go to Karaoke night?
(09/16 04:22:32) Anthony: but oh well I will be more careful in the future
(09/16 04:22:33) Thend: (This meting)
(09/16 04:22:41) Relayer Corps: Thanks again everyone. I';m going to post the log now.
(09/16 04:22:52) Sam Byard: great
(09/16 04:22:52) [Moderator]moirajane: I do mom :)
(09/16 04:22:56) [Moderator]moirajane: lol
(09/16 04:23:04) [Moderator]moirajane: bye all
(09/16 04:23:05) [Relayer]DMom_2000: I am going to change into my main avie for that see you there
(09/16 04:23:07) [Relayer] Kerryth: And I will say good night.
(09/16 04:23:09) [Relayer]DMom_2000: night all!
(09/16 04:23:13) [Relayer] Kerryth waves goodbye
(09/16 04:23:15) Thend waves goodbye
(09/16 04:23:15) ireenquench: night all
(09/16 04:23:23) Sam Byard: my god... that was the most URUy day I ever had
(09/16 04:23:24) ireenquench: I am sooo tired
(09/16 04:23:25) Linville: Good Night!
(09/16 04:23:31) Sam Byard: myst tree meetup then a 4 hour meeting
(09/16 04:23:37) ireenquench waves hello
(09/16 04:23:43) ireenquench: um
(09/16 04:23:45) ireenquench: i mean
(09/16 04:23:45) Sam Byard waves goodbye
(09/16 04:23:48) ireenquench waves goodbye

2008, April 6th Chatlog

(04/06 09:35:48) Chat.log started...
(04/06 09:35:56) blu 'nana: oops, forgot, in my changing mood to start log..
(04/06 09:36:05) Thend: Alderem, the LAST CALL thread tonight
(04/06 09:36:07) (Crier)_Nanouk: sorry for turning my back, but is is easier to see chat lines
(04/06 09:36:10) Thend: Big list of names
(04/06 09:36:20) Thend: Still only a fraction though
(04/06 09:36:31) Blade Lakem: Uru crashed on Alderem
(04/06 09:36:42) From Shimmerillion: thanks
(04/06 09:36:46) To Shimmerillion: np
(04/06 09:36:47) Altydwarber: great LC mentioned it already
(04/06 09:36:47) Thend: Does anyon think anyone would mind if I branched out, scoured for and posted, like, everyone's names in those worlds?
(04/06 09:37:00) Shimmerillion: i think that's a great idea, actually, thend
(04/06 09:37:21) (Crier)_Nanouk: yep
(04/06 09:37:30) Thend: I know, I just didn't wanna put folks' names on the web who didn't ask for it
(04/06 09:37:30) Blade Lakem: Sounds good, assuming people would want to be listed. Or do you mean people who have mentioned it?
(04/06 09:37:31) blu 'nana: i think everyone wants that ;)
(04/06 09:37:38) Shimmerillion: might be good to get permission, though
(04/06 09:37:48) Shimmerillion: i think most would give it
(04/06 09:37:51) Blade Lakem nods his head
(04/06 09:38:06) Thend: The ones who mentioned are already there, it's the others I'm wondering about. Thought maybe do it with a disclaimer, like, if you want you name taken of, etc, etc
(04/06 09:38:15) blu 'nana: was it not in the original post? it's out in the forum
(04/06 09:38:36) Thend: Yes, but there are so many more who didn't post on Who's Who
(04/06 09:38:45) blu 'nana: true
(04/06 09:38:51) Blade Lakem: I think all you can do is ping people and ask them
(04/06 09:39:10) Thend: Like I said though, experience is best, and the lists are a great start, more than enough to get going once there
(04/06 09:39:25) Thend: Yeah, maybe, lotta pings though Blade lol
(04/06 09:39:30) Blade Lakem shrugs
(04/06 09:39:39) blu 'nana: maybe another form? :)
(04/06 09:39:40) Thend: I'll sniff around lol
(04/06 09:39:49) Blade Lakem: I think tha there is no easy way to keep peopel connected. It's gonna take a lot of work in all mediums
(04/06 09:40:06) Thend: Well, in-game, SL, there's a list that will be passed out when one gets there, so that takes care of that
(04/06 09:40:06) _Narym_: This is true
(04/06 09:40:10) Shimmerillion: yeah, we could do another form if need be, but it seems like if we already have all the names ... why recollect them
(04/06 09:40:25) blu 'nana: we can list the cotacts/groups in the worlds
(04/06 09:40:41) Thend: I think other online worlds with Uruites just need to form a hub. There is close to that too
(04/06 09:40:47) Blade Lakem: brb
(04/06 09:40:49) Shimmerillion: if there is a main contact for each world, maybe we could ask that person to collect permission from everyone
(04/06 09:40:54) Thend: And GW has Guilds ad an Alliance
(04/06 09:41:01) Altydwarber: I think the best way is to tell them to keep an eye on the forum and for therest I think we have to have patience, who knows what the future brings:)
(04/06 09:41:05) Shimmerillion: hi kerryth
(04/06 09:41:09) [Relayer] Kerryth: Shorah! I'm sorry to be late.
(04/06 09:41:10) _Narym_: shorah Kerryth
(04/06 09:41:13) Thend: Hello Kerryth
(04/06 09:41:14) Shimmerillion: sok
(04/06 09:41:14) _Narym_: nah, that's cool
(04/06 09:41:17) blu 'nana: hi kerryth
(04/06 09:41:19) Altydwarber: shorah kerryth
(04/06 09:41:24) [Relayer] Kerryth: Just got home.
(04/06 09:41:31) _Narym_: Marten/Alderem will be back with us in just a mo
(04/06 09:41:36) _Narym_: speak of the devil... :P
(04/06 09:41:37) blu 'nana: welcome home ;)
(04/06 09:41:45) Altydwarber: wb
(04/06 09:41:45) Shimmerillion: wb
(04/06 09:41:47) [Relayer] Kerryth: ;)
(04/06 09:41:48) Alderem: That was interestnig. Thanks.
(04/06 09:41:51) Thend: Understood Alty, though the situation has changed a bit from past incarnations
(04/06 09:42:16) Blade Lakem: back
(04/06 09:42:23) Thend: Wb Blade
(04/06 09:42:31) Altydwarber: wb blade
(04/06 09:43:11) _Narym_: Shorah Ti'chelle
(04/06 09:43:16) Thend: Hello Ti
(04/06 09:43:21) [Relayer] Kerryth: Hi, Ti
(04/06 09:43:22) blu 'nana: hi Ti'chelle
(04/06 09:43:25) Ti'chelle: Shorah everyone,
(04/06 09:43:25) Blade Lakem: We're gonna start a chat Channel on City of Heroes for Uru people...
(04/06 09:43:27) Alderem: Shorah, Ti'chelle!
(04/06 09:43:35) Thend: That's very good Blade
(04/06 09:43:35) Blade Lakem: Shorah Ti'Chelle
(04/06 09:43:46) Alderem noticed CoH/CoV is only $20 now
(04/06 09:43:47) Altydwarber: shorah ti'chelle
(04/06 09:44:03) Blade Lakem: It's a fun game if you like action and/or superheroes
(04/06 09:44:14) Ti'chelle: Do you mind if I join in? A little late in the game.
(04/06 09:44:19) Thend: I can see that Blade
(04/06 09:44:22) Blade Lakem: we haven't really started yet
(04/06 09:44:25) _Narym_: lol
(04/06 09:44:31) Thend thinks 'So many worlds, so little time'
(04/06 09:44:41) Altydwarber: oh yes indeed thend
(04/06 09:44:57) Blade Lakem: So, we ready to have a meeting?
(04/06 09:45:06) _Narym_: Yes, I think we are
(04/06 09:45:10) Blade Lakem cheers
(04/06 09:45:11) Shimmerillion: i would like to take a picture first if that's ok ...
(04/06 09:45:16) Thend nods his head
(04/06 09:45:17) Altydwarber: yeah
(04/06 09:45:26) Shimmerillion: we could gather around the bench and get everyone that way
(04/06 09:45:28) (Crier)_Nanouk: if only Gametap people could make up their mind
(04/06 09:45:43) Thend: Oh, a picture of US, right lol
(04/06 09:45:51) Shimmerillion: i have to sit down to take it lol
(04/06 09:45:52) Error: Don't know how to '/damce'
(04/06 09:45:55) _Narym_ does a dance
(04/06 09:46:01) Shimmerillion: thend, could you scoot in please?
(04/06 09:46:18) Thend: I think the Uru Community deserves more, in a lot of ways, that what they've been getting/offered
(04/06 09:46:19) Shimmerillion: Narym, scoot to the right
(04/06 09:46:33) Blade Lakem nods his head
(04/06 09:46:34) (Crier)_Nanouk: Narym go right a bit
(04/06 09:46:38) Shimmerillion: ok everyone say cheese!
(04/06 09:46:44) _Narym_ waves hello
(04/06 09:46:44) Alderem: Cheesy!
(04/06 09:46:45) [Relayer] Kerryth: cheese
(04/06 09:46:48) Thend: Squeeee!
(04/06 09:46:48) Altydwarber: kaas
(04/06 09:46:54) Ti'chelle: Just in case some of you are wondering, I have been on the fringe of the GoMe and wanted to stay in touch.
(04/06 09:46:57) _Narym_: chicken!
(04/06 09:46:57) Alderem: Brie!
(04/06 09:46:58) blu 'nana: tsiis
(04/06 09:47:02) Shimmerillion: got it!
(04/06 09:47:05) _Narym_: camembert!
(04/06 09:47:10) Shimmerillion: thanks
(04/06 09:47:11) [Relayer] Kerryth: Me too. I've not been to a meeting in months.
(04/06 09:47:12) Blade Lakem: You are very welcome here Ti'chelle :)
(04/06 09:47:19) Ti'chelle: Thanks!
(04/06 09:47:20) Alderem: That is good to hear Ti'chelle :) I think we all hope you keep in touch with us
(04/06 09:47:22) Thend tells Ti to just act like she belongs here, works for him lol
(04/06 09:47:33) BIG thumbs up from Blade Lakem
(04/06 09:47:39) Altydwarber: lol
(04/06 09:47:50) Ti'chelle: Acch, once a Relayer always a Relayer1
(04/06 09:47:56) Alderem: :D
(04/06 09:47:59) [Relayer] Kerryth: Aw, thank you. looks good.
(04/06 09:48:11) Thend is seeing yellow
(04/06 09:48:19) Alderem: Nice picture!
(04/06 09:48:22) Thend: Cool Shimmer, thx
(04/06 09:48:24) _Narym_: its everwhere!!! argh!!!
(04/06 09:48:24) blu 'nana: wow ty
(04/06 09:48:31) Ti'chelle: This Guild Hall is so beautiful,,,,we must get it back somehow.
(04/06 09:48:33) Thend: Lol
(04/06 09:48:34) Shimmerillion: did everyone get it?
(04/06 09:48:34) [Relayer] Kerryth: Gold. It's gold.
(04/06 09:48:37) Altydwarber: haven't got one
(04/06 09:48:37) Alderem agrees :)
(04/06 09:48:39) Blade Lakem: save that one out for the arhives, Shimmer :)
(04/06 09:48:40) [Relayer] Kerryth: Yes. Thank you.
(04/06 09:48:48) _Narym_: nice pick
(04/06 09:48:53) Blade Lakem: Yeah, and the Maintainers are pink ;)
(04/06 09:48:59) Ti'chelle: Yes, got it. Thank you!
(04/06 09:49:05) Thend: Blade now be nice
(04/06 09:49:07) _Narym_: lol but next time, everyone needs to wear yellow darnit!!!!!
(04/06 09:49:10) Thend snickers anyhow
(04/06 09:49:12) Blade Lakem laugh
(04/06 09:49:15) Blade Lakem laughs
(04/06 09:49:18) [Relayer] Kerryth: Didn't have time to change. :(
(04/06 09:49:24) _Narym_: especially you, Thend :P
(04/06 09:49:25) Altydwarber: lol had no time tochange
(04/06 09:49:30) Alderem: I prefer to think of the Maintainers' color being that of delicious grapefruit.
(04/06 09:49:31) Thend shrugs
(04/06 09:49:33) [Relayer] Kerryth cheers
(04/06 09:49:35) _Narym_: Yellow is the new black, dontcha know :P
(04/06 09:49:35) Ti'chelle: Thend is in his mourning clothes
(04/06 09:49:45) [Relayer] Kerryth: Grapefruit! Love it.
(04/06 09:49:46) _Narym_: ah, fair enough. my bad
(04/06 09:49:46) Thend: You're lucky I'm in black instead of red
(04/06 09:49:46) Altydwarber: shim can ou send me one too?
(04/06 09:49:49) Shimmerillion: yes, i got a printscreen as well as a KI pic
(04/06 09:50:05) [Relayer] Kerryth: Yes, why ARE you still in black, Thend?
(04/06 09:50:07) Shimmerillion: oops, sorry, alty, there you go
(04/06 09:50:09) Alderem: Black is mysterious.
(04/06 09:50:18) Blade Lakem: Thend IS the new black.
(04/06 09:50:22) Ti'chelle laughs
(04/06 09:50:23) _Narym_: :O
(04/06 09:50:23) [Relayer] Kerryth: lol
(04/06 09:50:24) Thend: What Ti said, started with a goth party, went on from there. Seemed appropriate
(04/06 09:50:28) Shimmerillion: lol blade
(04/06 09:50:30) Thend: Lol Blade
(04/06 09:50:42) Altydwarber: still no pic. here:(
(04/06 09:50:46) _Narym_: and that's a brilliant segue into the meeting.. :P
(04/06 09:50:56) Thend: Heh heh
(04/06 09:50:56) Blade Lakem: woo!
(04/06 09:51:21) Ti'chelle: Oh and Alty, LC's announcement let me know to come here instead of the hood! Godd idea.
(04/06 09:51:33) Altydwarber: thanks
(04/06 09:51:35) Thumbs up from Blade Lakem
(04/06 09:51:35) To Alderem: Are you gonna chair?
(04/06 09:51:35) Thend: Cool
(04/06 09:51:39) Shimmerillion: is someone logging?
(04/06 09:51:43) _Narym_: me
(04/06 09:51:47) Shimmerillion: thanks
(04/06 09:51:48) [Relayer] Kerryth: yes
(04/06 09:51:54) _Narym_: but the more, the merrier :D
(04/06 09:51:56) From Alderem: Not going to chair today.
(04/06 09:51:59) Shimmerillion: true
(04/06 09:52:06) Blade Lakem: okie :) let's meet then ;) Whats on the agenda?
(04/06 09:52:13) To Alderem: so who is?
(04/06 09:52:16) Thend looks around for a bit
(04/06 09:52:40) From Alderem: You or shimmer?
(04/06 09:52:40) From Alderem: Or Blade if he likes.
(04/06 09:52:43) Shimmerillion: lynnutte's on her way

Meeting starts here

(04/06 09:52:47) Alderem: First, we figure out who is running the meeting.
(04/06 09:52:48) Blade Lakem cheers
(04/06 09:52:49) _Narym_: lol cool
(04/06 09:52:51) Shimmerillion: lol
(04/06 09:52:52) Thend: Has anything been discussed, Messy-wise, in the forums?
(04/06 09:52:52) Alderem cheers
(04/06 09:53:09) Shimmerillion: we've been talking about guild structure
(04/06 09:53:14) _Narym_: WEll, Blade's offered up the Myst Headlines service to the Guilds
(04/06 09:53:17) Thend: Still?! lol
(04/06 09:53:22) Shimmerillion: lol
(04/06 09:53:30) Blade Lakem shrugs
(04/06 09:53:30) Thend: Ah cool Blade
(04/06 09:53:34) Blade Lakem: No one has been willing to seize power so far
(04/06 09:53:36) blu 'nana claps her hands
(04/06 09:53:40) Thend: Hmm
(04/06 09:53:40) _Narym_: well, we'd like to
(04/06 09:53:46) Thend starts to laugh
(04/06 09:53:47) Shimmerillion: LOL
(04/06 09:53:49) Shimmerillion roars with laughter
(04/06 09:53:51) [Relayer] Kerryth: Seize power?
(04/06 09:54:01) _Narym_: Its the revolution
(04/06 09:54:05) Blade Lakem: Er, I mean, take on managerial responsibility
(04/06 09:54:09) (Crier)_Nanouk: powers are only for the
(04/06 09:54:09) _Narym_: Haven't you heard?
(04/06 09:54:10) Shimmerillion: right
(04/06 09:54:14) [Relayer] Kerryth: In Uru that means you do the work.
(04/06 09:54:19) Blade Lakem nods his head
(04/06 09:54:22) Ti'chelle: A coup?
(04/06 09:54:27) _Narym_: shorah Lyn
(04/06 09:54:32) Thend: Okay, how does future Mess stuff relate to the current situation?
(04/06 09:54:32) Shimmerillion: hey rc
(04/06 09:54:38) Thend: Hello Lynnutte
(04/06 09:54:39) Altydwarber: shorah Lyn
(04/06 09:54:42) [Relayer] Kerryth: Hi, RC
(04/06 09:54:42) Blade Lakem: Shorah Lyn!
(04/06 09:54:49) Ti'chelle: Hey Lyn
(04/06 09:54:53) Relayer Corps: hi. Sorry i'm late.
(04/06 09:54:54) blu 'nana: hi lynutte
(04/06 09:54:58) [Relayer] Kerryth: We gather around the link in spot to unnerve latecomers.
(04/06 09:55:02) Shimmerillion: Lynnutte, remind me to get your picture before we leave so I can photoshop it into the group one
(04/06 09:55:05) Relayer Corps: internet problems. I'm at Barnes and Noble now
(04/06 09:55:07) Thend: It's only by an hour Lynnutte, np
(04/06 09:55:09) Blade Lakem: So, yeah, let's talk Guild structure and nail it down
(04/06 09:55:11) Shimmerillion: lol kerryth
(04/06 09:55:27) [Relayer] Kerryth: Standard practice. ;)
(04/06 09:55:31) Shimmerillion: has everyone had a chance to read through that thread?
(04/06 09:55:31) (Crier)_Nanouk: shorahlyn sounds like a chineese
(04/06 09:55:32) _Narym_: I thought Shimmer's idea of 'chairs' was rather good
(04/06 09:55:32) Relayer Corps feels so guilty for being late
(04/06 09:55:40) [Relayer] Kerryth: I'm afraid I have not followed it.
(04/06 09:55:49) Blade Lakem: Narym, agreed
(04/06 09:55:49) Relayer Corps: i think it's good too
(04/06 09:55:49) Thend: Heck no, Shim. In fact, I avoid most threads at all costs
(04/06 09:55:57) Relayer Corps nods her head
(04/06 09:55:57) _Narym_: Shimmer, do you want to give us a quick run down?
(04/06 09:56:12) Alderem: Threads have a nasty habit of unraveling. Don't pull on them.
(04/06 09:56:21) Relayer Corps: Lol
(04/06 09:56:27) Thend: Kinda impersonal too, IMO
(04/06 09:56:27) Shimmerillion: ok, well my idea was basically to have 1 guild master or mistress, basically a facilitator of everyone else, and four "chair" positions
(04/06 09:56:40) Blade Lakem nods his head
(04/06 09:56:47) Shimmerillion: as in academia, each chair is an elected member of a group of related peers
(04/06 09:57:03) Thend: What if one has no peers?
(04/06 09:57:08) Shimmerillion: for example, you have the "services" group, which consists of project heads from the newsletter,, the website, etc.
(04/06 09:57:15) Shimmerillion: lol
(04/06 09:57:22) Relayer Corps: are you saying your better than us Thend??
(04/06 09:57:27) Relayer Corps: Lol
(04/06 09:57:30) Shimmerillion: so the services group elects a leader to represent them in guild discussions
(04/06 09:57:32) _Narym_: either, that, or he's worse
(04/06 09:57:42) Thend: I said nothing of the sort. Let's stay on topic, please lol
(04/06 09:57:42) Relayer Corps: He's worse
(04/06 09:57:47) Relayer Corps: Lol sorry
(04/06 09:57:52) Ti'chelle: His peers are all secret so he has no peers
(04/06 09:58:03) Shimmerillion: the chair is not a permanent position, and can change if someone gets overloaded or other issues come up, without negative repurcussions on anyone
(04/06 09:58:03) _Narym_: you started it, Thend:P But in any case, continue shimmer
(04/06 09:58:27) Thend shrugs
(04/06 09:58:35) Blade Lakem nods his head
(04/06 09:58:50) Relayer Corps: i think it's a great idea. That way if the you know what hits the fan, someone can take the blame, or credit.
(04/06 09:58:57) blu 'nana nods her head
(04/06 09:58:58) Thend wants to ask a question...
(04/06 09:59:01) Shimmerillion: so the four committees i proposed (and these can change if need be) were: intra-guild services, affiliate organizations, extra-guild liasons, and reporters (everyone else)
(04/06 09:59:10) _Narym_: shoot thend
(04/06 09:59:16) Thend: (Ah, answered)
(04/06 09:59:16) Shimmerillion: go ahead thend
(04/06 09:59:17) Relayer Corps: Ok
(04/06 09:59:21) Shimmerillion: oh ok
(04/06 09:59:25) _Narym_: ok, anything, else Shimmer?
(04/06 09:59:39) Blade Lakem: Where would 'publicity' for the Guild's activities fall?
(04/06 09:59:51) Shimmerillion: so each group meets as a committee, and each committee leader represents them on the council, with guild master or mistress presiding
(04/06 09:59:58) [Relayer] Kerryth: Good question, Blade.
(04/06 10:00:05) Shimmerillion: that is a good question, blade
(04/06 10:00:20) Shimmerillion: my feeling is that publicity entails so many aspects that it cannot have its own group
(04/06 10:00:31) [Relayer] Kerryth: Are the committees clear cut? I see some overlap
(04/06 10:00:34) Shimmerillion: for example, the archiver might feature an event, so might the newsletter, so might the website, etc.
(04/06 10:00:34) Ti'chelle: Will one of the chairs also be Guildmaster pro tem in case the GM cannot make a meeting?
(04/06 10:00:53) Relayer Corps: pro tem?
(04/06 10:00:53) Shimmerillion: good point, tichelle. what does everyone else think
(04/06 10:01:00) Thend: Of course
(04/06 10:01:04) Relayer Corps: what is pro tem?
(04/06 10:01:10) Alderem nods his head
(04/06 10:01:11) [Relayer] Kerryth: Good idea.
(04/06 10:01:11) Blade Lakem: good idea.
(04/06 10:01:12) Altydwarber: good idea
(04/06 10:01:13) [Relayer] Kerryth: Like "acting"
(04/06 10:01:15) Ti'chelle: Like Vice Presient, but only in a temp need
(04/06 10:01:18) Shimmerillion: just in case the GM isn't there, who takes over
(04/06 10:01:21) Relayer Corps: ok
(04/06 10:01:25) Relayer Corps: good idea
(04/06 10:01:29) Alderem: Latin phrase meaning "for the time being"
(04/06 10:01:31) Thend: Second-in-command if the leader gets debilitated or called away
(04/06 10:01:31) (Crier)_Nanouk: ok
(04/06 10:01:32) Relayer Corps: ty
(04/06 10:01:38) Relayer Corps nods her head
(04/06 10:01:43) [Relayer] Kerryth: So you don't waste time figuring out who's in charge in the short term
(04/06 10:01:51) Blade Lakem: Okie. so the basic structure seems ameniable to everyone here?
(04/06 10:01:52) Shimmerillion: or who's running the meeting lol
(04/06 10:01:54) [Relayer] Kerryth: You can carry on without interruption.
(04/06 10:01:59) Ti'chelle: Always has the meeting agenda just in case
(04/06 10:02:07) Relayer Corps nods her head
(04/06 10:02:07) [Relayer] Kerryth: Sounds good to me.
(04/06 10:02:12) Thend can live with that. Basically, cause he's freelance
(04/06 10:02:20) Altydwarber: :)
(04/06 10:02:23) Blade Lakem: ;)
(04/06 10:02:30) Relayer Corps: you just don't want the resposibility thend. lol
(04/06 10:02:33) Blade Lakem: Any concerns?
(04/06 10:02:51) [Relayer] Kerryth: I have one concern.
(04/06 10:02:54) Shimmerillion: go ahead
(04/06 10:03:02) Relayer Corps: brb I need to find a plug for my puter. Continue with out me.
(04/06 10:03:18) Thend: Just structure in general, Blade.. Seems there would need an overarching focus in order to hold this together
(04/06 10:03:21) [Relayer] Kerryth: Some of the committees cover quite a few people. Others have fewer. It might not be easy to find a chair for the smaller categories.
(04/06 10:03:59) [Relayer] Kerryth: Like the reporters, perhaps.
(04/06 10:04:26) _Narym_: this is true
(04/06 10:04:32) [Relayer] Kerryth: Oh. No problem. Thend can cover that. lol
(04/06 10:04:39) Altydwarber laughs
(04/06 10:04:40) _Narym_: lol
(04/06 10:04:47) Shimmerillion: well, if there are no reporters, then that position is vacant
(04/06 10:04:55) _Narym_: But I think that we're also considering this as a long term structure, as well
(04/06 10:04:57) Shimmerillion: but if there is even one reporter, we need someone to be in charge
(04/06 10:04:58) [Relayer] Kerryth: Ok. That answers my concern.
(04/06 10:05:08) Thend: O.o
(04/06 10:05:21) [Relayer] Kerryth: If that one person is reluctant....
(04/06 10:05:21) Altydwarber: yes i agree
(04/06 10:05:23) _Narym_: While the Guild itself is small, its not as essential to have all 5 chairs.
(04/06 10:05:31) [Relayer] Kerryth: True
(04/06 10:05:36) blu 'nana: sorry, falling to sleep, more input from me later thiis week ;) ty & cya!
(04/06 10:05:40) blu 'nana waves goodbye
(04/06 10:05:44) Blade Lakem: There might need see ya blu
(04/06 10:05:47) Shimmerillion: i see what you're saying, kerryth. i think that will have to be a case-by-case basis
(04/06 10:05:48) Alderem: G'nite blutec
(04/06 10:05:50) _Narym_: IF they really don't want the position, we can always just have 4 chairs
(04/06 10:05:51) Thend: Okay blu, seeya later, have a good night
(04/06 10:05:52) [Relayer] Kerryth: See you later.
(04/06 10:05:54) Altydwarber: bye blu
(04/06 10:06:01) _Narym_: shorah blu
(04/06 10:06:02) blu 'nana (I'm on the surface, be back in a minute):
(04/06 10:06:08) Shimmerillion: bye blu
(04/06 10:06:08) Blade Lakem: I expect adjustments will happen as time goes on
(04/06 10:06:13) Shimmerillion: yes
(04/06 10:06:25) [Relayer] Kerryth: You're counting the Guild master/mistress as one, right?
(04/06 10:06:33) _Narym_: in the 5 chairs, yes
(04/06 10:06:39) Ti'chelle: So, the Guildmaster would be the tie breaker vote?
(04/06 10:06:44) Shimmerillion: exactly
(04/06 10:06:46) Altydwarber: but what is the difference between 5 chairs or 4 chairs
(04/06 10:06:53) Thend: Like Cate Alexander
(04/06 10:06:56) Blade Lakem shrugs
(04/06 10:07:05) _Narym_: It depends on what you anticipate the council voting on
(04/06 10:07:05) Ti'chelle snickers.
(04/06 10:07:13) Shimmerillion: 5 council members, for lack of a better term, are: GM, services chair, affiliates chair, liasons chair, reporters chair
(04/06 10:07:13) Relayer Corps: back
(04/06 10:07:17) Relayer Corps: what did I miss?
(04/06 10:07:20) Altydwarber: if there are 5 they all should be there
(04/06 10:07:29) Altydwarber: and a GM
(04/06 10:07:46) Blade Lakem: I think the exact procedural nature can be worked out, as long as we have motivated people with goals and duties. I think that's key
(04/06 10:07:46) Thend: How many chairs RC
(04/06 10:07:52) Relayer Corps: 5?
(04/06 10:07:53) _Narym_: It re
(04/06 10:07:56) (Crier)_Nanouk: and me in charge of the bathroom chair
(04/06 10:07:59) Shimmerillion: yeah, and if a new "need" comes up, we can always add another committee
(04/06 10:08:01) Relayer Corps roars with laughter
(04/06 10:08:06) Shimmerillion starts to laugh
(04/06 10:08:07) Altydwarber: lol
(04/06 10:08:13) [Relayer] Kerryth: lol
(04/06 10:08:16) Thend: You are welcome to it Nan. All in favor?
(04/06 10:08:17) _Narym_: there are four representative chairs, and the Guild Master/Mistress, Alty
(04/06 10:08:21) Relayer Corps: I think we should try and always have an odd number of chairs
(04/06 10:08:39) Relayer Corps: then we can't have ties in a vote
(04/06 10:08:40) [Relayer] Kerryth: Are the liaisons from within the GoMe or are they from the outside organizations?
(04/06 10:08:42) _Narym_: so if we have a bathroom chair, we need a comfy chair too
(04/06 10:08:44) Shimmerillion: odd number of chairs including GM, or odd number of chairs plus GM, lynnutte?
(04/06 10:08:52) _Narym_: including GM
(04/06 10:08:53) Relayer Corps: including GM
(04/06 10:08:55) [Relayer] Kerryth: Oh no! The Comfy Chair!
(04/06 10:09:00) (Crier)_Nanouk: had experience in the Air
(04/06 10:09:04) Relayer Corps: I GET THE COMFY CHAIR!
(04/06 10:09:10) Thend says DOH!
(04/06 10:09:14) _Narym_: Now I shall poke you with The Soft Cushions!
(04/06 10:09:14) Relayer Corps: lol
(04/06 10:09:19) [Relayer] Kerryth: lol
(04/06 10:09:31) Ti'chelle: Must be padded then ;)
(04/06 10:09:40) Relayer Corps: just like my padded cell
(04/06 10:09:41) _Narym_: Well, all I have to say is, when I came to this meeting...
(04/06 10:09:48) _Narym_: I didn't expect a kind of Spanish Inquisition
(04/06 10:09:52) Shimmerillion: good pointkerryth, liasons can be from either the GoMe or the other organization
(04/06 10:09:53) [Relayer] Kerryth: All we get in Uru is these stone benches and the floor.
(04/06 10:09:57) (Crier)_Nanouk: the 50 chairs will be padded
(04/06 10:09:57) Thend shakes his head
(04/06 10:09:58) Shimmerillion: lol
(04/06 10:10:04) Blade Lakem: hehe
(04/06 10:10:06) Shimmerillion: as long as we dont need a padded pub
(04/06 10:10:18) _Narym_: No, I think we're safe in that regard
(04/06 10:10:20) Blade Lakem: Okie, so we are decided that a GM and 4 chairs, with changes to be made as need be?
(04/06 10:10:24) [Relayer] Kerryth: The reason I asked is because I can see that function overlapping with intraguild services.
(04/06 10:10:26) _Narym_: Yes
(04/06 10:10:31) Relayer Corps: yes
(04/06 10:10:41) Altydwarber: ok
(04/06 10:10:43) [Relayer] Kerryth: But not necessarily.
(04/06 10:10:44) Blade Lakem: Kerryth: I think there will be overlap. People will need to work together.
(04/06 10:10:50) (Crier)_Nanouk: aaaaagree with 5 main chairs
(04/06 10:10:50) Shimmerillion: kerryth, a liason's job is to work _with_ those doing the job, not necessarily to do it for them
(04/06 10:10:53) Relayer Corps nods her head
(04/06 10:10:53) Thend: From a semi-outside perspective Blade, sounds applicable
(04/06 10:10:58) Blade Lakem: That's a good thing I think
(04/06 10:11:14) [Relayer] Kerryth: yes
(04/06 10:11:30) _Narym_: If we implement something like this, we can always tweak it to make it more efficient as we go
(04/06 10:11:35) Blade Lakem: exactly
(04/06 10:11:46) _Narym_: the core idea is the important thing as this stage
(04/06 10:11:47) Shimmerillion nods her head
(04/06 10:11:50) Relayer Corps: yes. It's not set in stone
(04/06 10:12:01) [Relayer] Kerryth: It will evolve
(04/06 10:12:05) Relayer Corps: we need to be flexible
(04/06 10:12:16) (Crier)_Nanouk: or
(04/06 10:12:19) Relayer Corps: be like the wind, not the rock
(04/06 10:12:19) Blade Lakem nods his head
(04/06 10:12:29) Shimmerillion: but not devolve (i hope)
(04/06 10:12:33) Blade Lakem: Well, be like a rock when it's rock time ;)
(04/06 10:12:33) Relayer Corps: that doesn't sound very D'ni like. lol
(04/06 10:12:40) [Relayer] Kerryth: Arghh! I can't read chat over that viewer screen...
(04/06 10:12:41) Relayer Corps: lol
(04/06 10:12:55) Relayer Corps: come stand by me then
(04/06 10:13:01) Thend wants you to come over
(04/06 10:13:03) _Narym_: So, 5 chairs, from services, Liaisons, Affiliates, Reporters and the Guild Master, elected in a peer fashion
(04/06 10:13:05) Altydwarber: that why I stand here lol
(04/06 10:13:07) [Relayer] Kerryth: Just had to turn a little.
(04/06 10:13:13) _Narym_: Are there any further questions, etc?
(04/06 10:13:32) Relayer Corps: Yeah, who falls under which category?
(04/06 10:13:39) Shimmerillion: ah yes
(04/06 10:13:42) _Narym_: From within this group?
(04/06 10:13:43) Relayer Corps: some fall under a couple
(04/06 10:13:56) Shimmerillion: liasons: gow, goma, goc, gog, cyan(yeah right)
(04/06 10:14:01) Thend: lol
(04/06 10:14:02) Shimmerillion: affiliates: you know 'em
(04/06 10:14:02) [Relayer] Kerryth: Relayers would be an affiliate group, right? (Pardon me; I've been out of the loop.)
(04/06 10:14:08) Shimmerillion: yes
(04/06 10:14:08) _Narym_: Yes, they would
(04/06 10:14:12) Relayer Corps: yes, technically
(04/06 10:14:27) Relayer Corps: but Relayers have become ineffectual at best right now
(04/06 10:14:36) Relayer Corps: I hate to say it, but it's true
(04/06 10:14:39) Blade Lakem: Let's let the Chairs figure out exactly where people fit, actually.
(04/06 10:14:40) Shimmerillion: services: newsletter,, website, feed (if it branches out from website), are there any others i'm missing?
(04/06 10:14:42) Thend: Don't have to be
(04/06 10:14:42) [Relayer] Kerryth: :(
(04/06 10:14:51) Blade Lakem: There's a niche for the Relayer's but I think it's very different now
(04/06 10:14:54) _Narym_: We can always work to alter the Relayers purpose, that's something the Guild can jelp with
(04/06 10:15:00) _Narym_: Reporters :P
(04/06 10:15:01) Relayer Corps: how can people vote for the chairs if they are not in groups alreqady?
(04/06 10:15:07) Shimmerillion: reporters are their own group
(04/06 10:15:25) Altydwarber: do you think so?
(04/06 10:15:26) Relayer Corps: soI would love to alter the relayers purpsoe, but I can't without their say
(04/06 10:15:26) (Crier)_Nanouk: relayers are more like Criers at this
(04/06 10:15:32) _Narym_: If you're a part of the Guild, you'll fall under one of those, I would think
(04/06 10:15:34) Blade Lakem: well, I think we, as the primary peers of the GoMe, should elect the initial positions now.
(04/06 10:15:35) Relayer Corps: true
(04/06 10:15:43) Relayer Corps: good idea Blake
(04/06 10:15:47) Shimmerillion: alty, well that's what i suggested initially but i guess they don't have to be
(04/06 10:15:53) [Relayer] Kerryth: Don't forget. We may not be out of the Cavern for good.
(04/06 10:16:01) _Narym_: this is also true
(04/06 10:16:07) Relayer Corps: I am so hoping Kerryth
(04/06 10:16:10) Shimmerillion: seconded
(04/06 10:16:11) _Narym_: But I think, for the time beiomng, we should act as thought we are
(04/06 10:16:16) (Crier)_Nanouk: for a few weeks, at least
(04/06 10:16:19) Relayer Corps: Letting go of the Relayers is very hard for me
(04/06 10:16:19) _Narym_: until we have something concrete
(04/06 10:16:30) Relayer Corps nods her head
(04/06 10:16:35) Blade Lakem: Lyn: the Relayers have a place, I think
(04/06 10:16:39) Shimmerillion: i think relayers do have a place
(04/06 10:16:40) [Relayer] Kerryth: Yes. I can imagine some parallel activity for Relayers under the circumstances.
(04/06 10:16:46) Ti'chelle nods her head
(04/06 10:16:50) Shimmerillion: they can even connect all the different refugee camps
(04/06 10:16:56) [Relayer] Kerryth: You've got it.
(04/06 10:16:58) Blade Lakem: shimmer: good idea
(04/06 10:17:00) Relayer Corps: Good idea Shimmer!!!
(04/06 10:17:01) Thend: I defer any votes. I'm willing to work with everyone, as necessity dictates, but as far as becoming a part of the official structure, it goes against my focuses
(04/06 10:17:08) (Crier)_Nanouk: very good idea
(04/06 10:17:08) _Narym_: Relayers across the different MMO's
(04/06 10:17:15) _Narym_: Heck, they could even relay between games
(04/06 10:17:22) Thend nods his head
(04/06 10:17:27) Relayer Corps: Why didn't I think of that
(04/06 10:17:27) Shimmerillion: its true!
(04/06 10:17:28) [Relayer] Kerryth: Relayers work in real-time. That would have to be worked out some how.
(04/06 10:17:28) Blade Lakem: Thend, well, I hope we can work with you one way or ta other :)
(04/06 10:17:29) Thend: Exactly
(04/06 10:17:29) _Narym_: Keep people in GW abreast of Uruite events taking place in There, for example
(04/06 10:17:32) Relayer Corps: I will have to start contacting them
(04/06 10:17:32) Ti'chelle: Yes, let me give an example of being a relayer in the ohter worlds.
(04/06 10:17:41) Thend: I'm sure we can Blade ;)
(04/06 10:18:00) Relayer Corps: I wil,l start work on that as soon as I get home
(04/06 10:18:09) Ti'chelle: Some of us are already going in and out of the worlds so find people and remind them of events here
(04/06 10:18:14) Thend: RC, check with me in SL, I'll fill you in
(04/06 10:18:19) Blade Lakem: we are getting ahead of ourselves I think. We need chairs.
(04/06 10:18:22) Thend: And also what I know of Guid Wars
(04/06 10:18:23) Relayer Corps: I will. Thanks thend
(04/06 10:18:26) Shimmerillion: lol thx blade
(04/06 10:18:35) Altydwarber: yes
(04/06 10:18:36) _Narym_: Yes
(04/06 10:18:41) Alderem: It seems like a lot of work, to spend so much time popping in and out of games, rather than... just... playing them. Kudos to those who are willing to do it though :)
(04/06 10:18:41) Thend: Right Blade, good point
(04/06 10:18:47) [Relayer] Kerryth: Are you going to try to get these chairs in place before Thursday? What is the time line?
(04/06 10:18:48) _Narym_: We can address the Relayers at a later date
(04/06 10:18:53) Blade Lakem: Then the chairs can take all these good ideas and focus them. That's their job
(04/06 10:18:55) Relayer Corps: I have contacts in There right now, any other refugee camps we need contacts in?
(04/06 10:19:08) Shimmerillion: all of them
(04/06 10:19:10) Relayer Corps: Yes Narym we can
(04/06 10:19:11) Shimmerillion: :P
(04/06 10:19:16) Relayer Corps: lol
(04/06 10:19:17) _Narym_: :D
(04/06 10:19:18) Thend: Sl and GW, that's the main other two
(04/06 10:19:27) Relayer Corps: Is there something happening thursday?
(04/06 10:19:28) Blade Lakem: Honestly, I'd like to see us leave this meeting with Chairs in place3.
(04/06 10:19:33) Thend nods his head
(04/06 10:19:39) Relayer Corps: agreed
(04/06 10:19:46) (Crier)_Nanouk: lol
(04/06 10:19:48) [Relayer] Kerryth: Well, technically, it's happening Wednesday. For most of us.
(04/06 10:19:51) _Narym_: So, i guess, let's get on with it then
(04/06 10:19:56) Relayer Corps says DOH!
(04/06 10:20:00) Shimmerillion starts to laugh
(04/06 10:20:00) Alderem: Some are going to LOTRO also; I'm considering it myself.
(04/06 10:20:12) Relayer Corps: If you do, please let me know
(04/06 10:20:17) Blade Lakem: okei. GuildMaster/Mistress. Volunteers? Nominations?
(04/06 10:20:30) Alderem: Will do, Lynnutte.
(04/06 10:20:30) Alderem steps back.
(04/06 10:20:32) Shimmerillion nominates lynnutte and marten
(04/06 10:20:35) Shimmerillion: haha sorry guys
(04/06 10:20:39) _Narym_: brb
(04/06 10:20:43) (Crier)_Nanouk: Guild Master Marten
(04/06 10:20:44) Relayer Corps: I will volunteer, but would also like to nominate Shimmer
(04/06 10:20:50) Shimmerillion says DOH!
(04/06 10:20:56) Ti'chelle: I second on Lynnutte
(04/06 10:21:06) Alderem: I'll second on Shimmer then.
(04/06 10:21:25) (Crier)_Nanouk: second Marten
(04/06 10:21:25) [Relayer] Kerryth: Who is eligible to vote?
(04/06 10:21:35) Alderem: Though I think she has her hands full with the website and surface duties. :)
(04/06 10:21:40) Relayer Corps: I think the nominated should stay out of it
(04/06 10:21:41) Ti'chelle: Woops. Should I even be involved in this process?
(04/06 10:21:50) Blade Lakem: hehe :) So we have Shimmer, Marten, Lynnutte.
(04/06 10:21:56) Thend: Wht category do you fit under Ti?
(04/06 10:21:58) Relayer Corps: yes you should Ti'chelle
(04/06 10:22:01) Shimmerillion: i dunno, it will also depend on chair nominations
(04/06 10:22:07) Blade Lakem: Ti'chelle, if you want to help out, why not? ;)
(04/06 10:22:08) [Relayer] Kerryth: (I'm wondering the same, Ti'chelle. About me, that is.)
(04/06 10:22:20) Relayer Corps: Yes Kerryth! your a Relayer!
(04/06 10:22:24) Alderem: I think if you see a future working with the GoMe in any regard, you have a voice here.
(04/06 10:22:30) Shimmerillion: agreed
(04/06 10:22:33) Blade Lakem: I think if yer here, yer interested and your voice matters
(04/06 10:22:38) Relayer Corps nods her head
(04/06 10:22:41) Ti'chelle: I don't know for sure Thend, but had considered getting involved with the newsletter
(04/06 10:22:49) Relayer Corps: PLEASE DO!!!!
(04/06 10:22:52) Shimmerillion: lol
(04/06 10:22:55) [Relayer] Kerryth: The future is still unclear to me.
(04/06 10:23:05) [Relayer] Kerryth: Future of Relayers, I mean.
(04/06 10:23:05) Relayer Corps: But you are here now Kerryth
(04/06 10:23:06) Ti'chelle: Until we also have our Cavern position once again
(04/06 10:23:08) Thend: Pick the chairs
(04/06 10:23:11) Blade Lakem: Okie. So Simmer, Marten, Lynnutte.
(04/06 10:23:20) Blade Lakem: How do we vote?
(04/06 10:23:21) [Relayer] Kerryth: The newsletter is my seconde interest.
(04/06 10:23:22) (Crier)_Nanouk: me wipes Keryth glasses
(04/06 10:23:25) Relayer Corps: should we leave?
(04/06 10:23:30) Shimmerillion: can we nominate chairs first
(04/06 10:23:30) Blade Lakem: Naw
(04/06 10:23:34) Thend: PM's work best
(04/06 10:23:37) Relayer Corps: ok
(04/06 10:23:38) Blade Lakem: naw to people leaving that is
(04/06 10:23:40) _Narym_: back
(04/06 10:23:45) Shimmerillion: and actually, we need to clarify project heads beforre nominating chairs ...
(04/06 10:23:51) Relayer Corps: wb Nayrm
(04/06 10:23:51) Thend: Central collector whom you all trust
(04/06 10:23:53) Relayer Corps nods her head
(04/06 10:23:59) Blade Lakem: hey Thend, yer neutral. Wanna be the collector?
(04/06 10:24:05) Relayer Corps: Good idea
(04/06 10:24:08) [Relayer] Kerryth: Heh, I was about to say that.
(04/06 10:24:14) Ti'chelle: We all trust! /laugh
(04/06 10:24:15) Blade Lakem: Great minds ;)
(04/06 10:24:15) Thend: I was thinking of you Blade, or someone else, but okay
(04/06 10:24:23) Ti'chelle points at Thend
(04/06 10:24:27) [Relayer] Kerryth: So how does this work?
(04/06 10:24:32) Thend: So, the GM
(04/06 10:24:37) Relayer Corps: pm Thend your vote
(04/06 10:24:38) Thend: PM me with your vote
(04/06 10:24:48) Thend: What about thos not here to vote?
(04/06 10:24:50) [Relayer] Kerryth: Now?
(04/06 10:24:55) Thend: One sec
(04/06 10:25:06) Thend: IS this enough of a representation?
(04/06 10:25:16) [Relayer] Kerryth: It's a pretty small group...
(04/06 10:25:20) Shimmerillion: the only thing i might worry about is the affiliates
(04/06 10:25:21) _Narym_: well, who's missing from the regular Guild cadre?
(04/06 10:25:25) Thend: I mean, do any other interested parties need to vote?
(04/06 10:25:35) Blade Lakem: blu left. Maybe lial. that's about all I can think of
(04/06 10:25:43) Shimmerillion: most of the people who are active on the forums are here. oh yes blu and lial
(04/06 10:25:50) Relayer Corps nods her head
(04/06 10:25:50) Ti'chelle: Should the vote be put on the forum,,,the GoMe
(04/06 10:25:53) Thend: Up to you if you wish to proceed
(04/06 10:26:03) Shimmerillion: or i can set up a form that emails directly to thend
(04/06 10:26:09) _Narym_: Well, can we at least work out nominees for all positions, even if we don't vote?
(04/06 10:26:12) Shimmerillion: (so i never see it)
(04/06 10:26:12) Alderem: How about we announce our voting plans to the GoMe forum, raise awareness in other groups that might want to participate (I'm not worried about "meddilng", we are here to serve all the groups)...
(04/06 10:26:12) Relayer Corps: If there vote could change the outcome, then ask them
(04/06 10:26:17) Relayer Corps: if not....
(04/06 10:26:25) [Relayer] Kerryth: I would feel more comfortable it more people were voting.
(04/06 10:26:25) _Narym_: shorah Jimbo
(04/06 10:26:25) Relayer Corps: Hi jimbo!
(04/06 10:26:38) Skydiver Jimbo: hi all
(04/06 10:26:38) [Relayer] Kerryth: Hi, Jimbo.
(04/06 10:26:40) Ti'chelle: Hey Jim!
(04/06 10:26:42) Shimmerillion: yes, let's work out nominees, especially for the chairs
(04/06 10:26:46) Altydwarber: shorah jimbo
(04/06 10:26:46) Blade Lakem: Kerryth - there arent very many more people
(04/06 10:26:47) Relayer Corps: What if we posted a thread on the forum for voting
(04/06 10:26:48) Relayer Corps: ?
(04/06 10:26:53) [Relayer] Kerryth: Oh
(04/06 10:26:57) _Narym_: yeah, at least in the Guild there aren;t
(04/06 10:26:59) Thend: Sounds good Shim
(04/06 10:27:13) Blade Lakem: Okie. let's get all nominations out there....
(04/06 10:27:32) Shimmerillion: so affiliates first. who is in charge of each affiliate? hold up, let me get a list ...
(04/06 10:27:32) _Narym_: I really can't officially represent TCT's interests, but I can IM Anthony, who can do that
(04/06 10:27:48) Relayer Corps: Good idea narym
(04/06 10:27:53) Alderem: I am asking Paradox (GOW) how they managed this process.
(04/06 10:28:00) Alderem: I will share his input in a moment.
(04/06 10:28:05) Altydwarber: I'm in CCN but I want to ask the others first before i vote
(04/06 10:28:17) Relayer Corps: good idea
(04/06 10:28:34) Ti'chelle: BRB
(04/06 10:28:36) Shimmerillion: TCT: Anthony. Relayers: Lynnutte. Criers: Lynnutte. UruRadio: Samsbase. CCN: ??
(04/06 10:28:41) Blade Lakem: hrm
(04/06 10:28:47) [Relayer] Kerryth: That's another question. Do affiliate groups vote as a group or do the individual members vote?
(04/06 10:29:11) Blade Lakem: Hrm. Is UruRadio even active anymore?
(04/06 10:29:13) Altydwarber: not sure who for CCN i can do it but not sure if the others want that
(04/06 10:29:16) Shimmerillion: i think we should open voting to all ... but then you don't want to have to worry about larger orgs "stacking the deck" ... so i dunno
(04/06 10:29:25) _Narym_: Well, the only problem is, you likely end up having all the people in any given affiliate simply voting for their rep
(04/06 10:29:31) Shimmerillion: exactly
(04/06 10:29:42) Relayer Corps nods her head
(04/06 10:29:49) Thend: This sounds like the same arguments at the first GoMe meeting
(04/06 10:29:53) _Narym_: You just implement wehre the heads vote, or may 3 reps from each, and they can vote for anyone whoi's not a part of their group
(04/06 10:29:56) Relayer Corps: If you have just the heads vote, then I would get 2 votes
(04/06 10:29:56) [Relayer] Kerryth: Not necessarily
(04/06 10:29:58) Shimmerillion: alty, we are comfortable with whatever CCN is comfortable with. i know in the past CCN has been reluctant to declare a rep ...
(04/06 10:30:01) Thend: 'Arguments', defined as discussions, btw
(04/06 10:30:02) _Narym_: *which
(04/06 10:30:11) Relayer Corps: brb
(04/06 10:30:29) Blade Lakem: I think this is too complex. I think we as interested parties should start with whom we have here and then work with others
(04/06 10:30:43) Alderem: Alright, here is how the GOW did it. A few of the GOW reps speced out the positions, there was no nomination period - they simply named who they felt would be best for each position. Then the GOW members had 1 week to agree or disagree with the suggested persons in the suggested positions.
(04/06 10:31:03) _Narym_: lol that would actually work so much better, IMO
(04/06 10:31:08) [Relayer] Kerryth: So there was a slate. People approved or disapproved. I like that.
(04/06 10:31:14) Shimmerillion: i like it too
(04/06 10:31:18) Blade Lakem cheers
(04/06 10:31:21) Shimmerillion: and the meeting has been on the calendar
(04/06 10:31:27) Shimmerillion: ....
(04/06 10:31:31) Ti'chelle: Then after the Guild is established a formal voting process can be written into the charter
(04/06 10:31:46) Altydwarber: ok I had a little back up here with other CCN members and it is ok that I do it
(04/06 10:31:52) Shimmerillion: great!
(04/06 10:32:03) [Relayer] Kerryth: Could we hammer out that slate here now? Or does this need input from people and orgs not here?
(04/06 10:32:18) _Narym_: Well, most of the affiliates are represented here today
(04/06 10:32:27) Shimmerillion: so, affiliate chair nominees are: lynnutte, altydwarber, anthony, or samsbase
(04/06 10:32:37) _Narym_: I don't think sam counts
(04/06 10:32:45) _Narym_: he hasn't been active fora long time
(04/06 10:33:09) [Relayer] Kerryth: That's sad to hear.
(04/06 10:33:11) Thend: Same with KItoons
(04/06 10:33:15) Relayer Corps: back
(04/06 10:33:15) Alderem: Well, we can contact him and find out if it's temporary or if he's gone... just as we should do with J'nathus, who became a mod at the forum and then split suddenly.
(04/06 10:33:33) Relayer Corps: has the voting procedure been decided?
(04/06 10:33:40) Blade Lakem shakes his head
(04/06 10:33:44) Altydwarber shakes her head
(04/06 10:33:47) Relayer Corps: ok
(04/06 10:33:49) _Narym_: I can assure you J'nathus will not be modding
(04/06 10:33:56) Shimmerillion: i think everyone should get to vote for gm .... but who votes for the chairs?
(04/06 10:33:57) Alderem: Let the voting on the format of the voting for the voting begin.
(04/06 10:34:07) Relayer Corps roars with laughter
(04/06 10:34:27) Altydwarber: man...
(04/06 10:34:30) Altydwarber laughs
(04/06 10:34:31) Relayer Corps: If we have one vote for every group, I say kerryth votes for the relayers, not me
(04/06 10:34:42) Blade Lakem sighs
(04/06 10:34:43) [Relayer] Kerryth is a bit puzzled...
(04/06 10:34:44) Relayer Corps: That way, I will only have one vote
(04/06 10:34:44) _Narym_: well, the only thing is, there are 3 affiliate reps
(04/06 10:34:45) Ti'chelle: Ideally it would be each group, but to get things rolling..
(04/06 10:34:52) _Narym_: and if they can't vote for themselves
(04/06 10:35:03) _Narym_: Are the criers an affiliate?
(04/06 10:35:07) Relayer Corps: yes
(04/06 10:35:09) Altydwarber: yes
(04/06 10:35:09) [Relayer] Kerryth: Yes
(04/06 10:35:11) (Crier)_Nanouk: lol
(04/06 10:35:11) Shimmerillion: no, that's the point of the peer-elected process. all project heads are nominees and voters
(04/06 10:35:14) _Narym_: so do they have a rep?
(04/06 10:35:26) Relayer Corps raises her hand
(04/06 10:35:32) Relayer Corps: me
(04/06 10:35:35) _Narym_: ah, ok
(04/06 10:35:37) Relayer Corps: relayer... me
(04/06 10:35:39) _Narym_: it makes sense now
(04/06 10:35:43) Relayer Corps: lol
(04/06 10:35:51) Alderem: I really don't think you're going to have an issue with the affiliate reps. Already, we've pretty much got 1 rep from each group who really participates. We nominate those people, tell those affiliate groups who is nominated, and let them YEA or NAY that decision.
(04/06 10:35:53) Altydwarber: hahaha
(04/06 10:36:12) Alderem: I think in TCT's case we have 2 people.
(04/06 10:36:16) Thend: Good idea Ald, pass the buck, I like that :)
(04/06 10:36:17) Shimmerillion: i think each nominee group should elect someone from amongst themselves. and you can't vote for yourself
(04/06 10:36:19) _Narym_: We do?
(04/06 10:36:20) Altydwarber: right alderem
(04/06 10:36:24) [Relayer] Kerryth: Since the chairs are likely to rotate, all the reps would have a turn eventually.
(04/06 10:36:31) Shimmerillion: but everyone here votes for gome
(04/06 10:36:37) Shimmerillion: i mean gm lol
(04/06 10:36:37) Relayer Corps nods her head
(04/06 10:36:40) [Relayer] Kerryth: ok
(04/06 10:36:53) [Relayer] Kerryth: brb. phone.
(04/06 10:37:10) _Narym_: Nanouk, what group are you a part of, BTW
(04/06 10:37:14) _Narym_: oh wait, criers
(04/06 10:37:16) _Narym_: duh
(04/06 10:37:18) Shimmerillion: lol
(04/06 10:37:18) _Narym_: :P
(04/06 10:37:22) Altydwarber says DOH!
(04/06 10:37:22) (Crier)_Nanouk: you guys are much too
(04/06 10:37:34) Shimmerillion: lol
(04/06 10:37:38) (Crier)_Nanouk: is a
(04/06 10:37:42) Blade Lakem: agreed. We are spinning our wheels
(04/06 10:37:42) Relayer Corps: lol
(04/06 10:37:47) _Narym_: If Zardoz was here, we'd just nominate him as Grand Poobah
(04/06 10:37:52) Relayer Corps nods her head
(04/06 10:37:56) Ti'chelle laughs
(04/06 10:37:57) Relayer Corps: We need to make a decision and stick with it
(04/06 10:37:58) _Narym_: alright, so if we have 3 affiliate reps
(04/06 10:37:58) Thend: Or he'd nominate himself lol
(04/06 10:38:02) _Narym_: lets just vote for one
(04/06 10:38:13) _Narym_: is it only the affiliates who vote?
(04/06 10:38:18) Relayer Corps: How many affiliate groups are there?
(04/06 10:38:25) Shimmerillion: peer-elected would say only the affiliate heads vote
(04/06 10:38:30) Altydwarber: tct and ccn
(04/06 10:38:33) Shimmerillion: since their members got to vote for them
(04/06 10:38:36) Altydwarber: and more?
(04/06 10:38:38) _Narym_: Relayers
(04/06 10:38:40) _Narym_: Criers
(04/06 10:38:44) Altydwarber: yes
(04/06 10:38:45) _Narym_: who have the same rep
(04/06 10:38:49) Relayer Corps: that's 4 so far
(04/06 10:38:58) Shimmerillion: that's all, and ururadio
(04/06 10:38:58) _Narym_: Ki Toons is abstaining?
(04/06 10:39:06) Relayer Corps: Has Anthony been contacted yet?
(04/06 10:39:14) Thend: Yes, abstaining
(04/06 10:39:15) _Narym_: yeah, I have him on the metaphorical line
(04/06 10:39:17) Shimmerillion: i thought KI toons was freelance
(04/06 10:39:21) Thend: Yep
(04/06 10:39:21) _Narym_: well yes
(04/06 10:39:26) Thend: And Puzzlers
(04/06 10:39:28) _Narym_: which is why he's abstaining, I guess
(04/06 10:39:32) Relayer Corps: we have reps from criers and relayers. We just need TCT and CCn?
(04/06 10:39:32) Shimmerillion: :)
(04/06 10:39:34) [Relayer] Kerryth: back
(04/06 10:39:38) Thend just.. does stuff
(04/06 10:39:41) Relayer Corps: wb
(04/06 10:39:44) Shimmerillion: Alty said she could do it for CCN
(04/06 10:39:49) Altydwarber: yes
(04/06 10:39:49) [Relayer] Kerryth: What did I miss?
(04/06 10:39:50) _Narym_: As I said, I'm talking to Ant right now via MSN
(04/06 10:39:52) Relayer Corps: ok, then just TCT
(04/06 10:39:56) Shimmerillion: and Anthony is on the line for TCT
(04/06 10:39:58) Shimmerillion: so we're good
(04/06 10:40:05) [Relayer] Kerryth: Is everything all decided yet?
(04/06 10:40:06) Altydwarber: no
(04/06 10:40:08) Relayer Corps: Let's have a vote and see if the TCT vote would evwen matter
(04/06 10:40:08) _Narym_: alright
(04/06 10:40:10) (Crier)_Nanouk: is this a GoMe meeting ar an all Guilds meeting ?
(04/06 10:40:11) [Relayer] Kerryth: drat
(04/06 10:40:19) Relayer Corps: GOMe
(04/06 10:40:19) (Crier)_Nanouk: or*
(04/06 10:40:22) Shimmerillion: so those 3 people should vote for one of the other two and pm it to thend
(04/06 10:40:25) _Narym_: can you vote for yourself?
(04/06 10:40:25) Altydwarber: gome nanouk
(04/06 10:40:30) _Narym_: lol ok
(04/06 10:40:31) Shimmerillion: no voting for yourself lol
(04/06 10:40:57) Relayer Corps: Nanouk, you can vote for the criers. I will stay out of the voting
(04/06 10:41:06) (Crier)_Nanouk: you bet I will not vote for
(04/06 10:41:11) Relayer Corps: lol
(04/06 10:41:31) Relayer Corps nods her head
(04/06 10:41:32) Altydwarber: so again for a simple mind here
(04/06 10:41:52) Altydwarber points at her self lol
(04/06 10:41:53) Relayer Corps: What are we voting for again?
(04/06 10:41:54) Shimmerillion: alty, pm your vote for lynnutte or anthony to thend
(04/06 10:41:56) [Relayer] Kerryth: Is this for GM or affiliate chair, now.
(04/06 10:42:03) Shimmerillion: this is still affiliate chair
(04/06 10:42:06) Altydwarber: okidoki
(04/06 10:42:07) [Relayer] Kerryth: OK
(04/06 10:42:12) Relayer Corps: ok
(04/06 10:42:17) Shimmerillion: narym pm's anthony's vote for lynnutte or alty to thend
(04/06 10:42:24) _Narym_: yeah, I know
(04/06 10:42:29) Shimmerillion: lol ok
(04/06 10:42:30) Shimmerillion: :)
(04/06 10:42:33) _Narym_: I'm just explaining the process quickly to Ant
(04/06 10:42:41) Relayer Corps: kk
(04/06 10:42:51) (Crier)_Nanouk: elec four chairs and then let them decide for the GrandMaster
(04/06 10:43:28) _Narym_: I tend to think GM should be as many votes as possible, myself...
(04/06 10:43:36) Shimmerillion: i would agree
(04/06 10:43:41) Thend: Okay, I got some votes. Who is eligible to vote again?
(04/06 10:43:54) Shimmerillion: nanouk, anthony (narym), and alty is all this round
(04/06 10:44:01) Alderem: Oh, ok. Whew.
(04/06 10:44:06) Shimmerillion: unless lynnutte was voting for relayers?
(04/06 10:44:12) Relayer Corps: What about relayers?
(04/06 10:44:15) [Relayer] Kerryth: She told me to.
(04/06 10:44:17) Relayer Corps: Kerryth is
(04/06 10:44:19) Shimmerillion: ok that works
(04/06 10:44:20) [Relayer] Kerryth: So I did.
(04/06 10:44:23) Thend: Lol
(04/06 10:44:25) _Narym_: what?
(04/06 10:44:30) [Relayer] Kerryth: vote
(04/06 10:44:35) [Relayer] Kerryth: On behalf of Relayers
(04/06 10:44:35) _Narym_: I thought Lyn was doing relayers, and Nanouk criers?
(04/06 10:44:40) Relayer Corps: Kerryth is voting for relayers and nanouk for Criers
(04/06 10:44:47) [Relayer] Kerryth: Who's on first?
(04/06 10:44:56) [Relayer] Kerryth: Sorry. lol
(04/06 10:44:58) Relayer Corps: I'm staying out of it because i was nominated
(04/06 10:44:59) Thend: Wait
(04/06 10:45:04) Relayer Corps: What's on second
(04/06 10:45:10) Shimmerillion: lynnutte, everyone is nominated so it doesn't matter
(04/06 10:45:10) _Narym_: Hang on
(04/06 10:45:16) Thend: Starting over, announce the voters and the votees
(04/06 10:45:17) _Narym_: If you're nominated, you still havbe to vote
(04/06 10:45:22) Relayer Corps: that's ok, I'm still staying out of it. lol
(04/06 10:45:24) Thend: Everyoine else, no chat
(04/06 10:45:26) _Narym_: that's the point, I believe
(04/06 10:45:30) Thend: While they PM me
(04/06 10:45:34) Relayer Corps: Kerryth for Relayers, Nanouk for Criers
(04/06 10:45:45) Shimmerillion: nominees: lynnutte (relayers, criers), alty (CCN), anthony (TCT)
(04/06 10:45:59) _Narym_: and that is all for affiliates?
(04/06 10:46:15) Shimmerillion: all except ururadio
(04/06 10:46:28) _Narym_: can we not divide relayers and criers into the two, seeing as we have multiple reps from both?
(04/06 10:46:39) Thend: Who else is eligible to vote?
(04/06 10:46:43) Relayer Corps: they are 2 separate groups
(04/06 10:46:44) Shimmerillion: ok let me explain a little better first and then you guys can decide ...
(04/06 10:46:47) Thend: Besides Lynet and Nan
(04/06 10:46:53) Thend: Okay
(04/06 10:47:25) Shimmerillion: the idea is, you have a group of peers (affiliate leaders) who have to choose someone to represent them. obviously most people would want to elect themselves, but that's not allowed. the idea is f
(04/06 10:47:37) Shimmerillion: for you to elect someone else in your peer group that you respect.
(04/06 10:47:50) Shimmerillion: so actually, if we were doing this 100% peer-elected,
(04/06 10:48:01) Shimmerillion: lynnutte, alty, and anthony would each get one vote
(04/06 10:48:05) Shimmerillion: they would have to vote
(04/06 10:48:09) [Relayer] Kerryth: Ah, OK. I see.
(04/06 10:48:12) Shimmerillion: but would not be allowed to vote for themselves
(04/06 10:48:14) Relayer Corps: OH!!!
(04/06 10:48:21) Altydwarber: right
(04/06 10:48:24) Relayer Corps: ok
(04/06 10:48:43) _Narym_: yes, but my only point was, wouldn't it be fairer/better to have a rep each from criers and relayers, isntead of putting them together?
(04/06 10:48:43) Thend: Shim, you head the proceedings
(04/06 10:48:47) (Crier)_Nanouk: do it one chair at the time
(04/06 10:48:55) _Narym_: that is what we're doing, Nanouk
(04/06 10:49:00) Thend: Who votes now and for what position?
(04/06 10:49:11) Shimmerillion: narym, the idea is, lynnutte is already representing criers and relayers in the affiliate committee.
(04/06 10:49:18) Altydwarber: so i have to vote again thend?
(04/06 10:49:19) _Narym_: she is?
(04/06 10:49:20) Relayer Corps: exactly
(04/06 10:49:25) _Narym_: oh, ok then :_)
(04/06 10:49:33) _Narym_: btw, Anthony is on his way in cavern
(04/06 10:49:36) Relayer Corps: so if each group would get a vote, I would have 2
(04/06 10:49:38) Alderem: But you are electing a -single- chair position for all affiliates, from those 3 nominees, right?
(04/06 10:49:42) Thend: Voting will be redone, as soon as I find out who can vote, I don't care for what lol
(04/06 10:49:45) Ti'chelle: Okay, I have a question. What if Lynnutte is elected GM? What happens to her rep spot
(04/06 10:49:48) Shimmerillion: no, lynnutte still only gets one vote
(04/06 10:49:55) Relayer Corps: Good.
(04/06 10:49:59) Shimmerillion: tichelle, that is why i wanted to do the chairs first.
(04/06 10:50:00) Relayer Corps: I don't want more than one
(04/06 10:50:26) Shimmerillion: no one should be GM and a chair because that messes up the 5-vote thing
(04/06 10:50:31) Relayer Corps: we have 4 chairs?
(04/06 10:50:33) Ti'chelle: May I suggest we put out the vote for the GM first, then go from there?
(04/06 10:50:48) Relayer Corps: I think that is a good idea
(04/06 10:50:58) Relayer Corps: then the chairs won't get messed up
(04/06 10:51:03) Shimmerillion: if that's what everyone wants to do, that's fine
(04/06 10:51:06) Ti'chelle: The people who are not elected GM might become chairs that way
(04/06 10:51:08) Blade Lakem nods his head
(04/06 10:51:11) [Relayer] Kerryth: I'm sorry. Another phone call.
(04/06 10:51:45) Blade Lakem: GM first please
(04/06 10:51:51) Alderem: I think you can do it either way. If you wuold rather see one of the nominees for affiliate chair to instead be GM, don't vote for them as affiliate chair.
(04/06 10:51:57) Altydwarber: ok hold on, brb
(04/06 10:52:00) Relayer Corps: Shorah Anthony
(04/06 10:52:07) Alderem: You are all voting for a single chair member with this vote, from 3 nominees, right?
(04/06 10:52:18) Thend: Hello Anthony
(04/06 10:52:30) Relayer Corps: as I understand it, yes
(04/06 10:52:39) Shimmerillion: no. only lynnutte, anthony, and alty can vote. they can only vote for lynnutte, anthony, or alty
(04/06 10:52:50) Shimmerillion: but i think we are doing GM first now?
(04/06 10:52:52) Relayer Corps: I think we should
(04/06 10:53:03) (Crier)_Nanouk: am getting
(04/06 10:53:08) Relayer Corps: when Kerryth gets back
(04/06 10:53:08) To Anthony [St. Pat]: it is purely the affiliate heads for the affiliate chair
(04/06 10:53:15) Shimmerillion: ok thend are you ready to receive GM votes?
(04/06 10:53:16) To Anthony [St. Pat]: which is you, Alty and Lynutte
(04/06 10:53:24) Alderem: Then yes, I think we should elect the GM first because the majority of us may be frustrated if our preferred GM is put into a chair position.
(04/06 10:53:29) Relayer Corps nods her head
(04/06 10:53:31) Altydwarber: back
(04/06 10:53:40) _Narym_: hmm, the man has a point...
(04/06 10:53:50) Thend: Shim, for GM, everyone has a vote, correct?
(04/06 10:53:50) Alderem: I wasn't the first to say it :)
(04/06 10:53:53) Alderem: I'm just agreeing.
(04/06 10:53:59) Shimmerillion: thats what i would advocate, thend
(04/06 10:54:02) _Narym_: I wasn't paying attention ,then obviously
(04/06 10:54:07) Thend: Okay
(04/06 10:54:08) _Narym_: lol
(04/06 10:54:16) Shimmerillion: ok .... ready .... go ... lol
(04/06 10:54:26) Relayer Corps: I sent Thend my vote brb
(04/06 10:54:32) Thend: Let me remind you, when voting begins, no outside chat please
(04/06 10:54:43) Anthony [St. Pat]: wait
(04/06 10:54:53) _Narym_: Are we doing a GM vote now, then?
(04/06 10:55:01) Anthony [St. Pat]: TCT is still Talking
(04/06 10:55:20) From Shimmerillion: yes, GM is happening now
(04/06 10:55:22) Altydwarber: it is all confusing here
(04/06 10:55:30) Alderem: As Thend will be collecting the votes, let Thend say when to start PMing him. Anthony, does TCT have an issue with us casting votes for GM here, now?
(04/06 10:55:35) [Relayer] Kerryth: back
(04/06 10:55:45) Thend nods his head
(04/06 10:56:03) Anthony [St. Pat]: no just not this second
(04/06 10:56:06) _Narym_: so hang on
(04/06 10:56:22) _Narym_: WE're going to vote for the GM here, now, with the people who are here
(04/06 10:56:22) [Relayer] Kerryth: I'm trying to scroll back. Have we moved on to voting for GM then?
(04/06 10:56:28) [Relayer] Kerryth: Got it.
(04/06 10:56:31) Veralun: hi all
(04/06 10:56:32) [Relayer] Kerryth: Who are the nominees.
(04/06 10:56:36) Altydwarber: shorah veralun
(04/06 10:56:37) Veralun: sorry I am late
(04/06 10:56:43) Veralun: busy with video
(04/06 10:56:45) Shimmerillion: welcome veralun
(04/06 10:56:47) [Relayer] Kerryth: Shorah, Veralun
(04/06 10:56:56) Alderem: We are going to vote for the GM (GuildMaster/Mistress), here. We will then go to the chair positions.
(04/06 10:57:02) Ti'chelle: Hi Veralun
(04/06 10:57:12) Thend: Hello Veralun
(04/06 10:57:12) Relayer Corps: back
(04/06 10:57:17) Veralun: I got already updated
(04/06 10:57:21) Relayer Corps: Shorah Veralun
(04/06 10:57:21) Veralun waves hello
(04/06 10:57:22) Anthony [St. Pat]: ok we are ready now
(04/06 10:57:24) Thend: Alright, does everyone know what we're doing?
(04/06 10:57:27) Alderem: The chair position voting will be limited to those affected or 'under" that chair.
(04/06 10:57:41) Thend: One vote each, just the name of the GM you want
(04/06 10:57:47) Thend: No outside chat until I say
(04/06 10:57:54) Thend: Begin now
(04/06 10:57:59) [Relayer] Kerryth: To Thend? sorry
(04/06 10:58:03) Thend: Yes
(04/06 10:58:06) Thend: PM me
(04/06 10:58:14) To Shimmerillion: the GM can be anyone involved with the Guild?
(04/06 10:58:45) Thend: Everyone votes
(04/06 10:58:45) From Shimmerillion: well we took nominations earlier ... i am not sure if that still holds or not.
(04/06 10:58:56) To Shimmerillion: that was for the addiliate chair, wasn't it?
(04/06 10:59:02) To Shimmerillion: affiliate*
(04/06 10:59:10) From Shimmerillion: the GM nominees were me, lynnutte, and marten
(04/06 10:59:13) To Shimmerillion: oh
(04/06 10:59:16) From Shimmerillion: it didn't matter for my vote
(04/06 10:59:20) To Shimmerillion: I think everyon'es forgotten that
(04/06 10:59:26) From Shimmerillion: that's probably ok
(04/06 10:59:35) To Shimmerillion: Ant didn't know of those nominations, anyway
(04/06 10:59:52) From Shimmerillion: i think it's fine to leave the voting open
(04/06 10:59:56) To Shimmerillion: ok, cool
(04/06 11:00:09) Thend: I am contacting a few folks here, hold on
(04/06 11:00:27) To Shimmerillion: and was it two weeks in which the general populus can disagree with the results
(04/06 11:00:33) From Thend: Your vote?
(04/06 11:00:52) To Thend: Marten
(04/06 11:01:00) To Shimmerillion: woops, I forgot I could vote :P
(04/06 11:01:05) From Shimmerillion: something like that. we didn't decide for sure, just said we liked the way the gow did it
(04/06 11:01:18) From Shimmerillion: lol
(04/06 11:01:22) Thend: Shim, please confirm, who is up for being voted on for GM?
(04/06 11:01:40) Relayer Corps roars with laughter
(04/06 11:01:49) Shimmerillion: the nominees collected earlier were lynnutte, marten, and shimmerillion.
(04/06 11:02:01) Thend: Okay, one sec please
(04/06 11:02:06) _Narym_: But anyone is eligible, really, aren't they?
(04/06 11:02:14) Shimmerillion: of course
(04/06 11:02:19) Anthony [St. Pat]: well normally
(04/06 11:02:27) Alderem: "write in" votes. :)
(04/06 11:02:31) Shimmerillion: yup ;)
(04/06 11:02:35) Alderem: Now, shh, for Thend, please.
(04/06 11:02:35) _Narym_: its not like we have a massive pool to select from anyway :P
(04/06 11:02:44) Anthony [St. Pat]: lol
(04/06 11:03:50) Thend: Shim, re-confirm, Write-in's or not?
(04/06 11:04:00) Shimmerillion: write-ins are fine
(04/06 11:04:05) Relayer Corps: Donald Duck
(04/06 11:04:11) Relayer Corps: oops
(04/06 11:05:01) Thend scribbles out Donald Duck
(04/06 11:05:04) Relayer Corps: lol
(04/06 11:05:08) Altydwarber: :)
(04/06 11:05:10) Thend: Okay, I have all the votes..
(04/06 11:05:30) Thend: I will go over again from my Log of this, but will present the votes..
(04/06 11:05:39) Relayer Corps: do you need to take your shoes off to tally them?
(04/06 11:05:49) Thend: Shim, shall I only say the one with most, or 2nd, 3rd, etc
(04/06 11:05:59) _Narym_: lol Thend is pretty good at this suspense thing, isn't he?
(04/06 11:06:04) Shimmerillion: i would say just announce the one with the most
(04/06 11:06:05) Thend squints at RC
(04/06 11:06:05) [Relayer] Kerryth: lol
(04/06 11:06:05) Relayer Corps nods her head
(04/06 11:06:10) Anthony [St. Pat]: oh and what vote style is this
(04/06 11:06:14) Alderem: No hard feelings - just give the winner.
(04/06 11:06:17) Relayer Corps: it's killing me!
(04/06 11:06:25) Anthony [St. Pat]: plurality majority other
(04/06 11:06:36) Shimmerillion: most tallies?
(04/06 11:06:41) Relayer Corps nods her head
(04/06 11:06:41) Shimmerillion: :P
(04/06 11:06:41) [Relayer] Kerryth: Plurality
(04/06 11:06:53) Relayer Corps: thend is busy untieing his shoes
(04/06 11:07:00) Relayer Corps: untying
(04/06 11:07:01) _Narym_: evidently
(04/06 11:07:04) Thend: Just attempting to do it right
(04/06 11:07:07) [Relayer] Kerryth throws something at RC
(04/06 11:07:08) _Narym_: :P
(04/06 11:07:09) Thend: Okay, a tie
(04/06 11:07:10) Relayer Corps: how do you spell that?
(04/06 11:07:13) (Crier)_Nanouk: do not die on me RC, I do not want your job
(04/06 11:07:15) Relayer Corps: lol sorry
(04/06 11:07:22) Relayer Corps roars with laughter
(04/06 11:07:41) Thend: It's a Tie, what do I do now?
(04/06 11:07:43) Relayer Corps: a tie?
(04/06 11:07:47) Anthony [St. Pat]: lol
(04/06 11:07:48) [Relayer] Kerryth: A runoff?
(04/06 11:07:48) _Narym_: good grief
(04/06 11:07:51) Relayer Corps: Vote between the tie
(04/06 11:07:55) Anthony [St. Pat]: revote with only the two
(04/06 11:07:56) Alderem: Runoff, unless all votes were just for those 2.
(04/06 11:07:58) Shimmerillion: wow that's interesting
(04/06 11:08:06) Relayer Corps nods her head
(04/06 11:08:13) Relayer Corps: who is in the tie?
(04/06 11:08:15) Thend: So, announce the frontrunners?
(04/06 11:08:20) Anthony [St. Pat]: yes
(04/06 11:08:20) Shimmerillion: yes, go ahead
(04/06 11:08:22) Relayer Corps: YES!
(04/06 11:08:28) Thend: Lynet and Marten
(04/06 11:08:33) Relayer Corps falls over dead
(04/06 11:08:35) Ti'chelle cheers
(04/06 11:08:35) Shimmerillion: lol
(04/06 11:08:38) Shimmerillion cheers
(04/06 11:08:40) Alderem: Noo! Don't die!
(04/06 11:08:43) Relayer Corps: lol
(04/06 11:08:44) Altydwarber: ok that is one left
(04/06 11:08:47) Altydwarber laughs
(04/06 11:08:48) Relayer Corps: ok, I won't...yet
(04/06 11:08:50) [Relayer] Kerryth: Nanouk is worried
(04/06 11:09:02) (Crier)_Nanouk: very
(04/06 11:09:06) _Narym_: If Lyn is dead, MArten wins by default
(04/06 11:09:09) Relayer Corps: I'm not voting this time
(04/06 11:09:16) [Relayer] Kerryth: Well, that was simple. Next?
(04/06 11:09:18) Relayer Corps: I'm not dead just yet.
(04/06 11:09:23) Relayer Corps: lol
(04/06 11:09:23) [Relayer] Kerryth: Oops
(04/06 11:09:26) _Narym_: She's getting better :P
(04/06 11:09:29) Alderem: I'll abstain if Lynnutte abstains.
(04/06 11:09:30) Thend: Okay, one sec while I double check, but 95% certain
(04/06 11:09:50) _Narym_: yep, so everyone but Lyn and Marten votes for one or the other
(04/06 11:10:00) Relayer Corps: I am because I can't vote for myself, which means i really don't have a choice
(04/06 11:10:11) Anthony [St. Pat]: well they can vote too but its not changing anything
(04/06 11:10:18) Relayer Corps: so why vote/
(04/06 11:10:20) Relayer Corps: ?
(04/06 11:10:24) Shimmerillion: lol
(04/06 11:10:25) (Crier)_Nanouk: Is Thend the deciding vote....since we are eleven
(04/06 11:10:34) _Narym_: No, Thend isn't voting
(04/06 11:10:36) Ti'chelle: If Marten was here to vote it would be fair, but otherwise
(04/06 11:10:38) _Narym_: he's i,partial
(04/06 11:10:44) _Narym_: Alderem is Marten
(04/06 11:10:48) Alderem: I am here, :)
(04/06 11:10:55) Ti'chelle: Ohhh
(04/06 11:10:55) Altydwarber: :)
(04/06 11:10:59) Ti'chelle blush
(04/06 11:11:01) Relayer Corps: but Alderem can vote for himself
(04/06 11:11:05) Altydwarber: giggling
(04/06 11:11:06) Shimmerillion: lol
(04/06 11:11:08) _Narym_: yeah, but there's no point
(04/06 11:11:11) Relayer Corps: ok
(04/06 11:11:13) _Narym_: just both of you, don't vote!!! :D
(04/06 11:11:22) Relayer Corps: I'll shut up now
(04/06 11:11:22) _Narym_: Simplest solution
(04/06 11:11:32) Alderem: Thend will simply discount anything we PM him. Moving along. Thend, are you ready?
(04/06 11:11:33) Relayer Corps closes her lips tight
(04/06 11:11:34) Thend: It's confirmed
(04/06 11:11:47) Shimmerillion: ok, so a runoff?
(04/06 11:11:48) _Narym_: alright, Thend, are you ready to reveive run-off votes?
(04/06 11:11:48) Thend: Yes, vote on Marten and Lynet for GM
(04/06 11:11:53) Thend: Now
(04/06 11:11:55) Thend: OM me
(04/06 11:11:58) Thend: PM*
(04/06 11:12:01) To Thend: Marten
(04/06 11:13:29) Thend: Contacting a feww here now
(04/06 11:14:23) Thend: RC and Alderem are not eligible to vote, as I figured out lol. Tallying now
(04/06 11:14:53) Altydwarber grbs the drums......
(04/06 11:15:13) _Narym_ eats his ice cream.
(04/06 11:15:24) Relayer Corps starts beating on the drum
(04/06 11:15:45) Shimmerillion taps her foot
(04/06 11:16:07) Relayer Corps stops beating the drum and TRIES to be good. lol
(04/06 11:16:07) (Crier)_Nanouk: we should have invited a Bahro in case of a tie
(04/06 11:16:07) [Relayer] Kerryth meditates
(04/06 11:16:07) Relayer Corps: lol
(04/06 11:16:09) Relayer Corps nods her head
(04/06 11:16:20) _Narym_: Lol the one who isn't eaten by a Bahro wins
(04/06 11:16:22) Shimmerillion: whoever the bahro doesnt eat or steal wins
(04/06 11:16:26) Shimmerillion: lol jinx
(04/06 11:16:29) _Narym_: NO!
(04/06 11:16:30) Altydwarber: lol
(04/06 11:16:31) _Narym_: :(
(04/06 11:16:32) Anthony [St. Pat]: if there is another tie I say we go witrh anarchy
(04/06 11:16:37) Shimmerillion: LOL
(04/06 11:16:46) [Relayer] Kerryth looks around nervously for the bahro...
(04/06 11:16:46) Relayer Corps: I like anarchy
(04/06 11:16:50) Relayer Corps: goes well with chaos
(04/06 11:16:52) Alderem: If there is another tie and Thend hasn't voted, I say we let him break the tie, and he doesn't have to tell us.
(04/06 11:17:00) Shimmerillion: yeah i agree
(04/06 11:17:00) Relayer Corps: agreed
(04/06 11:17:00) _Narym_: lol
(04/06 11:17:06) [Relayer] Kerryth: sounds good
(04/06 11:17:06) Relayer Corps: no matter what Thend says
(04/06 11:17:07) Ti'chelle: Ohhh the pressure
(04/06 11:17:11) Anthony [St. Pat]: No anarchy
(04/06 11:17:18) Thend: It's confirmed absolutely..
(04/06 11:17:20) _Narym_: so, he doesn't tell us there was a tie at all, you mean?
(04/06 11:17:25) Relayer Corps: ?
(04/06 11:17:29) _Narym_: *sharp intake of breath*
(04/06 11:17:35) [Relayer] Kerryth: Yes.....?
(04/06 11:17:35) Altydwarber can/t stand it anymore
(04/06 11:17:38) Relayer Corps closes her eyes
(04/06 11:17:40) Thend: And, btw, well done on the second round, you all did great voting, went very smoothly :)
(04/06 11:17:44) _Narym_: lol
(04/06 11:17:48) Shimmerillion: practice makes perfect
(04/06 11:17:51) [Relayer] Kerryth: Go, us!
(04/06 11:17:53) _Narym_: Thend, stop taking pleasure in our pain
(04/06 11:18:03) _Narym_: juse tyell us already :P
(04/06 11:18:04) Thend: Marten is the new, I mean first GM of GoMe
(04/06 11:18:09) _Narym_ claps his hands
(04/06 11:18:15) Relayer Corps cheers
(04/06 11:18:15) Altydwarber cheers
(04/06 11:18:15) [Relayer] Kerryth claps her hands
(04/06 11:18:15) Ti'chelle claps her hands
(04/06 11:18:16) Relayer Corps claps her hands
(04/06 11:18:18) Altydwarber claps her hands
(04/06 11:18:21) Thend: Congrats, Mart-man
(04/06 11:18:21) Alderem: *embarassed* Um, thank you!
(04/06 11:18:23) Veralun: congratulations marten
(04/06 11:18:23) Alderem bows
(04/06 11:18:24) [Relayer] Kerryth: Congratulations, Marten!
(04/06 11:18:24) Shimmerillion cheers
(04/06 11:18:32) Relayer Corps: Congrats marten!
(04/06 11:18:35) Shimmerillion: congrats!
(04/06 11:18:36) Thend: I'll say it was very close
(04/06 11:18:36) Altydwarber: congratulations GM marten
(04/06 11:18:36) _Narym_: Now go stand on the imager and make a speech :)
(04/06 11:18:53) Shimmerillion: lol
(04/06 11:18:54) Alderem: I've not written one! :)
(04/06 11:18:54) Altydwarber: yeah... speech
(04/06 11:18:55) Shimmerillion: so how many months did this take us? .... lol
(04/06 11:19:04) Blade Lakem: Congrats!
(04/06 11:19:05) (Crier)_Nanouk: Bravo User friendly Smatman
(04/06 11:19:06) _Narym_: shh :P
(04/06 11:19:09) Relayer Corps: So, Marten is the new Grand high Poobah Guild master!
(04/06 11:19:11) Thend: Yeah, Marten is bad at thinking up things to say, give him a break
(04/06 11:19:27) Altydwarber runs off to the little girls room now
(04/06 11:19:27) Alderem: I don't think we did bad by waiting. If anything, making a decision like this at a time like this, ensures that the people involved are those with their hearts in the right place.
(04/06 11:19:27) Thend: ;)
(04/06 11:19:36) Ti'chelle: He can make a video speech for us.
(04/06 11:19:39) Shimmerillion: yeah, i was just kidding ;)
(04/06 11:19:41) Relayer Corps: I agree
(04/06 11:19:45) Blade Lakem: Hehe :)
(04/06 11:19:46) [Relayer] Kerryth: That was a nice speech.
(04/06 11:19:48) (Crier)_Nanouk: The best bathroom chair is ready for
(04/06 11:19:54) [Relayer] Kerryth: short
(04/06 11:19:54) Shimmerillion: lol
(04/06 11:19:54) Veralun: that is for sure marten
(04/06 11:20:00) Ti'chelle cheers
(04/06 11:20:01) Thend claps his hands
(04/06 11:20:04) _Narym_: lol
(04/06 11:20:05) Blade Lakem claps his hands
(04/06 11:20:20) _Narym_: are we going to move on to the other chairs now?
(04/06 11:20:26) Shimmerillion: i hope so coz i'm hungry
(04/06 11:20:28) Blade Lakem: please :
(04/06 11:20:28) Alderem: When Alty returns, you can continue into the Affiliate Chair voting, and I believe that you now have some more people to help vote in that.
(04/06 11:20:39) Relayer Corps nods her head
(04/06 11:20:48) (Crier)_Nanouk: brb
(04/06 11:20:53) Relayer Corps: so we have 4 chairs to vote on?
(04/06 11:21:02) Blade Lakem: we want to do another Chair while we are waiting?
(04/06 11:21:02) _Narym_: so its the same people who are nominees for the affiliates as before?
(04/06 11:21:19) _Narym_: actually, Blade, that's probably a good idea
(04/06 11:21:23) [Relayer] Kerryth: We could go ahead with that.
(04/06 11:21:24) Thend: Just let me know who is eligible to vote in each category
(04/06 11:21:34) Relayer Corps: Me, Alty, and Anthony?
(04/06 11:21:47) Shimmerillion: well the services group would currently stand: marten, me, lynnutte, and lial - but lial's not here
(04/06 11:21:48) _Narym_: We could Lisions on Services
(04/06 11:22:03) _Narym_: can we contact Lial out of cavern?
(04/06 11:22:12) Altydwarber: I'm back
(04/06 11:22:15) _Narym_: Marten's ineligble, now, isn't he?
(04/06 11:22:16) (Crier)_Nanouk: back
(04/06 11:22:30) Relayer Corps: Yes he is
(04/06 11:22:32) Blade Lakem: what are the services and who's in charge?
(04/06 11:22:33) Shimmerillion: ineligible for the position
(04/06 11:22:42) _Narym_: Actually, would Blade count as well?
(04/06 11:22:48) _Narym_: Myst Headlines?
(04/06 11:23:03) Shimmerillion: oh yes that's right. i was looking at the list on the web, but it doesn't include myst headlines yet
(04/06 11:23:07) _Narym_: I think we'd decided we would use it, we just hadn't worked out the technical stuff
(04/06 11:23:28) Alderem nods his head
(04/06 11:23:32) Shimmerillion: so: newsletter - lynnutte, website - me, headlines - blade, calendar - lial. marten for is ineligible.
(04/06 11:24:05) Thend: But Marten can vote still
(04/06 11:24:07) _Narym_: any others?
(04/06 11:24:12) Relayer Corps nods her head
(04/06 11:24:31) Shimmerillion: yes marten can still vote. that's all i can think of - are there any more i've left out?
(04/06 11:24:45) Thend: If Lial's vote is going to count, then he will have to contact me later, if the count necessitates it?
(04/06 11:24:56) Relayer Corps: She will
(04/06 11:25:03) Thend: Sorry, she
(04/06 11:25:05) Relayer Corps: lol
(04/06 11:25:10) Thend shrugs
(04/06 11:25:18) _Narym_: I can't really think of anything else...
(04/06 11:25:20) Shimmerillion: no one can vote for his/herself
(04/06 11:25:26) Thend: Okay, are we ready to vote then?
(04/06 11:25:30) Thend nods his head
(04/06 11:25:32) Blade Lakem nods his head
(04/06 11:25:33) _Narym_: Let's start tjhe vote
(04/06 11:25:40) Altydwarber: hold on for what do we vote now
(04/06 11:25:47) Relayer Corps: a chair
(04/06 11:25:48) Thend: Lynet, Marten?
(04/06 11:25:52) Relayer Corps: What?
(04/06 11:25:54) _Narym_: only Lyn, Marten, shimmer, Blade and Lial can vote
(04/06 11:25:59) Shimmerillion: wait - are we doing "peer voting" or "everyone voting"
(04/06 11:26:04) _Narym_: Marten is not eligible as a candidate
(04/06 11:26:08) Veralun: ah ok
(04/06 11:26:09) _Narym_: IT's the peer system, isn't it?
(04/06 11:26:15) Shimmerillion: thats what i thought, yes
(04/06 11:26:16) Thend: Lynet, Marten, Blade and Shim can vote
(04/06 11:26:20) Thend: Only
(04/06 11:26:22) Relayer Corps: so, me, shimmer, blade, and lial
(04/06 11:26:28) _Narym_: yes
(04/06 11:26:32) _Narym_: Only those people are vote
(04/06 11:26:38) Thend: And Marten
(04/06 11:26:44) Shimmerillion: yes
(04/06 11:26:45) _Narym_: MArten, Lyn, Shimmer, Blade and Lial
(04/06 11:26:51) _Narym_: but you can't vote for Marten
(04/06 11:26:56) Thend: Vote now
(04/06 11:28:24) Thend: Okay, votes are in...
(04/06 11:28:35) Relayer Corps: good. there were only 4. lol
(04/06 11:28:38) Thend: But I will need Lial's vote to proceed
(04/06 11:28:43) Relayer Corps: ok
(04/06 11:28:44) Alderem: Agreed.
(04/06 11:28:54) Shimmerillion: cool
(04/06 11:28:55) Thend: And that may necessitate a second vote between you all
(04/06 11:29:00) Relayer Corps: lol
(04/06 11:29:03) Alderem: Alright. :)
(04/06 11:29:11) Blade Lakem: who's going to contact Lial?
(04/06 11:29:11) Shimmerillion: well since there are only 5 we could even do the second vote over a PM in the forum
(04/06 11:29:24) Relayer Corps: I can try to
(04/06 11:29:29) Relayer Corps: just a sec
(04/06 11:30:06) _Narym_: ok
(04/06 11:30:10) Blade Lakem: you have Lial on IM?
(04/06 11:30:16) _Narym_: If we can get her now via IM, that would be awesome
(04/06 11:30:31) Thend: Yeah, would save hassle
(04/06 11:30:50) (Crier)_Nanouk: passes around the KoolAid, lemon like my
(04/06 11:31:02) Alderem: Alright. I'd like to confirm that my vote is not needed for any of the remaining positions to be elected today?
(04/06 11:31:16) _Narym_: um...
(04/06 11:31:18) Shimmerillion: unless there is a runoff
(04/06 11:31:29) Altydwarber: lol yes
(04/06 11:31:35) Blade Lakem: who are the 'liaisons'?
(04/06 11:31:46) _Narym_: Liaison, Marten
(04/06 11:31:47) Blade Lakem: and who votes for Reporters chair?
(04/06 11:31:47) _Narym_: you are one
(04/06 11:31:54) _Narym_: :P
(04/06 11:31:59) Shimmerillion: that is a good question. should it just be guild liasons, or all 4 listed on the site?
(04/06 11:32:01) Thend: Shim, confirm, in case of a tie in any chair, does Marten have deciding vote, or does there need to be a second vote?
(04/06 11:32:01) Alderem: I'll have to negotiate it later if needed then. I'm being pressured to go and get dinner at the moment.
(04/06 11:32:05) _Narym_: all, I think
(04/06 11:32:09) Shimmerillion: reporters may have to wait till we have reporters
(04/06 11:32:19) (Crier)_Nanouk: me liaison for Beyond Uru
(04/06 11:32:25) Shimmerillion: should be second vote in this instance
(04/06 11:32:27) Alderem: I don't think I should be making a deciding vote unless a group absolutely cannot determine it among themselves.
(04/06 11:32:29) Shimmerillion: since there is not an even number of voters
(04/06 11:32:30) _Narym_: I think we just continue with runoffs
(04/06 11:32:30) Thend: Understood Shim, thank you
(04/06 11:32:54) _Narym_: yeah, you can probably go, Grandmaster Marten :P
(04/06 11:32:57) Alderem: Right. Continue with runoffs. If you cannot decide it with runoffs... um... we can always flip a coin or something. :)
(04/06 11:33:02) Shimmerillion: farewell grand master
(04/06 11:33:03) Relayer Corps: Back. Message sent. What are we voting on now and do i need to vote?
(04/06 11:33:05) _Narym_: Just don't get too fat on the fruits of success :P
(04/06 11:33:14) Thend: GM Marten, you can do whatever you like lol
(04/06 11:33:14) Shimmerillion bows
(04/06 11:33:17) Relayer Corps: Bye Marten!
(04/06 11:33:23) _Narym_ bows
(04/06 11:33:26) Thend: You are poobah
(04/06 11:33:26) Ti'chelle: Go in peace GM
(04/06 11:33:27) [Relayer] Kerryth: See you later, Marten.
(04/06 11:33:28) Alderem: I wish that I could stay through the rest of the meeting. I will check for the chat log as soon as I'm back. Thank you everyone!
(04/06 11:33:29) Altydwarber: bye bye GM marten
(04/06 11:33:29) Ti'chelle kneels down...
(04/06 11:33:37) Alderem waves hello
(04/06 11:33:37) Veralun: CU Marten
(04/06 11:33:37) Thend: Seeya later Marten :)
(04/06 11:33:37) Alderem waves goodbye
(04/06 11:33:40) Relayer Corps: Bye Alderem
(04/06 11:33:42) Shimmerillion: bye
(04/06 11:33:54) (Crier)_Nanouk: oops somebody put CrasyGlue on Marten's
(04/06 11:34:02) Thend: I suggest voting on next chair
(04/06 11:34:05) _Narym_: can we maybe we can continue with another chair?
(04/06 11:34:10) _Narym_: lol beaten to it :P
(04/06 11:34:13) Altydwarber: lol
(04/06 11:34:14) Thend: ;)
(04/06 11:34:16) Shimmerillion: liason voters and nominees are: Nanouk, Szark, Kerryth
(04/06 11:34:16) Relayer Corps: I didn't realize Alderem was Marten
(04/06 11:34:18) Relayer Corps says DOH!
(04/06 11:34:27) Shimmerillion: oh oops Marten should have voted for liasons since he is gow liason
(04/06 11:34:30) Thend: What's with that, huh, RC? lol
(04/06 11:34:40) Relayer Corps: lol
(04/06 11:34:43) To Alderem: lol marten
(04/06 11:35:02) To Alderem: were you gonna vote for liaisons?
(04/06 11:35:07) Relayer Corps: well, we can send him a message and he can votwe later
(04/06 11:35:09) Thend: Is Marten still in Uru?
(04/06 11:35:17) _Narym_: I've just pmed him
(04/06 11:35:19) _Narym_: He might reply
(04/06 11:35:20) Relayer Corps: ok
(04/06 11:35:21) Thend: Okay
(04/06 11:35:34) Thend: Shim, moce to another chair, please
(04/06 11:35:38) Thend: move*
(04/06 11:35:39) _Narym_: nah, it must have been too late
(04/06 11:35:46) Thend nods his head
(04/06 11:35:48) [Relayer] Kerryth: Alderem is off line
(04/06 11:35:55) Shimmerillion: are we waiting for someone for affiliates?
(04/06 11:35:57) _Narym_: we can get that another time
(04/06 11:36:03) _Narym_: no
(04/06 11:36:11) Shimmerillion: affiliate nominees: lynnutte, alty, anthony
(04/06 11:36:14) _Narym_: Alty, Anthony and Lyn are all here
(04/06 11:36:16) _Narym_: do that vote now
(04/06 11:36:24) [Relayer] Kerryth: Go ahead with that one, then.
(04/06 11:36:32) Relayer Corps: Am I going to be needed any more? My time at Barnes and Noble is almost up and I need to head home soon.
(04/06 11:36:37) Relayer Corps: That's a yes then.
(04/06 11:36:41) _Narym_: lol
(04/06 11:36:52) Thend: Vote now
(04/06 11:36:59) Veralun: all?
(04/06 11:37:04) _Narym_: no, just those 3
(04/06 11:37:05) Shimmerillion: no, only those three
(04/06 11:37:10) Veralun: ok
(04/06 11:37:10) Shimmerillion: :)
(04/06 11:37:14) Thend: Just Alty, Anthony, and RC
(04/06 11:37:23) Shimmerillion: ah, narym, we must have matching minds
(04/06 11:37:31) To Shimmerillion: lol
(04/06 11:37:33) To Shimmerillion: we must do
(04/06 11:37:34) Relayer Corps: and we can't vote for ourselves. darn it. lol
(04/06 11:37:50) From Shimmerillion: i just realized i didn't send you a cavern couture. do you still want one? i can do it real fast tonight
(04/06 11:37:53) [Relayer] Kerryth: I'm being called away, I'm afraid.
(04/06 11:37:57) To Shimmerillion: yeah, go for it
(04/06 11:38:01) Relayer Corps: Bye Kerryth!
(04/06 11:38:03) From Shimmerillion: ok cool
(04/06 11:38:08) Altydwarber: bye kerryth
(04/06 11:38:12) [Relayer] Kerryth: I have to go off line for a while. See you later.
(04/06 11:38:13) Shimmerillion: bye kerryth!
(04/06 11:38:14) Ti'chelle: Bye Kerryth, see you later.
(04/06 11:38:15) To Shimmerillion: Jeff said he'd get me a PiM, but he hasn't sent it yet
(04/06 11:38:15) [Relayer] Kerryth waves goodbye
(04/06 11:38:21) Thend: Seeya Kerryth
(04/06 11:38:23) To Shimmerillion: So much content is being delayed again :(
(04/06 11:38:25) Relayer Corps: what do we do if there is a three way tie?
(04/06 11:38:32) Altydwarber: he he
(04/06 11:38:35) Anthony [St. Pat]: give up
(04/06 11:38:39) _Narym_: then we all cry
(04/06 11:38:39) Shimmerillion: er ... somebody change their vote
(04/06 11:38:43) Relayer Corps: Thend gets to vote!
(04/06 11:38:48) Shimmerillion: lol
(04/06 11:38:51) _Narym_: lol I'd pay that
(04/06 11:38:57) Relayer Corps: or we wait for the GM
(04/06 11:38:57) Relayer Corps: ?
(04/06 11:39:13) Relayer Corps: Hi wtchywmn
(04/06 11:39:14) Altydwarber: shorah wtchy
(04/06 11:39:18) wtchywmn: hello
(04/06 11:39:18) wtchywmn: :)
(04/06 11:39:19) Thend: Okay, what's all this talking about?
(04/06 11:39:21) Shimmerillion: lets wait and see. maybe it wont be necessary to worry about it
(04/06 11:39:37) _Narym_: we could always increase the number of reps from each affiliate, and make it that they can't vote for anyone from their org
(04/06 11:39:39) Relayer Corps: I want to see Thend vote on SOMETHING for once
(04/06 11:39:47) Altydwarber: lol
(04/06 11:39:49) _Narym_: the odds of not having a tie would increase
(04/06 11:39:54) Shimmerillion: true
(04/06 11:40:05) Relayer Corps: is the verdict in yet?
(04/06 11:40:07) Anthony [St. Pat]: lets see how the vote goes
(04/06 11:40:16) _Narym_: woops, sorry Thend
(04/06 11:40:17) Thend: Yes. Lynet for Affiliates Chair
(04/06 11:40:24) Shimmerillion claps her hands
(04/06 11:40:27) _Narym_ claps his hands
(04/06 11:40:28) Altydwarber claps her hands
(04/06 11:40:28) Thend claps his hands
(04/06 11:40:31) Ti'chelle claps her hands
(04/06 11:40:31) Relayer Corps bows
(04/06 11:40:35) Relayer Corps: ty
(04/06 11:40:36) (Crier)_Nanouk claps his hands
(04/06 11:40:36) Shimmerillion: congrats!
(04/06 11:40:37) _Narym_: Speech! Speech!
(04/06 11:40:43) Blade Lakem: congrats!
(04/06 11:40:46) Relayer Corps: Speech? Me?
(04/06 11:40:52) _Narym_: yes :_
(04/06 11:40:54) _Narym_: :)
(04/06 11:40:56) Relayer Corps: How much time do we have?
(04/06 11:40:57) Shimmerillion roars with laughter
(04/06 11:41:02) _Narym_: 10 seconds :_)
(04/06 11:41:05) Blade Lakem wants to ask a question...
(04/06 11:41:10) _Narym_: yes Blade?
(04/06 11:41:14) Shimmerillion: none, im still hungry
(04/06 11:41:15) (Crier)_Nanouk: you like to speak all the
(04/06 11:41:20) Relayer Corps: Ok, Am I still needed for voting? I need to go if not.
(04/06 11:41:33) Shimmerillion: you're good, lynnutte
(04/06 11:41:35) Relayer Corps: You have no idea Nanouk
(04/06 11:41:39) Blade Lakem: how does Lyn having that chair affect the Services vote?
(04/06 11:41:43) Relayer Corps: Ok ty. See everyone later.
(04/06 11:41:43) Ti'chelle: See you later Lynn
(04/06 11:41:45) Shimmerillion: she can't be services
(04/06 11:41:54) Shimmerillion: well, let me backtrack
(04/06 11:41:57) Shimmerillion: she can't be both
(04/06 11:41:57) Relayer Corps: I can still voite, but not get the chair
(04/06 11:41:59) Thend: Seeya RC
(04/06 11:41:59) (Crier)_Nanouk: bye Lynn
(04/06 11:42:12) Blade Lakem: Ah she could decide which she wants?
(04/06 11:42:21) Shimmerillion: yes, that would be fair
(04/06 11:42:42) Relayer Corps: Which chair did I get?
(04/06 11:42:49) _Narym_: Affiliate
(04/06 11:43:05) Relayer Corps: And what does that job entail?
(04/06 11:43:17) Altydwarber: to be online 24/7
(04/06 11:43:17) Shimmerillion: it's the same job for each committee -
(04/06 11:43:18) _Narym_: just representing all the affiliates
(04/06 11:43:20) Veralun: serving coffe
(04/06 11:43:25) (Crier)_Nanouk: lots of
(04/06 11:43:26) Shimmerillion: representing your peers at the council (or whatever we call it)
(04/06 11:43:28) _Narym_: and presumably to vote on any matters that need voting
(04/06 11:43:45) Relayer Corps: I'll take the chair I was voted into. Someone else can take the next one because the candidates are different.
(04/06 11:43:46) _Narym_: but anyway
(04/06 11:43:50) Anthony [St. Pat]: You need not worry TCT wont be loading you much
(04/06 11:43:55) Shimmerillion: lol
(04/06 11:43:55) Relayer Corps: lol
(04/06 11:44:03) Thend: Okay, we need to move along
(04/06 11:44:10) Thend: Shim, next chair?
(04/06 11:44:13) _Narym_: Thend, if Lyn is no longer eligible for the Services chair, dopes that resolve the vote?
(04/06 11:44:14) Relayer Corps: I will see everyone later. bye
(04/06 11:44:22) _Narym_: *does
(04/06 11:44:24) Shimmerillion: bye
(04/06 11:44:24) Thend: Seeya and congrats RC
(04/06 11:44:35) Altydwarber: bye bye lynutte
(04/06 11:44:45) Blade Lakem: bye lyn
(04/06 11:44:46) Altydwarber: yes congrats:)
(04/06 11:44:48) Shimmerillion: thend, does lynutte's affiliate chairship affect the services chairship?
(04/06 11:44:56) Shimmerillion: if so, that's one more taken care of
(04/06 11:45:00) _Narym_: I already asked that :)
(04/06 11:45:08) Shimmerillion: again with the jinxes
(04/06 11:45:13) Shimmerillion: !
(04/06 11:45:21) _Narym_: and then the only other chair would be reporters, which is more or less not applicable at this stage
(04/06 11:45:25) Thend: Shim, I shouldn't be asked, but I'd say she at least still gets to vote
(04/06 11:45:40) _Narym_: she does get to vote, but she can't win it
(04/06 11:45:46) Altydwarber: yes
(04/06 11:45:54) Blade Lakem: well, whomever voted for her would need to revote, no?
(04/06 11:46:02) _Narym_: hmm, this is true
(04/06 11:46:03) Thend: I guess, I only heard discussed GM not being able to hold two positions
(04/06 11:46:04) Shimmerillion: oh, i see, blade
(04/06 11:46:25) Altydwarber: the same goes for the chairs
(04/06 11:46:26) _Narym_: that's the same for all chairs, not just GM, Thend
(04/06 11:46:42) Thend: Okay, then yes, it might
(04/06 11:46:52) _Narym_: darn it
(04/06 11:46:56) Shimmerillion: do we still need to let lial vote though
(04/06 11:46:58) _Narym_: We''re missing people though...
(04/06 11:47:02) _Narym_: yes, we do
(04/06 11:47:04) Altydwarber: you can't st on 2 chairs on the same time
(04/06 11:47:08) Shimmerillion: right
(04/06 11:47:15) Thend: Is this confirmed, one cannot hold two chairs? And if so, then how would the order of the elections affect things?
(04/06 11:47:27) _Narym_: so we should just redo the vote outside the cavern later
(04/06 11:47:33) _Narym_: for Services
(04/06 11:47:36) Shimmerillion: since lynnutte chose the affiliates chair, that takes her out of contention for the services chair
(04/06 11:47:42) Shimmerillion: we should redo the services vote later
(04/06 11:47:45) Thend: Like, if Services was first voted on, it'd affect Affiliates process
(04/06 11:47:57) _Narym_: Well, we did GM first, cause that was the most important
(04/06 11:48:09) Thend: That's right Anrym
(04/06 11:48:09) Shimmerillion: right. it shouldn't be a problem with any other committees
(04/06 11:48:11) _Narym_: But I don't know if you can value the other positions in that way...
(04/06 11:48:14) Thend: Narym*
(04/06 11:48:28) Shimmerillion: and since lynnutte actively chose the affiliates chair herself, that solves the ranking issue
(04/06 11:48:37) Altydwarber: right
(04/06 11:48:42) Thend: Okay, if that is agreed upon
(04/06 11:48:48) _Narym_: yep, sounds good
(04/06 11:48:52) Veralun: agreed
(04/06 11:48:54) Shimmerillion: so redo the services vote
(04/06 11:48:57) (Crier)_Nanouk: ok
(04/06 11:48:58) _Narym_: so we redo the Services vote at a later date?
(04/06 11:49:03) _Narym_: cause we're missing voters now
(04/06 11:49:09) Shimmerillion: liasons are szark, nanouk, kerryth, and marten (vote only)
(04/06 11:49:25) Shimmerillion: yeah, i have to leave anyway but i think narym has a good hold on how it works ;)
(04/06 11:49:31) _Narym_: lol
(04/06 11:49:34) Shimmerillion: thanks for your impartial help, thend!
(04/06 11:49:37) _Narym_: so we're going to do Liaisons now?
(04/06 11:49:40) Shimmerillion: i'll see everyone later
(04/06 11:49:46) Blade Lakem: I was afk for a minute. What'd I miss?
(04/06 11:49:50) Altydwarber: bye shim
(04/06 11:49:52) _Narym_: with Martens vote to be added in later
(04/06 11:50:00) Thend: Okay, Services votes will be thrown out, and revoted
(04/06 11:50:02) _Narym_: um, I don't know
(04/06 11:50:12) _Narym_: yes, I think so
(04/06 11:50:15) Blade Lakem: For liaisons, we'd need Szark, no?
(04/06 11:50:22) (Crier)_Nanouk: ok for a later vote
(04/06 11:50:23) _Narym_: Oh darn, he's not here, is he....
(04/06 11:50:24) Veralun: yes
(04/06 11:50:26) Thend: I think so, from the results
(04/06 11:50:41) Thend: Probably Blade, yes
(04/06 11:50:45) _Narym_: well, we probably should leave that one too then, if we're missing 50% of the voting group
(04/06 11:50:57) Thend: Okay, what's the last actegory?
(04/06 11:51:11) _Narym_: Reporters, which is basically the miscellaneous group
(04/06 11:51:31) Thend: Persons being voted upon?
(04/06 11:51:32) Blade Lakem: There are no 'reporters' yet.
(04/06 11:51:40) Thend: And able to vote?
(04/06 11:51:40) Thend: Ah
(04/06 11:51:49) Blade Lakem: I think that's a 'to be determined'
(04/06 11:51:58) _Narym_: So are we agreed to defer Reporter voting to a later date?
(04/06 11:52:08) Altydwarber: yes
(04/06 11:52:08) (Crier)_Nanouk: agtee
(04/06 11:52:11) Blade Lakem: sure
(04/06 11:52:16) _Narym_: ok
(04/06 11:52:17) (Crier)_Nanouk: agree*
(04/06 11:52:24) _Narym_: I think one or two other things need to be sorted
(04/06 11:52:24) Thend: Okay, well this is how it stands...
(04/06 11:52:30) Thend: GM is Marten
(04/06 11:52:38) Thend: Lynet is Affiliates CHair
(04/06 11:52:50) Thend: Services votes to be entirely re-voted upon
(04/06 11:52:57) Thend: Liasons to be voted upon
(04/06 11:53:04) Thend: And Reporters up in air
(04/06 11:53:06) _Narym_: lol
(04/06 11:53:11) Thend: That's it, your ball now ;)
(04/06 11:53:15) Blade Lakem: wooo!
(04/06 11:53:17) Altydwarber claps her hands
(04/06 11:53:18) _Narym_: it took forever just to get those two votes :P
(04/06 11:53:21) Veralun: good one
(04/06 11:53:22) Thend: Well done folks
(04/06 11:53:30) Altydwarber: well done thend
(04/06 11:53:34) _Narym_: Thanks to Thend for hus generous help
(04/06 11:53:37) (Crier)_Nanouk: Thanks Thend
(04/06 11:53:38) _Narym_ claps his hands
(04/06 11:53:38) Veralun: thank you all
(04/06 11:53:46) _Narym_: Now, one other thing
(04/06 11:53:47) Ti'chelle claps her hands
(04/06 11:53:50) Veralun: well I am off
(04/06 11:53:50) Thend: Yeah, np :)
(04/06 11:53:55) Thend: Yes Narym?
(04/06 11:53:56) Veralun: CU all laters
(04/06 11:54:00) _Narym_: The way this sytem was going to work was, we vote for stuff now
(04/06 11:54:02) Altydwarber: bye veralun
(04/06 11:54:02) Ti'chelle: Nite Veralun
(04/06 11:54:05) Thend: Seeya Veralun
(04/06 11:54:08) Veralun waves hello
(04/06 11:54:11) _Narym_: and then place the results in a public forum for public perusal
(04/06 11:54:15) Altydwarber waves goodbye
(04/06 11:54:23) (Crier)_Nanouk: nite Veralun
(04/06 11:54:29) _Narym_: There would then be a cool down period for people to voice disapproval befoe the votes stuck
(04/06 11:55:07) _Narym_: Now, I realise we don't have everyoner here, but I think we need to sort this, and we have enough people to reach a consensus
(04/06 11:55:18) _Narym_: How long do we want this period to be. Two weeks?
(04/06 11:55:25) Blade Lakem: A week max
(04/06 11:55:31) Thend nods his head
(04/06 11:55:33) Altydwarber: yes
(04/06 11:55:34) _Narym_: Sounds good
(04/06 11:55:36) (Crier)_Nanouk: If hey had cared, they would have been here
(04/06 11:55:40) Anthony [St. Pat]: One Month
(04/06 11:55:41) Blade Lakem nods his head
(04/06 11:55:50) Thend doesn't really have a say, that was just an opinion nod
(04/06 11:55:51) Altydwarber: yes I agree no need for waiting
(04/06 11:56:05) _Narym_: Anthony says a month
(04/06 11:56:08) Blade Lakem: I think a month is too long.
(04/06 11:56:17) Altydwarber: that is much to long
(04/06 11:56:19) _Narym_: Can we have a compromise, maybe?
(04/06 11:56:43) (Crier)_Nanouk: two
(04/06 11:56:53) Anthony [St. Pat]: TCT needs the ablity to discuss this and it can't happen with our forums down
(04/06 11:56:53) Ti'chelle: I think that things need to get rolling. It can always be changed at alter date after the Guild is established and working
(04/06 11:56:53) Altydwarber: I think people are glad that thereare chairs now and don't reject it
(04/06 11:57:14) _Narym_: We can place a thread on the GoMe forum
(04/06 11:57:21) (Crier)_Nanouk: agree qith Alty
(04/06 11:57:26) _Narym_: Most active TCTers have Guild access
(04/06 11:57:30) Thend wants to ask a question...
(04/06 11:57:30) (Crier)_Nanouk: with*
(04/06 11:57:37) Altydwarber: yes?
(04/06 11:57:40) _Narym_: we can put it in an non-registration required area
(04/06 11:57:45) _Narym_: Yes Thend, your question?
(04/06 11:57:50) (Crier)_Nanouk: go Thend
(04/06 11:58:16) Thend: Just a point that will be brought up. What is the term, and is there any limits to be re-elected?
(04/06 11:58:26) _Narym_: Yes, I was going to come to that
(04/06 11:58:33) Thend nods his head
(04/06 11:58:56) _Narym_: I personally feel that the chairs should not allow for adjacent terms
(04/06 11:59:01) _Narym_: ie you can't have two in a row
(04/06 11:59:07) _Narym_: but that's just me
(04/06 11:59:09) _Narym_: thoughts?
(04/06 11:59:22) (Crier)_Nanouk: one year term
(04/06 11:59:41) Altydwarber: yes i think that is a good term
(04/06 11:59:49) (Crier)_Nanouk: for the first run,
(04/06 12:00:00) Thend: Personally, I've never seen anything wrong with rollover terms. If anyone wants change, then they vote that way, and if things are running smoothly, why change it?
(04/06 12:00:24) (Crier)_Nanouk: to be reviewed after one year
(04/06 12:00:29) Thend: Just an opinion
(04/06 12:00:47) To Anthony [St. Pat]: two weeks is sufficient, I think. We can get in contact with the main TCT people, and we can post something on the home page redirecting to the appropriate part of the GoMe forums
(04/06 12:00:53) _Narym_: anyone else?
(04/06 12:01:12) (Crier)_Nanouk: or sooner if a chair is left vacant
(04/06 12:01:19) Ti'chelle: Yes, I see no reason to limit to just one term of one year, maybe two or so.
(04/06 12:01:38) Thend: Ti, a lot can change in a year
(04/06 12:01:39) _Narym_: are we looking at a one year term?
(04/06 12:01:55) (Crier)_Nanouk: me vote yes
(04/06 12:01:59) Altydwarber: yes i think that that is the best way
(04/06 12:02:03) _Narym_: I reckon we should be looking at a shorter one, mysefl
(04/06 12:02:17) Anthony [St. Pat]: Well I have to go need to get back to repairs
(04/06 12:02:17) _Narym_: And then we can allow for multiple terms
(04/06 12:02:18) Ti'chelle: I'm sorry, I miss worded my statement, yes, I see now.
(04/06 12:02:24) Altydwarber: and if it all goes smoothly they can be revoted
(04/06 12:03:00) _Narym_: well, we're loosing people, so I don't think we're going to come to a consensus on that
(04/06 12:03:14) (Crier)_Nanouk: if someone sbmit a sbstancial petition, we could revote
(04/06 12:03:39) _Narym_: Can we for now work on a 2 week cooldown for votes?
(04/06 12:03:49) _Narym_: Term length will need more discussion, l;ikely on the forums
(04/06 12:04:13) (Crier)_Nanouk: ok for 2 weeks cool down
(04/06 12:04:24) Altydwarber: ok fine by me
(04/06 12:04:40) Ti'chelle: Is there a next meeting planned for after the shut-down?
(04/06 12:04:52) Altydwarber: no
(04/06 12:04:54) _Narym_: well, not one in cavern
(04/06 12:04:59) (Crier)_Nanouk: have not seen one yet
(04/06 12:05:02) Ti'chelle: Ahhh thanks Alty
(04/06 12:05:09) _Narym_: if an Until Uru arrangement starts up, we''ll arrange one ASAP
(04/06 12:05:16) Ti'chelle: well,,,hmmm I guess so.
(04/06 12:05:17) Thend: You are all welcome to hold meeting at the Explorer Community Center in Second Life
(04/06 12:05:19) Ti'chelle: haha
(04/06 12:05:22) _Narym_: if not, we'll probably try to do these things via IM, or IRC or something
(04/06 12:05:24) Altydwarber: i would say in two weeks on the guild of messengers forum
(04/06 12:05:28) _Narym_: or yes, via other MMOs
(04/06 12:05:32) Thend: Or I'm sure There can accomodate you, as well, if you wish
(04/06 12:05:41) _Narym_: Yeah, I'll handle summaries and minutes and forum posts
(04/06 12:06:01) _Narym_: yep, that's cool.
(04/06 12:06:06) _Narym_: Are there any other questions/comments?
(04/06 12:06:17) Thend wants to ask a question...
(04/06 12:06:18) Altydwarber: not for me
(04/06 12:06:22) _Narym_: Thend, yes?>
(04/06 12:06:47) (Crier)_Nanouk: no qqqqqqqquestions
(04/06 12:06:57) Thend: Would just suggest after you have the voting, etc out of the way, begin immediatley to establish a clear focus, especially in these times
(04/06 12:07:05) _Narym_: yes, definitely
(04/06 12:07:08) Thend: It will hold things together
(04/06 12:07:12) (Crier)_Nanouk: I am getting
(04/06 12:07:16) Altydwarber: yes agree
(04/06 12:07:26) _Narym_: We're trying to get a whole lot of news feeds and stuff online going, to spread news
(04/06 12:07:28) Thend: That's it from me. Thanks for allowing me to participate
(04/06 12:07:36) Ti'chelle: Well, thank you for accepting me back into the fold, wish I had said that earlier haha
(04/06 12:07:37) Altydwarber: yes me too nanouk it is here 03.10 now
(04/06 12:07:40) (Crier)_Nanouk: will try to find Thend in SL
(04/06 12:07:43) _Narym_: We're also going to look at A RElayer Corps rework to help connect other MMOs
(04/06 12:07:50) _Narym_: and a bunch of other stuff for a later date :D
(04/06 12:07:54) Thend: Cool. I will contact you all if anything comes up on my end, please feel free to do the same with me
(04/06 12:07:55) (Crier)_Nanouk: nect week
(04/06 12:08:08) _Narym_: anyways, if that is all, I will now officially close this meeting
(04/06 12:08:09) Thend: (Thend Destiny in SL, Thend in There)
(04/06 12:08:10) Altydwarber: ok thanks thend
(04/06 12:08:15) Thend nods his head
(04/06 12:08:15) _Narym_: Thanks all for coming
(04/06 12:08:23) _Narym_: and yeah, Thend, keep in touch
(04/06 12:08:24) (Crier)_Nanouk: welcome
(04/06 12:08:35) Thend: Seya all later. Take care
(04/06 12:08:43) _Narym_: shorah
(04/06 12:08:48) Altydwarber: well goodnight all see you later
(04/06 12:08:51) _Narym_: bye
(04/06 12:08:57) _Narym_: I'm heading off too
(04/06 12:08:57) Ti'chelle: Nite all
(04/06 12:09:04) _Narym_: Take care, all
(04/06 12:09:06) (Crier)_Nanouk: start a SL thread in GoMe
(04/06 12:09:20) ...Chat.log stopped.


2008, January 5th Chatlog: GoMe Meeting

Original thread can be found here:

(01/06 00:14:15) Chat.log started...
(01/06 00:14:22) Shimmerillion: then i've got a list of stuff after that
(01/06 00:14:27) Shimmerillion: lol oops
(01/06 00:14:35) Shimmerillion: so anyway that's the only update i have
(01/06 00:15:02) Shimmerillion: who's next?
(01/06 00:15:0 Veralun: do you know reCAPTCHA ?
(01/06 00:15:27) Shimmerillion: yes, and supposedly it's installed, but it's not doing a lot of good
(01/06 00:15:32) Veralun: nice yo implement in a forum against spambots
(01/06 00:15:44) Marten: Re> Ghaelen - she won't be able to attend, she just told me she's "Elbow deep in glaze".
(01/06 00:15:46) Veralun: it is a small help
(01/06 00:15:55) Veralun: ai
(01/06 00:15:59) Thend: Thanks Marten lol
(01/06 00:15:59) Crier for all: lol marten ok
(01/06 00:16:05) Shimmerillion: lol
(01/06 00:16:16) Shimmerillion: yes, i'm sure we'd have a lot more if we didn't have the captchas
(01/06 00:16:47) Marten: I think for avoiding the spambots, you've got to do what I suggested before; something that is sufficiently unique from other sites so there's no desire by spammers to tailor their system to hack it.
(01/06 00:16:57) Veralun: you can ask Tweek ot Amonre for advice
(01/06 00:17:25) Marten: The Great Tree hasn't had any spammers of which I'm aware, at all, since putting in a stupidly easy quiz question.
(01/06 00:17:42) Shimmerillion: yes, the quiz question is the mod i'm currently looking at
(01/06 00:18:05) Thend: 'What is the color of Marten's eyes?'
(01/06 00:18:09) Shimmerillion: lol
(01/06 00:18:11) Marten: LOL
(01/06 00:18:14) Crier for all starts to laugh
(01/06 00:18:1 Marten doesn't see any spammers here...
(01/06 00:18:1 Boogihn f'toogo: he he
(01/06 00:18:27) Shimmerillion peers into Marten's eyes ....
(01/06 00:18:46) Boogihn f'toogo: just in case, marten what color are your eyes?
(01/06 00:18:49) Marten: The combination to securing an account at the Great Tree forum is like the comination to Skroob's luggage.
(01/06 00:18:52) Thend snickers
(01/06 00:19:00) Crier for all sees that marten is getting red ears
(01/06 00:19:05) Marten: Hazel.
(01/06 00:19:12) Boogihn f'toogo: thx
(01/06 00:19:54) Shimmerillion: ok, so does anyone have any specific updates, or shall we move on to projects?
(01/06 00:20:34) Veralun: no update here
(01/06 00:20:37) Thend is here for the free donuts
(01/06 00:20:51) Shimmerillion: someone pass thend a donut
(01/06 00:20:51) Boogihn f'toogo: lol
(01/06 00:21:05) Boogihn f'toogo passes donuts and keeps the java
(01/06 00:21:10) Shimmerillion: ok, well one project we had mentioned was doing a sort of membership drive
(01/06 00:21:15) [Relayer]DMom_2000: Sorry, dinner was at that critical stir stage!
(01/06 00:21:2 Crier for all: lol
(01/06 00:21:34) Veralun: did you eat it?
(01/06 00:21:44) [Relayer]DMom_2000: No, lol it has to go into the oven next
(01/06 00:21:49) Veralun: ok
(01/06 00:21:51) Thend: Thanks Boog. Wb DM. And Shim, what's that about?
(01/06 00:22:29) Shimmerillion: well several of the affiliates, as well as gome itself, are short-staffed, so we thought it would be good to work as a team to recruit for everyone at the same time
(01/06 00:22:46) Thend nods his head
(01/06 00:23:09) Shimmerillion: We could pass around a KImail with the list of open positions and website
(01/06 00:23:23) Shimmerillion: any other ideas?
(01/06 00:23:41) Crier for all: it is mentioned in the GoMe newsletter but so far no response on that
(01/06 00:24:22) Crier for all: do you all have the gomenewsletter?
(01/06 00:24:32) Boogihn f'toogo: maybe a GoMe version of cavern job fair?
(01/06 00:24:32) Shimmerillion: no, i don't actually
(01/06 00:24:41) Shimmerillion: yes, boogihn
(01/06 00:24:53) Veralun: ty
(01/06 00:24:5 Shimmerillion: that's a good idea
(01/06 00:25:01) [Relayer]DMom_2000: i like the idea of a GoMe job fair
(01/06 00:25:05) Thend: I may need it, thanks. My KI is a mess
(01/06 00:25:19) To Boogihn f'toogo: sent it to all
(01/06 00:25:26) Crier for all: sent it to all
(01/06 00:25:39) [Relayer]DMom_2000: We are currently trying to see how many we have for the next season and probably will be recruiting again
(01/06 00:25:4 Shimmerillion: we might try a graphical flyer as well, just to diversify our advertising
(01/06 00:26:05) Thend: I think the GoMe Job Fair is a good idea. Have to watch events, though, space them out so they do not become too commonplace. But I think this at this time may justify it
(01/06 00:26:26) Shimmerillion: so do you guys think we should try this now, or would waiting for the next season mean we get better results (more people in-cavern)?
(01/06 00:26:2 Thend: I think the supposed 'Announcement' we are all expecting will have to come first, perhaps
(01/06 00:26:30) Shimmerillion: or both?
(01/06 00:26:41) Veralun: agree
(01/06 00:26:47) Crier for all: right
(01/06 00:26:51) Veralun: wait for the announcement
(01/06 00:26:55) Shimmerillion: ok
(01/06 00:27:01) Veralun: ppl are a bit lame at this moment
(01/06 00:27:02) Boogihn f'toogo: i am noticing more and more ppl incavern these days
(01/06 00:27:10) Shimmerillion: that's good
(01/06 00:27:15) Crier for all: ye indeed
(01/06 00:27:23) Thend: Once the Announcement happens, for better or worse, interest will spike. Depending, of course on the nature of it
(01/06 00:27:24) Shimmerillion: maybe we can pass around the KImail for now
(01/06 00:27:29) Shimmerillion: right
(01/06 00:27:35) Veralun: yep
(01/06 00:27:43) Boogihn f'toogo: and maybe start the hype about the job fair
(01/06 00:27:50) Thend nods his head
(01/06 00:27:57) Crier for all: good idea
(01/06 00:28:09) Shimmerillion: maybe we could have the job fair the same day the episode starts
(01/06 00:28:17) Boogihn f'toogo: oh no!
(01/06 00:28:20) Shimmerillion: that would give explorers something to do while they wait for news
(01/06 00:28:26) Crier for all: no don't think so
(01/06 00:28:31) Boogihn f'toogo: Maybe the day before.... lol
(01/06 00:28:3 Shimmerillion: lol ok
(01/06 00:28:41) Marten wants to ask a question...
(01/06 00:28:46) Shimmerillion: yes marten?
(01/06 00:28:47) Veralun: I do not know how it goes with the D'ni Games, but that would also a good oppertunity to profile us
(01/06 00:29:00) Boogihn f'toogo: Oooo yes, veralun
(01/06 00:29:00) Veralun: sorry
(01/06 00:29:02) Marten: I'd like to comment a little on the nature of recruiting volunteers.
(01/06 00:29:06) Thend: I think the Episode (if it happens) will be farther into the future. I say a Job Fair right after announcement and hype for GoMe, etc, then one directly before supposed Episode
(01/06 00:29:26) Shimmerillion: go ahead, marten
(01/06 00:30:01) Marten: One of the difficult things about getting volunteers is finding people who're passionate about what you're doing (this is how charities attract volunteers) and don't mind that the project isn't realy their own, or who see a way to help make it their own.
(01/06 00:30:45) Boogihn f'toogo: Marten you speak very wisely
(01/06 00:30:56) Marten: So, I would recommend emphasizing to potential people who want to work with the GoMe that we're open to bringing in new ideas and projects as well as looking for someone to help with existing projects.
(01/06 00:31:33) Marten: It's one thing with CCN that I really admire, they work well because they know they can't do each of their projects on their own, but they can work together and create synergy.
(01/06 00:31:52) [Relayer]DMom_2000 nods her head
(01/06 00:31:55) Veralun: right
(01/06 00:31:59) Crier for all: indeed
(01/06 00:31:59) Boogihn f'toogo:
(01/06 00:32:02) Marten: That's the end of my comment
(01/06 00:32:11) Shimmerillion: and a good one
(01/06 00:32:29) [Relayer]DMom_2000: I like Thend's suggestion of timing as well.
(01/06 00:32:34) Boogihn f'toogo: Shorah
(01/06 00:32:35) Crier for all: shorah mtigerv
(01/06 00:32:46) MTigerV: howdy floks
(01/06 00:32:52) Shimmerillion: welcome, mtv
(01/06 00:32:55) Shimmerillion:
(01/06 00:33:00) Boogihn f'toogo: Yes, not just one thing but a combo of things
(01/06 00:33:01) [Relayer]DMom_2000: Shorah
(01/06 00:33:07) [Relayer]DMom_2000 nods her head
(01/06 00:33:15) Shimmerillion: well, d'ni games start on the 13 - is that still correct?
(01/06 00:33:25) [Relayer]DMom_2000: As far as I know
(01/06 00:33:25) Veralun: yes
(01/06 00:33:45) Thend: I agree with Marten, and add that if an organization is seen as well-run, it goes a long way on the attracting front. I think GoMe has proven admirably itself on this account
(01/06 00:33:47) Veralun: I hope Dovahn or what is his name can realise all
(01/06 00:34:16) Boogihn f'toogo: He is certainly climbing uphill
(01/06 00:34:24) Crier for all: yes indeed they still need people
(01/06 00:34:32) Boogihn f'toogo: I hope he succeeds as well
(01/06 00:34:47) [Relayer]DMom_2000: Yes, those games can bring a lot of people together
(01/06 00:34:50) Boogihn f'toogo: To tell you the truth....
(01/06 00:34:52) Thend: Yes Veralun. From what I know of the 1st D'ni Games, it is an incredible challenge
(01/06 00:34:59) Shimmerillion: maybe we can "cover" the games, like ESPN here in the states - and have the announcer announce that videos or pictures will be available from the GoMe
(01/06 00:35:09) Boogihn f'toogo: If i didnt read the forums, i wouldnt know anything about the D'ni Games
(01/06 00:35:10) Veralun: yeah
(01/06 00:35:13) Thend: Shim, yes
(01/06 00:35:20) Veralun: I contacted rex havoc about this
(01/06 00:35:24) Shimmerillion: great
(01/06 00:35:35) Veralun: he is offering his help as much as he can
(01/06 00:35:49) Veralun: but Dovahn has to make the step to ask him
(01/06 00:36:02) Boogihn f'toogo: Ahhhh
(01/06 00:36:03) Thend: Same here Boog. But I have been out-of-the-loop for a bit for various reasons, so dunno how the Games have been promoted In-Cavern
(01/06 00:36:10) Veralun: which he did not yet
(01/06 00:36:14) Boogihn f'toogo: Not
(01/06 00:36:22) [Relayer]DMom_2000: i volunteered to be a referee an/or a crowd wrangler but am waiting to see if he is going to let us know where and what we have to do
(01/06 00:36:35) Crier for all: they have asked the Criers to bring the news in the cavern
(01/06 00:36:52) Boogihn f'toogo: Do we have a flyer yet?
(01/06 00:36:59) Boogihn f'toogo: Cfa?
(01/06 00:37:00) Crier for all: no not yet
(01/06 00:37:12) Veralun: to be hounest I think this need more preparation and time
(01/06 00:37:17) [Relayer]DMom_2000 nods her head
(01/06 00:37:23) Boogihn f'toogo nods her head
(01/06 00:37:31) Shimmerillion: i wonder if Samsbase or someone would be interested in broadcasting "live coverage" that we could plug
(01/06 00:37:43) [Relayer]DMom_2000: He has yet to have meetings with those who might have volunteered for positions
(01/06 00:37:47) Veralun: so if this fails now we have to try to do it later
(01/06 00:38:17) Thend: Veralun, yeah on the point that a major event cannot be stepped into lightly, organization-wise
(01/06 00:38:44) Veralun: I do not see it as my task but I think the GoME can play an important roll in this
(01/06 00:39:02) [Relayer]DMom_2000: from past experience, SuperGram puts a lot of effort, meetings and organization into her St. Patricks Day Parade
(01/06 00:39:21) [Relayer]DMom_2000: Same needs to be done with the Games
(01/06 00:39:26) Veralun: Is it an idea to ask her?
(01/06 00:39:31) Boogihn f'toogo: It seems like Dovahn might need an assistant
(01/06 00:39:3 [Relayer]DMom_2000: i dont think she would be interested in the games
(01/06 00:39:51) Veralun: no but I am thinking further
(01/06 00:39:51) [Relayer]DMom_2000: She is already looking at the Parade, lol
(01/06 00:39:55) Shimmerillion: well, we can't plan the games for him; all we can do is offer our services as gome
(01/06 00:40:02) Veralun: st Patricks parade etc
(01/06 00:40:2 Veralun: that is what I mean Shimm
(01/06 00:40:32) [Relayer]DMom_2000: She told me the other night that she will be contacting people for publicity etc.
(01/06 00:40:47) Thend: oops lol
(01/06 00:40:59) Shimmerillion: cool. well it sounds like even if we can't get it together in time for the games, the parade would be another good opportunity
(01/06 00:41:0 Thend hates his KI. Or at least really dislikes it
(01/06 00:41:14) Shimmerillion: lol
(01/06 00:41:30) Crier for all: lol throw it away
(01/06 00:41:31) Veralun: yes there are coming oppertunities enough
(01/06 00:41:44) [Relayer]DMom_2000: i have been nagging her because Relayers Hood want to be one of the hosting hoods this year!
(01/06 00:41:46) Thend: (I wish, Crier)
(01/06 00:41:53) Veralun: now we need the ppl to do this
(01/06 00:42:03) Veralun: as marten said
(01/06 00:42:06) Shimmerillion: lol and we're back to square one
(01/06 00:42:11) [Relayer]DMom_2000: Lol, and I nominated Biegalski for the Grand Marshal, lol
(01/06 00:42:30) Crier for all: lol
(01/06 00:42:5 Thend: Wait. Grand Marshal of St Pat's Parade? lol
(01/06 00:43:11) [Relayer]DMom_2000: Well, the REBELs will love it
(01/06 00:43:2 Thend: Maybe a deputy GM. I thought Rand was da guy?
(01/06 00:43:30) Shimmerillion: yeah they will
(01/06 00:43:42) [Relayer]DMom_2000: Though if she can get Greydragon or Rand again that would really be a draw
(01/06 00:43:56) [Relayer]DMom_2000: Depends on who she can get
(01/06 00:43:5 Thend: I think they have been all the other years
(01/06 00:44:00) Boogihn f'toogo: Is there a way to set up a recruitment activity in the greeters bevin or the beginners bevin?
(01/06 00:44:10) Shimmerillion: now theres an idea
(01/06 00:44:20) Boogihn f'toogo: To help some of the new explorers know about our guild?
(01/06 00:44:36) MTigerV: how about manning the table in kriel?
(01/06 00:44:39) [Relayer]DMom_2000: that would be interesting
(01/06 00:44:55) Veralun: like that idea MTV
(01/06 00:44:55) Boogihn f'toogo: If there were ever any ppl in Kirel
(01/06 00:45:02) Shimmerillion: yes, they could shoot them a brochure
(01/06 00:45:02) Boogihn f'toogo: It might attract some more ppl
(01/06 00:45:24) MTigerV: is it a constant place like the general city?
(01/06 00:45:30) Boogihn f'toogo: No
(01/06 00:45:3 Boogihn f'toogo: You have to intentionally go there
(01/06 00:45:41) [Relayer]DMom_2000: Though, GoG don't want extra stuff to distract the new folk, they could be directed to say, GoG2 or Beginners
(01/06 00:45:44) Thend: (Btw, suggestion on St Pat's coverage. First time I attended Rand was voicing to everyone over TeamSpeak. Last time, only organizers heard him there. I would say the excitement/interest level would be increased if everyone could hear/interact with him again like that first time)
(01/06 00:45:4 Boogihn f'toogo: That is why there needs to be something to draw ppl there
(01/06 00:45:52) Veralun: city is still the best place to recrute ppl
(01/06 00:46:01) [Relayer]DMom_2000: Beginners might be a good starting point...I see a lot come there looking for the orientations
(01/06 00:46:02) Crier for all: I would rather have it in the city at the tent on tokatah square
(01/06 00:46:14) Crier for all: that is a really good meeting point
(01/06 00:46:25) Shimmerillion: maybe we could ask for a minute at the beginning of each orientation, just to plug gome
(01/06 00:46:30) Boogihn f'toogo: Except that is a real playground area
(01/06 00:46:37) [Relayer]DMom_2000: Thend, it would have to be a hear only thing...otherwise he would be overwhelmed again
(01/06 00:46:40) [Relayer]DMom_2000: Lol
(01/06 00:47:05) [Relayer]DMom_2000: though it was fun talking with him <big grin>
(01/06 00:47:12) Veralun: also use the MOUL forum
(01/06 00:47:15) Thend: Crier, I agree. The Tent's a good place to utilize for that
(01/06 00:47:35) Boogihn f'toogo: that would have to be PM'd then
(01/06 00:47:45) Marten: You could ask the ResEngs if the guilds could put up some notices on their bulletin board. Say, let the greeters have a slide, maintainers and cartographers on another, writers and messengers on a third.
(01/06 00:47:46) Boogihn f'toogo: The tent area is a real playground....
(01/06 00:48:16) Thend: (DM, perhaps, but the first time TS was packed, but everyone could say Hi to Rand, and were very polite. Though, if nothing else, yes, everyone should at least hear him)
(01/06 00:48:1 Shimmerillion: marten, that's a fabulous idea! Or - we could create a generic "join a guild" brochure with a blurb, logo, and "how to get more info" on each one
(01/06 00:48:19) Crier for all: true but we need people and the meet there the most
(01/06 00:48:24) [Relayer]DMom_2000: i would like to see something on each Guild pub imager like that....most people will come through here at some point
(01/06 00:49:00) Boogihn f'toogo: I wonder how many ppl have been through here this past month?
(01/06 00:49:02) Marten: If the guilds co-promote each other it could build unity.
(01/06 00:49:10) Shimmerillion: yes exactly
(01/06 00:49:14) [Relayer]DMom_2000: i would love to have Rand say something over TS to everyone...that would certainly make it a special occasion for everyone
(01/06 00:49:21) Crier for all: hmm i hate to say it but not many come to the guild pub
(01/06 00:49:34) [Relayer]DMom_2000: Or he could go to a channel..but I think those are limited in numbers so that might be a problem
(01/06 00:49:40) Boogihn f'toogo: I would agree Crier
(01/06 00:50:24) Boogihn f'toogo: Maybe we should just have one conversation at a time here. Lets finish abut the parade plans and then come back to promoting the guilds
(01/06 00:50:34) Boogihn f'toogo: I am getting confused what to read.... lol
(01/06 00:51:00) Marten: Sorry! I thought we had moved on O.o
(01/06 00:51:00) [Relayer]DMom_2000: Lol, sorry. SuperGram is totally in charge of the parade...any suggestions, pm her.
(01/06 00:51:41) Marten: Right. The GoMe's involvement would be to follow what she asks of us.
(01/06 00:51:47) [Relayer]DMom_2000 nods her head
(01/06 00:51:52) Thend: (DM, various channels maybe. In any case, something for the Explorers to hear, at least. And yes, I was just suggesting here cause GoMe would be covering))
(01/06 00:52:00) [Relayer]DMom_2000: Trust me she has a handle on it, too!
(01/06 00:52:2 Thend: Sorry, Boog. I know. the chat went too fast for me lol
(01/06 00:52:43) Boogihn f'toogo is relieved .... whew
(01/06 00:53:20) Boogihn f'toogo: Thx guys
(01/06 00:53:34) Thend nods his head
(01/06 00:54:34) Boogihn f'toogo: I didnt mean to stop all conversation
(01/06 00:54:3 Crier for all: hehe
(01/06 00:54:45) Thend: I apologize. Please go on
(01/06 00:54:57) Boogihn f'toogo: I dont even know who was talking....
(01/06 00:55:01) Boogihn f'toogo: Or about what lol
(01/06 00:55:11) Veralun: st patricksday
(01/06 00:55:25) Veralun: you wanted to finish that
(01/06 00:56:06) [Relayer]DMom_2000: Well, any suggestions, just pm SuperGram...she knows who to contact and will probably do it once a season is announced
(01/06 00:56:25) Crier for all: so the plan for st patrickday is to pm SG for any help
(01/06 00:56:32) Veralun: yes
(01/06 00:56:44) Thend: I just wished to make a suggestion on the communication aspects, GoMe-wise, and did, that was it
(01/06 00:56:46) Shimmerillion: well, and i think it would be good for us to draw up a generic "event coverage" plan
(01/06 00:56:4 Veralun: after the big announcement
(01/06 00:57:02) Veralun: if there is one
(01/06 00:57:04) Thend: Good idea Shim. It could accomodate many events
(01/06 00:57:06) Shimmerillion: we might even want to practice on random stuff to get our system down pat
(01/06 00:57:12) [Relayer]DMom_2000: Relayers are working at consolidating resources....
(01/06 00:57:42) [Relayer]DMom_2000: We are going to redo the Buddy list since it is now so huge it is almost too hard to manage
(01/06 00:57:51) [Relayer]DMom_2000: also we have no way of knowing who is still active on it
(01/06 00:58:16) [Relayer]DMom_2000: we will be limiting the list to just one more accepting multiple avies to give new people a chance to get on it
(01/06 00:58:26) Marten: *nod*
(01/06 00:58:4 [Relayer]DMom_2000: also we are looking to see how many active Relayers we have so we can better allocate resources
(01/06 00:59:13) [Relayer]DMom_2000: personally....and this is my opinion...I would like to see going back to the hoods for more Relaying
(01/06 00:59:25) Thend: How so?
(01/06 00:59:2 [Relayer]DMom_2000: getting people to come together in the hoods
(01/06 00:59:51) [Relayer]DMom_2000: seems a lot are using the lists to find out where the DRC are and going there only
(01/06 01:00:3 [Relayer]DMom_2000: not sure how...we would love to station people in the subscription hoods so that people would know that they can just go there to have a relay but sometimes no one is there or only one or two
(01/06 01:00:54) MTigerV: i imagine it'd be difficult to convince people to do that
(01/06 01:00:55) Shimmerillion: that's another publicity question
(01/06 01:00:5 [Relayer]DMom_2000: yes
(01/06 01:01:19) [Relayer]DMom_2000: also if we have the numbers to cover hoods....we were spread pretty thin last episode
(01/06 01:01:46) Boogihn f'toogo: Only at the yeesha speech
(01/06 01:01:46) Crier for all: shorah gemini
(01/06 01:01:51) Veralun: shorah gemini
(01/06 01:01:55) Gemini: shora
(01/06 01:02:00) Gemini: h
(01/06 01:02:02) Boogihn f'toogo: And that was because very few had finished to k'veer
(01/06 01:02:06) Thend: Hello Gemini
(01/06 01:02:10) [Relayer]DMom_2000: lol, by the grace of I dont know what, we got someone in Kveer for that speech
(01/06 01:02:13) Shimmerillion: maybe you should set a couple of hoods that relayers always cover, so people know where to go ... or do you do that already?
(01/06 01:02:14) Gemini: hello
(01/06 01:02:17) Boogihn f'toogo: Shorah geminie
(01/06 01:02:26) Shimmerillion: shorah gemini
(01/06 01:02:35) Boogihn f'toogo: Gemini....sorry
(01/06 01:02:46) Marten: We were so lucky Leighana was there at the right time.
(01/06 01:02:47) Gemini: has the meeting started
(01/06 01:02:51) [Relayer]DMom_2000: we try Shim but it comes down to someone has to get to the action and the buddy list has been standard and you have to have others looking out where to go
(01/06 01:02:54) Thend nods his head
(01/06 01:02:57) Veralun: we have a meeting, but you can enjoy if you like
(01/06 01:03:07) [Relayer]DMom_2000: action can be anywhere so bunches of us sit in Nexus ready to jump
(01/06 01:03:34) Shimmerillion: true .. i just meant 2 hoods for listeners to gather in, while the rest of you go to the action
(01/06 01:03:51) [Relayer]DMom_2000: if we had the numbers we could have the ones to get to the various places to stand by for action, others in the hoods for relay and the one buddy list person
(01/06 01:03:53) Shimmerillion: but i don't really know how it works
(01/06 01:04:01) [Relayer]DMom_2000: true, Shim....
(01/06 01:04:11) Boogihn f'toogo: we had that many last episode dmom
(01/06 01:04:19) [Relayer]DMom_2000: we may be forced to pick just two or three hoods and say here we are.
(01/06 01:04:57) Thend: DM, do the Relayers have an ideal number of members they are shotting for? To cover things the way you want and/or have?
(01/06 01:04:59) [Relayer]DMom_2000: GoG2 is one of the ones I would pick for every episode to have a Relayer posted in
(01/06 01:05:01) Shimmerillion: yes, or 2 hoods and tokotah
(01/06 01:05:4 [Relayer]DMom_2000: well so much of it depends on who is available, what is going on... and everyone has RL stuff to deal with in the middle of it all, lol
(01/06 01:06:03) Boogihn f'toogo: Im sorry but i have to go
(01/06 01:06:04) [Relayer]DMom_2000: oh not the city...we are definitely not relaying in the city!
(01/06 01:06:07) [Relayer]DMom_2000 cringes
(01/06 01:06:09) Boogihn f'toogo: Is there a chatlog?
(01/06 01:06:14) Shimmerillion: bye, boogihn, thanks for coming!
(01/06 01:06:17) Crier for all: yes I started it
(01/06 01:06:21) [Relayer]DMom_2000: oh we got hammered for a relay in the pub
(01/06 01:06:21) Boogihn f'toogo: I will read the rest
(01/06 01:06:27) Boogihn f'toogo: Take care all!
(01/06 01:06:36) Veralun: bye
(01/06 01:06:37) [Relayer]DMom_2000: night Boogihn
(01/06 01:06:3 Crier for all: thank you boo see you
(01/06 01:06:52) [Relayer]DMom_2000: so we stick only to hoods
(01/06 01:06:59) Shimmerillion: lol i see
(01/06 01:07:22) Marten: Agreed.
(01/06 01:07:24) [Relayer]DMom_2000: and Greydragon said that we should not. Some feel it interferes with their game....hence the buddy list
(01/06 01:07:3 [Relayer]DMom_2000: but only hoods who have asked for us
(01/06 01:07:45) MTigerV: ould these pubs be another relay location to consider?
(01/06 01:07:52) Shimmerillion: you could use gome
(01/06 01:07:57) [Relayer]DMom_2000: though I have been in some where someone there starts relaying and that is ok too
(01/06 01:08:21) [Relayer]DMom_2000: no, MTigerV....that caused a problem when a relay was done from one of these pubs
(01/06 01:09:00) [Relayer]DMom_2000: someone felt that it interfered with his enjoyment of the game and complained. So we dont do that public places other than hoods that have requested us
(01/06 01:09:39) [Relayer]DMom_2000: if they have an issue they can take it up with the hood owners
(01/06 01:09:54) [Relayer]DMom_2000: it has worked out very well so far.
(01/06 01:10:42) Shimmerillion: well, i want to commend you guys for all the time and work it takes
(01/06 01:10:47) Shimmerillion: i think it's awesome
(01/06 01:10:49) Thend nods his head
(01/06 01:11:03) [Relayer]DMom_2000: Also as a sidenote......we are currently talking amongst ourselves about officially affiliating with the GoMe and will be letting you know, probably soon about that.
(01/06 01:11:16) Shimmerillion: we'd love to have you
(01/06 01:11:1 Shimmerillion:
(01/06 01:11:24) [Relayer]DMom_2000: lol, has been a lot of fun but also has been stressful at times...
(01/06 01:12:11) [Relayer]DMom_2000: I have NO idea why I got involved in it other than in RL I did something very similar and it was as much fun as this has been
(01/06 01:12:43) Shimmerillion: lol that's the only reason to do it
(01/06 01:12:52) [Relayer]DMom_2000: lol
(01/06 01:12:54) [Relayer]DMom_2000: yes
(01/06 01:13:23) Shimmerillion: well, i know i will have to go here in a few minutes
(01/06 01:13:4 Veralun: ok
(01/06 01:14:12) [Relayer]DMom_2000: I think Thend's idea of having recruitment once an episode is announced and then again after the episode has a lot of merit
(01/06 01:14:20) Marten: *nod*
(01/06 01:14:26) Shimmerillion: yes
(01/06 01:14:26) Crier for all: yes indeed
(01/06 01:14:37) Thend: Back to Marten's point of getting an Imager slide for each Guild in Beginners, sounds good
(01/06 01:14:4 Shimmerillion: in the meantime, maybe we can brainstorm ideas for the generic event coverage plan
(01/06 01:15:01) [Relayer]DMom_2000 nods her head
(01/06 01:15:05) [Relayer]DMom_2000: excellent idea
(01/06 01:15:22) [Relayer]DMom_2000: and I think Beginners is a great place for recruitment and such
(01/06 01:15:44) [Relayer]DMom_2000: and I like a city event
(01/06 01:15:46) Shimmerillion: yes
(01/06 01:15:52) Crier for all: yes
(01/06 01:15:53) Thend: Cool, Shim. And if anyone recruits in the City, maybe just a certain time each day, apart from the party times
(01/06 01:15:57) [Relayer]DMom_2000 misses the tent top
(01/06 01:16:05) [Relayer]DMom_2000: yes
(01/06 01:16:07) Thend does too
(01/06 01:17:21) Crier for all: maybe just as the criers do, we have each day a crier in the city for 2 hours to spread the newsletter
(01/06 01:18:03) Shimmerillion: Crier, what are those times?
(01/06 01:18:31) Crier for all: the usual times are 14.00 till 16.00 KI time
(01/06 01:18:37) Shimmerillion: ok thanks
(01/06 01:18:51) Thend: Crier, I'm wondering if maybe splitting that up, one 8 or 12 hours apart from eachother might accomodate more timezones?
(01/06 01:19:01) [Relayer]DMom_2000: thanks, I didn't know that
(01/06 01:19:42) Thend: Otherwise, those not on during those hours normally might always miss the news
(01/06 01:19:49) Crier for all: Yes we are trying to do so but the most are from USA and I'm the only one from Europe
(01/06 01:20:04) [Relayer]DMom_2000: lol, looks like recruitment is in order!
(01/06 01:20:13) Veralun: yep
(01/06 01:20:19) MTigerV: i'm sure you can find some night owl americans
(01/06 01:20:25) Thend: Seems to be the going issue
(01/06 01:20:40) Crier for all: hehe they found a night owl european
(01/06 01:20:42) [Relayer]DMom_2000: we need an "other time zone" recruitment
(01/06 01:21:00) Shimmerillion: lol
(01/06 01:21:36) Thend: I think for Europeans, around midday is okay, then one later at night USA
(01/06 01:22:05) Crier for all: yes that would be a great idea but we are shorthanded so far
(01/06 01:22:11) Veralun: early evening here that is noon Us is the best for europeans
(01/06 01:22:20) Thend: Understood completely Crier
(01/06 01:23:22) Thend: Again, we'll see what the Announcement brings. It could fill the Cavern, or, uhm, not so fill the Cavern
(01/06 01:23:32) Crier for all: my main avie is each day in the cavern and I noticed that 10.00 Ki time the most people are coming in
(01/06 01:23:39) Veralun: let us hope for the best
(01/06 01:23:43) [Relayer]DMom_2000: ditto
(01/06 01:23:49) [Relayer]DMom_2000: I am thinking they will
(01/06 01:24:14) [Relayer]DMom_2000: I got my letter here next to me to send to GameTap
(01/06 01:24:25) [Relayer]DMom_2000: so I plan on doing my bit....
(01/06 01:24:31) Shimmerillion: i sent mine awhile back
(01/06 01:25:11) Thend: I've had.. words, as well lol
(01/06 01:25:16) Shimmerillion: lol
(01/06 01:25:20) Crier for all: lol
(01/06 01:25:39) [Relayer]DMom_2000: I also emailed Lewin some time ago and he emailed me back
(01/06 01:25:59) Thend: Blake's been good about everything
(01/06 01:26:03) [Relayer]DMom_2000: yes.
(01/06 01:26:34) [Relayer]DMom_2000: I think this will go stuff is so complicated and you know they cant say anything until it is all completed
(01/06 01:26:50) Shimmerillion: agreed
(01/06 01:27:00) Crier for all nods her head
(01/06 01:27:01) Marten cheers
(01/06 01:27:24) [Relayer]DMom_2000: unfortunately for us, we are going to have to be patient and not chew at waggling hands....
(01/06 01:27:26) [Relayer]DMom_2000: lol
(01/06 01:27:29) Shimmerillion: lol
(01/06 01:27:37) Crier for all: lol
(01/06 01:27:40) [Relayer]DMom_2000: did I say that?
(01/06 01:27:55) [Relayer]DMom_2000: oops....
(01/06 01:27:56) Thend: It's the Blake aspect that concerns me. It's not about Season 2 for me as much as the continual call for subscribers, new and otherwise. I think Uru needs most of all growth. And, IMO, that calls for drastic actions
(01/06 01:27:56) [Relayer]DMom_2000: lol
(01/06 01:28:04) Veralun: it came from the right side of me
(01/06 01:28:39) Veralun: agree thend
(01/06 01:28:40) Crier for all: so true thend
(01/06 01:28:44) [Relayer]DMom_2000: well, one of the things I pointed out in my letter was the vast untapped bunch of Boomers who would love to know about MOUL
(01/06 01:28:46) Shimmerillion: sorry, i've been out of touch during the holidays. what is the blake aspect?
(01/06 01:28:50) Veralun: Uber fans promo's
(01/06 01:29:03) Marten: The "Blake" aspect is promotion of Myst Online.
(01/06 01:29:12) [Relayer]DMom_2000: also that advertising needs to be directed so they will see it....
(01/06 01:29:21) Thend: The ones for Hex Isle were funny, Veralun lol
(01/06 01:29:31) Crier for all: oh yes
(01/06 01:29:35) MTigerV: that guy who did those promo vids for osmo?
(01/06 01:29:37) Veralun: the same we need to do for Uru
(01/06 01:29:50) Veralun: maybe we can
(01/06 01:30:04) Veralun: yeah why not?
(01/06 01:30:16) Shimmerillion: why not
(01/06 01:30:23) Crier for all: yeah!!
(01/06 01:30:34) Shimmerillion: and a GoMe logo at the end!
(01/06 01:30:36) Shimmerillion: lol
(01/06 01:30:40) Veralun: yep
(01/06 01:30:45) Thend: Okay, Veralun, I'll work on the scripts - you get Rand's commitment to act in our promos lol
(01/06 01:30:51) Shimmerillion starts to laugh
(01/06 01:30:52) MTigerV: i know a guy in spokane with a van....
(01/06 01:30:57) [Relayer]DMom_2000: WOW has some great ads on TV with William Shatner talking about his avie on WOW so they are targeting that age group
(01/06 01:30:57) Shimmerillion roars with laughter
(01/06 01:30:59) Thend starts to laugh
(01/06 01:31:02) Veralun: will call Rand tonight
(01/06 01:31:03) Crier for all: lol that is the easy part
(01/06 01:31:1 [Relayer]DMom_2000: I nominate Thend to be the Uberfan!
(01/06 01:31:22) Veralun: but serious I am thinking about this
(01/06 01:31:24) Thend: Oh yeah DM, those are fantastic. You are in charge of getting Shatner then
(01/06 01:31:2 [Relayer]DMom_2000: lol
(01/06 01:31:43) [Relayer]DMom_2000: we need a celeb in the cavern....and NOT Brittany
(01/06 01:31:47) Shimmerillion: Veralun, I have some greenscreen that I was planning to edit into Uru landscape footage
(01/06 01:32:0 Veralun: great
(01/06 01:32:19) Shimmerillion: the mac i was using broke, though lol
(01/06 01:32:23) Veralun: I have a complete video from Cyan
(01/06 01:32:23) [Relayer]DMom_2000: lol can we get Mr. Shatner a free MOUL subscription?
(01/06 01:32:24) [Relayer]DMom_2000: lol
(01/06 01:32:27) MTigerV: green screen uru commericals....a million ideas just poped into my head
(01/06 01:32:46) Veralun: I can cut out some shots and make a promo like these Uber fans
(01/06 01:32:55) Shimmerillion: let's do it
(01/06 01:33:15) [Relayer]DMom_2000: I can see it now....."Weeeeee love you Raaaaaannnnnddd!"
(01/06 01:33:23) Thend starts to laugh
(01/06 01:33:24) Veralun is looking at Marten
(01/06 01:33:27) Crier for all starts to laugh
(01/06 01:33:37) Thend: Maybe we could get Weird Al or something
(01/06 01:33:40) [Relayer]DMom_2000: oh! OH!
(01/06 01:33:54) Crier for all: hahha Al bundy?
(01/06 01:33:55) [Relayer]DMom_2000: have the Relayers there relaying Rand to everyone!
(01/06 01:34:01) [Relayer]DMom_2000 roars with laughter
(01/06 01:34:49) [Relayer]DMom_2000: not funny?
(01/06 01:34:55) Veralun starts to laugh
(01/06 01:35:00) Veralun: oops
(01/06 01:35:06) [Relayer]DMom_2000: lol
(01/06 01:35:06) MTigerV: *crickets*
(01/06 01:35:11) Shimmerillion: lol
(01/06 01:35:13) [Relayer]DMom_2000: the silence was deafening....
(01/06 01:35:19) Shimmerillion: ok well i've got to go
(01/06 01:35:26) Crier for all: lol was thinking about it
(01/06 01:35:29) Shimmerillion: remember, forum might be down tonight or tomorrow
(01/06 01:35:32) [Relayer]DMom_2000: have a great nite Shim
(01/06 01:35:37) Shimmerillion: i'll see you all later!
(01/06 01:35:45) Crier for all: bye bye Shim
(01/06 01:35:45) Thend: Seeya later!
(01/06 01:35:50) Veralun: bye
(01/06 01:35:51) Marten: Goodnight SHim
(01/06 01:36:20) Veralun: MystMovie is online again
(01/06 01:36:26) Marten: That's good
(01/06 01:36:2 Crier for all: ooh great!!
(01/06 01:36:40) Marten: Do we have more topics to go over?
(01/06 01:36:43) MTigerV: i have a bad feeling about that...
(01/06 01:36:46) Veralun: now you need to fill in your name and password
(01/06 01:36:53) Thend: O.o
(01/06 01:36:59) Marten: o.O
(01/06 01:37:05) Thend: Not sure Marten. Covered a good bit though
(01/06 01:37:20) Crier for all: yes think so too
(01/06 01:37:33) Marten: May I fish for suggestions on one of my projects?
(01/06 01:37:36) Crier for all: i will put the log on the moul forum
(01/06 01:37:42) MTigerV: A New issue of the Archiver should be out tommorow
(01/06 01:37:49) Veralun: sure
(01/06 01:37:52) Thend: Sounds interesting Marten. And cool Tiger
(01/06 01:38:05) Crier for all: good tiger
(01/06 01:38:54) [Relayer]DMom_2000: I look forward to the Archivers
(01/06 01:38:56) Marten: A few months ago I started to develop a website, "". It's mission is to serve as an index to all sites of interest to Uru... not so much all of the rest of Myst, which is covered by Myst Embassy's Nexus, I think.
(01/06 01:38:57) [Relayer]DMom_2000: great stuff
(01/06 01:39:27) Crier for all: yes i have seen it, looking good marten
(01/06 01:39:52) Marten: doesn't have search functionality and isn't database driven yet, but I have started sorting content into categories; I'd like feedback on the categorization and if I've missed resources I should add.
(01/06 01:40:10) Marten: The hard thing to define is "How will users want to navigate the site..."
(01/06 01:41:22) Crier for all: well you could do live interviews in the cavern with some questions
(01/06 01:41:56) Marten: I've tried to accomodate users who may approach the site from guild hierarchy... and somewhat by play "interests' as well (puzzles vs ages vs story). Play style (IC/OOC) will eventually be added too if it goe well.
(01/06 01:42:13) [Relayer]DMom_2000: nice
(01/06 01:42:21) Crier for all: that is great
(01/06 01:42:3 Marten: Well, I thought I'd keep my surveying to just this group for now, solicit suggestions from a small group for whom "communication" is your forte.
(01/06 01:43:21) Crier for all: ok I will pay more attention to it and let you know
(01/06 01:43:37) Marten: If you have ideas, even to say the color makes your eyes bleed, please let me know; I can be PMed at MystOnline's forums or DRCsite.
(01/06 01:43:56) Crier for all: ok
(01/06 01:45:09) Marten: Are the top 7 categories good, are they logical?
(01/06 01:45:10) Crier for all: well do we have more subjects?
(01/06 01:46:06) Thend: Okay Marten. I'll look later and get back to you. That sorta stuff interests me, as well
(01/06 01:46:13) Marten: Thanks.
(01/06 01:46:25) Crier for all: yes i will too
(01/06 01:48:0 Crier for all: so is there nothing else to discus?
(01/06 01:48:20) [Relayer]DMom_2000: lol, seems not
(01/06 01:48:23) Marten: It would appear we're all messaged out.
(01/06 01:48:25) [Relayer]DMom_2000: lol
(01/06 01:48:31) Crier for all: hehe
(01/06 01:48:33) Gemini: may I ask a question
(01/06 01:48:35) [Relayer]DMom_2000: any ideas on the next meeting?
(01/06 01:48:37) Crier for all: sure
(01/06 01:48:42) [Relayer]DMom_2000: go ahead Gemini
(01/06 01:48:50) Gemini: how does one become a member of the GoMe
(01/06 01:49:5 Marten: I don't think there are any requirements aside from having an interest.
(01/06 01:50:10) Thend: And a shirt
(01/06 01:50:15) [Relayer]DMom_2000: or finding one of the affiliated groups and joining them
(01/06 01:50:24) Crier for all: true
(01/06 01:50:26) [Relayer]DMom_2000: whatever you are interested in
(01/06 01:50:36) Veralun: if you are interested you can visit : and become a member of the forum
(01/06 01:50:36) MTigerV: yes, the shirt is very important
(01/06 01:50:44) Gemini: I have the shirt
(01/06 01:50:54) Gemini: or else I couldn't get in here.
(01/06 01:51:01) Veralun: lol
(01/06 01:51:04) Thend: What are the current GoMe thingies? Criers, Relayers (unofficially)...
(01/06 01:51:04) Marten: Right. Most of the specific goals of the GoMe are met by groups that have already formed, but if other explorers have good ideas for additional purposes, that's great.
(01/06 01:51:0 Crier for all: well it only shows you support the guild of messengers
(01/06 01:51:13) [Relayer]DMom_2000: there are news organizations, the criers, the relayers etc pretty much anyone you might be interested in
(01/06 01:51:26) Veralun: you are very welcome to enjoy this group Gemini
(01/06 01:51:35) Gemini: where can I find info on these groups.
(01/06 01:51:51) [Relayer]DMom_2000: relayers are at www.
(01/06 01:52:06) Marten: ...
(01/06 01:52:0 [Relayer]DMom_2000: crier, are you at the same or do you have another site
(01/06 01:52:21) Thend: And, like Veralun mentioned
(01/06 01:52:26) MTigerV: The Cavern Today (podcasts, magazines)
(01/06 01:52:29) Marten: I don't think _that_ is on, DMom. *goes and checks*
(01/06 01:52:30) Crier for all: yes we are on the same website
(01/06 01:52:32) [Relayer]DMom_2000: yes. and the gom site
(01/06 01:52:42) [Relayer]DMom_2000: yes
(01/06 01:53:04) Marten: They have an entry in the translation page, but not on the indexes.
(01/06 01:53:06) Veralun: on that site you can find all the organisations who partipate
(01/06 01:53:06) MTigerV: and thends photobucket account...
(01/06 01:53:09) Gemini: is there info at these sites on how to join
(01/06 01:53:15) Veralun: participate
(01/06 01:53:25) Thend: Lol What Tiger? lol
(01/06 01:53:37) [Relayer]DMom_2000: yes, people are always looking for someone to participate and you can do what interests you
(01/06 01:53:3 Veralun: and ofcourse the Guild forums on MOUL
(01/06 01:53:51) Gemini: ok thanks.
(01/06 01:55:00) Gemini: I will leave you to close your meeting, thanks for letting me listen in.
(01/06 01:55:00) [Relayer]DMom_2000: So, do you think we should have another meeting as soon as we can once an episode is announced to make plans on what we want to accomplish?
(01/06 01:55:17) Thend: I'm thinking that might be a good idea, DM
(01/06 01:55:25) Thend: If eevryone could make it
(01/06 01:55:2 Veralun: I think it is good to have one soon after the announcment
(01/06 01:55:31) Marten nods his head
(01/06 01:55:56) Crier for all: or if nothing happens the first saterday of next month?
(01/06 01:56:25) Thend nods his head
(01/06 01:56:31) MTigerV: cursed nfl playoffs... I'll try to make that
(01/06 01:56:45) Veralun: well they cannot wait longer so I suppose an announcement will come soon
(01/06 01:56:52) Thend: Not like I can say or anything, but that all sounds good
(01/06 01:57:33) Veralun: and otherwise we will send Cyan some Uberfans
(01/06 01:57:3 Crier for all: hehe
(01/06 01:57:43) Thend: Heh heh Poor Rand
(01/06 01:57:46) MTigerV: I'll get the van...
(01/06 01:57:50) Veralun: yep
(01/06 01:57:57) Crier for all: lol
(01/06 01:58:02) [Relayer]DMom_2000: I got the cami makeup
(01/06 01:58:24) Thend: I have to go and do some uber stuff myself atm. Thanks for the meeting all, and seeya around
(01/06 01:58:31) Veralun: woooooot!
(01/06 01:58:34) [Relayer]DMom_2000: thanks for coming Thend
(01/06 01:58:3 Crier for all: ok thanks thend and bye
(01/06 01:58:40) Thend nods his head
(01/06 01:58:41) Veralun: thanks all
(01/06 01:58:45) Thend waves goodbye
(01/06 01:58:47) MTigerV: anybody free to help me with ahonay?
(01/06 01:58:4 Veralun waves hello
(01/06 01:58:51) Veralun: CU


2008, July 5th Chatlog

[07:04] Marten: I'm just trying to wake up. I think I'm ready. Shall we begin?
[07:04] Szark: k
[07:04] Lynnutte: If your ready. You're running the show
[07:04] blutec: yes please & goodmorning!
[07:04] nanouk: passes strong coffee around
[07:05] nanouk: next meeting in our Bevin ???
[07:05] Marten: OK. I'm going to run down the outline of topics for the meeting and then if there's time (like there ever is, LOL) afterwards, we'll maybe look at other topics
[07:05] Lynnutte: We can always hope
[07:05] Lynnutte: k
[07:05] Szark: k
[07:05] Marten: First, topic is GoMe jobs
[07:05] nanouk: kkk
[07:06] nanouk: all
[07:06] nanouk: jobs
[07:06] nanouk: all
[07:06] Marten: Szark and Nanouk discussed which should take on a role that I and some of the other GoMe chairs needed badly - someone to keep a weekly summary. Szark ended up with the job and has been doing a great job
[07:06] nanouk: give
[07:06] nanouk: all
[07:06] nanouk: the
[07:06] nanouk: jobs
[07:06] nanouk: to
[07:07] nanouk:
[07:07] Lynnutte: yes he has
[07:07] Szark: arr shucks
[07:07] nanouk: one
[07:07] Lynnutte: your the only reason I knew about the meeting. lol
[07:07] nanouk: bug
[07:07] *** Szark has signed off IRC (Quit: (Link:

) ajax IRC Client).
[07:07] *** shimmerillio has joined #GoMe.
[07:08] *** Szark has joined #GoMe.
[07:08] Lynnutte: Shorah Shimmer!!!
[07:08] Marten: Hey, Shimmer!
[07:08] Lynnutte: :D
[07:08] Lynnutte: WB Szark
[07:08] Marten: We were just starting while I embarassed Szark into disconnecting.
[07:08] nanouk: brb
[07:08] blutec: hi shimmer /wave
[07:08] Szark: Hi Shimmer
[07:08] Lynnutte: Just in time Shimmer
[07:08] *** nanouk has signed off IRC (Quit: (Link:

) ajax IRC Client).
[07:08] Lynnutte: lol
[07:08] Lynnutte: now nanouk is gone
[07:08] shimmerillio: hello all
[07:08] Szark: As I was trying to say thank you all
[07:09] Szark: before I was cut off
[07:09] Lynnutte: we must be starting a poofing party
[07:09] *** nanouk has joined #GoMe.
[07:09] Lynnutte: wb nanouk
[07:09] Szark: Marten lol
[07:09] blutec: wb nanouk
[07:09] nanouk: am back
[07:10] *** Narym has joined #GoMe.
[07:10] Szark: Hiya Narym
[07:10] blutec: hi narym /wave
[07:10] Narym: apologies all
[07:10] Lynnutte: Shorah Narym
[07:10] Marten: Ok. So, I was thinking that with the future site that Narym currently gets the job of building, that we could use a Wiki, and keeping track of weekly status information could go there. It would be easier for Szark to maintain (if he wants to keep doing the job), others could help improve information if they wanted to add or tweak something, and others could access the info instead of it just being a PM.
[07:10] *** nanouk has signed off IRC (Quit: (Link:

) ajax IRC Client).
[07:11] Marten: Just something I wanted to throw out there since it was related to the job Szark's doing.
[07:11] Lynnutte: sounds good to me
[07:11] *** nanouk has joined #GoMe.
[07:11] Lynnutte: Having poofing problems Nanouk?
[07:11] Szark: Wiki I would have to learn a lot more, I would need help
[07:11] nanouk: bug, buggy, bug
[07:11] Lynnutte: ah.
[07:11] Narym: yeah, I was actually thinking of suggesting a wiki for GoMe stuff
[07:11] Lynnutte: Sorry, can't help there Szark
[07:12] Narym: good that someone's beat me to it, though :P
[07:12] Narym: So is that something you want me personally to head up?
[07:12] Marten: Wikis are really easy to use, Szark. Dead simple. :) And, that takes me to the second job topic which is Assistant Webmaster. Narym is currently fighting with that. Narym, did you get Shimmer's questions last night?
[07:12] Narym: I think so
[07:12] * Marten might be a little behind on the discussion
[07:12] Narym: I responded via pm today
[07:13] Narym: essentially, I get an error message when trying to play with templates via the extensions menu, I believe it was
[07:13] Narym: I can't actually do anything
[07:13] Narym: though I may be in entirely the wrong place for doing that stuff anyway :P
[07:13] shimmerillio: by anything i believe you mean the css?
[07:14] Szark: Marten you say dead simple, but for me Wiki has been a nightmare of a learning curve
[07:14] Narym: well I was going to try and work from a base template rather than doing anything from scratch
[07:14] Szark: I am not affraid to take it on
[07:15] Narym: but I found that on trying to change what templates were installed, I couldn't do anything with that aside from uninstalling ones present
[07:15] Szark: i'll stop carry on
[07:15] Lynnutte: I suggest we let Szark continue to do the job the way he is comfortable with and let someone who know Wiki to transfer the info to it.
[07:15] Narym: I guess my question is whether I'm in the right place to be playing with the that, or whether you were intending for me to edit that stuff otherwise-ly
[07:15] Marten: Sounds like a plan.
[07:16] Szark: that not what I want Lynnutte sorry..................
[07:16] Lynnutte: or let someone teach Szark how to use Wiki'
[07:16] Szark: I do want to learn
[07:16] Lynnutte: Whatever you want Szark. It's your job
[07:16] Marten: Szark> When we get to the point of having the wiki, we'll worry about it then, we can teach everyone about it and you can decide what you'd like to do
[07:16] Szark: just that wiki help is awful to follow
[07:16] shimmerillio: i really think the onl thing that needs to be changed is the color, and tweaking the openng flash
[07:17] Lynnutte: I have never had the nerve to try Wiki myself. lol
[07:17] Szark: sounds like a plan thx
[07:17] Tailahr: Please include me in the Wiki tutorial when it happens. :)
[07:17] Lynnutte: Um... me too. lol
[07:17] Marten: I was afraid you'd gone to sleep Tai'! :)
[07:17] Szark: lol
[07:17] Tailahr: Nah, just lurking.
[07:17] Narym: ok, so just for clarification, where would I be fiddling with that sort of stuff?
[07:17] Szark: ok website sorry
[07:18] Marten: (BTW, everyone here, you know Tailahr? She became a good friend of mine during the later months of MOUL. Very helpful greeter who spent a lot of time hanging out in A Beginner's Bevin.)
[07:18] blutec: Spike you mean?
[07:18] Tailahr: hehe
[07:18] Narym: or you can pm/IM me, and we can continue the meeting without having to technical-ise everyones brains :P
[07:18] Lynnutte: You forgot to say all around nice person
[07:18] Marten: D'oh
[07:18] Tailahr: Ahhhh - where's the blush emote?
[07:18] shimmerillio: ok i'll take a look later and pm you
[07:18] Lynnutte: lol
[07:19] Narym: ok thanks
[07:19] Szark: Pleased to be meeting you Tailahr
[07:19] Marten: OK. Question about the website, Narym, have you had any discussions with Veralun about it? I know he also offered to help.
[07:19] Narym: Just that I was getting a specific error message when in the templates menu in the extensions panel, so I thought maybe something was up
[07:19] Narym: No, I've heard nothing from Veralun
[07:19] Narym: I'll chase him up, if you like
[07:19] Marten: You might want to send him a PM, yeah.
[07:19] Narym: One thing I do want to do is set up access for everyone else
[07:20] Narym: cause one of the headaches of the new site is going to bring all the content there up to date
[07:20] shimmerillio: is this it? "The Parameter-File /templates/td_dimje/params.ini is Unwritable!"
[07:20] Narym: no, I put it in the pm I sent on the forums
[07:21] Narym: anyway, so until we migrate fully, which, once I work out this headache together with shimmer, will hopefully be sooner rather than later, the best way may simply be for people to post twice
[07:21] shimmerillio: ok
[07:21] nanouk: hint "usergroup" Marten
[07:21] Lynnutte: post twice?
[07:21] Narym: So people post on the current site, copy the source HTML code, and paste it into the New site
[07:21] Lynnutte: once on each site?
[07:21] Lynnutte: ok
[07:21] Marten: And the last piece of the website puzzle is the RSS system. Blade was going to help integrate the Nexus into the GoMe, then he decided he could hand it over but didn't have time to actually work on it... Szark thinks wikis are hard, well, I think RSS is hard. Makes my brain hurt. I'm hoping we can get someone who knows RSS better to help, and we might want to recruit for that.
[07:21] Narym: and it saves us having to do it all once we move
[07:22] Marten: Nanouk: Yeah :)
[07:22] Narym: though it doesn't take very long to do so. I did about 20 or so in half an hour, but its one less detail to take care of at the last minute
[07:22] Lynnutte: good idea Narym
[07:22] Marten: When you say 'post twice' do you mean on a forum copy at the new site?
[07:23] Narym: Well, I want to give people some access to the Joomla admin panel
[07:23] Narym: these people would have enough access to create new 'items'
[07:23] shimmerillio: i think joomla automatically generates some sort of rss feed, but i have not looked into the specifics at all
[07:23] shimmerillio: if there is an rss person who wants to take over that is awesome
[07:23] Marten: Oh, Ok.... so you mean things that go to the RSS feed should also go onto Joomla, that kind of post twice?
[07:24] Narym: all they would need to do is fill out the form (which is a WYSIWYG form) and post it, like in the current form on the current website, and it would be posted
[07:24] Narym: yes
[07:24] Narym: I think that's what I mean :P
[07:24] shimmerillio: yeah, basically they would need to post it at messengers.sixpence and also at joomla
[07:24] Narym: as i said, merely to prevent a backlog of news posts and other items developing
[07:24] Marten: OK. What about the forum? :) Will the new website also have phpBB3, and will we do a db migration of the forum at the time of transition?
[07:25] Narym: while joomla is WYSIWYG, I just found it easier to copy the raw HTML code
[07:25] Narym: that's shimmer's thing, she hasn't coached me in that area yet :P
[07:25] shimmerillio: forum migration is pretty easy compared to getting the joomla up to date. if nothing else, i can always point the links right back to where the forum is now
[07:26] Marten: If we ever want to re-open the feed to public submissions, we'll need to inhibit raw HTML from being injected. But, I'm not certain if we ever want to go back to that anyway
[07:26] Marten: Something we can decide later I guess
[07:26] Narym: yeah, we also hhave to work out exactly how the public will submit stuff
[07:27] nanouk: dumb me is amazed
[07:27] Narym: I assume we wouldn't be permitting admin-level access like for GoMe submitters
[07:27] Narym: so there'd need to be a form like we had on the old site
[07:27] shimmerillio: better just figure out our stuff first
[07:27] Lynnutte: hey lost me when they started throwing letters out there. lol
[07:27] Marten: So, what I was saying above was that we should recruit for an RSS expert. There might be someone at TCT who can help, but we can ask the community in general.
[07:27] Marten: Narym> Yeah.
[07:27] Narym: Shimmer, have you spoken to Bert_2?
[07:28] Narym: He said he could possibly lend a hand
[07:28] Narym: and I'm sure he'd be able to sort out RSS woes
[07:28] shimmerillio: i could be wrong, but i think any registered member (or at least some low level) can submit articles, which are basically the same as news posts for our purposes
[07:28] shimmerillio: i haven't spoken to anybody in like 3 months :P
[07:28] Marten: Next topic. Szark and Nanouk have been canvasing the forums, doing a very good job... but it's a lot of forums to cover. And they're posting announcements all over, but I doubt they also have the time to -read- all of those sites they're visiting.
[07:28] Lynnutte: well why not shimmer? lol
[07:29] Lynnutte: don't be so anti-social. lol
[07:29] Szark: I do
[07:29] shimmerillio: lol
[07:29] Szark: I check new posts every day
[07:29] Lynnutte: I check forums too
[07:29] nanouk: have only a few to cover and easy to read
[07:30] Szark: All 29 every day morning and night
[07:30] Tailahr: Wowsa!
[07:30] Lynnutte: Wow. I don't check that many
[07:30] Narym: Can you set auto-notifications when people reply to your threads on many of those forums?
[07:30] blutec: o man, and you can sleep?
[07:30] Marten: I have about 5 sites I check myself - MOUL, Mystcommunity, Messengers, Great Tree, and UO. I can't handle more. I don't know how you do it Szark
[07:30] Lynnutte: We need to start calling you Super Szark!
[07:31] nanouk: no need, do check a few times every day
[07:31] blutec: Szuper Szark!
[07:31] Lynnutte: lol
[07:31] Szark: Some yes Narym
[07:31] Szark: Time to burn
[07:32] Szark: I do have something to say on this matter
[07:32] nanouk: even have time for fighting around Moul's forums
[07:32] Lynnutte: shoot
[07:32] Marten: My thinking is this... some of these sites, they are their own communities, like the Alpha Blue folks... it might make things easier on Szark if some of these sites had their own "representatives".
[07:32] Szark: As I have said before I don’t mind doing the work, I just don’t want to be organising other people, apart for maybe in the future, when I might need help with the update, so I don’t mind being responsible for something, I give in. Lol.........
[07:32] Szark: No problems with me doing all this posting but it is putting eggs in one basket, we do need back up, just in case they put a straight jacket on me and take me away...........
[07:32] shimmerillio: lol
[07:33] Tailahr: I was just thinking the same thing, Marten. If they have something they want to get out, let them come to you.
[07:33] Narym: Problem: People are lazy ;)
[07:33] Marten: But, I'm just trying to figure out how to make Szark's job a little easier, not interfere with it if he feels comfortable with it already :)
[07:33] Szark: But it will be a fact that not everyone that we recruit will be reliable enough to get the job done continuously; as long as I am here and able, so problem far as I can the moment..........
[07:33] Szark: As long there is no more responsibility than that. I don’t mind keeping an eye on my list and update it etc. End
[07:33] Narym: I think I posted this elsewhere, but if you want people from outside this dedicated group to pitch in, you need to remove as many barriers to communication as possible
[07:33] Tailahr: Good point, Narym.
[07:34] Lynnutte: yes
[07:34] Narym: You need to make it as easy as possible for them to get news to you, so they're more likely to care enough to do anything
[07:34] Marten: Can you elaborate on where you see some barriers, Narym?
[07:34] Narym: Traditionally, for say The Archiver, one problem has been the issue of registering on a new forum
[07:34] Szark: But but some site will get posted on and some wont maybe for days
[07:34] nanouk: have same problems wi5th my ex french and Italians forums at this time
[07:34] Narym: NDAs are obligatory for behind-the-curtain access, which is another hurdle
[07:35] Marten: (Szark> Yeah, the quiet forums probably aren't too much trouble.)
[07:35] Narym: most people don't care enough to try that hard to be involved. After all, it is all volunteer stuff
[07:35] shimmerillio: i don't think there is any good way of having them post. maybe shoot an email to us
[07:35] Szark: I do see your point NArym but I can see problems that is all
[07:35] shimmerillio: eiher that or let szark keep doing his thing
[07:36] Narym: But we've recently instituted a 'freelancer' practice, whereby people can pitch me articles, or send me completed copy directly, usually via MOUL, which has resulted in a bunch of people pitching in
[07:36] Tailahr: What if they could use the old-fashioned method of e-mail? Just send their article or info to one person?
[07:36] Lynnutte: I vote for letting Szark to keep on keeping on.
[07:36] Lynnutte: He's done a great job so far
[07:36] Narym: It still probably needs to be the one contact person, though
[07:36] * Tailahr types too slow
[07:36] Marten: Narym, by "the issue of registering on a new forum", do you mean individuals from TCT have had difficultiy registering on other forums, or those who might bring you news balk at registering an account on TCT just because it's yet another forum?
[07:36] Narym: Just to keep it simple
[07:36] Lynnutte: lol
[07:36] Narym: ...stupid :P
[07:36] Szark: But we are just talking about posting announcements and the like that is all?
[07:36] Narym: the latter, Marten
[07:36] shimmerillio: or we can set up a "send your news here" email and szark can check it. then if he falls off the face of the planet someone else can check it
[07:37] Narym: but when we removed that barrier, it enticed more people to help
[07:37] nanouk: will try the pm idea
[07:37] Marten: Yes. And the GoMe submit news area doesn't need registration either. But, I'm not certain that people always know that; they see "forum" and think "must register" and run away
[07:37] Tailahr: But, that's still a forum they have to be registered to - if they aren't already.
[07:37] Narym: I think requiring people to interact with us via forums when it comes to informing us of news is generally a bad idea, unless its registration free
[07:37] shimmerillio: gome news submit doesn't need registration NOW. it will injoomla
[07:38] shimmerillio: even then i don't think they would. it's another password and username to remember
[07:38] Narym: I use MOUL for my freelance level correspondance simply because nearly everyone has an account there
[07:38] Tailahr: E-mail also makes them feel like a real person is going to read it.
[07:38] Szark: Ok I try to clarify If we get a really good announcement and the posting is split up to a half dozen or more people.....
[07:38] Marten: See, my thought is that the current system where people can post to the forum without needing an account is nice; we pick it up and post it to the feed provided that it isn't spam.
[07:39] Szark: some wil get posted and some will not or might be 2 or 3 days later.
[07:39] Szark: it only take me 2o odd minutes to post 29 sites
[07:39] Narym: I agree Marten
[07:39] Lynnutte: Could we use Szark for people to send new to?
[07:40] Lynnutte: Then there is no registration and they know a person will look at it
[07:40] Marten: Szark, that is true, we've had some posts sit for days before they got into the feed because, I guess, each of us with posting ability looked at it and thought, "I'm a little busy now, I'm sure another person with access with do it"
[07:40] Lynnutte: news to...sorry
[07:40] Narym: Could we structure it as a press release form?
[07:40] Marten: Er, will do it
[07:40] Narym: so a person from X site mails us a tip
[07:40] Narym: we read it, sign of on it as newsworthy
[07:41] Narym: and mass mail it to all our forum/site contacts A through Z, and they post it themselves on their individual sites
[07:41] Narym: that way its only one mail that Szark has to do
[07:41] Tailahr: Is the GoMe's overall system of relaying information posted anywhere?
[07:41] Narym: but then it relies on people at the other end doing their jobs, which we have no control over
[07:41] Lynnutte: Not that I know of Tai
[07:41] Szark: no Tailahr I was going to point that out
[07:41] Szark: cheers
[07:42] Tailahr: Perhaps people might be more inclined to participate if they knew how it worked and where they might best fit in.
[07:42] Marten: Perhaps a compromise is to let people register to submit news without needing an approval step, and then have an in-box like you're all saying, e-mail and/or a forum to submit news without registration but it goes into our queue, and we assign one person the role of checking that box once daily and if nobody else has posted it already, the once-daily person knows it's their job to post it if it's relevant.
[07:42] Lynnutte: that is something we need to correct
[07:42] Marten: Agreed... but that kind of goes back to the "website in transition" problem doesn't it? :)
[07:42] blutec: i would like to see some kind of form or example how to (post news, tip)
[07:42] Lynnutte: that means that one person also has to check the validity of the news story
[07:43] Narym: like this, you mean? (Link:

[07:43] Narym: its out of date though
[07:43] Szark: I have some template ideas I will get them together for the new site if you want
[07:43] Marten: Lynnutte> I think most stories we don't have to worry about validity. It's just a few here and there. Maybe we can come up with a strategy for those exceptions.
[07:43] blutec: lost me there right away, it looks like a lot of work, lol
[07:44] blutec: (at naryms url)
[07:44] Lynnutte: We had a problem once before about the validity of a news story
[07:44] Lynnutte: I just don't want to go through that again
[07:44] Marten: Yeah. I personally think it will be pretty clear when we have a "rumor" vs a "story", but if it makes you feel better we can develop guidelines on verification.
[07:44] Narym: Valid news: 1. Of interest to the public, or in the public interest
[07:45] Lynnutte: that would make me more comfortable
[07:45] Narym: 2. It is new, or contains a new element or angle
[07:45] Marten: I just think it's overkill that if I hear there's a party in XyZZy Bevin, that we need to go call someone and make sure there's really a party there
[07:45] Narym: 3. Has verifiable sources
[07:45] Lynnutte: I was thin king more about news about Cyan
[07:45] Lynnutte: not a party
[07:45] Narym: Depends on the criticalness of the news
[07:45] Lynnutte: ys
[07:45] Narym: parties don't really need to be double and triple checked
[07:45] Marten: OK, so there's a beginning guideline. :) There are specific types of news we may want to put to a higher level of scrutiny.
[07:46] Narym: Cyan stories probably need to be run past Cyan
[07:46] shimmerillio: i would strongly suggest that everybody wait till joomla is up before making decisions on the workflow, as that will depend on what joomla is capable of. unless you want to use the forum, which you already know how that works.
[07:46] Marten: Shimmer> *nod*
[07:46] Szark: k
[07:46] Lynnutte: agreed
[07:46] shimmerillio: anybody that wants to help narym get joomla ready is more than welcome
[07:46] shimmerillio: i'm looking at the css right now
[07:47] Narym: which is another thing I was going to ask Shimmer: Do you want/need someone else to have access to the current site backend at the present time?
[07:47] Marten: Speaking of the FAQ (since Narym brought it up), there is an update for that in Narym's hands, and by the time it gets posted it'll probably need another update. *heheh*
[07:47] Narym: I suppose it all depends on the ETA for the new site
[07:47] nanouk: me out of joomla....full lost
[07:47] Lynnutte: lol
[07:47] Narym: yeah, I was goign to send that to Shimmer, but you've been busy, and I didn't want to bug you about it
[07:47] Szark: behave
[07:47] Narym: And I had no idea when you'd be back ,either :P
[07:47] shimmerillio: thanks
[07:48] Narym: but that's another reason why I was wondering about someone else having access to the current site
[07:48] Lynnutte: that's a good idea
[07:48] shimmerillio: yeah, here's the thing. I'm good for short periods of time with specific goals (such as, fix the css because narym can't), but i am not good for long extended, on-call type stuff
[07:49] Narym: cause then they could post an updated FAQ, and then you wouldn't have to be on-call all the time for stuff like that
[07:49] Tailahr: It's good to know everyone's strengths and weaknesses.
[07:49] shimmerillio: as you all know, i'm moving to japan on the 26th and i have no idea what life will be like
[07:49] Narym: and could fix the technically borked things that I can't do
[07:49] shimmerillio: yes
[07:49] Marten: I know that I'll be interested in hearing what life is like there, shimmer :)
[07:49] Narym: but I CAN update pages, fiddle with Joomla to an extent, manage usergroups, etc
[07:49] shimmerillio: lol
[07:49] Lynnutte: me too
[07:49] shimmerillio: narym, i think that would be a perfect balance
[07:49] *** Szark has signed off IRC (Quit: (Link:

) ajax IRC Client).
[07:50] Marten: Shall I move on to the next topic?
[07:50] shimmerillio: well i'll keep you all informed :D
[07:50] *** Szark has joined #GoMe.
[07:50] Lynnutte: Do we know anyone that can fill that position?
[07:50] Narym: At least in Japan you know there'll be the Internet :D :P
[07:50] Lynnutte: that might be willing to?
[07:50] Marten: which position?
[07:50] Narym: WEll, I'm happy to be an assistant webmaster
[07:50] nanouk: Japan to USA/ IPhone bills very
[07:50] Lynnutte: for th wb stuff
[07:50] Lynnutte: web
[07:50] Narym: but having Bert as some sort of consultant would be welcome
[07:50] Lynnutte: forum
[07:50] Lynnutte: whatever
[07:51] Narym: Cause he's much more technically proficient than I am
[07:51] Marten: In addition to Narym now? I think Narym is capable of recruiting more help :)
[07:51] Narym: I just don't know how much time he'd be ready to spare, that's all
[07:51] Szark: brb
[07:51] Lynnutte: kk just checking because i know I'm clueless
[07:51] shimmerillio: brb
[07:51] Narym: WEll, obviously I would need to give admin access to any helpers
[07:51] Narym: do I have that kind of level access, shimmer?
[07:52] Narym: lol @ Lyn
[07:52] Narym: I'm almost just as clueless, don't worry
[07:52] Narym: especially at this time
[07:52] Narym: its only the caffeine keeping me awake ;)
[07:52] Lynnutte: sure you are. At least you know what Joomla is
[07:52] Narym: lol
[07:52] Marten: Narym, pile up the questions and send them to shimmer in a PM or e-mail :) We really should continue
[07:52] Narym: You will too, once I give you some access
[07:52] Lynnutte: kk
[07:52] Narym: yep, already on it MArten ;)
[07:53] Narym: Move along
[07:53] Marten: OK Escape Pods
[07:53] * Lynnutte zips her lips...for now
[07:53] Marten: WeUntil "MORE" is back online,
[07:53] Marten: Whoops
[07:53] Lynnutte: huh?
[07:53] Szark: Q: Should we be doing this now, that we are about to venture into MORE? Or are we going to continue up to the point of MORE going online? End
[07:53] Marten: We've seen a big surge of people back onto the MOUL forums, but until "MORE" is online, I expect we'll still have quite a bit of folks staying in the "escape pod" communities
[07:54] Lynnutte: I agree
[07:54] Marten: Great Minds Think Alike, Szark
[07:54] blutec: yes, and it should be, to warm the leavers and newcomers
[07:54] Narym: I think it's worth keeping links to these places anyway
[07:54] Lynnutte: And yes, we should continue until it starts and adapt after
[07:54] Narym: some will stay without coming back
[07:54] Marten: Yep
[07:54] Narym: and we may bring in new people via those links
[07:55] shimmerillio: back
[07:55] Narym: *stay in the escape pod games
[07:55] blutec: links as in linking pins in escape pods or urls?
[07:55] Narym: our links with people in the Escape pods
[07:55] Narym: which I assume is what Marten is heading towards
[07:55] Marten: Yes
[07:56] Tailahr: Turnover is natural.
[07:56] Marten: Tai has been helpful in getting news into Second Life, for example... and Thend too. And who did the relay? I never did find out. Was that you Lynnutte?
[07:56] Tailahr: Melodilynn
[07:56] Lynnutte: Mel did it
[07:56] Marten: Ah ok
[07:56] Szark: relayers rock
[07:56] Lynnutte: we had a relayer in the Mystonline chatroom too
[07:57] Narym: lol you see, you guys still have a big job to do :)
[07:57] Marten: Can you share their name? :)
[07:57] Lynnutte: :D
[07:57] Lynnutte: Zedra]
[07:57] Marten: *thumbsup to Zedra*
[07:57] Lynnutte: And lucky enough they agreed
[07:58] Szark: lucky day
[07:58] Lynnutte: we tried to relay in There too, but couldn't
[07:58] blutec: how is newsspread in SL for example?
[07:58] nanouk: Zedra is a great person. Would fit good in GoMe
[07:59] Marten: OK. I understand that Thend would like to... uh, have more responsibility in conveying news into SL. 'course, the way news moves, once we post it in one place, usually it has a ripple effect and it can be posted many other places before our own members can get there. Szark has seen that happen. I've had times where I posted something, sent an e-mail to Tai, and she'd already heard it from someone else.
[07:59] Lynnutte: they met at the community center for the relay
[07:59] Lynnutte: Yes she would
[07:59] Tailahr: Thend sends out a notecard to the Explorers Community Center group every day.
[07:59] Lynnutte: Other announcements are sent to people
[07:59] Marten: Relaying in There would be something best accomplished the way Dagda handled things in Teamspeak. In Voice.
[07:59] Szark: lol
[07:59] blutec: is it an subscription?
[07:59] Tailahr: And, then post it on a screen inside the Center.
[07:59] Lynnutte: Yes it would Marten
[08:00] Lynnutte: We may have to set something like that up
[08:00] nanouk: loved Dagda in TS
[08:00] Lynnutte: Me too. Made it easy for me to follow while organizing things
[08:00] Szark: blutec no is the asnwer
[08:00] Tailahr: Dagda found out that the channel had a limit of 16, though.
[08:01] Lynnutte: it would be different in There
[08:01] nanouk: yep, sad
[08:01] blutec: so could considere to be spamming the news in SL, or is it ok?
[08:01] blutec: news as spam i mean not spam the news
[08:01] Lynnutte: SL has a range limit for typing.
[08:01] Lynnutte: You can only see chat from those near you
[08:02] Marten: News in SL ... basically, you either see it on a virtual bulletin board, or anyone who is part of a group (such as "D'ni Explorers") may get messages broadcast to them by someone in the group.
[08:02] Narym: Can you run multiple channels?
[08:02] Narym: I suppose it means multiple people...
[08:02] Tailahr: As for SL, I think Thend's ECChain newsletter is good, but it only goes to the smaller group. For really important news, it needs to be sent to the D'ni Refugees group - the largest there.
[08:02] Marten: A single SL account supports membership in up to 25 groups
[08:02] Lynnutte: I agree
[08:03] Marten: Ok. Tai', rather than bypassing Thend, if you get news before he does, and he is around... could you hand it to him? And could you emphasize your feelings about sending to the D'ni Refugees group?
[08:03] Tailahr: So, we should encourage anyone who wants to receive a regular, daily report to sign up for the ECC group, and make sure that the really important stuff gets out to the larger group - and Thend won't do that.
[08:03] * Tailahr types too slow - again!
[08:03] Marten: He won't do that... ?
[08:04] Lynnutte: won't do what?
[08:04] Marten: I think we're on pages close to each other. We'll get there.
[08:04] Tailahr: Won't send it to the D'ni Refugees group.
[08:04] Lynnutte: I wonder why?
[08:04] Marten: I'm guessing there has been discussion on this matter already?
[08:04] blutec: (won't do we dont undertsand lol)
[08:05] Tailahr: So, I suggest sending the general info to Thend for his newsletter, but if it's really important, I can send it to the D'ni Refugees.
[08:05] Marten: OK. Would you prefer that we declare whether we think it's ECC or everyone information, or leave it to you or Thend to make that decision?
[08:06] Lynnutte: Could we give it to both?
[08:06] Marten: I mean, we think that all of our information is important! LOL
[08:06] Tailahr: Perhaps I should write something up, encouraging people to sign up for his group if they want to get the news.
[08:06] Lynnutte: lol]
[08:06] Szark: lol
[08:06] shimmerillio: if thend wants to be the conduit, it sounds like he needs to send info to everyone... isn't that most efficient?
[08:06] Marten: That might be a good approach, Tai'
[08:06] * Lynnutte nods
[08:07] Marten: shimmer> Yeah, but he might also be taking the "high road" that he doesn't want to spam people.
[08:07] shimmerillio: hm
[08:07] Marten: I think Tai' may have a good compromise. Remind people that they're going to miss out on news if they /aren't/ in ECC.
[08:07] Tailahr: I should send out something, giving them all the good sources for news, and if they don't follow up, then, do we just leave them out?
[08:08] Tailahr: Question is, are we providing a service to the reader or advertising MORE?
[08:08] Lynnutte: 'If you inform them where to get the news, then the ball is in their court
[08:08] Marten: I think you might have to do just that, Tai'. *nods w/ Lynnutte*
[08:08] Narym: I like to think we're journalists operating in the world of Uru.
[08:09] Lynnutte: Me too Marym
[08:09] Tailahr: So, when we have a cavern re-open date set and a place to sign up, THEN I'll make sure it gets out to EVERYBODY. Until then, they'll have to seek the sources themselves.
[08:09] Narym: So, we report with integrity on major issues, act as a bit of an advertising agency, but are usually advertising MORE merely as a matter of course
[08:09] Szark: amd Me Marym lol
[08:09] Marten: We're not a marketing team. We're journalists like Narym says. Our readers are our customers. Advertising.... Cyan would be our customer, and readers would be targets.
[08:09] Narym: becuase we operate in this world, we incidentally expose this world to the Real world to see
[08:09] blutec: (me gets nerves... a journalist? me, no... crier ok, assembler ok lol)
[08:10] Narym: WEll, like any newsagency
[08:10] Narym: not everyone is a journalist
[08:10] Narym: you also need peopel to keep the logs turning
[08:10] Narym: and peopel to just get news out there rapidly and efficiently
[08:10] Lynnutte: blutec, criers were more like advitisers
[08:10] Tailahr: You would not believe how many people don't even read the stuff they're offered.
[08:10] Marten: Tai> I think you have a good solution there. Two sets of "global" messages. One to tell people where to look for interim news. A second to say "Cavern is now open" when it happens.
[08:11] Marten: People don't read stuff if they're deluged by it
[08:11] Lynnutte: I agree
[08:11] Narym: what he said
[08:11] Tailahr: Exactly.
[08:11] nanouk: me was no advertizer.
[08:11] Lynnutte: only deluge when the cavern opens. lol
[08:11] Narym: Strike a balance between hiding your news away from people, and shoving it down their throats
[08:11] Szark: Well how about this approach.....“Want MORE out of UrU? Then we are looking for you!â€.......
[08:12] Szark: “We are looking to expand our services and we would like the community’s help. We are looking for prospective GoMe Community liaisons to communicate news to the GoMe, and to share information from the GoMe......
[08:12] Narym: don't be afraid to tell people stuff, just know when to back off ;)
[08:12] Szark: If you think that this sounds like you, then please apply to the GoMe. Life time free membership guaranteedâ€; or something like this. End
[08:12] Tailahr: Pssst - as for Thend, he has to be fed the news; doesn't seek it out, to my knowledge.
[08:12] Lynnutte: I like that Szark
[08:12] nanouk: more like a friend doing small talk
[08:12] Marten: That's why I'm thinking it's easiest to give the news to you Tai, since you actually read your e-mail... and you can hand it to Thend so he can feel good about sending it out.
[08:12] Lynnutte: Sounds like a good ad for the newsletter
[08:13] Marten: If you don't mind being stuck in the middle
[08:13] Szark: if you want it I have it in word
[08:13] Lynnutte: Cool! I want it!
[08:13] Lynnutte: Send it to blutec please
[08:13] * Tailahr is copying & pasting right now.....
[08:13] Szark: pm it later
[08:13] Szark: k
[08:13] blutec: (recruiting pics!)
[08:13] Lynnutte: ty
[08:14] Narym: newsletter stuff can go in the forums guys ;)
[08:14] Tailahr: That's fine, Marten.
[08:14] Marten: Wrapping up this topic, what about other worlds? I think the Greeters are probably handling the spreading of news just by word of mouth in the other communities, but I had thought someone might strike up a conversation with Mite or other greeters about such things
[08:14] Narym: sounds good
[08:14] Szark: I typed up all this last night Tai
[08:14] Lynnutte: ok, what would you want said?
[08:14] Tailahr: Oh? Do you have something prepared that I could send out, Szark?
[08:15] Szark: for what tai
[08:15] Tailahr: Recruiting for the GoMe.
[08:15] Szark: yes what I posted I have in Word
[08:16] Tailahr: Oh, so just what you posted here, already? Okay, I'll run with that.
[08:16] Szark: I will send it to you which forum?
[08:16] Tailahr: MOUL
[08:16] Szark: Will do
[08:16] Marten: I think it might be nice if we worked more closely with the Greeters, if we can avoid getting pulled into their politics (we have enough of our own already)
[08:16] Marten: Thoughts?
[08:17] Marten: (tries to push, push, push the topic along)
[08:17] Tailahr: Oh, sigh.
[08:17] Lynnutte: I think working more closely with all the guilds is a good idea
[08:17] Tailahr: I feel guilty for not even staying up on the GoG forum.
[08:17] Lynnutte: Tai? Is this something you could do?
[08:18] Marten: From an outside view there hasn't been much on the GoG forum, I forgot, I read that one too every week
[08:18] Lynnutte: You have been a greeter for long than me.
[08:18] Marten: :D
[08:18] Tailahr: I don't really feel like I could represent the GoG.
[08:18] nanouk: pushing for tech forum in GoG
[08:18] Lynnutte: but you can represent the GOMe to the GOG
[08:18] Narym: I think someone said this before
[08:18] Marten: Oh, yeah, Tai.... Heimdall is looking for a place to do tech support. We thought that might fit in better at the GoG than with us.
[08:18] Lynnutte: you have a better understand of both guilds
[08:19] Tailahr: Wasn't somebody else already doing that? Don't want to step on any more toes.
[08:19] Narym: but I think its better to have the liaisons coming from the target group, not the GoME
[08:19] * Marten agrees with Narym
[08:19] Lynnutte: I was thinking of someone from the GOMe asking for a liason from the GOG
[08:19] Tailahr: I think there is already that request on the GoG forum.
[08:20] Narym: We don't have the personnel, and I don't want people piled up with several portfolios
[08:20] nanouk: correction: Heimdall "might be" interrested
[08:20] Lynnutte: Since Tai has been a part of both guilds longer, I thought she might have better luck getting it done
[08:20] Marten: Nanouk> oops. Thanks :)
[08:20] Lynnutte: ok
[08:20] Narym: but, again, we need to make it exceptionally easy for people to 'liaise' with us.
[08:20] Marten: Or, Tai might have a better knowledge of how impossible it could be ;)
[08:20] Lynnutte: Marten good point
[08:21] Lynnutte: They are encredible slow, but thurough
[08:21] Tailahr: Marten is smart. ;)
[08:21] Narym: True that
[08:21] Narym: that's why HE'S the GM
[08:21] Lynnutte: so is the line of thought a dead end?
[08:21] Lynnutte: or just walking through mud?
[08:21] Tailahr: Um, I'll creep around and see what I can do. No promises.
[08:22] Marten: Well, I don't want to push anything on you Tai'... another thing you could do perhaps is think about who else at GoG might be willing to step up to work with us. I'm not sure I've seen the request you mentioned on the GoG forum; that would be a beginning point, if you could look for that and see if there was any activity on it.
[08:22] Lynnutte: kk ty
[08:22] Marten: That's if you're comfortable with doing just that... let me know please :)
[08:22] Szark: Sorry to interject. Slogan gone to Tai and blutec
[08:22] Lynnutte: ty Szark
[08:22] Tailahr: Thanks, Szark.
[08:22] Marten: Huzzah
[08:22] blutec: (got it ty szark)
[08:22] Marten: Topic 3. Mysterium. None of us are going right?
[08:23] Lynnutte: I wish
[08:23] Szark: no
[08:23] Tailahr: Maybe I'll send a few PMs through the GoG forum. People are more likely to reply to personal requests for their help. ;)
[08:23] blutec: no
[08:23] nanouk: not me
[08:23] shimmerillio: joomla gradually becoming more yellow ... :P
[08:23] Lynnutte: good idea Tai
[08:24] Szark: nice one Tai and ask if they are taking any pics for the newsletter and Archiver. Got to be cheeky :D
[08:24] Lynnutte: lol
[08:24] blutec: yay
[08:24] Marten: Alright. So, that's a dead horse. If we want any "presence" at Mysterium then Blade can suggest something we might produce and send, like a poster or something. Or if we want anything /from/ Mysterium, we should let him know.
[08:25] Szark: k
[08:25] Narym: I really feel there should be someting more substantial
[08:25] Narym: like a presentation or something
[08:25] blutec: ok, an ad at mysterium...
[08:25] Lynnutte: He also said we can send stuff to Eleri
[08:25] Narym: heck, if I could go, I'd happily run it
[08:25] Narym: but I'm on the wrong side of the world for that ... :P
[08:25] Szark: 2 weeks to go not much time left
[08:25] Tailahr: Perhaps somebody could put together a powerpoint that could run on its own?
[08:25] Marten: Right. Last I heard, Blade isn't going himself either... maybe that changed but I doubt it
[08:26] Narym: Yeah, he was touting Eleri as a possible rep, but that was it
[08:26] Marten: Mysterium's deadline for presentations is probably past already
[08:26] Lynnutte: Hmmm... maybe I can talk hubby out some of the stimulus check for tht. lol
[08:26] Tailahr: brb
[08:26] shimmerillio: maybe we should make physical copies of the newsletter to distribute at mysterium
[08:27] Lynnutte: good idea
[08:27] Marten: A more likely candidate would be a handout (like the newsletter, as shimmer just said) or a poster that could be hung on a wall or such.
[08:27] blutec: and applicationforms lol
[08:27] shimmerillio: hear, hear!
[08:27] Marten: I could send Eleri a little money to run to FedExKinkos and print out 80 copies of a newsletter or so.
[08:28] Narym: actually, I have to say
[08:28] blutec: a quiz, which needs do you find ? (see back for jobs that suit)
[08:28] Narym: Alahmnat recently brought to my attention a mag printing service
[08:28] Lynnutte: Cool
[08:28] Narym: I don't know if this would be relevant to the newsletter, but it is rather cool
[08:28] Szark: If help is required with monies I could help a little as well Marten
[08:28] Narym: basically, you send them a pdf, via your account
[08:29] Lynnutte: How much does it cost?
[08:29] Narym: they keep it in the database, and 'advertise' on their site
[08:29] Narym: 20c per page
[08:29] Marten: Oh, it's easier if I just front the cost. The next GM can do the same for activities on his or her watch. :)
[08:29] Narym: its a professional, doubleside page print
[08:29] nanouk: if $$$ needed give me a shout
[08:29] Lynnutte: Nice
[08:29] Marten: Nifty, Narym
[08:30] Szark: where are they based NArym
[08:30] Narym: We were looking at using it to send VIPs copies of the Archiver
[08:30] Narym: its an online service run by HP
[08:30] Marten: Little things like that, good wiki fodder, put on a "resources" page or such.
[08:30] Szark: k
[08:30] Narym: but its currently in beta, so it may be a little difficult to get your foot in the door at this stage
[08:31] Marten: So... do we want to take the July newsletter currently in production and print copies of that, or have something custom for Mysterium?
[08:31] Narym: magcloud may a bit to pie-in-the-sky
[08:31] Szark: July
[08:31] Marten: It's just 2 weeks away so my vote is to just print the July newsletter
[08:31] Szark: newsletter sorry
[08:31] Lynnutte: Did you have something in mind for Mysterium?
[08:31] Narym: for Mysterium, you're probably looking at a regular print anyway
[08:31] Lynnutte: Mine too
[08:31] Narym: and July newsletter is easiest, I agree
[08:31] Lynnutte: Since we are talking about the newsletter now....
[08:32] Tailahr: Side topic for future discussion: formalizing the guilds so they can set up funds.
[08:32] Marten: OK. I will clear the idea with Eleri to be make sure this will be acceptable.
[08:32] Lynnutte: I just got a volunteer to translate it into German
[08:32] Marten: Lynnutte> Cool :)
[08:32] Marten: I don't think we'll do foreign languages for the Mysterium copy ;)
[08:32] Lynnutte: Ah no
[08:32] Marten: :D
[08:33] Marten: Newsletter is the next topic anyway, since the "Cyan Letter" topic is kind of done....
[08:33] Tailahr: How many are expected to attend?
[08:33] * Lynnutte shrugs
[08:33] Marten: Tai> I'll check with Eleri and that'll help determine # of copies to make
[08:33] Szark: I did find a German translation of Cyan’s letter and asked Mucol if it would be ok for Mucol to post it on other German sites. Mucol never got back to me but I did see it on another German site........
[08:33] nanouk: people going to Boston should be bilingual
[08:33] Tailahr: Just wondering if it's worth the extra trouble to do something special and try to recruit from there.
[08:34] Szark: However I made it perfectly clear that it was on the proviso that it was done whenever they felt like it, so I have no control on frequency. End
[08:34] Lynnutte: I talked with mulcol, he asked for a volunteer to translate the newsletter on a german site
[08:34] Marten: Well, if we can stick a recruiting statement into the newsletter, that'll do
[08:34] blutec: yellow caps with gome logo: who fits it?
[08:34] Szark: good nice one Lynnutte
[08:35] Tailahr: I meant come up with something creative like a fun puzzle to get their attention. :)
[08:35] Marten: "Seeking experienced RSS feedmaster. If you speak the web, speak to us!"
[08:35] Marten: Little classifieds section
[08:35] Lynnutte: lol i like that Marten
[08:35] blutec: i sense a creative mood here at someone!
[08:35] Szark: and me
[08:36] Szark: Re: Newsletter: Q: Pictures for Animatic? What exactly are you looking for? I can take a screenshot of any frame you want......
[08:36] Marten: Puzzle... puzzle would be nice, but ... I'll leave that up to the newsletter crew, I have no ideas for one
[08:36] Narym: Maybe that is better off in the forums, Szark
[08:36] Lynnutte: Oh crud. I forgot to tell everyone
[08:36] Szark: it was
[08:36] Narym: I want to move this a long a little so I can go to bed ;) (though I'm also being excessively talkative too :P)
[08:36] Tailahr: Eh, I can't think of anything except cryptograms, but I really like doing those myself, and they're super easy to make.
[08:36] Marten: Narym> Szark asked in the forum already :)
[08:36] Lynnutte: GMZ has been doing online puzzle thingies
[08:36] Lynnutte: I asked him to make something up for the newsletter
[08:37] Marten: OK.
[08:37] Narym: oh, and no one replied?
[08:37] blutec: great!
[08:37] Narym: lol nvm
[08:37] Szark: carry on
[08:37] Narym: yes
[08:37] Lynnutte: I need to get back to him again and see if he has started on it
[08:38] Marten: Sounds cool. OK, last "Newsletter" item. Going forward once MORE is up, we may have to decide if we still want to keep doing the Newsletter. There are a few paths... one is to keep doing it. Another is to stop. A third... is to direct the writing and editing efforts towards the Archiver, and perhaps collaborate with TCT to set up an e-mail distribution list of the Archiver. (People would need to sign up afresh for that.)
[08:39] Lynnutte: I vote for directing it towards the Archiver and TCT
[08:39] Szark: KI newsletter is the KI sorry
[08:39] Szark: for in cavern news
[08:39] Narym: actually, to be honest, I was considering whether to make The Archiver an independent or GoME publication
[08:39] Lynnutte: agreeed
[08:40] shimmerillio: i wish we could distribute the newsletter via ki
[08:40] Tailahr: As an ordinary fan and GoMe newsletter subscriber, I'd like to see it continue. Just my selfish thought. heh
[08:40] Narym: Not because I don't like TCT, just cause it sounded good at the time
[08:40] nanouk: suggest staying the same as now...simpler
[08:40] Narym: If I'm not making sense, it's cause I'm tired :P
[08:40] Lynnutte: I would like the Criers to take up their old duties again
[08:40] Narym: but I agree the newsletter and Archiver have different roles they can fulfill
[08:40] Marten: I just wanted to throw that out there to think on. We'll need time to think about it, we have some months to consider it.
[08:40] Narym: but the newsletter probably needs to be more regular if it its to continue
[08:40] Narym: fortnightly, probably
[08:41] Tailahr: If you want to improve the KI, then work on getting permission from Cyan for JWPlatt to work on it. ;)
[08:41] Lynnutte: If there is still a need for the newsletter, then there is no reason to stop it.
[08:41] Lynnutte: I just don't want it to outlive its usefulness
[08:41] nanouk: Narym is really
[08:41] Marten: The need is what we'll need to discuss. :) OK? Not now though.
[08:41] Narym: Ok
[08:41] Lynnutte: k
08:41] Narym: moving on
[08:41] Szark: Re Narym's Q I have no problem pooling resources
[08:42] Marten: Next topic. Kerryth is too busy with RL committments, apparently got sucked into real world politics. That leaves us w/o a GoMa liaison. But I think Szark is handling picking up the news from GoW and GoMa real well
[08:43] Szark: not so much the GoW of late
[08:43] Szark: to tech for me
[08:43] Marten: I've been checking in with GoW now and then and talking to Paradox to keep abreast of activities there... yeah. Not much going on. They're in their RAD contest now.
[08:44] Szark: but i do look
[08:44] Marten: If the GoMa wants another liaison though, I say let them pick one out from their group.
[08:44] Szark: agreed
[08:44] Lynnutte: agreed
[08:44] nanouk: agree
[08:44] Tailahr: I think the GoMa is going to become a popular guild as we get closer to the opening. Might give us more options.
[08:45] blutec: do we communicate that to them?
[08:45] Lynnutte: yes, we need to
[08:45] Marten: I think we should communicate that to them, yes. Um. I guess I'll do that.
[08:46] Szark: next
[08:46] Marten: :D
[08:46] Narym: I think direct emails to relevant councillors in the Guilds, to see if they have a contact
[08:46] Narym: and maybe put a general add in the newsletter or something ,as well
[08:46] Marten: I can do that. (the e-mails.)
[08:46] Marten: Eh... I don't think that needs to be in the newsletter.
[08:46] Szark: personal touch
[08:46] Lynnutte: lol no
[08:46] Marten: Yeah. It needs a personal touch.
[08:46] Tailahr: Shouldn't each Guildmaster be responsible for insuring that their news gets to us?
[08:47] Marten: Ideally, yes.
[08:47] Narym: in theory
[08:47] Tailahr: lol
[08:47] Marten: If wishes were horses.
[08:47] nanouk: strongly agree
[08:47] blutec: brb
[08:47] Szark: big stick if they don't
[08:47] Narym: but we still aren't at a stage where we can rely on others for tips
[08:47] Marten: Next topic, as Szark said. roles for relayers/criers.
[08:47] Lynnutte: not much that works in theory works in RL
[08:47] Narym: That will probably become clearer closer to More
[08:47] Marten: I think the relayers did a great job on the press conference... I said that already didn't I? :)
[08:47] Tailahr: Still, you might want to start putting that idea out there more often.
[08:47] Lynnutte: :D
[08:48] Lynnutte: yep you did
[08:48] Narym: I think the press conference showed what the Relayers can do
[08:48] Narym: Criers, atm, are probably more suited to Realtime environments
[08:48] nanouk:
[08:48] Narym: Escape Pods, maybe?
[08:48] Lynnutte: again, :D
[08:49] nanouk: me in way...worst that joomla
[08:49] Marten: Relayers are ... well, relayers. They repeat what is happening as it happens. Criers... a town crier is one who goes about shouting the latest news to the residents. The forum posts that Szark and Nanouk are handling are a form of that.
[08:49] blutec: back
[08:49] Marten: The ECC is a form of that.
[08:49] Tailahr: Again, this information needs to be posted somewhere - where people can rely on relayers when something big like the press conference happens.
[08:50] Marten: Narym? Can you add a note to the FAQ on that?
[08:50] Lynnutte: like the GOMe newsfeed?
[08:50] Tailahr: Thend is a Crier?
[08:50] Marten: Tai> He's effectively doing that job.
[08:50] Lynnutte: don't tell him that
[08:50] Narym: a note about what the Relayers do?
[08:51] Lynnutte: yes?
[08:51] Narym: 1. is that not better suited to their affiliate profile?
[08:51] Tailahr: Not just what they do, but where people can find their services during important events.
[08:51] Szark: over my head that went
[08:51] Narym: and 2. I still need the appropriate access from Shimmer to update the current site
[08:51] shimmerillio: both should be on affiliate profile
[08:51] Narym: ah, I see
[08:51] Narym: Tai, would that not be on a event by event basis, anyway
[08:52] shimmerillio: as i mentioned earlier, it would be better if we could get switched over to joomla and do all updates there
[08:52] Narym: Where and with what tools the Relayers operate would vary depending on what the event was
[08:52] Lynnutte: I'm lost. Is what better suited to the relayers?
[08:52] Narym: and yes, I agree shuimmer :P
[08:52] Tailahr: Narym, wouldn't it be best to have the relayers roles set up in advance?
[08:53] Narym: I don't quite follow
[08:53] Narym: everyone knows the Relayers relay things to places that, for certain people, may be more accessible
[08:53] Marten: OK. I'm going to sideline this conversation since it's late for Narym and this can be discussed in e-mail or PM.
[08:53] Lynnutte: yes
[08:53] Tailahr: Example: people can always count on finding a relayer at the Explorers Community Center in Second Life - for important events.
[08:53] shimmerillio: relayers = realtime. criers = announcements
[08:53] Narym: but HOW that occurs depends on where they are relaying, what they're relaying, and from where
[08:53] Lynnutte: exactly shimmer
[08:54] Lynnutte: true narym
[08:54] Marten: NEXT TOPIC. Sorry. :) We need to wrap up
[08:54] Lynnutte: kk
[08:54] Narym: Yes master
[08:54] Narym: ;)
[08:54] Szark: k
[08:54] Marten: What does everyone think of this chat system for our meetings? Has this worked well for everyone? There were a few bumps early on, nanouk and szark disconnected but it seems to have stabilized
[08:54] shimmerillio: fine
[08:54] Lynnutte: I likt it
[08:54] Tailahr: YAYS!
[08:55] Narym: yeah, no probs
[08:55] nanouk: like it
[08:55] Szark: I am happy with it
[08:55] Narym: I've got logs too, which is nice
[08:55] blutec: works fine :)
[08:55] Szark: east I like easy
[08:55] Tailahr: It's built for technofeebs like me. ;)
[08:55] nanouk: better than the KI
[08:55] Narym: less atmospheric though :P
[08:55] Lynnutte: and computer dumbies like me
[08:55] Szark: logs good nice one Narym
[08:55] Narym: but yes, functional
[08:56] Marten: If you're on the Mibbit system, you'll notice that I'm blue and not green. Green are other mibbit users. Mibbit itself doesn't provide logging (yet), but I'm using Trillian to connect and it logs... and I guess Narym's client logs as well
[08:56] shimmerillio: narym, i changed most of the css to yellow and got rid of all the other colors. if we can get content organized in the next week or so, we should be good to migrate, don't you think? rss may have to continue being doubled up, but that can be done behind the scenes
[08:56] Szark: until we can get down there it is good
[08:56] blutec: only Lynnutte is blue for me
[08:56] Narym: I'm using Pidgin
[08:56] shimmerillio: sorry i can't figure out how to send a pm
[08:56] nanouk: no need for mood music and fountain
[08:56] Marten: PMs in Mibbit, just double-click the name on the right, and a tab will open for private conversation
[08:57] Lynnutte: when we get back in the counter, are we going to move meetings to in the cavern, or continue here?
[08:57] Lynnutte: cavern
[08:57] Narym: both
[08:57] Narym: I think more regular meetings via IRC
[08:57] Lynnutte: lol
[08:57] Narym: and maybe a monthly or so meeting in the Guildhall
[08:57] Lynnutte: k
[08:58] nanouk: here
[08:58] Szark: Tai LOL
[08:58] Marten: OK. So, we'll continue our meetings here... and once MORE is up, we can decide what works best for us, but I expect we'll go back into the game that we love.
[08:58] Szark: nod
[08:58] shimmerillio: yay
[08:58] * Lynnutte nods enthusiastically
[08:59] nanouk: we
[08:59] nanouk: could
[08:59] nanouk: use
[08:59] Tailahr: So, am I officially a GoMe memer, now?
[08:59] Lynnutte: uh oh. bug again for nanouk
[08:59] Tailahr: er, member
[08:59] nanouk: yep
[08:59] Narym: sure, why not :P
[08:59] Lynnutte: I thought you were a long time ago
[08:59] Szark: I hope so
[08:59] Narym: I don't think we really have a proper roster anyway
[08:59] Tailahr: Nah, just a friend of the guildmaster until now.
[08:59] Lynnutte: lol
[08:59] Narym: at least, until you get elected to a proper position
[09:00] Szark: why not his friend anymore lol
[09:00] Tailahr: lol
[09:00] Marten: We do need to work on the roster; there is more information in the not-yet-posted version of the FAQ but it doesn't reflect Kerryth's departure and Szark's new role
[09:00] *** Emily has joined #GoMe.
[09:00] Lynnutte: Who will be in charge of updating that?
[09:00] Tailahr: Need an org chart - who's who.
[09:00] Szark: mind reading agian MAtern
[09:01] Lynnutte: Shorah Emily
[09:01] Marten: Shorah Emily. We're just wrapping up a meeting :)
[09:01] blutec: hi emily
[09:01] Emily: Shorah :)
[09:01] Szark: Hi Emily
[09:01] Narym: howdy
[09:01] nanouk: yep,
[09:01] Tailahr: Perhaps I should volunteer for that. It would help me to learn more about the GoMe operations.
[09:01] Lynnutte: Sounds good to me. :D
[09:01] blutec: great! :)
[09:02] Marten: Right now we have no Liaisons chair, and our guild arrangement is intended to be 5 people. Szark, whether you like it or not, you're interim Liaison chair. That doesn't mean you need to do anything different. :)
[09:02] nanouk: verygoodindeed/new
[09:02] Szark: phew
[09:02] *** myst-bert has joined #GoMe.
[09:02] *** myst-bert has left #GoMe.
[09:02] Narym: lol
[09:02] Lynnutte: hehehe I knew you would end up in a chair sooner or later Szark
[09:02] Szark: Hi M-Bert
[09:02] blutec: hi bert
[09:03] Narym: except have a swanky new office ;)
[09:03] Lynnutte: Shorah M
[09:03] Marten: myst-bert come and myst-bert go
[09:03] Emily: Shorah Bert.
[09:03] shimmerillio: congrats szark!
[09:03] Szark: lol
[09:03] shimmerillio: :D
[09:03] Marten: Final topic. And a big thank you to Narym for staying up late for this meeting...
[09:03] Narym: lol np
[09:03] Lynnutte: Yes. Ty Nayrm
[09:03] Emily: Thank you Narym.
[09:03] Szark: Yes
[09:03] Narym: I was at a party anyway
[09:03] nanouk: brbrelog
[09:03] Szark: lol
[09:03] shimmerillio: must have been a dull party
[09:04] Narym: so it wasn't like I was sitting around for hours doing nothing waiting to meet
[09:04] *** nanouk has signed off IRC (Quit: (Link:

) ajax IRC Client).
[09:04] Lynnutte: are you saying we're boring Shimmer?
[09:04] shimmerillio: since you spent the whole thing with us
[09:04] shimmerillio: lol
[09:04] Narym: lol
[09:04] Narym: no, I left the party and came home
[09:04] Narym: and came to the meeting
[09:04] *** nanouk has joined #GoMe.
[09:04] Szark: He loves us really
[09:04] Narym: for the time keeping averse
[09:04] shimmerillio: oh, what a good messenger you are!
[09:04] Narym: its 2 am here :P
[09:04] Lynnutte: so, last topic?
[09:04] Marten: The last topic is more of an open idea thing. We've touched on some points earlier... I'll send notes to the other GMs about getting news from them. MORE is going to be different from MOUL. We need to think how we're going to work in the community-driven Uru.
[09:05] nanouk: back
[09:05] Lynnutte: If we can make journals...
[09:05] blutec: create/provide some GM's board?
[09:05] Lynnutte: maybe make a guild one that keeps up to date with the news?
[09:05] blutec: thinktank or so?
[09:06] Marten: Earlier someone said "are we journalists or advertisers?" and we talked about what we are now. I think that advertising for MORE, which Chogon said would be a grass-roots thing, is a job for another organization. We could push for a group to form but I don't feel comfortable with the role being too much on this specific group.
[09:06] Tailahr: Until the KI is better, I think news & information is more reliable outside the cavern.
[09:06] Narym: I think we can create pages in Joomla only accessible by certain accounts
[09:06] Narym: so we can set something up for GM news
[09:06] Narym: but yeah, off topic
[09:06] Lynnutte: That sounds like something I had some of the criers doing in cavern
[09:06] Szark: Guild of Ideas
[09:07] Lynnutte: There is already a Guild of Ideas
[09:07] Marten: Yeah, I'd like to see the Guild of Ideas get more activity.
[09:07] Lynnutte: if I'm remembering right
[09:07] Szark: think that advertising for MORE, which Chogon said would be a grass-roots thing, is a job for another organization
[09:07] Marten: Yep
[09:07] nanouk: yep
[09:07] Lynnutte: k
[09:07] blutec: will we recruit/advertise for that?
[09:08] blutec: advertise for advertising group i mean
[09:08] shimmerillio: i would say not right now
[09:08] Narym: I want us to seriously talk to Cyan about tools by which we can operate in cavern
[09:08] shimmerillio: we've probably got our hands full with cavern stuff
[09:08] Szark: Until the KI is better, I think news & information is more reliable outside the cavern. On this note yan did talk to the Archiver about some sort off newsletter in cavern
[09:08] shimmerillio: agreed, narym
[09:08] Narym: distribute things like The Archiver simply in cavern
[09:08] blutec: is it our call or Chogon's /Cyan?
[09:08] Lynnutte: I agree narym
[09:08] Narym: or newsletters
[09:08] Narym: or whatever
[09:08] Marten: Agreed. Once MORE is up, and there is something to promote, we can try to direct people to whatever organization is spearheading that effort.
[09:09] Narym: maybe an in-cavern RSS feed
[09:09] Narym: so we can update news to everyone's KI easily and reliably
[09:09] shimmerillio: if ki could display pdf or even rss, we could do all sorts of things
[09:09] Marten: Ah, if the imagers supported RSS. Then we'll _really_ need an RSS expert
[09:09] Szark: sounds ambitious as always Narym but I like it
[09:09] Narym: and I think doable
[09:09] Narym: more so than in MOUL
[09:09] nanouk: there should be a News Age created
[09:09] Lynnutte: that's how the criers did it
[09:10] Narym: Probably something that would involve contact with the GoMa and GoW s well
[09:10] Narym: *as
[09:10] shimmerillio: ooh, news age, that's a good idea
[09:10] Lynnutte: yes it is
[09:10] Narym: yes, GoMe offices in cavern!!!!
[09:10] shimmerillio: YES
[09:10] Szark: Bevin are we going to have a Bevin
[09:10] blutec: with an archive, library..
[09:10] shimmerillio: for szark's swanky new office
[09:10] Lynnutte: lol Can I have my own corner office with a window?
[09:10] Narym: TV screen
[09:10] Szark: Shimmer lol
[09:10] Narym: for 24 hour news playing
[09:10] Lynnutte: We need to ask the GOW if they can write one for us. lol
[09:10] Narym: Szark's job to present that, of course
[09:11] shimmerillio: and a crier 24/7 at the receptionist desk!
[09:11] Lynnutte: rotfl
[09:11] Szark: go away
[09:11] Marten: :D
[09:11] Szark: Narym
[09:11] Narym: but seriously, tools by which we can do stuff like that is nothing we need to contact Cyan, and or the GoW/GoMa about
[09:11] blutec: i'll cry 24/7 then lol
[09:11] Narym: I'm your Editor Szark
[09:11] Narym: you can't tell me to go away ;)
[09:11] Narym: I was kidding, anyway :P
[09:11] Tailahr: I'll bet the GoW is going to be swamped with requests.
[09:11] shimmerillio: yes please don't tell narym to go away
[09:11] shimmerillio: i need him
[09:12] Narym: lol
[09:12] Lynnutte: You mean they can't tell me to go away either?
[09:12] Szark: lol
[09:12] Marten: Right Narym; we have tools we have now, and there will be a later time when we can get involved with the development of new tools.
[09:12] Narym: I need to be strapped to Joomla for the next few weeks
[09:12] shimmerillio: yup
[09:12] Narym: agreed
[09:12] Narym: but something worth keeping in mind for the future
[09:12] * Lynnutte nods
[09:12] nanouk: volonteer for a shift period like at the Greeters
[09:12] shimmerillio: exactly
[09:12] Szark: cool
[09:13] shimmerillio: (nanouk)
[09:13] Marten: Does anyone have any other topics they'd like to add?
[09:13] Tailahr: But, if you can have a screen with the news, then it doesn't need to be manned.
[09:13] blutec: to direct to screen perhaps
[09:13] Tailahr: Marten, did you want me to create the roster/org chart?
[09:13] Narym: there needs to be something on the screen ;)
[09:13] nanouk: personnal touch is always
[09:13] * Lynnutte nods
[09:13] Narym: and someone needs to put that together :P
[09:14] Marten: Tai, if you'd like. Narym, if you could send the unposted FAQ info to Tai then she'll have something to start with
[09:14] Tailahr: Yays.
[09:14] Narym: ok
[09:14] Narym: When your finished, post it back, adn I'll put it on the new site
[09:14] Marten: I do have one item to add. TechnoBubba has joined our group (as well as Tai here) :)
[09:14] Lynnutte: Yey!!!
[09:15] Narym: Shimmer, with your learned technical mind, what would be your ETA for the migration?
[09:15] blutec: great!
[09:15] Narym: techno, eh?
[09:15] Narym: is he technomologically minded?
[09:15] Marten: I misspelled. teknobubba
[09:15] Narym: aw :(
[09:15] nanouk: yeah, nice
[09:15] Narym: but still cool :D
[09:15] Marten: But,yeah, he is technomologically minded :) He has a background in radio and TV broadcasting, so he does or has done RL media stuffs
[09:15] Emily: I'm sorry guys but I've got to run. Thanks again :)
[09:16] shimmerillio: mm probably 2 weeks for a practical migration if you and i hit it hard. rss may take longer, but we can keep adding stuff "behind the scenes" via the old form if we can't get the new version figured out in time
[09:16] blutec: still techno like
[09:16] Marten: Bye Emily
[09:16] Lynnutte: Bye Emily
[09:16] Emily: Bye Everybody!
[09:16] blutec: bye emily
[09:16] Narym: by Em
[09:16] Narym: thanks for dropping in!
[09:16] Narym: hmm, 2 weeks
[09:16] Szark: Bye Em
[09:16] nanouk: bye bye
[09:16] Emily: No problem thanks again to everybody :D
[09:16] Narym: ok, well, I 'll tr to work to that
[09:16] *** Emily has signed off IRC (Quit: (Link:

) ajax IRC Client).
[09:16] shimmerillio: yeah i'll look at it too
[09:16] Narym: I'm on uni hols, but I've still got work. I should still have a fair amount of time to devote
[09:16] shimmerillio: no need for you to go into the css, ill do that
[09:17] Narym: I'll just need you on hand in case I run into any technical speedhumps
[09:17] Narym: ok, sounds good
[09:17] shimmerillio: if you can do the content, i'll look at the menus
[09:17] Marten: So, if anyone wants to get into video or audio, it sounds like Tekno can help
[09:17] Narym: no worries
[09:17] Narym: radio shows in cavern :P
[09:18] Narym: oh, which reminds me
[09:18] Lynnutte: I have been doing a little voice acting on the side if he needs someone for something
[09:18] shimmerillio: TVs in cavern that WORK!
[09:18] Narym: What on earth has happened to Uru Radio
[09:18] shimmerillio: 8o
[09:18] Marten: That is a good question
[09:18] * Lynnutte shrugs
[09:18] shimmerillio: Fell off the face of the planet
[09:18] Narym: is there any point settin up stuff on the new site for them?
[09:18] Lynnutte: last I heard, Samsbase was just waiting for URU to come back
[09:18] nanouk: will not say a word on that subject
[09:18] Marten: Szark, could you send samsbase an e-mail and see if he's going to resume radio now that MORE is planned?
[09:19] shimmerillio: let's go ahead and set something up just in case
[09:19] Lynnutte: I can check in with him and see if he's still around
[09:19] Narym: sounds good
[09:19] Szark: Yep can do
[09:19] Narym: But yeah, its probably worth contacting him
[09:19] Narym: Good to keep track of our affiliates ;)
[09:19] Lynnutte: ty Szark
[09:19] shimmerillio: lol
[09:19] Lynnutte: lol
[09:19] shimmerillio: maybe we need a buddy system so we don't lose track of each other
[09:19] Lynnutte: yeah, that is my job isn't it?
[09:20] Marten: You're right Lynnutte, it's your job. Whoops - my bad
[09:20] shimmerillio: lol lynnutte
[09:20] Lynnutte: lol
[09:20] * Marten is still a little wobbly from getting up early
[09:20] Lynnutte: np
[09:20] Narym: glad someone knows whos what job is
[09:20] * shimmerillio still hasn't had coffee
[09:20] Narym: Another reason for that FAQ
[09:20] Szark: Yes Lynnutte you should do it you are correct
[09:20] Marten: OK Szark, you don't have to worry about sending the e-mail. Lynnute will send it.
[09:20] Marten: :)
[09:20] * Narym is wobbly for getting to bed too late
[09:20] Szark: k
[09:20] Narym: ;)
[09:20] Lynnutte: Lynnutte is just a little wobbly
[09:20] Marten: I think I'll do better with breakfast. So with that, if nobody has anything else to add?
[09:21] Marten: (pause for dramatic effect)
[09:21] Narym: nope, I'm done
[09:21] shimmerillio: nothing
[09:21] Narym: *chirp chirp*
[09:21] Szark: no
[09:21] Marten: Meeting adjourned!
[09:21] Lynnutte: No me. I'm going back to bed
[09:21] shimmerillio: yay
[09:21] Narym: *of crickets*
[09:21] Tailahr: Great meeting, Marten!
[09:21] Lynnutte: bye bye everyone
[09:21] Narym: *gavel crashes down*
[09:21] nanouk: done for
[09:21] shimmerillio: bye everyone

2008, March 1st Chatlog: GoMe Meeting

Original thread can be found here:

(03/01 18:04:49) Alderem: According to my KI, it is 16:00.
(03/01 18:05:09) Relayer Corps: mine too
(03/01 18:05:10) (Crier)_Nanouk: yep
(03/01 18:05:22) _Narym_: yeah, Marten and Szark are on the GoMe forums, so I just wanna give them a sec and see if they actually are coming
(03/01 18:05:24) Relayer Corps: so who is running this show?
(03/01 18:05:27) Alderem: Everyone, you know me as Marten; that avvie is on ice for now, at least until the 4th.
(03/01 18:05:34) Alderem: of April
(03/01 18:05:37) Nadnerb: ohhh
(03/01 18:05:3 Alderem: We'll see what happens beyond then.
(03/01 18:05:42) Nadnerb: hey then marten. 
(03/01 18:05:50) Relayer Corps: Hi Marten
(03/01 18:05:50) _Narym_: lol woops
(03/01 18:05:52) _Narym_: my bad
(03/01 18:05:56) Relayer Corps roars with laughter
(03/01 18:05:59) _Narym_: hello MArten 
(03/01 18:06:02) _Narym_ waves hello
(03/01 18:06:21) _Narym_: yay, I look like a complete twad now!!!
(03/01 18:06:23) Alderem: Szark mentioned on the GoMe forum that he did not realize the meeting would be at 1600, he thought it would be at 1400 which is late for him.
(03/01 18:06:35) Alderem: No, I look like a twad for not informing you sooner!
(03/01 18:06:42) (Crier)_Nanouk: You should be aware I am Artic_Wagon on MOUL's forums
(03/01 18:06:43) Relayer Corps nods her head
(03/01 18:06:50) Shimmerillion: lol we thought you were just a stalker
(03/01 18:06:5 Shimmerillion: a gome groupie, rather 
(03/01 18:07:02) Relayer Corps: lol
(03/01 18:07:04) _Narym_: so...
(03/01 18:07:16) _Narym_: anyone else have any important alter egos we should be aware of?
(03/01 18:07:24) Nadnerb is Nadnerb
(03/01 18:07:25) Alderem: Shimmer, I have list of topic areas, and information that Blade sent me in PM. I can drop that in your mailbox really quick if you prefer to run the meeting.
(03/01 18:07:25) Shimmerillion: i am actually rand
(03/01 18:07:3 Relayer Corps: Shimmer!!!
(03/01 18:07:40) Shimmerillion: marten, i have no pref
(03/01 18:07:42) Shimmerillion: LOL what if i was
(03/01 18:07:45) Relayer Corps: That's blashemy!
(03/01 18:07:52) (Crier)_Nanouk: I feel like that anyway due to my lack of
(03/01 18:07:59) Relayer Corps: blasphemy
(03/01 18:08:15) _Narym_: ok, well, let's start then, I guess
(03/01 18:08:17) Relayer Corps: I'm Lynnuttte on the forums
(03/01 18:08:26) Relayer Corps: in case no one knew
(03/01 18:08:39) (Crier)_Nanouk: that is
(03/01 18:09:00) Nadnerb: well, I've relayed the important stuff. >.>
(03/01 18:09:31) Nadnerb whacks KI with iron fist
(03/01 18:09:36) Nadnerb: so, are we starting?
(03/01 18:09:40) _Narym_: yeah
(03/01 18:09:41) Shimmerillion: yes let's do
(03/01 18:09:55) Alderem: Alright, Narym, your agenda looks quite similar to mine  Good
(03/01 18:09:57) _Narym_: Ok, so first off, Welcome 
(03/01 18:10:10) _Narym_: Do we have reps from the other Guilds here?
(03/01 18:10:32) Para Dox: I'm Councilor of Public Relations with the GoW
(03/01 18:10:50) _Narym_ waves to PAra
(03/01 18:10:53) _Narym_ waves hello
(03/01 18:10:59) _Narym_: any others?
(03/01 18:11:03) Relayer Corps: Glad to have someone from the GOW here
(03/01 18:11:15) (Crier)_Nanouk: welcome Councilor
(03/01 18:11:19) _Narym_: I think Kerryth was going to be it for the Maintainers
(03/01 18:11:22) Nadnerb is from the GoW as well. He's just here to watch though.
(03/01 18:11:35) _Narym_: And we haven't heard anything from the GoG and the GoC
(03/01 18:11:49) Relayer Corps: I'm from the GOG too nadnerb, but I can't represent them
(03/01 18:12:0 _Narym_: so this might be it for Guilds reps
(03/01 18:12:13) Shimmerillion: i never knew that. good for you L
(03/01 18:12:16) _Narym_: But that's cool, we've still got plenty to do
(03/01 18:12:17) Relayer Corps: looks that way
(03/01 18:12:33) Relayer Corps: unless you want me to go to the GOG hood and ask them if they want to send a rep.
(03/01 18:12:35) Nadnerb does not pretend that anyone represents anyone else.. but accepts that they have an idea of the group.
(03/01 18:12:47) _Narym_: lol if you think it would be worthwhile?
(03/01 18:12:55) Relayer Corps: probably not
(03/01 18:12:56) Shimmerillion: i have to leave at 6 ish
(03/01 18:13:05) Relayer Corps: most likely no guild leader will be there
(03/01 18:13:33) Alderem: OK. Well, Shimmer, Narym and I have agreed to ask you to discuss first our news submission system as it currently exists.
(03/01 18:13:33) Shimmerillion: 17:00ish that is
(03/01 18:13:45) (Crier)_Nanouk: I love that king of cooperation
(03/01 18:13:54) _Narym_: lol
(03/01 18:13:54) Shimmerillion: ok well it is currently a form that shoots to a database
(03/01 18:14:07) Shimmerillion: actually 2 forms, though i'm beginning to think one might be more expedient
(03/01 18:14:26) Shimmerillion: the feed is generated through PHP, pulling the latest database entries
(03/01 18:14:42) Relayer Corps: will it make it so I can keep posting on the RSS feeed?
(03/01 18:14:54) Relayer Corps: the one we have now hates me
(03/01 18:14:56) Shimmerillion: i have been looking at creating a master feed from our website feed as well as the affiliate RSS feeds or whoever else
(03/01 18:15:14) Shimmerillion: Lynnutte, the last time it was your browser caching old versions. i can't do anything about that
(03/01 18:15:25) Relayer Corps: oh yeah. my bad
(03/01 18:15:27) Nadnerb: hmm..
(03/01 18:15:2 Shimmerillion: lol
(03/01 18:15:30) Itiseye Mee waves hello
(03/01 18:15:31) Alderem: Welcome Szark, I thought it was going to be too late at night for you 
(03/01 18:15:42) Relayer Corps hangs her head in embarrassment
(03/01 18:15:45) Itiseye Mee: shorah all
(03/01 18:15:49) Nadnerb: Szark? >.>
(03/01 18:15:52) Itiseye Mee: sorry I am late
(03/01 18:15:52) Relayer Corps: Shorah
(03/01 18:15:56) Shimmerillion: welcome
(03/01 18:16:00) Ghame: Shorah
(03/01 18:16:05) (Crier)_Nanouk: shorah
(03/01 18:16:06) _Narym_: so, continue Shimmer 
(03/01 18:16:33) Shimmerillion: so anyway, the only bug left is that i might have to add some extra tags to the php-generated feed to make it play nicely with all the regular feeds
(03/01 18:16:51) Shimmerillion: this is so they display in order of publication
(03/01 18:17:02) Alderem: If you can incorporate automatic escaping of = signs so we don't have to use tinyurl, that'd be nice. There must be a mod for it somewhere.
(03/01 18:17:03) Shimmerillion: after i get that worked out, i should be able to swap them out
(03/01 18:17:11) Shimmerillion: and put the combined feed on the site
(03/01 18:17:16) _Narym_: Ok
(03/01 18:17:46) Shimmerillion: marten, i'll look into it but the first version probably won't have that feature
(03/01 18:17:51) Shimmerillion: for time's sake
(03/01 18:17:57) Alderem: Boy, do I understand that.
(03/01 18:18:23) Shimmerillion: oh, and i did change the verbage on the submission pages
(03/01 18:18:35) Shimmerillion: (shift-refresh if you still see the old verbage in IE)
(03/01 18:18:57) Shimmerillion: and if you guys think we need any changes to the Terms of Service, please let me know. i just made up some stuff
(03/01 18:19:01) _Narym_: cool
(03/01 18:19:03) _Narym_: yeah
(03/01 18:19:22) _Narym_: so how can the explorer community currently use the news submission service?
(03/01 18:19:26) Alderem: Yes. For those who weren't aware, the original text on the submit page had alarmed some people. Shimmer put a lot of thought into revising that. Please, do check those if you had objections previously and let us know if it is clearer now.
(03/01 18:19:42) Shimmerillion: well, all they have to do is fill out a form
(03/01 18:19:59) Shimmerillion: i can make a big button for it on the main page if that might help
(03/01 18:20:01) Shimmerillion: ?
(03/01 18:20:09) Itiseye Mee nods his head
(03/01 18:20:22) _Narym_: As in, bigger than the big 'submit' one that's already there?
(03/01 18:20:23) Alderem: I think it's pretty obvious on the page already, but continue please. An account is not necessary to submit news, correct?
(03/01 18:20:23) Relayer Corps: big button for those who can't see little buttons
(03/01 18:20:29) Shimmerillion: correct
(03/01 18:20:40) _Narym_: and the news is posted directly to the feed?
(03/01 18:20:51) Shimmerillion: narym, that is also correct
(03/01 18:21:06) (Crier)_Nanouk: I have no isea what you are talking about, so it must be
(03/01 18:21:13) Shimmerillion: since the combined feed will not utilize the icons, i am thinking about doing away with the login submission form altogether
(03/01 18:21:31) Alderem: Bear in mind, if we find someone using this feed for spam, we will take actions. But for now, you do not need an account, and distribution to the RSS feed is automatic.
(03/01 18:21:37) Relayer Corps: I think that's a good idea
(03/01 18:21:39) Shimmerillion: i guess i'd still have to leave it up for lynnutte and i to edit/delete posts
(03/01 18:21:39) _Narym_: Crier, go to
(03/01 18:21:47) _Narym_: I think redirects there
(03/01 18:22:11) Para Dox: I seems to recall that the news system stripped a lot of the formatting
(03/01 18:22:19) _Narym_: and you'll see what were talking about 
(03/01 18:22:26) (Crier)_Nanouk: ok
(03/01 18:22:32) Shimmerillion: para dox, could you be more specific?
(03/01 18:23:00) Para Dox: In the original GoW Newsletter, I had listed all of the councilors on separate lines along with their positions
(03/01 18:23:04) Shimmerillion: ohhh
(03/01 18:23:25) Para Dox: When I submitted it, they were all on the same line and it was difficult to distinguish between them
(03/01 18:23:29) Shimmerillion: yeah it is currently a text entry, not a WSIWYG (what you see is what you get) entry form
(03/01 18:23:49) _Narym_: is that something that can be changed, Shimmer?
(03/01 18:23:5 Shimmerillion: i know this is important, so it is on my list. however, i do not want to overpromise how fast i can get a wsiwyg incorporated
(03/01 18:24:03) Para Dox: Shouldn't that still maintain line-break characters?
(03/01 18:24:07) Alderem: There are codes though, right? I see bulleted items on some of the Feed contents now.
(03/01 18:24:12) Nadnerb: Dox > no...
(03/01 18:24:17) Shimmerillion: nope, it does read html though
(03/01 18:24:21) Nadnerb: I would assmue it's just dropped in as html
(03/01 18:24:26) Nadnerb: html requires

(03/01 18:24:2 Shimmerillion: so if you put
it will read that as a line break
(03/01 18:24:31) Nadnerb: actual line breaks don't do wanything.
(03/01 18:24:37) Para Dox: Ah okay, so
is a workaround then
(03/01 18:24:42) Nadnerb nods his head
(03/01 18:24:46) Alderem: Alright. Unless we can find a way to maintain carriage returns from text entry, we should update the submit notice to indicate that HTML should be used.
(03/01 18:24:53) Shimmerillion: ok
(03/01 18:24:54) _Narym_: yeah
(03/01 18:24:55) Nadnerb: definitely
(03/01 18:24:55) Relayer Corps: let me know when you start talking in a language I can understand. lol
(03/01 18:24:5 Alderem: Good feedback!
(03/01 18:25:12) Alderem: RC, let me try...
(03/01 18:25:20) _Narym_: and maybe even a quick faq where the basic commands are listed for the less technically able 
(03/01 18:25:20) Relayer Corps: ok?
(03/01 18:25:20) Para Dox: Marten > Except that you don't want <blink> and <marquee> tags suddenly appearing in your feeds
(03/01 18:25:30) Para Dox: (and the rest of the community does want them either)
(03/01 18:25:37) Shimmerillion: yes, that is good feedback. the first newsposts were not that long, so it didn't occur to us to worry about formatting
(03/01 18:25:43) Itiseye Mee: For peps like Mee Naryn
(03/01 18:25:49) _Narym_: lol
(03/01 18:25:52) Shimmerillion: lol
(03/01 18:25:52) Nadnerb: Dox > well, it's been possible all this time...
(03/01 18:26:01) Nadnerb: so I wouldn't expect it to immediately be a problem
(03/01 18:26:04) _Narym_: but yeah, a faq for formatting should be rather simple to make
(03/01 18:26:14) Alderem: RSS is a technology for distributing information... An RSS feed can be added to your web browser so news articles appear like bookmarks, or it can be automatically incorporated into other websites.
(03/01 18:26:37) Itiseye Mee nods his head
(03/01 18:26:40) Relayer Corps: I know what an Rss feed is. I was talking about the programming one part. lol
(03/01 18:26:52) _Narym_: yeah, we can put that into a faq
(03/01 18:26:55) Shimmerillion: yup
(03/01 18:26:5 Para Dox: Nad > but if they state that HTML can be used for formatting...
(03/01 18:27:06) _Narym_: it may take too long to do now, when its something we can just do later
(03/01 18:27:31) _Narym_: Dox, we can always just list specific commands, instead of just saying html in its entirety
(03/01 18:27:39) Para Dox: That should work
(03/01 18:27:51) Shimmerillion: narym, that is a good idea
(03/01 18:27:52) Alderem: Alright. Anyway, we'll take the suggestion about formatting and do something about it. We'll return to the topic of news feeds again later to discuss the community-wide aspects.
(03/01 18:27:5 _Narym_: yes
(03/01 18:28:04) _Narym_: moving along... 
(03/01 18:28:12) Relayer Corps: lol
(03/01 18:28:34) Alderem: The GoMe also started a periodic newsletter, of as yet undetermined period.
(03/01 18:28:51) Relayer Corps nods her head
(03/01 18:29:14) Alderem: There was a poll to ask people how frequently we should mail that out. The newsletter will incorporate still-relevant news from the feed as well as other information the GoMe becomes aware of, of interest to the community.
(03/01 18:29:25) Alderem: Does anyone have the results of that poll?
(03/01 18:29:33) _Narym_: where was it posted?
(03/01 18:29:34) Relayer Corps: Yes
(03/01 18:29:37) Alderem: MOUL forums.
(03/01 18:29:40) Itiseye Mee: MOUL
(03/01 18:30:23) Relayer Corps: The general concensus was one a month or when there was something important to report
(03/01 18:30:52) _Narym_: ok
(03/01 18:30:57) _Narym_: well that's definitely doable
(03/01 18:30:57) (Crier)_Nanouk: ok
(03/01 18:31:02) Relayer Corps: Important meaning URU is back up and running or permanently scrapped or the Shards are opening
(03/01 18:31:06) Shimmerillion: lol
(03/01 18:31:06) Itiseye Mee: Thats about right imo
(03/01 18:31:14) Alderem: Which person specifically is running the newsletter, is that you, rC?
(03/01 18:31:19) Relayer Corps: yes
(03/01 18:31:21) Relayer Corps: for now
(03/01 18:31:23) Thumbs up from Alderem
(03/01 18:31:29) Alderem: Alright 
(03/01 18:31:4 Relayer Corps: I'm looking for help with the newsletter
(03/01 18:32:04) _Narym_: what's the format of the newsletter, atm?
(03/01 18:32:05) Relayer Corps: I have some RL issues going on right now, but this newsletter is important
(03/01 18:32:14) (Crier)_Nanouk: Have not received anything yet
(03/01 18:32:25) Relayer Corps: Really, right now it's free form
(03/01 18:32:25) _Narym_: shorah anthony
(03/01 18:32:35) Alderem: The first newsletter went out on February 9. So we're not due for the second one just yet.
(03/01 18:32:44) Itiseye Mee waves hello
(03/01 18:32:44) _Narym_: is it actually in the e-mail. or is it distributed by attachment?
(03/01 18:32:4 Shimmerillion: we had talked about doing an HTML email, but i also thought about throwing together something in publisher real fast
(03/01 18:32:4 (Crier)_Nanouk: ok
(03/01 18:32:51) Relayer Corps: We should have the next out sometime this week
(03/01 18:32:56) Alderem: What can we do to help, RC? Submit information to you for consideration? Piece one together on the forums?
(03/01 18:32:5 Itiseye Mee: shaorah Anthony
(03/01 18:32:59) Relayer Corps: as soon as I have time to do it
(03/01 18:33:04) Anthony: Hello
(03/01 18:33:10) Ghame: Shorah
(03/01 18:33:12) Relayer Corps: Yes and Yes
(03/01 18:33:31) Relayer Corps: write up short exerps and links to the info
(03/01 18:34:04) _Narym_: Should we have a thread/subforum on the GoMe forums for this purpose?
(03/01 18:34:15) Shimmerillion: or rather, if you think a particular story is important to include, tell us the title or itemID and we can just lift the text from the original post
(03/01 18:34:16) (Crier)_Nanouk: yes
(03/01 18:34:29) Relayer Corps: That's might not be a bad idea Narym
(03/01 18:34:43) Relayer Corps: That too Shimmer
(03/01 18:34:51) Alderem: I think those are both good ideas. I think people will prefer if we include original text, and it's easier.
(03/01 18:35:00) Shimmerillion: easier is my middle name
(03/01 18:35:04) Relayer Corps: I just want enough info in the article to make people want to learn more on their own
(03/01 18:35:13) (Crier)_Nanouk: simpler is best for all
(03/01 18:35:19) Relayer Corps nods her head
(03/01 18:36:01) Alderem: OK, sounds good. Any more comments on the newsletter? Did anyone who received the first one have suggestions?
(03/01 18:36:11) Relayer Corps: having one place for me to find all the info on the articles will make writting the newsletter alot easier
(03/01 18:36:20) Relayer Corps: or suggestions
(03/01 18:36:37) Relayer Corps: sorry. I read that as comments
(03/01 18:36:40) _Narym_: yeah, well, if he have a central sub forum, you can have that place
(03/01 18:36:46) Shimmerillion: i just made one
(03/01 18:36:52) _Narym_: or we can just dump it into your email inbox, if you prefer 
(03/01 18:36:56) Relayer Corps: Ty shimmer!
(03/01 18:37:01) (Crier)_Nanouk: I have made a suggestion on Relayer and Guilds/MOUL forums
(03/01 18:37:10) Alderem: Let's hear it
(03/01 18:37:32) Relayer Corps: ty Nanouk I will look at it
(03/01 18:37:51) Relayer Corps: sorry, I see to be lagging in the conversation
(03/01 18:38:00) Relayer Corps: please, tell us Nanouk
(03/01 18:38:03) (Crier)_Nanouk: too long for me, go to MOUL/GoMe forum for infos
(03/01 18:38:09) _Narym_: one question I had withs suggestion
(03/01 18:38:11) Alderem: OK. We'll read it there then.
(03/01 18:38:17) Relayer Corps: yes?
(03/01 18:38:39) _Narym_: @nanouk was it purely regarding in cavern news dissemination, or was it just news from the GoMe in general
(03/01 18:38:56) _Narym_: the suggestion in question is in the thread for this meeting on MOUL
(03/01 18:39:12) (Crier)_Nanouk: communications between Guilds
(03/01 18:39:19) _Narym_: ah, ok
(03/01 18:39:25) Alderem: Thank you Nanouk.
(03/01 18:39:39) _Narym_: Well, we will be addressing that later on I think...
(03/01 18:39:40) (Crier)_Nanouk: just a noob idea
(03/01 18:39:56) Relayer Corps: noob ideas can be some of the best
(03/01 18:40:03) Relayer Corps: fresh eyes and all
(03/01 18:40:0 Alderem: We are definitely going to cover that topic in just a bit.
(03/01 18:40:15) _Narym_: Yeah, we'll leave your suggestion for now Nanouk
(03/01 18:40:16) (Crier)_Nanouk: ok
(03/01 18:41:07) Shimmerillion: so whats next
(03/01 18:41:12) Alderem: Nanouk, You also had a suggestion about better organizing the news submission forum, for those who want to post news w/o putting it directly on the RSS feed?
(03/01 18:41:41) (Crier)_Nanouk: yes for using forums
(03/01 18:41:50) Relayer Corps: I'm sorry everyone. I have to leave. I'll see you later and look at the log once it's posted.
(03/01 18:41:56) (Crier)_Nanouk: a new specific one
(03/01 18:42:01) Shimmerillion: ok thanks for coming lynnutte
(03/01 18:42:03) Relayer Corps waves goodbye
(03/01 18:42:05) Itiseye Mee: bye RC
(03/01 18:42:0 Shimmerillion waves goodbye
(03/01 18:42:15) (Crier)_Nanouk: bye RC
(03/01 18:42:30) _Narym_: woops
(03/01 18:42:34) _Narym_: see you lynnutte
(03/01 18:42:36) Alderem: Alright. I think that's a good suggestion as well. I think we can use the same area for the newsletter that shimmer just created for that as wel, does that make sense, shimmer?
(03/01 18:42:55) Shimmerillion: actually i think it might be better to put it in visitors
(03/01 18:43:05) Shimmerillion: right now the newsletter thing is in guild business
(03/01 18:43:16) Shimmerillion: but i can make a new section for it
(03/01 18:43:23) _Narym_: couldn't they just use the newsbin?
(03/01 18:43:36) Shimmerillion: yeah that's what the intent was ... but i can certainly make another
(03/01 18:43:46) Alderem: Oh!
(03/01 18:43:50) _Narym_: ok, whatever's easy to access and mod
(03/01 18:43:5 Alderem: Maybe the problem is that it just isn't clear that's what Newsbin is for.
(03/01 18:43:5 (Crier)_Nanouk: read my suggestion and decide
(03/01 18:44:13) Alderem: OK. let's table this topic for now; i think we can sort it out on the forum.
(03/01 18:44:35) (Crier)_Nanouk: will support your choice
(03/01 18:44:36) Para Dox: Just FYI, I've just posted the latest GoW Newsletter. The HTML worked perfectly 
(03/01 18:45:04) Itiseye Mee cheers
(03/01 18:45:06) _Narym_: yay!
(03/01 18:45:0 Alderem: Very good!
(03/01 18:45:19) Alderem: I'm going to quickly detail the next few topics.
(03/01 18:45:42) Shimmerillion: great, para dox! 
(03/01 18:46:20) Alderem: There's, Liaisons, What we can do with Liaisons, and Guild Structure
(03/01 18:46:40) Alderem: Oh, and Website improvement, skipped that by accident.
(03/01 18:46:4 Shimmerillion: can i put in my 2 cents about guild structure real fast? (not sure if we'll get to it before i have to go)
(03/01 18:47:00) _Narym_: yep, if its quick 
(03/01 18:47:07) Alderem: Okay.
(03/01 18:48:01) Shimmerillion: all i was going to say is that
(03/01 18:48:1 Shimmerillion: in the beginning, kalypso, lynnutte and i were doing a lot of the guild-proper stuff
(03/01 18:48:40) Shimmerillion: but kalypso is gone, as you know, and RL has gotten considerably more hectic for both lynnutte and i
(03/01 18:49:03) Shimmerillion: so while we are happy to keep doing as much as we can, i do think it is time we made some "real" job titles and stuff
(03/01 18:49:15) Shimmerillion: because i don't want people to get frustrated
(03/01 18:49:22) _Narym_: Yes
(03/01 18:49:25) Alderem nods his head
(03/01 18:49:35) Shimmerillion: and if there are others who have more time, i think it is appropriate to give them stuff to do! lol
(03/01 18:49:41) Shimmerillion: so that's all
(03/01 18:50:02) _Narym_: And if and when we get new people (We'll have to talk about job advertising aswell), we'll probably divide the workload in the more work heavy jobs
(03/01 18:50:03) Itiseye Mee: when skills allow
(03/01 18:50:11) _Narym_: Delegating is fun!! 
(03/01 18:50:27) _Narym_: point taken, Szark
(03/01 18:50:31) (Crier)_Nanouk: that does fit with my earlier suggestion
(03/01 18:50:46) Alderem: Delegation is essential... as is credit to those who are involved.
(03/01 18:51:09) Itiseye Mee: I am not a leader just a doer
(03/01 18:51:24) Alderem: Shimmer, you're also our webmaster, right?
(03/01 18:51:33) Shimmerillion: well yeah delegation but also true leadership positions. i don't want this to stagnate just because lynnutte and i are swamped
(03/01 18:51:40) Shimmerillion: yup
(03/01 18:51:50) Alderem nods his head
(03/01 18:51:54) Shimmerillion: that's actually all i signed up to do in the first place 
(03/01 18:51:57) Alderem: 
(03/01 18:52:04) _Narym_: lol
(03/01 18:52:12) _Narym_: isn't that always the way
(03/01 18:52:17) Shimmerillion: lol
(03/01 18:52:17) Alderem: A lot of times, the person who speaks up about something, gets the job of doing it.
(03/01 18:52:31) Shimmerillion: very true
(03/01 18:52:37) _Narym_: in any case....
(03/01 18:52:42) Shimmerillion: and we both like helping out, but ... well there you are. 
(03/01 18:52:43) (Crier)_Nanouk: clear mandates are always good
(03/01 18:52:49) _Narym_: shall we progress onto the next topic?
(03/01 18:52:54) Shimmerillion: yeah
(03/01 18:52:54) Itiseye Mee nods his head
(03/01 18:52:57) Alderem: So, all I wanted to touch on here is that if you have suggestions for the website, please post them to the forum or direct them to shimmer; she's very busy though so don't expect miracles.
(03/01 18:53:13) Alderem: And I do mean constructive suggestions.
(03/01 18:53:19) Shimmerillion: actually, i'm going to make a feature request thread in guild business. please post there
(03/01 18:53:27) Shimmerillion: yes, agreed (!)
(03/01 18:53:31) _Narym_: good
(03/01 18:53:33) (Crier)_Nanouk: ok
(03/01 18:53:57) (Crier)_Nanouk: pretty good idea
(03/01 18:54:22) Alderem: I'm going to quickly breeze over a topic of my own, is a website that I'm hoping the messengers and community at large will find useful. Erik, Tweek, and I have been working on it since December.
(03/01 18:54:46) Alderem: is an index to the community. It also carries the RSS feed from the Guild of Messengers so you can pick up the latest news too.
(03/01 18:54:46) Itiseye Mee: very nice too
(03/01 18:55:31) Alderem: The future design of can be found if you go to , and I am seeking feedback on what would make it better. If you have suggestions, please let me know.
(03/01 18:56:0 Alderem: That includes sites that may not be listed, or you feel are miscategorized, as well as layout issues. No concern is too small.
(03/01 18:56:24) Alderem: That's all on that topic. I think we're ready to discuss liaisons.
(03/01 18:57:17) Alderem: I was hoping Lynnutte would still be here because in some ways, the liaison role maps a bit to the Relayers, or perhaps to the criers; liaisons are the human face of the GoMe seen by others.
(03/01 18:57:3 Alderem: The role of liaisons would include keeping up with their delegated or chosen parts of the community, and improving co-ordination between our groups.
(03/01 18:57:57) _Narym_ nods his head
(03/01 18:58:09) Shimmerillion nods her head
(03/01 18:58:16) Alderem: The Maintainers and the Writers have both asked for liaisons, and SuperGram expressed frustration that no official GoMe presence has been attending her parade organization meetings...
(03/01 18:58:26) Alderem: So there is a clear call from the community for this sort of role.
(03/01 18:58:31) Shimmerillion: hm
(03/01 18:58:41) Para Dox: indeed
(03/01 18:59:25) (Crier)_Nanouk: I am the english to french translater for Relayers
(03/01 18:59:56) Alderem: Right now, we are a pretty small group, and many of us have our hands full with assorted tasks. So, we may not always be able to provide our own liaisons to other groups. In some cases, we'll probably need the other groups to put forth a liaison.
(03/01 19:00:22) (Crier)_Nanouk: and will cover french forums
(03/01 19:00:22) _Narym_: this is true
(03/01 19:00:30) _Narym_: thanks, Nanouk
(03/01 19:00:41) Shimmerillion: but i guess we still need to tell these liasons who they should be in contact with?
(03/01 19:00:4 _Narym_: yes
(03/01 19:00:56) _Narym_: and also how this communication will actually take place
(03/01 19:00:5 Alderem: That is right; we need to define guild structure to make that clear.
(03/01 19:01:05) Shimmerillion: yes
(03/01 19:01:07) Alderem: (which is why that's one of the next topics)
(03/01 19:01:15) (Crier)_Nanouk: agree for other to provide a REP
(03/01 19:01:30) Shimmerillion: it might also be smart to have a MOUL liason, though
(03/01 19:01:42) Shimmerillion: someone from our side who reads MOUL forums a lot and can scan for news
(03/01 19:01:51) Shimmerillion: likewise with the other big forums
(03/01 19:02:22) Alderem: If the Writers prefer that the GoMe provide a liaison, one of us will step forward for that; I already have an account at the GoW and could dedicate some time each day to reading the news there. I also know Paradox can catch me on Cyanchat.
(03/01 19:02:41) Para Dox: What I'm looking for as Gow PR Rep is someone from GoMe that I can contact if I need to get information out
(03/01 19:03:15) Para Dox: I don't mind submitting the GoW newsletters manually (although I'm hoping to get an RSS feed for those)
(03/01 19:03:34) Shimmerillion: it seems to me that we just need one catch-all person for the other Guild PR people to talk to
(03/01 19:03:44) _Narym_: yeah
(03/01 19:03:51) _Narym_: One InterGuild Liaison
(03/01 19:03:55) Para Dox: but someone who could quickly check our calendar for meetings, and post those onto a GoMe calendar...
(03/01 19:03:56) Shimmerillion: like kalypso was doing ...
(03/01 19:04:01) Shimmerillion misses kalypso
(03/01 19:04:32) Alderem: Right now, the GoMe doesn't have its own calendar and uses the GoG one, but that's something I have as a topic to bring up a little later
(03/01 19:04:43) Shimmerillion: marten, actually we do have a calendar
(03/01 19:04:50) Alderem: We do?
(03/01 19:05:05) (Crier)_Nanouk: how about creating a thread on each Guild forums for them to communicate with us ?
(03/01 19:05:05) Shimmerillion: yes, we have been sharing events back and forth with the gog
(03/01 19:05:16) Shimmerillion: nanouk, that's a good idea
(03/01 19:05:51) Para Dox: I'm trying to make a list for future GoW PR people of who to contact from each of the other guilds
(03/01 19:06:04) Alderem: It seems like it would be easier for us to integrate onto one calendar.
(03/01 19:06:1 Para Dox: I know that MustardJeep is PR for the GoMa, but I have noone from GoC, GoG, or GoMe
(03/01 19:06:33) Shimmerillion: we can talk about the calendar later, let's finish this first
(03/01 19:06:40) (Crier)_Nanouk: always part of my early
(03/01 19:06:53) Alderem: If Shimmer thinks I'm up to the task, and if you also agree Paradox, I can be the contact person.
(03/01 19:07:03) Shimmerillion: i fully support that
(03/01 19:07:12) Para Dox: That's fine with me 
(03/01 19:07:21) Shimmerillion: yay!
(03/01 19:07:29) _Narym_: lol
(03/01 19:07:35) (Crier)_Nanouk: yep, we are rolling now
(03/01 19:07:41) _Narym_: Marten, you are now the Official GoMe Liaison
(03/01 19:07:43) _Narym_: 
(03/01 19:07:47) Alderem: For the GoW. 
(03/01 19:07:4 _Narym_ salutes
(03/01 19:07:59) _Narym_: lol
(03/01 19:08:02) _Narym_: yes, my vad
(03/01 19:08:03) _Narym_: bad
(03/01 19:08:06) _Narym_: for the GoW
(03/01 19:08:26) (Crier)_Nanouk: do not forget to show a list on GoMe
(03/01 19:08:29) Shimmerillion: ah, rats. for a minute there i thought we'd convinced him to be GoMe Liason for everyoe
(03/01 19:08:36) _Narym_: yeah, me too
(03/01 19:08:41) Alderem: We'll work out other groups and such later. I do think we'll need a top liaison person, but it's something to sort out in our little job list.
(03/01 19:08:42) _Narym_: He's too smart for that, darn it
(03/01 19:08:45) Shimmerillion: lol
(03/01 19:08:53) _Narym_: yes
(03/01 19:08:55) Para Dox: Isn't Kerryth acting as Liaison to the GoMa?
(03/01 19:09:02) Alderem: Yes.
(03/01 19:09:03) _Narym_: Yeah
(03/01 19:09:25) _Narym_: Shimmer, can we add a page to the homepage with these people and their positions, contact details, etc?
(03/01 19:09:26) Shimmerillion: does kerryth need to go on the gome website also?
(03/01 19:09:30) Shimmerillion: absolutely
(03/01 19:09:33) _Narym_: I would say yes
(03/01 19:09:44) Alderem: We're going to need, I think, a sort of liaison committee, with one liaion for each major group, plus a leader liaison that anyone can go to if they don't have representation or if they have an issue with their liaison.
(03/01 19:09:57) _Narym_: yep
(03/01 19:10:00) Para Dox: That sounds good
(03/01 19:10:05) _Narym_: so a group of 5
(03/01 19:10:13) Alderem nods his head
(03/01 19:10:25) Para Dox: I definitely think that a stickied post on the forums, or better yet, a page on the website listing all of the liaisons would be a great idea
(03/01 19:10:2 (Crier)_Nanouk: wow, we are going somewhere
(03/01 19:10:40) _Narym_: yeah, shimmer said she could do that
(03/01 19:10:54) _Narym_: so that's done
(03/01 19:10:5 Shimmerillion: yes i think i am going to have to sit down and have an all-day coding session tomorrow
(03/01 19:10:5 Alderem: Doc, I think a lot of information - such as how to use the Newsbin, who are the liaisons, what is our guild structure - needs to go into one big FAQ sticked at the top of the forum.
(03/01 19:11:05) Shimmerillion: genius!
(03/01 19:11:0 Shimmerillion: good idea
(03/01 19:11:14) Para Dox: agreed
(03/01 19:11:23) _Narym_: I can put that together, if no one else wants to
(03/01 19:11:36) Shimmerillion: yes please
(03/01 19:11:36) Alderem: You just volunteered. You speak you get the job.
(03/01 19:11:42) _Narym_: yay!!!
(03/01 19:11:45) Shimmerillion: lol
(03/01 19:11:46) _Narym_: More work for me!!!
(03/01 19:11:55) Shimmerillion: NOW we're getting somewhere lol
(03/01 19:11:56) Itiseye Mee: Mee say nothing
(03/01 19:12:01) Shimmerillion roars with laughter
(03/01 19:12:17) _Narym_: Ok, well is there anything else related to liaisons that we need to address?
(03/01 19:12:29) Shimmerillion: narym, just send it to when you finish
(03/01 19:12:40) _Narym_: k, np
(03/01 19:12:45) Alderem: I think we should move on to the next topic.
(03/01 19:12:50) _Narym_: Good idea.
(03/01 19:13:25) Alderem: Before we get into guild structure, I have a little list of suggestions and ideas... I want to present some of those because they tie into the structure idea.
(03/01 19:13:40) Itiseye Mee: ok
(03/01 19:13:41) _Narym_: Shoot.
(03/01 19:14:02) Shimmerillion: i have to leave soon, but i'll stay as long as i can
(03/01 19:14:21) Alderem: Blade Lakem had a lot of ideas, some which I may or may not agree with; I wanted to share those for mulling over.
(03/01 19:15:0 Alderem: Blade feels we need to be proactive, a strong guild. Other guilds already have "Definite ideas and plans", but the GoMe hasn't been as clear on theirs. He said, we should be the "first stop" for anything about Myst/Uru/D'ni
(03/01 19:15:21) Alderem: To accomplish that...
(03/01 19:15:56) Alderem: He felt we need to bring the affiliates closer into the GoMe, and focus less on personal affiliate projects.
(03/01 19:16:37) Alderem: He also mentioned that - although we do have that nifty news submission system - Uru's population isn't large enough for a self-sustaining website, updated entirely by the users. We must collect information from the community.
(03/01 19:17:14) Alderem: In other words, in a very large group, some are natural at reporting news and submitting it into the system. But Uru's community isn't large enough, so we have to do a little more work to collect news.
(03/01 19:18:06) Alderem: Blade suggested that guildmasters or leaders have an active vision, and organize guild-specific projects which may not neatly fall into one affiliate or another's domain. Relying on affiliates, he warned, will not work for every task.
(03/01 19:19:12) Alderem: He also suggested that we look into substituting for the defunct Assembly of Guilds, as an organization that provides the connectivity between the other guilds. He suggested we initiate features to cover the Uru community, stories about how Uru fits into other communities like SL and There, stories on Age Building, etc.
(03/01 19:19:47) Alderem: He proposed we talk to Thend about his Explorers Outside of Uru directory, and that we look into a solution for Lial's departure from updating the Calendar.
(03/01 19:20:02) Alderem: So... lots of ideas, thrown onto the table.
(03/01 19:20:52) Shimmerillion: i agree with most of that. my one concern is manpower
(03/01 19:21:04) Itiseye Mee: Shorah SD Raven
(03/01 19:21:17) skydiver Ravenraft: shorah all
(03/01 19:21:20) Alderem: Absolutely. We need to find people who will champion these ideas.
(03/01 19:21:22) Shimmerillion: welcome
(03/01 19:21:32) skydiver Ravenraft: ty
(03/01 19:21:33) (Crier)_Nanouk: agree with manpower bug
(03/01 19:21:43) Alderem: So, Blade's final comment was this...
(03/01 19:22:07) Alderem: We need to start by recruiting in people, looking at new affiliate groups, and motivating those groups to participate as part of the GoMe.
(03/01 19:22:41) Itiseye Mee: Most websites out there are no so busy with new information so news will be sketchy at best or doing anything new
(03/01 19:22:59) Alderem: So... when he suggests we subsitute for the AoG, that means going to the people who were in the AoG and talking to them. When he says look at Thend's directory, that means we should talk to Thend.
(03/01 19:23:12) Itiseye Mee: the only on going realy is GoW and GoMa
(03/01 19:23:21) Christopher910: hi
(03/01 19:23:25) Shimmerillion: right .. liason work
(03/01 19:23:30) (Crier)_Nanouk: need to send an invitation on
(03/01 19:23:33) Itiseye Mee: hiya Chris
(03/01 19:24:34) Shimmerillion: i mean, it would be great if we had a huge slew of reporters who combed through MOUL and the other forums, went and talked to people etc, and created real news reports
(03/01 19:24:4 (Crier)_Nanouk: invitation with very precise tasks
(03/01 19:24:50) Shimmerillion: i'm just not sure how we get to that point
(03/01 19:24:55) Itiseye Mee: AoG hasn't been used in months only by SAPS who have a new home
(03/01 19:25:05) Shimmerillion: nanouk, possibly
(03/01 19:25:06) Alderem: As I said, I don't necessarily agree with -every- thing Blade said. I think the affiliate system is pretty good. But I do think that with no specific delegation of responsibilities, tasks we'd like to accomplish won't get done.
(03/01 19:25:2 Shimmerillion: what is the status of all our affiliates? who is staying intact?
(03/01 19:25:47) Alderem: Narym and Anthony, you've been representing TCT, right?
(03/01 19:25:52) (Crier)_Nanouk: just call for free lancers news reporters
(03/01 19:26:05) Itiseye Mee: Advert
(03/01 19:26:14) _Narym_: ah...somewhat
(03/01 19:26:34) _Narym_: I've never really spoken for TCT at all
(03/01 19:26:35) Shimmerillion: nanouk and szark, yes, but what's the backup plan if we don't get any response?
(03/01 19:26:4 Christopher910: i hope more people would from SL to URU
(03/01 19:26:49) (Crier)_Nanouk: make it look as a good job offer
(03/01 19:26:49) _Narym_: Probably only ever spoken in regards to The Archiver
(03/01 19:27:20) Alderem: Rather than freelancers, I think we should talk to each group out there, and say "Hey there, we want you to know about what we can do for you", let each group know about the liaison they should talk to.
(03/01 19:27:39) Itiseye Mee: Good point shimmer have to think one that one
(03/01 19:27:56) Shimmerillion: hey, i really hate to have to leave now, but i have to run
(03/01 19:28:01) Shimmerillion: i will catch up on the log
(03/01 19:28:04) _Narym_: ok, np
(03/01 19:28:06) Itiseye Mee waves goodbye
(03/01 19:28:07) Nadnerb: ok, cya Shimmer
(03/01 19:28:07) Shimmerillion: thanks all!
(03/01 19:28:09) Nadnerb salutes
(03/01 19:28:10) Shimmerillion waves goodbye
(03/01 19:28:12) Alderem: Goodnight Shimmer
(03/01 19:28:14) _Narym_ waves goodbye
(03/01 19:28:16) (Crier)_Nanouk: all possibilities should be covered...;p;
(03/01 19:28:27) _Narym_: oooo, synchronised waving
(03/01 19:28:31) Alderem: Is Anthony asleep?
(03/01 19:28:3 Christopher910 waves goodbye
(03/01 19:28:47) _Narym_: poosibly
(03/01 19:28:4 StarbucksJim waves hello
(03/01 19:29:06) Itiseye Mee: Hiya Aterbuck
(03/01 19:29:09) Alderem: Well; I don't think we're going to build the structure of the guild in one night.
(03/01 19:29:16) Itiseye Mee: nope
(03/01 19:29:16) _Narym_: yeah, I think he's asleep
(03/01 19:29:27) Alderem: But, the impression I have is that most if not everyone here thinks it is a good idea.
(03/01 19:29:39) Itiseye Mee: agreed
(03/01 19:29:59) Alderem: Paradox, you had said that you would be willing to offer suggestions, based on the GoW's experiences in organizing?
(03/01 19:30:01) Itiseye Mee: Lets hope it pays off
(03/01 19:30:21) (Crier)_Nanouk: small steps by small steps>>>>>>big steps for the Community
(03/01 19:31:17) _Narym_: Para?
(03/01 19:31:47) Para Dox: uhm...
(03/01 19:31:49) Justin: watcha doin?
(03/01 19:32:01) Itiseye Mee: hiya Justin
(03/01 19:32:04) _Narym_: meeting
(03/01 19:32:05) Justin: Hi
(03/01 19:32:0 Alderem: Guild structure is the topic, you had offered suggestions/advising, is that right?
(03/01 19:32:14) Anthony: back
(03/01 19:32:14) Justin: i hope I"m not interupting somethign?
(03/01 19:32:20) Para Dox: Essentially, the GoW elections didn't really change the way that the GoW was run
(03/01 19:32:20) Justin: Is this something about the GoW?
(03/01 19:32:23) Justin: oOO
(03/01 19:32:24) Justin: Kewl
(03/01 19:32:25) (Crier)_Nanouk: looking for new news reporters
(03/01 19:32:27) Alderem: We are hopefully wrapping up the Guild of Messengers meeting.
(03/01 19:32:36) Justin: O, GoW
(03/01 19:32:37) Justin: Er M
(03/01 19:32:43) Para Dox: It just have a list of names of people who could be contacted
(03/01 19:33:14) Nadnerb: it basically just made figuring out who to talk to in the GoW less overwhelming for outsiders.
(03/01 19:33:20) Para Dox: It gave us some work to do (newsletters, meetings, etc.) but didn't really impact the overall guild
(03/01 19:33:30) (Crier)_Nanouk: does Justin want to volonteer as a news reporter ?
(03/01 19:33:37) Nadnerb: they could say.. "ok, this person is guild councilor of , I'll talk to them"
(03/01 19:33:47) Alderem: Ok. I want to express that we're willing to listen to your experiences in building your guild structure, how you elected people and such.
(03/01 19:33:52) Nadnerb: instead of wondering if they should post in a forum, or a subforum..
(03/01 19:33:53) _Narym_: Yeah
(03/01 19:34:12) Alderem: Nadnerb> Definitely.
(03/01 19:34:14) _Narym_: so we can have councillors of various media ie video, writing, sound
(03/01 19:34:15) Para Dox: To be honest, if I made a post stating that thought everyone should move to a different place, I'd likely be ignored
(03/01 19:34:2 _Narym_: as well as Chieft Editors, Webmasters, etc
(03/01 19:34:43) Para Dox: I really don't have any "power", and neither do any of the other councilors (aside from the ability to do forum maintenance)
(03/01 19:35:19) Para Dox: Our elections were pretty much three people got together, came up with a structure document, and then appointed someone for each position
(03/01 19:35:24) Nadnerb: as fo the "elections" basically some people came up with a list of nominees and held a series of polls to see if theyw would be accepted..
(03/01 19:35:34) Alderem: I think that's a key statement and something we could use as a model. One of the reasons we were averse to structure at the start was what was perceived to be a quick power grab.
(03/01 19:35:39) Para Dox: The election was mostly just a "do you accept the person who we've appointed"
(03/01 19:35:57) Alderem: People need to know that positions are about responsibility, not power.
(03/01 19:36:02) Para Dox: In the future, I'd like to see a nomination campaign
(03/01 19:36:06) Nadnerb: Which it turned out not to be.. , indeed.
(03/01 19:36:24) Para Dox: but to start with, take what you've got and change how you label it
(03/01 19:36:29) _Narym_: yeah
(03/01 19:36:30) Nadnerb: you just have to understand that you're people talking on a webforum. Realistically, you have no power over anyone else..
(03/01 19:36:50) Alderem nods his head
(03/01 19:36:53) Nadnerb: you're just setting up nice contacts and positions for everyone else..
(03/01 19:36:56) _Narym_: so work out the positions and their titles, then put it to the community for nominations, then elections, right PAra?
(03/01 19:37:09) (Crier)_Nanouk: We should create Positions and ask for volonteers first
(03/01 19:37:31) Nadnerb: that was my ideal ... volunteers
(03/01 19:37:35) Nadnerb: in practice though..
(03/01 19:37:39) Nadnerb: no one volunteered..
(03/01 19:37:47) Nadnerb: except the people who came up with the structure.
(03/01 19:37:54) Alderem: Your guild members are smart. 
(03/01 19:38:29) (Crier)_Nanouk: need also a good job description
(03/01 19:38:32) Para Dox: Narym > That's basically it
(03/01 19:38:36) (Crier)_Nanouk: brb
(03/01 19:38:44) _Narym_: Well, we can do that
(03/01 19:38:55) _Narym_: What are some key positions that need to have a clearly defined head?
(03/01 19:39:0 Para Dox: The initial group of "leaders" will probably end up being the ones who are already acting as leaders on the forum
(03/01 19:39:43) Para Dox: I would suggest having the inter-guild liaisons as positions, a forum maintenance person, and any other key people in your guild
(03/01 19:39:53) Nadnerb: a feed mantinance person.
(03/01 19:39:59) Justin: sorry to interupt, but is this meeting about the GoW, GoM or just the Guilds in general?
(03/01 19:40:0 _Narym_: It's a GoMe meeting
(03/01 19:40:09) Nadnerb: we're talking about the future of the GoMe
(03/01 19:40:11) Justin: Ah
(03/01 19:40:13) Justin: Ok
(03/01 19:40:14) Justin: Jw
(03/01 19:40:20) _Narym_: but it does include discussion of Liaising between other guilds
(03/01 19:40:24) Para Dox: The positions that we have are fairly specific to certain aspects of Age Creation, your positions will be specific to your guild's needs
(03/01 19:40:32) Alderem nods to Paradox
(03/01 19:40:44) Justin: Ah
(03/01 19:40:59) Anthony: hmm
(03/01 19:41:0 Alderem: Hey, welcome back Anthony.
(03/01 19:41:27) Danne55: Hello
(03/01 19:41:39) _Narym_: hello Danne
(03/01 19:41:47) Alderem: I'm going to explain my perception of the affiliate system as it seems to stand presently.
(03/01 19:42:22) (Crier)_Nanouk: we should make Job Position Beta testing for a limited time
(03/01 19:43:02) Nadnerb spills tea, curses, and goes afk
(03/01 19:43:02) Alderem: We've got several TCT persons working with us. Lynnutte of the Relayers is working with us, Artic of the Criers with us, and Veralun from CCN has attended meetings pretty regularly here but hasn't really contributed at the forum
(03/01 19:43:31) Alderem: And that's about it. That's what I know of it.
(03/01 19:44:11) _Narym_: Do represent CCN or the Great tree in any capacity with your participation with the GoME, MArten?
(03/01 19:44:37) Alderem: I am not representing either of those groups with my participation.
(03/01 19:44:44) _Narym_: Ok. Understood
(03/01 19:44:52) _Narym_: Continue
(03/01 19:44:53) Anthony: ok
(03/01 19:45:0 (Crier)_Nanouk: I have made posts on Relayers forum only so far
(03/01 19:45:22) Alderem: It's impossible to represent CCN anyway... each member of CCN only represents him or herself. It's just how they do things.
(03/01 19:45:42) Anthony: ok
(03/01 19:46:02) Itiseye Mee: so looks like no one really reps anyone then
(03/01 19:46:07) (Crier)_Nanouk: though I was only allowed to post on Relayers
(03/01 19:46:13) Anthony: I guess not
(03/01 19:46:27) Itiseye Mee is a bit puzzled...
(03/01 19:46:33) Anthony: I'm here for TCT as well as I would assume narym is
(03/01 19:46:40) (Crier)_Nanouk: (as a Crier)
(03/01 19:47:52) Itiseye Mee: Guild or whatever I mean't. I asked Shimmer if she wanted help with photography
(03/01 19:48:04) Itiseye Mee: I ended up with the TCT
(03/01 19:48:06) (Crier)_Nanouk: so you see, your structure is not that clear for newcomers
(03/01 19:48:11) _Narym_: I represent The Archiver, I suppose, rather that TCT. But even then, I've always been happy to let Anthony forward my thougts to the GoMe, if a formal rep system started
(03/01 19:48:31) _Narym_: Maybe we should organise 'Councillors' by medium
(03/01 19:48:46) Alderem: The main idea of the affiliate system as I 've understood it was that the GoMe would distribute news to the affiliate organizations, or distribute news on their behalf. The GoMe would not dictate standards to those groups.
(03/01 19:48:59) _Narym_: most of the affiliates use differnt media anyway
(03/01 19:49:09) Itiseye Mee: Yes what Marten and yourself Narym makes alot of sense about structure
(03/01 19:49:11) Alderem: Thinking of it in light of the liaisons to the other guilds, I don't see much of a difference.
(03/01 19:50:05) _Narym_: wel, the main idea is simply to have a clear contact for each type of news, yes?
(03/01 19:50:24) (Crier)_Nanouk: agree
(03/01 19:50:31) Alderem: I think that is something for us all ot ponder as we work out the guild structure; that the affiliate system and the liaisons are somewhat the same thing. So those types of positions fit together, I think.
(03/01 19:50:42) _Narym_: And in terms of intra Guild comms, someone who understands that media enough that hey can represent the others who work with tha media
(03/01 19:51:00) _Narym_: Or am I not makings sense? 
(03/01 19:51:06) Itiseye Mee: like Blender??lol
(03/01 19:51:47) Alderem: I think, Narym, that gets into an educational aspect that the GoMe doesn't yet have the manpower/womanpower to drive yet, but it's an area near and dear to my own heart.
(03/01 19:51:59) _Narym_: ok
(03/01 19:52:0 _Narym_: So the question still comes to...
(03/01 19:52:16) Alderem: I love to share information on how I've worked on projects with others. People are always welcome to ask.
(03/01 19:52:21) _Narym_: What, if any, positions are required outside of Inter Guild Liaisons
(03/01 19:53:26) _Narym_: Any thoughts from anyone?
(03/01 19:53:30) Alderem: I don't think I have the energy to attack that question tonight. Can we continue that discussion on the forum?
(03/01 19:53:31) (Crier)_Nanouk: we should not try ro cross a bridge before getting to the river
(03/01 19:54:00) _Narym_: ok, no problem
(03/01 19:54:03) (Crier)_Nanouk: to cross*
(03/01 19:54:12) Alderem: I think there were some suggestions earlier in this discussion, so that's something to dig out of the log file and talk about.
(03/01 19:55:12) Alderem: I'm out of topics. Unless Narym, Anthony, or Nanouk have further items to add...
(03/01 19:55:30) (Crier)_Nanouk: my suggestion: First ID a problem then...find a solution
(03/01 19:55:31) Alderem: Or Itiseye...
(03/01 19:55:37) _Narym_: No. I think any other things that I wanted to discuss are, as you say, best left for another time
(03/01 19:55:56) Alderem: Nanouk - that has been shimmer and Lynnutte's motto from the start. 
(03/01 19:55:56) _Narym_: But structure will have to be worked out at some stage
(03/01 19:56:04) (Crier)_Nanouk: lol lol
(03/01 19:56:0 _Narym_: yes
(03/01 19:56:1 _Narym_: It's actually on the website about page, and everything 
(03/01 19:56:35) Alderem: Okay. The floor is now open to anyone else for questions or thoughts.
(03/01 19:56:3 _Narym_: So, are there any other questions at all? The floor is open
(03/01 19:56:44) _Narym_: lol
(03/01 19:56:4 _Narym_: lag
(03/01 19:57:20) (Crier)_Nanouk: will also register at real GoMe for better
(03/01 19:57:25) Alderem: I do want to thank Paradox and Nadnerb for attending, I hope you felt that your time here was well spent, I do feel that it was, myself.
(03/01 19:57:33) _Narym_: yes
(03/01 19:57:46) Para Dox: It was nice to get an insight into the GoMe 
(03/01 19:57:54) _Narym_: It was good to have reps here
(03/01 19:57:56) Alderem cheers
(03/01 19:58:03) Itiseye Mee: It is nice that people care
(03/01 19:58:06) _Narym_: Shame we couldn't have all guilds represented, but that will happen in time
(03/01 19:58:14) (Crier)_Nanouk: working on good foundations is always best
(03/01 19:58:23) Alderem: I knew that the GoW cared when they came to our forum to let us know they felt we could do better. 
(03/01 19:58:32) _Narym_: lol
(03/01 19:58:40) Itiseye Mee: lol
(03/01 19:58:52) Itiseye Mee: I read that oohhh
(03/01 19:58:53) Alderem: We will do our best.
(03/01 19:58:55) _Narym_: And We have Kerryth who volunteered to work with us an the Maintainers, which is also good
(03/01 19:59:13) _Narym_: so, for the benefit of everyone
(03/01 19:59:17) (Crier)_Nanouk: all good news
(03/01 19:59:1 _Narym_:
(03/01 19:59:31) Alderem: Alright. We've eaten up 2 hours of everyone's time. So thank you for attending!
(03/01 19:59:42) _Narym_: Go there, check it out, help us out with suggestions, and also feel free to contribute any news you hear as well
(03/01 19:59:49) _Narym_: That's pretty much it.
(03/01 19:59:57) (Crier)_Nanouk: very welcome. It was pleasant
(03/01 19:59:57) Adam_Reith: TY Narym
(03/01 20:00:04) Itiseye Mee: Nice to see you again and nice to see Narym
(03/01 20:00:06) _Narym_: Meeting closed, Marten?
(03/01 20:00:14) _Narym_: lol nice to see you too, Szark
(03/01 20:00:23) Alderem: Yes, meeting closed.
(03/01 20:00:26) Alderem: Adjourned!
(03/01 20:00:40) _Narym_: Would the defendant please step down.... 
(03/01 20:00:45) _Narym_ steps down
(03/01 20:00:47) Alderem claps his hands
(03/01 20:00:50) Adam_Reith laughs
(03/01 20:00:50) (Crier)_Nanouk: good night everybody
(03/01 20:00:50) _Narym_ claps his hands
(03/01 20:00:54) Para Dox: g'night
(03/01 20:00:5 _Narym_: night
(03/01 20:01:00) Nadnerb: g'ngiht
(03/01 20:01:01) Para Dox (I'm on the surface, be back in a minute):
(03/01 20:01:02) Nadnerb salutes
(03/01 20:01:02)
(03/01 20:01:15) Itiseye Mee: Well it is getting really late here so I will bid you all a fair well
(03/01 20:01:23) _Narym_: yeah, go to bed Szark 
(03/01 20:01:25) Nadnerb: g'ngiht Itis
(03/01 20:01:27) (Crier)_Nanouk: bye all
(03/01 20:01:2 _Narym_: I know its late where you are
(03/01 20:01:34) Nadnerb salutes
(03/01 20:01:34) _Narym_: night nanouk
(03/01 20:01:37) Itiseye Mee thanks you
(03/01 20:01:3 _Narym_: or day
(03/01 20:01:39) Alderem: Goodnight, thank you all!
(03/01 20:01:43) _Narym_: or whatever time it is where you are
(03/01 20:01:45) Adam_Reith: Late? Why, 'tis but 1:00 am here. Early
(03/01 20:01:46) _Narym_ bows
(03/01 20:01:55) Nadnerb: heh
(03/01 20:01:55) skydiver Ravenraft (I'm on the surface, be back in a minute):
(03/01 20:01:56) _Narym_: lol
(03/01 20:01:5 Itiseye Mee thanks you
(03/01 20:01:59) Adam_Reith: 
(03/01 20:01:59) Alderem: Narym, you've got a log? I've been logging too.
(03/01 20:02:03) Nadnerb: that kind of schedule huh?
(03/01 20:02:05) _Narym_: yeah
(03/01 20:02:09) Nadnerb has a full log as well
(03/01 20:02:11) _Narym_: I've got one
(03/01 20:02:15) _Narym_: Who wants to post it?
(03/01 20:02:19) Nadnerb: where should it be posted?
(03/01 20:02:23) _Narym_: MOUL
(03/01 20:02:30) Nadnerb: hmm.
(03/01 20:02:31) Nadnerb: ok
(03/01 20:02:33) _Narym_: maybe in the thread for this meeting?
(03/01 20:02:52) Alderem: That's a good place.
(03/01 20:02:54) _Narym_: I'll see if I can sumamrise into the main points, but I've got a lot on my plate for the next couple of days
(03/01 20:03:11) _Narym_: so are you volunteering yourself for posting the raw chat, Nadnerb?
(03/01 20:03:19) Nadnerb: uh
(03/01 20:03:22) Alderem: Sounds godo Narym. For now I'm going to post the very basic topic list, but just on the GoMe forum.
(03/01 20:03:23) Nadnerb: yeah. 
(03/01 20:03:32) _Narym_: Thank you Nad
(03/01 20:03:37) Nadnerb: np.
(03/01 20:03:52) _Narym_: just copy paste, that'll do for now. I'll try to get something more concise togeter in the next few days
(03/01 20:04:03) _Narym_: you know where the thread is?
(03/01 20:04:11) _Narym_: and thanks Marten
(03/01 20:04:47) _Narym_: cya soon Ant
(03/01 20:04:56) Anthony: cya
(03/01 20:05:06) _Narym_: oh wait, you didn't leave 
(03/01 20:05:07) _Narym_: my bad
(03/01 20:05:15) Adam_Reith: goodnight all.
(03/01 20:05:27) Nadnerb: 'night
(03/01 20:05:30) Alderem: Thanks Narym. You helped a lot 
(03/01 20:05:42) Alderem: reminded me when to move on to a new topic and such 
(03/01 20:06:31) _Narym_: lol np
(03/01 20:06:42) _Narym_: Thanks for all those words of discussion 

2009, Feburary 28th Chatlog: Newspaper Meeting Minutes

Nanouk_Metal: anyone saving the chat ?
Theremin: OK, let's get started! /me pounds gavel
Theremin: I need a volunteer to save the chat.
Szark: Save button for the chat is just above where you type in to
ghaelen: I can save it and then what do I do with it?
Theremin: Good question. Guild book maybe?
Szark: Post it in a Tread in the Non private Newspaper section. Might have to start a new thread
Szark: or Guild book
ghaelen: ok
Theremin: Sounds good, then we can comment additionally
Theremin: ...the thread
ghaelen: Meeting Minutes
Theremin: Perfect!
Szark: New Guild book in Newspaper Discussions then
Theremin: LOL very good. How's the new wiki going for everyone?
Szark: ok Chat log sorted next
Nanouk_Metal: Szark has a Guild Book obsession. lol
Szark: yes I do

Leonardo: lol...let him play with his new toy, Nanouk :D
Nanouk_Metal: new wiki much better for me
Sophia: :)
Theremin: Nanouk has the floor, elaborate for us.
Szark: not my new toy its all yours as well
Szark: sorry go on nanouk
Nanouk_Metal: New wiki very easy to understand
ghaelen: I'm just learning how to use it
Theremin: ghaelen, anything frustrating for you?
ghaelen: no, I'm just slow
Nanouk_Metal: But I have not try to write a text yet. lol
Theremin: Szark is the expert, we'll leave him out! Leo?
ghaelen: I am interested to see how it renders into a .pub or pdf, and if that process will change or no
Nanouk_Metal: only edited one Szark late News. lol
Szark: no change to assembly
Leonardo: I like it...I'm adding just now a page
ghaelen: ok
Theremin: ghaelen, we'll be very interested to know how that works out, especially if we can streamline it in any way.
Leonardo:'s up under Explorer's Lounge
Szark: what we have to think of is Blu when copying text. Keep it simple as possible
Theremin: Thanks Leo, I'll take a look later. :)
ghaelen: yes, Theremin, me too. When I am better versed, we might try a practice doc just to see
Nanouk_Metal: I have not seen Explorer Lounge yet
Nanouk_Metal: how do I get there ?
Szark: Explorers' Lounge is a newspaper section
Theremin: Good point Szark, do we want to include formatting in the articles, or just leave notes as to the formatting we want?
Nanouk_Metal: ok, will check later
Szark: Newspaper Disscussions Marh nespaper and follow the links
Szark: Theremin No keep fomatting to there baer min
Leonardo: I think we should leave the formatting to blu...she knows what has to be made Italic, bold, underlined, what size, etc
Szark: notes are better
Theremin: ...such as [bold] This should be bold! [/bold]
Szark: As I said the comments for artciles are now visable
ghaelen: so, she'll do it the same way she did before?
Szark: Bold yes
Sophia: that might be translated, better use ( )
Szark: Italics yes
Szark: What we need to do is have some guide lines of what is required like what I did on the other Wiki
Theremin: gp Sophia, but I didn't want to confuse when we want to actually use parenthesis (know what I mean?)
ghaelen: I am so dazzled at what Sophia has done here I thought maybe she gave blue a magic button that rendered from wiki-to-publisher or something.
Szark: Yes ghaelen
Sophia: lol yes :)
Szark: ghaelen: so, she'll do it the same way she did before? Yes ghaelen
Theremin: should have said [bold] (Know what I mean?) [/bold]
Szark: Yes those simple things like Bold and italics anr standard for all programs but as some of you have found out.....
Szark: that tranfering formatting can be a pain
ghaelen: ok, then things will be the same for me, too. And if I can keep using the publisher plugin (looks hopeful at Theremin) minor edits and last minute changes will take very little time.
Szark: the same when coping from this site in to Microsoft